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Ronan suspected Adam had killed Diane. Jack vowed to fight Victor for custody of Kyle. Tucker lied about a rash on his wrist. Ronan questioned Phyllis about an acrylic nail found at the crime scene. Kevin broke up with Chloe.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 8, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, August 8, 2011

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Lily told Daniel that people looking at her would never believe the drama she had survived. Daniel replied, "People looking at me would think how damn lucky I am to be with you." Daniel leaned forward and kissed Lily on the lips. Daniel said perhaps he shouldn't have kissed Lily, but she insisted that it was fine with her. Lily declared that she was over Cane. Lily maintained that she could not build a future with a man who refused to be honest with her. Lily announced that she would end her marriage.

Daniel advised Lily to contact an attorney first, and then let the attorney contact Cane about the divorce. Lily said she had to consider her children first and didn't want to become bitter and vindictive like Cane's mom had become. Daniel held Lily's hand and offered to accompany her when she broke the news to Cane. Lily asked Daniel to wait for her at the coffeehouse while she visited Cane alone. Before she left, Daniel said, "Be strong!" Lily smiled nervously and said she would.

While Daniel awaited Lily's return, he sat at the counter and visited with Kevin, who asked about Lucy. Daniel said he hadn't seen Lucy because he wasn't on speaking terms with his mother. Kevin asked if Daniel had at least checked in with his mother after Diane's murder. Daniel said he had and that Phyllis believed Adam was the murderer. Kevin replied, "That's a pretty popular vote." Daniel had mentioned his concern for Lily, so Kevin urged him to call her. Daniel, uneasy, said he couldn't because Lily was unavailable for a while.

At Jimmy's Bar, Cane remembered seeing Daniel kiss Lily when the two stopped by the bar recently. Colin arrived and said, "My usual." Cane said he couldn't recall his father's favorite drink. Colin recalled that Cane and Caleb had often fought over who'd make their father's drink. Genevieve, standing nearby, approached and agreed when Cane replied, "Another example of how you used to pit us against each other just to prove what a lousy father you are."

Genevieve told Cane to serve his father a particular drink made to exacting specifications, but Cane made no effort to do so. Genevieve scoffed and said, "Looks like no one is as interested in pleasing you and they once were!" Colin suggested his ex-wife leave town. Genevieve flashed her ring and reminded Colin that they were still married. He said he'd remedy the situation soon. Genevieve insisted that Genoa City was a perfect fit for her. She praised herself for growing gorgeous orchids and said she'd even purchased the estate she'd been renting. Cane promptly turned down his mother's offer to move back in.

Exasperated, Cane suggested his parents get on a plane and go home to Australia. Colin said that Jill was keeping him in Genoa City. Cane said he doubted Jill would ever have anything to do with Colin. Colin replied, "I never knew a woman that I couldn't get if I really put my mind to it." Genevieve sighed. Before Genevieve turned to leave, she begged Cane to drop by her home some time.

Colin grabbed Genevieve's arm and said, "What about an offer for me to drop by?" Genevieve replied, "I don't think my other overnight guests would appreciate that." Colin laughed heartily as Genevieve walked out. Colin turned to Cane and said Cane could talk to his father about his problems. Cane assured Colin that he had no time for his father or his mother. Colin replied, "Loneliness gets old."

After Colin left, Lily arrived, and Cane greeted her. Without stepping close to the bar, Lily said, "I just came in person to tell you that I am going to be filing for divorce." Cane walked around the bar, stood face-to-face with Lily, and asked her to reconsider. Lily insisted the divorce was what she wanted. After Lily said she intended to file for full custody of their children, Cane asked if he could have supervised visits. Cane said, "I don't expect you to forgive me, but please don't punish Charlie and Mattie for my mistakes because they need a father in their life. Don't do it for me; do it for their sake." After Lily left, Cane gazed longingly at a photo of himself with Lily and the kids.

After Lily returned from her visit with Cane, Daniel asked her how it had gone. Lily, subdued, said, "It went okay. He's not happy, but he's not going to fight the divorce." Distracted, Lily added that Cane had requested visitation with the twins. Daniel replied, "I hope you laughed in his face." Lily reminded Daniel that Cane was her children's father. Daniel warned Lily that Cane would use the visits to manipulate her. Lily said, "No matter what, he and I are through!"

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill and Esther stood nearby as Nina talked to an army captain on the phone. After hanging up, Nina explained that Chance was on a secret assignment. Esther tried to comfort Nina and said that maybe the mission was not a dangerous one. Jill added that perhaps the mission was politically sensitive, hence the secrecy. Nina cried, "I don't have to imagine the worst because I have been through it. I don't think I can go through it again."

Jill told Esther and Nina about losing contact with Billy. Jill cried that Billy resented her. Nina urged Jill to reach out to Billy. Jill explained that in Billy's opinion, everything she said and did was wrong. Nina explained that Chance knew exactly what he meant to her, and she suggested Jill open the lines of communication between herself and Billy.

At the police station, Paul berated Ronan for not making contact with his mother, Nina. Ronan said he didn't consider Nina to be his mother. Nina arrived looking for Paul and was shocked to see Ronan. He told Nina he'd been assigned to investigate Diane Jenkins' murder. Nina, bewildered, said she'd never even known if he'd recovered after his transplant surgery. She asked him where he'd been, but Ronan said he couldn't say. Nina, growing annoyed, admonished Ronan for taking part of his brother's liver, and then pretending it had never happened. Ronan refused to elaborate.

Nina cried that she had defended Ronan by telling his detractors that he'd had a good reason to vanish without saying a word. Nina told Ronan that he was the most unfeeling person she'd ever known. Ronan begged Nina to keep her voice down, but she yelled, "You pissed me off, and you're going to hear about it!" Paul stepped into the room and greeted Nina. She yelled at Paul for not mentioning anything about Ronan in his phone messages. Ronan seemed hurt when Nina told him she looked upon him as a stranger and not as a son. Ronan rushed out.

Nina apologized for snapping at Paul. She told Paul that Ronan's behavior was unbelievable. Nina said that Ronan had told her that his adoptive parents were wonderful people, but Nina, shaking her head, said those parents had raised a jerk. Paul said Heather was unaware that Ronan had returned, but Paul added that he believed Heather still hoped to see Ronan again. Nina, grimacing, cried that she'd hoped Ronan might return with a plausible explanation in order to justify Heather's faith in him.

