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Monday, August 8, 2011

by Mike

Outside the Brady Pub, Phelps told Quinn that Carly had asked for more drugs. Quinn instructed Phelps to give Carly the drugs that she had requested. Phelps started to leave, but Quinn stopped him, and he added that there was something else that he wanted Phelps to do.

Later, in Quinn's hotel room, Carly opened the bag of pills that Phelps had given her. Carly briefly recalled something that Melanie had said after Carly had overdosed, but she reminded herself that none of that stuff had actually happened. Carly clutched a handful of pills, and she muttered that she just wanted the pain to go away. A short time later, Quinn walked in, and he saw that Carly was drinking a glass of water.

Quinn pointedly asked if Carly had already taken the pills. Carly feigned ignorance, but Quinn explained that he had seen the drug dealer in the hallway. Carly tried to explain, but Quinn interrupted her, and he reiterated that he just wanted to know if Carly had taken the pills. When Carly hesitated, Quinn said that it didn't matter either way, because the pills were sugar pills. Quinn claimed that he had paid the drug dealer to give Carly placebos.

Carly angrily threw the bag of pills at Quinn. Carly reminded Quinn that she was a doctor, and she claimed that she had known all along that the pills were not real. Quinn pointed out that Carly had seemed genuinely surprised when he had announced that the drugs were sugar pills. Carly said that her reaction had been caused by the realization that Quinn had been conspiring against her. Quinn wondered if Carly wanted him to ask the drug dealer to return, so that she could get some real drugs.

Carly cursed Quinn, and she said that he was just a random jerk who meant nothing to her. "Random jerk, huh? Well, here's an idea -- how about I get the dealer to come back and give you double the dose you asked for, and then maybe you can O.D., and this random jerk will just sit back and watch you die?" Quinn suggested. Quinn observed that Carly was squandering her life. Carly insisted that her life was none of Quinn's business.

"I disagree. You see, I may have turned up out of nowhere, but you're damn lucky I did. I took you in off the street, remember? Does that ring a bell? I let you stay here because you said you wanted to turn your life around, but that was all talk, wasn't it?" Quinn asked. Carly claimed that Quinn would never understand. Quinn told Carly that he was willing to listen. Carly explained that she had heard Quinn talking to someone on the phone earlier. Carly admitted that she was aware that Quinn just considered her to be a burden.

Carly grabbed her purse and started to leave, but Quinn stopped her. Quinn insisted that he didn't consider Carly a burden. Quinn said that helping Carly had given him a sense of purpose. Carly dryly stated that she loved being Quinn's cause. "You're not my cause. You're a human being in trouble, and...and I care about you. I don't want you to leave. Is that what drove you to the edge -- thinking I was trying to get rid of you?" Quinn asked.

Carly said that there had been a lot of contributing factors. Carly added that the main reason was that she had realized that she had placed her faith in someone who didn't even know who she was. After Carly agreed to stay, Quinn explained that he had decided to help her because of her son. "My mother left me when I was just a child; she just walked out, and somewhere, somehow along the line, she became contrite about what she'd done, and decided to make amends -- tried to, anyway," Quinn said.

Quinn said that his mother was back in his life, and he added that he had started to forgive her. Carly said that Quinn was very generous for allowing his mother back into his life. As Quinn stared at one of his baseball cards, he said that he was trying not to be angry and bitter. Quinn added that he had decided to help Carly because he understood that there was nothing worse than being abandoned by a loved one.

Quinn assured Carly that everything was going to be all right. "If you can be strong enough to take your life back, you'll find what you're looking for...and I can help you get there, if you'll let me," Quinn added. Carly agreed to accept Quinn's help, and she tearfully embraced him.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Taylor tried to talk to Nicole about Nicole's relationship with Brady. Taylor recalled something that Nicole had said after her miscarriage. Taylor reminded Nicole that Brady had helped Nicole recover from that part of her life. "You said that, in all of your life, you had never met anyone who cared about you the way Brady did; who respected you for who you are," Taylor said.

Nicole claimed that she wasn't worthy of Brady's respect, and she admitted that she had failed to appreciate Brady. "And yes, you're -- you're right; he's the only guy who really cared about me, who respected me, right? And what do I do? I threw him aside so I could live in the same house as Sydney DiMera, my make-believe daughter," Nicole said with a sigh. Taylor assured Nicole that Brady probably understood why Nicole had been so attached to Sydney, but Nicole wasn't convinced.

Taylor insisted that Brady was in love with Nicole, and she added that Nicole and Brady belonged together. Nicole realized that Taylor had already talked to Brady about his relationship with Nicole. "What is this, Taylor? First you try to steal my husband, and now you're trying to play matchmaker?" Nicole asked incredulously. Taylor said that she just wanted Nicole to have a good life, but Nicole wasn't convinced.

"Brady doesn't like to be told what to do, who to love -- what toothpaste to buy," Nicole explained. Taylor sighed defeatedly, and she promised that she would never interfere with Nicole's life again. Taylor started to leave, but Nicole stopped her. Nicole apologized for overreacting, and she admitted that she was insecure. Nicole admitted that she wanted to know what Brady had said about her.

Taylor told Nicole that Brady had said that he would make his own decisions; Nicole was clearly disappointed. "You don't get it, Nicole. Look, his saying that he would make his own decision is an indication to me that there was a decision to be made...meaning that he hasn't given up on the two of you," Taylor said. Nicole wasn't convinced, and she sullenly stated that she was the queen of bad choices. Taylor admitted that she might have to fight Nicole for that crown.

In the park, E.J. and Brady were surprised to see Sonny and Chad. Chad explained that he and Sonny had been planning to stop E.J. and Brady from killing each other. E.J. admitted that he had been eager to seek revenge, but he added that he was learning to control his desire for vengeance. E.J. promised that he was not going to kill Brady. E.J. admitted that he had acted reprehensibly in the past.

"'Reprehensibly'...that's a good word. I'm glad you're willing to acknowledge that having people killed is reprehensible; people like Arianna Hernandez," Brady said. Chad wondered if Brady's accusations were true. E.J. insisted that he had never intended for Arianna to get hurt, and he added that he had been very fond of Arianna. "Nonetheless, I am guilty of setting into motion a series of events which ultimately took her life, and I will regret that until the day I die," E.J. added.

Brady said that he would have hastened the arrival of that day if Melanie had not intervened. Brady added that he might have to finish the job, if he ever received another opportunity to do so. "Look...Melanie saved both of us, all right? She gave both of us a second chance, so why don't we just do ourselves a favor -- let's honor that, not waste it. I called you down here today to try to encourage you to join me in stopping this...once and for all," E.J. said.

Brady was skeptical; he said that Taylor had claimed that E.J. had changed, and he wondered if she might have been right. E.J. admitted that he couldn't just snap his fingers and turn into a better person, but he added that he was willing to try. "Look, you took your revenge against me for what happened to Arianna, okay? Let's end this. Brady, come on -- we owe this to everybody that we care about. This has to end -- it has to end now!" E.J. insisted.

