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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 8, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, August 8, 2011

At the hospital, Cara and Griffin talked about the implications of Janet's claims that Dixie Martin was alive. Griffin reminded Cara that Tad and Dixie hadn't been together at the time of Dixie's death. Cara explained that Tad couldn't escape the memory of Dixie, even if Tad tried. Griffin insisted that Cara focus on going away with Tad, and enjoying herself. He promised to deal with David, and whatever David had been up to.

In Janet's hospital room, Janet confessed that she was looking forward to going home with Amanda and spending time with Trevor. Janet bristled when she noticed that Amanda had turned to look at Jake. Janet tried to dismiss Jake, but Jake refused to leave Amanda alone with Janet. Amanda reminded her mother that Oak Haven had burned down, so Janet hadn't been discharged from the sanitarium. Janet was horrified at the suggestion that she would be expected to stay in Pine Valley Hospital until "that hell hole" could be rebuilt, so she implored Amanda to take her home. Jake refused to consider it, but Janet assured him that she would never harm a hair on Amanda's head.

Jake demanded to know if Janet had taken a match to Oak Haven. Janet was offended by the question, but Jake pointed out that Janet's clothes had reeked of gasoline, and that her burns had looked suspiciously like splash patterns. Janet glared at Jake as she demanded to know who had died, and made Jake "Sherlock Holmes." Amanda reminded Janet that they were having a serious discussion. Janet complained that Amanda and Trevor hadn't visited her once while she had been in Oak Haven. Janet blamed Jake, but Amanda explained that things were complicated.

Janet immediately perked up, believing that Amanda might have decided to leave Jake, but Amanda quickly disabused Janet of that thought. Amanda clarified that Jake had been her rock, which prompted Janet to remind Amanda that it was the twenty-first century, so women didn't need a man on lean on. "Even if I have cancer?" Amanda quietly wondered. Janet was stunned as Amanda confirmed the diagnosis of cervical cancer, and Amanda's scheduled hysterectomy the following day. Jake assured Janet that the doctors were confident that they would be able to get all of the cancer with the hysterectomy, but Janet realized that it also meant that Amanda would not be able to have any more children.

Janet acknowledged that she had put Amanda through hell, but Amanda had survived it, so Janet was certain that Amanda would beat the cancer. Janet confessed that, as much as she had wanted to be a mother, she hadn't been a good one. Amanda insisted that Janet had tried. Janet argued that Amanda was a million times better as a mother, so if Trevor were the only child that Amanda would have then Trevor would be blessed with a wonderful mother. Jake assured Janet that he and Amanda could adopt as many children as Amanda wanted. Janet smiled with approval, and then asked Jake to take care of Amanda.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan had David pinned up against the door as Ryan demanded to know what David had done with Greenlee. Ryan feared that David had dangled to possibility of Leo being alive to send Greenlee on a wild goose chase. Ryan couldn't believe that David would "spit on the memory of his own brother" like that. David assured Ryan that the whole world would have known if Leo had been breathing. David insisted that he was tired of the accusations, suspicions, and the blatant law breaking, so he suggested that the next time that Ryan wanted to search David's office then Ryan should just ask because David had nothing to hide.

David claimed that he had stopped by to propose a truce. David offered to tell Ryan everything that Ryan wanted to know about the Orpheus Project in exchange for Ryan's agreement to leave David alone. Ryan had his doubts about David's sincerity, but he agreed to hear what David had to say. David invited Ryan to ask him anything, so Ryan wondered where Greenlee was. David was disappointed because he had expected Ryan to ask about the project.

Ryan decided to shelve his questions about Greenlee, in order to hear more about the Orpheus Project. David explained that the Orpheus Project was "a miracle wrapped in pure genius." "Mine of course," David bragged. David explained that he had worked for many years on it, but the medical details of the project were beyond Ryan's understanding. However, David revealed that it had involved advanced stem cell work. David also conceded that his work had gone beyond the legal limits of medical practices.

Ryan wondered why he shouldn't turn David in, but David quickly reminded Ryan that Ryan owed him because the Orpheus Project had saved Greenlee's life. Ryan once again demanded to know where his wife was, but David refused to say. Instead, David focused on explaining that Greenlee's life had been saved with spinal nerve cells, and that Angie's eyesight was being restored with retinal cells. David insisted that it was the closest that mankind had gotten to the power of life over death. "What a relief that power fell into your hands," Ryan sarcastically remarked.

Moments later, Griffin arrived. David thought that it was perfect timing because it gave Griffin the opportunity to confirm what David had told Ryan about the Orpheus Project. Griffin revealed that he would love to tell Ryan about the project, but Griffin realized that he hadn't known the half of what David had been doing. Griffin then announced that Janet Dillon had claimed that Dixie Martin was alive. David laughed and then added that Dixie being back among the living would have been nice, because he had been in love with her. David assured them that he would have done anything for Dixie, but she had died.

Ryan pointed out that Dixie had never returned David's love. David acknowledged that his Achilles' heel had been to fall for women who hadn't returned his love. Griffin was curious when their conversation had turned into a therapy session for David. David tried to leave, but Griffin physically restrained David. Ryan snatched David's cell phone away, in an effort to find a clue as to where Greenlee might be. Ryan didn't find anything useful, so he returned the cell phone to David, and then allowed David to walk out.

At Kendall's house, Bianca returned to the living room to assure Kendall that Erica and Marian were resting comfortably. According to Bianca, Erica and Marian had been exhausted, so they had fallen asleep before their heads had hit the pillow. Bianca was curious if there had been any sign of Dixie, but Kendall still had difficulty believing that Dixie was alive and breathing. "Oh my God, Tad," Bianca realized after a few minutes. "Oh my God, Cara," Kendall added.

Bianca admitted that it was crazy to think that Alexander Cambias had been telling the truth when he had denied killing Dixie after confessing to the Satin Slayer murders. Kendall confided that she was trying to take it all in; it had been a mind-blowing day. Bianca sensed that something else was bothering Kendall, so Kendall reluctantly revealed that Griffin had been working with David on the Orpheus Project. Kendall explained that she didn't know the details, but she knew that the project had provided David with the means to pull Greenlee back from the brink of death. Bianca wondered if it were possible that David had used the same treatment on Dixie.

Kendall became agitated at the thought of David saving the lives of two Pine Valley residents, who were believed to have been dead. Bianca glimpsed at the picture of Zach and then wondered if it were possible that David might have saved other lives. Kendall was adamant that Zach was dead, and that nothing, including David, could change that. Bianca was curious if the possibility of David saving Zach had torn Kendall and Griffin apart. Kendall insisted that it didn't matter because it wouldn't have worked out for her and Griffin.

