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Lily served Cane with divorce papers. Colin and Genevieve made love. Deacon threatened to reveal that he had seen Phyllis chasing Diane with a rock the night Diane had been killed. Deacon forced Phyllis to date him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 15, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, August 15, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren learned that Kevin and Chloe had broken up. Without elaborating, Kevin rushed out onto the patio to refill patrons' coffee cups. Michael picked up a copy of the morning newspaper and shuddered when he saw photos of Diane Jenkins' dead body on the front page. Lauren said she was concerned about Kyle seeing the gruesome photos and reading the headline that stated, "Murder Victim Bludgeoned."

Lauren followed Kevin to patio and learned that he'd been the one who'd broken up with Chloe. Kevin became irritated and said he'd grown tired of Chloe's constant rants about Billy, Ronan, and other troublesome people with whom she was involved. Kevin complained that he seemed to be a pit stop for women on their way to something better. Lauren assured Kevin that women loved sympathetic guys who were good listeners. She added that women would melt after taking one look at him.

Lauren encouraged Kevin to find the right person. She suggested that Kevin pretend to be aloof, so the woman would assume the role of the pursuer. Later, a pretty young woman flirted with Kevin while she placed an order for coffee. Kevin acted reserved. The woman became more bold and assured Kevin that she intended to return to the coffeehouse and hoped to bump into him. After the customer walked away, Kevin said aloud to himself, "Maybe Lauren was right."

At Tucker McCall's apartment, he repeatedly read the same lines of a legal document until the statement's meaning sunk into his addled mind. Growing angry, he reread aloud, "Liquidation of McCall assets to Chancellor Industries." Katherine arrived and angrily barked, "I don't know what you and Ashley are trying to pull, but it's not going to work!" Tucker seemed confused, and Katherine explained that Ashley had offered to accept the annulment. Tucker seemed taken aback when Katherine explained that Ashley had requested that McCall, Unlimited be signed over to Tucker.

Katherine suggested that Ashley expected Tucker to sign Jabot over to Ashley if he regained control of his company. Tucker insisted that Ashley had not demanded anything in return. Katherine explained that she had a lot at stake with the company and reminded Tucker that it could prove disastrous if he were implicated in Diane's death. Tucker asked, "What are you implying?" Katherine, aggravated, replied that they both knew Tucker wasn't well, so she intended to protect him from himself. After Katherine stormed out, Tucker threw the papers he'd been combing through against the wall in disgust.

Abby showed up at her mother's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby told her mom that Tucker had confessed that he'd slept with Diane. Ashley apologized for not believing Abby and for everything that had happened as a result of Tucker's lie. Abby embraced her mother and said, "Thank you for dumping that dog." Ashley was silent, and Abby realized that her mother had not completely cut ties with Tucker. Abby warned that Tucker was a user who'd do anything, including murder, to get what he wanted. Ashley was taken aback, but Abby said bluntly, "I think Tucker killed Diane."

Ashley was stunned by Abby's allegation and asked why she was accusing Tucker of Diane's murder. Abby explained that she'd seen Tucker scratching his hand and had found a bottle of calamine lotion on his desk. Abby added that someone had wrapped poison sumac around Diane's neck. Ashley asked Abby how she knew about the poison sumac because it hadn't been mentioned in the news. Abby brushed off her mother's question and said simply that poison sumac grew everywhere in Town Park. Abby insisted that Tucker was covering his rash with a bandage and claiming he had carpal tunnel syndrome.

Ashley defended Tucker, but Abby claimed he'd still been sleeping with Diane, and she'd attempted to blackmail him. Abby suggested Tucker had used a rock like a jackhammer to attack Diane. Ashley raised her voice to drown out Abby and said, "Diane told me about the affair." Ashley facetiously claimed that Tucker had killed Diane to protect Abby because he knew Diane had the video of Abby's confession. Abby threatened to tell the police about Tucker's poison sumac rash, but Ashley stopped her and instructed her daughter to steer clear of the police for her own good.

Ashley showed up at Tucker's apartment and knocked on the door. Tucker let her in and reminded her that she could have used her key because they were still married. Tucker admitted that he'd told Abby about his affair with Diane. Tucker scratched his bandaged hand and said he'd wanted to take responsibility for Abby spinning out of control. Ashley asked about Tucker's carpel tunnel pain, and he said it was bothersome.

Tucker asked Ashley why she'd agreed to the annulment. Ashley said it made her crazy whenever she thought about Katherine trying to take away his company. Tucker told Ashley that she was more important to him than any company. Ashley replied that if she'd been so important to him, he wouldn't have continued to mislead her about Diane. Tucker said perhaps it was a matter of self-preservation for him to tell a lie or remain silent. Tucker insisted that he loved Ashley and no longer conducted his life as he had in the past.

Tucker begged Ashley to let him prove to her that he could be the man she deserved. Tucker asked Ashley if she planned to end their relationship. Before Ashley could respond, Tucker said he was not ready to let it end because she had changed his life for the better. He said he knew in his heart that she was the one for him. Ashley admitted that she was afraid. Just before the two were about to kiss, Ronan showed up and asked Ashley to step out, and she left.

Ronan mentioned Tucker's affair with Diane Jenkins. Tucker said that his wife already knew the truth. Ronan asked Tucker if it had been a coincidence that Ashley had learned about his one-night-stand with Diane the night Diane had died. Tucker said it was just a coincidence. When Ronan asked about the bandage on Tucker's hand and arm, Tucker said he was experiencing carpel tunnel pain. Ronan mentioned that he'd once suffered through an outbreak of poison sumac that itched like crazy. Ronan added that calamine lotion wouldn't work, and he suggested Tucker see a doctor.

After Ronan left, Tucker pulled off the bandage and scratched the spreading rash on his hand and arm. Ashley returned, and let herself in. Tucker's rash was visible on his un-bandaged arm. Without saying a word, Ashley sat on the sofa next to Tucker. Awkwardly, Tucker tried to re-bandage his arm. Ashley took over and carefully wrapped Tucker's wounds. Tucker begged Ashley to stay, but she refused.