At the pier, Victor tried to keep Maggie calm; meanwhile, Marco managed to escape. Victor chastised Stefano, and he insisted that Maggie's blood was on Stefano's hands. Stefano called for an ambulance, then he quickly rushed off. Victor wondered why Maggie had followed him to the pier. Maggie said that she had been trying to help Victor.

At the hospital, Jennifer told Melanie and Daniel that the organization that had been planning to give Carly an award had rescinded their offer. Jennifer explained that the head of the organization had seen the incriminating photograph of Carly that had been posted online. Jennifer added that the photograph had been posted on a gossip website, and she admitted that she was worried that someone from the hospital board might see the picture.

Jennifer suggested that Melanie should make a short video clip that could be distributed to various media outlets. Jennifer turned the camera on, and Melanie nervously started her appeal. "Um, hi, Mom. Um...Dad and I love you so much, and so does Jennifer, and everybody at the hospital, and we're just worried about you, and we just want you to come back, because that's all the matters; nothing else matters, nothing that -- just please come back to us," Melanie tearfully stated. Jennifer explained that they would add a phone number to the bottom of the screen, so that people could call in with any information that they might have.

Maxine interrupted, and she announced that Maggie had been shot. A short time later, the paramedics rushed Maggie into the hospital; as the paramedics explained Maggie's condition to Daniel, Melanie stared at Maggie.. Daniel said that he was going to need Melanie's help, but Melanie was paralyzed with fear. Daniel told Melanie that Maggie was going to need her to stay strong. Melanie nodded as she started to calm down, and she rushed off to find some units of blood for the surgery.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano made arrangements to have his jet fueled and ready for departure. Marco apologized profusely, but Stefano angrily interrupted. "I don't want to hear it! It's over for you, Marco. Go to the airport. There is money on the plane; take it and leave the country. Never come back -- is that clear?" Stefano asked. Marco nodded, and he quickly exited the mansion.

Outside the Brady Pub, Sonny wondered if Brady was convinced that their family was going to be safe. Before Brady could respond, he received a phone call from Victor. Meanwhile, inside the pub, E.J. and Chad were drinking coffee. "Okay, look...I don't mean to be preachy, telling you not to make the same mistakes that I did, but, uh, I'm your big brother, so I get to be preachy every once in a while, all right?" E.J. said, as he playfully slapped the back of Chad's head. Chad agreed, but he added that he reserved the right to defy E.J. from time to time.

As Chad playfully pretended to punch his brother, E.J. received a phone call. Stefano said that he needed E.J. to return to the mansion as quickly as possible, but before Stefano could explain what was going on, Brady stormed into the pub. Brady lunged at E.J., but Sonny held Brady back. "Why does your father always have to do your dirty work? Maggie Horton was shot, E.J. -- I think you know about it. Yeah, the bullet was meant for my granddad, right?" Brady asked.

E.J. tried to deny Brady's allegations, but Brady refused to believe that E.J. was telling the truth. Brady lunged at E.J. again, but Sonny managed to convince Brady that the pub was not the place to get into a fight with E.J. Brady warned E.J. that he wasn't done with him, then he stormed out of the pub.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole received a phone call from Brady, who informed her that Maggie had been shot. Brady explained that the truce had been a trick, and he begged Nicole to get herself out of the line of fire. Taylor refused to believe that E.J. had been involved, but Nicole insisted that E.J. was never going to change.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano nervously poured himself a drink, as he tried to plan his next move. E.J. and Chad barged into the living room, and E.J. demanded to know what had happened. Stefano insisted that the shooting had been an accident. E.J. wondered why Stefano couldn't just leave things alone for once.

Back at the hospital, Daniel announced that Maggie had been stabilized, but he added that she was going to need immediate surgery. Victor told Daniel to do whatever he needed to do; Victor said that he couldn't lose Maggie. After Victor explained what had happened, Melanie realized that Maggie had taken a bullet that had been meant for Victor. As Melanie lunged at Victor, Brady and Sonny arrived, and Brady pulled Melanie off of Victor.

Jennifer took Melanie to get some water, so that Brady and Sonny could have a moment alone with Victor. Victor explained that he had been trying to broker a peace treaty with Stefano. Victor said that he had been trying to keep Brady safe. Brady said that he was the one who was to blame for what had happened, because Stefano had just been using Victor to get back at Brady for attacking E.J.

Brady assured Victor that Maggie would be all right. Victor noted that he had been planning to go on a trip around the world with Maggie. "The the hell could we not have learned by now?" Brady wondered.

As Daniel started to move Maggie to the O.R., she called out for Victor. Victor apologized to Maggie. Maggie said that it wasn't Victor's fault, as Daniel wheeled her away.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A guilty Brady fixed a drink in the Kiriakis living room as Justin entered the room. Justin asked if Brady had made peace with E.J. Brady admitted that he had made peace with E.J. but that E.J. had played him. Brady ordered Justin to butt out. "Why don't you stop trying to act like you understand anything about how my uncle, Uncle Victor, does business," Justin yelled. When Justin begged Brady to back down, Brady refused.

"I know you're full of yourself, Brady. Especially now. But I can tell you this posturing isn't gonna stop the insanity between the families," Justin noted. Justin added that Brady's drinking and involvement with Nicole showed that Brady had poor judgment. Brady assured Justin that Nicole had no influence over how Brady conducted Kiriakis business.

"You can't even admit, for the sake of debate, how that woman's agenda is gonna bring you down," Justin said. "You're as thick as they come, Brady," Justin added. Justin urged Brady to think about his family before he made any more moves. When Brady remained speechless, Justin left. Brady turned to the bar to fix a drink, then sighed and pushed the glass away.

Down at the Cheatin' Heart, Nicole told Taylor that Brady was attempting to protect his family and that she believed Chad's shooting had been a mistake. Taylor noted that after Brady beat up E.J., that E.J. had not retaliated. Taylor accused Nicole of pushing Brady to go after E.J. "This ridiculous blood war is going on because of one person, and that one person is you," Taylor argued. "E.J. has tried to change. Has Brady? Not with you by his side," Taylor said before storming out of the bar.

Furious, Nicole marched back to the Kiriakis mansion to inform Brady about her conversation with Taylor. Brady countered, "If she doesn't understand us, who needs her?" With a nod, Nicole hugged Brady.

At the hospital, Lexie asked Hope to sign the paperwork enforcing Maggie's DNR (do not resuscitate) orders, since Hope had Maggie's power of attorney to execute Maggie's living will.

Down the hall in the emergency room, Chad urged E.J. to walk away from the DiMera family. "Who's next, E.J.? And for what?" Chad asked. Chad noted that he had wanted to make the DiMeras his family but that he could not stand to keep looking over his shoulder. "Let's walk away from this before it kills one of us," Chad pleaded. E.J. swore to protect Chad. "I've been my father's son a lot longer than I've been your brother. So don't ask me to choose," E.J. said sadly.

Confused, Chad reminded E.J. that before the shooting, E.J. had urged him to walk away from the family. E.J. countered, "Idealism, Chad, can be just as misguided as realism." After E.J. left, Abigail apologized for pushing Chad to leave his family, but Chad cut her off, noting that everything had changed when he was shot. Chad noted that he did not want Abigail to end up like Maggie.

