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Monday, August 8, 2011

At Steffy's house, Ridge arrived. Steffy apologized for not telling Ridge that she'd moved, and Ridge remarked that she hadn't told him a lot of things. He was sorry she had felt she'd had to turn to Bill; however, Steffy said her issues with Ridge were separate from her love affair with Bill. Ridge assumed she was exaggerating her infatuation with Bill, the married man. Steffy quipped that marriage hadn't stopped Ridge from his destiny. Ridge reasoned that Bill had made promises to both Katie and Steffy, and Ridge didn't like Steffy's odds of succeeding.

Ridge cited that Bill wouldn't leave a heart attack victim, and Ridge wondered if Steffy would even want a man who could. Steffy insisted that Bill would be there for Katie; however, he'd eventually leave her to be with Steffy. Steffy said she'd talked to Bill and to Katie, who'd been there earlier. Ridge was shocked that a sickly Katie had been there to defend her marriage. . Steffy was sure it'd helped Katie to see that it was a futile effort. Ridge, however, still worried about his daughter, because he didn't trust Bill Spencer.

At Forrester, Taylor and Brooke discussed Ridge going to see Steffy about Bill. Taylor insisted that she wouldn't support the relationship as long as Bill was married; however, Brooke assured Taylor that his marital status wouldn't change. Reasoning that Bill could love the two women equally, Taylor concluded that one of them would be hurt. Brooke advised Taylor to prepare for it to be Steffy, but Taylor warned Brooke that Bill's feelings for Steffy were real.

Brooke felt that Bill had just gotten carried away, but he shouldn't have ever even considered Steffy's advances. Taylor thought it took two cheat, but Brooke countered that, if it had been anyone other than Steffy, Taylor would deem the woman a home wrecker, or worse.

Brooke said Steffy had no respect for Bill's wife, but Taylor quipped that Brooke hadn't respected Taylor as Ridge's wife. Brooke said it wasn't about them, and she advised Taylor to help Steffy stop clinging to her fantasy. Taylor figured Steffy might be destined for heartbreak, but Taylor wouldn't make her daughter feel unworthy of Bill's love. Taylor reasoned that marriages sometimes failed, and Katie just might be in one of those marriages.

At the hospital, Katie demanded to know which woman was getting dumped -- her or Steffy. Bill was silent, and Katie wondered why he'd even married her in the first place. He said that she challenged him and pushed him to be better. Katie wondered if loving and challenging each other were in the past.

Bill revealed that he was trying to be honest with Katie and Steffy, but Katie said it wasn't an open marriage. Bill said that looking at her, it was obvious where he needed to be. Katie guessed he saw someone to pity until her heart gave out. Bill claimed that he saw her the same way he'd seen her on their wedding day, as the woman he'd committed his life to. He recalled that, on their wedding day, he'd spoken from his heart to the woman who'd made him realize that he even had one. "Until Steffy came along," Katie retorted.

Katie wished she'd been more vocal about Steffy being in their lives, but Bill claimed that Katie had been vocal enough to walk out on him. She refused to take the blame for that any longer, because she believed that any sane woman would need time to digest what Bill had almost done to Amber. Citing that her father had left her, too, Katie lectured Bill that he couldn't go crazy every time someone walked out the door.

Katie cynically laughed when she thought of going to therapy again, but she warned Bill that if he wanted back in, she'd be the one to decide if he could return to her. She further asserted that things would be different. She knew that women would throw themselves at him, but she expected him not to touch them or kiss them. "You will be stronger than that, because I want a man of integrity. And if that's not you, then I don't want you. If that's not you, then you should leave right now...Go to Steffy -- the other woman you love!" Katie demanded.