Katherine met with Neil at Gloworm and told him that he'd have to address the board without her. Neil said, "You expect me to get Chancellor Industries to go for this deal?" Katherine explained that the board would claim it was a conflict of interest because she was the acting CEO of McCall, Unlimited, and was Tucker's mother. Katherine claimed that the board would trust Neil's integrity. Neil quickly explained that it would not be a good deal for Chancellor Industries to pay twice the market value for Jabot. Katherine claimed the deal would neutralize Tucker.

Neil told Katherine that the board would not approve the plan. Katherine replied, "It's imperative that we find a way to change their minds." Katherine said they'd have to push the plan through before Tucker realized that she was selling Jabot out from under him. She instructed Neil to impress the board with the latest sales figures and to let them know that the new fragrance would quickly become a top-seller. Neil sighed and said, "We can't try to sell them; we've got to convince them that they've already won!" Katherine, feeling triumphant, smiled at Neil.

Katherine seemed apprehensive when Neil returned and told her that the board had been skeptical about purchasing a cosmetics company for such a high price. Katherine cheered when Neil announced that the board had approved the purchase. He reminded Katherine that the deal would still have to be ratified, but he said they could file the paperwork. Katherine had tears in her eyes when she said, "Jabot will belong to Chancellor Industries once again." Katherine lifted her glass of lemon water and added, "Tucker be damned."

At Gloworm, Nina ran into Ronan. Nina remembered that it was her first-born son's birthday. Ronan, busily pressing buttons on his phone, claimed he was in the middle of something. Nina took a seat at Roman's table and asked, "Do you expect me to pretend that you don't exist?" Ronan replied flatly, "Yes." Nina told Ronan that he'd used her and Chance to get what he'd wanted before leaving town without an explanation. Ronan pleaded with Nina to drop the subject. Trying to maintain composure, Nina said, "I didn't think my heart could break any more after the day you were taken from me, but I was wrong. What you did ..." Nina, fighting back tears, rose abruptly and left before finishing her statement. Ronan seemed crushed, but he maintained his composure.

Nina returned to the Chancellor mansion and found Paul waiting to discuss a case with Katherine. Paul mentioned that Nina had been ignoring his messages. Nina admitted that she'd been angry about a lot of issues. Paul asked, "Should we just accept the fact that our relationship is not working?" Nina sighed and told him that it was Ronan's birthday. She asked rhetorically how she could despise her own child. Paul assured her that parents loved their children no matter what. Paul embraced Nina, and she told him that she'd missed being with her best friend.

Katherine returned, and Paul told her he had a lead on Tucker's child. Paul asked for additional funding, so he could follow up on some leads. Katherine told Paul to contact her accountant. Paul hesitated and said he thought Katherine would have chosen to turn the matter over to Tucker. Katherine instructed Paul to deal only with her regarding the matter.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack tried to hide the morning newspaper from Kyle, but the boy insisted he see what had been printed about his mother. Kyle held the newspaper and saw three black-and-white photos of his mom's bludgeoned corpse. A large photo showed crime-scene markers surrounding Diane's body, which was face-up on the ground. Two other photos showed close-up views, one from the front and another from behind.

Kyle asked if his mom had been beaten on the back of her head with a rock. Jack said she had been. After learning that the murder had taken place in Town Park, near Jack's estate, Kyle begged to see his mother's body. Jack explained that his son should remember his mother as she looked in life and not death. Jack agreed to take Kyle to the park.

Atop the footbridge in Town Park, Jack told Kyle that his mother's body had floated beneath the bride for a few hours before Murphy discovered her. Kyle clutched a bouquet of daisies and asked Jack if he thought Diane was in heaven. Jack said Diane was in heaven because she loved her son so much. Kyle, sobbing softly, asked why someone had killed his mother. After Kyle dropped a single flower into the stream, Jack kissed the top of his son's head and replied, "That's a good question, son."

Jack and Kyle stopped by Crimson Lights. Michael told Kyle that he was very sorry about what had happened to his mother. Jack sent Kyle to the coffee bar to order what he wanted. Jack told Michael that Kyle was asking lots of questions. Jack asked Michael how he was doing. Michael said it was bad enough to lose a friend and even worse to realize how it had happened.

Jack received a phone call. He asked the caller to hold. Jack asked Michael to keep Kyle occupied. Jack explained that he was trying to convince police to let Kyle into Diane's room, so the boy could retrieve his belongings. After Jack stepped out to continue his call, Michael invited Kyle to sit with him.

Michael listened patiently as Kyle asked why everyone had hated his mother. Michael asked why Kyle thought everyone hated his mother. Kyle explained that everyone had always been angry at his mother, including Jack. Michael said that Diane had been his friend, and he'd always considered her a friend even when they'd disagreed. Kyle cracked a faint smile. Jack returned and announced that police had agreed to let Kyle into Diane's room. Before Jack and Kyle left, Michael offered to help with the funeral arrangements. Jack graciously accepted the offer.

Michael later phoned Jack and told him that he'd finalized details of the service. Lauren took the phone and instructed Jack to take Kyle to Fenmore's Boutique because she'd instructed the manager to have a selection of clothing ready. Jack thanked Lauren. Michael told Lauren that he'd offered to help because he didn't want Kyle to think that everyone hated his mother.

At the Genoa City police station, Ronan asked Detective Mauro if her department had released the crime scene photos that had been printed in the newspaper. Before responding to the question, Detective Mauro wished Ronan a happy birthday. Detective Mauro glanced at the morning paper and insisted that her department had not released any photos from the crime scene. Ronan claimed that someone had leaked the photos, and he demanded the personnel files of every employee who'd had access to the photos. Detective Mauro, flustered, walked away.

Abby arrived and told Ronan she had a hot tip for him. Abby told Ronan that Tucker McCall had murdered Diane Jenkins. Ronan explained that Ashley had given Tucker an alibi. Abby claimed that her mother couldn't be absolutely certain that Tucker hadn't slipped out in the middle of the night. Abby said that Tucker had an itchy rash underneath the bandage he'd been wearing on his hand. Abby added that Tucker also had a bottle of calamine lotion, which he was likely using to treat poison sumac.