Nina told Paul that Chance was away on a secret mission. Nina cried, "I have one son I may never see again, and another who never wants to see me again." Paul embraced Nina and comforted her. Nina said she'd gotten through Chance's previous three deployments and would get through his latest one. Paul said it would be easier for Nina if she had Ronan's support. Nina, near tears, said Ronan had made it clear he didn't want to be part of her life. She added that she felt the same way about him.

At the coffeehouse, Kevin made his feelings known after Chloe mentioned that Delia missed spending time with Billy. Kevin maintained that Delia should have Billy in her life. Chloe explained that Billy was always out of control. Chloe cried that she was saddened for her daughter, and she told Kevin that he was making matters worse. Finding it difficult to communicate, Kevin and Chloe agreed that they'd grown far apart. Chloe said that she missed having fun with Kevin. Chloe cried that she wished they could get their relationship back on track. Kevin promised they would.

Esther stopped by and told Chloe privately that Nina had been unable to contact Chance because he was involved with a top-secret mission. Chloe was miffed at first, but then she apologized and offered sympathy for Nina. Chloe said, "First Nina loses Chance, and then Ronan. How much is one woman supposed to take?" Esther offered to keep Delia, so Chloe could get some rest. Chloe admitted she was upset because her relationship with Kevin had soured. Esther tried to cheer Chloe and reminded her that Kevin loved her.

After Esther left, Ronan arrived. He smiled and eagerly greeted Chloe. She backed away and said, "What are you doing here?" Kevin approached and ordered Ronan to get out because he wasn't welcome. Kevin placed his arm around Chloe and said, "After the way you treated her, you have no right coming anywhere near her!" After Ronan left, Chloe turned to Kevin and asked rhetorically, "Why is he back?"

At Victoria's, Victor stunned his daughter when he announced that he was pulling the plug on the Beauty of Nature ad campaign. Victor explained that Abby had been the one who'd hit and injured Tucker McCall. He said Abby had been driving drunk, so Ashley had lied to protect her. Victor said that Abby had been remorseful and apologetic when she told Tucker, and he had opted not to press charges. The problem, Victor explained, was an unreleased video in which Abby had confessed. Diane Jenkins had obtained the video, so proceeding with Abby at the spokesmodel would not be a sound business decision.

Victoria told her father about Genevieve Atkinson's recent visit and about her innovative ideas. Victor cited the bad press the family had received in the newspapers and told Victoria he didn't want the Atkinson woman associated with Beauty of Nature. Victoria agreed and said perhaps the woman was just being sociable. Victoria admitted that the impromptu encounter with Genevieve, a stranger, should have been awkward, but it wasn't.

Victoria said she needed to brainstorm ideas for a new ad campaign, so Victor said he'd head to the gym. After Victor left, Victoria checked her phone and was disappointed to discover no messages or missed calls from Billy. Genevieve stopped by and told Victoria she was sorry to hear about what had happened to Diane Jenkins. Victoria explained that she and Diane, her ex-stepmother, had never been close. Victoria said it was heartbreaking for Diane's son, Kyle. Victoria explained that Kyle was her nephew. Genevieve said she hoped the boy's family would be able to shield him from the details of his mother's violent death.

Victoria changed the subject and said she'd mentioned Genevieve's interesting ideas to Victor. Genevieve eyes widened, and she smiled. Victoria added that Genevieve had just missed Victor, who'd gone to the Genoa City Athletic Club to work out with a punching bag. Genevieve said, "Well, I am sure we'll bump into each other at some point." Genevieve excused herself and left.

Jill stopped by seeking news about Billy. Victoria said she'd been unable to contact Billy. Jill said it was not a good sign if Billy refused to respond to Victoria's calls. Jill admitted that she was dealing with a difficult situation she couldn't discuss. Victoria told Jill that Billy truly needed a lifeline. Jill replied, "I would so love to be that for him. Actually, I think I need it more than he does." Tears filled Victoria's eyes, and she said, "If you find Billy, will you tell him to call me?"

Genevieve showed up in the gym at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Victor was jabbing ferociously at the punching bag. Genevieve, grinning, said, "I'm not sure who you're picturing on that bag, but I'm sure glad it's not me." After Genevieve introduced herself, she told Victor she was sorry for his loss. Victor told Genevieve that his daughter had just told him about her. Genevieve, pretending not to know, replied, "Was it Abby or Victoria?"

Victor told Genevieve that Victoria had mentioned her and had been very impressed. Genevieve said she'd been impressed by Victoria, who was a very sharp young woman. Genevieve indicated the punching bag with her perfectly manicured nails and said, "I've always wanted to try this, but I was afraid of looking like a fool." Victor helped Genevieve don a pair of red gloves. He showed her how to properly jab the bag, and she punched it hard. Victor asked Genevieve to tell him who she'd pictured on the bag, but she kept mum.

After Victor's workout, he returned and told Victoria about running into Genevieve at the gym. Victoria told her father she'd told Genevieve that he'd be there. Victoria's cell phone rang. She was relieved when she saw Billy's number on the screen. The caller identified herself as an employee of Hong Kong Airline and said that Billy had left his phone behind on a plane. After the call ended, Victoria, saddened, said, "He left me." Victor shook his head.

In the lounge at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Colin saw Jill sobbing. He approached her and asked if she was all right. Jill told Colin about Chance and said there was nothing anyone could do but pray. Jill sobbed and said, "Oh, my God, Colin, I can't lose him, too." Moving guardedly, Colin put his arm around Jill, and she leaned her head against his. Genevieve, having changed out of her gym clothes, entered the lounge area, shaking her throbbing hands. Genevieve seemed taken aback when she noticed Jill sitting cozily with Colin.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Victoria was stunned to learn that Billy had walked out on her and flown to Hong Kong. Victor assumed that Billy had returned to his wayward ways. Victoria believed that Billy left his phone on the plane to Hong Kong on purpose. Victoria didn't know how she could justify Billy's actions to his family. Victor condemned Billy for being a coward and a reprobate. Victoria asked her father not to denigrate Billy. Victor apologized for being so blunt, but Victor hated that Billy had hurt Victoria. Victor said that he always suspected that Billy would break Victoria's heart. Victoria asked Victor not to trash Billy to her.