In Maggie's hospital room, Stefano asked Victor for a truce in their war. "No, Stefano. It's too late. It's much too late," Victor said as he turned toward Maggie and sat down. Stefano urged Victor to reconsider so that no one else got hurt. "An eye for an eye does not work," Stefano said. Kate entered Maggie's room and agreed with Stefano. When Victor countered that the truce would be in name only, Kate argued that she would not stand for someone else to be hurt by the feud.

Before Victor could respond, Lexie and Hope entered Maggie's room to talk about Maggie's living will. "She was very specific in her will. I have no choice but to honor it," a haunted-looking Hope whispered as she stared at Maggie. Hope asked for some time alone with Maggie, so everyone but Victor and Hope left. Hope assured Victor that he had made Maggie happy. Hope kissed Maggie goodbye, then left the room. Alone with Maggie, Victor sat at her bedside. "I tried to shield you from this. I was na´ve to think that I could. It's too high a cost," Victor said.

In the hallway, Hope met with Lexie after calling Melissa and telling her about the decision to take Maggie off of the ventilator. With a nod, Lexie led Hope back into Maggie's room. Alone with Stefano, Kate whispered that she was sorry. "Not as sorry as I will always be, Katherine," Stefano lamented.

In Maggie's room, Lexie explained to Victor and Hope that she would remove the breathing tube. Victor kissed Maggie goodbye, then Lexie sent Hope and Victor into the hallway. With a sigh, Lexie removed the breathing tube from Maggie's throat. As E.J. walked into the waiting area, he witnessed Stefano express his condolences to Victor. Stefano urged Victor to accept the truce. "The woman that I love is dying. Your peace offering and reassurance of safety is the last thing I care about, Stefano," Victor said curtly.

Once Lexie removed the breathing tube from Maggie, Lexie let Victor and Hope back into the room. Victor pleaded with Maggie not to leave him. When Lexie leaned over to check Maggie's vital signs, Maggie twitched. Shocked, Lexie stammered that Maggie was breathing on her own. Victor assured Maggie that she was going to be fine. Thrilled, Hope left to make some calls with the good news. Lexie left to order tests, and Victor promised Maggie that no one would hurt her again. Maggie moaned softly.

"I love you. I love you so much," Victor said. Stirring, Maggie squeezed Victor's hand and then opened her eyes slowly. "I love you, Victor," Maggie whispered. As Maggie struggled to speak, she managed to whisper, "Make peace."

In the hospital hallway, E.J. asked Stefano whether he had talked to Victor about a truce. "It doesn't matter. Nothing does," Stefano said sadly before walking away with Kate. Stefano and Kate went to the emergency room to check on Chad. When Stefano noted that he wanted to get Chad home, Chad countered that he would not return to the DiMera mansion. Stefano argued that Chad was not safe outside the mansion. Chad countered that Stefano's argument was the reason he did not want to be at the mansion.

"I can't live with you anymore," Chad said. Chad reminded Stefano and Kate that he had been shot and that Abigail could have been shot as well. "Her aunt is in this hospital somewhere barely alive, and I just don't know how else to say this, but I'm done," Chad said. When Stefano remarked that Chad could not undo the family, Chad countered, "I saw you disown E.J. a few weeks ago without too much trouble." Chuckling, Stefano noted that he had been angry but that he had made up with E.J. Chad said that Stefano could not fix the problem and that Chad could not put Abigail in the line of fire.

"I can't be a part of this life," Chad said sadly. "Do you have any idea how frightened I was when I heard that you got shot? My God, I thought I lost you," Stefano said. Chad countered that Stefano did not need to worry about him if Chad was no longer part of the family. Chad announced that he would pick up his stuff later, then he left. With a sigh, Stefano walked out of the room, leaving an emotionally drained Kate alone in the emergency room.

E.J. entered the room and asked Kate what had happened. "He went after Chad," Kate said. Kate explained that Chad was leaving the family. "If your father loses Chad, I don't think he's going to survive it," Kate said worriedly. With a nod, E.J. went down the hallway and caught up with Stefano. E.J. assured Stefano that Chad would be fine and that E.J. and Stefano would get through the situation together. Behind E.J., Taylor stepped out of the elevator and eavesdropped.

Devastated, Stefano noted that Chad did not want to be a part of the DiMera family. "If that's true, it's his loss," E.J. said quietly, then hugged his father fiercely. "Thank you, son, for your loyalty," Stefano said before wandering down the hallway. As E.J. sighed, Taylor approached E.J. and smiled.

In the Brady Pub, Carly asked Daniel, Melanie, and Jennifer for help with her drug problem. Carly noted that she had returned home with the help of a man named Quinn. As Carly gazed out the pub window, she saw Quinn walk away. Carly turned to Daniel, Melanie, and Jennifer and explained that Quinn was a man who had found her and helped her. Carly continued that she did not realize that she had run away from Melanie until she came down off the drugs.

With a sigh, Carly noted that when she saw Melanie on television pleading for her to return home, she had realized that her secret was out. "I remembered how hard all of you tried to help me," Carly said. Carly explained that Quinn had convinced her to visit her family before she left for rehab. Carly apologized to Melanie, and they hugged. Daniel urged Carly to wait before checking into rehab, but Carly refused. As Melanie stepped aside to call a friend about some rehab facilities, Carly asked Daniel and Jennifer if she had messed up their relationship.

Daniel and Jennifer told Carly not to worry about them and to concentrate on her recovery. "Let the three of us take care of you. It is going to get better. It already has," Daniel said. Melanie returned with a number for a nearby rehab facility and offered to help Carly pack and check in to the clinic. Carly apologized for hurting Daniel and Melanie, and Daniel assured Carly that they loved her and wanted her to get better. Daniel asked Melanie to call him once Carly was settled at the facility.

After Carly and Melanie left, Jennifer received a call from Hope informing her that Maggie had woken up. "Everything is so great again," Jennifer said tearfully as she hugged Daniel.

Down on the pier, Quinn ran into Vivian. "Mother!" Quinn said in surprise upon seeing Vivian. "Don't call me mother, you miserable excuse for a son!" Vivian yelled then slapped Quinn across the face. Vivian explained to Quinn that she had seen him with Carly. Noting that Quinn had promised to help her get revenge on Carly, she did not understand why Quinn had helped Carly. Angry, Quinn explained that Carly did not appear to be the monster that Vivian had described. Quinn argued that Carly had been struggling with her drug addiction and that he had felt like he needed to help her.

"Maybe it was fate that brought Carly to me. And maybe it was my fate to do the right thing for once," Quinn argued. When Vivian asked Quinn if he was using Carly to get back at her, Quinn explained that Carly had been strung out on drugs that he provided. "I felt that I owed it to her, but if not to her, then to everyone else that I've harmed over the years because of my greed and my selfishness. I owed it to her to save her," Quinn said. "How am I supposed to avenge Lawrence's death?" Vivian asked.

When Quinn noted that Vivian had gotten her revenge, a confused Vivian wondered aloud how she could have won when Carly was safe with her family. "Do you know who I dropped off tonight? A broken woman who resorted to desperate means just to find a high. Who may have lost her job and her license to do what she does best. And I may have lost her as well," Quinn said.