Abby told Ronan that Diane's killer had likely come in contact with poison sumac. Ronan asked how Abby knew about the killer's probable exposure to poison sumac. Abby said she must have read about it in the newspaper. Ronan told Abby that Tucker didn't have a motive to kill Diane. Abby said that Tucker had been sleeping with Diane. Abby added that the night of the murder, Diane had admitted to Ashley that she'd been with Tucker.

Ronan later phoned Paul and told him that someone within the police department was leaking information. An officer from the Wisconsin Game and Fish Commission rushed into the police station and told Detective Mauro that an infrared camera used to collect data about indigenous animals near Town Park had been stolen. Detective Mauro asked if the camera had been in place before the murder, and the man said it had been.

The infrared camera, stolen from Town Park, sat on an unseen person's desk. A cable connected to a laptop fed the camera's recorded footage to the laptop's computer screen. The video showed a blonde woman standing in Town Park near a fence.

At Gloworm, Abby sat at the bar, sipping a glass of water. Suddenly, she recalled feverishly washing dirt and grime off her hands the night Diane had died. The startling memory made Abby uneasy.

At Diane's suite, Ronan opened the door when Jack and Kyle arrived. Ronan explained that police had dusted the room for fingerprints and had taken all items considered evidence. Kyle folded his arms at his waist and entered slowly. Jack walked behind his son. Kyle noticed several decorative pillows embroidered with kitschy phrases such as, "Hunk of Burning Love" and "Crazy for You." Ronan told Kyle that he could take the pillows if they'd meant something special to him or his mom. Kyle, puzzled, replied, "I've never seen those pillows before in my life." Jack seemed perplexed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

At the police station, Ronan continued going over clues in Diane's murder. When Paul arrived, the two consulted about the latest physical evidence in Diane's murder. Ronan was concerned about the leak of information about the case to the media. Paul took down the suspect board, explaining that all the information had been transferred to digital files and a binder. It was Paul's way to stop the information from getting out.

Paul noticed the pillows from Diane's room. Ronan explained that the pillows were from the crime scene, but Paul didn't believe they were Diane's style. Ronan confirmed that Kyle had not recognized the pillows.

Abby went to the police station to ask why Ronan had not arrested Tucker based on what she had told Ronan about the poison sumac and calamine lotion. Ronan said he needed more information to arrest Tucker and asked Abby to wear a wire for the police. Abby refused to do police work and claimed that she didn't feel safe with Tucker. Abby felt she was risking her life by talking with the police. Ronan and Paul had trouble taking Abby seriously.

Mauro arrived, and Ronan and Paul announced that they were all going to Diane's funeral. Mauro reported that a fish and game department camera from the park had been stolen. The camera would have recorded who killed Diane.

Tucker went to see Ashley at the Athletic Club. Ashley said that she was going to Diane's funeral because she was Kyle's aunt and needed to provide support for Jack's son. Tucker said that he'd go with Ashley to avoid creating suspicion about their relationship. Ashley agreed, but when Tucker asked Ashley to return home with him, Ashley said she could not forgive Tucker for the lies he had told. Ashley didn't care about Tucker's one-night-stand with Diane, but Ashley felt that Tucker's lies about the fling had harmed Ashley's relationship with Abby.

Ashley asked Tucker to give her some space. Tucker left to change for the funeral. Ashley opened an envelope in the mail and found a photograph that frightened her. Ashley could not identify who'd sent her the picture. Ashley tried to call Nick to tell him about the photograph of her in the park the night of Diane's murder, but Tucker knocked on her door. Ashley hid the photo and envelope behind a couch pillow, then left with Tucker.

Meeting with Michael, Victor expressed frustration with having to run his business decisions past the Newman board of directors for their approval. Michael explained that approval was the down side of having taken the company public. Michael said that he would be attending Diane's funeral for the rest of the day. Victor admired that Michael had arranged Diane's service for Kyle's sake.

At the Abbott house, Jack had Kyle's suit from Fenmore's, ready for the funeral. Jack warned Kyle that the funeral would be difficult for him, but Jack promised to be by Kyle's side. Kyle wondered if anyone would attend his mother's funeral, since she had been so disliked. Kyle asked Jack if he was expected to speak at the funeral. Jack said it was Kyle's choice to speak or not.

Jack confided that he still spoke with his father even though John was dead. Kyle felt responsible for Diane's death. Kyle felt guilty about having left town when Diane needed him. Jack believed that Kyle had done his best to protect Diane. Kyle admitted to Jack that he'd protected Jack by hiding his class ring from the police.

At the chapel, Lauren put Diane's photograph on her coffin and made sure the room was ready for the funeral. Adam arrived and said he was there to pay his respects to Diane. Lauren commented that it would be hard for Kyle to deal with losing his parent at such a young age. Adam was going to leave to avoid any squabbles with the other people attending the funeral. Lauren suggested that Adam stay for the service. Adam didn't think that Michael would approve, but Lauren said that Michael had arranged the ceremony for Kyle's sake, and Adam could stay for Kyle.

When Michael arrived, Lauren told him that she'd invited Adam to stay. Michael thought that Adam's presence would be a problem. Paul and Ronan arrived at the chapel. Paul spoke with Lauren about Diane's death. Ronan asked to speak privately with Michael. Ronan assured Michael that the cops were not there to distract from Diane's funeral. Michael wasn't sure there would be much of a turnout. Ronan thought Michael might be surprised.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria complained to Nick about how she was still obsessing about Billy. Everything reminded Victoria of Billy, even the pastries at the coffeehouse. Nick asked Victoria to go to the movies with him. Victoria said that with Billy away, she felt she should attend Diane's funeral for Kyle's sake. Nick grabbed Victoria's phone and programmed his new phone number into it. Nick offered to go to the funeral in Victoria's place. Victoria was grateful and accepted Nick's offer. After Victoria left, Nick received a phone call. Nick answered it and heard the recording from the night of the murder.

Deacon went to see Phyllis at Restless Style. Deacon asked if Phyllis had heard him say that he'd seen what she'd done. Phyllis threatened to call the cops and report that Deacon was stalking her. Deacon said he saw Phyllis chase after Diane with a rock in her hand the night of Diane's death. Phyllis said that Diane had gotten away from her that night. Phyllis wondered if Deacon was looking for a payoff, but Deacon said he wanted to go out with Phyllis because she was a beautiful woman. Deacon said he would call to ask Phyllis out on a date.

