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Monday, August 15, 2011

At Brooke's house, Hope admired one of Ridge's wedding gown sketches. Ridge said he'd design one for her one day, and Brooke guessed the groom would be Liam. Hope replied that she didn't want to get ahead of herself. Taylor arrived upset because she hadn't heard from Steffy. Ridge revealed that it was probably because Bill had decided to continue his marriage.

As Taylor kept trying to call their daughter, Ridge told Taylor about his fight with Bill. An exasperated Taylor asked to talk to Ridge alone, and Brooke and Hope left. Taylor suggested that Ridge be Steffy's father, not bodyguard. They discussed Bill and Steffy more, and Ridge concluded that some promises weren't meant to be kept. Taylor replied that no one knew that better than she and Ridge. She disliked how things had ended with Whip and with Ridge; however, she believed things happened for a reason. Taylor wondered what would have happened if she and Ridge had actually remarried, and Ridge hugged her.

Hope and Brooke went to work, where Brooke probed for information about Hope's love life. Hope said that, unlike her mother, no one would be gossiping about her on the Internet. Brooke scowled, asking what Hope was getting at. Hope listed the men that had been in Brooke's life, but Brooke claimed that she'd loved each of them. Hope said it had been rough to watch her mother's trials, and Hope wanted to tone down the sexuality in her own campaign. Hope aspired to teach her peers to take sex seriously, because it was a huge commitment.

Brooke guessed that Hope thought Brooke had been irresponsible sexually, and Hope agreed, saying it had caused Hope pain. Hope felt strongly about saving sex for marriage, because she'd seen what having sex without a solid commitment could do. Hope said that Liam loved and respected her; she just hoped he could understand and accept her position.

At Steffy's house, Liam pounded on the door as Steffy lay passed out beneath the bubbles in her bathtub. Liam used Bill's key to let himself in, and he saw Steffy's legs barely above the bath water. Acting fast, he scooped Steffy out of the tub and performed CPR. Water spurted from her mouth, and she coughed, gasping for air.

Liam wrapped Steffy in a blanket and checked out the bump on her head. He urged her to go to the hospital, and she promised to do it later. Steffy couldn't believe her bathtub was so dangerous. Realizing that she could have died, Steffy said she was alive because of him.

Liam explained he'd arrived to return Bill's key, and Liam and Steffy discussed Bill's sudden change of heart about his marriage. Steffy said she felt stupid for believing Bill, but Liam replied that his father had convinced him, too, that the marriage was over. Liam advised Steffy to live her life instead of seeking revenge, or wallowing at home in self-pity. He said he'd given her a second chance at life, and she was required to do something with it.

Steffy bet that Liam had gotten an eye-full when he'd rescued her. Liam claimed that he'd been focused on saving her life, but Steffy guessed he hadn't ever seen that much of Hope's body. Liam murmured that he never wanted to see Hope unconscious and drowning.

The moment sobered, and Liam encouraged Steffy to cultivate everything she had going for her instead of pining for Bill. Liam doubted she could reach her full potential with Bill, because Bill outshined everyone. Steffy didn't think Bill outshined Liam, and she felt that she could trust Liam. Liam advised her not to let the disappointment with Bill cause her doubt herself, and Steffy said Liam had rescued her in more than one way that day.

Steffy began to say nice things about Liam, but he grew uncomfortable and decided that it was time to leave. He promised to call to check on her, and as he stood, she asked him to wait. Liam turned toward Steffy, and she kissed him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

by Pam

Taylor and Steffy finally met up, and Taylor said that she had been looking for her daughter everywhere. Steffy apologized, and said that she'd texted her mom, but it had been a horrible day. Taylor admitted that she knew all about what had happened with Bill. Steffy said that her breakup with Bill had broken her heart, but she had almost died. Taylor sympathized that Steffy had probably been crushed, but Steffy said that her near-death experience had nothing to do with Bill.