"You may have lost her? What are you saying?" Vivian asked suspiciously. Quinn countered that Carly's life was ruined because of Carly's actions, and because of Vivian and Quinn. After Quinn walked way, Vivian arched her eyebrow and muttered, "We'll see."

Melanie escorted Carly back to her hotel room to pack. As Carly looked around the room, Melanie asked Carly to give her all the pills she had. With a nod, Carly reached under the mattress and grabbed a bag of pills, then handed them to Melanie. After Melanie flushed the pills down the toilet, she said that she was proud of her mother.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At the police station, Bo hugged his wife with relief upon learning that Maggie had begun to breathe on her own. As Bo and Hope were talking, an officer delivered a case file to Bo. Hope and Bo were dismayed when they read the file and learned that another prostitute had been attacked. Hope noted that the woman was a high-priced call girl instead of a streetwalker like the other woman. Bo hoped that Roman would let them investigate it officially, but Hope didn't think Roman would approve that.

Jennifer called Hope just then, and informed her that Carly had returned home and was on her way to rehab. Hope relayed the information to Bo, and they agreed that they hoped Carly got the help she needed. Bo and Hope then decided to try to find attacks in other areas with similarities to the assaults on the Salem prostitutes. Bo got one of his contacts to ask around about other women who might have been attacked, and Hope theorized that the attacker had surely assaulted other women. Grinning, Bo declared that he'd forgotten what a great team the two of them were.

After working for a while, Hope and Bo were unable to track down any leads, and a worried Bo hoped they could catch the culprit before anyone else was seriously hurt. Hope left to question some of their contacts on the street, and Bo walked out with her. Roman watched them leave, and scowled when he saw which file Hope had been working on.

When Bo returned, Roman confronted him about working on the case without permission. Bo insisted that because two call girls had been attacked, the case deserved an investigation. Roman pointed out that there were other cases to work on that could actually be solved. "Since when do we pick and choose who matters? What the hell's going on here, Roman?" Bo demanded. Roman firmly cautioned his brother, "I told you and Hope to drop this. This is my second and final warning."

Hope rummaged through the garbage in an alley, looking for clues. "Who is this guy? What does he have against all these women?" she wondered aloud, while someone watched her through the chain-link fence.

His arm in a sling, Chad descended the stairs at the DiMera mansion, carrying a duffel bag in his free hand. Kate and Abigail were waiting for him in the living room. Kate accused Chad of not caring about anyone but himself -- especially not his father. She urged him to reconsider leaving, and promised that if he did, there would be peace and the madness would stop. Chad didn't buy that for a minute. Kate maintained that Stefano loved Chad, and Chad's decision to move out had broken Stefano's heart. "I'm sorry for that, but I can't risk getting killed to stay under his roof," Chad stated.

Abigail emphasized to Kate that the decision had been a very difficult one for Chad. Kate believed that Chad was trying to prove to Abigail that he wasn't a true DiMera so she would stay with him. Chad countered, "I'm just trying to protect her, and myself. I'm trying to lead a normal life, to where I don't have to wake up every morning wondering who's going to try and shoot me today." Kate replied sharply, "You want to be your own man, then stand up and be one -- and you don't let anyone tell you that your family isn't good enough for you."

Kate revealed that after returning from the hospital, Stefano had gone straight to bed, and reminded Chad that his father was in poor health. Chad pointed out that Stefano managed to be as "strong as a horse" when things were going his way. As Chad and Abigail gathered up his things to leave, Kate remarked that although romance was fleeting, family was forever. Kate noted that she knew the "upstanding" Horton family well, and they definitely believed that the DiMeras were beneath them.

"No one in my family thinks that Chad is beneath me," Abigail asserted. Kate alleged that Abigail had encouraged Chad to renounce his father, but Chad insisted that it had been his decision. He added that he had looked away from the things he hadn't wanted to see because Stefano had been so welcoming. He pointed out that none of them -- not even Kate -- was bulletproof. Chad and Abigail then quietly left.

Abigail and Chad went to the Brady Pub so he could ask Caroline about renting a room. Abigail spoke to her mom on the phone, but didn't tell Jennifer about Chad's shooting. "What Kate was saying -- just don't let it get to you," Chad advised Abigail. Abigail was just glad he was all right.

Chad and Abigail then went to the park, where they spread out a blanket so they could have a picnic. Chad was impressed that Abigail had managed to produce a picnic basket full of food on such short notice. "I figured that doing something boring and a little homey might make what happened to you earlier more bearable," Abigail explained. While she unpacked the basket, Chad realized that his pain medication had worn off. Abigail chided him for taking off his sling, but had him remove his shirt so she could check his bandages.

Once she was satisfied that the bleeding hadn't resumed, Abigail declared that she was proud of Chad for standing up to his family, and impressed with how he was handling everything. She hoped that Chad would tell her if he decided that he wanted his family back. Chad reassured Abigail that he would keep her in the loop -- as long as she was on his side. Abigail admitted she was worried that after some thought, Chad might realize he had made a rash decision. Chad stated that he couldn't imagine changing his mind, especially because he hoped that moving out would keep Abigail safe. A relieved Abigail kissed him.

At the hospital, Taylor confessed to E.J. that she had overheard his conversation with Stefano. "All that talk about changing -- that's what it was, just talk," Taylor posited. E.J. reminded her that he would always be a DiMera, but she urged him to live his own life, away from his father's control. E.J. asked Taylor to accompany him out of the hospital, so she reluctantly left with him.

When they arrived on the pier, Taylor asked E.J. why he'd taken her there, and he reminded her that it was where Chad had been shot. He explained that the shooting had made him realize the importance of family, and how he could not simply stand by while someone targeted them. Taylor wanted to know if that meant E.J. planned to go after the DiMeras. E.J. informed her that Victor had refused Stefano's offer of a truce.

Realizing that E.J. would kill to protect his father, Taylor asserted, "If you do what your father does, it makes you no less of a monster than him." She reminded E.J. that he'd given up his kids to protect them, and because he wanted to be a better man. E.J. maintained that he never would have given up his children if he actually believed he could change after failing to succeed in doing so for Taylor.

Taylor encouraged E.J. to reach out to his father, but E.J. reminded her that Victor was not interested in a truce. Taylor was incredulous that E.J. didn't seem to care that more people were going to be hurt. E.J. urged her to do what he asked and stay away from him. Taylor acknowledged that as soon as she'd realized exactly who E.J. was, she'd known they couldn't be together. "So please don't say it again. I am leaving, and I won't look back," Taylor said sadly but resolutely, and then left the pier.

When E.J. returned home, Kate admonished him for not returning her messages. She admitted that Stefano was heartbroken and hadn't emerged from his room since they'd returned from the hospital. E.J. reassured Kate that he would handle the situation with the Kiriakises, and make sure no one got near Stefano. Kate cautioned E.J., "If Victor wants Stefano dead, he may not have to do anything to accomplish it after what happened today, because your father is already dying."