Victor was surprised to see Nick at the chapel for Diane's funeral service. Victor confronted Adam and suggested that it was wrong of him to be there because Adam had killed Diane. Adam told his father that it was Victor who'd killed Diane. Victor assured Adam that Adam would rot in hell. Victor informed Adam that Adam ahd killed his one last ally, Diane.

Ashley approached Nick at the chapel and informed him about the photo of her in the park that had been sent to her. Nick was relieved that it had not been sent via email. Nick told Ashley not to freak out. Phyllis entered and saw Nick and Ashley talking in hushed tones. Ronan told Nick the police had subpoenaed Nick's phone records. Ronan was aware that Nick had spoken with Ashley the night of the murder and the cell phone tower closest to the call was in the park. Tucker walked over to Abby and said that he was aware of Abby spreading rumors about his involvement in Diane's death. Tucker told Abby that he would not retaliate by telling the cops about her questionable driving records.

Adam told Victor that Diane had signed Kyle's custody over to Victor as part of Adam's plan to destroy Victor. Victor tried not to act surprised. Michael introduced Reverend Fulton to Kyle. The service began. After the minister's words about Diane, Jack went to the podium to speak about Diane. Jack said he could not imagine the world without Diane in it. He spoke of Diane's beauty and brains. Jack said that she'd been an irresistible woman. Jack was grateful that Diane had given him his son, Kyle. Jack felt that the best of Diane lived on in Kyle.

Next at the podium was Michael, who spoke of his friendship with Diane. Michael compared Diane to the movie star Mae West. Michael called Diane irrepressible and exciting. Michael said that Diane had lived and loved without restraint. Michael concluded that he'd cherish his memories of Diane. But Michael added that while Diane was at rest and finally at peace, Michael was not at peace because he wanted to know why she'd died.

Going before the mourners, Victor said that Diane had wanted him to take care of Kyle and that was his intention. Jack scowled at Victor. The minister wrapped up the service with a prayer.

Ronan asked Kyle to step out so he could ask some questions to the mourners. The minister took Kyle to the car. Ronan asked everyone to take his or her seats again. Ronan explained that the people in the room had all been lying to him. Ronan wondered why they were all covering their butts. Paul backed up Ronan's claim that there was physical evidence placing all of them at the scene of the crime.

Ronan said he had jewelry, phone records, keys, and other items, and he urged them to tell the truth. Ronan tried to intimidate the suspects into talking. When Ronan and Paul left, Abby told Jack that it had been inappropriate for the cops to do that at a funeral. Victor warned Abby not to be swayed by Ronan's threats, and urged Abby to keep her mouth shut. Phyllis, Tucker, Nick, and Ashley spoke about Ronan's actions. Ashley said that she believed Ronan had been on a fishing expedition.

Jack and Kyle returned to the chapel so Kyle could have a private goodbye with Diane. Victor appeared and gave Kyle a photograph. It showed Kyle and Diane horseback riding at the ranch. Kyle was grateful and embraced Victor. Jack was furious with Victor. Lauren offered the condolence book to Kyle and took him out of the chapel.

Victor said that he would discuss the custody agreement with Jack at another time. Jack said there was no validity to the document. Jack declared that Victor would not get custody of Kyle. After Victor walked out, Jack was furious and spoke to Diane's photograph on the coffin. Jack said that Diane was trying to hurt him from the grave. Jack vowed to stop Diane just as he had in the past.

Ashley was worried that Ronan would find the video of Abby's confession. Tucker asked if Nick knew about Abby's confession. Tucker went to the bathroom, and Ashley phoned Nick. Ashley asked him to keep quiet about what she'd told him. Phyllis asked Nick what was going on with him and Ashley. Nick wondered whom Ronan was trying to smoke out.

Abby met Victoria at Crimson Lights. Abby was rattled by Ronan's speech. Abby believed that Adam might be working with Ronan. Abby was suspicious of everyone who knew about her confession tape, even Victoria.

Paul wondered who'd be the first suspect to take the bait by reacting to Ronan's threat. Adam returned to the chapel and said that he wanted the indictment against him for stock manipulation dropped. Ronan asked why Adam had transferred funds to Diane's Swiss bank account before her death. After Adam left, Paul told Ronan that Adam was the first of eight suspects to react. There were seven more to come.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sharon received a visit from Sam at the prison. Sharon told Sam that she had decided to make the best of her situation. Avery arrived to see Sam and Sharon, apologizing for running late. Sam told Avery that Phyllis Newman might be able to convince Adam to turn over the memory card. Sharon didn't think it was a good idea to seek Phyllis's help because of the bad blood between Phyllis and Sharon. Avery asked if Phyllis would withhold information, and Sharon believed that Phyllis would. Sam urged Avery to asked Phyllis for help. Sharon gave Sam the go-ahead to speak with Phyllis and see if she would go to the prison to see Sharon.

Phyllis ran into Daniel at Crimson Lights and wished him a happy birthday. Daniel wasn't interested in chatting with his mother. Phyllis insisted on talking to Daniel about his birthday. Phyllis invited him to have dinner with her, Lucy, and Summer. Phyllis pleaded, but Lily intervened and said she was ready to spend the evening with Daniel. Daniel explained to Phyllis that he'd made plans with Lily for his birthday. Phyllis wondered if Daniel and Lily were a couple again. Lily said that Daniel had been a supportive friend to her. Phyllis reminded Lily that she was still married to Cane. Daniel assured Phyllis that he and Lily were taking their relationship slowly. Phyllis walked out.

Gloria tried to welcome Kevin to Gloworm with a hug. Kevin was with Eden. When Gloria mentioned that the day was Kevin's anniversary, Kevin said he didn't want to be reminded of Jana. Kevin also said that he and Chloe had broken up. Privately, Kevin talked to Eden about Chloe. Gloria intervened and wanted to match Kevin up with some eligible ladies she knew. Kevin and Eden announced that they had to leave.

Daniel apologized to Lily for Phyllis's attitude. Daniel was excited about Lily's plans for his birthday, until she said she was taking him to Jimmy's. Lily promised to give Daniel a fun birthday. At Jimmy's, Daniel worried that the place was too much of a reminder of Cane for Lily. Eden and Kevin arrived, and Daniel noticed that Eden was all grown up.

