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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Adam stood in the center of the living room. He had no idea that three guns were aimed at him. Zach, Kendall, and David stood in hidden locations, unaware of each other, while they focused on their target: Adam. Tad lurked nearby.

Opal, Krystal, and Aidan were gathered at the gates of the mansion when they heard a shot ring out.

Inside the living room, Adam collapsed to the ground. As his eyes slowly closed, he was haunted by all of the recent accusations and threats against him. The last words Adam heard were his own, "I must die for all I have done to all of you."

Moments later, Jesse kicked in the front door to the mansion. Several police officers entered behind Jesse. As they scattered to check the house, Jesse made his way to the living room. Jesse noticed Adam's body on the floor. A quick check of Adam's pulse confirmed that Adam was dead.

Jesse radioed to the other officers that he found a body with a gunshot wound to the back. A movement on the terrace caught Jesse's attention. Jesse drew his gun then ordered the suspect to stop. Jesse was forced to shoot when it appeared that the person had attempted to flee.

Jesse was stunned when he rolled the person over and discovered that it was Tad. Opal, Krystal, and Aidan rushed into the living room seconds later. A police officer tried to hold Opal back, to no avail. Opal pushed past the officer as she ran out to the terrace. Opal broke down in tears when she saw her son's bloody body.

Opal asked Jesse what had happened. Jesse explained that he thought Tad had been Adam's murderer. Opal cried that Tad hadn't killed Adam; he had come to the mansion to stop JR from killing Adam.

JR approached the living room. By then Aidan had slipped away while Scott had gone to check on his uncle. Scott blocked JR from entering the living room. Scott didn't think JR needed to see his father's murdered body. In JR's grief, he accused Scott of killing Adam, so that Scott could get his hands on Chandler Enterprises. Before Scott could defend himself, JR ran upstairs to check on Little A.

Aidan was questioning Little A about Annie when JR walked into the bedroom. JR was furious, but more concerned about his son. JR pulled Little A into his arms then explained that Little A needed to remain in his room for a while longer. JR escorted Aidan to the door.

Aidan explained that he had been trying to ascertain if Annie had been in the house. JR revealed that he had seen Annie, with a gun, shortly before Adam's murder. Talk of Adam ceased when Colby approached JR and Aidan. She was concerned because Emma was missing. JR was certain that Annie had taken Emma.

JR realized that Colby didn't know about their father. JR tried to be gentle as he told that something had happened to Adam. When Colby asked if their father was okay, JR admitted that Adam wasn't fine. Colby wanted answers, but JR put off giving Colby the bad news until he had fetched the police to question Aidan. Aidan made a quick escape while JR was on his errand.

A short time later, JR went to the living room to accuse Annie of Adam's murder. Jesse suspected that JR had been drinking. Jesse reminded JR that Annie was on the run. JR insisted that Annie had been on the premises. News of Emma's disappearance finally convinced Jesse that JR had told the truth.

Jesse immediately radioed his police officers to order an ABP on Annie and alert them that Emma was missing. Afterwards, Jesse asked JR about a tunnel door that had been left ajar. JR revealed that the tunnel led to the garden; he offered to take Jesse through it. Jesse alerted an officer near the garden to be on the lookout for a possible suspect. Officer Bailey radioed back that he had found two sets of footprints: one set belonged to a man and the other to a woman.

JR discovered that Tad had been shot by seeing the paramedics rush Tad to the ambulance. JR asked Opal what had happened. Opal blamed JR for Tad's shooting. Opal claimed that Tad wouldn't have been shot if he hadn't been at the mansion to stop JR from killing Adam. When Adam's body was brought out, JR and Krystal prepared to leave. Jesse stopped JR and Krystal; he intended to question them.

Ryan hustled Kendall off of the Chandler estate. Kendall was reluctant to leave Zach behind, so Ryan told her that Ian was alive. A short time later, Kendall and Ryan arrived at the hospital. Before Kendall could go to her son's room, Ryan suggested that she clean her shoes, so that no one questioned the mud on them. Kendall didn't think it would make a difference; she fully expected the police to arrest her for Adam's shooting. Ryan reminded Kendall that Zach had shot Adam.

Angie credited Jake with saving Ian's life. Angie explained to Kendall that Jake had refused to give up on the young boy. Angie confided that it had broken her heart when she had watched Zach say goodbye to Ian. Angie had seen how grief-stricken Zach had been; it disturbed her that Zach continued to needlessly mourn for his son.

Ryan assured Angie that Zach would be fine. As Angie turned to leave, Jake entered the room. Jake warned Angie that they were expecting a gunshot victim from the Chandler mansion. The person was in critical condition.