Steffy described how she had slipped when she climbed into the bathtub, hit her head, and been knocked out. She told her mother that she had been underwater. Taylor was shocked at the thought that she could have lost her daughter. They hugged. Steffy added that Liam had been her savior. Steffy explained that Bill had sent Liam to her apartment to deliver the key that she had given to Bill. Liam had used the key to get in when Steffy hadn't answered the door.

Steffy said that Liam had pulled her from the tub and administered CPR and mouth-to-mouth. Taylor hugged her daughter and expressed her gratitude that Steffy was all right. Steffy recalled that Liam had rescued her, and she thought that when she opened her eyes and saw his face, it was one of the most beautiful sights she had ever seen. "Liam rescued me; he saved my life," Steffy said.

Steffy admitted that she had been foolish in regard to Bill. Steffy recalled that Taylor had warned her about her involvement with a married man. "And I didn't listen," Steffy said. Steffy confessed that she had been convinced that Bill's love for her was so real that he would leave his wife. She hadn't been able to understand that his love for Katie, his wife, was a much stronger bond. "A Logan bond, the Logan stranglehold," Steffy complained.

At Forrester, Liam told Hope about how he had rescued an unconscious Steffy and pulled her out of the bathtub. He described how grateful he had been when she started choking and coughing up water. Hope told Liam that he had been a hero, and she noted that he was still shaking. Liam said that it was pure luck that he had been there at just the right time to return his father's key. Hope agreed, and she realized that Steffy might have died if Liam had not arrived.

Hope teased that Liam would rack up points with Ridge for saving Steffy. Hope joked that Steffy probably wasn't wearing a wetsuit or bikini. Liam admitted that Steffy had been naked, but that he hadn't looked, and he'd put a robe on her right away. "A gentleman and a hero," Hope said.

Hope left, and Liam went to visit Steffy and Taylor. As he interrupted their conversation, Taylor hugged him. Taylor said that she was forever indebted to Liam for saving her daughter's life. Liam reminded Taylor that he was not a super hero. They all laughed, and Steffy said that she knew Liam had been a great guy.

Steffy knew that Bill had sent Liam to return Bill's key, but she also knew that Liam had wanted to check up on her. Liam admitted that he had been worried about her. Taylor reminded them both that Bill had hurt Steffy, but Liam said that his father had realized that he had hurt a lot of people. Liam defended his father and said that he knew Bill had loved Steffy. Liam said that Bill truly cared. Steffy lamented that she had been crazy and stupid in love with the wrong guy.

Taylor gushed about how Liam had saved her daughter. Steffy teased that Liam had earned high praise from the renowned Dr. Hayes. Steffy thanked Liam for giving her a wakeup call. She reminded him that he had forced her to focus on herself and her happiness instead of becoming bitter and focused on revenge.

Steffy said that she had lost her way. She couldn't believe that she wanted to be the doting wife of a media mogul. Steffy said that she had believed that Bill was "the one," but he had lied and betrayed her. She apologized that she had let Taylor down. Taylor said that she was happy Steffy had realized the truth.

Steffy explained that Liam had gotten through to her that it was time to move on. Taylor told Steffy that Liam was exactly the kind of guy that Steffy should be spending more time with, and she exited. Steffy admitted to Liam that he had saved her in more ways than one. She started her "you were there for me," speech, and she dramatically thanked Liam for breathing life into her and comforting her.

Liam praised her as a smart and incredible woman. Steffy said that she had always been a cynic, but that Liam had transformed her. Liam promised to keep an eye on her, and Steffy said that she liked the idea of Liam watching over her. She promised that she would never let him forget how grateful she was.

At Nick's house, Owen and Jackie were making out. Nick interrupted and caught them up on his meeting with Bill Spencer. Nick explained that Bill wanted to do some business with Jackie M. Owen reminded Nick that Bill had punched him, but Nick said that Ridge had apparently punched Bill.