After going upstairs to check on his father, E.J. reported back to Kate that Stefano did seem miserable. Kate asserted that the only thing that would make Stefano feel like he could go on was to have his family home again. E.J. wondered what Kate expected him to do. Kate contended, "Chad would never have moved out of this house, even with the terrible accident that happened to Maggie, unless he had Abigail Deveraux whispering in his ear that this family is not good enough for him." E.J. deduced that Kate wanted him to break up Chad and Abigail, but he thought trying to do so would only backfire. Kate warned E.J., "This is for your father's sake. If you don't make this happen, we're going to lose him."

On her cell phone on the docks, Vivian filled Gus in about Carly's impending trip to rehab. Vivian ordered Gus to find out more about Carly's situation -- and to figure out what Vivian could do to ensure Carly's failure.

In Carly's room, while Carly packed a bag, Melanie spoke on the phone with her friend from the rehab center where Carly was headed. As Melanie hung up, she reassured her mom that the center had a high success rate. Carly cracked that she would try not to mess up their percentages. Melanie took the suitcase from Carly, and the two headed out.

When Carly and Melanie arrived at the hospital, Maxine greeted Carly warmly. Carly wanted to leave her resignation letter on Lexie's desk, but both Maxine and Melanie urged her to just leave a request for a leave of absence instead. After Melanie left to check on Maggie, Maxine commended Carly for her bravery. The women hugged goodbye.

Carly was alone in the waiting area when Vivian arrived. Vivian made a snide reference to Carly's drug problem, but Carly snapped that it was over -- and there was no one else Vivian needed to blab about it to. Vivian remarked that it had been fortuitous that Carly had found someone to nurse her through detox, and Carly demanded to know how Vivian knew about that. Vivian divulged that Quinn was her son. Carly was horrified, especially when Vivian maintained that Quinn had been helping her avenge Lawrence's death.

Carly refused to believe it when Vivian informed her that Quinn was a drug dealer. "Why don't you ask him yourself -- that is, if you can find him?" Vivian suggested, and then chirped, "Happy detox to you!" She pressed a plastic bag containing a couple of pills into Carly's hand, and then strolled away. When Melanie returned, Carly hid the bag in a clenched fist, and the two of them then left the hospital.

At the Brady Pub, Quinn got a phone call advising him about the prostitute who had been stabbed. Although the woman didn't work for Quinn, he was obviously concerned.

Melanie and Carly stopped outside the pub to talk about Maggie's condition. Both women were relieved that Maggie seemed to be doing so well. Melanie had to take a phone call from the hospital, so Carly went inside. When she spotted Quinn, she immediately stormed over and slapped him. "You son of a bitch!" she spat, then demanded, "Vivian Alamain is your mother? You're a dealer?"

Taylor walked in, spied Quinn talking to Carly, and slipped quietly into a table. Taylor listened as Quinn insisted to Carly that he hadn't known who she was when he'd first found her. He explained earnestly that when he'd found out who she was, he had felt terribly guilty and responsible, and hadn't wanted to hurt her any more. Quinn tried to apologize, but Carly stormed out.

Outside, Carly reached frantically into her pocket for the pills Vivian had given her, and swallowed them without water.

After Carly had gone, Quinn stepped outside to call Vivian. He lambasted her for revealing his business to Dr. Manning, and hoped Vivian felt like she had gotten back at him, because he never wanted to see her again. As Quinn hung up, he was startled to see Taylor behind him. "Well, that was quite a show in there," Taylor said contemptuously. Quinn replied with equal disdain, "Yeah, you should know. You've been the star of quite a few of your own, haven't you?"

When Carly and Melanie arrived at the rehab center, Carly admitted that she felt a lot better just being there. Taking her daughter's hand and holding it to her own cheek, Carly stated emotionally, "I am so sorry for all the terrible mistakes I've made. And I love you more than my own life." Melanie replied softly, "Just love yourself again, okay?" They hugged goodbye, and then Melanie left. Carly's intake nurse, Diane, introduced herself to Carly, and took her into the clinic.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

by Mike

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami received a phone call from Rafe. Rafe offered to buy some food on his way home from work, but Sami assured him that she would take care of dinner. Sami pointed out that she had plenty of free time on her hands. After Sami ended the call, she poured herself some coffee, then she turned on her laptop.

As Sami was browsing the Internet, she spotted something that intrigued her. Sami excitedly called Roman to ask for his help. When Roman arrived at the apartment, Sami didn't waste any time before going into her sales pitch. Sami said that she had noticed that the Salem P.D. had an opening for an administrative assistant. "Dad, I could never forgive myself if I didn't step in and help you -- and Rafe, at the same time -- when I'm obviously qualified. Everybody talks about how administratively 'assistful' I can be!" Sami said.

Roman quickly declined Sami's offer, and he explained that things at the police station were already crazy enough. Sami offered to cry in an attempt to convince Roman to change his mind. Roman laughed, and he insisted that Sami's idea wasn't going to work out. Sami refused to accept Roman's answer. Sami grinned and assured Roman that she was going to make his life a lot easier.

Outside the Brady Pub, Taylor noted that bad things always seemed to happen when Quinn was around. Quinn said that the universe had reunited them, and he wondered how long it had been since their last encounter. Taylor snapped that it had not been long enough. Quinn said that he understood that Taylor wanted to start over, but he added that she didn't need to turn her back on him in order to do so.

"You don't turn your back on cobras -- you want to know every move they are gonna make," Taylor said. Taylor said that she had turned her life around. Taylor insisted that she wasn't going to let Quinn ruin her life, but Quinn claimed that he had no intention of doing so. Quinn noted that there was a lot of history between him and Taylor, and he added that she had many secrets.

Taylor said that she was going to take that as an implied threat, and she reminded Quinn that she knew even more about his own secrets. Taylor warned Quinn that she was not a scared little girl anymore. Quinn agreed that Taylor had turned into an amazing woman. Quinn tried to brush a strand of hair away from Taylor's face, but she defensively backed away. Quinn winked at Taylor, then he calmly walked off.

After Quinn left, Abe approached Taylor, and he noted that she looked like she had just seen a ghost. Abe wondered if Taylor was upset about Nicole. Taylor said that she was upset about Nicole, E.J., Brady, and the fact that she didn't really have any reason to stay in Salem. Taylor explained that she had quit her job at Titan. Abe offered Taylor a job as the administrative assistant for the Salem P.D.

Later, at the police station, Abe and Taylor talked to Roman about the job offer. Roman pulled Abe aside, and he pointedly asked if Abe would say that he had made the decision on his own. Abe was confused, and he said that he had not intended to step on Roman's toes. "No, I'm saying...if we pick Taylor, would you say this was your decision to make, and I did not have a say in it?" Roman repeated, stressing the point. Abe still didn't understand what Roman was trying to say, but Roman assured Abe that it would make sense soon enough.

Roman welcomed Taylor to the team, and he asked one of the officers to show Taylor around. After Roman and Abe left, Officer Conklin showed Taylor the place where all of the cases for each unit were filed. Taylor noted that there was a large stack of files in the Vice Unit's inbox. Conklin explained that there had been a substantial spike in the amount of prostitution cases.

Taylor wondered if there was a reason for the sudden spike. Conklin said that the theory was that some new players had settled in Salem. Conklin noted that Taylor seemed really interested in the Vice Unit's cases. Taylor claimed that she had her reasons. Roman interrupted the conversation, and he wondered if Taylor would be willing to share those reasons with him.

