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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 1, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, August 1, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad was surprised by Cara's suggestion that they go on a romantic getaway. Tad wondered if that were truly what Cara wanted. Cara babbled nervously, so Tad grabbed her and then passionately kissed her. "I'm in," Tad assured Cara. Cara smiled as she and Tad happily discussed plans for Opal to watch the girls, while Cara and Tad went to Martha's Vineyard. Tad tried to ignore his phone when it rang, but Cara insisted that he take the call.

Tad groaned when he learned that JR had gotten drunk and then stolen Bianca's car. Cara urged Tad to find JR. She promised Tad that the beach could wait. Tad was about to leave when Brot walked in. Brot revealed that they had found Bianca's car wrapped around a tree, but JR hadn't been at the scene of the accident. Tad decided to leave it for the cops to handle, but Cara knew that Tad wanted to be there to catch JR during JR's freefall.

In the park, JR stumbled around in a drunken stupor. JR continued to drink from a bottle of whiskey until he spotted AJ with the babysitter. JR stayed out of sight, watching his son as AJ ran around with a kite. Eventually, the kite got away, so the babysitter ran to catch it. AJ gave chase as well, just as JR stepped forward. However, Tad called out to JR before JR could take more than a step.

Tad realized that JR had intended to snatch AJ. JR didn't deny it as he reminded Tad that AJ was his son. Tad argued that it didn't give JR the right to ruin AJ's life. JR claimed that he had just wanted to apologize to AJ, but Tad insisted that JR had intended to keep AJ away from Marissa, and then turn AJ into another version of Adam. Tad thought that JR had already gone far enough down that road himself, so he shouldn't do that to AJ. JR assured Tad that he wouldn't wish that on anyone, but it didn't matter, since Adam had left.

Tad admitted that he had once promised Dixie that he would watch out for JR, so Tad intended to keep that vow. JR started to hand Tad the bottle of whiskey, but Tad refused to take it. Tad wanted JR to throw it away on his own. JR wondered what had happened to the promise that Tad had made to Dixie, so Tad explained that JR was the only person who had the power to save JR. JR drunkenly reminded Tad that he wasn't just a common drunk in the park, but Tad suggested that JR was well on his way to becoming one if JR continued down the same path. Later, JR dropped his empty bottle of whiskey into the trashcan.

A homeless man bemoaned the sound of the empty bottle hitting the bottom of the trashcan, so he offered JR a drink from his own bottle. JR insisted that he didn't drink with strangers. The homeless man chuckled as he pointed out that bars were filled with strangers. The man wondered if JR had any pressing business, or a family to go home to. JR thought about it for a moment and then took the bottle that the homeless man had extended to him. JR was curious what the man's name was, but the homeless man didn't think that it mattered, since he was no one; JR admitted that he was no one too.

Meanwhile, Tad returned to the restaurant with AJ. Cara greeted AJ and then sent him to the kitchen for a hot fudge sundae. Tad confessed that he had just done the hardest thing that he had ever done in his entire life. Cara revealed that her mother had once told her that sometimes people had to love others differently than they were used to. Tad admitted that Cara's mother was a wise woman. Tad revealed that he had told JR that JR had to help himself, so Tad was determined to focus on his own life, starting with their trip to Martha's Vineyard.

At Oak Haven, Erica was shocked when she recognized Dixie sleeping in one of the rooms. Erica tried to explain who Dixie was to the nurse, but the nurse assumed that Erica was just rambling. The nurse suggested that the doctor could give Erica something to help calm her, and then tossed Erica into another room. Erica banged on the door as she begged to be let out because the woman in the other room was "Dixie Martin." Moments later, Janet appeared on the other side of the door. Erica implored Janet to help her, but Janet warned Erica that Erica would never get out if she continued to claim to see dead people.

Erica tried to explain that she had seen Dixie, but Janet started talking about Ralph. Erica didn't want to hear about Ralph because something "strange" was going on that Erica was determined to get to the bottom of. Erica had a quick change of heart about Ralph when Janet revealed that Ralph had keys to all the rooms, and he was eager to help Janet. A short time later, Ralph unlocked the door to Dixie's room, and then instructed Erica that she would only have five minutes to spend inside the room. Erica slipped into the room, where she found Dixie lying in bed. Erica quietly greeted Dixie.

Spooked, Dixie looked up and then huddled close to the headboard as she stared at Erica. Erica was shocked because she realized that she was really looking at Dixie. "It's me, Erica Kane," Erica told Dixie. Dixie didn't appear to recognize Erica, so Erica assured Dixie that she would get Dixie some real help. Erica offered to take Dixie to the hospital for treatment, but Dixie became agitated. "No! No, David," Dixie yelled and then began to scream.

Ralph quickly returned to hustle Erica out of the room. After Erica was locked back in her room, Erica cried out for Janet's help. Erica explained that Dixie knew something about David, but Janet, who stood on the other side of the door, was upset because Erica hadn't kept her promise to Ralph to spend no more than five minutes with Dixie. Janet took offense when Erica ordered Janet to stop talking like a crazy person for a minute. Janet suggested that Erica could find someone else to help her talk to people who couldn't stay dead.

Later, Dixie used a hairbrush to tap on the wall. Erica recognized the sound because she had heard something similar when she had been kept a prisoner in the faux bedroom, so she wondered if Dixie had been held captive at the quarry too.

At the Yacht Club, Jackson spotted Kendall at a table, so he assumed that she was waiting for Griffin. He realized his mistake when Kendall hinted that things were over. Kendall realized that Jack probably didn't want to hear about her troubles with Griffin because Jack had his own problems with Erica to deal with. Jack revealed that he had decided to find Jane to corroborate Erica's story. Kendall was amazed that Jack continued to fight for Erica despite what had happened. Jack tried to shift gears to find out what had happened between Kendall and Griffin, but Kendall would only reveal that Griffin had blown it.

Kendall then deftly turned the discussion back to Erica by explaining that she wanted to believe her mother's story, but Erica's claims were too outrageous. Jack confided that a part of him wanted to believe Erica's story because it would mean that another woman had told him that she wasn't in love with him. Kendall assured Jack that, sane or not, Erica's heart belonged to Jack. Jack insisted that they needed to get Erica out of Oak Haven. Kendall smiled as she realized that Jack would never give up on her mother. Jack confessed that he didn't think that he could.

Jack then turned the conversation back to Griffin. Kendall explained that Griffin didn't trust her, and that he had been working with David on something. Jack was immediately interested, but Kendall admitted that she had no idea what the project was about. She couldn't understand why Griffin was involved, since he always seemed to have had good intentions. Jack suggested that perhaps Griffin wanted to protect Kendall.

Griffin intercepted Ryan in the hallway as Ryan arrived home from his trip. Griffin revealed that he knew that Ryan had been snooping around Stanford for information about Griffin. Ryan argued that Griffin had chosen to side with David. Griffin disagreed, so Ryan invited Griffin inside. Griffin explained that the Orpheus Project had started out as stem cell research on lab rats, but Griffin had recently learned that David had tested the treatment on human subjects. Ryan guessed that one of those patients had been Greenlee.