Jackie tried to conjecture why Bill and Ridge were feuding, but Nick said that Bill clearly had revenge on his mind. Bill wanted to buy Jackie M, and Nick explained that with Spencer money and power, Jackie M could become the most successful fashion house in Los Angeles. Nick said that Bill wanted 50 percent ownership, and Bill wanted Katie to be working at Jackie M. Nick admitted that Katie had been at her best when she was running Forrester.

Jackie refused to allow Bill to make his wife CEO, but she agreed the influx of money was a necessity at Jackie M. Nick, Jackie, and Owen discussed that they did not want to make enemies of the Forresters because they had been friends with Eric, Stephanie, and Brooke. But, they all agreed that Jackie M was struggling, and they didn't want their company to fade away.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

by Pam

Hope and the Forrester staff prepared the showroom for the Hope for the Future line showing. Hope organized the lighting for her show while Jake moved things around the stage. Oliver was shooting photos of Hope, and Steffy interrupted. Hope and Oliver greeted her, and Steffy said that she was happy to be alive. She said that she had been checked out by a doctor and had no concussion. She expressed her gratitude that Liam had been there to save her life. Oliver left, and Steffy followed Hope around the stage, praising Liam.

Steffy told Hope that she and Liam had been involved in a life-changing experience. She prattled on about how the Logans always talked about fate and destiny, but she hadn't believed in it until she had a near-death experience. Steffy wanted to know where Liam was because she wanted to see him. She continued to talk about her experience and how she felt energized. She was ready for a challenge because a near-death experience had made her see things differently -- especially Liam.

Hope tried to dismiss Steffy's feelings as gratitude, getting much-needed oxygen to the brain, and adrenaline after nearly drowning, but Steffy said it had been much more. Steffy told Hope that Liam's heart had been beating faster than hers. Steffy kept trying to describe the feelings she had, but Hope interrupted and angrily said that Steffy sounded like she wanted to compare it all to having sex.

Steffy tried to back off from Hope, and excused herself, but Hope demanded that Steffy listen. Hope told Steffy that Liam had saved Steffy's life, but she reminded Steffy that Liam was Hope's boyfriend. Hope added that Steffy seemed to be playing a familiar game of going after Hope's boyfriends.

Steffy denied that she was playing a game with Liam. She claimed to be a different person from the girl who went under the water. She explained that all her love for Bill and the bitterness and anger had been washed away. Steffy declared that she was going to be happy because Liam had made her realize that she deserved to be happy.

Steffy and Hope argued about Liam and Steffy, and Ridge and Brooke, and how destiny had drawn them together. Hope angrily reminded Steffy that Liam's father had sent Liam to Steffy's to deliver a key. Steffy replied that Liam was going to want more than long walks and candlelight dinners from Hope. Steffy reasoned that Hope did not want the same sexual reputation as the Logans. But Steffy added that Hope's decision to not have sex would send Liam right into Steffy's waiting arms. "Liam will be mine before you know it," Steffy said.

In a Forrester office, Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor discussed that Liam had saved Steffy. Ridge reiterated that Bill had hurt Steffy, and Ridge was angry with Bill. He blamed Bill for Steffy's state of mind when she accidentally fell in the bathtub and hit her head. Taylor tried to defend Steffy for her interest in a married man, but Brooke stated that Steffy had her "hooks deep into my sister's husband."

Taylor argued that Bill really loved Steffy, but Brooke said that Steffy was young and beautiful, and Bill hadn't been able to help himself because Steffy had thrown herself at him. The women continued to argue, and Ridge tried to put a stop to it. Taylor praised Liam for saving Steffy. Taylor suggested that Liam and Steffy had a precious bond that had developed after a traumatic experience.

Brooke started to see a pattern in Steffy moving from a married man to the unmarried son. Taylor argued that Liam had made Steffy happy, and he had made Steffy feel more positive about herself. Brooke reminded Taylor that Liam was in love with Hope. Brooke refused to allow Taylor to push Liam and Steffy together. Brooke told Taylor that it was time for Steffy to stand up on her own and create a life without a married man or his son. "I'm telling you right now that I am not going to let Steffy come between Hope and Liam," Brooke said.

