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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 15, 2011 on GH
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Monday, August 15, 2011

At the Crimson offices, Spinelli, still channeling the Jackal P.I. persona, Lulu and Maxie were looking through dresses on the designers' rack. Jackal P.I. wanted Lulu, who he called Moonlight, to wear a dress he had chosen for her birthday celebration. Maxie took Lulu aside and tried to convince Lulu that Spinelli was not pretending, but actually believed that he was Jackal P.I. Lulu accused Maxie of being jealous of the attention that Jackal P.I. was paying to Lulu. Maxie said that she had a relationship; she said that her reason for helping was because Spinelli had a life and he deserved to live it and not the fake life of Jackal P.I.

Lulu agreed to wear the dress. When she appeared in it, Jackal P.I. waxed eloquent over Lulu's virtues. Lulu said that she could not have a relationship with him because she was in a relationship already. Jackal P.I. told her not to attach herself to a loser like Dante. When Jackal P.I. called Lulu "Moonlight," she told him that was not her name. Lulu said that the girl Jackal P.I. had loved in the past was Georgie, who had been killed before she could declare her love for him. Jackal P.I. blinked a few times, got very quiet and then walked away and lay down on top of a desk in the fetal position.

Lulu and Maxie both worried that Spinelli was neither himself nor Jackal P.I. Lulu suggested that he might need professional help. Maxie said that Spinelli when normal might be mistaken for someone needing professional care. Maxie vowed that she would find a way to get Spinelli back.

Outside Jason's hospital room, Sam was relieved to learn from Patrick that the mass in Jason brain that had been biopsied was not a tumor, but a non-malignant calcified mass. After Patrick left, Sam went in to see Jason. She had a long conversation with him. Sam told Jason how much she had bonded with Monica and how much Monica cared about Jason. Sam even threatened to order a pink tuxedo for Jason to wear at their wedding if he did not wake up and tell her not to. Jason's eyes fluttered open.

Patrick was called. After examining Jason, Patrick pronounced Jason okay with no apparent damage to his memory, but said that Jason had suffered major head trauma and needed to be under observation for a while longer. Sam talked to Max outside the room. Max said that Sonny was spinning out of control. Sam told Max to keep that away from Jason because Jason did not need to be stressed until he had recovered. Max said he was not very good at lying to Jason. Sam told Max to handle Sonny. Max said that Jason was the only one who could. Max said that everyone knew that when Sonny was angry and out of control he would hurt whoever got in his way.

Patrick finished his examination and allowed Sam and Max in to see Jason. Max told Jason that everything was under control with Spinelli. Jason immediately accused Max of covering up. Max cracked like an egg and told Jason that Jax had kidnapped Josslyn and Sonny was after Jax. Jason tried to get out of bed; he started pulling the sensors off his body. Sam stopped him; she said that if Jason walked out she would not marry him. Sam sent Max away; she told Jason that he needed to rest. Jason said that he had to find Josslyn. Sam said they had set boundaries for Carly and Jason could not always be there for Carly if he wanted to have a life with Sam. Sam asked how she and Jason could have a life together if Jason was not around to plan it. Jason said that rescuing Carly had become a habit. Sam shot back, "Hers or yours?"

Jason said he knew how scared Sam was and he was sorry. Sam said that she was sorry because she was not the kind to cry. Jason said that she did not have to explain. Jason said he would stay in the hospital if Sam wanted him to stay. Sam was relieved. She said that she knew Jason would not rest until he knew how things stood. Sam gave Jason his phone so that he could call Carly and get a status report.

Carly vented to Shawn about her relationship to Jason. She said that the Quartermaines and Sam had prevented her from obtaining information about his condition. Carly said that Jason was her best friend and she did not know how she would get along without him. Dante arrived and wanted to know where Sonny and Jax were. Dante said that Carly could not protect Sonny. When Carly gave evasive answers, Dante said he had put out an APB on both Sonny and Jax. Carly was horrified that either Sonny or Jax would end up in prison.

Dante said Jax was better off in prison that dead. Dante said that Sonny wanted to kill Jax. Carly said that Sonny would calm down. Carly said that Sonny was hurt but would not do anything stupid. Dante said that Sonny had already attacked him. Dante said he had to find Sonny and that there was no reasoning with Sonny in his current condition. Carly said that putting Jax and Sonny in prison was not the solution; she told Dante to back off and let the family handle it. Dante told Carly to stay out of his way while he took the legal way. Shawn told Dante that he would look after Carly and Josslyn.

Sonny stood in Robin's living room holding a gun on Jax. Robin said that Jax had sent Josslyn home with Shawn and that Sonny should put his gun down and leave. When Sonny did not relent, Jax said that Sonny was not after Josslyn; Sonny wanted revenge for Brenda. Sonny accused Jax of undermining Sonny and turning Brenda against him. Jax said that Brenda had been in denial and he had helped open her eyes. Robin said that the matter rested between Jax and Carly. Sonny said that it did not because Jax had dragged Brenda into court and would have dragged his sons there and that made it personal.

Jax said that Brenda left because after Sonny set Jax up Brenda finally saw the kind of man Sonny really was. Jax said that Sonny could not handle the truth. Sonny said that the truth was that he could not think of a way to let Jax live. As Sonny raised the gun, Robin told Sonny to leave her house; she said that Emma was asleep upstairs. Jax said that he had almost made a mistake and compromised with Carly. Jax said Sonny's behavior made him more convinced than ever not to compromise on Josslyn's safety. Sonny said the only one going down was Jax. Robin screamed, "No" and grabbed for the gun as Sonny fired. Her arm was grazed but the injury was not serious. Emma watched from the doorway.

Jax wanted to call an ambulance, but Robin said not to call. Robin told Jax to go. She said that Sonny would not shoot Jax in front of Emma. Jax left. Sonny asked if Robin was okay. She told him to get a towel so Emma would not see. Patrick arrived home. When he asked what happened, Emma told him that her mother had been shot. After Patrick got Emma back in bed and dressed Robin's wound, he ranted at Sonny and told him to get out.

After Sonny left, Patrick wanted to call the police but Robin protested that all was well. He told her about Jason and then wanted to know how she had managed to get in the middle between Jax and Sonny. She said Jax had shown up unexpectedly and Sonny had followed close behind. Robin acknowledged that Patrick was right; that she should not get involved. Robin said that Sonny had been out of control since Brenda left. Robin said that Sonny was off his meds. Patrick said Sonny needed a keeper, but not Robin.

Sonny met with Max at the restaurant office. Sonny said that Jax needed to be handled. Sonny told Max to find Jax and take him to Sonny's boat. Sonny said that they would take a trip out to sea and Jax would have an accident. Max told Sonny he would meet him at the boat and left. Dante arrived a moment later and told Sonny that they had unfinished business. Sonny said that there was no need for the police. Dante said that Sonny had assaulted a police officer. Sonny said it was a father-son disagreement. Dante said that Sonny was no better that Sonny's abusive stepfather. Sonny said Dante was not a little kid locked in a closet. As Sonny tried to exit the office, two uniformed officers detained him. Dante placed Sonny under arrest.

Jax looked through the window as Carly held Josslyn on her lap and said that everything would be okay because things always looked better in the morning. Shawn repaired Josslyn's favorite toy and returned it to her. Jax snuck in the house and overheard Carly tell Shawn about the APB on Jax and that she did not want Jax to go to prison. Jax also overheard her fears that Sonny would kill him and Carly's hopes that Jax escaped out of town where he would be safe. Jax left the house as quietly as he had entered.