Bianca confessed that she thought that Kendall and Griffin were good together, but Kendall argued that Bianca was wrong. Moments later, Marissa arrived. Kendall quickly excused herself when Bianca decided to tell Marissa about what had happened. Marissa sensed that Bianca had important news, so she wanted to know what was going on. "Oh, just people coming back from the dead and stuff like that," Bianca replied.

Marissa was shocked when Bianca revealed that Dixie was alive. Bianca confessed that the truly strange thing about what had transpired was that Erica had seemed more like herself than she had in months. As the discussion continued, Marissa was startled when Bianca referred to Marissa as her girlfriend. Bianca feared that it might have been too soon, but Marissa assured Bianca that it wasn't. They smiled at each other and then shared a tender kiss just as Kendall returned to the living room.

Kendall admitted that she was happy for Bianca and Marissa because they were clearly meant to be together. Marissa then stood up, and explained that she had to leave because she had plans with AJ. After Marissa left, Kendall apologized because she felt as if she had run Marissa off. Bianca waved away Kendall's concerns because she knew that Kendall was upset about their earlier discussion. Bianca regretted that she had mentioned anything about Zach possibly being alive. Kendall explained that she simply couldn't go there because it was too much. Bianca understood that Kendall wanted to move forward, but Kendall confided that it was just too hard.

At David's secret medical compound, Greenlee was taken aback when she saw Zach's unconscious body on the gurney. Greenlee tentatively approached him, realized that he was alive, and then tried to wake him. Zach was unresponsive. Greenlee decided that she had to tell Kendall, so she ran to the door only to discover that it was locked. Greenlee pounded on the door, and yelled for help to no avail. Greenlee gave up and then returned to Zach's side to make another attempt to rouse Zach, but it failed.

Greenlee watched Zach's chest rise and fall. "It's a miracle," Greenlee whispered to herself as she continued to watch Zach breathe. She tried to shake him again, but Zach remained in a coma-like state. Greenlee was horrified when she spotted the extensive scar on Zach's arm. "How did David piece you back together?" she wondered as she looked at Zach. Greenlee glanced at the bag attached to the IV in Zach's arm as she wondered aloud if the drugs were keeping Zach unconscious or alive.

Greenlee begged Zach to wake up, but Zach remained eerily still, so Greenlee debated whether or not to pull out the IV. She decided to remind Zach of Kendall and the children in the hopes of getting through to Zach, but Zach remained unconscious. Greenlee refused to be responsible for Zach's death twice, so she decided to take action. She was startled when Zach suddenly grabbed her wrist just as she prepared to yank the IV out of his arm.

At the Martin residence, Krystal handed a cup of tea to Opal, and then tried to soothe Opal's fears about Erica. Krystal reminded Opal that Erica had more lives than husbands, so Krystal was confident that Erica had managed to escape from the fire at Oak Haven. Opal wondered why, if that were true, they hadn't heard from Erica. Krystal didn't have an opportunity to reply because Cara arrived home. Cara overheard Opal's remark, so she realized that they had been talking about the fire. Opal was anxious to know if Cara had news.

Cara explained that she hadn't heard about Erica specifically, but Cara knew that everyone had made it out of Oak Haven alive because they hadn't recovered any bodies. Opal immediately relaxed, so Cara was curious if anyone had seen Tad. Opal revealed that he had left, so Krystal suggested that perhaps Tad had decided to help Jesse track down those who had fled during the fire. Cara told them that Janet had been admitted to the hospital with burns, and that Janet had insisted that Dixie was alive. Opal immediately dismissed Janet's claims as "hogwash" because Opal hadn't seen any sign of Dixie at Oak Haven.

In the park, Tad looked up at the stars while he talked to Dixie, unaware that she stood behind him. Tad admitted that he had felt Dixie's presence everywhere over the past few days, and that there had been times that he felt as if he could reach out to touch her. Tad was determined to figure things out on his own, so he stood up to leave. He only took a single step when Dixie called out to him. Tad froze on the spot, thinking that he had imagined Dixie's voice, but Dixie said his name again.

Tad slowly turned to see Dixie standing in the moonlight. He stared at her with an expression of disbelief as he suddenly recalled that JR and Kathy had seen her in recent days. Tad was curious if she were a ghost. Dixie's eyes filled with tears as she stepped close to Tad and then gently caressed his face. "Dixie?" Tad asked, certain that he was dreaming. "It's me, Dixie," she confirmed.

Tad wrapped his arms tightly around Dixie and then held her close as he tried to make sense of the situation. Dixie wept with tears of joy and relief. Tad confessed that he was afraid to let her go because she might disappear, but Dixie promised him that she was alive. Tad reminded Dixie that he had watched her die, so he recalled what she had said to him before she had taken her last breath. "Together forever," Dixie replied. Tad nodded and then once again pulled her close.

Eventually, Tad and Dixie sat down on the park bench. Tad admitted that it was difficult for him to believe that she was alive because he had seen her die with his own eyes. He reminded her that she had been poisoned, so he didn't understand how she could be sitting with him. Dixie confessed that she didn't have an answer to that, other than to tell him that she had been dead, and then she wasn't. Tad had a million questions, but he couldn't think of any of them.

Dixie wished that she could explain what had happened to her, but all she recalled was being at Oak Haven. Tad was stunned. He revealed that he had been there recently to fetch Opal. It dawned on Tad that he had been right about feeling her presence at the sanitarium. He then wondered why Dixie had been at Oak Haven. Dixie didn't remember, so Tad asked her where she had been prior to being at Oak Haven.

"David," Dixie whispered. Tad was infuriated when he realized that David had played God with Dixie's life. Tad vowed that David wouldn't get away with it. Dixie became distraught because she didn't want to talk about David. Tad immediately calmed down, reminded Dixie of her heart condition, and then tried to soothe her by holding her and assuring her, "I have you."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Zach's monitor beeped steadily, while Greenlee slept on the gurney next to him. Greenlee awakened and called Zach's name, but he remained unconscious. She felt for his pulse, and she was relieved to find that it was strong. She vowed to get them both out of there. Greenlee pounded on the door and yelled for David to release them. She heard something on the other side of the door, and she asked who was there.

Greenlee believed David was on the other side of the door, and she pleaded with him not to hide the incredible work he'd done, because he'd be a hero. There was no response, and she turned to Zach in exasperation and begged him to wake up. Greenlee tended to Zach and spoke about how much Kendall and the boys missed him and needed him. She implored him to open his eyes and return to the people who loved him. Zach's eyelids slowly fluttered open.