"'s no secret about my family -- how my father put my sister into what are euphemistically called 'adult films.' I hate that world, and I don't think there are victimless crimes, and I would like to help put a stop to all of it," Taylor explained. Later, Taylor found a folder that was labeled "Unknown Pimp." Taylor knowingly muttered Quinn's name as she looked at the file.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe met with her social worker; the social worker said that she was very impressed with the way that Chloe had managed to turn her life around. After the social worker left, Chloe happily informed Adrienne that the meeting had been a success. Adrienne offered Chloe a cup of tea, but Chloe reluctantly declined Adrienne's offer. Chloe explained that she had an appointment scheduled for later that day.

As Chloe exited the mansion, she received a call from Quinn. Quinn explained that he had scheduled another appointment for Lola. After Chloe ended the call, she muttered that she hoped that the client was a big tipper.

At the pier, T greeted Kinsey, and he suggested that they could spend the afternoon in a hotel suite. Kinsey bluntly informed T that they were no longer friends with benefits. T was crestfallen, and he wondered if there was someone else. Meanwhile, Gabi stepped onto the pier, and she listened as Kinsey and T continued their discussion.

Kinsey said that there wasn't anyone else, but she added that things were about to change. "You're a real bitch, Kinsey," T said. Kinsey angrily slapped T, and he stormed off. After T left, Gabi wondered if T and Kinsey had been in love. Kinsey laughed, and Gabi pointed out that T seemed really upset. Kinsey explained that T was upset because he was never going to be able to have sex with her again.

Kinsey could tell by Gabi's reaction that Gabi and Will had finally had sex. Gabi tried to avoid the conversation, and she abruptly excused herself so that she could meet Will at the Cheatin' Heart. Kinsey invited herself along, and she said that she would meet Gabi there. Gabi warned Kinsey not to say anything about Gabi and Will's relationship, then she walked away. After Gabi left, Kinsey started to make a phone call.

Kinsey pretended to be Lola, and she scheduled a meeting with the man who had called Chloe's cell phone at the Cheatin' Heart earlier. Kinsey told the man that she had a new phone number that he could use to reach her. "So far, the oldest profession is a piece of cake," Kinsey muttered after she ended the call.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Will told Sonny that Gabi would be meeting them later. Will wondered if Sonny had anyone special in his life. Sonny said that he had been focused on other things since he had returned to Salem. Sonny grinned and added that there might still be someone out there for him somewhere. Meanwhile, Chad entered the bar; Will started to introduce Chad to Sonny, but he quickly realized that they had already met.

Later, Gabi joined the group, and Will and Gabi grabbed a nearby table so that they could talk. Gabi told Will that Kinsey had figured out that they had slept together. Gabi assured Will that she had warned Kinsey to keep her mouth shut. "That's great, because, you know, Kinsey's so great at doing what she's told," Will stated sarcastically.

Will admitted that he was worried about Rafe learning the truth. Will said that he had promised that he would never hurt Gabi. Will noted that Gabi would be upset if she ended up arguing with Rafe about her relationship with Will. Gabi assured Will that she could handle the situation, and she added that Will made her very happy. Will kissed Gabi, and she suggested that they needed to find a place with more privacy.

Meanwhile, at the pool table, Chad and Sonny talked about Chad's dismissal of the DiMera family. Chad claimed that it wasn't a big deal, because he had not even known the DiMeras for very long. Sonny noted that it was probably still tough for Chad to be on his own. Chad said that the DiMeras had not really given him any choice in the matter.

Chad defensively realized that Sonny might be trying to find some information that he could report back to Victor, but Sonny assured Chad that he wasn't going to do that. "I know why you'd say that, but...I might be the only person that kind of understands what you're going through, you know? And I know what it's like to have a potent last name, too; you know, my family's pulled...stuff I can't even deal with," Sonny said with a sigh.

"Well, the part that I don't get is...I know what Stefano did -- does, I know what Stefano does -- and...I don't know why, but I still miss him," Chad admitted. Sonny wondered if Chad had mentioned anything to his other father. "Nope; aside from the fact that he is the district attorney...he doesn't want to be my father any more than I wanna be his son," Chad said.

Sonny started to say that there was something that he had been meaning to tell Chad, but before he could finish his sentence, T entered the bar. "You gonna tell him that you're interested in a lot more than a game of pool?" T asked. Sonny sighed and said that T was really starting to get on his nerves. T wondered if Sonny was worried that T was going to screw things up with Chad. "No, I'm worried I'm gonna put my fist in your face...and screw up this Zen place that I'm in right now," Sonny said.

T ignored Sonny, and he started to explain the situation to Chad. "He uses all these macho things, like baseball games, and threats, and pool games, just so he can cover up that this dude is into other dudes," T explained, as he looked at Sonny with disgust. Sonny sighed, and T gauged Sonny's reaction. "Oh -- oops! Is the cat out of the closet? Did you forget to tell him you're gay?" T asked.

Chad threw down his pool stick, and he stood next to Sonny so that he could drape his arm around Sonny's neck. "Now, listen, Sonny, if you don't want to screw up your Zen, like you said, I'd be happy to deck this bitch for you," Chad said, as he glared at T. T stammered that he was Chad's friend, and he said that he was just trying to warn Chad. "Well, you and I both know that's a bunch of bull. You're trying to hassle my friend Sonny here. Now, let me repeat...after the last week of DiMera family fun, I am not in a place of Zen, so I would be more than happy to pound the political incorrectness out of you. Now, get the hell out of here," Chad said.

After T stormed out of the bar, Sonny thanked Chad for defending him. Sonny added that he could have handled the situation on his own. "Ah, yeah, I know you could have, but...I think T already knew how you felt about what he said; I was just trying to make it very, very I felt about it," Chad explained, as he casually went back to lining up his pool shot.

In the alley, someone watched as Hope rummaged through the trash. When Hope turned around, she saw Justin standing in the alley. Justin explained that he was doing some pro bono work for the women's shelter across the street. Hope told Justin about the prostitution cases, and Justin warned Hope to be careful. Hope assured Justin that she knew what she was getting herself into.

Justin said that he wasn't talking about the perpetrator -- he was talking about Roman. Justin noted that it was odd that Roman was willing to back off of the investigation. Hope realized that Justin was suggesting that someone higher up in the department was calling the shots, but she insisted that she didn't care. Justin said that he had forgotten just how feisty Hope was, and he offered to help her. Justin said that he would ask the women at the shelter if they had noticed anything suspicious. After Justin excused himself, Hope started to wrap up her investigation in the alley; meanwhile, someone continued to watch her.

At the hospital, Hope found Rafe looking through some medical files from the second prostitute's assault. Rafe admitted that he had not managed to find a solid connection between the two cases yet. Hope said that she didn't want a third victim. Rafe agreed, but he said that he was afraid that things were just going to get worse. Rafe pointed out that the time gap between the first and second attacks had not been very long. Rafe suspected that a third attack might happen at any time.