After Jake and Angie left, Kendall admitted that she feared that Adam could identify her as the shooter. Kendall recalled that Adam had seen her seconds before she had pulled the trigger. Ryan was confident that Zach would take care of everything.

When David arrived at the hospital, he pulled Gayle aside. He asked her to provide him with an alibi for the time of Adam's shooting. Gayle was happy to claim that David had been with her, but under the condition that David spend an entire night with her. In response, David leaned down to kiss Gayle; it was passionate, but brief. He promised, "Soon, very soon."

Tad was brought to the hospital, accompanied by a police officer. Ryan overheard, on the officer's radio, that a child had disappeared from the mansion. Ryan asked the officer for details. The officer revealed that a mother had kidnapped her daughter. Ryan returned to Ian's room. He told Kendall that Adam had been killed, but Tad had been wounded. Ryan then explained that he had to leave because Annie had taken Emma.

Zach spotted a police officer near the front gates of the Chandler mansion. Zach quickly checked the barrel of his gun. Two bullets were missing, but the rest of the chambers were loaded. Zach made sure that the gun was ready to be fired before he gained a police officer's attention. Once Zach had been spotted, he ducked out of view and fired a shot into the air. The police officer fired several shots in Zach's direction before Zach surrendered.

Jesse had JR, Scott, Colby, and Krystal wait in another room while Jesse questioned the witnesses, starting with Zach. Jesse wondered why Zach was at the Chandler mansion. Zach immediately confessed to shooting Adam. Jesse wasn't convinced of Zach's guilt, but Zach insisted that he had shot Adam from the terrace because Adam had killed his son. Jesse told Zach that Ian was not dead.

Zach was elated by the news. He demanded to be released, but Jesse refused to comply. Jesse wanted Zach to tell him the truth about Adam's shooting. Jesse reminded Zach that he had seen Zach when Zach had believed that Ian had died. Zach had been enraged. Jesse didn't believe that Zach would have gone to the breaker box, cut the power to the mansion, and then shot Adam in the back. Jesse believed that had been the act of a coward, not Zach's way of handling things. Zach pointed to the proof: Zach's fingerprints were on the murder weapon and Zach had gunshot residue on his hands.

JR, Krystal, Scott, and Colby waited for Jesse to question them. Colby was distraught over her father's death. Colby wondered who had murdered her father. JR suspected Annie because he had seen Annie with a gun and she had killed before. Scott suspected Zach because of what had happened to Ian. Krystal agreed that the killer could have been Zach. Krystal also pointed the finger of guilt at JR because she had seen JR threatened to shoot Adam. Colby refused to believe that her brother had killed their father. JR suggested that David was a possible murder suspect.

JR revealed that he had seen David skulking around the front gates earlier that evening. JR explained that it had been David's gun that he had used to threaten Adam. Krystal defended David; she insisted that David had been called to the hospital, on an emergency, before the shooting. Krystal was certain that David had not been in the house. Little A disputed his grandmother's claim. JR picked his son up and gently questioned Little A about what the young boy had seen. Little A told his father that Grandpa David had wanted to talk to Grandpa Adam.

Aidan continued to search the house for Annie. He found her backpack tossed on the floor, but Annie was nowhere in sight. Elsewhere in the mansion, a police officer searched for more occupants. As the officer moved down the hall, someone opened a hidden door in a linen closet

When Ryan arrived at the Chandler estate, a police officer refused to allow him onto the property. Ryan insisted that he needed to help in the search for his daughter. The police officer refused to be swayed. Ryan switched tactics; he punched the officer. The police officer fell to the ground, unconscious. A short time later, Ryan walked into the Chandler living room while Jesse questioned Zach. Zach and Ryan shared a long look.

David and Jake discussed Tad's prognosis. David believed that Tad required immediate brain surgery. Jake refused to consider letting David anywhere near Tad's brain.

Erica walked into Ian's room. As Erica and Kendall talked, Erica revealed that she had been at home, soaking in a bath. Kendall decided to tell Erica about Adam's murder. Erica's reaction raised Kendall's suspicions. Kendall was certain her mother had known about Adam's murder before Erica had walked into Ian's room.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little Adam told JR, Colby, Krystal, and Natalia that David had been in the mansion. The boy stated that David put him in the nursery when the lights went out. JR was convinced that David should be a suspect for his father's murder. Krystal claimed that she talked David out of hurting Adam, but JR did not believe her.