Kevin realized that it was Daniel's birthday and apologized for not remembering. Eden and Kevin toasted Daniel, then they all decided to use the karaoke machine. Daniel was down on the idea, but they convinced him to sing. Eden mentioned that she had mad skills with electronics, like hooking up the karaoke machine. Lily received a call from the sitter and needed to leave to drop off something for the twins. While Lily was away, Kevin, Eden, and Daniel had fun singing karaoke. Kevin noticed how Eden had changed from the girl she'd been when she arrived in Genoa City from the ashram.

Jill ran into Cane at the Gloworm bar. Cane said he was leaving, but Jill asked him to join her for a drink. Jill told Cane about Billy leaving without saying goodbye and Chance being off on a mission. Jill said that she missed her relationship with Cane, even though she was still angry with him. Jill said that the way Cane had turned to her as a mother had touched her. Jill had been thinking about letting Cane back into her life.

Cane promised to never hurt Jill again. Cane said he had no more secrets, and he assured Jill that he loved her like a mother. Jill said she never wanted to compete with Genevieve as a mother for Cane. Cane said that Genevieve had never wanted to be a mother to Caleb and Cane because she'd been very young when she had them. Genevieve had become a good mother for Samantha, but had mistreated her sons. Cane said he never knew a mother's love until Jill was in his life.

In the park, Cane ran into Lily's babysitter, who was out with the twins. Cane stopped to see Mattie and Charlie. Lily showed up and asked Cane what he was doing with the kids. Cane explained to Lily that he just wanted to see the babies because he missed them.

At her mansion, Genevieve answered the door and discovered Colin was there to see her. Colin liked what Genevieve had done with the place. Colin noticed all the reminders of Samantha. Colin said that Samantha had been young and beautiful, like Genevieve when he first met her. Genevieve wanted to know why Colin was there to see her.

Colin said he had been bored and had wanted to see Genevieve. Colin assured Genevieve that he would win Jill back in time. Colin asked Genevieve if they could call a truce. Genevieve laughed and said she couldn't trust Colin. Colin said that he was serious and wanted to put a better image on the Atkinson name in Genoa City.

Colin said that he was still grieving for their daughter and believed they he and Genevieve could have helped each other deal with the pain of Samantha's death. Colin said Caleb had been a monster, and Colin refused to be responsible for Caleb shooting Samantha. Colin said he had lost Samantha and Genevieve the day Samantha was killed. Colin told Genevieve that he sorry that their love had faded away. Genevieve felt that Colin deserved the prison he'd built for himself. Genevieve said she'd become as cold as Colin. When things got tense between them, Colin kissed Genevieve, and she pushed him away. Colin pursued her and then led her upstairs to the bedroom.

After making love, Colin and Genevieve agreed that it had probably been a mistake. Colin asked Genevieve to consider his offer of a truce. Gloria arrived a while later with the closing papers for the MacMillan house. Gloria apologized when she mentioned Samantha and learned that Samantha had died. Before leaving, Gloria had a cleansing ceremony for the house. Genevieve was ready to start over in America again. Gloria wished Genevieve love and happiness in her new home. Genevieve was hoping for a new beginning.

Colin ran into Jill at Gloworm. Jill was surprised that he said hello. Colin offered Jill a shoulder to cry on. Jill said that Cane had just spent time with Jill, and she was thinking of forgiving him. Colin wanted Jill's forgiveness, too. Jill was furious with Colin, and she said she could never forgive him.

Colin took a seat and said he wanted to make it right with Jill. That was why he had decided to stay in Genoa City. Jill called Colin an S.O.B. Jill recounted all the terrible things Colin had done and believed that Colin remained in town for Cane and the twins. To prove to Jill that he was serious about winning her back, Colin called Genevieve and said he wanted a divorce. Genevieve agreed that it was about time. After hanging up the phone, Genevieve went crazy and started destroying things in the house and screaming, "No!"

Phyllis returned to the office and was told that a guy had been looking for her. Phyllis feared it was Deacon. When she was alone, Phyllis was surprised when Sam approached her. Sam asked Phyllis to go with him to the prison to see Sharon. Phyllis refused to help Sharon. Sam asked about the memory card that Adam had supposedly found. Phyllis claimed that she had never seen the memory card. Sam asked Phyllis to speak with Sharon's attorney.

Avery assured Sharon that her team was working hard on the case. Avery said that she'd return to the prison if Sam could get Phyllis to see Sharon. A while later, Sam returned with Phyllis. Sam said that Avery was on her way. Sharon was surprised that Phyllis had agreed to speak with her. Phyllis told Sharon that she didn't believe that Sharon was a killer. Phyllis was sorry that Sharon was in prison, because of Sharon's children.

Phyllis felt bad for Sharon's children, but she didn't respect that Sharon had abandoned her kids to shack up with Sam in New Mexico. Sharon called Phyllis a bitch. Phyllis questioned Sam about his relationship with Sharon. Sam didn't want to be part of Phyllis' blog. Phyllis reminded them that Sharon needed Phyllis' help, not vice versa. Sharon got emotional when she saw Phyllis' pictures of Summer with Faith.

Avery was at the coffeehouse. When there was a delay in her order, she told the waitress to take her time. Instead of rushing back to the prison like she had said she would, Avery just lingered.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Genevieve went wild tearing up her home because Colin had called to say that he wanted a divorce. Genevieve was distraught, crying and moaning that she would not be the one to be left behind. In her hysteria, Genevieve injured her hand. As she put a cold compress on her sore hand, Genevieve fumed because she'd let her guard down with Colin.

At Gloworm, Colin told Jill that he'd decided to let go of the past. Jill thought Colin was trying to con her. Colin told Jill that he was serious about having a future with Jill. Colin asked if he could be part of Jill's life again. Jill said that she would never trust Colin again. Jill assumed Colin had been playing games with Genevieve.

Colin promised that he was not manipulating Jill, but she still had doubts. Colin offered to be completely truthful. Colin revealed that his relationship with Genevieve had always been volatile. Colin explained that he'd lost track of Genevieve after Samantha's death. Colin said he'd never considered divorcing Genevieve, but he was ready to take that step to have a future with Jill.