Looking at Bill's shocked face, Katie ordered him not to be surprised that she was no longer some wallflower. Bill hoped he'd had something to do with that, and Katie said he'd had everything to do with it. She asked if he really wanted to throw all that away to go Steffy, who was exactly like all the dozens of other women he'd dated. Sure that he'd be soon be bored with that, Katie advised him to just end it with Steffy. "And hope you forgive me?" he asked. Shaking her head, Katie corrected, "No -- and beg me to forgive you."

Bill snarled, but Katie said she wasn't standing for that nonsense anymore. She added that if she had to call him out on something, he'd take it like the man he was. She refused to share him with another woman, because she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Katie claimed that it was easy, and she didn't need any speeches, because if he couldn't see it, then he could just walk right out of there and into Steffy's arms.

Katie turned her back, and Bill strode over to the door. She sobbed, thinking he'd left. When she looked at the door, she trembled upon seeing Bill still in the room. "I want you, Katie Spencer. Everything you said is right, everything," Bill told her. He said that he loved her, he needed her, and he wasn't leaving her. "Take me back," he uttered. She gasped, and they hugged.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At Nick's house, the half-naked Owen served Jackie breakfast in the living room. As they made out, Nick questioned them about moving. Jackie expressed that she was in no hurry, because living with Nick was more fun than finding a new place. Nick grimaced, reminding them that it was temporary. Nick dropped the classifieds in Owen's lap, and Jackie pouted, because Nick wanted to get rid of his poor mother.

Nick reasoned that she and Owen needed their space, and Jackie agreed, because it was hard for her to wear clothing all day. Nick drew their attention to a clothing-optional place on the opposite side of town, and Jackie daydreamed about past romantic moments with her husband. Owen kissed her, and the two agreed with each other that they shared a beautiful life.

At Steffy's place, the happily cooking Steffy was miffed at Hope, who'd interrupted to warn Steffy away from Bill. Steffy let Hope in, but claimed that the virginal Hope wouldn't get it. Steffy mentioned that Liam had been by, and he'd gotten it. Hope concluded that Liam wouldn't walk away from her for someone younger or sexier. "What do you mean, like me?" Steffy quipped. The unfazed Hope warned Steffy away from Bill, who was helping his wife recover at home. Steffy, however, was confident that he'd be gone once Katie healed.

Later, Hope was at work, flirting with Liam during a word game they were playing. He contemplated cheating, and she thought of her aunt. Liam claimed he hadn't taken Bill's affair seriously until the night of the ceremony, and he'd tried to talk some sense into the infidels, to no avail. Hope said Steffy was playing games, but in Liam's view, Steffy loved Bill.

Hope was unhappy that Liam hadn't confided in her about it; however, she understood that it was because it was his father. Hope added that Steffy had tried to make her feel insecure about Liam counseling Steffy to do the right thing, but it hadn't worked. Liam suggested that they change the subject -- or not talk at all. They kissed, and Liam ached to be with Hope. She uttered that it would happen someday, and Liam figured he needed a cold shower.

At the beach house, the dotting Bill led Katie inside. Katie felt like taking a walk on the beach; but Bill said she'd take it easy, and there'd be no more "little outings." Feeling that she'd made herself clear to Bill and Steffy, Katie said she didn't need to knock on Steffy's door again.

Katie figured it'd take time to get over their marital hurdles, and Bill asserted that he hadn't slept with Steffy. Katie felt that an emotional connection was worse, and she never wanted Bill to need anyone else for love, compassion, and understanding. She said that if it were to work, she had to know that she was the only woman in his life.

Katie explained that her ring was precious to her. The ring was an eternal circle, and each side of it was a doorway into the unknown. She loved the unpredictability of life, but she hated that she hadn't seen Steffy on the horizon. Katie had never dreamed Bill could want what Steffy wanted, and Katie didn't want to go through that pain again. Bill assured her that she wouldn't.

Bill admitted that he'd been wrong, but he thanked Katie for standing up for herself and for their marriage. Katie asserted that she'd never stop fighting for their marriage; however, it was time for him to let Steffy go, so they could move on. Bill kissed his wife and left.