As Jesse questioned Zach about Adam's death, Ryan entered the mansion. Ryan was furious because Jesse did not tell him that Emma was missing. Jesse said that he issued an Amber Alert, but Ryan was not satisfied. Ryan wanted to search for Emma; however, Jesse had Ryan arrested for helping Zach kill Adam. Ryan denied the accusation. Jesse reminded Ryan that he stated Zach was at the hospital, when he was really at the mansion. Zach told Jesse to let Ryan go, but Jesse refused. Jesse then arrested Zach for Adam's murder.

JR was distraught because his father was dead and Tad was injured. Jesse said that he felt terrible for shooting Tad, but he had to concentrate on Adams' homicide. Jesse proceeded to interrogate JR about Adam's death. JR explained that he saw David outside of the mansion. JR knocked David over the head with a rock and stole his gun. When JR entered the mansion, Krystal was holding Adam at gunpoint. Once JR entered the mansion, Krystal dropped her gun and ran into the backyard.

JR thought that Annie should be a suspect for his father's murder. Jesse asked when JR realized that Annie was in the mansion. JR explained that he was drinking when someone, a woman, threw water in his face. Soon after, he saw Annie and grabbed her. JR was too intoxicated to restrain Annie, so she got away. JR mentioned that Annie could not have thrown the water in his face. He wondered who the mysterious woman was.

Krystal asked Jesse how he was feeling about shooting Tad accidentally. Jesse said that Tad was in surgery, but he needed to focus on the murder case instead. Jesse interrogated Krystal about Adam's death. Krystal said that she was angry with Adam for blackmailing her. She explained that Adam pointed a gun at her when she entered the mansion. Krystal removed the gun from Adam and pointed it at him.

Krystal said that she dropped the gun and ran into the backyard when JR entered the room. She was fearful of JR because he was drunk and mad. She then noted that she saw David in the garden. She lied and told Jesse that David left the mansion.

Jesse asked Krystal if she killed Adam. She looked into Jesse's eyes and said, "No." Jesse noticed that her shoes were muddy and asked her to remove them for evidence.

Little Adam fell asleep in Adam's office. Scott picked up the boy and placed him on the couch, so he could rest comfortably. Scott noticed that Colby was crying. He hugged her and tried to console her.

Scott and Natalia talked about Adam's death. Scott could not believe that his uncle was dead. He thought that there would be a void in the family, since Adam had such a strong presence. Natalia wondered what would happen to the company. He revealed that Adam wanted to leave the company to him, not JR. She warned Scott that he could be at the top of the suspect list, due to the inheritance. He told her that he did not want the company.

Kendall told Erica that Adam was killed and Erica had no reaction. Kendall wondered why her mother did not seem surprised. Erica reminded her daughter that Adam received death threats on a daily basis. Kendall asked her mother if she had been at the mansion. Erica claimed that she was at the yacht club, taking a bath. Kendall noticed mud on her mother's shoes and urged her to clean them.

Kendall received a phone call and then informed Erica that the police requested Kendall's presence at the station. Kendall further stated that the police arrested Zach and Ryan, but she did not know why. Erica asked if she should call Jack. Kendall said it was unnecessary because she assumed Zach already had a lawyer. Erica said that she wanted to call Jack on Kendall's behalf, not Zach's. Kendall said that she did not need a lawyer, and left.

Kendall saw Zach when she arrived at the police station. He smiled as he asked her about Ian. She told him that Ian was doing well. Zach told her that he confessed to the murder, which stunned Kendall.

Jesse interrogated Kendall. She was impatient and wanted to get back to the hospital, so she could be with Ian. Jesse stated that he needed to question her because he did not think that Zach had told him the truth. Kendall then had a flashback. She recalled pointing a gun at Adam, but before she could pull the trigger, she saw Zach pointing a gun at Adam, as well. She dropped the gun and ran into the garden, where Ryan found her and told her that Ian was alive.

Jesse stated that he could not find Kendall in the hospital after Ian coded. Kendall claimed that she never left the hospital. He asked if anyone could corroborate her story and she said no.

Kendall saw Ryan at the police station. He told her that Emma was still missing. Then, Jesse told Ryan that he was free to go. Jesse stated that the FBI and Interpol were searching for Emma. Jesse warned Ryan not to interfere with the search.

A police officer informed Zach that his lawyer had arrived. Zach stated that he did not call a lawyer. Then, Liza appeared before Zach with a briefcase in hand.

Krystal met David at the hospital. She asked him if he killed Adam, and he said no. She informed him that she gave him an alibi, so Jesse would not know that David was in the mansion at the time of the murder. She further informed him that Zach confessed to the crime. Krystal then asked David if he still loved her. He replied, "Of course I do."

David checked on Ian and told Kendall that her son was gaining strength. David then noted that Zach did a great thing by killing Adam.