Shawn was taking his leave from Carly when her phone rang. Carly was overjoyed to hear Jason's voice. Jason paced as he told her that he was under observation in GH. Carly said that Josslyn was back safe and sound thanks to Shawn. Carly apologized to Jason and told him that she would show more respect for his boundaries. When Jason did not respond she started calling his name. At GH, Sam walked into Jason's room and found him passed out. His cell phone lay on the floor beside him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On Sonny's private island, Michael followed Abby as she ran into the bungalow crying. Abby revealed that she had overheard two women speculate that Abby was a hooker who had been hired by Sonny to keep Michael company. Michael was furious, but Abby reminded him that they had met when Sam had hired her to have sex with Michael. Abby insisted that Michael couldn't fire anyone for speaking the truth, but Michael argued that they'd never had sex that night. Abby realized that, but she pointed out that she had been paid to strip in a bar, and had given lap dances.

Abby appreciated that Michael wanted to defend her honor, but she admitted that she didn't feel as if she'd always had one to protect. She conceded that she hated being called a whore, but she understood why people believed that she was one. Michael suspected that Abby had such a low opinion of herself because of the abuse that she had suffered at Brandon's hands. Michael insisted that Abby was smart and beautiful, so he refused to let some "stupid gossip" hurt her, or cheapen what they had. Michael was determined to make certain that everyone on the island realized what Abby meant to him, so he stormed out of the bungalow.

A short time later, Michael returned. He explained that he had warned everyone on staff that they would be fired if they talked poorly about Abby. Abby appreciated Michael's efforts, but she warned him that he had guaranteed that the gossip would continue by making it an issue. Michael urged Abby to stop worrying about what others said about her. He reminded her that he was an ex-convict, and the son of a mobster, so people talked about him all of the time. Abby was curious how that made Michael feel, so Michael confided that it had been worse when he had been in jail.

Michael had promised himself that he would never feel as weak as he had when Carter had attacked him. Abby acknowledged that what had happened to Michael in jail had been horrific, but she pleaded with him not to let it turn him into a cold person. She pointed out that he had been running around the island as if he had owned it, and he had put the staff on notice. Michael became defensive as he realized she was implying that he was like his father. He denied that he was like Sonny, so Abby assured Michael that he was a wonderful man who had lived a "hell of a life" for a nineteen year-old. However, Abby reminded Michael that he was only nineteen, so he had plenty of time to figure things out.

Abby didn't want Michael to close himself off to various options because part of growing up was figuring out one's path in life. Michael sensed that Abby was trying to push him away, but she promised him that she wasn't. Michael wanted Abby to know that she was beautiful to him, but she confessed that she didn't feel that way. Later, Michael surprised Abby with a romantic dinner on the patio. Abby smiled as she reminded him that it was three in the morning. Michael explained that he wanted to apologize for being an "ass" earlier, and make certain that they left the island on a good note.

Abby was pleasantly surprised when Michael announced that they would be leaving for Port Charles the following day. Abby was curious if he intended to return to ELQ. Michael confessed that he didn't know, but he assured her that he would keep his options open.

At Jake's, Mac decided to pretend that he hadn't seen Diane and Coleman in their underwear. Alexis assured Mac that the strip pool game was over, so Mac didn't have to leave. Diane grumbled that Alexis had ruined their fun, while Coleman tactfully pulled up his jeans. Diane was reluctant to stop playing strip pool, so she tried to persuade Mac to join in on the fun. Coleman offered another round of drinks, so everyone followed Coleman to the bar. Diane snagged two drinks, and then led Mac to a nearby table to go over the rules of the game.

Mac warned Diane that he was on duty, so he couldn't drink. Diane scoffed at that, but Mac reminded her that Port Charles had trees down, power outages, and flooded roads as a result of the storm, so Mac needed to be ready and available at a moment's notice. Diane advised Mac to delegate and "unplug." She turned off her cell phone to show him how it was done. Mac explained that he had pulled a couple of double shifts, so he'd likely pass out if he drank any alcohol.

Diane realized that she had a lot of work ahead of her if she were to get Mac ready. "For what?" Mac wondered. Diane explained that she intended to transform Mac into a woman's fantasy, or else there wouldn't be any hope of him getting a certain attorney between the sheets. Mac realized that Diane was referring to Alexis, so he clarified that he and Alexis were just friends, and colleagues. Diane suggested that there could be more to his relationship with Alexis. "You mean sex?" Mac whispered.

Diane chuckled as she explained that Mac needed to find the man that he had once been before parenting, working, and political correctness had "white-washed" him into a "paragon of virtue" who was in danger of spending the rest of his life alone. Diane admitted that she was at a crossroads herself because her book had been a huge success. She confessed that she had always been focused on her legal career because it had been safe. Mac disagreed that working for Sonny and Jason was safe, but Diane pointed out that it had afforded her a comfortable lifestyle. Diane also reminded Mac that if it hadn't been for Sonny and Jason then she wouldn't have met Max. However, she then confessed that her relationship with Max was ending.

Diane explained that Max was a wonderful man, but she had started to question if people were truly meant to meet one certain person, or if they were intended to meet a series of special people throughout their lives. Mac suspected that Diane was afraid because she had new opportunities ahead of her. Diane admitted that she was terrified because she would be living without a safety net, but she had never felt as free as she had when she had been working on her book. Diane smiled as she confided that Mac was extremely easy to talk to, which went a long way with women. Mac laughed because it was clear that Diane was still matchmaking.

Diane revealed that she believed that they all should find one thing in life that made them happy. She was curious if Mac had ever found that. Mac glanced at Alexis, and then admitted that he was satisfied with his life. He confessed that he wasn't ready to put himself out there without a net. Meanwhile, at the bar, Alexis revealed to Coleman that Mac was too much of a gentleman to play strip pool.

Coleman offered his condolences to Alexis as Mac's girlfriend, but she quickly clarified that she and Mac were just friends. Coleman suspected that Alexis wouldn't mind if Mac were a little more "frisky," and a little less "fraternal." Coleman poured Alexis a drink as he tried to get her to open up about herself. Alexis was reluctant, so Coleman assured her that he was like a priest, without the vow of celibacy. Alexis chuckled as Coleman wondered what had kept Alexis from being with Mac. Alexis confessed that it was the million-dollar question.

Alexis admitted that Mac was everything that a woman should want in a man, but Coleman sensed that Alexis didn't feel any sparks with Mac. Alexis' silence confirmed Coleman's suspicions, so he advised Alexis to give Mac a chance. Alexis didn't think that it should work that way; she thought that the sparks should be there at the first glance. Alexis then deftly changed the subject by asking about Coleman and Kate's failed relationship. Coleman admitted that he missed Kate at times, but he tried to focus on his work during those moments. However, he confided that there were times that he questioned if work were all that he had.

Alexis and Coleman stared deep into each other's eyes, but the spell was broken when Mac announced that he was leaving. Mac offered to give Alexis a lift home, and then suggested that perhaps they could stop off to have a cup of coffee along the way. Mac didn't notice Alexis' hesitation because he received a call that all police officers were needed at the airport. Diane revealed that she had to go to the police station because Sonny had called. Diane offered to share a cab with Alexis, so Alexis readily agreed. Coleman watched as Mac, Diane, and Alexis left.