Tucker was pleasantly surprised when Ashley was back in the apartment. Ashley said that she wasn't staying, that she was there to get some of her belongings. Ashley had expected Tucker to be at his occupational therapy session. Tucker said the time had been changed. Ashley asked him how it had gone. Tucker was frustrated with his lack of progress. Tucker was worried that the public would learn about his brain ailment and that it would hurt McCall Unlimited. Ashley received a phone call, but when Tucker asked about the call, Ashley refused to confide in Tucker. Tucker wondered if Ashley had told Abby about the fact that he'd lied about the one-night stand with Diane. Ashley said she hadn't told Abby yet, but Ashley was still mad at Tucker.

Tucker admitted that he missed Ashley. Ashley couldn't forget that Tucker had slept with Diane. Ashley walked out of the apartment. Tucker looked at the front page of the financial paper and saw a picture of Kay. The story was all about Kay running Tucker's company.

Tucker placed a call and ordered the person on the line to his apartment. When the employee arrived, Tucker interrogated him about the newspaper story. Tucker reminded the man that he'd signed a confidentiality agreement. Tucker accused the employee of selling private information about Tucker to the tabloids. Tucker fired the man and threatened to destroy the man's life if he said one more word to the media about Tucker.

Neil met with Kay, and she explained how she'd gotten the judge to allow her to continue to run McCall Unlimited. Kay felt that she had to move quickly before Tucker resumed control of McCall. Kay explained her plan to Neil. Kay wanted to use Chancellor Industries to regain control of Jabot. Neil pointed out that it would look like Kay had gotten Tucker declared incompetent so that Kay could manipulate the Jabot situation in Chancellor Industries' favor. Kay said that to guard against that impression, Kay would have Chancellor purchase Jabot for double the value of the cosmetics company.

Neil said that Tucker would freak out if Kay snatched Jabot from McCall Unlimited. Neil felt that Kay was crossing Tucker needlessly. Neil reminded Kay that Jabot mattered more to Tucker than other properties because of Tucker's connection to Ashley. Kay mentioned that she'd also moved to have Ashley and Tucker's marriage annulled. Neil surmised that Kay was trying to create a smokescreen. Kay said that she would inform Tucker of the Jabot sale to Chancellor, but Kay planned to make Tucker so preoccupied with the annulment, that he would miss her Jabot maneuver. Neil was skeptical about Kay's plan.

Kay arrived at Tucker's with a pile of file folders and documents for him to sign. Tucker was furious with Kay, but she tried to act like she was concerned for Tucker's well-being. Kay asked Tucker not to overburden himself with work. Tucker told Kay that he was ready to resume control of his company. Kay handed Tucker the files and asked him to go through them and sign where indicated. Tucker suspected that Kay was trying to trick him again, as she had before the competency hearing. Tucker said he'd look over the files and assured Kay that he would not screw up.

At state prison, Sharon told Sam that Diane Jenkins had been murdered in the park. Sam learned about Diane when Sharon explained that Diane had not been well liked by people in Genoa City. Sam said he had read that there were a lot of suspects in Diane's killing. Sam believed that Adam might have done it. Sharon still couldn't believe that Adam was vindictively keeping the evidence that could clear Sharon from her.

Sharon thanked Sam for being so supportive. Sharon mentioned that she'd received a letter from Piper. Piper's letter had made Sharon very happy. Sam said that Sharon had made many people feel good when she stayed at the farm, not only Piper. Sharon thanked Sam for making her incarceration in prison tolerable.

Sharon's attorney, Avery, ran into Adam and Elena in the hall outside his suite at the Athletic Club. Avery told Adam that they were neighbors because Avery was also staying at the hotel. Adam let Avery know that he was onto the fact that she was an attorney. Avery walked away. Elena went into Adam's suite with him. Elena wanted to get romantic, but Adam needed to speak with Elena about the night of Diane's murder. Adam asked Elena to be his alibi for the night of Diane's murder. Adam told Elena to follow his lead when the police questioned Adam.

At the police station, Ronan looked at the suspect board and noted that every person that Diane had texted the night of her murder had denied being in the park at all. Ronan believed that Adam was the most likely suspect. The key evidence was the impression of a ring on the victim's body. Ronan believed that if he found the owner of the ring, he would be closer to identifying the killer.

Ronan went to see Adam at his hotel room. Adam sent Elena into the bathroom while Adam spoke with the detective. Ronan told Adam that his alibi from the night of the murder didn't hold up because the bartender's story differed from Adam's. Adam said that Abby had been with him at the bar that night, too. Adam mentioned that Abby might not remember very much because Abby had been drinking too much. Ronan said he didn't think that Adam's sister would implicate Adam in a murder. Adam said that his family hated him, including Abby.

Adam declared that he had an alibi, and her name was Elena. Adam called Elena into the room. Adam said Elena would vouch for him because they had been together the night Diane was killed. Ronan had some questions for Elena. Adam wondered why Ronan was grilling Elena. Adam contended that he'd spent the night with Elena. Ronan asked if Elena knew that Adam was a suspect in the Town Park murder case. Elena was stunned. Ronan said that he hoped the security footage would support Adam's alibi. Ronan sent Elena away so that he could speak with Adam privately.

Adam felt persecuted by Ronan's interrogation. Ronan said there was a lapse in the timeline that Adam had provided. Adam hadn't charged a drink at the bar until after Diane was killed in the park. Ronan said that Adam had had time to go to the park and kill Diane before going to the bar. Ronan asked if he could search Adam's suite. Adam refused Ronan's request.

Adam said the fourth amendment protected him for illegal searches. Ronan stunned Adam by producing a search warrant signed by a judge. Ronan and the cops searched the suite. Adam was bored with the police ransacking his room. A cop showed Ronan that he'd found a Harvard signet ring in Adam's belongings. Ronan believed the ring was the one that had left the imprint on Diane's body.

In Switzerland, Jack was overjoyed to see Kyle. Kyle was surprised to see his father and asked Jack why he was there instead of Diane. Kyle had expected his mother to arrive for him. Jack told Kyle that he had bad news. Jack explained to Kyle that Diane was dead. Kyle thought that Jack was lying. Kyle suggested that Jack was trying to trick Kyle into leaving with Jack. Kyle wanted the details of his mother's death.

Jack reluctantly confessed that Diane had been murdered, that she'd been struck several times and suffered a fatal head injury. Kyle was upset that he'd never see his mother again. Jack embraced Kyle. The attendant expressed condolences to Jack and Kyle. Jack asked Kyle if he was ready to go home. Back in Genoa City, Kyle wished that Jack could get Kyle's mother back. Jack told Kyle that Diane had adored him.