Scott and Colby were in the library when Scott noticed a bag on the floor. Scott opened the bag and appeared mystified by the contents.

Ryan returned to his penthouse and played a message on his answering machine. The message was from Annie. Annie told Ryan that she had Emma and that their daughter was safe. Annie stated, "Something is going on." Then, Ryan heard a gunshot and Emma screamed. He realized that Annie and Emma were at the mansion when Adam was shot.

Jake told JR that he needed to identify his father's body for the death certificate. Erica offered to go with JR. They entered the morgue and JR looked at the body. JR looked confused and exclaimed, "That's not my father!"

Annie and Emma were in a room in the mansion. Emma slept while Annie sang her a song. Next to Annie were empty bottles of medication. Next to the bottles was Adam, unconscious on the floor!

David told Opal, Krystal, Jake, and JR that Tad was out of surgery. David noted that the neurosurgeon performed a miracle and removed the bullet from Tad's brain. Everyone was relieved, but David warned everyone that Tad was not out of the woods. David explained that the bullet was lodged in Tad's frontal lobe, which could affect his personality, amongst other things.

Opal was deeply concerned for Tad. Angie told Opal to focus on affirmative thoughts. Angie urged Opal to remember Tad at his best. Jake heard Angie's comments and laughed. Jake quipped that Tad's libido was still intact. Angie, Opal, and Jake laughed as they recalled "Tad the cad."

Angie, Opal, Jake, and Krystal visited Tad. Tad opened his eyes. They encouraged Tad to speak. Tad laughed hysterically and everyone was relieved.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JR and Erica entered the morgue to identify Adam's body. JR was shocked when he looked at the body, because it was not Adam. JR cried as he grasped that Stuart was dead, not his father. JR noted that Stuart was a kind and gentle man. JR did not understand why someone would kill his uncle. Erica assumed that the murderer thought they were killing Adam when they shot Stuart.

Scott found a mysterious tote bag in the library. He opened it and found Stuart's clothes inside. JR called Colby to tell her that Adam was alive. JR asked to speak with Scott, and she said that Scott was looking for Stuart. JR told her that Stuart was dead.

Colby told Scott that he needed to meet JR at the morgue immediately. Scott knew something was wrong and rushed off. Scott met JR. JR was distraught when he explained to Scott that Adam was alive. Stuart rushed into the morgue and recognized his father in the body bag. Scott cried as he held his father's lifeless body.

JR told Scott that he loved Stuart very much. Scott was livid with Adam. Scott accused Adam of setting up Stuart to take a bullet for him. JR reminded Scott that Adam loved his brother. Scott was certain that Adam was guilty and vowed to get revenge.

David and Kendall stood in Ian's hospital room. He told her that Zach did a great thing when he killed Adam. Kendall gave David a dirty look. She said that David was happy because Zach took care of his dirty work. She knew that David wanted to kill Adam, also.

Erica entered Ian's room and informed David and Kendall that Adam was not dead. David and Kendall looked shocked. Erica revealed that Stuart was killed, not Adam. David stormed out of the room.

Kendall was sad that Stuart died. Kendall wondered why Stuart was wearing Adam's clothes. Erica asked Kendall how she knew what Stuart was wearing, and Kendall shot her mother a sheepish look. Erica was certain that Kendall was at the mansion. Kendall admitted that she there. Kendall explained that she planned to kill Adam, but she saw Zach with a gun and ran away.

Erica told Kendall that Zach could evade the murder charges. Erica said Zach could claim the shooting was a mistake because the lights were off in the mansion. Kendall realized that her mother was at the crime scene. Erica confessed that she was there. Erica did not want anyone to know she was there. Kendall inquired why.

Erica stated that she saw Zach leaning over the dead body. Erica did not want to testify against Zach. Erica then noted that Zach confessed to the murder as a means to protect Kendall, his true love. Kendall wondered how Zach would react when he learned Stuart was dead.

Krystal heard a loud pounding in a hospital room. When she entered the room, she found David punching a table. He was furious because Adam was alive. She was confused, so David revealed that Stuart was killed.

Liza told Zach that she wanted to be his lawyer. He reminded her that he did not even know her name. She shook his hand and revealed that she was Liza Colby. Zach looked intrigued since she was Adam's ex-wife.

Liza offered to represent Zach for free, but he refused. She said that she could get him a good plea bargain, but he was not interested. She urged him to reconsider, for his sons' sake. He stated that they would have a good home without him. She mentioned that Kendall would have a hard time being a single mother. He informed her that Kendall would not be single for long. Liza assumed that Kendall got back together with Ryan. Liza noted that Kendall and Ryan could never sever their ties.