At the police station, Dante escorted Sonny into the interrogation room, and then handcuffed Sonny to the table. Dante explained that Sonny would be charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. Sonny downplayed the incident on the plane by insisting that it had just been an argument between a father and son. Dante was unmoved by the argument, so Sonny suggested that Dante's pride had been hurt. Dante argued that he was sick of Sonny always ignoring the law, so Dante thought that Jax would be safer with Sonny locked up. Sonny called Diane to leave a message, but Dante snatched the phone away from Sonny and then walked out of the interrogation room.

Dante entered the squad room just as Lulu walked in. Lulu was startled when she saw the bruise on Dante's jaw, but Dante brushed it off as a mild scuffle with a perpetrator. Lulu accepted the explanation, so she shifted gears to ask if he had heard from Lucky. Dante reminded Lulu that Lucky was working on a case, but Lulu insisted that she was concerned because Dante had no idea what Lucky had been like during Lucky's addiction to pills. Lulu couldn't believe that Mac would assign Lucky a case that might compromise Lucky's sobriety. Dante was confident that Lucky would be fine, but he couldn't discuss it with Lulu because he had to work.

Lulu was miffed that Dante wanted to wait until he was off-duty to discuss Lucky's case, but she accepted his decision. Moments later, Lulu received a call from Ethan about Siobhan and Liz's car accident. Ethan explained that he was at the hospital with Siobhan because he didn't think that Siobhan should be left alone when Lucky was nowhere to be found. After Lulu left, Dante returned to the interrogation room to check on Sonny. Sonny demanded to be released, but Dante refused to consider it. Dante wanted to give Jax plenty of opportunity to get away.

Sonny confidently informed Dante that Jax wouldn't be going anywhere, so Dante immediately demanded to know what Sonny had done. Sonny promised that Dante wouldn't get a confession out of him, so Dante warned Sonny that if anything happened to Jax then Sonny would be the prime suspect. Sonny argued that if he had done anything to Jax, he wouldn't have denied himself the pleasure of watching Jax die. Later, Max arrived to give Sonny an update. Max explained that the airport had been crawling with cops, so Max hadn't been able to get to Jax before Jax had taken off in the jet. Sonny insisted that Jax couldn't have left because Sonny had made certain of it.

At the hospital, Darryl, the janitor on Anthony's payroll, had slipped into Siobhan's room. Darryl's deadly intentions were foiled when Ethan suddenly appeared in the doorway. "Hey, what are you doing?" Ethan demanded. Darryl claimed that he had been about to clean up a spill near Siobhan's bed, but Ethan appeared skeptical. Ethan insisted that Darryl shouldn't be touching the machines. Darryl assured Ethan that he knew that and then quickly scurried out of the room.

At the old church, Lucky stumbled around as he tried to get a signal on his cell phone, to no avail. Liz was alarmed when she walked in and found Lucky moving around instead of resting. Lucky assured Liz that the medication that she had given him to counter the effects of the drugs that he'd been injected with had worked. He then explained that he needed to get in touch with Siobhan because he feared that she might be worried. Liz insisted that Lucky take a seat, and then told him about the car accident. Liz admitted that Siobhan had been badly hurt, but she assured Lucky that his wife was alive.

Lucky wondered if Liz were certain about the car accident, so Liz revealed that she had been with Siobhan at the time of the accident. Lucky anxiously looked for any signs of injury, but Liz assured him that she had escaped without harm. Lucky sensed that Liz was holding something back, so Liz reluctantly told him about everything that had transpired after she had found Lucky high on drugs on the waterfront, including the attack on Dante, and Liz's altercation with Siobhan. Liz assured Lucky that Siobhan's fall down the staircase had been an accident. Lucky was determined to get to the hospital to see Siobhan, so Liz followed him out of the church.

At the hospital, Lulu was trying to find out which room Siobhan was in when Lucky and Liz arrived. Lulu scolded Lucky for dropping out of sight, but Lucky made it clear that he wasn't in the mood to hear a lecture from Lulu. Liz explained that Lucky had been on a stakeout, but that raised questions with Lulu because Lulu was curious how Liz had known how to get in touch with Lucky when no one else had been able to. Lucky ignored Lulu's questions by demanding that a nurse update him on Siobhan's condition. Lulu sensed that something was off with Lucky, so he reminded her that he had just learned that his wife had been admitted to the hospital. Lucky was curious how Lulu expected him to act.

Lulu admitted that if she hadn't known better, she would suspect that Lucky was on something. Liz suggested that Lucky go to visit Siobhan, while Liz stayed behind to answer Lulu's questions. Lulu quickly assured Lucky and Liz that it wasn't necessary because Lulu realized that she had been insensitive. However, Lulu was concerned because Lucky seemed "strung out." Liz assured Lulu that Lucky was fine, but Lulu wondered why it was any of Liz's business. Liz explained that she was just being a supportive friend to Lucky, but Lulu argued that Liz was enabling Lucky.

Lucky grew weary of Lulu's suspicions, so he informed her that he looked the way that he did because he had been trying to blend in during the investigation. He made it clear that he might look the part, but he was not using drugs. Lucky then told his sister that just because Lulu had failed to find Luke, didn't mean that she should look for their father in Lucky. Lucky insisted that he wasn't Luke, and never would be. After Lucky stormed off, Lulu sought out Ethan.

Lulu was curious what Ethan thought about Lucky's condition. Ethan confessed that it looked as if Lucky had been on a "bender," but Ethan wasn't convinced that Lucky had relapsed. Lulu claimed that Liz had been covering for Lucky, and that it was curious that Liz had known where to find Lucky. They both looked up when they saw Liz approach the doorway to Siobhan's room and then stop to watch as Lucky sat at his wife's bedside.

At the airport, Jax tried to start his private jet, but discovered that the wires had been cut. Jax worked furiously to repair the damage as he heard police sirens close in on the airport. Moments later, Jax donned a headset as he fired up the jet. The control tower warned Jax that Jax did not have permission to take off, but Jax ignored the warning. Later, Jax was in flight when his jet began to experience electrical problems.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At the hospital, Lucky sat at Siobhan's bedside as he talked to her about her Irish superstitions, and insisted that he could see her future. He promised her that they would have time to figure out their relationship. Moments later, Lulu walked in, and then immediately questioned Lucky about the stakeout. Lucky assured Lulu that he had rushed to Siobhan's side as quickly as he could, but Lulu wondered if it had been Liz's idea to stay glued to Lucky's side. Lucky explained that Liz had been helping him, but Lulu appeared to have doubts. Lulu reminded Lucky that he had been dealing with Jake's death, Luke's disappearance, Siobhan's health crisis, and the investigation.

Lucky assured Lulu that the doctor was confident that Siobhan would wake up soon. Lulu suggested that Lucky should focus on Siobhan rather than the investigation, but Lucky saw through her ploy. He accused Lulu of being worried about his close proximity to the drugs during the investigation. Lulu argued that police work was stressful, so Lucky informed her that lecturing him didn't help. Lulu pleaded with Lucky to consider taking a leave of absence until Siobhan had recovered. Lucky resented that Lulu saw him as a substitute for Luke, whom she had failed to save, so he ordered her to leave.

After Lulu left, Lucky admitted to Siobhan that he had been harsh on Lulu, and that Lulu had been right to be concerned about his sobriety. Lucky admitted that the stuff that the drug dealer had pumped into his system had been calling for "company," but Lucky vowed not to give in to the craving. He realized that Siobhan had doubts about his ability to withstand the lure of the drugs, but he was determined to prove himself to her. Moments later, Steve checked in to see how Lucky was holding up. Lucky confessed that he couldn't believe that Siobhan was in the hospital again because of him.