Griffin confirmed that the other patient had been Maria Santos. Ryan was stunned that it had gone that far back, so he wondered if there had been anyone else involved in the treatments. Griffin confessed that he had no idea, but he suspected that, from his conversations with David, there had been several more patients, and that they were in Pine Valley. Griffin explained that stem cells were unique because they could "divide and differentiate" into any type of tissue. Griffin insisted that originally their work had been focused on blood diseases, like leukemia, and spinal cord injuries, such as the one that Greenlee had suffered after the motorcycle crash. However, Griffin revealed that David had taken the research one step further.

Griffin revealed that when the heart stopped, organs and tissues immediately started to die, so if it continued for a prolonged time then it would be impossible to resuscitate a person. Ryan realized that what Griffin was talking about was "bringing people back from the dead." Griffin conceded that the potential to do that was there. "No wonder he thinks he's God," Ryan remarked about David. It dawned on Ryan that people whom they had thought had died might actually be alive, and that Zach might be one of them.

As if on cue, Kendall walked in. Kendall sensed that she had interrupted an intense conversation, but she was more surprised to see Griffin sitting in Ryan's living room. Ryan decided to give Griffin and Kendall some privacy, so Ryan asked them to lock up when they left and then excused himself. Griffin admitted that he and Kendall had a lot to talk about, but he wanted to first assure her that he was through working for David. Griffin confessed that he was ready to tell her everything. Kendall realized that Griffin was nervous, so she assured him that nothing that he could say would change how she felt about him.

Griffin recalled David warning him that the answers to Griffin's questions might cost Griffin Kendall's affections. Griffin pushed the memory away and then forged ahead with his confession. Griffin acknowledged that Kendall had been sad, depressed, and angry when he had first met her and that her anger had led her to nearly take a man's life. Griffin admired Kendall because she had worked to become a stronger woman. Kendall was curious what that had to do with David, so Griffin explained that he was reluctant to open old wounds. Kendall admitted that Griffin was making her nervous.

Griffin reminded Kendall that David had saved Greenlee and Maria's lives. Kendall agreed, and then added that everyone had believed that Greenlee and Maria had died. Griffin suggested that if David had been able to "bring them back then he could probably bring back someone else." Kendall hesitated a moment and then whispered, "Zach." Kendall became upset as the realization of what Griffin meant sank in, so she demanded to know if David had said anything about Zach.

Griffin confessed that David had implied it, but Kendall refused to believe that David could have that kind of power over her life. Griffin argued that Greenlee and Maria were alive, so if there were the slightest chance that Zach could be alive, Griffin felt obligated to tell Kendall. Kendall angrily ordered Griffin to leave. Once she was alone, she snarled between gritted teeth, "Damn you, David."

At the hospital, Greenlee reminded David that he had promised to take care of her. David assured Greenlee that he would, once he was recovered. Greenlee explained that she couldn't wait that long because she feared that she might end up in the hospital before David's injuries had healed. David was curious if Greenlee had experienced any numbing sensation in her legs, so Greenlee claimed that she had and then added that it had been getting worse. Greenlee insisted that she couldn't be confined to a wheelchair again, so she begged David not to let her die.

David asked Greenlee to have faith in him. He reminded her that he had helped her cheat death once before, so he would make certain that she lived a long life. However, David explained that it wasn't a matter of giving her a magic pill. According to David, it was a complicated process, which only he could do. Greenlee was curious if he intended to take her to the same facility where he had originally treated her. David told her no, but he refused to elaborate.

Greenlee suspected that David had an ulterior motive for trying to get her out of Pine Valley, so David offered to let her speak to someone who had been in her situation. Greenlee admitted that she suspected that someone else had been in the room with her during the early days when David had treated her injuries following the accident. David tried to brush it off as him or Nurse Gail, but Greenlee was certain that it had been a patient because she recalled seeing the person on a gurney. David remained silent, so Greenlee warned him that she was through playing games with him because her life was on the line. Greenlee demanded a straight answer from David, but David reminded her that he had no reason to trust her.

Greenlee accused David of not being able to choke down his utter joy at having her dependent on him for something important. She was certain that he loved knowing that she needed him, and that he enjoyed seeing her desperate enough for ask for his help. David suggested that Greenlee might be playing him. Greenlee argued that she was more likely to put herself into his care a second time if she knew that her cure hadn't been a fluke, so she wanted to know if others had been helped by his treatments. Greenlee suggested that saving her life had been a miracle, but she found it curious that he was reluctant to tell the world. She reminded him that he could trust her because she had everything to lose, including her life. "Yes," David finally answered, "there was someone else in that room."

Greenlee wanted to know who it was, but David would only reveal, "Someone near and dear; someone taken from us way too soon." A nurse entered the room, and then shooed Greenlee out, so that David could get some rest. Later, David called someone to order the person to find Dixie because David didn't want everything to crash down before he was ready to reveal his secrets to the world.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan spotted Greenlee at the bar. Greenlee greeted her husband and then revealed that she had just seen David. Greenlee assured Ryan that she had David believing that she needed him. Greenlee then shifted gears to find out how Ryan's trip had gone. Ryan updated Greenlee on what Griffin had told him about the stem cell research. Greenlee was relieved that Griffin had gotten on board with them, instead of continuing to work for David.

Ryan was curious about what David had told Greenlee. Greenlee was reluctant to share what she and David had discussed, which made Ryan fear that David had gotten to her. Greenlee explained that she was just tired, but Ryan didn't believe her. He threatened to go to the hospital to get answers from David, but Greenlee stopped him. She explained that David wanted to take her away for treatment because he claimed that she required a special procedure that only David was qualified to do. "Because it's illegal and nobody even knows it exists," Ryan warned her.

Ryan was relieved when Greenlee assured him that she had told David no. Ryan insisted that he and Griffin would take care of everything, so Greenlee could steer clear of David. Greenlee argued that she couldn't, so Ryan demanded to know why. Greenlee admitted that she had told David about her dream. Ryan realized that the dream had been a memory, so Greenlee revealed that David had confirmed that someone close to her and David, who had been taken too soon from them, had been in the room with her. "Leo," Ryan realized.

"The son of a bitch certainly knows what buttons to push," Ryan remarked as he looked at Greenlee's concerned expression. Ryan understood why Greenlee had seemed upset when he had first walked in. Ryan hugged his wife, while Greenlee flashed back to special moments that she had shared with Leo.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jake slept at the hospital after staying up all night to research cervical cancer. Amanda entered and awakened him with a kiss. She was concerned because he hadn't returned home, and he apologized for worrying her, but she was glad to focus on something other than herself. Amanda regretted that her illness had taken over their lives, but Jake wanted to focus on making her better. She bemoaned that he never stopped working, and she implored him to take care of himself. He said he'd feel better after they met with the oncologist.

Jake showed Amanda similar cases he'd researched with positive outcomes. She declared that she didn't want the time they had left to be about her cancer, but he was confident that her illness wouldn't last forever. She lamented that their life together had been one crisis after another. He acknowledged that things hadn't been easy, but they had real love that would get them through anything. He assured her that soon they'd be back to their normal routine, and he vowed to overcome all of their challenges. She called him her hero. His phone rang, and he announced that Dr. Hamilton was ready to see them.

