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Stuart Chandler
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Actor History


Artist of locale repute

Owns the Chandler Gallery, an art gallery

Used to own WRCW; Adam bought the station and put it in Stuart's name to reduce his taxes

Local volunteer at the Brooke English House


Born 1949 [mentioned pre-2009]

Born in May 24, 1945

Presumed dead after being shot on May 15, 2009


The gatehouse at the Chandler Mansion (300 River Road)

Marital Status

Married (Marian Colby)

Past Marriages

Joanna Yeager (divorced)

Cindy Parker (deceased)


Adam Chandler (twin brother)

Charlotte Chandler (sister; deceased)

Hayley Vaughan (niece)

Anna Claire Chandler (niece; deceased)

Adam Chandler Jr. (nephew)

Colby Marian Chandler (niece)

Ross Chandler (nephew)

Lorenzo Hector Santos (great-nephew)

Adam Chandler III (great-nephew)

Julie Rand Chandler (great-niece; via adoption)


Scott Chandler (son; via adoption)

Flings & Affairs

Gloria Marsh

Esther Glynn

Marian Colby

Crimes Committed

Discouraged Adam from revealing that Skye was not his biological daughter

Accomplice to kidnapping

Impersonated Adam and signed Adam's divorce papers from Erica

Tried to kill Palmer when he was still in the West Wing

Allowed Marian and Liza to keep Adam locked in Adam's "safe room"

Forgery; signed Adam's name to multi-million dollar checks

Brief Character History

For years, Adam kept Stuart locked up in the West Wing of the Chandler mansion. When Erica discovered him, Adam's secret was out. Stuart began as an evil entity. Erica was living with Adam, and occasionally a "bad" Adam would appear and try to hurt her. As we found out later, it was really Stuart, who was being kept hidden. Joanna, the housekeeper, had convinced Stuart that Erica was evil and had to be stopped. Of course, he was never really mean, just misled.

Eventually the kindhearted Stuart fell in love with Cindy Parker, an AIDS victim, and married her despite her sickness. He adopted her son, Scott, raising him as his own. Years after Cindy's death, Stuart fell in love with Gloria Marsh, but her heart belonged to Adam. Being the gentleman that he was, Stuart let Gloria go to be with the man she loved.

Stuart had to deal with the most common problem of parenthood: the fear of letting his son grow up. Even though it hurt him dearly, he managed to slowly let go of the reigns of parenthood. Dimitri Marick managed to turn a loan to Stuart into a way to steal ownership of WRCW. He allowed Stuart to use WRCW as collateral for the loan, then turned around and demanded to have Stuart repay the loan on the spot. Because Stuart didn't have the cash to pay back Dimitri, Dimitri and his bigwig lawyer coaxed Stuart into signing over ownership of WRCW to Dimitri.

Esther Glynn became the number one priority in Stuart's life. Stuart offered to let her stay at the art gallery with him and Esther agreed. Shortly after that, Erica needed Esther's help with Bianca and asked Esther to move in with her. Stuart made it known to Esther that she was the apple of his eye. Esther felt the same way about Stuart.

Stuart's relationship with Esther, however, never evolved. Stuart became firmly attached to Liza's mother, Marian Colby. Marian slipped into bed with Stuart, unwittingly mistaking him for a sleeping Adam, and they made love. Marian was hoping to use this ploy as leverage for her daughter in Liza's divorce suit against Adam. In court, however, Stuart revealed that he was the one who'd made "angel wings" with Marian that night. A touching and very endearing relationship was born between them that day. Although Adam tried to tear them apart, including one time when he once invited several of Marian's old flames to dinner with Stuart and Marian to humiliate her, this pair have managed to remain devoted to each other.

Camille, the daughter of Joy Hawkins, an old friend from Pigeon Hollow, arrived in town hoping to avenge her mother's death. Camille mistakenly believed that Adam was responsible for her mother's death. In actuality, Lee Hawkins, Camille's father, was the culprit. Lee arrived on the scene and, during an episode of insanity, kidnapped Marian and held her hostage at the Marick mausoleum. Stuart tracked down the woman he loved and eventually saved her. They vowed never to part and Stuart asked Liza for Marian's hand in marriage.