Greenlee excitedly greeted Zach, and he groaned in discomfort. She urged him to stay with her, and she screamed again for help. She suspected he was suffering from withdrawal from the drugs, and she soothingly requested that he stay calm. She held him as he settled down, and he uttered her name. Greenlee implored Zach to take it easy, but he barked that she shouldn't be there. She tried to put his I.V. back in, but he insisted that he had to get home to "her."

Zach was adamant that he didn't want drugs, only her. Zach continued to babble, and Greenlee realized that he believed she was his mother. He pledged never to let his father hurt her again. Greenlee attempted to convey that Zach's father was locked up and would never hurt anyone again. Zach swore that he'd never let his mother go and that he wouldn't let her die.

Ryan told Griffin that he'd been searching nonstop for Greenlee, but he fretted that the GPS device he'd placed in David's phone hadn't provided any information regarding her whereabouts. Griffin speculated that perhaps David didn't have Greenlee, but Ryan was certain that David was behind her disappearance. Ryan suddenly accused Griffin of not wanting him to find Greenlee, because Ryan might discover that Zach was alive. An irritated Griffin looked away, and Ryan apologized and affirmed that he knew Griffin was on his side. Griffin was determined to uncover the truth, regardless of what it cost him.

Jesse dropped by to see Kendall, and he inquired whether Erica had contacted her. Kendall claimed that she was worried about her mother, but Jesse suspected she was lying. Jesse noticed remnants of food strewn about the room, and Kendall made a comment about her growing boys, but Jesse pointed out some lipstick on a glass. Jesse reminded Kendall that he knew about the secret room in her home. Kendall argued that she had been innocent when she'd hidden in the room and that Erica's name would also be cleared as soon as Jackson had a chance to prove Erica's story was true.

Ryan burst into Kendall's home, and when he saw Jesse, he asked if Erica was okay. Jesse told Kendall to wish Jackson luck, and he left. Ryan asked if there had been progress, and Kendall assured him that Erica was safe. Ryan reported that Greenlee was missing, and Kendall suggested they summon Jesse back, but Ryan didn't want to involve the police. Ryan informed Kendall that he'd found Greenlee's cell phone in a garbage can, and he believed David was involved.

Ryan thought David was using Greenlee to hurt Ryan, but Kendall pointed out that it had been Greenlee's plan to get close to David. Ryan revealed that Janet had claimed that she'd seen Dixie at Oak Haven, and Kendall confirmed that Dixie was alive. Ryan questioned whether Dixie had mentioned David, and Kendall reported that Dixie had freaked out when she'd heard David's name. Ryan thought Dixie could be the key to finding David's other patients, and Kendall realized that Ryan meant Zach. Kendall angrily insisted that Zach was gone and that she'd never see him again.

Ryan apologized for upsetting Kendall, and he turned his attention back to finding Greenlee. Ryan was determined to protect Greenlee, since David had taunted her with the possibility of Leo being alive. Kendall asked where David was, and Ryan checked the GPS and disclosed that David was at the hospital. Kendall suspected that perhaps Dixie was there, and Ryan left to call Griffin to find out. Kendall gazed at a photo of Zach.

Over the phone, David told someone not to interrupt Greenlee and Zach, and he vowed to find Dixie before she ruined his surprise, which he expected would shock the world. Later, at the Martin home, Krystal answered the door to David, who claimed he wanted to see Cara regarding hospital business. Krystal informed him that he was out of luck, but she observed that he was anxiously peering into the house, and she demanded to know why he was really there. David pretended to reminisce about saving Krystal's life, but she angrily retorted that he'd taken advantage of Babe's death to get Krystal hooked on drugs. Krystal threatened David if he hurt anyone she loved, and she warned him against playing Angie. David asserted that Angie was tough enough to take him on, unlike Krystal.

David taunted that Krystal had once been exciting and sexy, but he found it pathetic that she was living with her ex and his hot wife. Krystal countered that David would end up alone with no family or friends, because he'd only inflicted misery and pain on those around him. David proclaimed that she couldn't be more wrong, because he'd done more for the citizens of Pine Valley and for all of humankind than she could ever do. She snapped that the only good things he'd given to the world were Babe and Marissa. David vaguely inquired how Krystal could be sure that Babe was in God's hands. She wondered what he meant, but he sauntered out.

At the Hubbard home, Angie thanked Cara for driving her to the hospital, and she expressed surprise that Tad and Cara weren't on vacation. Cara conceded that Tad hadn't returned home the prior night. Later, at the hospital, Angie arrived at David's office, but he asked for a few minutes alone. She accused him of lying to postpone her treatment and warned him against backing out altogether, but he assured her he had no intention of doing so. She demanded to know what was going on, and Griffin entered and echoed her request.

David barked that he was busy and didn't have time for an interrogation, and he explained to Angie that Ryan and Griffin had teamed up against David. Griffin argued that David's research was illegal, and Jesse entered just in time to hear the accusation. Angie jumped to David's defense and said that sometimes doctors needed to push the envelope. David refused to answer to a mob, and Jesse threatened to arrest David for practicing without a license. Angie asserted that she hadn't been David's guinea pig and hadn't been forced into anything; rather, she'd consented to his treatment because she believed David could restore her sight.

Angie asked to speak with David alone, and Jesse protested, but she insisted she'd be fine. Jesse and Griffin stepped out, and David promised Angie he wouldn't let her down. She beseeched him to tell her the entire truth, and David admitted that his research went beyond restoring Angie's vision, because he'd discovered a way to reconstruct the building blocks of life. She thought results were years away, but he said only for the timid and cautious, but not for either of them. He handed her some eye drops to use prior to her surgery, and she declared that she was counting on him. "You and so many others," he replied. She asked who he meant, but he advised her to take the drops and she'd see the answer with her own eyes.

Griffin answered his phone, and he confirmed to Ryan that David was at the hospital, but he hadn't seen Dixie. Ryan informed Griffin that Dixie was alive and that she had bolted from Kendall's home. Ryan hoped Dixie would be able to point them to Greenlee. Griffin said he'd handle everything on his end. Ryan checked his GPS tracking device and noticed that David was moving, and he was confident that David was on his way to see Greenlee.

Jesse asked Griffin what was going on. Griffin claimed the call had been from a patient, but Jesse remarked that Griffin was a bad liar. Angie emerged from David's office and informed Jesse that David had given her eye drops to prepare her for surgery. She expected a lecture from her husband, but Jesse wanted to focus on their marriage, and he proposed that they take a road trip to spend time alone.