Later, Bill let himself into Steffy's house with his key. Steffy rushed into his arms and said she'd known he'd show up. She announced that she was cooking their first meal at the place, and she gushed about missing him and thinking of him while he'd been gone. She promised that they'd have a great future together, and Bill sighed.

Steffy began planning how long they'd live in her loft, and she said they should talk about having a family. Bill interrupted her to talk about Katie; however, Steffy said Hope had been by to shake Steffy's faith in him. Steffy stated that it hadn't worked because she believed in Bill's promises. Bill murmured that he'd made promises to Katie, too.

Steffy recalled that Bill's promise to Katie was to remain with her until she completed her recovery. Remarking that Katie was rebounding well, Steffy didn't think it'd be long before she and Bill could start their life together. Bill insisted that he had to tell her something, but she said she already knew that he loved her, and he wanted her. "Steffy, you've got to stop hearing what you want to hear," Bill replied.

Steffy got confused, and Bill stated that he'd made a vow to Katie. "Yeah...but then you made a promise to me," Steffy responded. Bill explained that he didn't know how long he had with Katie, because of her heart, and he'd made a decision to honor his marriage. Bill said he'd made a promise to his beloved Steffy; however, he'd been wrong to do so, and he was returning to his marriage.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

At Nick's house, Jackie announced that she'd found out that Steffy had been the mysterious loft buyer. Nick was more interested in running their business than in discovering Steffy's motives for buying the place. Jackie asked for an update on Katie and wondered what could have caused her heart attack. Nick quipped that living with Bill would give anyone a heart attack. Jackie recalled a rumor she'd heard about Bill and Steffy; however Nick said Bill and Katie were "tragically married," and it was their business.

Jackie and Owen persisted with their musings, and Jackie was surprised Nick wasn't concerned about Katie. Nick claimed Katie was strong, but Jackie didn't buy it. He admitted that he was concerned that Katie was deluding herself to think that she could handle Bill Spencer.

At the beach house, Katie told Brooke and Hope that Bill was breaking it off with Steffy. Hope interjected that Katie couldn't trust Steffy, and Brooke added that Katie couldn't trust Bill, either. Katie, however, did choose to trust him, because she felt the experience had taught him that he needed her. With confidence, Katie said cheating would cost Bill his marriage, which he clearly didn't want to lose. Hope doubted Steffy would just sit back and accept Bill's decision.

Hope left, and Brooke told Katie that Hope was right about Steffy. Katie responded that Steffy was capable of many things, but stealing Katie's husband wasn't one of them. Brooke guessed that Bill had plied her little sister with promises, but Katie said it had been quite the opposite; she told him go to Steffy, if he couldn't be the husband that Katie needed.

Brooke was shocked that Katie had stood up to Bill. Katie said she understood her husband, who needed someone he could count on. Katie knew that her husband needed his equal, and they were right for each other, because she challenged him. Katie said she had honesty, integrity, and loyalty, which were things that Steffy lacked and Bill couldn't live without. Katie was convinced they'd go on with their lives as if Steffy had never happened.

At Steffy's house, Steffy insisted that Bill wouldn't make himself stay with Katie; however, Bill insisted that he was a man who honored his commitments. Steffy asserted that he wouldn't do it to himself, or to her. She said the heart attack had no correlation with the affair, and it could have happened in any situation. Bill responded that it was more than that, but Steffy was determined that she and Bill would be together, because it was what he wanted.

Steffy clung to Bill, and he hoped she knew that he did love her. She said their relationship was fate, and Katie wasn't right for him. Bill told Steffy that she was wrong, and he wasn't leaving his marriage. Steffy figured Katie had brainwashed him, because Steffy was convinced that he wanted Steffy. Bill said she'd forgotten to whom she was talking, because no one messed with his mind.