Ashley arrived at Victoria's and said that nobody in the Abbott family had heard from Billy. Ashley told Victor that Jack had gone to retrieve Kyle from the boarding school and to break the news about Diane's death. Victor was concerned about Kyle. Victoria asked to speak with Ashley in private. Victor apologized to Victoria for Billy's failings. Victor left, and Victoria said that her father had rubbed it in to Victoria about Billy's actions.

Victoria told Ashley that she and Billy had made love before Billy walked out on her. Victoria was confused by Billy's reaction to their having made love. Victoria felt rejected. Ashley received an email from Billy. Ashley read it and told Victoria that Billy wrote that he had returned to Asia and was doing well. Victoria wondered why he'd email his sisters and brother, but not her. Victoria believed her marriage had reached an end.

Victor called Michael to arrange to see him right away. Victor went to Jack's house to see Kyle. Victor offered his sympathy to Kyle. Kyle went to his bedroom. Jack wanted to know why Victor couldn't have waited to stop by after Kyle had settled back home. Victor handed Jack the custody document he'd made with Diane. Victor was there to take Kyle because Diane had left custody of Kyle to Victor.

At the prison, Avery met with Sharon and Sam and said she'd bumped into Adam at the Athletic Club. Sharon warned Avery that Adam was very sharp, and Adam could be onto Avery's real reason for speaking with him. Avery said that she'd moved into the Athletic Club to be able to rattle Adam. Avery was determined to have the judge's ruling overturned so that Sharon could get a new trial. Avery expressed her frustration with the judicial system, but that make Avery more determined to fight for her clients.

Avery said that Sharon was Avery's only client, per Victor's request. Avery also informed Sharon that she had a team working on Sharon's behalf. Sharon was surprised. Sam said he had seen Avery's team, and Sam was impressed. Avery explained that her team was students, not lawyers. Avery said that the students had passion for their efforts and were not seeking headlines. Sharon was skeptical about the team. Avery told Sharon that her team had save 23 people from death row convictions. Avery wanted her team to get to work for Sharon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jack was stunned to hear Victor claim that Diane had left custody of Kyle to Victor. Victor handed the legal document to Jack and urged Jack to read it. Victor said that as Kyle's guardian, Victor would allow Jack visitation to his son. Jack told Victor that he would never let Victor take Kyle. Victor declared that Kyle was already Victor's responsibility. Jack ripped up the document to shreds, but Victor said that Michael had filed the document with the court.

Victor announced that he was Kyle's guardian as per Diane's wishes. Jack said that Kyle was Jack's flesh and blood. Victor didn't believe that the court would side with Jack against Victor. Victor pointed out that Jack was unable to care for Kyle properly. Victor said that Jack was likely a suspect in Diane's murder, and if Jack were convicted, Jack would wind up in prison. Jack countered that Victor had motives to kill Diane, too, and Victor had been stopped while trying to fly out of Genoa City on the night of the murder. Victor asserted that Jack had been motivated to kill Diane because she'd sent Kyle out of the country.

Kyle walked downstairs and saw Jack and Victor were still in the living room. Kyle asked what Victor and Jack were talking about. Victor said it was just business and assured Kyle that everything was all right. Jack was visibly upset, and Kyle noticed. After Victor left the house, Kyle asked Jack what he knew about Diane's death. Jack said that he and Victor had both been upset about Diane's death.

Jack admitted that he and Victor had "batted around" a couple of theories about who might have killed Diane. Jack said that there might be stories online about Diane, which Kyle might find hurtful. Kyle knew that Diane had been hated. Jack said the police investigation was proceeding and the police were questioning a lot of people, including some that Kyle knew. Kyle wondered if Jack was a suspect.

Jack assured Kyle that he would not be arrested, and Jack was not going to leave Kyle. Kyle was worried about the online stories about his mother. Jack said there would be a lot of lies and gossip. Jack believed that the right person would be arrested for killing Diane. Kyle wanted his mother's murderer punished. Kyle was still upset. Jack promised Kyle that things would get better with time. Kyle was doubtful. Jack watched Kyle go upstairs to his bedroom.

At the Athletic Club bar, Ashley called Nick to tell him that Victoria needed Nick's support because Billy had left the country. Nick told Ashley that Billy was an ass. Nick wondered if Ashley had a new phone because he'd left Ashley a message on another number. Ashley recalled fighting with Diane in the park on the night of the murder and losing the phone.

Ashley asked Nick why he'd left a message. Nick recalled fighting with Diane in the park the night of Diane's death. Nick didn't tell Ashley about the message. Instead he wondered if Ashley had played the messages on the phone before she'd lost it. Ashley said she had not. Nick cut the conversation short and said goodbye to Ashley.

Phyllis arrived at Restless Style, and wondered if Ronan had questioned Nick. Nick said that neither of them had responded to Diane's text message the night of her death, so there were no questions for Nick and Phyllis to answer. Phyllis switched gears and discussed the upcoming issue of the magazine. Phyllis suggested that they create a light and fluffy issue instead of focusing on Diane's murder. Nick agreed and then left.

Tucker asked Kay why she was really at his home. Tucker suspected that Kay was there to rub his nose in the fact that Kay was controlling McCall Unlimited. Tucker told his mother that he would get his company back. Kay asked why Tucker had been questioned in Diane's murder. Tucker was surprised that Kay knew that he'd been questioned and Tucker assumed that Kay had been spying on him. Kay explained that she was worried about McCall Unlimited's image. Tucker said that McCall Unlimited was damaged the day Kay took over control of the company. Tucker demand that Kay "get the hell out" of his house.

Kay said that it was her job was to protect Tucker's company even if his pride was damaged in the process. Tucker told Kay that she pissed him off. Tucker accused Kay of sticking her nose in every part of his life. Tucker revealed that Ronan had questioned him about Diane's death. Kay was stunned to learn that Ronan had returned to town without telling her or Jill.

Kay asked if Tucker was involved in Diane's murder. Tucker told Kay that he'd been in his apartment with Ashley the night of Diane's murder. Tucker once again demanded that Kay get out. Kay walked out, and Tucker slammed the door in her face. Once he was alone, Tucker pulled up his shirtsleeve and scratched at a rash on his arm.

Ronan instructed a cop to check on the ring they'd found at Adam's hotel room to see if it matched the imprint on Diane's body. Ronan also had a question about a fingernail found on the site. Ronan asked that the nail be checked for trace DNA. Ronan phoned Phyllis to say he had more questions for her about Diane's murder. Ronan arrived at the Restless Style offices to question Phyllis. Phyllis hoped that Ronan would give her a scoop for the publication. Ronan asked Phyllis about her claim that she'd been alone with Nick at the office the night of the murder. Phyllis said that she and Nick had indeed been in the office.