Lucky was startled when Steve suggested that Liz might have been responsible for Siobhan's condition because things had gotten out of hand between the women. Lucky was confident that Siobhan would wake up, and confirm that the fall had been an accident, but Steve feared that Siobhan might never wake up. Lucky was taken aback by the remark. Lucky told Steve about how Lucky had met Siobhan in Ireland, so he couldn't imagine Siobhan not waking up. Steve admitted that he had been out of line, so he assured Lucky that Siobhan's vitals were strong, and that Matt was an excellent surgeon. Steve confessed that they had every reason to be optimistic about Siobhan's recovery.

Lucky was frustrated because he wanted to do something to help his wife, so Steve advised Lucky to talk to Siobhan, so she had a reason to wake up. After Steve left, Lucky revealed that he had no idea why he had kept shutting her out, and running away when he had asked her to remain in the country with him. He acknowledged that she had warned him not to take on the investigation, which had resulted in him getting shot up with drugs, so he conceded that it was a "big mess." Lucky explained that J.T., and whoever had hired the drug dealer, were the ones who had put everything into motion, so the only way that Lucky could make amends was to stop them. Lucky insisted that he needed to do that, so he kissed Siobhan's hand, and then promised to see her soon. Moments after Lucky left, Siobhan opened her eyes and then looked around.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Edward admitted to Skye that he wanted to see Jason, but he feared that Jason would only say a few words and then consider that the end of their conversation. Skye offered to go with Edward to see Jason, but Tracy appeared before they went to Jason's room. Tracy barked at Skye to stay away from Edward. Skye explained that Edward had suffered chest pains the previous day, so Tracy accused Skye of hoping to pounce on Edward's fortune if he died. Edward pointed out that Tracy had been the one who had once withheld his life-saving heart pills when he had suffered a heart attack.

Edward suddenly became lightheaded as they argued, so Tracy decided to take Edward to see Monica. Tracy suggested that Skye get on the next "tramp train" out of town. Edward scolded Tracy for her cruel words as they walked away, but Tracy was unrepentant. Skye made sure that they were gone before she called Anthony to remind him that she had been as nice as she could be, for as long as she could be, but she needed to see him immediately. Anthony chuckled as he confessed that he had thought she would never ask.

At a restaurant, Anthony called one of his minions to order him to keep an eye on Siobhan because Anthony wasn't sure how much she had overheard about his plans for the bakery. Anthony made it clear that Siobhan was to be killed if she knew too much. Moments later, Skye arrived. Anthony confessed that Skye looked "delicious," but he was disappointed that she hadn't worn the gift that he had sent to her. He wondered if she had pawned it. "Not yet," Skye confessed. However, she made it clear that she would sell the expensive piece of jewelry if it became necessary because she was low on cash.

Skye wanted to know when she would get paid, but Anthony insisted that she wouldn't get a penny until the job was done. Skye explained that she had a few more arrangements to finalize, but Anthony needed reassurances, not vague promises. Skye insisted that he would get all that he needed to make Tracy "squirm," but she made it clear that Edward was off-limits. Skye warned Anthony that she would walk away from their deal if Anthony didn't agree to her terms. Skye grimaced as Anthony took her hand, confessed that it had been a pleasure doing business with her, and then kissed it.

Later, Skye was sitting in Michael's office at ELQ when Tracy strolled in. Tracy ordered Skye to get out and then informed her that Edward wasn't in the building. Skye was relieved because she wanted to talk to Tracy about Tracy's deceased mobster husband, Gino Soleito.

At Carly's house, Carly was surprised to see Shawn asleep on her sofa when she entered the living room. Shawn jumped up, with his gun raised, when he heard something. He immediately relaxed when he realized that Carly had made the noise. Carly confessed that she'd had no idea that Shawn had spent the night, so Shawn explained that he had decided to keep an eye on Josslyn because he had been worried that Jax might return. Carly appreciated his concern, but she doubted that Jax would be back. According to Carly, Jax had realized that he had gone too far by taking Josslyn.

Carly glanced at the time and then realized that Mercedes was running late. Shawn knew that Carly was eager to get to the hospital to check on Jason, so he offered to stay with Josslyn until the nanny arrived. Carly confided that she regretted dragging Jason out into the storm, but Shawn insisted that Carly shouldn't apologize for being concerned about her daughter. However, he realized how much Jason meant to Carly. Carly claimed that she and Jason were just friends, but Shawn suspected that they had been more than that at one time. Carly smiled as she realized that not much escaped Shawn's notice.

At the police station, Sonny paced in his jail cell after having spent the night in lockup. Dante paid his father a visit, but Sonny wanted to know if Diane had arrived. "Not yet," Dante replied with satisfaction. Sonny returned the smile as he advised Dante to release him before Diane filed a lawsuit against the police department. Dante assured Sonny that Sonny would not be going anywhere for a long time, but Sonny argued that Dante was violating his rights by questioning Sonny in the jail cell. Dante wondered if Sonny had truly expected Dante to look the other way while Sonny broke the law.

Sonny was surprised when Dante suddenly changed the subject by demanding to know what Sonny had done to Jax's plane. Sonny claimed that he had no idea what Dante was talking about, but he was furious that Dante had let a kidnapper escape. Dante argued that Jax had returned Josslyn to Carly, and that Carly had decided not to press charges against Jax, so a crime hadn't been committed. Sonny didn't see the point in continuing the debate because Jax had left town. Dante revealed that Jax hadn't gotten far because Jax's plane had crashed into the harbor.

Dante reminded Sonny that Sonny had bragged to him that Jax wouldn't be leaving town, and that Sonny had been on Jax's plane shortly before Jax had taken off in the jet. Sonny claimed that he had only been trying to get Josslyn back, but Dante argued that Sonny had been out to kill Jax because Jax had helped Brenda to leave. Sonny reminded Dante that Dante didn't have any proof of that. Dante suggested that a "diminished capacity" plea would be the way for Sonny to go because of Sonny's manic depression. Sonny's temper flared as he warned Dante not to go there, but Dante was curious if that was his father talking, or the mobster.

Sonny accused Dante of being bitter because Sonny had not been the father that Dante had wanted him to be. Dante warned Sonny that Sonny had better hope that they found Jax alive, or Sonny would be facing murder charges. Shortly after Dante walked away, Sonny was sitting on his cot, with his head in his hands, when he heard someone approaching his jail cell. Sonny warned the person to go away if he weren't there to release him. "I'm not that easy to send on my way," Jax replied in a menacing tone. Sonny jumped up when he saw Jax, bruised and battered, standing in front of the jail cell.

Jax accused Sonny of almost getting away with murder. Jax was curious what Sonny's plan had been, but then decided that it wasn't important because Jax could see inside of Sonny's head. Jax warned Sonny that Sonny had always underestimated him because Sonny had just been a "two-bit thug from Bensonhurst" who'd had plenty of bad ideas. Sonny refused to be intimidated by Jax, but Jax shocked Sonny by wondering if it had ever occurred to Sonny that Brenda might have been on the plane when Sonny had pulled the wires. Sonny denied that it was possible, but Jax insisted that Sonny had been wrong.