Tad awakened in the park with Dixie in his arms. He lovingly said he'd watched over her all night, and she looked up at the sunlit sky and forlornly remarked that there weren't any stars. Tad said the stars were always there, just like she had been. He berated David for all the wasted years that he and Dixie could have spent together. She silenced Tad and asked him to tell her everything about his life while she'd been gone.

Tad stammered that his life had been interesting during Dixie's absence, in both good and bad ways. He revealed that he had continued working as a private investigator, and years before he had been involved in a huge case regarding a missing child. He said the victim had grown into a beautiful, amazing, nine-year-old girl with Dixie's eyes. Dixie looked at him in disbelief, and he nodded to acknowledge that the girl was their daughter. An overjoyed Dixie crumpled into his arms.

Tad explained that their daughter was happy and safe in Pine Valley with him. She murmured Kate's name, and Tad updated Dixie that he called their daughter Kathy. Dixie excitedly proclaimed that she wanted to see the girl immediately, and she asked about JR. Tad disclosed that JR was running Chandler Enterprises and taking care of his son. Dixie asked if JR was a good father, and Tad offered to tell her all about it, but since they'd been out all night, he thought they should go home. "Home," she repeated in amazement. He took her hand and led her out of the park.

Krystal recounted details of David's visit to Opal, who hoped that Erica stayed far away from him. Tad entered, and Opal noticed the funny look on his face. He announced that he had something to show them, and he advised them to brace themselves, because he had news that was too good for words. He looked to the doorway, where Dixie appeared. Opal and Krystal stared at her in stunned silence.

Dixie greeted the women, and Opal slowly stepped forward, as if she were seeing a ghost. Dixie assured Opal that she was real, and Opal choked back tears as she embraced Dixie. Tad explained that Dixie had been at Oak Haven when the fire had started, and they'd found one another afterward. Dixie said hello to a speechless Krystal, and the women hugged. Krystal welcomed Dixie home, while Tad left a message for Cara asking her to check in, because she hadn't responded to his text messages.

Opal asked where Dixie had been, but Dixie apologetically stated that she wasn't exactly sure. Opal speculated that perhaps Dixie had been at a hospital, but Tad intervened and advised Opal to take things slowly. Suddenly, Kathy ran in excitedly after a play date, but she stopped short when she found herself face-to-face with her mother. Dixie stared at Kathy and started to approach the girl, but Kathy stepped back. Tad assured Kathy that it was okay, and he introduced her to her mother.

Tad explained that Kathy hadn't imagined that she'd seen Dixie in the park. Kathy commented that Dixie looked just like her pictures. Dixie knelt down and softly said, "My beautiful, beautiful little girl." Kathy flew into Dixie's arms, and Dixie sobbed tears of joy as she held her daughter. Kathy asked why Dixie hadn't returned home sooner, and Dixie explained that she would have, if it had been possible. Kathy announced that Tad had told her all about Dixie -- that Dixie had the prettiest singing voice and had made the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

Dixie called Tad a special guy, and Kathy said Tad had nicknamed Kathy "Sunshine." Dixie asked if she could call her that, too, and Kathy agreed and asked if she could call Dixie "Mommy." An emotional Dixie gushed that she'd like that more than anything, and she hugged Kathy. Dixie wanted to know all about Kathy's life, but Tad said that discussion could wait until they had something to eat. Tad and Kathy went to the kitchen to make some food, and Dixie wiped away tears as she surveyed the room. She picked up Tad and Cara's wedding photo from the mantel and looked at it in confusion.

Dixie placed the photo back on the mantel, and Krystal returned with sandwiches. Dixie thanked Krystal for taking care of Kathy, and Krystal said it had been her pleasure. Kathy ran in and asked if she could call her friends to tell them the good news. Dixie informed Kathy that she was thankful to Krystal for being a good mom, and Kathy suggested that Dixie thank Cara, too. Tad returned, and an uncomfortable Krystal quickly exited. Dixie asked Tad who Cara was.

Opal arrived at the hospital and asked a nurse where she could find Jake, because she required an urgent house call. Cara overheard and informed Opal that Jake was home with Amanda, and she asked if she could help. Opal unconvincingly requested a prescription refill, but she faltered and mustered a sympathetic apology. Cara realized that Dixie was indeed alive.

Opal recounted Dixie's return to Cara, who said she was happy for all of the Martins. Opal assured Cara that Dixie's return didn't mean that Tad didn't care about Cara, but Cara couldn't hide her disappointment. Later, Griffin approached Cara and noticed that she hadn't answered Tad's text messages. He guessed that she'd heard about Dixie's return from the dead.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

At the Yacht Club, Cara told her brother that she was happy that Dixie had returned for Tad. Griffin, however, cited that there was no guarantee that Tad would choose Dixie, just as Jake hadn't chosen Cara. Cara said that didn't make her feel better, and she reasoned that Dixie and Tad had a history and a child. Griffin replied that Zach and Kendall did, too. Griffin insinuated that Zach might be alive, but Cara doubted that even David could have saved Zach from an ocean drowning.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jake and Amanda had a meal with Trevor before her doctor's appointment. Maya arrived to pick up the child, and once alone, Jake and Amanda discussed their anxiety about what lay ahead. Amanda said that looking into Jake's eyes helped, so he suggested that she do it at the moment. She did so, and he took her hand. She promised to get through it, as long as he didn't let go.

The couple arrived at the hospital, and Amanda decided to visit Janet alone before the procedure. Jake was concerned, but Amanda reasoned that Janet had been great the other day. Amanda also figured that if she could handle a hysterectomy, she could handle Janet, too.

Amanda left, and Griffin approached to ask Jake how Amanda was. Jake replied that he was realizing all over again just how amazing she was. Griffin stated that Amanda wasn't going anywhere, and Jake said he planned to make sure of that. Griffin remarked that Cara and Tad's trip had been derailed, and Jake asked why. "In a nutshell, David," Griffin replied.

In Janet's room, Janet wished she were well enough to be there for her daughter. Amanda said Janet had taught her daughter that there was hope. Amanda had never thought she and Janet would laugh and talk again, and Amanda was happy Janet had opened up to Jake. Janet became emotional to hear that her daughter loved her, even after all Janet had done. Janet sobbed, saying she was grateful that she got to be there for Amanda at that time. Amanda said she was scared, and Janet pulled Amanda into the bed and cradled her.

Later, as Amanda was prepped for her operation, Jake and Griffin waited in the corridor. When Jake could finally visit Amanda, he told her that she was beautiful. She remarked that he'd said that on their wedding day. Jake recalled their vows and said people rarely considered the "for worse" part; however, he wasn't going anywhere.