Bill said he'd never imagined spending his life with one woman. A tearful Steffy cried, "Until you met me!" Bill, however, readily corrected, "No, Steffy, until I met Katie." Steffy guessed he'd forgotten what they'd shared in the previous few weeks, but Bill corrected that he'd forgotten what he'd shared with his wife, who was unlike any woman he'd ever met. "That's what you said about me," Steffy said as she pouted.

Bill stated that both women were. He thanked Steffy for believing in his infallibility, but he claimed he wasn't perfect. Bill admitted to doing things wrong. Steffy asked if he'd forgotten that Katie had walked out on him. "No, I haven't forgotten! But I was stubborn, and I was arrogant, and she walked out. What I was doing was wrong. I realize that now," he responded.

Steffy stated that what Bill had been doing was falling for her. She sobbed, wondering if loving her was wrong. She screamed in disbelief that he was dumping her after all of his promises. Bill said he'd been wrong to make promises, and he couldn't share a life with her. He insisted that it wasn't guilt or responsibility; he was just committed to his wife. He said he hadn't even known how to love before Katie; however, Steffy declared that he loved Steffy more.

Bill admitted that he and Steffy were drawn to each other, but they'd also hurt each other. When she denied it, he cited that she'd used his affection to win back Forrester, and he was hurting her by making impossible promises. "I love my wife," he proclaimed, and Steffy smacked him across the face. "Don't you dare say something like that to me!" she screamed.

Steffy accused Bill of abandoning her, something he'd promised to never do, and she seethed that he'd done it for a Logan. Steffy decided that he wasn't the man that she loved. Bill shouted that the man she loved wouldn't walk out on his wife after a heart attack.

Steffy claimed that she wouldn't wait for Katie to die, and Bill replied that he wouldn't ask for that. He wanted Steffy to be happy, but she doubted he'd be happy longing for her touch in the middle of the night. She stared seductively at him. Grasping her face, he said he loved her, but it couldn't happen for them. "Now or never," Steffy replied. Bill stated that he couldn't. She called him a liar, who'd used her, and she called herself a fool. He tried to console her, but she told him to go back to Katie, because she was through with him.

Bill walked out, and Steffy screamed. She hurtled a vase at the door, knocked the trinkets off her coffee table, and sobbed. The door opened again. A makeup-smeared Steffy saw Hope in the doorway and ordered her to get out. Guessing Bill had left Steffy, Hope asserted that it was over.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At Steffy's house, Hope told the devastated Steffy that Bill had a thing for Steffy, but he was in love with his wife. Hope cited that Steffy had been after Bill for quite some time, and Hope prayed that the letdown was enough to wake Steffy up from her Logan vendetta. Steffy scoffed at Hope's ignorance, but Hope said that whether it was love or vengeance, Steffy needed to stay away and respect the marriage.

Steffy chuckled and declared that Hope's mother had constantly interfered in Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Disinterested in passing the revelries of their mothers down to another generation, Hope implored Steffy for a fresh start. Steffy screamed at the top of her lungs that the Logans had attacked her family for as long as she could remember. Steffy raged that Deacon was Hope's father, not Ridge, and Hope didn't even belong at Forrester.

Hope told Steffy that Ridge saw Hope as a daughter, and he had love in his heart for both of them. She told Steffy to get over it. Steffy sarcastically repeated Hope and said that Hope's family had hurt Steffy's family too many times. Steffy refused to back down that time. Hope claimed to be sorry that Steffy had gotten hurt, but wondered what Steffy had expected from tangling with a married man. Hope asserted that her boyfriend's family wanted nothing to do with Steffy, but Steffy asserted that Bill wouldn't easily forget her.

At home, Ridge tried to distract Brooke from her worries about Katie. He declared that it was over between Bill and Steffy, but Brooke said she didn't trust either one of them. Ridge expressed his anger at Bill for using Steffy to hurt Katie. Brooke stated that Katie had every confidence in Bill, and Ridge sighed upon thinking that Bill had Steffy planning a future with him. Ridge was afraid of how Steffy would handle it once Bill disappointed her.