Sonny was rattled when Jax revealed that Brenda had scrambled into Jax's arms, and then screamed in terror, when she had realized that the plane was about to crash. Sonny heard the echo of Brenda's cries as Jax painted a vivid picture of the horrifying moments before the jet had plunged into the icy dark harbor. According to Jax, he had tried to hold on to Brenda, but she had been ripped out of his arms as the jet had torn apart mid-air seconds before crashing. Jax claimed that he had desperately tried to reach Brenda in the water, to no avail. Jax insisted that he would never forget the look on Brenda's face as she disappeared into the depths of the harbor. Jax wanted Sonny to know that Brenda had died hating Sonny.

Sonny was certain that Jax had been lying, but Jax insisted that Brenda was dead. Jax opened the jail cell and then warned Sonny, "And now it's your turn." Seconds later, Sonny woke up from the nightmare. Meanwhile, Dante went to Carly's house to tell Carly about Jax's plane crash. Shawn explained that Carly wasn't home, so Dante revealed that it might be best if she heard the news from Shawn. Dante admitted that they hadn't recovered a body, but Dante was certain that Jax had perished because Sonny had sabotaged the jet.

However, Dante needed a corroborating witness to put Sonny on the plane because Dante's testimony would be considered biased. Shawn confessed that he had seen Sonny on the jet earlier that evening.

At the hospital, Sam questioned Patrick about the tests that Jason would be undergoing, and if the doctors knew what they were looking for. Patrick explained that it would take several hours because they wanted to run a battery of tests, including an MRI. However, Patrick revealed that there hadn't been any signs of intracranial bleeding from the collision. Moments later, Matt entered the hospital room to suggest that Jason's seizure might have been a result of the "unnecessary" surgery that Patrick had performed on Jason. Sam demanded to know if Matt had any proof of his claims, so Matt was forced to admit that it was merely speculation.

Patrick and Matt exchanged angry words until Sam ordered them to leave, and not return until they had actual facts. Patrick and Matt took their argument into the hallway. Sam listened with concern until Steve walked up and then ordered the brothers to take a "time out." Steve dragged Patrick and Matt to the morgue for some privacy. Matt thought that it was disrespectful to the dead to continue their argument in the morgue, but Steve pointed out that Matt didn't have any problem eating a sandwich in front of a comatose patient. Moments later, Robin arrived.

Steve apologized for pulling her away from her work, and then explained that he had found Patrick and Matt arguing in front of Sam about Jason's treatment. After Steve left, Robin admitted that she couldn't believe that Patrick and Matt had behaved in such an unprofessional manner in front of a patient's fiancée. Matt accused Robin of bias because she had approved a procedure because of her feelings for Patrick. Patrick defended Robin, which prompted another round of bickering between the brothers. Robin ordered Patrick and Matt to "shut up" and then informed them that they had to figure out what was best for Jason.

Robin insisted that they needed to act fast because Jason hated hospitals, so he might decide to leave before they could properly diagnose and treat him. Matt suggested that the seizure might have been caused by worms. Patrick scoffed at the suggestion, but Matt insisted that certain worms in third world countries were the leading cause of seizures. Matt reminded Patrick and Robin that the Corinthos mob smuggled all kind of things out of third world countries and places like the Caribbean, where the worms were found. Robin agreed that it was a good idea to run the pathology to rule the possibility out, so Matt offered to do it and then left.

Robin conceded that Matt had acted like a five-year-old; she couldn't believe that he had behaved like that in front of Sam. Patrick admitted that Matt was "hell-bent" on proving that he was just as good of a surgeon as Patrick, but Matt didn't realize how callous he sounded sometimes. Robin was surprised that Patrick was sticking up for Matt, but Patrick clarified that Matt had been an ass. However, Patrick conceded that Matt had been right to accuse Patrick of using his relationship to Robin to approve Jason's biopsy. Robin appreciated Patrick's honesty. Patrick explained that he had to own up to his mistakes, or they might bite him "in the ass" later.

At the nurses' station, Robin was frustrated that the doctors hadn't properly filled out the paperwork. Patrick explained that it had been a busy night, but he wanted to talk to her about Jason. Robin explained that Jason wasn't like Sonny. According to Robin, Jason had been "as innocent as anyone" when he had woken up from the first coma, so Jason deserved to be happy. Patrick assured her that Jason would recover, and marry Sam. However, Patrick was curious if Robin had approved the procedure because of Patrick's recommendation, who Jason was to her, or because Patrick was her husband. Robin confessed that it was a little bit of all, which had scared her.

Carly entered Jason's hospital room to find Sam working on a report for a client. Carly was curious how Jason was doing, so Sam explained that Jason had been taken for some tests. The tension was thick between Sam and Carly as Sam suggested that Carly go home. Carly insisted that she wanted to stay, so she decided to go to the gift shop to buy Jason some books on travel because he liked to read them. Sam reminded Carly of Sam and Jason's engagement, so Sam knew that. Sam once again advised Carly to go home, and to hug Josslyn, because finding Josslyn had been the only good thing to happen the previous night.

Carly insisted that she was not the enemy. Carly invited Sam to take a walk with her because Carly explained that it had helped Carly when Josslyn had been recovering from the kidney transplant. Sam wasn't interested in leaving because she wanted to be on hand when Jason returned. Sam once again ordered Carly to leave because Sam was confident that Jason would get through the crisis like he always did. Later, Sam stacked a pile of travel books on the nightstand and then curled up in Jason's hospital bed to wait for him.

At the nurses' station, Carly asked to speak to Robin because she wanted to thank Robin for persuading Jax to return Josslyn. Robin clarified that she hadn't done it for Carly. Robin blasted Carly for setting the entire events into motion by refusing to work out a satisfactory custody arrangement with Jax. Carly was stunned when Patrick revealed that Sonny had shot Robin during a scuffle with Jax. Carly felt terrible, but she explained that Jason was the only person who was capable of reigning in Sonny. Moments later, Shawn called Carly to advise her to go to the police station because it concerned her husband.

Later, Robin studied a slide under the microscope. "What the hell are you?" she asked as she looked at the slide.

At the police station, Carly explained to the desk sergeant that she was there for news about her husband. Dante glanced up just as Sonny was led into the squad room in handcuffs. Dante snidely congratulated Sonny for making bail on the murder charges, and then removed Sonny's handcuffs. Carly was stunned when she heard Dante remark that Jax was dead because of Sonny. Carly marched up to Sonny, slapped him violently across the face, and then snarled, "You bastard!"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

At ELQ, Tracy pretended that she had no idea who Gino Soleito was. Skye reminded Tracy that Gino had been Tracy's husband, who'd had the distinction of dying on their wedding night, which had made Tracy's marriage to Gino the shortest of all of Tracy's marriages. However, Skye conceded that Tracy wasn't directly to blame for Gino's death, since Tracy had hired an escort to stand in for Tracy on her wedding night. Tracy suggested that Skye get her facts straight because Tracy had faked a case of the measles on her wedding night. Tracy insisted that Gino had died of natural causes, so Tracy hadn't been responsible for Gino's untimely demise. Skye pointed out that not only had Tracy's marriage to Gino been the shortest of Tracy's marriages, but it had also been the most lucrative because Tracy had walked away with "hundreds of millions of dollars," and that the Soleito family had been none the wiser.

Tracy wondered what business it was of Skye's, so Skye suggested that knowledge was power. "Only if you have proof," Tracy replied. Tracy tried to toss Skye out of the office, but Skye had no interest in leaving when the fun had just begun. Disgusted, Tracy revealed that she had warned Edward that Skye had been looking for a handout, so Tracy thought that it would serve Edward right if Skye robbed Edward blind because he had been making a fool out of himself over Skye, just as Alan had. Skye pushed Tracy's buttons by referring to Edward as grandfather. Tracy ordered Skye to stop calling Edward that, but Skye smiled sweetly as she reminded Tracy of the time that Edward had disinherited Tracy in 1996.