Back at Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami submitted an application for the administrative position at the Salem P.D. Sami muttered that the next step was to decide how she was going to tell Rafe. Later, Rafe returned home, and he found that Sami had prepared the apartment for a romantic evening, complete with candles, soft music, a fancy dress, and Rafe's favorite artichoke dip.

"You're, uh...trying to butter me up for something, aren't you?" Rafe guessed, as he tasted the artichoke dip. Sami admitted that Rafe was right, and she told him about the job that she had applied for. Rafe reluctantly explained that the position had already been filled. Sami sighed, and she wondered if Rafe would have been all right with her applying for the job if it had been available. Rafe assured Sami that he would have been, and he added that he wanted Sami to do whatever made her happy.

At the pier, Quinn met with one of his contacts in the police department. The man explained that the Salem P.D. wasn't investigating the prostitution cases, because of budget issues. The man noted that Quinn seemed worried, and he said that he had assumed that Quinn would have been pleased by that news. Quinn agreed that it was good news -- until one of his girls was in danger.

Back in the alley, Chloe waited for her client to arrive. Hope stopped by to check the area again, and she wondered why Chloe was there. Chloe claimed that she had gotten lost on her way to a music lesson. Meanwhile, a man approached them, and Hope wondered what he was doing in the alley. The man realized that Hope was a cop, and he claimed that he was trying to cut through the alley to get to another street.

After the man left, Hope warned Chloe that the area was dangerous. Hope offered to give Chloe a ride, but Chloe declined. After Chloe left, Hope muttered that Chloe was really dressed up for someone who was just going to a music lesson.

Outside the Brady Pub, Will told Gabi that he was tired of talking about Kinsey. Gabi joked that they didn't have to talk at all. Meanwhile, inside the pub, Roman walked over to the bar to place an order. As the bartender pointedly referred to Roman as Commissioner Brady, Quinn listened from a nearby table. Quinn walked over to the bar and introduced himself to Roman, and he noted that he felt safer, because he had just made the acquaintance of a police commissioner. Roman joked that Quinn had every right to feel safe, unless he was one of the bad guys.

In one of the rooms at the Sapphire Club, Kinsey waited for her client to arrive. "If he's old and ugly, just...think of it as a kindness," Kinsey assured herself, as someone knocked on the door. When Kinsey answered the door, she blurted out that the man was definitely not ugly, and the man said that he could say the same thing about her. The man held out a wad of cash, and he wondered if Kinsey was ready to have some fun. Kinsey took the cash, as the man started to remove his jacket.

Meanwhile, Chloe returned to the alley. As Chloe searched the area for her client, someone lurked nearby, watching her.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Melanie found her dad at the hospital just as he was finishing his shift. Melanie confessed that she was worried about her mom, especially because Carly really needed Nicholas -- so she had gotten Nicholas' email address and sent him an email. Daniel thought that had been a good thing for Melanie to do. Melanie noted that when she had dropped her mom off at the rehab center, Carly had seemed almost too calm, maybe even high. Daniel and Melanie acknowledged that they didn't really know Carly anymore. Daniel gave his daughter a reassuring hug, and then headed out to meet Jennifer.

At the Brady Pub, Abigail ran into her mom, who was putting together some digital photos to take to Carly in rehab. Abigail thought that Carly would really appreciate having the pictures. Jennifer just wished that she had a picture of Nicholas to include -- and that Nicholas could forgive his mother. "I think if she could know that Nicholas loves her, that could be the one thing that could save her," Jennifer stated. As the women laughed and chatted about the pictures, they found a good one of Carly with Daniel and Melanie. Jennifer wondered whether she should include it, concerned that it might make Carly sad. Abigail pointed out that Daniel loved Jennifer, not Carly.

Jennifer admitted that she was truly ready to move on from Jack, just as Daniel walked in and overheard. When Daniel walked over to greet the women, Abigail quickly made an excuse and left. Daniel said that he'd overheard what Jennifer had said, and asked if she were really ready. She confidently assured him that she was. As they both grinned broadly, Daniel declared that he was definitely ready, as well, and they shared a passionate kiss right there in the middle of the Brady Pub. Daniel then informed Jennifer that he had a surprise for her, and they left together.

Daniel led Jennifer to a clearing in the park, where he laid out a blanket so they could watch the sunset. As they got comfortable on the blanket, Daniel unzipped his backpack, and produced a bottle of champagne -- and two paper cups. He referred to Jennifer as his girlfriend, and she was a bit taken aback, but she quickly warmed to identifying him as her boyfriend. Daniel noted that Jennifer was not wearing any sunscreen, and offered to apply it for her. After he rubbed some of the lotion on her shoulders, they kissed. They toasted to the beautiful day, and then Daniel raised his paper cup to new beginnings.

On a break at the hospital, Melanie called Dario, who was on his way to pick up his last paycheck from the Cheatin' Heart. Melanie admitted that she was worried about Carly, and Dario sympathized.

As he left the Cheatin' Heart, Dario ran into a woman he knew outside. The woman, Mandy, told Dario that she had a job interview, and she was meeting the man there to discuss a receptionist job. Dario wished Mandy luck, and hugged her goodbye.

Melanie was leaving a phone message for Vivian, to find out if Vivian knew how to get in touch with Nicholas, when Abigail arrived at the hospital with flowers for Maggie. Melanie advised Abigail that Maggie was sleeping, but promised to deliver the flowers when Maggie woke up. When she realized how anxious Melanie was about Carly, Abigail filled Melanie in about the digital photo album that Jennifer was putting together. Melanie then divulged that she had written to Nicholas. "I'm sure he'll get back to you soon," Abigail said reassuringly.

When her shift was over, Melanie met Dario outside the Brady Pub. She apologized for not being very good company, but he assured her that it was all right. "My mom has been so strung out; I'm just trying to figure out what she's been going through," Melanie explained, and then added worriedly, "She doesn't have anyone who loves her there. She's completely alone." Dario did his best to comfort Melanie.

At the rehab clinic, a nurse and an orderly watched over Carly as she detoxed. The orderly stated that Carly had been high when she'd arrived. In obvious agony and drenched in perspiration, Carly tried to order the nurse to administer some medication to calm her down, but the nurse reminded Carly that she was not a doctor while in rehab. Carly ordered the nurse and orderly to leave.

After tossing and turning on her bed for a while, Carly got up and tried to leave, but screamed in frustration when she found the door locked. Sweating and moaning, she paced like a caged animal, then rolled on the floor, swatting away nonexistent bugs. She pounded on the window, demanding to be let out, and then, addressing the security camera, she sobbed hysterically and pleaded for help.

In the lobby, a young man asked an intake nurse if he'd just seen Carly Manning being admitted. The nurse wanted to know how he knew Dr. Manning, and the man admitted that he was Carly's son, Nicholas Alamain.

The nurse had just put Carly in restraints when Nicholas knocked on the door. Nicholas informed the nurse that the doctor had given him permission to see Carly, so the nurse reluctantly left the two of them alone. Nicholas sat on Carly's bed, and murmured, "I'm here, Mom. I'm not going to leave you." Whimpering miserably, Carly appeared not to hear him. When she finally turned her head, his face was blurry, and she seemed to think he was a hallucination.