In order to get on the good side of Liza, Adam promised to give his best wishes to Stuart and Marian and offered to hold a big wedding for them. Amidst Pine Valley's biggest snowstorm, Marian and Stuart were married in truly "royal" style -- they dressed up as the King and Queen of Hearts!

The marriage between the two took an upsetting turn when Stuart was believed to have been killed in a cabin fire. In actuality, after learning from Adam that he had set Marian up to look as if she'd had an affair, Stuart wandered around aimlessly in the dark of night. Arlene Vaughan struck him with her car. Arlene was intoxicated and fled the scene. Stuart, meanwhile, was thrown onto a sandy beach where he was pretty much left for dead. Later, Stuart's cabin burned down and the body of a man was found with some of Stuart's belongings. No one knew that this was someone else who had found Stuart's lifeless body and mugged him. Marian was crushed by her husband's death.

Esther Glynn, the woman with whom Stuart had had an earlier relationship, found Stuart on the beach and took him back to her trailer to nurse him back to health. Esther still had fantasies of a relationship with Stuart and was crushed when she learned that Stuart had moved on and married Marian. Luckily for Esther, the accident had left Stuart with amnesia. Esther convinced Stuart that she was his wife and pleaded with him to travel with her to Las Vegas to renew their wedding vows. Stuart remained suspicious about his relationship with Esther because he didn't "feel" anything for the woman who was supposedly his wife.

Stuart pieced together parts of his missing memory and eventually hitchhiked his way back to Pine Valley, a town whose name he found on the back of one of his paintings in Esther's trailer and later on a jacket that Adam had left behind at their annual fishing spot. Upon arriving at the Chandler Mansion, Arlene duped Stuart into going to the attic where she said that he would find all the answers to his lost memories. Arlene promptly locked Stuart in the attic. After an accident at a construction site left Adam on the brink of death, Arlene decided to free Stuart and come clean about her transgressions. Stuart helped will Adam back to life and all of his memories returned.

Stuart and Marian returned to wedded bliss and resumed their life together. They remained as happy with each other as the first day they fell in love.

Stuart's relationship with Adam also was back on track and he was extremely happy for his brother when Adam married Liza. At the time of Adam's wedding, he was under house arrest for his role in Arlene's supposed death. Stuart presented Adam with a special gift. He agreed to switch places with Adam in order for Liza and Adam to have a real honeymoon. Their plans were thwarted when a police officer caught onto their plans and arrested Adam for trying to escape. Stuart and Marian enjoyed the honeymoon meant for Adam and Liza instead.

In December of 2001, Stuart posed as Santa in a local Christmas tree lot where he discovered a mysterious present. He used the present to bond with his nephew J.R. and showed him the joy of the holiday season. The present seemed to be magical and granted everyone that came in contact with it their greatest wish. J.R. accompanied Stuart as they visited the residents of Pine Valley and delivered them holiday cheer while the magical box granted wishes.

Stuart stood by Marian when he discovered she was abusing alcohol. When Stuart confronted Marian she admitted she used alcohol to escape her worries about her daughter. Liza had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and was in a tumultuous marriage to Adam. Marian also shared with Stuart that Liza had embezzled money from Adam. Stuart tried to convince Liza to share her secret with Adam so their marriage could get back on track. Stuart accidently revealed Liza's embezzlement to Adam.

Stuart continued to guide his nephew J.R. as he entered into fatherhood and he assured J.R. he would make a wonderful father. However, soon after J.R.'s child was born, Stuart sensed J.R. was taking after Adam when he did not trust his new wife Babe. Stuart warned J.R. he saw less of Dixie's light in his eyes and Stuart defended Babe when J.R. believed she was an unfit mother. He explained he believed in Babe as a mother because she was so similar to Dixie. Stuart also realized a connection existed between Bianca and the new baby. Stuart's instincts were correct. The child J.R. believed to be his was Bianca's daughter Miranda. It was later revealed J.R. and Babe's son Little Adam and Bianca's daughter were involved in a mix-up at birth. Stuart tried to comfort J.R. by presenting him with a painting of the daughter he had believed was his.