Dr. Hamilton informed Jake and Amanda that they'd caught the cancer early, but he recommended a hysterectomy as her best treatment option. Jake inquired whether it would remove all of the cancer, and while the doctor couldn't guarantee it, he stated that it was the best chance for a full recovery. Amanda was devastated that she wouldn't be able to have more children. Dr. Hamilton left Amanda and Jake to talk, but he advised immediate surgery.

Amanda apologized, but Jake said she had nothing to be sorry for. She wondered if her diagnosis was punishment for trying to trick him into having another baby. She expected him to be disappointed in her, but he expressed regret for not measuring up. She was crushed that she wouldn't be able to give Trevor a sibling. Jake promised he would never take his family for granted again. He said all he and Trevor would ever need was her, and they embraced.

In the park, Trevor slept on a bench while Amanda and Jake cuddled. Jake couldn't believe that he had once believed that Trevor wasn't his child, but said they had been destined to be a family. Amanda proclaimed that finding out Jake was Trevor's father was best day of her life. Jake recalled that he'd privately asked God for things to work out, and he wouldn't ask for anything else for the rest of his life, because he had the perfect family that could never be taken away. They kissed.

David barked orders on the phone for someone to find Dixie. Angie approached his room and overheard him say that he had to get out of the hospital. She declared that he wasn't going anywhere, because he had promised to do everything possible to restore her sight. David claimed that he was in a hurry to leave, because he was tired of being "Pine Valley's piñata" while holed up in the hospital, and he wanted to get back to work. He said there was a lot to be done, but he couldn't resume her treatment until he had fully recovered.

Angie complained that she had already missed key moments in Lucy's life. David retorted that she should blame Erica, but Angie snapped that if he didn't make good on his word, she'd make him wish Erica had finished the job. David asserted that he'd already spent time and money to reverse Angie's blindness, so he had no reason to back out, but she thought he'd built up her hope so he could destroy it. He promised to resume treatment, but she suspected something else was going on, because he sounded nervous and distracted.

David said he needed rest, and Angie blamed herself for trusting him against everyone else's better judgment, but she'd believed in her heart that he had wanted to help her. He maintained that he did. She offered him her support in exchange for her sight, and she pointed out that she was all he had. He appreciated the offer, but he insisted that he wasn't in trouble but simply had to postpone treatment. She desperately inquired for how long, but he couldn't give her an answer.

Jesse watched as Maya affectionately fawned over Lucy, and he flashed back to learning that Maya was Lucy's biological mother. Maya greeted Jesse, and he informed her of an entry-level job at the police station with lots of benefits, including insurance and education, and he offered to recommend her for the position. She was surprised, because he hadn't been enthusiastic about her taking care of Lucy. He asserted that he had just been overprotective, but she worried that she didn't have much experience or many references. He assured her that she was smart with a strong work ethic, and she'd be fit for the job. Maya fretted that she'd have to leave Lucy, and she didn't want to leave when she was starting to bond with the baby.

Jesse was shocked that Maya would rather change diapers than go to college for free. Maya realized that he didn't trust her with Lucy, but she declared that Angie had faith in her. She stated that she wasn't going anywhere, except to the park with Lucy, as Angie had instructed. Maya left with the baby, and Jesse put his face in his hands and wailed that he didn't know what to do. He called Brot and said they needed to talk about Maya.

Angie arrived home and angrily threw her purse on the table. Jesse asked what was wrong, and Angie admitted that David had postponed her treatment. She reported that he'd used his injuries as an excuse, but she speculated that he planned to leave town. Jesse furiously remarked that he knew David had been playing her, and he vowed to get to the bottom of the situation. He asked Angie what she needed, and she asked to hold Lucy. Jesse jumped to the conclusion that Maya had lied about Angie's direction to take Lucy to the park.

Angie lamented that her treatment didn't happen, and Jesse wished he'd kept the baby at home. She realized he had concerns about Maya, but she assured him that she'd spoken to Maya a lot and that Lucy and Maya had taken to one another in a magical way. Jesse pointed out that there were other options, but Angie said they had been lucky to find the perfect nanny, and she insisted that Maya remain on board.

Later, Jesse met Brot at the hospital and told him about his job offer, which Maya had turned down to be near Lucy. Jesse worried that she knew the truth, but Brot pointed out that she could just take Lucy if she wanted her baby back. Jesse was certain the truth would be revealed, and Angie would be destroyed. Brot maintained that Maya had just wanted a good home for her child, but Jesse thought it was too risky for her to be close to Lucy, and he had to figure out something.

Mookie approached Maya in the park, and she reprimanded him for being there, because she was working. He said he wanted to be with her, and she halfheartedly replied that she wanted the same thing. He forcefully grabbed her arm and accused her of running away and wanting to break up with him, because she didn't love him anymore. She clarified that she didn't want to love him, and she wheeled Lucy away in a stroller. After a moment, he followed them.

Later, at the Hubbard home, May a was surprised to find Mookie in the living room, and he claimed the door had been open. He said they were good together, but she argued that if they were, she wouldn't have bruises. She ordered him to leave, and he accused her of being with someone else. She tried to walk by him, but he roughly grabbed her arm. She said he was hurting her, and despite his promises, he'd hurt her over and over again. Angie entered and commanded him to take his hands off Maya and to leave.

Griffin tried to call Kendall, but she hesitated to answer when she saw his name on her phone. She reflected upon Griffin's assertion that Zach could be alive. She clutched her chest and gasped for breath, and she hurriedly grabbed her purse and left. At the hospital, Frankie examined Kendall and reported that her heart rate and blood pressure were normal. He attributed her symptoms to stress, but he wanted to notify Griffin. Kendall adamantly refused, but Griffin overheard and announced that it was too late.

Griffin asked Kendall what had happened, but she snapped that it was none of his business, and she requested a new heart specialist. He said he was capable of seeing her solely as a patient. She berated him for hiding his emotions. He regretted mentioning his suspicions about Zach being alive, and he reminded her that she had begged him for full disclosure. She retorted that it was a vicious lie, and she told him to go back to his research and to accept that he was no longer her doctor.

Griffin refused to walk out on Kendall, but she accused him of lying for months about David, and then about Zach. Griffin reminded her that he wasn't working for David any longer, because David had lied to him, and Griffin was helping Ryan instead. Griffin didn't want to see Kendall drop dead from stress, and he urged her to seek care, if not for herself, then for her kids. She warily allowed him to listen to her heart, and they were both affected by their close proximity. He reported that her heart rate was slightly elevated but not cause for concern, and she spat that she'd be fine when she was no longer near him, and she stormed out.

Ryan expressed concern that Greenlee had tossed and turned all night. He understood that she had been disturbed by David's hint that Leo could be alive. She chalked it up to just another of David's manipulations, but Ryan wondered if she believed David. Greenlee proclaimed that she knew David was messing with her head, and she refused to fall for it, but Ryan had doubts. She admitted that David's allusion had thrown her, but Jackson's arrival interrupted their discussion.