Later, Hope returned home and received a lecture from Brooke about steering clear of Steffy. Hope said she'd wanted to convince Steffy not to use her pain to wage another war; however, it had been futile, because the wounded Steffy would never relent.

Ridge went to Steffy's house, and Steffy informed him that his morally superior daughter had been there with a lecture about the pitfalls of being with a married man. Steffy revealed that Bill had dumped her, but she'd never believed that he'd break his promises. She explained that Bill's commitment to Katie was strong, but she refused to believe that he loved Katie more. Steffy believed Bill would someday realize that, but she wouldn't be waiting for him.

Ridge consoled his daughter with a hug. He understood Steffy's need to lash out, but said revenge wasn't the answer. Steffy figured he was right, since he'd been right about Bill. She said she felt stupid, and Ridge hugged her. He said he'd do anything to protect her.

At Spencer, Bill couldn't concentrate on work. Liam sympathized with his father for loving two women, but said Bill had to choose. As Liam went on and on about Bill's loyalties, Bill interrupted and announced that he was going back to Katie.

Liam started worrying about how it would affect Steffy, and Bill wondered why that was. Liam guessed that Bill should be worried for Steffy, too. Bill admitted that he was, though he couldn't be with two women. Bill said Liam had been right to tell his father to stay away from Steffy. Bill announced that he'd made his choice, and he was staying with his wife -- end of story. Bill handed Liam a key and asked him to take it to Steffy.

Alone, Bill downed a few drinks. His door opened, and without looking up, he said, "Forrester, what took you so long?" The cynical Bill was sure Ridge didn't want to hear anything Bill had to say, but Bill claimed that he'd fallen in love with Steffy. Ridge cited that a married man shouldn't have been anywhere near Steffy, and Bill readily agreed. Bill claimed that he'd meant everything he'd said to Steffy, and Ridge realized Bill was more arrogant than Ridge had first thought. Bill welcomed Ridge to spout off for as long as it took to make himself feel better.

Bill admitted that he'd made a horrible mistake, and he'd hurt two terrific women. He figured that Ridge, of all people, would know what that was like. Ridge contended that it wasn't the same thing, and Bill should have known that being involved with an impressionable young woman would tear apart lives. Bill interrupted the diatribe to say that he'd made a mistake, but Ridge was the cause of Steffy's life being torn apart. Ridge socked Bill in the face.

Bill took the bloody punch and growled like a dog restrained by an invisible leash. "It must run in the family," he rasped. He touched a finger to his bloody lip and then sucked the tip of it. "Nothing like the taste of your own blood to get your adrenaline going," Bill ominously said. He gave Ridge a pass because Ridge was defending his daughter; however, Bill warned that Ridge had ten seconds to get out of Bill's face. Ridge snarled at Bill to stay away from Steffy, and the two men stared each other down as Ridge left.

Friday, August 12, 2011

In Ridge's office, Liam shocked Hope by revealing that her dad had punched his dad earlier. Liam figured Bill probably deserved it. Though Hope understood her father's protectiveness, she reasoned that Steffy was getting exactly what she deserved. Liam said Steffy was sick about what had happened, and once the embarrassment washed away, she'd extend Hope and olive branch, if Hope were willing to accept it. Liam stated that Steffy needed support, and Hope smiled, recalling that it was just the kind of guy he was.

Liam left to take a phone call, and Hope practiced a speech about her line. In her "Hope for the Future" speech, she trumpeted integrity and sexual responsibility. Liam returned and admired her speech. Hope wondered if he understood what she was conveying. She said that, though she was the legendary Brooke's daughter, it wasn't a legend Hope wanted to perpetuate.