According to Skye, Tracy had headed to the city to start over in SoHo. Skye reminded Tracy that Tracy had managed to carve out a nice life for herself by marrying someone who would do anything, and everything, illegal. Skye thought that it was laughable that Tracy would have the audacity to turn her nose up at Skye's relationship with Lorenzo. Tracy pointed out that the difference was that Tracy had married a mobster, while Skye had been "knocked up" by one. Tracy accused Skye of running through the "little brat's inheritance," so she vowed that Skye wouldn't get her claws into the Quartermaine fortune. Tracy suggested that Skye could crawl back into the gutter.

Skye assured Tracy that she could survive, but she doubted that Tracy could, especially after the truth was revealed. "What truth?" Tracy demanded. Skye confessed that she knew that Tracy had used her ill-gotten gains, which Tracy has skimmed from Gino's criminal empire, to buy up companies, and then merge them into ELQ. Skye was curious what Edward would think when he learned that the family business had been saved with stolen mob money. Tracy dared Skye to tell Edward because Tracy was certain that Edward would see it as an attempt at extortion. Skye reminded Tracy of Gino's three children: Carla, Gino Jr., and Gina.

Skye was confident that the Soleitos would consider ELQ rightfully theirs. Tracy wondered how Skye had heard the things that she had about Tracy and Gino, so Skye revealed that they had "friends in common." Tracy chuckled as she accused Skye of still hanging out with "hoods and thieves." Tracy discredited Skye's claims as sour grapes because Carla hadn't wanted Tracy to marry Gino. Tracy added that the other two Soleito children had been looking for handouts, just like Skye. Skye pointed out that Gino Jr. was a grown man, but Tracy wasn't intimidated.

Tracy was curious how much it would cost her for Skye to go away. Skye clarified that she wasn't in it for the money, so her silence wasn't for sale. According to Skye, Skye just wanted to find the truth. Skye admitted that she had resented how Tracy had treated her when Skye had first arrived in Port Charles. Tracy insisted that Skye hadn't been family, but Skye argued that Edward considered Skye family, as did Alan, who had adopted Skye. Skye accused Tracy of thinking that she was better than others, but it would take just a single phone call to the Securities and Exchange Commission to expose Tracy for who she really was.

Tracy doubted that Skye would hurt Edward like that. Skye confessed that all she had wanted was a home and family, but Tracy was a "blood-sucking mercenary" who had been out to take the Soleito family for all that they had been worth. Tracy informed Skye that Skye knew nothing about her, but Skye smiled confidently as she replied, "You'd be surprised." Tracy was curious what Skye intended to do. "Wouldn't you like to know?" Skye teased as she strolled out of the office. Later, Skye was on the phone with her daughter, Lila Rae.

Skye promised Lila Rae that she would return home soon with a big surprise, so she asked her daughter to behave for Grandma Rae and then ended the call. Moments later, Anthony walked into the restaurant. Skye smiled as she assured Anthony that Tracy had broken out in a cold sweat when Skye had mentioned Gino's name. Anthony admitted that Gino had that effect on people. Anthony was curious how Skye had kept up with the "waterfront politics," so Skye revealed that Lorenzo had kept a detailed dossier on everyone. At the mention of Lorenzo's name, Anthony questioned Skye about Lorenzo's fortune.

Skye admitted that she had managed to make it out of the country with a handful of files, her daughter, and her life as the thieves had closed in. Skye credited her successful escape to her good survival instincts. Anthony conceded that Swiss bank accounts were difficult to access, so Skye explained that was the reason that she had gone over the files with a fine-toothed comb; it was how she had discovered the damaging information about Tracy. Anthony admitted that he had always suspected that Tracy had absconded with mob money, but he had never been able to prove it until Skye had pieced everything together. Skye pointed out that being a shareholder at ELQ had given her access to information that Anthony didn't have. Anthony regretted that he had not reached out to the Alcazar brothers, but Skye explained that Lorenzo had been a lone wolf, so Lorenzo wouldn't have been interested in joining forces with Anthony.

The conversation took an unpleasant turn when Anthony mentioned that Skye had helped herself to Gino Jr. Skye stood up, prepared to leave, as she informed Anthony that if he had a problem with her methods then he could work alone. Anthony assured Skye that he liked a woman who played to her strengths. Skye reminded Anthony that he wasn't the only person who was interested in what she had to offer, so Anthony promised Skye that she and her daughter wouldn't want for anything for the rest of their lives if she worked with him. Skye relaxed as she admitted that the satisfaction of getting one over on Tracy was almost worth more than the money, but not quite.

At ELQ, Tracy was deep in thought as she looked out the window. After several minutes, she went to her desk and then glanced at the credenza across the room. She walked over to it, pulled a key from behind a mirror, and then unlocked the credenza. Moments later, Tracy retrieved a hidden folder in the back of the drawer.

At the police station, Carly was stunned when she heard Dante accuse Sonny of murdering Jax. Sonny admitted that he wouldn't cry if it were revealed that Jax had died. Furious, Carly marched up to Sonny, violently slapped him across the face, and then yelled, "You bastard!" Carly demanded that Sonny admit that he had killed Jax, but Sonny refused to discuss anything without his attorney present. Carly resented Sonny hiding behind Diane, so she insisted that Sonny look her in the eye, and tell her the truth. Sonny offered to talk to her in the car, so he reached for her arm to lead her away, but Carly jerked her arm out of Sonny's grasp.

Dante told Carly that shortly after Jax had taken off in the jet, the plane had crashed into the harbor. According to Dante, the jet had broken apart upon impact. Carly's eyes filled with tears as Dante assured her that they had dive teams searching for a body, but he didn't want to give Carly false hope because Jax had likely perished in the crash. Carly turned to Sonny for answers, but Sonny insisted that he would only speak to her privately. Dante suggested that Sonny simply wanted to get their cover stories straight. Carly vowed to think of a way to punish Sonny for what he had done.

Sonny and Carly eventually went to the interrogation room to talk. Sonny explained that the plane shouldn't have been able to take off, so he had no idea how Jax had managed to get the jet into the air. Sonny insisted that he had only been trying to protect Josslyn, but Carly didn't believe Sonny. Carly accused Sonny of wanting to kill Jax because of what had happened with Brenda. Sonny begged Carly not to listen to Dante's lies because Dante wanted to pin the murder on him, but Carly refused to let Sonny play the victim. She was curious what Sonny's plan had been.

Cary was certain that Sonny had intended to lure Jax out of the plane, put a bullet in Jax, and then dump the body at the Pine Barrens, along with Sonny's other victims. Sonny explained that Carly's comments were the reason that he had refused to discuss the matter with her in the squad room. Carly wondered if Sonny had considered how Jax's death would affect Morgan and Michael. She once again accused Sonny of wanting Jax gone because of Brenda. Carly admitted that she couldn't blame Brenda for leaving Sonny. Sonny's temper flared as he reminded Carly that she had sought him out for help with Josslyn.

Carly insisted that Sonny had gone too far, but Sonny reminded her that Jax had been the one who had decided to kidnap Josslyn after Jax had gotten his feelings hurt by the judge's ruling. Sonny was certain that Carly would never have seen Josslyn again if he hadn't acted. Carly was confident that she could have reasoned with Jax, and then reminded Sonny that Shawn had managed to persuade Jax to change his mind about taking Josslyn, so it had been possible. Carly accused Sonny of being hurt because Brenda had decided to leave him. Sonny admitted that all he had wanted was to take care of Brenda, but Jax had filled Brenda's head with lies.