Jackson announced that he was on his way to Brazil to pursue a lead on Jane. Jackson reported that Jane's plastic surgeon had also operated on Erica. Greenlee scoffed at the idea that Erica's story was true, but Jackson vowed to prove it, so Erica could return home. Greenlee hoped her father found Jane, and Ryan offered his help. The Laverys wished Jackson luck, and he left. Greenlee griped that David had caused Jackson's woes. Ryan suggested that Greenlee accompany Jackson to Brazil, and she realized her husband was trying to get her out of town.

Greenlee insisted that she could help Jackson from Pine Valley, but Ryan worried that she'd still be near David. Greenlee argued that David was in the hospital, but Ryan expected that David would continue to play mind games with her. She reminded Ryan that they were a team, but he asked her to trust him to handle David on his own. Ryan pointed out that it would mean the world to Jackson if Greenlee accompanied him to Brazil, and Ryan would be relieved to know she was safe. She reluctantly agreed to go.

Later, Kendall stopped by the Laverys' penthouse to see Greenlee, but Ryan informed her that Greenlee had left for Brazil. Kendall was glad Greenlee wouldn't be around, because Kendall wanted Ryan to back off David. Kendall admitted that she wanted to nail David, but she felt that they were giving David what he wanted by focusing on him. Ryan suspected that David was planning something big, and he needed to find out what it was, but she suggested they ignore David and not allow him to control their lives. Ryan noted that it had been good for his and Greenlee's relationship to team up, but Kendall insisted that it was a game to David, and she wanted it to be over.

Kendall informed Ryan that David had started the rumor that Zach was alive to mess with her head. Ryan disclosed that Griffin had told him already, and she realized they had been discussing it the day before. Ryan said that David had taken his God complex to a new level and that Griffin suspected David was conducting experiments on humans, and Griffin wanted to take David down as much as they did. Kendall wanted to move on with their lives, but Ryan revealed that David had also hinted that Leo was alive.

Kendall hoped Greenlee hadn't believed David, but Ryan wasn't sure, because he understood how Greenlee would want to believe it, just like he'd want Gillian to still be alive. Kendall blasted David for using Leo's memory to hurt Greenlee. Ryan was glad that Greenlee was going to Brazil, and he vowed to put an end to David's evil plans for good. Ryan warned Kendall to stay away from David and to let him handle the situation. She agreed, but she wished she'd killed David when she'd had the chance.

David yelled for a nurse to administer pain medication, but Greenlee entered and announced that she was going out of town. She asked him to think about how much they had both loved Leo. She recounted how David had said he'd saved someone they'd lost too soon, but he blamed it on his heavy medication. She demanded to know if he had meant Leo. David scoffed at the idea that he'd let the world think his brother was dead, but there was no point in defending himself, because she already considered him a monster. She begged him for the truth, and he invited her to accompany him to see for herself.

Greenlee called David insane to think she'd go with him anywhere. He ordered her to get out, and she berated him for using Leo to try to seek revenge. David claimed that he was simply offering her the truth. She argued that he'd almost died and couldn't leave the hospital, but he said he'd risk leaving for her. He asked whether she wanted to join him or not.

Later, Griffin stumbled upon David's empty hospital bed and started to make a call. Jesse arrived and asked where David was, but Griffin had no clue.

Greenlee pushed David through the hospital in a wheelchair, and David asked for her cell phone. He explained that he didn't want Ryan tagging along, and he was certain that she wouldn't want that, either. She handed him her phone and continued to wheel David out of the hospital.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At Angie's house, Angie ordered Mookie to take his hands off Maya and leave before Angie had him locked up. At first, he didn't comply, but Angie threatened him again, causing him to head for the door. He claimed he hadn't meant to cause Maya problems, and he loved her. Angie yelled at him to get out, and he left.

Maya implored Angie to believe that it was Maya's fault that Mookie had acted that way. Maya claimed that he hadn't always been like that, and Angie needed to hear the whole story. Maya explained that, when they'd first met, Mookie had been perfect; however, once they'd moved in together, he'd become possessive. Angie said that wasn't love; it was control, and Maya was a strong woman who deserved better.

Angie guessed that Maya had fled New York because she'd feared Mookie. Maya disagreed, saying she'd been fearless enough to take it; however, she'd left so that Mookie wouldn't hurt someone else. Angie asked whom Mookie might hurt, but Maya didn't want to say because she feared Mookie discovering what she'd done.

Angie said they'd figure it out together. Maya made Angie promise to keep her secret. Angie agreed, and Maya revealed that she'd been pregnant. Angie questioned what had happened to the baby. Maya explained that she hadn't been able to afford to keep the baby, who was better off with a family who could love her. Angela stated that Maya had given up her little girl. "A beautiful little girl," Maya added.

Angie offered to support Maya, but figured that taking care of Lucy might be hard for Maya. Maya stated that she'd only been with her baby for a short time, and she recalled how much Lucy looked like her little girl.

At the Martin house, Cara and Tad joked around as they prepared for their trip, where they planned to rub elbows with people like "Biffy and Buffy." They worked on Cara's tennis swing. She wondered what would happen if she got lucky enough to score, and Tad kissed her. Cara liked the kiss, but Tad hoped she wasn't just being "grateful." Joking that she'd never live that word down, Cara responded that what she felt was more than gratitude.

At Krystal's restaurant, JR was insolent when Marissa and Bianca lectured him about wrecking Bianca's car. He suggested they have him locked up, since they'd already taken everything else from him. Marissa asserted that AJ wanted his father, not the stumbling drunk JR had become. JR stated that AJ wouldn't have an aversion to his father if Marissa hadn't filled his head with lies. He told the ladies to go off and "do what you people do;" however, they wouldn't keep him from his son. Marissa whipped out a temporary restraining order and said JR couldn't go near their son until he went to rehab.

A belligerent JR ordered the women to get out of his face, so Marissa and Bianca went to see Tad to tell him about the run-in with JR. A rattled Marissa insisted that she needed to do what she could to protect AJ. Tad conveyed that Marissa had done the right thing, because sometimes Chandlers had to be hit straight between the eyes before they saw a problem.

Alone with Tad later, Cara suggested that he seek out JR. Tad wanted to, but he didn't want to ruin their plans over it because JR would continue to be unreasonable. Cara claimed it was okay because she needed to see a patient and do more packing. Insisting they were going on their trip, Tad kissed her and left.

Later, Marissa and Bianca were in the living room when AJ entered and said he missed his father. Marissa tearfully tried to explain that JR was going through something. AJ offered to help his father, but Marissa said only Daddy could help Daddy get better.

At Krystal's with Brot, Jesse shared his anger over David's hospital departure. Jesse felt that David had led Angie along just to let her down. Jesse was worried about how much more she could take. He cited that Maya had moved in with them, and it was just a matter of time before she realized that Lucy was her child. Jesse feared what losing Lucy would do to Angie.