Zach noticed that Liza looked pregnant. He laughed and quipped that she was no more pregnant than he was. She explained that she was going to have a baby, but she was not carrying the child. She further stated that the fake pregnancy was helping her protect a child. She pleaded with Zach to keep her secret. He replied, "What secret." She gave him an appreciative smile.

Liza handed Zach her business card and told him to call her if he changed his mind. Zach said that he felt bad that Colby lost her father. Liza smirked and told Zach that she did not care that Adam was dead. She stated that Zach was a good father, but Adam was not.

Jesse told Zach that Stuart was in the morgue, not Adam. Zach looked surprised and exclaimed, "Stupid mistake!" Jesse noted that Zach did not make "stupid mistakes." Jesse had a hunch that Zach was covering for Kendall. Zach adamantly stated that he was the killer. Zach told Jesse that he should remain locked up because, if he got out, he would find Adam and kill him.

Liza went to the mansion to see Colby. Colby was annoyed to see her mother and told her to leave. Liza said that she wanted to check on Colby since Adam died. Colby divulged that Stuart was murdered. Liza was alarmed and rushed off, so she could tell her mother, Marian, the news. Before Liza left, she promised to return to visit Colby. Colby told her mother that she never wanted to see her again.

Jesse, Angie, Opal, Krystal, and Jake were relieved to see Tad alert and laughing after his brain surgery. Tad did not remember much of what happened to him. Jesse divulged that he thought Tad was the murderer and shot him accidentally. Tad chuckled at the fact that his best friend had shot him. Tad proceeded to tell numerous knock-knock jokes. Jesse wondered why Tad was acting strangely. Opal did not care about Tad's odd behavior because she was just happy that he was alive.

Liza visited Tad in the hospital. Liza was amazed at how much had occurred since she returned to Pine Valley. Liza asked Tad if he knew who the real killer was. He said that he had information for her. He stated that his throat was hoarse, so he asked her to lean closer to him. Then, he planted a big kiss on her.

Ryan found Aidan and demanded to know where Annie was. Aidan explained that he tried to stop Annie from kidnapping Emma. Aidan then revealed that he had Annie's passport, so she could not leave the country.

Annie and Emma were in the attic of the mansion. Annie told Emma that it was time to leave, but Adam awoke and begged them not to go. Adam was disoriented and asked how he got in the attic. Annie explained that she brought him there because he looked ill. She said that he took his pills and passed out. She further stated that there were multiple gunshots and that someone was killed.

Adam told Annie that he could help her escape with Emma, if she took him along. She asked why he wanted to go on the run with them. He explained that he needed time to regain his memory. Annie agreed and they left the mansion.

Ryan was convinced that Annie and Emma were at the mansion. Ryan searched the estate, with Natalia's help. Ryan found a secret tunnel to the attic. In the attic, they found one of Emma's toys and Adam's pills.

Annie brought Emma and Adam into the basement of Ryan's penthouse. Annie was alarmed to find Aidan waiting for her. Aidan was stunned to see Adam, who had been pronounced dead. Adam realized that Stuart was killed and cried.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amanda told Jake that she was shocked when Opal told her Tad had been shot in the head and Stuart was dead.

Scott and JR looked at Stuart's body from outside the morgue. Scott said it was not fair that Adam outsmarted the killer, leaving Stuart to take the hit. JR said Adam would never sink low enough to put his own brother at risk. Scott said that if Adam had not intended to hurt Stuart, Stuart would not have changed into Adam's suit at the Chandler home. JR said he could not explain Stuart's death. Scott thought it was strange that Adam had not called JR to even check on Stuart. JR said the killer might have gotten to Adam, too.

Scott went inside the morgue to say his last words to Stuart. He apologized for not being closer with his father over the years. Scott said he seemed to be more concerned over his latest inventions than his own family. Scott said he loved Stuart more than anything in the world, kissed his forehead, and walked outside. He sobbed in JR's arms.

Liza kissed Tad as he woke up in the hospital. Tad was in good spirits, joking and playing with Liza. He even asked her for a dance. But Liza said she couldn't dance with Tad until after she had her baby. Liza said she was not sure how her mother would handle Stuart's death. Liza said reconnecting with Colby was her reason for returning to Pine Valley.

Amanda and Jake visited Tad, who was still bursting with excitement over Liza. Liza and Jake walked away to chat. Tad suggested Amanda and Jake leave town, elope, and raise the baby together. Meanwhile, Jake told Liza he knew she was faking her pregnancy. Liza said Amanda was going to give her baby up for adoption. Liza planned to take the baby and raise it herself without telling Amanda.

Jake said he would not lie to Amanda. Liza said David would find out about the baby if Jake did not go along with her plan. Jake told Liza to leave Amanda alone.