Hope said she loved her mother, but Brooke seemed to set herself up for a lot of the gossip and rumors. Citing the Thomas scandal, Hope said that even Brooke had believed she'd been capable of it. Hope aspired to make her own mark upon Forrester, one completely different from her mother's. Liam liked Hope's ideals, but he said they didn't make him want her any less. Hope replied that she wanted Liam, too, but she wanted it to be right.

In Bill's office, Justin winced at Bill's split lip and was astounded that Bill had let Ridge get away with it. Bill said that he'd probably deserved it for being entangled with Ridge's daughter. "So it was a One-Day-Only-Punch-Dollar-Bill-in-the-Face-Sale," Bill decided, but added that the next time, he'd cram Ridge's fist down Ridge's throat.

Nick arrived for a meeting that Bill had called, and noting Bill's lip, Nick remarked that someone had beaten him to it. Bill apologized for the punch he'd thrown at Nick before. After updating Nick on Katie's condition, Bill revealed that he felt he owed it to Katie to do something special for her, and Ridge's rage had fueled Bill's fire. Bill stated that he planned to hit Ridge back, and Nick would help him do it.

Justin left, and Nick admitted that the idea of helping Katie and sticking it to "Forrester" at the same time intrigued him. Bill announced that he wanted to buy Jackie M. Running a fashion house had excited Katie, and Bill thought Jackie M could do some damage to Forrester. Nick wasn't interested in selling, but Bill replied that Nick was too smart not to consider it.

Nick said that the company was in his mother's name, and he'd never give up control. After the men bargained for a while, Bill settled upon buying fifty percent. Nick said he wasn't interested in hurting good people who worked at Forrester, like Brooke. Bill told Nick to get interested, because Bill was putting Forrester Creations out of business.

Nick recalled that Bill owned part of Forrester. Bill admitted that he'd wanted to own the whole thing, but his new goal was to bury it. Nick seemed uncertain, but Bill cited that with Jackie M's financial troubles, Nick couldn't pass up the chance. Nick decided that he'd look at Bill's proposal. Bill said Ridge was about to have a heat-seeking missile headed toward him, and he didn't stand a chance. "I'm so good," Bill bragged to himself after Nick left.

Ridge arrived home in a foul mood and told Brooke that he'd wound up socking Bill. Brooke gasped that it was her sister's husband. Ridge said Bill ought to act like it, instead of taking advantage of young girls. Brooke doubted Steffy was being manipulated, but Ridge countered that Steffy was in a lot of pain. "Yes, and it was well-earned," Brooke said. She insisted that, for Steffy, it was once again all about the Forresters vs. the Logans.

Ridge seemed to be in denial about it, so Brooke decided they needed to enjoy each other, and not be so tense. She didn't want to argue, because she loved him enough to do anything he'd ask of her, even back up his daughter. Ridge apologized, adding that he should have known that. As Brooke dashed off toward the garden, she playfully teased that he had to catch her if he wanted her apology.

Brooke scampered from hiding place to hiding place like a garden nymph, and Ridge finally tracked her down at the bottom of the terraced fountain. As they cuddled together, she said nothing would get between them again, and if problems arose, they'd meet at the fountain, where their troubles would trickle away like the flowing water.

At Steffy's house, Liam arrived with some files and asked if the makeup-smeared Steffy were okay. Steffy brooded about her breakup with Bill. She said she wasn't at work because she couldn't pretend to be happy, and she couldn't bear for people to pity her because a Logan had gained the upper hand again. Steffy seethed that she was sick of losing to them.

After a while, Oliver said he needed to return to work, and Steffy quipped that another man was walking out on her. She said she was joking, because that would be pathetic. Oliver told her to call him anytime, because he was there for her.

Once alone, a sulking Steffy drank wine and drew herself a bath. As she stepped into the tub, she slipped, and her head slammed against the porcelain edge. A dazed Steffy tried to get up, but her eyes fluttered closed. Liam knocked on the door, but Steffy slowly slinked below the bubbles.

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