Zach Slater seized an opportunity to take control of both Chandler Enterprises and the Chandler mansion while the Chandlers were occupied fighting against one another. Stuart confronted Zach when he moved in to the mansion and watched Zach struggle to assemble a crib. They agreed that Stuart would help with the crib while Zach listened to Stuart. While they worked, Stuart talked about the importance of family and Zach agreed to find a different home for his family. Adam entered into a marriage to Krystal Carey, Babe's mother and Adam was overjoyed when his wife announced she was pregnant. Adam's marriage to Krystal quickly fell apart when he learned the baby he eagerly anticipated was actually Tad's child. Krystal gave birth to a daughter she named Jenny and Colby was the baby's godmother. Adam was left with an empty house when Krystal, Jenny, and Colby all moved in with Tad. Stuart recognized Adam's loneliness and encouraged Adam to impersonate him in order to visit Krystal and Jenny. Adam agreed.

Adam continued to visit Krystal and Jenny under the guise of Stuart. Krystal quickly figured out it was Adam but went along with the scheme. Krystal decided to call Adam's bluff and made a show of seducing Adam into revealing himself and she kissed him. However, on this particular visit it really was Stuart. He explained he had allowed Adam to pretend to be him so his brother could have one more chance at happiness.

Stuart stood by Adam once again when the family had Adam committed to Oak Haven. Adam claimed he was being haunted by Dixie's ghost. Although Stuart was unable to see or communicate with Dixie, he believed his brother and asked Dixie repeatedly to stop haunting his brother.

Scott returned to Pine Valley and started working for Chandler Enterprises. Stuart expressed his concerns that the company would change Scott and warned him Adam and his associates were mean. Stuart regretted not amassing a fortune so Scott would not feel he had to turn to Adam for a job. Scott reassured Stuart he was a great father and had a vision to turn Chandler Enterprises into a company Stuart could be proud of. Stuart's worry over Scott's involvement with the company increased when Adam began grooming Scott to take over the company instead of J.R.

Stuart's life ended unexpectedly on May 15, 2009 when he was shot during a violent storm that had knocked the power was out. Stuart was dressed similar to Adam in a suit. He had informed Adam he wanted to dress up to witness the changes to Adam's will. The police believed someone intended to kill Adam but mistook him for Stuart.

Many residents of Pine Valley attended Stuart's funeral. J.R., Tad, and Scott each shared stories and memories of Stuart at the memorial service. Tad led the mourners in singing Stuart's favorite song "High Hopes."

After his death, Stuart appeared to both Kendall Slater and Adam. He guided Kendall to realize she had not murdered him and he led Adam to remember what he had blocked out from the night of the murder. Adam had accidently shot Stuart while he was disoriented. Stuart also appeared to J.R. and encouraged him to fight his cancer and remain among the living.

Adam saw a vision of Stuart once more. Stuart encouraged Adam to pursue his happiness with Brooke English.

In September of 2011, Stuart was revealed to be alive. He had been a patient of David Hayward's and had received experimental medical treatments through Project Orpheus. David had never informed Stuart's family that he was a patient and they were shocked when Stuart was brought to Pine Valley hospital.

Stuart's body struggled to overcome the final phase of the treatments and his heart briefly stopped. Griffin and David tried to revive him to no avail. Angie sent Adam to see Stuart and instructed him to speak to his brother. The sound of Adam's voice triggered Stuart's heart to beat again and he was poised to make a complete recovery. Once Stuart awoke, Adam started apologizing for shooting him and begged for his brother's forgiveness. Stuart told Adam there was nothing to forgive and he went on to enjoyed a reunion with Adam, Scott, and his queen of hearts Marian.

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