At Liam's, Liam told Bill that he had saved Steffy. Bill thanked Liam, and Liam asked Bill to promise that he would stay away from Steffy. Liam told his father that it was natural that Bill would be concerned, but it was best for Steffy that Bill not check up on her. Bill understood that Liam was protective of Steffy.

Liam said that Steffy had really opened her eyes and wanted more out of her life than a relationship with a married man. Liam advised Bill that Steffy was finally getting over him. Bill noted that Liam sounded as if he was interested in Steffy. Liam denied it. He said that he was in love with Hope.

Bill said that he and Steffy had shared some very deep feelings that would not disappear. After Bill left, Liam went through Forrester photos and saw a sexy photo of Steffy, He flashed back to kissing Hope, and he flashed back to saving Steffy and Steffy's kiss.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the Forrester showroom with Steffy, Hope said, "First the father, now the son." Hope made it clear that her relationship with Liam was about more than just sex; however, Steffy countered that it wasn't about sex at all. Hope expressed pride in her virginity, but Steffy said that the longer Hope held out, the easier it would be for Steffy. "Why? Because you won't be?" Hope asked. Steffy cocked her brows, shrugged, and left.

Steffy went to her office, where Ridge asked how she was doing. Steffy stated that she wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Liam. She wished she'd known how wonderful Liam was before she'd made a fool of herself with his father. Steffy felt stupid for letting Bill get away with everything, but Katie had let him get away with nothing. Steffy figured that she'd been wrong to try to replace Ridge with Bill, but claimed that Liam caused her to believe in Ridge and Brooke's talk of "destiny."

In Ridge's office, Brooke noted Hope's dismal mood. Hope sniped that, according to Steffy, Hope's virginity would cost Hope her boyfriend. An outraged Brooke guessed that Steffy was going after Liam, even after Brooke had advised Taylor to keep Steffy in check. Hope wished Brooke hadn't done that. Hope affirmed her conviction about sex, and Brooke said that Liam, who loved Hope, would respect that.

Hope said Steffy had already revealed that she planned to throw herself at Liam. Hope wondered if she were being na´ve to think Liam would wait. Brooke urged Hope to do what felt right, but Hope said Steffy made Hope feel like a freak for making healthy choices.

Ridge listened at the door as Brooke admitted that she'd made choices in her life that had wound up hurting Hope. Hope told Brooke not to have regrets, because Hope would live her life her way, and Liam loved her enough to wait. Ridge entered, and Hope exited. Ridge asked how Hope was doing, and Brooke seemed worried that, even though Liam respected Hope's choices, Steffy's gratitude might transform into something else.

At home, Liam was preoccupied with a sensuous photo of Steffy. He flashed to the kiss she'd given him after the rescue and then went to the kitchen for a beer. When he returned, he saw that Steffy had appeared. She said he never knew who'd slip in through his unlocked door. She whipped champagne from her bag and said she couldn't toast her savior with the cheap stuff.

Steffy casually mentioned that she'd had a run-in with Hope, and Liam grimaced. Steffy said he had a great house, and he should share it with a woman, not a girl. She warned that Hope wouldn't sleep with him until marriage, and it was due to Hope's mental issues about her mother. Liam didn't want to discuss it, but Steffy insisted upon warning him that the floodgates wouldn't open on his honeymoon. Instead, Hope would control him and their marriage through sex.

Steffy guessed that Liam viewed her completely differently after seeing her nude, and he scoffed in embarrassment. She saw the photo of herself on the table and teased him about his new feelings for her. Liam admitted that the experience they'd shared had changed things, and he did see her differently; however, he figured that she was trying to get back at his father. Steffy said she'd been wrong to think she wanted a powerful and egotistical man, and then she kissed Liam. He slowly responded at first, but then stepped back and stared at her.