At Jimmy's, Eden offered to buy a round of brews for Kevin and Daniel. Daniel was concerned because Lily had yet to return. Kevin told Daniel to chill. Noah, Devon, and Hunter arrived at Jimmy's and joined the birthday celebration for Daniel. Hunter was too young to drink. Eden said hello to Hunter and Noah, but Eden had distaste for Hunter.

In the park, Lily asked the sitter to return home with the twins. Lily was upset that Cane had visited with the twins without her permission. Cane apologized, but said he'd stumbled upon the kids in the park and wanted to see them. Cane admitted that he missed his children. Cane asked Lily if they could work out some kind of visitation arrangements. When Lily didn't respond, Cane assumed she was not going to agree, and he started to leave.

Lily stopped Cane and said that he could not see the children anymore. Lily explained that she'd debated whether it was the right decision to keep the twins from seeing their father, but Lily declared that Cane could not trusted. Lily said she'd never get over what he'd done to her. Cane respected Lily's decision. Suddenly, a process server approached and handed Cane divorce papers. Lily watched as Cane opened the document. Lily apologized for the timing, but Cane said that he understood that Lily wanted to move on. Lily said goodbye.

Lily went back to Jimmy's and explained to Daniel that she'd run into Cane when she met with the sitter. Lily said that while she had been with Cane, he had been served with the divorce papers. Daniel offered to let Lily bow out for the rest of the evening, assuming that she was upset by her encounter with Cane. Lily assured Daniel that she still wanted to celebrate his birthday. Lily kissed Daniel and said that she'd planned a second element in his birthday celebration. Lily begged off doing karaoke with the others, and announced that she and Daniel were leaving to continue the party in private. After Lily and Daniel walked out, Noah said that Lily seemed to be over her ex-husband with her other ex-husband. Hunter was surprised that Lily and Daniel had once been married.

Hunter said that she was still hoping to get the Restless Style internship, but it wasn't a paid position. Hunter said she needed a good paying job. Devon said that there was an opening at Crimson Lights for a barista. Hunter asked Kevin if he would hire her for the job. Eden suddenly piped up and said that she'd taken that position. Kevin went along with Eden's lie. At the jukebox, Eden told Kevin that she'd changed her mind, and she wanted the barista job after all. Kevin said that Eden disliked Hunter, and she had taken the position to keep Hunter from getting it.

At the Athletic Club, Lily showed Daniel the hotel room where they could spend the night together. Daniel was surprised that their relationship had reached that level. Daniel wondered why Lily had taken that step. Lily said she wanted to make love with Daniel and hoped that Daniel want that, too. Daniel asked if Lily was sure. Lily said yes. They kissed passionately. Later, while getting intimate in bed with Daniel, Lily had memories of Cane and stopped. Lily told Daniel that she couldn't continue.

Tucker continued to study the business documents for McCall Unlimited. Sofia arrived with work for Tucker to look over. Tucker told Sofia that he was getting up to speed. Tucker showed Sofia that Kay had given him some files to sign off on, but he suspected it was busy work. Sofia offered to read through the material, but Tucker asked her not to. Tucker realized that Sofia was concerned about his mental condition, and Tucker appreciated how Sofia had helped him deal with the post-trauma brain injury. Sofia vowed to always be loyal to Tucker.

Tucker said he needed to keep his eye on Katherine. Sofia said that she would leave so Tucker could have dinner with Ashley. Tucker confessed that Ashley had moved out. Sofia revealed to Tucker that she and Malcolm had separated, too. Sofia started to cry, and Tucker offered her tissues. Sofia admitted that she wasn't sure if her baby was Neil's or Malcolm's.

Tucker was sympathetic and non-judgmental. Tucker understood that Sofia was human and made mistakes like everybody else. Tucker reminded Sofia that her baby was a blessing. Tucker promised to always be there for Sofia and her baby as both an employer and a friend.

Before leaving, Sofia told Tucker that she felt better. Sofia offered to go through Kay's documents for Tucker, but he said he could handle it. Sofia left, and Tucker looked through the files from Kay. Tucker signed the documents without reading them.

Paul reported to Kay about the search for Tucker's son. Paul had discovered that Tucker's son could not be older than 26 years old because of some forensic data. Kay wanted to find her grandson. Paul advised Kay not to get her hopes up. Paul tried to discern what Tucker had been doing at the time of the child's birth. Kay assumed that Tucker had been promoting one of his bands. Paul explained that the letter from the child's mother said that Tucker would never see his son, implying that she had not been a one-night-stand. Paul double-checked with Kay about not telling Tucker what he'd discovered. Kay assured Paul that Tucker would know everything once Paul found the boy.

At Gloworm, Kay was stunned when she saw Colin and Jill talking. Kay intervened and asked what was going on. Colin left. Kay wondered if Jill had lost her mind. Kay was surprised that Jill would give Colin the time of day. Jill said she knew that Colin was a criminal. Kay warned Jill that getting involved with Colin again would lead to more pain for Jill.

At Crimson Lights, Paul continued doing research into Tucker's background. Paul called Kay about something he had noticed in photographs from Tucker's past, a woman who kept popping up in a bunch of photographs.

Cane met Colin at Crimson Lights. Colin told Cane that he'd asked Genevieve for a divorce. Colin asked Cane to think of Genevieve and visit her. After Cane left, Colin placed a call and set up a meeting with someone. Cane arrived at Genevieve's home and called for his mother. Genevieve appeared and acted as though nothing had happened. Cane knew about Colin asking for a divorce. Genevieve mocked Colin sending Cane to see her as though Colin was really concerned. Genevieve said she didn't need Colin's mind games. Genevieve appreciated Cane's concern, but she rejected his help.

Cane noticed the broken vase shard and realized that Genevieve had flipped out after Colin's phone call. Cane reminded Genevieve that he was her only child. Genevieve believed that Colin asking for a divorce was a stunt. Cane told Genevieve to see the divorce as a good thing because Colin and Genevieve had to end their dysfunctional marriage. Genevieve asked about Lily and Cane's marriage and learned that Lily was divorcing Cane. Genevieve expressed her sympathy to Cane, but he didn't believe that Genevieve cared about him.