Ronan showed Phyllis a photo from the crime scene of a fingernail. Ronan said it was an acrylic nail, so it didn't have DNA evidence of a real human nail. Phyllis said she had no information about nails. Ronan beseeched Phyllis to admit that it was her nail and to explain how it wound up near Diane's corpse. Phyllis skirted Ronan's questions.

Phyllis said the fingernail in the park might have been there for months and might not be Phyllis'. Phyllis believed that Ronan was fishing for information. Ronan said that Phyllis had gotten her nails done and that the manicurist had told him all about Phyllis' torn-up nails. Phyllis' nails had been ripped and covered with dirt. Ronan said that he'd caught Phyllis in a lie. Phyllis refused to answer any more questions. Ronan offered Phyllis a chance to come clean.

Phyllis said she'd messed up her nails while planting flowers. Ronan thought that was laughable. Ronan knew that Phyllis had called for an emergency manicure at eight in the morning the day after the murder. Ronan said he'd be visiting Phyllis' apartment to see her flowers. Phyllis said she was not going to answer any more of Ronan's questions. Ronan told Phyllis that, based on his interview with her, Phyllis had jumped up a few notches on his suspect list. After Ronan left, Phyllis called Nick.

Ashley searched the park in the dark with a flashlight. Suddenly a flashlight shone in her face. Nick asked Ashley why she was in the park. Ashley wanted to know why Nick was there. Nick assumed that Ashley was looking for her phone. Nick wanted to find it, too. Nick said he had seen Ashley's car at the curb and thought he'd help her find the phone. Ashley believed that Nick's message on her lost phone might be incriminating. Nick assumed that Ashley had gone to see Diane the night of the murder. Nick asked Ashley if she'd like to go for a cup of coffee with him. Ashley agreed, then warned Nick to beware of the poison sumac in the park.

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Ashley that he'd confronted Diane at the park the night Diane had been killed. Nick said that his phone had accidentally turned on and placed a call to Ashley's phone. The message on Ashley's phone would have picked up Nick fighting with Diane. Ashley said that the day of the murder, she'd had a fight with Diane in the park. Ashley was afraid that the police would find the phone and link Ashley to Diane's death. Phyllis walked into the coffeehouse and interrupted Nick and Ashley's conversation. Phyllis wondered if Nick had walked out on her to meet with Ashley. Nick said that he and Ashley had just run into each other.

After Ashley went to the counter, Phyllis told Nick about Ronan's visit to the Restless Style office. Phyllis was rattled by Ronan's questions. Nick offered to get his father to speak with the DA to get Ronan to back off. Phyllis told Nick not to do that because it would make Ronan believe they had something to hide. Phyllis was worried about her and Nick being each other's alibis. Phyllis left, and Nick's phone rang. He heard a recording on the phone; it was Nick saying he would kill Diane. From inside the coffeehouse, Deacon watched Phyllis leave. Deacon said to himself that he'd seen what Phyllis had done.

Tucker called Ashley to tell her about Kay's visit and ask her questions about their being questioned by Ronan. While he spoke on the phone, Tucker tended to the rash on his arm with calamine lotion. Later, at Crimson Lights, Tucker found Ashley and confronted her. Ashley asked about Tucker's wrist, which she noticed was bandaged. Tucker said he had a problem with carpel tunnel syndrome. Tucker said that Kay had been pestering him about the night of the murder. Ashley and Tucker agreed that they were each other's alibi. Tucker asked Ashley to go home with him, but Ashley refused.

Victor met with Michael at the Athletic Club. Victor said that Jack was aware of Diane's wishes that Victor become Kyle's guardian. Michael questioned getting the courts involved in Kyle's life in light of Diane's sudden death. Victor ordered Michael to get the court to enforce Diane's wishes and move Kyle to the Newman ranch. Michael said that Victor going to war with Jack would not be a good thing for Kyle.

Victor said that he would be a reliable father to Kyle. Victor pointed out that Jack might be arrested for Diane's death. Michael said that many people had motives to kill Diane, not just Jack. Victor thanked Michael for meeting with him. Victor saw the newspaper cover story on Diane. Victor recalled seeing Diane's dead body floating in the park the night of her murder.

Ronan returned to police station, where he studied the suspect board. Ronan learned that the acrylic nail had contained no DNA evidence. Kay arrived and wanted to know how Ronan could return to Genoa City without telling her, Jill, or Nina. Ronan said he was in Genoa City to work the case. Kay wondered if Ronan had sympathy for Nina and Chance. Ronan was cold.

Kay wanted an explanation for why Ronan had left without saying goodbye or explaining himself after receiving a life-saving liver transplant from Chance. Kay asked Ronan if he knew that Chance had reenlisted in the Army. Ronan said that Chance was a good man. Kay assumed that Ronan was the opposite of Chance.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the police station, Ronan was on the phone, ordering the arrest of Adam Newman. Victor arrived and told Ronan that he resented being summoned to the police station like a common criminal. Michael defended Victor to the detective. Ronan showed Michael and Victor the document that showed that Diane had bequeathed custody of her son to Victor. Ronan wondered why Diane would leave her son to a man she'd charged with domestic abuse just days after signing the custody papers.

Victor said that Diane was concerned about Kyle's welfare. Ronan was curious about the timing and said that Victor had had a motive to kill Diane. Victor said that Ronan was assuming that Diane had been killed in a murderous rage when Diane's killer might have been a premeditated murderer. Michael urged Victor to stop talking. Before leaving, Victor denied killing Diane to Ronan. Ronan said that Victor might have killed Diane to get custody of Kyle. Ronan believed that Diane had double-crossed Victor. Victor told Ronan that his investigation should focus on Adam.

In his hotel room at the Athletic Club, Adam cleaned up the mess left after the police search. Adam noticed that his Harvard class ring was missing and assumed that Ronan had seized it. Later, Adam walked into the police station. Adam overheard Victor telling Ronan to arrest Adam. Adam demanded to know why Ronan had taken Adam's Harvard ring. Ronan said he had his reasons.

Victor produced his watch and showed it to Adam and Ronan. Victor explained that Diane had given it to Victor and revealed that Adam had planned to use the watch to frame Victor for Diane's fake death. Adam said that Victor was making up a story and wondered if Victor had ever reported the stolen watch. Victor gave the watch to Ronan and told him that Adam's fingerprints should be on it.