Mookie entered, and Jesse became paranoid that Mookie would somehow figure out about Lucy. Brot tried to get Jesse to focus on finding David; however, Jesse couldn't do it. He said he needed to tell Angie the truth before things got out of hand. Brot reasoned that Angie would tell Maya the truth, causing Angie to lose two babies. Jesse hopelessly shook his head.

At another table, JR drank from his flask, and Mookie approached to give notice of quitting his job, since Maya was no longer at the mansion. JR quipped that Mookie could save it for Scott because JR couldn't care less. Refusing to be spoken to that way, Mookie said it was no wonder everyone thought JR was such "an ass...a drunk ass." Both men chuckled, but JR toppled his table as he hopped up and belted Mookie.

Jesse and Brot intervened, and JR claimed he'd been provoked. Jesse could smell the alcohol on JR and offered to take him home. JR tried to leave on his own accord, but Jesse blocked his path. JR shoved Jesse, and Jesse ordered Brot to arrest JR for assaulting an officer.

JR apologized and tried to talk his way out of it; however, when Jesse wouldn't budge, JR murmured, "Who cares?" Tad entered, and Jesse explained what had just happened. Tad took a whiff of JR, who claimed he'd had a bad day. Tad quipped that getting in a bar fight wouldn't win AJ back. Jesse offered to forget the matter -- as long as Tad talked sense into JR.

JR said that he couldn't lose his son, but Tad stated that all the love and support everyone had given JR hadn't seemed to help. Tad cited that he'd begged Jesse many times to compromise his job to help JR; however, JR had to grow up and clean up his own mess. As Brot hauled JR away, JR screamed that he hated Tad.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby got concerned upon seeing Asher packing his things. She thought she'd done something wrong, but he said he'd gotten into trouble with the pain pills. He felt he needed to go somewhere to clear his head before he threw his life down the drain.

Asher recalled that he'd moved into the mansion to stick it to his father; however, he'd decided that moving in with Caleb might be a good way to finally heal the relationship. Colby called it a big step, and he added that he'd also entered an outpatient rehab program. She hoped they'd still see each other, but Asher didn't think it would be fair to her. He felt that they couldn't be together until he became the man she deserved.

Colby wished him well and said she'd be there when he got himself together. She mentioned that Asher should see JR before leaving, and Asher and Colby began to discuss the toll JR's drinking had taken on the household. Colby said she'd been unsuccessful in reaching her father; however, she figured if she had reached him, he'd return to run things, which would make JR feel worse. Deciding Colby shouldn't handle it alone, Asher said he was staying.

Colby didn't want Asher postponing his needs to babysit her. She assured him that she was used to depending upon herself, and she'd be fine as long as she got to see what kind of guy he'd become. Asher kissed Colby and left. Colby called Adam and left him another urgent message. Afterward, she recorded a vlog about the wonderful Asher. She tearfully said that giving up everything for her independence wasn't worth it without someone to share it with.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the Martin home, Tad tenderly cradled a starfish, and Krystal asked if he'd been to Cape Cod and back already. He revealed that the starfish had been Dixie's, and he complained that he and Cara had experienced problems getting out of town. Tad thought that perhaps the various obstacles that had kept them from leaving were a sign he wasn't supposed to go, but Krystal said she'd kick Tad's butt to Cape Cod and back if he didn't take the trip. Krystal told Tad that his relationship with Cara seemed like the real deal. He acknowledged that it was pretty good, but she realized he was worried that someone might get hurt. Krystal was sure that JR would get back on his feet, and she urged Tad to sweep Cara off of hers.

At the hospital, Cara handed Griffin all of her patient files and asked him to cover for her during her trip with Tad. He called it a big step, but he was happy for her. She suggested that Griffin and Kendall join them the following year, but Griffin clammed up. Cara asked what had stopped him from being with Kendall, and Griffin explained that he had found something out when he'd been working for David, and it was better that he kept his distance. Cara pushed for details, but Griffin wanted to keep his personal and professional lives separate, and he urged his sister to be happy with Tad. She agreed to go, but she insisted that they pick up their conversation later.

At Krystal's, Jake announced to Amanda that he planned to spend the day with her, and he had already turned off his cell phone. She knew he was trying to make her feel better about her upcoming hysterectomy, but she assured him that she was okay, and she wondered if he was all right. He said it wasn't about him, but she wanted to talk about his feelings. Opal interrupted and begged for Jake's help to save Erica from Oak Haven.

Opal believed Jake could help her as hospital chief of staff, but he pointed out that Erica had stabbed someone, and in the eyes of the law, Erica was unstable. Opal became increasingly upset, and Jake agreed to look into the matter, but he wanted to spend the day with Amanda. Amanda claimed that she had made an appointment with Opal for "the Glamorama treatment." Jake agreed to meet Amanda in the park later, and he left. Opal realized that Amanda wanted to talk, and Amanda admitted that she was worried about Jake.

Amanda confessed that she felt like a voice inside her head had been telling her that she wasn't good enough and that her marriage wouldn't work out. Opal thought maybe the voice was Janet's, and she disclosed that she'd seen Janet, whose mental state hadn't changed. Opal professed that Amanda was nothing like her mother and never would be. Opal encouraged Amanda to stop listening to the voice and start listening to Jake, because he believed that she was good enough for him and that he was nothing without her. Amanda thanked Opal, and she requested that if something happened to her, Opal wouldn't let Janet get her hands on Trevor. Opal swore that Janet would have to go through her first, and Krystal echoed Opal's sentiment. Amanda hugged her friends.

Jake and Tad met in the park, and Tad observed that Jake looked stressed. Jake forlornly said he'd prepared a full picnic basket with all of Amanda's favorites, but it didn't help the fact that Amanda needed a hysterectomy. Tad asked how Amanda was, and Jake said she had been like a rock. Tad moved over to sit next to Jake, and he asked how his brother was doing. Jake recalled that when he'd moved to Pine Valley, he hadn't thought he'd stick around, but Tad was glad he had. Jake noted that when he had met Amanda and even after they'd had Trevor, he'd still had one foot out the door. "You don't really know what you have until you lose it," Jake sadly commented.

Tad assured Jake that Amanda wasn't going anywhere and that she would beat her cancer. Jake thought he had to be the strong one, but Cara arrived and proclaimed that he was wrong. Cara explained that Jake didn't have to be strong for Amanda, but he needed to share his fears, because cancer made the patient feel powerless. Cara asserted that if Jake denied Amanda the right to help him feel better, Amanda would feel worse, and Tad concurred. Jake realized that as a doctor, he was accustomed to fixing things, and he felt useless.

Cara advised Jake to support rather than protect, because his love would be more than enough. Jake thanked her for giving him a kick in the butt. Cara and Tad swore they'd always be there, and they began to suggest ways they could help once they returned from Martha's Vineyard. Jake was surprised, and he inquired if Tad and Cara's trip was a honeymoon. Tad admitted that it was, and he asked if Jake was okay with it. Jake extended his hand, and the brothers shook hands and hugged.