On the phone at the hospital, David instructed someone to stay outside the room, while Greenlee found her answers. Assuring the person that Ryan had been delayed, David said he'd call once he found Dixie. After the call, David ducked out as Griffin rounded the corner.

At the Martin house, Tad tried to avoid the topic of Cara, but his tactic felt all too familiar to Dixie. Dixie said she wasn't a breakable doll, and she understood that he'd moved on after her "death." Chuckling, Tad remarked that Dixie sounded like her old self, and she was a miracle.

Cara returned home and listened in the foyer as Tad urged Dixie to see a doctor. Dixie didn't want to, but Tad assured her that David wouldn't be involved, because Cara was a doctor, too. Taking a breath, Cara strode in and introduced herself to Dixie. Unbeknownst to them, David watched them through the window.

Cara and Dixie marveled at the surrealism of it all, and Dixie stated that Tad had excellent taste in women. Dixie awkwardly said she didn't intend to cause Tad more pain, and she urged the couple to talk while she got some water. Dixie left, and Cara was awed by Tad's speechlessness. Cara said she understood all the hype about Dixie, but he replied that Dixie wasn't the only person around there that was wonderful.

Tad said Dixie's return hadn't changed anything, but an antsy Cara didn't want to discuss it. He held Cara still and insisted that she had to know how important she was to him. He claimed that he just needed a little time. A tearful Cara nodded. Meanwhile, Dixie slipped off to the park. As she picked a flower, David slinked up behind her.

Jesse took Angie to a fancy hotel for some privacy. He explained that he'd left Lucy in Randi's care, because he'd recommended Maya to babysit Trevor during Amanda's procedure. Angie asked for her help with her eye drops, and he complied, despite his leeriness of David. The couple decided that it was a "David-free" zone, and they began to make out.

Someone pounded on the door, and Jesse reluctantly opened it and found the confused Ryan and Kendall on the threshold. Ryan asked what Jesse was doing there, and Jesse wondered the same thing about Ryan. Kendall asked where David was, and Ryan concluded that David was probably somewhere, "laughing his ass off."

Ryan figured Angie had been with David earlier that day, and after going through Angie's purse, Ryan found the tracking device he'd put into David's phone. Jesse wondered why Ryan was tracking David, and Ryan reluctantly revealed his theory that David had taken Greenlee. Ryan hated to dump that on Jesse, but Jesse ordered him to start at the beginning.

Jesse was shocked when he found out that Dixie was alive because of David. Ryan asserted that Greenlee was in serious trouble, but Angie felt in her heart that David wouldn't hurt Greenlee. Angie stated that David's wounded heart hurt people, but it also led him to do good. Angie told them all to back off David and help him do good. A stunned Ryan asked Kendall to help him out, but Kendall replied that Angie had a point.

Kendall pointed out that David had saved as many lives as he'd crushed, and in his own, twisted way, he loved Greenlee. Ryan said he couldn't take any chances. He saw Angie's eye drops, and upon examining the bottle, he said that David's detour had just blown up in his face.

Ryan and Kendall left, and Jesse touted that they'd soon get the goods on David. Angie snapped that she'd still be blind, and others would suffer. She wouldn't deem David a saint, but she believed his work would save people. Jesse replied that he believed David belonged in jail.

Later, Griffin found Ryan and Kendall at the Yacht Club, debating David's virtues. Griffin found it ironic that Kendall had gained faith in David just as Griffin had lost it. "Our timing really sucks, doesn't it?" Griffin quipped.

At David's secret facility, Zach hallucinated about his mother, whom his father was trying to hurt. Greenlee reminded Zach that his father was in jail, and his mother had died. Zach flashed back to his nightmarish childhood, and his memories blurred with his hallucinations. Believing that he was speaking to his father, Zach vowed to never let him hurt her again.

Greenlee once again explained reality to Zach and encouraged him to take strength from his love for his children and Kendall. Zach then hallucinated that Greenlee was Kendall, despite Greenlee's persistence that she was not. Worried that his family was in danger, Zach agreed with Greenlee that he and "Kendall" had to leave.

Greenlee insisted that she wasn't Kendall, and an upset Zach slammed some equipment across the room. Assuming the role of Kendall, Greenlee told him that he was the best husband, and she'd never stopped loving him. "Kendall?" he asked. Greenlee nodded, and he hugged her. Greenlee said they had a second chance to be together. Zach, however, claimed "Kendall" had never been safe with him, so once they were free, he was letting "Kendall" go.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

At the Martin home, Tad assured Cara that Dixie's return hadn't changed the fact that he had made a commitment to Cara. Cara didn't want to hold him to his obligations, but Tad asserted that Cara was more than an obligation to him and that their green card marriage had evolved into more. She thought that the circumstances had changed, but he reminded her that she'd made him feel things that he'd never expected to experience again. Cara pointed out that he'd also had those feelings for Dixie, and he still could.

Tad admitted that he didn't know where things stood with Dixie, and he acknowledged that Cara had heard fairytales about his and Dixie's life together, but he cited that he and Dixie hadn't been together when she'd died. Cara inquired whether he thought he and Dixie could be together again, but she quickly retracted the question. Tad wished he had an answer, but Cara understood that things were complicated. His phone rang, and after he took a brief call, he reported that JR had been released from prison.

Tad told Cara that he didn't know what to do, because Dixie wanted to see JR, and Tad didn't have the heart to tell Dixie that her son had been drinking and had been thrown in jail. Cara counseled that Tad couldn't hide JR's problems forever. He turned the subject back to their marriage, but she said the discussion could wait. Cara contended that Dixie and JR's reunion was more important, and she started to leave for the hospital. He called after her, and he reminded her that they'd started "this thing" together, and he vowed that was how they'd finish it. "Right," Cara halfheartedly replied.

In the park, David told Dixie that she looked lovely, and she asked what he was doing there. He welcomed her home, and he commented that she wouldn't be in the arms of her loved ones if it hadn't been for him. She accused him of doing something horrible, but she couldn't remember exactly what, and he purported that it couldn't have been that terrible. She whimpered that she didn't want to remember and that she just wanted him to go. David slowly stepped toward her, and she begged him not to advance any further. Tad appeared and warned David to back off.

Tad comforted Dixie and ordered David to stay away from her, but David crowed that he was the reason she was alive. Tad retorted that David had also kept her drugged and away from her family, but David argued that she had needed to recover and that he hadn't known whether she'd survive. Tad accused David of playing God once again. Tad asked Dixie what had happened, but she found it difficult to remember. David explained that most trauma patients blocked out the pain and suffering, which was a good thing.