Carly insisted that Brenda had been right to leave Sonny because Sonny wasn't safe for children, or anyone. Sonny was stunned that Carly had turned against him, but Carly argued that Jason had let Lucky raise Jake for a reason. "Look how that turned out," Sonny replied. Carly reminded Sonny that Michael had spent a year in a coma because of a bullet that had been meant for Sonny. Carly also pointed out that Sonny had invited Claudia, who had been an "unstable bitch," into their lives, which had resulted in Michael going to jail for killing her. Sonny insisted that he had been trying to keep the peace by marrying Claudia, so that everyone would be safe.

Carly explained that no one would ever be safe around Sonny because there would always be someone after Sonny. Carly insisted that Jax had been a better parent than Sonny, and then suggested that Sonny was afraid to be alone, but he refused to put his children first. Sonny warned Carly not to try to turn the children against him, but Carly assured him that she wouldn't have to because they would hate Sonny for what he had done to Jax. Carly made it clear that she was through with Sonny, but he didn't believe her because she would have cut ties with him long before. Carly admitted that she had always found a way to forgive him because she knew that he was capable of ripping his life apart, so she hadn't wanted to be responsible for that. "And now?" Sonny wondered.

"I'm done," Carly replied. Carly claimed that she didn't "give a damn" about Sonny anymore. She made it clear that she wanted him to stay away from her, and the children. Sonny reminded her that Michael and Morgan were his children too. "Not anymore," Carly shot back and then stormed out. Shortly afterwards, Dante entered the interrogation room to let Sonny know that Sonny was free to go.

However, Dante suggested that Sonny not expect anyone to be waiting for Sonny at home. Sonny claimed that he was a big boy, so he could handle it, but Dante argued that inside, Sonny was a sad, angry kid from Bensonhurst, who had "come full circle." Dante advised Sonny to move to the private island where everyone was paid to pretend to like Sonny. After Dante left, Sonny picked up her personal effects, including the key to his home.

At the hospital, Ethan was on the cell phone when he accidentally bumped into Epiphany. Ethan apologized and then jokingly suggested that perhaps that was the reason that cell phones weren't permitted in the hospital. Epiphany explained that the reason that they didn't allow cell phones in the hospital was because the hospital was a big petri dish of germs, so she suggested that Ethan not loan his cell phone to anyone on staff.

Darryl, the janitor, slipped into Siobhan's hospital room as she groggily called out for Lucky. Darryl welcomed her back to the land of the living, so Siobhan asked where she was. Darryl explained that she was in the hospital because she had been involved in a car accident. As Darryl spoke to Siobhan, he checked the machines and then started to fiddle with her I.V. He assured her not to worry, and then promised her that he would make everything better. Seconds later, Ethan entered the room. "Can I help you?" Ethan asked.

Darryl assured Ethan that he was there to help, but Ethan was suspicious because it had been the second time that he had found Darryl in Siobhan's room. Darryl claimed that he had simply tried to offer comfort when he had noticed that Siobhan's eyes were open as he passed her room. After Darryl left, Ethan asked Siobhan what she remembered about the accident. Siobhan had brief flashes of the night of the accident, including Lucky leaving their apartment, the nosebleed, and her argument with Liz on the waterfront. Later, Matt checked on Siobhan. He assured Ethan that it was normal for Siobhan to be a bit disoriented because she was in tremendous pain.

Matt admitted that it was a miracle that Liz had escaped the accident without injury, but he credited Liz for keeping Siobhan stabilized until the ambulance had arrived. Ethan was curious if Siobhan were okay, so Matt explained that they had to run some tests, but he was confident that she would recover. Matt then questioned Siobhan about the accident, but her memories remained disjointed. She kept mentioning the staircase, which baffled Matt and Ethan because they believed that Siobhan had sustained her injuries in a car accident. Siobhan recalled her argument with Liz on the top of the staircase, and then the fall, but she seemed confused about when it had happened. Matt advised Siobhan not to push herself because she needed to rest.

A short time later, Matt returned to check on Siobhan. Siobhan explained that she couldn't sleep because too much was going on inside her head. Matt offered to give her some medication, but Siobhan refused. She wanted to talk to Liz.

Meanwhile, Darryl updated Anthony. Darryl admitted that he had been about to kill Siobhan when Lucky's brother had entered the room. Anthony was annoyed that Darryl hadn't been able to follow instructions, but Darryl insisted that he couldn't have killed Siobhan with a witness present. Darryl was startled when Anthony suddenly produced a knife. Darryl promised to finish the job, but Anthony decided that he couldn't send a boy to do a man's work. Anthony slid the knife across his palm, slicing it open, as he laughed diabolically.

At the hospital, Liz pulled Matt towards the supply closet. Matt thought that Liz wanted to have a tryst with him, but she quickly clarified that she wanted him to test a bottle of medication. Matt noticed that the bottle that she had handed to him contained hydrocodone. He was curious what she was doing with it, so Liz replied, "Research." Matt reminded her that hydrocodone was addictive. Liz was taken aback at Matt's implication that she might be an addict, so he quickly assured her that the thought hadn't crossed his mind.

Liz revealed that she needed him to find out the potency of the pills. She had intended to do it herself, but she couldn't enter the lab because Robin's new security measures had made it impossible. Matt was flattered when Liz admitted that she trusted Matt to be discreet, so she wanted him to use his access to the labs to test the pills. Matt reminded her that the lab technicians were very territorial, so it wouldn't be easy for him to get into the lab. He wanted to know what was going on, since his career might be on the line if he were caught doing something that he shouldn't. Liz explained that it was confidential, so she took the bottle of pills back.

Matt snatched the bottle out of her hand, assured her that he would take care of it, and then left. A short time later, Matt managed to slip into the lab when the lab tech left for a break. After testing the pills, Matt pulled Liz away from the nurses' station to reveal that the pills had been mislabeled; the dosage of the pills was lower than the label had claimed. Liz felt vindicated, so Matt was curious why she hadn't reported it. He reminded her that she could lose her job, but Liz revealed that it was complicated, so she wanted him to trust her.

Later, Lucky arrived at the hospital. He wondered if Siobhan were awake, so Liz apologized for not leaving a clearer message. She explained that she had a patient who had complained that the pain medication hadn't been working, so Liz had gotten it tested. The test had revealed that the medication had been passed off as twice as strong as it actually was. Lucky warned Liz that it was too risky for her to be involved, and that she could get into trouble. He assured her that she didn't have anything to prove because he didn't blame her for what had happened.

Lucky insisted that it was his fault that Siobhan was in the hospital, but Liz disagreed. Lucky didn't want Liz to absolve him of wrongdoing because he had been the one to keep Siobhan in the country, and he had been the reason that Siobhan had been at the waterfront. Liz refused to let Lucky blame himself, but Lucky realized that she was concerned that he might start popping pills again. Lucky insisted that he needed to take down the people responsible for the drug ring, but Liz feared for Lucky's safety. She urged him to consider stepping down from the case. Lucky wondered if she had doubts about him staying clean.

Liz insisted that she didn't want to make things harder on him. Liz warned Lucky that it would be more difficult to fight the lure of the drugs when he still had drugs in his system, but Lucky argued that the craving for drugs would always be a part of him. However, it helped him to know that people believed in him. Liz promised Lucky that she would always believe in him.