Nicholas earnestly apologized if he'd been in any way responsible for what had happened to his mom, and admitted that he had blamed Carly for what had happened to his father. Nicholas added, "But I know what Dad did, and I know you never wanted things to turn out this way." With a handkerchief, he tenderly wiped the sweat from Carly's brow. "Mom, can you hear me? Can you squeeze my hand?" Nicholas asked, but Carly didn't respond; she only sobbed softly.

When a nurse arrived to check on Carly, Nicholas admitted that his mom didn't seem to know he was there. He wondered how Carly could have ended up like that, when she was well-educated and from a good family, but the nurse pointed out that addiction could happen to anyone. Suddenly Carly cried out, "Nicholas, I'm so sorry! I miss you. I miss you so much!" She resumed whimpering and sobbing, and Nicholas was unsure whether she was even aware that he was there. After Nicholas had gone, Carly imagined that she saw his face and called out to him, but then realized that she was alone.

Quinn checked in by phone with his client, who was in the hotel room with "Lola." Kinsey, in Chloe's place as Lola, had undressed down to a lacy teddy, and nervously listened in on the john's conversation. The man wanted to make sure that Lola was adventurous, as he'd specified, and Quinn assured the man that he would get his money's worth. After the man hung up, he began to undress, and Kinsey looked even more uncomfortable. She tried to duck away from him, but he thought she was being playful, and chased her around the room. Kinsey grabbed her clothes and tried to run out the door, but the man stopped her. While he pawed at Kinsey, she grabbed her phone and quickly sent a text message to Chloe.

Chloe paced in the alley while she waited for her client, and fretted that Quinn would be angry if she missed an appointment. Meanwhile, someone lay in wait on the other side of the fence, spying on Chloe. Chloe then got Kinsey's text message, which said only, "HELP -- HOTEL 5365." Chloe hurried out of the alley.

When the john tried to kiss Kinsey, she shoved him away, and threw the cash at him. As the confused man told her that he didn't want his money back, Kinsey grabbed her clothes and purse, and ran for the door -- and found Chloe on the other side of it. "Chloe, I'm so glad you came," Kinsey whispered as she put her arms around Chloe gratefully. The john demanded to know who Chloe was, and she promised that she would explain after he poured her some champagne. Stammering, Kinsey tried to apologize, but Chloe interrupted. "I will handle him. Just wait at the pub," Chloe instructed as she hustled Kinsey out the door.

The man asked what was going on, and Chloe nonchalantly replied that it had all been part of the game to get him warmed up. Appeased, he handed her a glass of champagne, and Chloe promised that it would be the best night of his life.

After they'd had sex, Chloe got dressed, and the man raved about how great it had been. He wanted the other girl to return next time, but Chloe cautioned him that it had been a one-time thing. As Chloe was leaving, Kinsey rushed up to her in the hallway outside. "What the hell were you thinking?" Chloe demanded. She grabbed Kinsey by the arm and led her away.

When they arrived at the Brady Pub, Chloe chastised Kinsey for putting herself in danger by taking Chloe's place at the hotel. Kinsey admitted that she'd thought it would be easy money -- and then she'd met the john. "Did you think it was going to be fun? Glamorous?" Chloe hissed. "Well, you do it," Kinsey noted weakly. Chloe pointed out that she didn't do it because it was fun, and she was going to quit as soon as she got her son back.

"If I hadn't gotten there when I did, and you decided you couldn't go through with it and wanted to run away, do you know what that guy might have done to you?" Chloe stressed. She added that the reason prostitution paid so well was that the women put themselves in potential danger with every meeting. "You know that two women have been attacked, right? Do you want to be the third?" Chloe asked. She demanded that Kinsey promise never to do anything like that again, and Kinsey earnestly stated that she had learned her lesson. Chloe admitted that she was always frightened when she met a new client, and she regretted that Kinsey had wanted to emulate her.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Quinn spoke to a new client on the phone. "I take good care of my girls; they won't be attacked," Quinn assured the man. "I know you're high profile and you have to be careful. But just so you know, I added some new talent to my stable, and I think she'll take your mind off your troubles," Quinn added. He agreed to look at the girl's schedule for the following Wednesday.

When Mandy arrived to meet Quinn, she seemed a little nervous. Quinn reassured her that he provided security for all of his girls, and he carefully screened every client. "Are we in business?" Quinn asked. "Sure. God knows, I need the money," Mandy replied.

As Quinn walked Mandy to the pier, he informed her that she would meet the client there and spend the next three hours with him. Mandy wanted reassurances that Quinn had vetted the guy. Quinn reminded her, "For the third time: he's rich, he's powerful, and he's highly punctual." Mandy seemed a little more confident then, so Quinn left her there, while a man dressed all in black lurked behind a crate. As soon as Mandy was alone, the man emerged, a telescoping baton in his hand, and Mandy screamed.

As Sami and Rafe snuggled on the couch at the loft, Sami admitted she was disappointed that Taylor had gotten the job with the police department, but acknowledged that Taylor needed the job more. Rafe and Sami started to get romantic, but she pulled away with a grimace, and confessed that she had felt a little queasy all day. As she described her symptoms, her expression changed, and she hesitantly informed Rafe, "The last time I felt like this, I was pregnant." She admitted that since they hadn't always been careful, she'd bought a pregnancy test to be sure. Rafe excitedly urged her to take it right away, so Sami hurried into the bathroom.

When Sami emerged, she informed Rafe that she wasn't pregnant, after all, and set the pregnancy test down on the coffee table. Rafe reassured her that he wasn't disappointed, and as they embraced, the pregnancy test caught his eye. "I know I'm not a woman, but if you're not pregnant, shouldn't it say 'no' instead of 'yes'?" he asked. "Oh, my God!" Sami exclaimed. "We're gonna have a baby!" she added with whispered excitement, and an elated Rafe hugged her.

Rafe's enthusiasm quickly turned to worry, and he wanted to take Sami to the hospital right away. Sami reminded him that she was pregnant, not sick, and suggested that they talk about baby names. To honor Sami's Irish heritage, Rafe proposed the name Seamus. "Seamus Hernandez?" Sami asked incredulously, and then she realized he was kidding. Becoming antsy again, Rafe pointed out that home-pregnancy tests weren't 100 percent accurate, so he wanted to take Sami to the hospital for a blood test. To indulge him, Sami agreed, and Rafe made her put on a jacket as the two headed out.

Maxine greeted a giggling Rafe and Sami when they arrived at the hospital. Sami requested some blood tests, and Rafe explained in a loud whisper, "We think maybe we're having a baby!" Maxine congratulated them warmly, and then left to get Lexie for Sami.

After having blood drawn, Sami waited with Rafe near the nurses' station. Nervous and excited, Rafe admitted that he was freaking out a little. "My mom, she's gonna lose it! You know this is the first grandchild, right?" Rafe said. Sami suggested that they could name the baby Arianna if it was a girl. Once Rafe was finished kissing her, Sami asked if he would get a smoothie for her, so he rushed off to fulfill her request. Maxine returned then to inform Sami that Lexie would be right out to talk to her. Sami noticed that Maxine looked worried. Maxine admitted, "Well, she says...there's a problem."

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