Tad told David to save his excuses for the judge, but David implored Tad to focus on the fact that Dixie was alive and well. Through clenched teeth, Tad spat that she'd be better once David was gone. David departed, and Tad asked what she was doing there, because she'd scared him by leaving suddenly. She claimed that she'd wanted to experience her freedom, and he was glad David hadn't tried to take her away again, but she turned the topic to seeing JR. Tad suggested that she allow Tad to prepare JR, and she looked quizzical.

JR entered the Chandler mansion, and Scott asked JR about his night in the slammer. JR retorted that Scott had racked up enough time there himself, and he ordered Scott to leave him alone and to return to his shack. JR poured himself a drink, and Scott remarked that JR's absence had been a breath of fresh air for everyone. JR flippantly stated that he hadn't missed anything.

Scott wondered if JR had a clue what his behavior was doing to AJ. Scott chastised JR for only caring about himself, and he angrily revealed that AJ had almost lost his grandmother in a fire while JR had been in jail. JR snarled that he didn't care about Marian and that Scott sounded like white noise. Scott pondered what Adam would think of him, and JR barked for him to shut up. "Better yet, what would Dixie say?" Scott challenged.

JR snickered at Scott's guilt trip, because Dixie was dead, and he remarked that Adam might as well be, too. Scott thought JR was making excuses to drink, and JR accused Scott of wanting to take over the family. JR taunted that Scott didn't have what it took, and he called his cousin a joke for rebuilding the gatehouse. Scott said it had been his father's home, and JR laughed that the walls would fall in, because it was Scott's destiny to fail.

Madison arrived to see Scott, and JR made a condescending remark about Scott's work on the gatehouse. Madison accused JR of being jealous that JR would never be half the man Scott was, because Scott only had to be himself for people to take an interest in him. Scott entered and asked if she was okay, and she replied that she was fine, but she wasn't sure about JR. Scott and Madison left, and JR called after them not to worry about him. Tad arrived and said that was easier said than done.

Tad proposed that he take JR to the Martin home, but JR preferred to stay at the mansion by himself. Tad reached to take JR's drink away, and JR snapped at Tad to mind his own business. Tad asserted that JR was his business, and he remembered the sweet kid JR had once been. Tad hated to see JR sabotage his life, but JR retorted that it was his to throw away. Tad dejectedly agreed that it was JR's decision to save or destroy his life, and Tad couldn't stop him. Tad advised JR to get himself together and sober up, because there was something JR had to see. Tad warned JR not to show up drunk again, but JR would regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't show up at all.

Cara returned home and found Dixie in the living room. Dixie explained that Tad had asked her to wait there while Tad tracked down JR, and Cara called their impending mother-and-son reunion wonderful. Dixie recognized the discomfort of the situation, but Cara asserted that Dixie needed to be there for many reasons, especially for Kathy. Dixie thanked Cara for helping with her daughter, and Cara said it had been a pleasure. Dixie remarked that Tad had been a wonderful father, and Cara fought back tears and said she had to get back to work. In the foyer, Cara set her keys on a table and left with a suitcase. Later, at the hospital, Cara sadly fondled the wedding ring on her finger.

Dixie gazed fondly at a photo of JR. She was excited when Tad returned, but she was surprised that JR wasn't with him. Tad said he had hoped to reunite Dixie and JR, but he apologized and struggled to find words to explain the situation. Suddenly, JR entered the foyer and called out that he'd thought a lot about what Tad had said. His voice trailed off when he locked eyes with Dixie.

Scott and Madison listened to music in the park over lunch. She complimented his work on the gatehouse, which she'd observed had seemed bigger than the original. He disclosed that he'd been thinking about the future and having a family of his own. She hoped he got everything he wanted, and he appreciated that she'd stood up to JR on his behalf. She contended that what she'd said had been true. They admitted that they enjoyed one another's company.

At the Slater home, Jackson thanked Jane for returning with him to help Erica. Jane worried that she'd go to prison, but he assured her that her statement would set Erica free, and he could make an insanity plea on Jane's behalf. Jane fretted that she'd spend the rest of her life locked up in an institution. Erica and Kendall arrived, and Erica excitedly greeted Jane, but Kendall gasped in shock at the sight of Erica's double.

Kendall dazedly remarked that Erica and Jane looked exactly alike. Kendall berated Jane for kidnapping Erica and for tormenting their family. Jane apologized, but Kendall threatened that she wouldn't just let Jane walk away. Jane recalled Erica's promise not to turn Jane in, but Erica admitted that she would have said anything to regain her freedom. Erica explained that everyone had thought she had been crazy when she'd told the truth about her kidnapping, and she'd been locked up again. Erica hoped that Jane would do the right thing to ensure Erica didn't have to go back to Oak Haven.

Jane worried that she herself would be put away, but Erica urged Jane not to live a lie, but to become the woman Jane wanted to be. The doorbell rang, and Erica asked Jane to tell the police everything. Jane wanted to call Ben first, and Erica asked if he had been the only one who had helped her. Jesse arrived and was dumbfounded to see Erica and Jane together. Jane admitted that she'd had an accomplice, and Erica insisted that David had been involved, because she had reason to believe that Dixie had been held captive in the same place.

Erica asked if Jane had held someone else at the quarry, but Jane insisted that she hadn't. Jesse inquired about Project Orpheus, and he explained that it was the miracle that had saved Greenlee, Dixie, and Maria. Jesse revealed that David's work might allow Angie to see again. Kendall hoped so, but she refused to hear any more about David resurrecting dead people, and she stormed off. Jesse pulled Jane aside to ask more questions, and Jackson asked Erica why Kendall was upset. Erica commented that Kendall couldn't allow herself to believe that Zach could be alive, and Jackson wondered if Erica thought that was possible. Erica stated that after what she'd been through, she could believe just about anything.

Erica proclaimed that she wanted to enjoy her freedom. Jesse announced that despite Jane's statement, Erica wasn't free to leave, because she'd stabbed David. Jane spontaneously confessed that she had been the one who'd attacked David, and Erica and Jackson stared at her in surprise. Jesse excused himself from the room to take a call, and Erica asked whether Jane was sure she wanted to take the blame. Jane rationalized that Erica never would have stabbed David if Jane hadn't gotten involved with him.

Erica cautioned that she herself had been to prison, and Jane might change her mind once she saw what it was really like. Jane explained that she'd followed Erica's life like it had been her own, and Erica had given Jane the will to live after Jane had lost her daughter, so taking the rap would be her way of both apologizing to and thanking Erica. Erica called Jane an amazing woman, and Jackson expressed his gratitude and offered to represent Jane in court. Jesse returned, and he noted that Erica was lucky that Jane had confessed, and Jesse started to lead Jane out. A smiling Jane looked back and waved goodbye to Erica.