Ronan asked Victor when Diane had given him the watch. Victor said it had been the night that she died. Michael told Victor to stop talking, but Victor defied Michael's counsel and continued to answer Ronan's questions. Victor said that he had met with Diane just once the night she died and it had been at the ranch. Ronan assured Victor that the police would deal him with accordingly. Victor and Michael walked out of the police station.

Adam told Ronan that he had let the killer leave. Adam held out his hands and dared Ronan to arrest him. Adam knew that Ronan didn't have enough evidence for an indictment. Ronan was confident that in time he'd catch Adam. Adam asked why Ronan had taken the class ring. Ronan showed Adam a photo of Diane's arm. On the corpse was an impression of the Harvard class ring. Adam told Ronan that he was being framed.

Ronan observed that Adam had a need for attention and that was what would wind up getting him caught. Ronan received a report and told Adam that there had been a chip in Adam's ring. Adam knew that. Ronan explained that the mark on Diane's arm could not have been from Adam's ring because of the missing chip. Adam wanted his ring back, since it was not related to the murder. Adam boasted to Ronan that he was always the smartest guy in the room. Ronan said that Adam was still at the top of Ronan's suspect list.

Victoria met Abby at Crimson Lights. Abby showed Victoria the goodbye email that she'd received from Billy. Abby hated what Billy had done. Abby sympathized with Victoria about Billy's sudden departure. Abby was excited about The Naked Heiress campaign for Beauty of Nature.

Victoria went into the shop to buy some coffee for her and Abby. While Victoria was away, Daniel entered and congratulated Abby for the Beauty of Nature gig. Abby said that her life had been improving since her brief stint in rehab. Abby was upset, however, that Victoria's life was out of control because she and Billy had broken up in the wake of Phyllis taking Lucy from them. Daniel said he hadn't been spending time with his mother since the Lucy situation.

In the coffeehouse, Chloe complained to Kevin about Billy not having tried to call Delia. Kevin asked Chloe to stop talking about Billy. Chloe needed to vent, explaining that Delia was having trouble sleeping because she missed Billy. Kevin said that the new rules of their relationship were that Chloe stop with the Billy drama. Chloe wanted Billy to contact Delia.

Victoria intervened to tell them that Billy might write to Delia from Hong Kong. Chloe had been completely unaware that Billy had left Genoa City. Chloe blamed Victoria for causing Billy to run away. Kevin wondered if Billy had left because Chloe had taken Delia away from him. Victoria walked away. Chloe was upset about the Billy news because Delia would suffer. Victoria joined Abby and Daniel at the table. Daniel sympathized with Victoria about Billy leaving town. Victoria and Abby blamed Phyllis for causing so much trouble. Daniel said that he rarely saw his mother anymore.

Back at the mansion, Chloe learned that Billy had sent a beautiful jade bracelet to Delia from the Orient. Chloe went off on a tear about how horrible Billy was, that the gift would simply upset Delia even more. Kevin defended Billy, suggesting that he had been trying to give his daughter a special gift. Chloe didn't see it that way and only saw Billy's actions as harmful to her daughter. Esther took Delia home, and Chloe handed Delia the gift from Billy. Chloe explained that Billy was away on business, but that he loved Delia very much. Esther compared Billy being away to Chance being on a mission.

Later, Esther complimented Chloe on the way she had explained Billy's absence to Delia. Chloe was very angry with Billy. Chloe condemned Chance and Billy for walking out on Chloe. But Esther told Chloe to appreciate Kevin, the guy who never walked away. Chloe said she loved Kevin and appreciated that he loved her. Kevin returned, and Chloe hugged him.

Kevin wondered if Chloe would be as upset if he left as she had been by Billy's departure. Chloe said that Kevin wasn't the type to run away. Kevin reminded Chloe that they were together only because he'd pursued Chloe. Chloe felt that she'd met Kevin halfway. Kevin said that Chloe was hot and bothered, but only over Billy. Kevin said that Chloe preferred the bad boys, the ones who walked out on her, like Ronan, Chance, and Billy.

Kevin told Chloe that they were no longer in sync. Chloe blamed Kevin for making her bad day even worse. Kevin said that Chloe had turned their happiness into a miserable situation. Kevin refused to feed Chloe's need for drama. Kevin said that he was not the guy for Chloe, then he walked out of the house.

Deacon ran into Phyllis in the park. Phyllis had Lucy in a stroller. Deacon commented that the baby was cute, then told Phyllis he was fascinated by the online stories about Diane's death and how many people wanted to kill her. Deacon asked if he made Phyllis nervous. Deacon talked about his relationship with Diane. Phyllis doubted that Diane had confided in Deacon because Diane had always preferred rich men. Later, Daniel approached Phyllis and told her about Billy leaving Genoa City. Phyllis refused to take responsibility for the grief Billy and Victoria had experienced. Phyllis said Billy was to blame for the mess he and Victoria were in because Billy was irresponsible.

Daniel helped Phyllis care for Lucy, but Daniel told Phyllis he wasn't going to play daddy. Daniel noticed that Phyllis was wound up. Phyllis said she had hated Diane and she'd been thrown by her murder. Phyllis said that she was worried about Daniel and always would be. Phyllis asked Daniel to watch Lucy for a minute. Phyllis walked off.

Abby apologized to Victoria for telling Daniel about Billy. Abby and Victoria commiserated about being alone. Abby was ecstatic about the Beauty of Nature gig. Victoria told Abby that Victor had put a hold on the campaign. Victoria said that Victor had told her about Abby's confession tape.

Deacon walked into Crimson Lights, and Victoria was ticked off to see him. Deacon went to Abby and said that when he worked at Gloworm, he'd always enjoyed seeing her naked. Deacon walked away from them. Abby realized Deacon was tipping her off to the fact that he knew about the confession tape. Abby told Victoria that Diane had made copies of the confession tape. Abby said that Diane had gotten hold of the confession tape and she'd shown Abby a key to a place where Diane had stashed copies of the tape.

Abby went to see Victor. Abby understood why Victor had decided to pull the plug on her being the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Victor asked Abby to work in the office to learn about the business from the inside. Abby wasn't interested in office work. Victor believed that Abby needed to work behind the scenes until Thanksgiving at least. Abby was upset and went to the bathroom.