Adam began experiencing chest pain when he realized that Stuart was dead. Aidan and Annie immediately went to help Adam. Annie performed CPR until Adam began breathing. Adam sat up against a wall to catch his breath. Aidan pulled Annie aside. Annie told Aidan that she and Emma would stay put while he took Adam to a hospital. Aidan was worried Annie would run off, but agreed to take Adam to the hospital.

Natalia showed Angie prescriptions that were found in Adam's attic. Natalia said the bottles were empty, but only filled a week before. Angie thought something seemed odd about the prescriptions.

David told Krystal that he should have stuck with a simpler plan to kill Adam. Krystal asked David if really wanted to kill Adam, but David would not answer her. Angie walked in and showed David the pill bottles. Angie said the prescription bottles were forged from the hospital pharmacy. Also, she said residue was found in the bottle, which would likely indicate the pills were toxic and illegal. Angie said David was likely the culprit, and she left.

Krystal asked David how long he had been giving Adam the wrong medication. David claimed he did nothing to harm Adam. Krystal said David would be honest with her if he loved her. David said Krystal was not honest with him about Marissa's paternity, but yet, Krystal claimed she loved him. David said he gave Adam medication to make him memory weaker so he would seem like an unfit grandparent. Krystal made David promise he would stop dosing Adam, but David was swept away to care for Adam before he could give Krystal an answer.

Ryan told Jesse that the stuffed animal proved Emma had been in the Chandler attic. Ryan said a gunshot was heard in the background of Annie's message. Jesse apologized for his officers not finding the secret door in Adam's home sooner. Ryan said if Jesse's men had acted quickly, Emma would be home. Ryan thought that Adam and Annie were working together to flee town.

Once alone, Emma told Annie that she missed Ryan. Annie called Ryan to make arrangements for Emma's return. Ryan agreed to meet Annie and Emma at Ryan's home without any police interference. Emma ran into Ryan's arms when she saw him. Ryan told Emma to go get ready for a bath. Annie admitted that she never intended on returning Emma to Ryan.

When Aidan went back for Annie and Emma, they were gone. He found Emma and Annie at Ryan's home. Annie explained about being around Adam as he was being gunned down. Also, Annie said Emma was proud of her for saving Adam's life. Hearing Emma boast about her sparked Annie to change her behavior, Annie said.

Ryan asked Annie to turn herself in to the police. Annie asked Ryan if she could have a few last moments with Emma before going to the police. Emma asked Annie to come see her new doll. Ryan did not stop Annie when she went to be with Emma. Annie called the police to turn herself in.

Krystal rushed up to David when she found out doctors were running toxicology tests on Adam. Krystal insisted they leave town immediately. David said he could not leave Amanda and his unborn child. David said he had already lost too many children. He wanted to be there for Amanda's baby.

JR went to check on his father. After Jake left, Adam accused JR of trying to kill him. JR said he might not like his father, but would never shoot him. Adam said he was brought to the hospital after his heart stopped beating.

Jesse came to question Adam. Adam said he was with Emma, Annie, and Aidan before going into cardiac arrest. Adam said he was someplace dark and damp, but not sure of the exact location. Adam said Aidan was surprised to see him alive, but prayed that Stuart had not been killed. Adam sobbed and screamed in pain when he realized Stuart was dead.

David decided that he would be taking over Adam's case, but Angie and Jake were not so keen on the idea. Angie said tests showed the pills could cause cardiac arrest if too many were taken. Jake said the hospital ethics committee would soon be reviewing Adam's case. He suspected David would be charged with the attempted murder of Adam.

Liza and Amanda said goodbye to Tad. Liza said she would be staying in Pine Valley for a while to help her mother cope with Stuart's death. Liza learned that Amanda was eight months pregnant. Amanda said she was having a boy. Liza said she was also having a boy around the same time Amanda was having her baby.

Tad grabbed nurse Gail for a dance in the hallway, but he fell down after only a few steps.

Jesse stopped Liza in the hallway to ask where she was the night Stuart died.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tad grabbed Gayle, the nurse that had been David's co-conspirator on a number of fronts, and made her dance with him down the hall. A few moments later, he noted that he was ready for the dip part of the dance and then collapsed. Shocked at the sudden turn of events, Gayle hesitated for a split second before she got down on the floor and attempted to revive Tad. Jake came along and tried to succeed where Gayle had failed. When that didn't work, they transported Tad back to his room.

When Tad finally regained consciousness, he asked Jake if anything had been discovered during all of the tests they'd subjected him to. Jake was forced to admit that that Tad's results had come back clean. Delighted, Tad told his little brother that he shouldn't let life pass him by, and encouraged Jake not to wait until he was shot in the head before he changed his life.