Erica vowed not to give up trying to prove David's guilt. Erica believed that Jane didn't think anyone else had been held captive, but Erica was certain of it, because the banging she'd heard was the same as that she'd witnessed at Oak Haven. Erica thought they should get in touch with Ben and convince him to testify that he had been following David's orders. Erica hoped Ben could prove that David was the missing part of the story. Jackson took a phone call, and Erica used the opportunity to sneak out.

Erica arrived to see David at the hospital, and she sarcastically hoped he was enjoying his final days of freedom. She informed him that Jane had confessed to everything, and she speculated that Ben would, too. David claimed not to know who Ben was, but Erica triumphantly declared that the police would put David away for a long time. He dared her to call the police herself, but he warned her that if she did, she'd never know who else he'd saved that she'd loved and thought she'd lost.

Greenlee continued to pretend to be Kendall to try to calm a delusional Zach. Zach insisted that "Kendall" wasn't safe with him, and once they were freed, their relationship had to be over. He adamantly declared that if she stayed with him, she'd die, and he wouldn't let that happen. Zach believed that bad people were after him, but "Kendall" assured him that wasn't the case anymore, and she tried to persuade him that nothing bad would happen. Zach vowed to protect his family from danger, and Greenlee pleaded with him to realize that he was hallucinating.

Greenlee begged Zach to look at her and to see who she really was. She recalled everything they'd been through together, and she pointed out that they still needed one another. Zach doubled over in pain, and she suspected that withdrawal was to blame, but he yelled that he didn't want more drugs. Greenlee suggested that Zach slowly wean himself off the drugs, but Zach insisted that he'd be all right. Greenlee spoke about Zach's sons and her reunion with Ryan. Zach interrupted and asked if Kendall had met someone else.

Greenlee maintained that Kendall missed Zach and that no one would take his place, because he was the only one for Kendall. She told Zach to rest and to get stronger, but he was tired of waiting and wanted to go home. Zach was determined to get to Kendall to show her that he wasn't dead, but Greenlee said he would be, if he didn't stop pushing himself. She tried to assist him back to the gurney, but he collapsed on the floor. Greenlee screamed for Zach to wake up, and she pounded on the door for David's help.

Kendall stormed into the hospital and forced Griffin to acknowledge that he'd returned to Pine Valley for her. She demanded to know why they weren't together. Griffin suspected that Kendall was unwilling to admit to herself that Zach could still be alive, but she alleged that the idea was ridiculous, and she insisted that her visit to Griffin had nothing to do with Zach. Griffin accused her of being in denial and of trying to latch onto someone else, so she wouldn't get her hopes up.

Kendall wondered if she'd ever meant anything to Griffin, and he proclaimed that he cared deeply for her, but he felt that eventually she had to face the truth. Griffin remarked that Cara had been devastated by Dixie's return, and he explained that he was trying to make things easier in case Zach was alive, too. Kendall accused Griffin of using a ludicrous excuse to hide from his feelings, because she firmly believed that if Zach had been alive, he already would have returned to her.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Erica told David that she was sure he was responsible for her kidnapping. David suggested that instead of waiting for Ben to give a statement, Erica should go to the police. Before Erica could indicate her decision, David warned that if Erica turned him in, he would never reveal the lives he'd saved with his research. Erica was intrigued, but David's cell phone rang before she could ask who he was talking about. David ended his call after a brief conversation and started to leave. Erica refused to let him go.

David insisted that he needed to save a man's life, but Erica was certain that David was bluffing. David said he would refuse to give Erica additional information if she made him stay. Erica finally moved out of the way, and David dashed out of his office. Erica closed the door behind him and took the opportunity to snoop around David's office. Erica knew she'd hit pay dirt when she found a locked drawer. Jack showed up while Erica was trying to pry the lock open. Jack pointed out that Erica had barely avoided jail, and asked if she really wanted to press her luck.

Jack took Erica to the Yacht Club for lunch. They discussed Erica's plan to make David pay, and Jack's hope that Erica would leave the investigation to the police. Erica was reluctant because David had gotten away with so many other things. Erica hoped that Jack had found Ben, as Ben's confession would go a long way in helping to get David convicted. Jack was forced to admit that Ben had slipped through his fingers. Erica thought that David had gotten to Ben and convinced Ben to run. Jack noted that he was confident that David would mess up and the police would arrest David.

Erica refused to back down, and Jack was amazed that Erica was so willing to jump back into the fray after everything that she'd been through. Erica said that there was no fun in waiting for things to happen. Jack said that if Erica was looking for fun, he had an idea of how to entertain her. Miles and hours later, Erica was delighted that Jack had whisked her away to Paris. She gushed about her amazement that Jack always knew how to make her happy. Jack told Erica that his knowledge was derived from his love for her, and he promised to show Erica that love for the rest of their lives.

Kendall stormed into her house, irate at all of the people who had been talking about David bringing people back from the dead. A knock at the door interrupted her tirade, so Kendall was overly harsh when she swung the door open. Cara was on the other side and, sensing Kendall's bad mood, was hesitant to interrupt. Cara started to ask if she could stay with Kendall, but then thought better of the idea.

Kendall snapped out of her funk and practically dragged a distraught Cara through the front door. When Cara tearfully mentioned that Dixie was alive, Kendall knew why Cara had moved out of the Martin house. Kendall pointed out that the move might not look good to Immigration, but Cara was certain the separation could be chalked up to a rough patch.

Cara believed that Dixie returning to Pine Valley was karmic. She told Kendall that the situation felt a lot like when she showed up in town, hoping to reunite with Jake. Kendall suggested that just like his brother hadn't left Amanda, Tad wouldn't leave Cara. Cara thought that the history between Tad and Dixie would trump everything that had happened since they split -- including Tad's marriage to Cara. Cara thought of Tad and Dixie as legend -- much like Kendall and Zach.

Kendall bristled at the mention of Zach's name. Cara confessed that Griffin had told her about the Orpheus Project. Cara understood that the project had caused problems between Kendall and Griffin. Kendall denied the claim and said that she still believed Zach was dead. Kendall said she had finally gotten over Zach's death, and only wanted to focus on the future. Kendall told Cara that she planned to take her sons and leave town until everything settled down again. Cara hoped that once Kendall returned, things would work out for Kendall and Griffin.