Amanda approached, and Jake announced that Tad and Cara were taking a trip, though they'd be back before her surgery. Amanda asked if Tad and Cara would help to look after Trevor during her recovery, and they were happy to oblige. Tad beseeched Amanda to enjoy the picnic Jake had arranged, but Amanda insisted they share some champagne. Tad opened the bottle, and Amanda declared that she wanted to make a toast. "To family," she said, and they all clinked glasses.

After Tad and Cara left, Jake admitted that he hadn't been completely fair. He had joined Doctors Without Borders because there had been nothing to stop him from moving on whenever he'd felt like it, and he'd looked at relationships the same way. He realized that he'd held a piece of himself back, and he'd let Cara back into his life because it had been easier to look backward rather than face the idea of being tied to a wife and child for the rest of his life, but he had been a fool. He asked if Amanda could forgive him, because he wanted to tie himself tightly to their family and build their own border to keep them safe. She admitted she'd pushed him away, too. He said it had taken the cancer to make them see how beautiful their life was, and they kissed passionately.

At Krystal's, Cara and Tad made a list of everything they needed for their trip. She mentioned an umbrella, and Krystal presented them with one. He amorously added "bikini" to the list, and Cara promised to pick out a few. Opal called and informed Tad that Kathy needed her dad, as Kathy looked sadly through the box of Dixie's belongings. Tad lamented that they had to postpone the trip, but Cara understood that his daughter needed him. Cara offered to return home with him, and he said he wouldn't have it any other way.

In Oak Haven, Janet expressed frustration while attempting to assemble a jigsaw puzzle, and she reprimanded Erica for pacing. Erica stated that she was working on a puzzle of her own -- Dixie. Erica suspected that David had been behind both her own kidnapping as well as Dixie's trauma. Janet insisted that some puzzle pieces were missing, and she accused Erica of taking them. Erica said that she was missing some pieces, too, but she knew where to find them. Meanwhile, in her room, Dixie continued to pound on the wall, and she repeatedly murmured the word "home."

Erica suggested that Janet keep things calm when Dixie joined them, and Janet agreed not to mention anything about how she'd killed Dixie's brother, Will. Ralph led a despondent Dixie into the main room, and Janet remarked that it was nice to see Dixie breathing again, and she flirtatiously led Ralph out of the room. Erica softly greeted a frightened Dixie, and she mentioned that she'd arranged for Dixie to be released from her room. Fishing for answers, Erica inquired if Dixie's room was like the one at the quarry, or if Jane had been holding Dixie. Dixie remained silent while she fondled a crayon. Erica implored Dixie to trust her, and but Dixie indicated that she didn't know if she could.

Erica reminded Dixie that they'd known one another for years and had both been married to Adam. Erica asked if Dixie knew who she was, or if Dixie was aware that everyone had thought she had died from poisoned pancakes. "Pancakes?" Dixie repeated in disbelief. Erica theorized that someone had plotted to keep her from JR, who needed her. Dixie's eyes lit up, and she mused, "He's my baby."

Erica said they didn't have much time and gently pressed for details about how Dixie had ended up at Oak Haven. Erica asked if David had rescued Dixie to keep her from Tad, but Dixie became agitated. Erica handed Dixie a sketchpad and suggested that she write what she couldn't say. Erica overheard Janet and Ralph approaching, and she implored Dixie to hurry. Ralph entered and escorted Dixie out, and Janet picked up Dixie's drawing and remarked that Dixie wasn't a good artist. Erica looked at a star Dixie had drawn in blue crayon.

Janet vaguely remembered that Tad and Dixie had a "star thing," and Erica recalled that Dixie had once worn a star necklace. She realized that they had been talking about Tad when Dixie had drawn the star. Janet began to recite the visiting hours, but Erica was sure no one would believe her claim that Dixie was alive. Janet said they had to take Dixie to Tad, but Erica thought that was impossible. Janet suggested that they escape, and she announced that she had a plan.

Janet called Erica her "friend for life" and asked if Erica was ready to escape. Erica questioned how they would do it, and Janet handed her a shampoo bottle. Erica sniffed it and smelled gasoline. Janet gleefully revealed that her hobby had been to siphon some gas during every day trip, and she planned to set a fire and escape in the confusion. Janet showed Erica keys and matches she'd stolen out of Ralph's pocket. Erica agreed that she was in on the plan.

Later, Erica slid the star drawing under Dixie's door. Dixie stared at the star and called out Tad's name. She held the picture to her heart.

Ryan left a message for Greenlee to call him once she arrived in Brazil. Meanwhile, David and Greenlee arrived at a mysterious location after a long drive. She commented that it looked nothing like the room where David had kept her after her accident, and he noted that she sounded like she had been held prisoner. He reminded her that she had been a patient, and he'd saved her life. She demanded to know if Leo was there.

David explained that he was still recovering and didn't have much energy, so he wanted to treat Greenlee first, and he needed to draw her blood. He reminded her that she'd been at death's door, and he scoffed at the idea that Ryan thought David was trying to control her. David declared that he had accepted he couldn't have Greenlee, but he was responsible for the miracle of her still being alive. She still didn't trust him, but he pointed out that she was there by her own choice, and she said she was putting her life in his hands.

Greenlee noticed that David was bleeding and thought they shouldn't proceed, but he was more concerned about her. He vowed not to lose her, because he'd restored her life, and he wouldn't let anyone take it away. She winced as he drew her blood. David said he'd examine Greenlee's blood to get some answers, but she wanted some answers right away. Greenlee demanded to know if Leo was there, or if David was playing a game. He countered that he could tell she had faked her leg numbness, because she'd jumped right out of the car after their long drive, and he accused her of being the one playing games.

David thought it had been Ryan's idea for Greenlee to pretend that she needed David's help to spy on him, but Greenlee swore she had accompanied David on her own. She asserted that she and Ryan were equals, and she didn't expect David to understand their marriage. David speculated that she was afraid of herself and what she could be, because David could have given her the world. She spat that she wanted nothing from him, but he countered that wasn't true, or she wouldn't be there. David claimed to be the only one who could give her what she really wanted.

Greenlee tried to leave, but David stopped her. She threatened to hurt him, but he said she already had, by throwing away the life he'd given her. She insisted that no one could change the fact that Leo was dead. She attempted to storm past him, but he grabbed her and injected her with a syringe. As Greenlee gradually lost consciousness, David asserted that he'd always been the one to know what she needed, and she'd finally thank him for it.

Ryan broke into David's office, and Griffin followed him in. Ryan announced his intent to crack open David's safe. Ryan wondered why David had kept his project private, because restoring life back to the dead was Nobel Prize-worthy, but Griffin pointed out that FDA guidelines would never have allowed the experimentation that David had performed. Ryan agreed that David would never let any rules get in the way. Ryan opened the safe, and he found a DVD and a folder full of obituaries of former Pine Valley residents.

Griffin read the names on the obituaries aloud, and Ryan knew all of them and remarked that some of the deceased had been David's family. When Griffin read Dixie's name and grew silent, Ryan realized that Griffin was worried about Cara, but Ryan recalled that Dixie and Tad hadn't been together when she had died. They booted up the DVD on David's computer and discovered a message that David had recorded for Griffin. On the DVD, David said that if Griffin was watching, David was probably on his deathbed and in need of special expertise, which only Griffin could provide. The world needed to know what David had achieved, and he told Griffin to do what he had to do.