Colin met with an attorney. Colin remembered a conversation with Genevieve years before when they had promised each other to never divorce. Genevieve arrived at Gloworm and confronted Jill and Kay. Jill said that she'd had nothing to do with Colin deciding to divorce Genevieve. Kay was stunned. Genevieve told Jill that before Colin had met with Jill earlier, he'd made love to Genevieve.

Cane returned to Jimmy's and ran into Devon. Devon said that Cane had missed Lily. Devon told Cane that Lily had left the bar with Daniel.

Friday, August 19, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Abby indicated to Ashley that Tucker hadn't been angry that Abby had accused him of killing Diane. Abby asked whether Ashley had received her text message, and Ashley checked her phone and reprimanded Abby for sending the phone number of a divorce attorney. They bickered over whether Tucker had murdered Diane, and Abby argued that Diane hadn't bashed in her own head. Ashley said it had been unfair of Abby to accuse Tucker of murder, but Abby called him a liar who had cheated, and Abby felt that Ashley should dump him.

Ashley defended that Tucker's brief fling with Diane had occurred early in his relationship with Ashley, but she admitted that his subsequent lies bothered her. Abby asked if he was still lying about the poison sumac, but Ashley countered that the last time Abby had obsessed over Ashley's life, Ashley had gone to jail and Tucker had ended up in a coma. Ashley snapped that Abby should focus on her own messy life. Abby made a beeline for the door as Ashley called out an apology. Ashley pulled out the incriminating photo that she had received.

Victoria explained to Victor that she didn't have a new product line to compete with Jabot's, so she wanted to focus on new packaging. Victor requested hard numbers, but Victoria insisted that they needed to live up to their name to please their customers. He asked if she'd spoken with Billy, but she ignored the question and suggested that Abby work behind the scenes to forget about her problems. Victor commented that Victoria was speaking from experience.

Victoria told Victor not to waste his time worrying about her, but he reminded her who she was talking to. He knew what it was like to keep his head buried in work, but she insisted that she was simply focused and energized. He was happy that she had returned to the company, but he felt that wasn't the point. He answered his phone and told someone to have the vet stop by the stables, and he said he'd be right there. He turned and discovered that Victoria had left.

Abby arrived at the Newman ranch, where Victor advised her that Victoria needed her help, because Victoria had been drowning herself in work to forget about Billy and Lucy. Victor implored Abby to work with her sister to make sure Victoria didn't work too hard. Abby thought there was a better way to help Victoria, because she had no desire to become a corporate drone. Abby considered going back to school instead, and Victor encouraged her to pursue the idea. Abby felt it would be better than obsessing about her video confession, and she mentioned that Deacon had witnessed it. Victor wondered why she hadn't told him about Deacon's involvement earlier.

At Restless Style, Nick received another call from a blocked number, and again someone played the recording of his threat against Diane. Phyllis suggested they share a family night, but when he remained silent, she assumed he was busy. He offered to allow Summer to stay the night, but Phyllis insisted that they not allow cell phones. She received a text message from Deacon instructing her to meet him in the park. Nick observed that she looked concerned, but she remarked that the distraction supported her case to ban their phones that evening.

Nick made calls to negotiate advertising prices, and Phyllis complimented his sales efforts. He said they would have gotten twice the money if Diane had been on the cover, but Phyllis and Nick agreed that it had been best to steer clear of the story. Phyllis claimed that she needed to run an errand, but she confirmed that they were on for later. Nick amorously suggested that after their daughters went to sleep, they could "talk," and he looked forward to "talking." She stepped into the elevator, and after it closed, he answered a call from Ashley, who asked to see him right away.

In the park, Phyllis asked Deacon why he'd summoned her. Deacon claimed he was lonely, and he handed her some hand-picked flowers, which she angrily threw back at him. Phyllis ordered him to stop visiting and calling her. He sarcastically asked if she was breaking up with him in "their place." He recalled their sexual encounter in the alley behind Gloworm, but he remarked that she'd been hot when she had chased Diane with a rock on the night of the murder.

Phyllis barked that she'd allowed Deacon to torture her, but she'd reached her limit. She offered to pay him off, but he rejected the idea. She concluded that he wanted to have sex with her, but he replied that he already had. He asked when she started believing that all a guy would want was money or sex from her. She refused to offer him anything and warned him to back off. She started to leave, and he threatened to call 911.

Avery watched Adam at the Athletic Club bar. She intentionally spilled a drink to get his attention, and he asked how things were going. She confidently replied very well, and he noted that she seemed to enjoy challenges, like defending Sharon. Avery asserted that Sharon was innocent and that Sharon's only mistake had been trusting Adam. Adam surmised that Avery was under a lot of pressure, because she had promised Victor a miracle she couldn't deliver.

Adam commented that Avery had built a reputation for courtroom drama, and he questioned why she'd accepted Sharon's case. Avery explained that Victor had made a generous donation to her law school, and she was bothered when innocent people went to prison. Adam cautioned that she couldn't count on Victor, and he revealed that Victor had waited months to testify on Sharon's behalf, and then Victor had pleaded the fifth. Avery countered that Adam could have saved Sharon, but he'd chosen not to, and she wondered what kind of person that made him.

Adam sat down and warned Avery against trusting Phyllis, who he asserted was just trying to sell magazines by claiming that he had evidence that could clear Sharon. He glanced over at Nick and said that Nick was Phyllis' partner in crime. Avery asked why Adam had proposed to Sharon in jail, and he sarcastically cited the romantic setting. Avery pointed out that he had rejected and humiliated Sharon, but he simply stated that his heart hadn't been in it.

Avery accused Adam of liking the idea of Sharon suffering in prison, but he noted that Sharon had Sam. Avery speculated that Sharon would regain her senses and realize that no one could love her like Adam. She wondered what he'd do if Sharon begged for forgiveness, but he retorted that once you had flushed something down the drain, you couldn't get it back. He claimed the comment referred to his and Sharon's relationship, but Avery realized that he'd destroyed the evidence.