Michael arrived and reported to Victor about his source in the D.A.'s office. Michael said that Adam was the focus of the investigation. Victor wanted Adam arrested as soon as possible. Victor felt that Diane's hubris had gotten her killed. Michael mentioned that the cops had found a key jammed in Diane's throat and her corpse also had poison sumac around her neck.

Abby overheard Michael's information about the key and the poison sumac. Abby appeared and said goodbye to her father. Victor told Michael he had no idea about the key on Diane's body. Michael said that Ronan was an obnoxious investigator, but he was focused on Adam.

Phyllis went to the footbridge, where she discovered Victoria searching the bushes. Deacon saw Phyllis and Victoria together. Victoria claimed that she thought she'd seen a rabid skunk. Deacon taunted both women, then walked away. Phyllis returned to Daniel and told him that he could leave.

Later, Deacon approached Phyllis and said that he'd seen what she had done. Victoria returned to the coffeehouse. Victoria told Abby that she tried in vain to find the key. Abby explained that she'd just learned that the key had been found jammed in Diane's throat. Victoria said that they had to find the lock that went to the key.

Ronan was informed that Victoria and Phyllis had been in the park at the crime scene. The guard also said that Deacon had been there, too. Ronan wanted to know more about the key. There were no clues on the key to identify where it was from or what it opened.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tucker entered his penthouse with a paper bag, and he pulled out a box of bandages. He applied ointment to the rash on his arm and wrapped a bandage around it. He called the Athletic Club and asked for Ashley's room, and he left a message begging her to hear him out, because he loved her and would do anything to make it up to her. He swore that she was the one and only thing that mattered to him.

At the police station, Ronan looked at his bulletin board and thoughtfully circled "Harvard ring" next to Adam's name. He stood back to survey the board, and another officer handed him a file. He noted that the murder mystery reminded him of the logic puzzles that had driven his dad crazy, just like the case was doing to him. He suggested that they go out for coffee.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe ran into Abby and asked if Abby had seen Kevin, but Abby accused Chloe of running Billy out of town. Chloe sarcastically labeled Billy a saint and pointed out that she'd hardly forced Billy to drink and gamble. Abby argued that Billy had lost his family and his work, and Delia had been all he'd had left. Chloe felt bad for Billy, but she explained that she'd needed to put her daughter first, and she refused to take a lesson from a little girl who stripped in public to get attention. Tucker called Abby and asked her to stop by right away. On her way out, Abby briefly made eye contact with Ronan.

Abby arrived to see Tucker and asked where Ashley was, but Tucker said he needed to speak with Abby alone. She inquired about his bandaged hand, and he complained of carpal tunnel issues. She rambled on about exercises she'd read about, but he wanted to talk about Diane. Abby assumed he was referring to her confession, but he mentioned the night of the storm when Abby had found Diane and Tucker together.

Tucker confessed that Abby had been right when she had accused him of having sex with Diane, and Abby gasped. He thought Abby deserved the truth, and Abby reveled in the fact that she'd known, and she asked if he'd tell Ashley. He stated that he already had, and she demanded to know why, because he'd already gotten away with it. He claimed that there never had been anything between him and Diane, but Abby retorted that sex was something. Abby concluded that Ashley had left Tucker.

Tucker explained that he and Ashley were working things out, but Abby was thrilled that Ashley had dumped him. Tucker reiterated that he was willing to do anything to make things up to both Ashley and Abby. He understood that Abby hated him, but he reasoned that he'd forgiven her for almost killing him. She countered that if he hadn't been a lying slime, the accident would never have happened. He wanted to focus on the present, and he noted that he'd kept her confession secret, and he hoped he could continue to do so.

Abby incredulously asked if Tucker was threatening her, and he said he'd like to protect her, but it might not be up to him. She lashed out at him, but he maintained that he loved Ashley. Abby became infuriated when Tucker called her "darlin'," and she accidentally spilled his ointment all over his desk when she grabbed her purse. Abby blasted Tucker for implying that she owed him anything. She told him to join Diane in hell, and she stormed out.

Chloe frantically ran back into the coffeehouse and yelled to call the cops, because someone had broken into her car. Ronan informed a flustered Chloe that the police were already there. Chloe snapped that Kevin didn't want his business, and she refused to deal with a liver-stealer. Ronan instructed his fellow officer to handle the situation. Chloe asked the officer if she'd get her belongings back, because the clothes that had been stolen were irreplaceable. The officer said they'd do their best, and Chloe dejectedly left a message to inform her office that the clothes for their photo shoot were missing.

Chloe approached the patio, and she overheard one officer tell another that normally the theft wouldn't have even been on their radar, but Ronan had ordered them to treat it as a priority. Meanwhile, at the police station, Ronan thanked someone on the phone for their research. He called Paul and said he'd found another Harvard graduate who'd purchased a class ring. He drew an arrow to Jack on the bulletin board.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine greeted Jack and apologized for dragging him over. She informed Jack that she intended to sell Jabot, and he immediately grew defensive and insisted that it wasn't the right time. She countered that it was the perfect time and that she'd already found a buyer -- Chancellor Industries. She explained to a confused Jack that she wanted the company back, and she'd buy it at a premium price, so Tucker couldn't challenge the sale.

Katherine praised Jack's efforts as CEO and wanted to confide in him, and he promised to keep the deal under wraps. The doorbell rang, and Katherine said it was only a matter of time before Tucker reassumed control and replaced Jack with Ashley. Ashley entered and stated that she had a business proposition for Katherine. Jack offered to leave, but Ashley asked him to stay. Ashley announced that she'd sign the annulment papers, if Katherine gave Tucker back his entire company, including Jabot.

Jack was stunned, and Katherine suspected there was a catch. Ashley maintained that her offer was legitimate, because Tucker deserved his company, and she simply wanted to take herself out of the equation. Katherine didn't think an annulment would lessen Ashley's influence on Tucker. Ashley barked that Katherine and Jack both knew what it was like to have a company ripped from them, but they'd taken over their family businesses, whereas Tucker had built his on his own. Katherine asserted that it was immaterial who had founded the company, and she planned to do what was best for business, regardless of what happened with Tucker and Ashley's marriage.