Later, David returned to his office and found his safe empty. Elsewhere, Ryan and Griffin contemplated what David had meant on the DVD, and Ryan expressed relief that Greenlee was thousands of miles away.

Greenlee awakened on the floor. She turned and spied someone on a gurney. She slowly walked over to the patient, and she was stunned to see Leo's face.

Today's episode included the song "If You Only" by Deborah Ellen.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bianca rushed to Kendall's house after she found out that there had been a fire at Oak Haven. Kendall had heard about it and said that she'd been on the phone with staff there, but none of them had seen Erica. The sisters planned to rush over to Oak Haven to see if they could find out more in person. As they opened the front door, Erica appeared at the threshold. Overcome with relief, Kendall and Bianca hugged their mother.

All three women went into the house, and Erica assured her daughters that she was fine. Erica told them that she hadn't started the fire but knew who had. Erica revealed that she'd promised to find a safe place for the fire starter. Kendall and Bianca were skeptical, but open to what their mother had to say. Erica went to the front door and coaxed the person in hiding to join her inside. After a few moments, Janet dashed into the house and waved at Bianca and Kendall.

Erica and Janet tried to explain their motives for the fire and escaping Oak Haven, but Bianca and Kendall were still disbelieving. Erica thought that she and Janet should leave because she didn't feel welcome in Kendall's home. Kendall stopped them, and Bianca piped up that Erica's story just didn't seem plausible. Janet contradicted Bianca's claim and reminded everyone how she'd switched places with her sister Natalie.

Janet's point was well taken, but Kendall recalled how Janet had been jailed for her attempt. Janet didn't think the details of the fallout from her ruse were important. Janet wanted to refocus on the people that had escaped from Oak Haven. Janet set off to gather the people from the park. Before Janet left, she had to promise that if the police caught up with her, Janet wouldn't divulge Erica's whereabouts.

Ryan left a message for Greenlee on her cell phone. Just as he ended the call, Emma rushed downstairs to see him. Emma revealed the news about a fire where Annie was staying. Alarmed, Ryan tried to confirm that the report had been about Oak Haven. At that moment in the hall, Annie approached the door to the penthouse.

Ryan called to find out more information about the fire. A knock sounded at the door, and both Ryan and Emma were surprised to see Annie when Emma opened the door. Ryan quickly ended his call as he watched mother and daughter joyfully reunite. Emma said that she'd made something, and asked Annie to stay while she retrieved it. Once their daughter left the room, Annie told Ryan that she hadn't started the fire.

Ryan was less concerned about the fire than he was about the idea that Annie might hide out at the penthouse. Annie assured Ryan that she hadn't planned to stay, but had just wanted to see Emma. Emma rushed back to the living room with a book much like the ones Annie had made in the past. Annie was floored at Emma's creativity, and insisted that they would read it together.

Annie wanted to find out how Emma had been faring. Emma admitted that right after Annie left, she had been sad. Emma said that she hadn't liked Greenlee and had been mean. Emma then admitted that she had started to like Greenlee and hoped Annie wouldn't be angry with her. Annie acted as though she didn't know why Emma thought the news would be upsetting. Emma recalled that Annie had told Emma that Greenlee was a bad person, and shouldn't be trusted.

Ryan asked Emma to get her mother a drink from the kitchen. Alone again, Annie apologized for all of the horrible things she'd done out of anger. Annie said that she'd been working on getting better, and was glad that Emma was doing well. Annie asked if she could stay and visit with Emma a little while longer.

Ryan said that the police would be looking for Annie. Because Oak Haven had burned down, Annie wondered where she would be taken and how far it would be from Pine Valley. Ryan said he understood how much Emma needed her mother, and promised that he would take Emma to visit Annie. Relieved, Annie asked Ryan to call the police and added a request to prevent Emma from seeing the police take Annie away.

A short time later, Annie hugged her daughter tight and asked Emma to be a good girl; they exchanged proclamations of love. Annie asked if she could take Emma's book with her as a reminder of that love, and Emma readily agreed. Annie walked toward the door, said "I love you" to Emma once more, and then walked out into the hall where a police officer was waiting for her. After Annie was gone, Emma asked if her mother would be okay. Ryan said that they would all be fine and hugged Emma close.

Tad and Cara returned home at Opal's request. Opal told them that Kathy had found the box that Dixie's father had sent, and said that the young girl had a lot of questions. Opal said she'd given Kathy basic answers but felt that Tad should field his daughter's questions. Tad approached Kathy, and she looked at him sadly. Kathy remarked that her grandfather hadn't gotten the chance to know her -- just like her mother.

Tad told Kathy that he didn't know why Dixie had been taken away from her family so soon. He told his daughter that some people believed that people passed on when their time on earth was finished. Scared, Kathy asked Tad if he would die when he was old or young. Tad kissed the top of Kathy's head and assured her that she was stuck with him for a long time.

Kathy asked if she could take something from the box and put it next to Dixie's picture in her room. Tad agreed, and Opal walked Kathy upstairs to help her find the right spot. Alone with her husband again, Cara told Tad that he was an amazing father. Cara said that she would never try to replace Dixie but hoped that she could help Kathy miss her mother a little less. Tad thanked Cara for being there and supporting him.

Just then, Cara's phone emitted a chirp. Tad begged her not to answer the call so that they could leave for their vacation. Cara felt compelled to see who was calling, and then answered when she saw it was the hospital. The call was quick, and Cara told Tad that there had been a fire at Oak Haven. Tad understood that Cara needed to rush to the hospital to help out. Opal, who had returned to the main floor, heard Cara mention the fire. As Cara rushed out the door, Opal called Kendall.

Kendall told Erica that Opal was calling, but Erica told Kendall not to answer. Kendall knew that Opal was likely worried about the fire, but Erica said that Kendall's phone might have been tapped. Kendall acquiesced moments before someone rang her doorbell. Erica found a place to hide as Kendall answered the door. Marian was on the other side, so Erica rushed out from her hiding place and beckoned the woman in. As Kendall backed away from the door and Marian joined them in the living room, Erica addressed the woman that had been standing behind Marian. Erica softly told the woman that the house was safe, and urged her to enter. Slowly, Dixie walked into the house.

Kendall and Bianca appeared shell-shocked as they watched as a woman that they believed to be dead made her way to the couch. Kendall realized that Erica's kidnapping story no longer seemed far-fetched. They asked if David was somehow involved. Erica pulled her daughters away from the living room, as she knew that David's name spooked Dixie. Erica told Kendall and Bianca that she and Dixie had been held in the same place. Bianca thought Dixie's return was a miracle. Erica reminded them that Dixie wouldn't be the first person that David stole from death's door and hid away.

Kendall fetched some iced tea for everyone. As she handed a glass to Marian, Marian apologized for shooting Kendall. Marian said that Stuart's death had pushed her over the edge, and she had acted uncharacteristically. Kendall understood, but Marian noted that at least Kendall hadn't shot someone while she grieved Zach. Kendall admitted that she'd shot David. At the mention of his name, Dixie felt the need to run. Dixie escaped out the front door before anyone could stop her.