At the prison, Sharon greeted Sam, who asked if she'd heard why Avery hadn't shown up the prior evening. Sharon was confident that Avery hadn't flaked out, and Sam apologized for upsetting Sharon with Phyllis' visit. Sam was sure Phyllis knew that Sharon was innocent, but Sharon remarked that Phyllis thought Sharon deserved to be in prison for not listening to the truth about Adam. Sharon recognized that some people were disappointed that she'd chosen Adam, but Sam vowed to stand by her side. She admitted that she felt guilty when he was there, and she implored him to do something else with his time.

Sharon urged Sam to return to his ranch, but he realized that she couldn't go through another trial on her own. He said no one had ever forced him to do anything, and he was where he wanted to be. She reminded him that others depended on him, but he replied that he was only doing what he would do for a friend, and he wasn't looking for more. She suggested he look into part-time work, so he didn't put his life on hold. He claimed he had some feelers out, and he pledged to stand by her side.

Sam stopped by the Newman ranch to tend to Victor's horse. Victor offered Sam the opportunity to do some additional work, as well as a place to stay. Sam was grateful for the chance to work part-time, but he wasn't ready to move in. Victor told Sam that the offer was open if he changed his mind.

Later, Avery apologized to Sharon for not making it back the prior day, and she disclosed that she'd just run into Adam. Sharon wondered if he'd cooled off, and she hoped that he might be willing to negotiate something for the memory card. Avery reported that Adam had destroyed it, and Sharon blamed herself for hurting Adam. Avery asserted that he'd stolen Sharon's future, and he didn't care if she ever saw her kids again, and she scolded Sharon for allowing herself to be his victim. Avery encouraged Sharon to be strong enough to face the fact that Adam was a very sick person.

At Crimson Lights, Adam interrupted Victoria's business call and made a snide comment about how she was dedicated to her job because she had empty hours to fill. She retorted that he should know all about having an empty life. He expressed false sympathy that her marriage hadn't lasted, and he asked whether Billy had left her for booze, women, or ponies. Victoria pointed out his own failed relationship with Sharon, and he stated that he didn't feel pain, he only caused it, and he was just getting started.

Later, Victor approached Adam, who said Victoria had just left, looking empty and forlorn. Adam accused Victor of having a "Midas touch" that had left women miserable, drunk, dead, or behind bars. Victor advised Adam to worry about himself, since Adam was awaiting judgment from the SEC, was the primary suspect in a murder investigation, and had no one who cared. Victor asserted that Adam was almost as gone as Diane, but Adam didn't know it yet. Victor walked away, and Adam glowered after him.

Victoria returned home and asked a visiting Abby what she planned to study. Abby said her return to school was more about breaking out of a rut, and she compared it to purging her closet after a change in fashion trends. Abby remarked that Victoria held onto things for way too long, and she opened the closet and found the portrait of Victoria and Billy in their Halloween costumes. Victoria lamely explained it had been intended as a funny gift, but Abby called it sad. Abby urged Victoria to get a fresh start by moving out of the house, and she suggested Victoria live with her.

Victoria said she loved her house, but Abby countered that Victoria loved Billy, but the home was a painful reminder of broken dreams. Abby encouraged Victoria to at least remodel it to make it her own. Victoria agreed to consider it, and Abby left to research online college courses. Victoria looked at the portrait and put it back in the closet. She responded to a knock at the door, and Sam inquired about a room she had available for rent.

At the Athletic Club bar, Ashley showed Nick the picture, and he noted it was infrared and taken from above, so the image could have been accessed remotely. Ashley pointed out that someone would have needed to be physically in the park to retrieve her phone. Nick answered a call from Phyllis, who claimed that she felt ill and said she would see him the next day. Ashley tried to think of a way to track Nick's incoming calls, but Nick lamented that they had been made from an untraceable device. He asked if the envelope that contained the photo had been sealed, and he suggested that they order a DNA test, in case their tormentor had licked the envelope.

Across the room, Deacon held out a chair for Phyllis, and she realized he had used the same tactics to get Amber to have sex with him. She said he looked just as guilty as she did, because he had been in the park on the night of the murder, too. He purported that he hadn't been Diane's nemesis and that they had almost been friends. Phyllis pointed out that he hadn't defended Diane when the women had fought, and Deacon explained that he hadn't wanted to get in the middle of a catfight. Phyllis claimed that Diane had hid, and she'd left.

Phyllis found it creepy that Deacon was hitting on a woman who had fought with his "almost friend." She spotted Nick watching them from across the room, and she excused herself to speak with Nick. He asked if she was feeling better, and she started to explain why she was with Deacon, but she noticed lipstick on the glass next to him and jealously asked if he was on a date. He said he'd run into Ashley, who had run upstairs to her suite. Phyllis found it odd that a newlywed would have a hotel suite.

Nick suggested that Phyllis return to her date, but she claimed it wasn't his concern, because he'd been preoccupied with his intense conversations with Ashley. Phyllis contended that she and Nick weren't a couple, only co-parents who had crossed the line. He agreed, and she said their dalliances should stop, but he assuredly suspected they wouldn't. Ashley returned and asked if Phyllis was okay. Phyllis pointedly asked how Ashley and Tucker liked living upstairs, but Deacon interrupted and handed Phyllis a glass of champagne. Deacon and Phyllis returned to their table.

Nick posed the possibility that Adam was behind the calls and the photo, and Ashley agreed that Adam was twisted enough to harass them. She was worried that Nick had been caught in the mess, but she was grateful that she was able to talk to him. Ashley kissed his cheek, and Phyllis reacted by whispering something in Deacon's ear, and then laughing loudly. Deacon remarked that he tended to get lucky when Phyllis became jealous, and she sashayed out.

Avery arrived, and Adam assumed she had spoken to Sharon. Avery figured he'd be happy that his words had twisted the knife. Adam insisted that he was over Sharon, as were Nick and Sam, so Sharon had no one to lean on but Avery.

At the prison, Victor wiped away Sharon's tears, and she told him not to tell Avery that she had been upset, because Avery had beseeched Sharon to stay strong. He said it broke his heart to see Sharon there, but he assured her that she wasn't alone. Sharon didn't know what anyone could do, but Victor reminded her that he had never lost or given up. He recounted how he had grown up in an orphanage and had been beaten down many times, but he had always fought back, and he vowed not to give up on her. Victor asked if she believed him, and Sharon smiled and nodded.

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