Colby encountered Scott in the halls of the hospital and offered condolences over the loss of his father, but Scott was inconsolable in his grief. Meanwhile, JR was in Adam's room and offered some consolation of his own. JR told Adam that he understood the grief his father felt, but Adam said that JR couldn't - because Adam blamed himself for Stuart's death. Adam recalled the many times Stuart had asked his brother to change the way he lived his life, and the equal number of times Adam had chosen to do things that made people hate him.

Adam questioned how the fates could be so cruel as to snuff out the life of someone as sweet and kind as Stuart, yet leave his intact. JR thought that perhaps Adam was meant to have a second chance, and that Stuart's legacy was all of the things that he'd embodied in life: love, compassion, honesty, and forgiveness. Scott walked in and demanded that they no longer talk about his father's legacy - because Adam should have been the person in the morgue.

Liza ran into Jesse at the hospital and after a brief but caustic trip down memory lane, Liza tried to convince the chief that she had changed. Not convinced, Jesse asked her where she had been the night that Stuart was killed. She told him that she had been at the Chandler mansion, but had been attempting a reunion with her daughter. She told him that Colby had been avoiding her, and Liza thought that her attempts would be more successful if she just dropped by for a visit. She said that Colby met her at the gate but that was as far as Liza had gotten, because their talk hadn't lasted. Jesse said that he would verify the story with Colby, and walked off.

Liza started to walk down the hall and ran into Colby. She asked Colby to corroborate the story she told Jesse, and Colby was incensed that her mother would ask her to lie. She asked Liza why she hadn't told the police chief the truth, and Liza said that she had panicked because there were no witnesses to the fact that she had taken a walk. Colby then demanded to know if her mother had returned to Pine Valley to kill Adam.

Liza assured her daughter that she'd only come back to reunite with Colby but, unmoved, Colby asked Liza where she'd actually been when Stuart was killed. Liza broke down and said that she'd actually been in the mansion. She explained how she'd gotten inside the house and said that when she located Colby, the young girl had fallen asleep. Colby asked why Liza hadn't woken her up, and Liza replied that she had heard someone approach so she made a hasty exit.

Full of questions, Colby asked why Liza hadn't given that truth to Jesse, and Liza confessed she was certain that Jesse wouldn't have believed her. She then noted she wouldn't have hope for a reunion with Colby if she were railroaded for murder. Unsure of what to do, Colby said that she needed to see her father, and quickly walked away. Jake came up to Liza to find out what happened and, aggrieved, Liza threw her arms around Jake in search of comfort.

Annie arrived at the police station, set to be processed after she turned herself in. The officer sat her down, and she realized that Zach was seated nearby. She told him that it was odd that given the turn of events at the Chandler mansion, she had been the one to save Adam Chandler when he had a heart attack. She then asked if it was true that Zach had confessed to Stuart's murder, and said that it took a lot of guts to admit that he'd killed the most loved man in town.

Annie remarked that she always knew Zach had it in him to be a killer but that it was sad he'd killed the wrong man. When Zach told her to "go to hell," Annie quickly replied, "Something tells me you'll be there first." Annie was hauled away just as the district attorney showed up to take Zach's statement. Zach dryly told his version of events the night that Stuart was shot, and then asked how soon he could be arraigned. The DA noted that there were steps that needed to be taken, specifically a return of the ballistic evidence. Zach told him that evidence wouldn't be necessary with his confession, and continued to push until the DA agreed to get Zach's confession transcribed for his signature, and the arraignment set for that afternoon.

Ryan looked on as Kendall had a nightmare, and talked out loud about how Adam had to die for killing her son. She jolted awake, and when she realized that Ryan was there, she asked how long he had been there. He told her that he'd heard enough to realize that she had been dreaming about the murder. Kendall told him about her dream, and Ryan assured her that it wasn't real. They took some time to share updates about Ian and Emma, and then Ryan encouraged Kendall to spend go and spend time with Ian. Kendall did as suggested, and moments after she left the room, Jesse walked in.

Jesse updated Ryan on Annie's arrest and said that after Annie was processed, she would be sent to a mental institution. Jesse then asked how Kendall had been holding up, and Ryan told him that Ian's improved health had helped her to stay strong. Jesse then noted that Zach had asked for an immediate arraignment, and while Ryan understood, Jesse said things were not that simple. He told Ryan that ballistics results on the bullet that killed Stuart hadn't been returned - and that if they didn't match Zach's gun, the suspect list would expand.