Tad told Opal that talk of Oak Haven always reminded him of Dixie. Tad recalled the time when Adam had had Dixie locked up in an attempt to make Dixie believe she was crazy. Opal said that she wouldn't forget when Tad rescued Dixie. She said that from that point forward, Tad had been Dixie's hero. Tad countered and said Dixie had rescued him.

Tad went out to the park, looked to the sky, and started to talk to Dixie about Kathy. Tad told her that everything had changed since Dixie had left, and he told her about his marriage. Tad said the happiness he had found made him feel guilty. Tad told Dixie that she'd been his best wife, and that she shone the brightest in his mind's eye. He promised Dixie that he would never forget her.

Tad told Dixie that she would like Cara. Tad said that Cara was someone he could be happy with, but asked for her blessing. Tad asked if Dixie could send him a sign that she approved. Just then, unbeknownst to Tad, Dixie walked up behind him.

David yelled at someone via phone because they hadn't been able to locate Dixie. David was tired of excuses, demanded that Dixie be found, and abruptly ended the call. Griffin walked in with an envelope in his hand. David realized that it was Griffin who had broken into the safe in David's office. Griffin asked if the people listed in the envelope where the ones that David had saved with his Orpheus research.

David refused to respond, so Griffin spoke about how wrong David's actions had been. Griffin said that it was one thing to save a life, but quite another to use the promise of healing to control people. David said he'd liked Griffin much better when Griffin was helping to uncover a miracle. Griffin demanded to know who David had saved. David was offended that Griffin felt he was in a position to place demands on David.

Griffin admitted that he'd watched the DVD David had left for him. On the DVD, David said that in the event of his death, Griffin should use Orpheus on David. Griffin said that he wouldn't have been able to do as David requested because he didn't know enough about the project. David made it clear that he wouldn't share additional information because Griffin couldn't be trusted.

Griffin ignored David's remarks and started to get specific. Griffin mentioned that Cara was falling in love with Tad, and wanted to know if Dixie was still alive. When David didn't answer, Griffin asked if Zach was still alive. David thought that Griffin was most concerned about Zach. David said that if Zach were still alive, Griffin didn't stand a chance of keeping Kendall's affection.

Griffin wanted to know if David had warned Griffin off Kendall because Zach was still alive. David said that he had thought that Griffin was smart until he realized that Griffin continued to ask the same questions. Griffin's pager sounded, and David urged Griffin to return to the world of ordinary medicine. Griffin said that the medicine he practiced saved lives. David scoffed at the claim and said honest medicine wasn't enough. Griffin said that the power and control that David cherished was all David had to hold on to. David said that in the end, Griffin would be the one that was alone.

Greenlee stared in disbelief at Leo's sleeping form. Leo's eyes slid open and he whispered Greenlee's name. Leo joked that it was about time Greenlee showed up. Greenlee refused to believe what she saw, and spoke about how she'd watched Leo's supposed demise. Leo said that he couldn't imagine what Greenlee had gone through. Greenlee struggled with what else to say, but Leo silenced her stuttering. As tears streamed down her face, Leo said he just wanted to look at Greenlee.

Leo leaped out of bed, and Greenlee was worried that Leo wasn't strong enough yet. Leo assured her that he was fine, and circled her slowly as she drank in the sight of him. Greenlee asked if Leo was real, so Leo talked about several memorable points in their past that a fake wouldn't know about. Greenlee allowed herself to believe, and told Leo that she'd wasted too much time.

Greenlee said that if she could go back, she would tell Leo that she loved him the second that she had known it to be true. Leo wished there was something he could do to make up for all of the pain Greenlee had suffered. Greenlee flung herself into Leo's arms and made him promise never to die on her again. Leo told her that promises were easier to make than keep. Instead, Leo repeated what Greenlee had uttered at their boathouse wedding: "all that matters are the moments you have, and the man you have by your side".

Leo and Greenlee continued to recall various points in their love affair, and each agreed that it seemed magical. Leo was slightly amazed that the pull between them had survived his "death.". Greenlee said that she'd always felt their connection, and that it had continued until Leo fell over the waterfall. Greenlee admitted that she was lost for a long time after she believed that Leo died. Leo recognized that Greenlee was no longer lost. Greenlee answered the question that was unspoken with one word: Ryan.

Greenlee tried to temper the happiness that she'd found by talking about how lost she'd been after Leo went over the waterfall. She said that David had given her Leo's medallion, and added that she'd gone to the waterfall daily to feel closer to him. Leo pointed out that despite her sadness, she'd eventually found a reason to smile again. Greenlee, somewhat guilt-ridden, told Leo that she loved him. Leo urged her to reveal the rest of her thoughts. Greenlee admitted that she also loved Ryan.

Greenlee said that she had been unsure that she could love someone after Leo left. Leo said that Ryan understood the loss that Greenlee was dealing with. Leo said all he wanted was for Greenlee to be happy. Leo said that if she couldn't be with him, she should be with Ryan.

Cara and Griffin ran into each other at the hospital, and went to check on Janet together. The doctors told Janet about their proposed course of treatment but had to change tacks when Janet became upset. Cara asked if Janet was related to Amanda. Janet was immediately at ease and boasted that Amanda was her daughter and she was married to a wonderful man named Jake. Janet said that she thought the Martins were wonderful, and added that she knew something that would stun the whole family.

Janet announced that Dixie Martin was alive. Janet said that mentally, Dixie was a bit unstable, but was living and breathing. Janet saw the look on Cara's face and realized that Cara was chalking the story up to Janet's own mental issues. Janet wasn't worried and said that eventually, people would know that she wasn't lying. Cara asked Griffin to join her in the hallway.

Cara clucked about how unfortunate it was that Janet was delusional. Griffin countered that Janet might be telling the truth. Cara recounted the story Griffin told her about what he'd uncovered in David's safe. Griffin said that the evidence in the envelope encouraged him to find out the truth. Dazed, Cara tried to wrap her mind around the idea that Dixie and Zach could be alive.

Ryan took a call from Jack and found out that Greenlee hadn't called her father. Ryan tried not to sound worried, and said that Greenlee probably had her phone turned off. Ryan told Jack that once he spoke to Greenlee, he would ask her to call Jack. Ryan ended that call and immediately called David.

Ryan left a message asking what David had done with Greenlee. Ryan promised to find David so that he could get the answers he sought. When Ryan opened the door to his penthouse, he found David in the hall, ready to knock. Ryan immediately grabbed David, slammed him against a wall and demanded to know where Greenlee was. David claimed that he was unable to do what Ryan accused him of, as he'd just gotten out of the hospital. David offered to return later, after Ryan had calmed down. Ryan refused to let David leave.

Leo and Greenlee kissed briefly, and then Greenlee started to regain consciousness from the shot that David had given her. Greenlee realized that her time with Leo had been a dream. She rose from where she had been lying on the floor, and realized there was someone on the nearby bed. She moved closer, and saw that it was Zach.



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