On the Forrester rooftop, Dayzee and Marcus shot hoops, and Dayzee asked how Rosey, the love of his life, was. He guessed she'd meant the other love of his life, and Dayzee grinned. She said Amber had warned her away from him. Though Amber hadn't intimidated Dayzee, Dayzee wondered if Amber had a chance. Marcus said he'd made his feelings clear, and Amber would have to understand that Dayzee was the one for him.

Friday, August 19, 2011

In Forrester showroom, Ridge reminded Steffy to support Hope that evening. Steffy agreed to do so, but only professionally. Steffy said Liam was lonely, and no matter Hope's convictions, Steffy hadn't vowed celibacy. Ridge grimaced when she pointed out that Liam wasn't married, and she didn't think he could wait any longer.

In the dressing room at Hope's showing, Brooke noted Hope's preoccupation with something. Hope dismissed it, saying she wasn't going to worry about Steffy throwing herself at Liam. Hope stared at the audience from backstage and tensed to see Ridge and Steffy greet Liam and Taylor. Brooke reassured Hope that everyone was just grateful that Steffy had survived. Hope relaxed and said that it was her big night, and she'd enjoy every moment of it.

Later, Steffy arrived backstage to rib Hope about Liam. Unfazed, Hope continued to scribble on a clipboard. Steffy claimed to admire Hope's convictions, but said Hope shouldn't expect Liam to share them. Hope responded that Liam respected her, so she wasn't worried. As Hope walked away, Oliver and Liam worked on blocking until Dayzee pulled Marcus into a kiss.

Back out front, Steffy tried to persuade Liam to sit with her, but since he was there to cover the event for work, he opted to sit in the back. Stephanie and Eric arrived and discussed the showing and Steffy's accident with Ridge and Taylor.

Liam pulled Ridge aside to talk, and Ridge expressed his gratitude for his daughter's rescue. Liam didn't know what had made him enter the loft, but described the experience as intense. He insisted that it hadn't changed how he felt about Hope. Ridge was relieved to hear that. Liam stated that he'd wanted to make his intentions clear to Ridge, because he was Hope and Steffy's father. Liam said he'd been there for Steffy; however, he'd always be there for Hope.

Later, Brooke found Taylor to try to talk to her about Steffy's advances on Liam. Taylor reacted cavalierly, and Brooke accused Taylor of encouraging Steffy, even though Liam and Hope were in love. Taylor countered that she'd been in love and married, but it hadn't stopped Brooke. Appalled, Brooke guessed Taylor was after payback. Taylor claimed that she wasn't; she was just staying out it. Brooke warned Taylor to tell Steffy to back off before Brooke did.

Backstage, Hope ran into Steffy again. Hope had nothing more to discuss, because she planned to remain true to herself. Steffy said that people were getting tired of the preaching, but Hope replied that she was trying to be a role model. Steffy stated that it wasn't a children's line; it was a line for real women, something Liam craved.

Hope walked off to talk to Thomas. She saw Steffy laughing with Liam and glared at them. Thomas told Hope to focus, and then he walked over to Liam to suggest that Liam give Hope a pep talk. Liam sauntered over to Hope and said he had a question for her. Hope asked him to wait because it was time for her to go on stage.

Ridge opened the show, and Hope gave a speech about integrity and sexual responsibility. She joined Liam backstage to watch the models on the catwalk. Despite being backstage, Hope still didn't have time for Liam's question because she had to change for the showstopper. Liam tried to join her in the changing area, but she giggled and shoved him out.

In the audience, Brooke and Steffy exchanged barbs until Ridge introduced Hope in the black showstopper. Hope strutted down the runway, and Liam held up poster board that read, "Will." The next time she made a pass, his sign said, "You." Hope swiveled and saw Liam's next board, which read, "Marry." She paused, and he flipped up the last board, which said, "Me." Hope gasped, and Liam knelt on the catwalk with a diamond ring between his fingers. Everyone clapped, but Hope seemed stunned and apprehensive.

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