This news caused Ryan to remember his run-in with Kendall on the Chandler grounds. Jesse took note of Ryan's changed expression and asked Ryan if there was something he needed to confess. Ryan played his hesitancy off as just a recall of how crazy that night had been. Jesse remarked that the craziness wasn't over, as something about Zach's confession didn't fit. Jesse regarded Ian as the center of Zach's world, and not something Zach would give up easily - unless he had a good reason.

Scott asked why his father had been dressed like Adam, and Adam replied that Stuart had come up with the idea to wear a suit to witness the change of Adam's will. Scott surmised that Stuart was dead because of Adam's ego and greed. He stormed out of the room just as Colby ran in. Colby apologized for the death of Adam's brother, but admitted that she was so glad that her father was alive.

Moments later, Adam started to get increasingly agitated as he demanded to see his brother. JR insisted that they needed to get the doctor's permission first. Overwhelmed, Adam started to have trouble breathing. Colby ran out to the nurse's station to get help. A nurse went in to help Adam, and Colby started to follow, but Jesse stopped her and said that they needed to talk about Liza. He told her the version of events that Liza had shared, and asked Colby if that was actually how things had happened. She quickly agreed with her mother's version - and then said she needed to make some revisions.

Back in Adam's room, the nurse gave Adam oxygen and got him to breathe normally again. She told him that he had to relax, and then left him to talk further with his son. JR told Adam that he wanted a guard posted at the door, since Zach wasn't the only one that wanted him dead. Adam pointed out that a guard wouldn't stop someone like Hayward. Adam then pleaded with his son to take him to see Stuart, and JR finally agreed.

Liza confided in Jake that she'd completely destroyed her relationship with her daughter, but Jake had no sympathy, since Liza had tried to blackmail him. Liza insisted that Amanda's baby was all about a second chance - with Colby, and to be a good mom. Jake suggested that she give Colby space, and Liza thought that Jake's lack of support was due to lingering bitterness over the fact that Colby wasn't his daughter. That bit of history reminded Jake why he hadn't missed Liza over the years. She asked him if he would keep her secret, and insisted that she would do whatever it took to get what she wanted. Jake asked if that included killing Adam.

Marian returned to the Chandler mansion, and as she saw a spot of blood on the floor, she collapsed in tears. Scott approached her from behind and when she saw him, she stood and they embraced. Scott gave her the details on what led up to Stuart's death, and berated himself for his involvement in Chandler business. Marian told him to go easy on himself because Stuart had been proud of the boy that Scott had been and the man he had become. She went on to say that Stuart had put on the suit because when he learned that his son would take over Chandler Enterprises, he had felt equal to Adam. Marian felt Scott could be proud of that accomplishment for the rest of his life. Scott told her that he would trade it all to have his father back.

Zach signed the transcription of his confession, and the DA told him that he would see Zach in court. After he left, Ryan stopped by and found out that Zach had gotten his arraignment pushed up. Ryan told Zach that he should call Kendall, but Zach demanded that Kendall be kept away. He asked Ryan to have Kendall give Zach's love to the boys. At the same time at the hospital, a nurse came into Ian's room and told Kendall that she was surprised that Kendall wasn't at the courthouse - given that her ex's hearing was in a few hours.

Scott returned to the hospital, and he and JR watched Adam's last visitation with his brother from the hall outside the morgue. JR asked why Scott hadn't gone to Zach's arraignment to face the man that had killed his father, and Scott quickly noted that the man responsible for his father's death was Adam. Inside the room, Adam told Stuart all the things he felt he should have said when he had the chance, but failed to: that he was sorry for not listening to Stuart's suggestions on how to live life, and how to make more time for the good things in life. Then, his body wracked with sobs, he pulled his brother's body close and attempted to say goodbye.

Jesse stopped Liza in the hall and informed her that Colby had given him the truth about where Liza had been the night of Stuart's murder. Liza admitted that she had lied, and then told Jesse that while she hadn't been the one that shot Stuart, she knew who did.

Zach was taken up to the courtroom in handcuffs, and both he and the officer of the court had to weave their way through a sea of reporters. When Zach turned to face them, he noticed that Kendall had arrived at the courthouse. He told her that she shouldn't be there, and she replied that she wouldn't leave. Zach told her that she needed to forget about him and raise Ian and Spike with Ryan as a family. She started to protest, but Zach demanded that she do as he asked.

Zach was then led into the courtroom while a confused Kendall attempted to figure out what had happened. Ryan walked up, and she relayed the conversation she'd had with Zach. Ryan helped her to realize that Zach had sacrificed himself because he believed that Kendall was the person that shot Stuart. She was amazed at what that meant, and more amazed when she grasped that Ryan believed the same thing.



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