After Cara left, Kendall rushed around the house in an attempt to get everyone ready to leave town. Spike joined his mother in the living room. Kendall took one look at him and worried that Spike was getting sick. Kendall took his temperature but found that Spike was fine. Kendall deduced that Spike's allergies were at work. Kendall told her son to help Ian and the nanny finish packing while she went to refill his prescription.

Drunk, JR wandered into the Martin house and saw Tad talking to Dixie in the living room. JR stopped short, unable to believe his eyes. Dixie walked toward her son, arms outstretched, intent on hugging him. JR stepped back and told the woman not to touch him. JR refused to believe that Dixie was back and reminded everyone in the room that he'd watched his mother die. JR accused Tad of finding a look-alike to scare JR into getting sober. Despite their protests, JR said that this Dixie was a scam.

JR's anger poured off him in waves as he demanded to know where his mother had been. Dixie admitted that she couldn't remember where she'd been held. JR thought her lack of memory was part of the ruse and wanted to escape. Tad insisted that JR treat his mother with respect, as she'd been through a lot. JR reminded Tad that everyone had difficult situations to deal with. Dixie stepped in and told Tad that JR's anger was justified. She then apologized to JR for not being around when he needed her. Dixie begged for another chance to be a better mother.

JR caustically filled Dixie in on everything that had happened since she had left -- Babe's death as well as Stuart's, and his bout with cancer. JR added that Marissa had helped him through his cancer fight and then left him for a woman. JR sarcastically noted that all of those things were worth surviving cancer for. Dixie mentioned AJ and JR said that Marissa had gotten a restraining order issued, which barred JR from seeing his son. JR pointed out that unlike Adam, who had left town and never looked back, he'd give anything to see AJ. JR said that deciding to drink again was the best way for him to deal with his life. Before abruptly leaving the house, JR warned Tad to stay out of his life. Tad had to hold a tearful Dixie back from running after JR.

Tad filled Dixie in on the details of everything that JR had shared. Dixie felt like she needed to go after JR to help him pick up the pieces again. Tad urged Dixie to let JR fix his own problems. Tad explained how he'd watched over JR the way Dixie had asked and still witnessed JR fall time and again. Tad recognized that JR had dealt with a lot, but informed Dixie that a lot of JR's problems had been of his own creation. Dixie was grateful, but said that Tad's tactics weren't working.

Tad encouraged Dixie to let JR hurt long enough to feel the pain he was trying to avoid. Tad hoped that with the pain, JR would realize how blessed he was to have another chance to be with Dixie. Tad tried to ease Dixie's struggle by assuring her that with a bit of time and faith, JR would be okay. Tad then told Dixie that he needed to check in with Cara. After Tad left the room, Dixie sneaked out of the house.

Tad returned to the living room and called out for Dixie. When he didn't get a response, he walked out into the foyer and called Dixie's name again. Puzzled at the ensuing silence, Tad looked around for a clue. It was then that he spotted the key on the hall table. Confused as to why Cara would have left her key, Tad grabbed the key and quickly left the house.

JR went home and instantly poured himself a drink. Before he could take a sip, he spotted a picture of himself with his mother. JR mused aloud that although he wished his mother really were alive, he knew it wasn't possible. He proceeded to drain the last of the scotch from the decanter. As he poured, Dixie's voice ripped through the silence. Dixie thought that a drink was a good idea, walked over to the tray and, as a stunned JR watched, poured herself a drink as well.

Greenlee panicked when Zach collapsed. Greenlee told Zach's unconscious form that he wasn't allowed to die. Greenlee continued to call out for help, and Ryan heard her voice as he raced down the hall. Ryan tried the door handle but when he found it locked, he used a keycard attached to an automatic code generator to try to gain access. When it failed, Ryan found a way in through the air ducts. His joy at finding Greenlee was eclipsed by his shock when he spotted Zach.

Ryan checked on Greenlee and was relieved to hear that other than David drugging her, Greenlee was fine. Ryan told Greenlee that he'd gotten his hands on a prescription that David had given to Angie. Ryan had been able to find David's secret compound, where Zach and Greenlee had been locked up, by researching the company. Ryan told Greenlee that they needed to get Zach out before Zach fell unconscious again.

At that moment, David burst into the room. David demanded to know how Greenlee could have allowed Zach to unhook himself from the drugs. Ryan immediately jumped to Greenlee's defense. David told Ryan to get out of the way so that David could save Zach's life. Right after Greenlee gave David a brief rundown of what had happened, Zach started to have another seizure. David wanted to start another I.V., but when he leaned over to inject Zach, Zach whispered that he didn't want additional drugs.

David promised to wean Zach off of the meds as soon as it was safe to do so. Greenlee pulled Ryan aside and said that they needed to tell Kendall what they'd found. Ryan resisted because he worried about the effect it would have on Kendall if Zach didn't survive. Greenlee refused to believe that Zach wouldn't make it. Moments later, Zach's vitals began to plummet, and David ordered Ryan to grab the defibrillator.

David had to shock Zach twice before his pulse returned. Greenlee was grateful, but David warned her that Zach's pulse was weak. Zach struggled to sit up, and then demanded that he be taken home. David said that Zach needed to relax and conserve his energy, but Zach desperately wanted to see Kendall. David was resistant, but Greenlee and Ryan were determined to get Zach home. Ryan said that he didn't care whether or not David accompanied them back to Pine Valley. Ryan stated unequivocally that Zach was leaving the facility.

Mookie was pleased that Maya had taken time off to spend with him. Maya was apologetic and said that her new job had been hectic. Just then, Colby joined them and apologized for her lateness. Mookie was taken aback, so Maya explained that she wanted to spend her day off with her two favorite people. Mookie was not pleased. Mookie told Maya to call him when she had an apology, and stormed out. Colby was confused at first, but quickly realized that Maya didn't want to be alone with Mookie.

Colby asked why Maya didn't simply break up with Mookie. Maya wanted to get out of the spotlight for a moment. Maya asked how Colby was doing after her breakup with Asher. Colby gave Maya a rundown of how she'd been keeping herself busy. Colby added that she needed to make herself a priority instead of trying to clean up everyone else's messes. Maya knew that the advice was as much for her as it was for Colby. Colby offered to break things off with Mookie for Maya, but the idea terrified Maya. Maya assured Colby that she would handle the breakup on her own.

Kendall went to the hospital and thanked Cara for putting a rush on the refill of Spike's prescription. Cara told Kendall to enjoy her trip and asked that Kendall not stay away from Pine Valley too long. As Cara walked away, David rounded the corner with a wheelchair, and Ryan and Greenlee in tow. David bellowed for help and said that the staff needed to prep for fighting a systemic infection. Kendall turned to see who was being admitted, and was stunned to see Zach in the wheelchair.



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