Meanwhile, Matt saw Liz hand the bottle of hydrocodone to Lucky as Lucky entered the elevator.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lulu wrote a note for Dante as she prepared to leave the loft, but Dante arrived home before Lulu could decamp. Dante said that he'd had a bad night. Lulu said that she was not happy with the outcome of her conversation with Lucky either. Dante said that seeing Lulu made everything better. They started kissing passionately and made love. In the afterglow, as they lay in bed, Lulu asked about Dante's jaw. Dante told her about his encounter with Sonny on Jax's plane and the possibility that Jax was dead. Dante said that where Sonny was concerned, Dante felt like a little kid with daddy issues.

Lulu said that she was worried about what Lucky was doing and why he had left the hospital instead of staying by Siobhan's side. Lulu said that she was convinced that Lucky was hiding something. Dante complained about the cold when Lulu gave him an ice pack for his swollen jaw. Lulu laughingly told him to man up. Lulu was delighted when Dante said that he had taken the day off so he could spend the day celebrating Lulu's birthday. Lulu was touched that Dante remembered. Dante said that Lulu deserved to be remembered every day, especially on her birthday.

Dante took a gilt-wrapped box out of a cupboard and gave it to Lulu. Lulu told Dante that knowing he loved her was more special that anything in the box. Dante teased Lulu about opening the present. Lulu took her time as she carefully unwrapped the box. Inside she found a key to the loft. She was puzzled because she already had one. Dante said the key went with what else was in the box. When Lulu looked deeper she found a doorplate engraved, "Falconeri/Spencer." When Lulu still did not get it. Dante said that it was his slick, awesome way of asking Lulu to move in with him.

At General Hospital, Matt found Liz and told her that Siobhan was conscious and asking for her. Matt wanted to know where Lucky was. Matt said he had seen Liz with Lucky at the hospital. Matt told Liz that she was taking some very big risks for Lucky. Matt warned that if anything went wrong, Liz could lose her medical license.

Anthony entered GH with a bandaged hand. When Epiphany demanded to know what Anthony wanted, he said that he needed treatment for a horticultural mishap. Anthony claimed that he had cut his hand while pruning orchids. Epiphany gruffly told him to sit down. Skye sailed off the elevator and up to Epiphany. Skye wanted information about Jason, but Epiphany refused to disclose any information to her. Skye's phone rang. When she answered, Anthony said he wanted the information he was paying her for. Skye said she was busy and besides, the money Anthony had promised had not been transferred to her account.

Anthony said that they were closer than Skye thought and waved at her from across the lobby. Anthony said that Skye would get her money as soon as he got the flash drive she was holding. Skye said that Anthony would get the drive when Skye got the money. Anthony and Skye made arrangements to meet at a warehouse on the shady side of town one hour later.

Lucky confronted JT on the docks. Lucky wanted to know why JT had tried to kill him. JT said he had not been trying to kill Lucky. He said he had been trying to show Lucky a really good time by giving Lucky some of JT's best stuff. Lucky said that he was buzzing and needed some more of JT's product. JT said he felt like Lucky was setting him up for a bust.

JT searched Lucky for a wire and found the bottle of half-strength pills that Liz had given Lucky at GH. JT thought that Lucky had found another supplier. JT said that he could not trust Lucky unless he took a pill. Lucky tried to make excuses, but finally took one of the low-dose pills.

JT said that Lucky looked distressed after taking a pill. Lucky said that JT knew how it was, love it, hate it, all at the same time. JT said he would love to trust Lucky, but Lucky's badge was in the way. Matt was in his scrubs when he happened on Lucky and JT. When he noticed JT holding the pills from GH, Matt chastised Lucky for giving the pills away. Matt was so convincing as Lucky's other supplier that JT left after telling Lucky that they would talk again.

Once alone, Lucky wanted to know how much Matt knew. Matt said he had seen Liz give Lucky the pills, and he had been the one to test them. Matt wanted to know what the pills from GH had to do with Lucky's investigation, but Lucky refused to divulge any information. Matt warned Lucky to leave Liz out of his undercover work. Matt warned that Liz's career could be in serious jeopardy if she continued to abet Lucky. Lucky agreed. Matt told Lucky that Siobhan was awake. Matt added that Lucky would know that if he had bothered to stay at his wife's side.

Outside Jason's hospital room, Robin told Patrick that the biopsy Patrick had performed had not caused Jason's seizure. The most recent test results had turned up the problem. Inside the room, Sam tried to calm Jason down and keep him in bed. Jason was angry and wanted to leave because all he could think about was how he had woken up another time to a roomful of people that he did not remember. Jason said that he did not want to stay in bed.

Sam asked if Jason would stay to save his life and preserve what he and Sam wanted from life. When Jason did not answer, Sam said that perhaps it had been a mistake for them to get engaged. Jason calmed down. Sam begged him to at least wait until the doctors had the test results before leaving GH.

Robin and Patrick entered with the results. Jason wanted to know what had happened to Robin's arm. Robin told about Sonny pulling a gun on Jax in Robin's living room and how Robin had been cut on a vase that had been broken during the ensuing scuffle. Patrick added that Sonny had acted out in front of Emma. Jason was horrified and wanted to go to Sonny immediately and stop him. Robin said that she had never seen Sonny like that before. Robin told Jason that it was not worth risking his life. Patrick added that Jason could have a seizure at any time.

Robin said that she and Patrick knew what was causing the seizures. She said that there was a very small non-organic mass in Jason's frontal lobe that had started moving as a result of the car accident. Jason said that keeping him in bed would not stop the seizures. Robin said that drugs would not help. Patrick told Jason that he could not live forever with a ticking time bomb in his head. Patrick said that the seizures would get worse and worse until Jason simply would not wake up again.

Jason insisted that they try drug therapy. As Jason tried to get out of bed, he had a seizure. Patrick and Robin got Jason stabilized. Jason said that he was tired and had a bad headache. Robin asked if Jason could handle more tests. Jason told the doctors to do what they had to. Sam comforted Jason and said that everything would be okay. Jason said that it had to be because he was getting married.

Epiphany checked on Siobhan and gave Siobhan her personal belongings, including Siobhan's wedding ring. Siobhan was touched. Liz entered Siobhan's room as Epiphany left. Liz told Siobhan that Matt had done a very good job. Siobhan said that Liz was probably wondering what Siobhan would tell the police. Liz said, "The truth, hopefully."

Siobhan wanted to know about Lucky. Liz told her what had happened. Siobhan thanked Liz for being there for Lucky. Siobhan said the reality was that when Lucky needed help, he turned to Liz. Siobhan said that she was tired. Siobhan told Liz she remembered the argument they had had, but she did not remember anything that happened between the warehouse and GH. Liz said that Siobhan would not let Liz put a seatbelt on her.

Siobhan said that it would be comforting to believe that Liz was evil. Liz said that she would not deliberately hurt Siobhan. Siobhan said that she would like to call Liz a liar, but Liz had been the one who believed in Lucky and had saved him. Siobhan said that she needed to talk to Lucky because she might know some important information that could help his case. Siobhan asked Liz to go find Lucky. Anthony was listening outside the door.

After Liz left Siobhan, Anthony entered the room and said, "What is it they say about the luck of the Irish? Today I'm thinking it's the Italians."

Skye was jittery and talking to herself while she waited for Anthony near a run-down warehouse on the waterfront. When she heard a noise and investigated, Skye found an unconscious Jax near a pile of wooden crates.

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