Ashley opined that Tucker wasn't an idiot and that he simply needed some help with daily activities, and she suggested that Katherine work with him rather than humiliate him. Katherine said she'd tried to be Tucker's mother, but he had repeatedly rejected her, even though she had his best interests at heart. Katherine excused herself for a conference call, and Jack expressed skepticism that Ashley was really willing to walk away from her marriage. He asked if she and Tucker were experiencing problems, but she didn't want to have the discussion there, so they left together.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley apologized to Jack, and he asked what was really going on. She started to make an excuse, but Jack knew she wouldn't have walked away from Tucker without a reason. She recounted that Tucker had been humiliated in front of the judge, and she believed Katherine had an agenda. Jack realized that Ashley wouldn't fully confide in him, so he suggested that she tell Tucker that her offer hadn't changed Katherine's mind. Ashley revealed that Tucker was unaware of her proposition.

A frazzled Chloe arrived home and called out for Delia. Katherine said Delia wasn't there, because Katherine had made arrangements for Delia to get a ride to dance class when Chloe hadn't answered her phone. Chloe explained that her car had been broken into, and she wailed that she hadn't wanted to let Delia down, especially after Billy had already done so. Chloe complained that everyone blamed her for Billy skipping town, but Katherine pointed out that Billy had disappeared before. Chloe lamented that Delia hadn't even been upset when Chloe had told her that Billy had left, because Delia was accustomed to it.

Katherine assured Chloe that Billy would be back, but Chloe couldn't have the same faith. Chloe continued that she was worried about Chance for Delia's sake, as well as her own, and she wished she could kick Ronan out of town. Katherine commented that Chloe was lucky to have Kevin's shoulder to lean on, but a forlorn Chloe announced that Kevin had dumped her. Chloe bemoaned that she'd lost her best friend, and she didn't know if she and Kevin should be together, but she didn't want to hurt him, and she wanted him to be part of Delia's life. Katherine proclaimed that there was only one thing to do -- break out the chocolates.

Katherine and Chloe shared a box of chocolates, and Katherine explained she'd imported them from Belgium to have for special occasions. Chloe asked if a breakup qualified as one, and Katherine observed that Chloe had experienced her share of ups and downs. Chloe understood that Katherine hadn't agreed with her decision to file for full custody or to keep Delia from Billy, but Chloe had felt it had been her responsibility. Chloe admitted that she'd made mistakes, but Katherine counseled that Chloe couldn't change the past and that she shouldn't let her mistakes trip her up in the future.

Jack and Kyle arrived home, and Kyle remarked that his friends had been extra nice, which had only made him feel worse. Jack recounted that a week after John had died, someone had told a joke and he'd laughed, and he'd felt guilty. Then he had remembered that his dad had wanted him to be happy, just like Diane had wanted for Kyle, and Jack thought that was how Kyle could honor his mother. Kyle commented that it had been difficult to hear terrible things about Diane on television. Jack explained that the news wasn't necessarily the truth, because reporters reshaped a story to make it more dramatic in an effort to keep people watching.

Jack added that it was the police's job to solve crimes, but sometimes the police let their own theories get in the way, rather than allowing the evidence to tell the story. Jack warned his son that people might suggest that Jack had something to do with Diane's murder, but he adamantly swore he hadn't been involved. Jack answered the door to Ronan and explained that it wasn't a good time, but Ronan said it wouldn't take long. Jack allowed him in, and several other officers followed. Kyle inquired if Ronan knew who had killed Diane. Ronan vowed that he wouldn't stop until he found out.

Ronan asked for Kyle's permission to ask Jack some questions, and Jack advised Kyle to go upstairs to unpack. The boy left, but he hovered on the stairs, listening. Ryan showed Jack a photo of the ring imprint on Diane's arm. Ronan asked Jack if he possessed a Harvard class ring, and Jack pointed out that thousands of people did, including Adam. Ronan disclosed that Adam's ring hadn't been a match, and he asked to see Jack's ring. Jack suggested that he drop off the ring at the police station later, but Ronan presented a warrant, and he demanded to know where the ring was.

Jack and Kyle waited on the patio while the police searched for the ring. Jack explained to Kyle that the police were looking for answers. Jack acknowledged that he and Diane hadn't always gotten along, but the greatest thing they'd had in common had been Kyle. Jack declared that he'd loved Diane for being a great mom to Kyle, and he had never wanted anything bad to happen to her. Meanwhile, an officer informed Ronan that they hadn't found the ring at the location Jack had mentioned.

Jack entered his home to see what was taking so long, and he was surprised when he found the officers searching everywhere. He angrily demanded to know what they were doing, and Ronan informed him that the ring hadn't been where Jack had stated it would be. Jack was dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Kyle pulled the ring from his pocket and gazed at it. He murmured that he'd already lost his mom, and he vowed that no one would take his dad away.

At Restless Style, Nick answered his phone, and he heard the recording of him threatening to kill Diane. He demanded to know who was on the line, but his phone displayed that the call had originated from a blocked number. Nick called someone and said he needed to see them right away. Phyllis entered and asked what the call had been about.

Nick played dumb and stated that he hadn't made a decision about the magazine's next cover, but Phyllis continued to push. He fibbed that it had been the printer, and she asked if he needed help. He declined and turned the subject to Lucy. Phyllis recalled that she'd encountered a creepy guy in the park, and she flashed back to Deacon telling her that he'd seen what she'd done. Nick offered to find the man and to have a talk with him, but Phyllis pointedly said she knew how to handle the situation.

Phyllis and Nick worked in silence as they cautiously surveyed one another. She claimed that she had a meeting with a graphic artist, and she asked whether Nick needed her for anything. He said he planned to stick around to wrap up some things, and he requested that she let him know how the meeting went. She left, and Nick's phone rang. He saw an incoming call from a blocked number, and he tossed the phone aside.

Ashley arrived to see Nick, and she asked what was wrong. Nick played the latest message he'd received, and he explained it was what had been recorded when he'd accidentally called Ashley's number on the night of Diane's murder. She theorized that the police had the phone and were fishing for answers, but he thought the police would already have confronted him. He speculated that Diane's killer had Ashley's phone. Ashley wondered why someone would want to torment Nick, and he worried about what the police would think if they heard the recording.

Ashley revealed that when she'd lost her phone, she'd cancelled the service, but Nick noted that someone had been able to retrieve the messages, and he suspected that the same person might contact her, too. She wondered if it could be an extortion attempt, and he asked if she'd spotted anyone else in the park that night. She claimed that she'd only seen Diane. Nick told Ashley to inform him if she got any weird calls, and she admitted that she was scared. Phyllis returned and silently observed as Nick and Ashley hugged.

In the park, two state maintenance workers arrived to retrieve their department's security camera, but they discovered it was gone.

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