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Phyllis overheard Sharon's admission that she was pregnant and that Nick could be the father. Devon's Aunt Virginia arrived in town and revealed that Devon and Tyra were not related. Adam sent Ashley a fake voicemail from Sabrina.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, May 18, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Ashley listened to Sabrina's voice on the phone. Ashley, who believed that Estella engaged in a cruel hoax, ordered Estella to stop immediately. Sabrina's voice continued, "This is Sabrina. Next. It is a cruel death. It is hopeless. Next. There is no escape." Adam stood nearby with his arms crossed. After Ashley became terribly distraught by the call, Adam feigned concern and asked, "Ashley, are you all right?" Ashley dropped the phone and attempted to run out the front door.

Victor caught Ashley in his arms as he entered through the front door. Ashley cried, "I've got to get out of here. I can't stay in this house anymore." Ashley told Victor that she clearly heard Sabrina's voice on the phone. Ashley said the voice warned that she would die.

Ashley later recounted the entirety of her harrowing experience to Victor. Adam made certain that Victor knew Adam was present in the room when Ashley received the call. Adam strongly implicated Estella. Adam suggested that Estella had used a recording of Sabrina to fabricate the call.

When Victor checked the call log on Ashley's phone, he learned that the last call came from an invalid number. Victor called and asked Rafe to check outgoing calls made on Estella's phone. Victor learned that Estella did not call Ashley. Adam asked, "Well, who did it?" Worried about Ashley's health, Victor phoned Olivia. After Olivia arrived, all smiles, she asked Adam to leave, so she could evaluate Ashley's condition.

Olivia conducted a brief medical examination. Ashley worried that Victor believed she was losing her mind. Olivia questioned Ashley and asked if she felt anxious or depressed. Ashley reminded Olivia that someone was tormenting her. Ashley learned that her blood pressure was elevated and that she had a fever. Olivia suggested that Ashley check into a hospital. Ashley insisted that the only treatment she needed was for Olivia and Victor to believe her.

Olivia made Ashley promise to take it easy and not answer the phone. In another room, Victor questioned Adam. Adam admitted he had not overheard Sabrina's voice on the phone. Adam reminded Victor about the tape recorder recovered from Estella's blazer. Victor insisted that Estella claimed she was innocent. Adam suggested that anyone could have placed the recorder into the blazer pocket.

After Olivia walked away, Adam returned. Ashley asked Adam if Victor had phoned the police to report Estella. Adam explained that Estella did not make the call and had an airtight alibi. In a nearby room, Olivia reported her findings privately to Victor. Olivia explained that Ashley feared she was having a mental breakdown. Olivia added that she couldn't dismiss Ashley's fears. Victor said, "That's what I was afraid of."

Olivia and Victor returned to Ashley. Olivia offered to escort Ashley to her bedroom. Ashley thanked Adam for his support and said, "I don't know what I would have done without you." After Ashley and Olivia walked away, Victor told Adam that his presence had helped Ashley, and Victor thanked Adam for the kindness he had shown to Ashley.

After Victor walked away, Adam muttered, "It's a little late for that, don't you think?" Adam sat on the sofa next to a table. Adam reached under the table, which held a corded phone, and rubbed his finger against a tiny electronic device stuck on the table's underside.

At Cane and Lily's wedding reception, guests gathered to celebrate with the newlyweds. Jill told Billy and Chloe that she couldn't believe that both her sons had married. After Billy asked what might happen next, Jill recalled the day she learned that the bank in the Cayman Islands, where Jill had invested her entire fortune, had failed. Billy noticed his mother's distress and asked why Jack had mentioned that Jill was in trouble. Jill lovingly touched Billy's cheek and told him not to worry.

After Amber, Daniel, Jana, and Kevin arrived, Kevin voiced his apprehension about mingling with so many people. Katherine and Murphy greeted the two couples. After Jana mentioned Kevin's uneasiness, Katherine advised Kevin to take it one day at a time.

Mac asked Devon and Roxanne if they had seen Colleen. Billy walked up and informed Devon, along with Tyra and Ana, that Colleen's grandmother had been involved in an accident. Billy told a distressed Ana that he didn't have any details. Ana promised to pray for Colleen's grandmother.

While Lily and Cane rode the elevator up to the their reception at the Restless Style headquarters, Lily kissed Cane and begged him to repeatedly call her Mrs. Ashby. When the doors opened, the guest welcomed the couple with cheers and applause.

Cane marveled at Lily's glitzy choice of décor for their reception. Lily explained that she based the theme on trendy bars in Paris. Katherine and Murphy greeted the newlywed couple first. Nina greeted the couple next. Cane told Nina that he hoped to meet Phillip one day, because he considered Nina and Phillip to be part of his family. Nina seemed delighted.

Amber told Chloe that she was sorry to have missed her and Billy's ceremony. Chloe criticized Lily's dress as being sweet and boring just the like girl wearing it. Jill overheard and informed Chloe and Amber that Lily had worn her late mother's dress. Amber asked Jill if she was jealous of Amber's friendship with Katherine. Jill responded, "No. I hated you long before you wormed your way into Katherine's life."

Phyllis and Nick also embraced Lily and Cane. Phyllis told Lily and Cane that the Restless Style cover photo of them received a favorable response. Nick added, "Well, the pictures you two took do no justice to how you look right now. You look very happy." Cane observed that marriage made couples happy. Nick reservedly agreed.

Devon escorted a surprise guest in to see Tyra and Ana. Tyra was thrilled to see her Aunt Virginia. Aunt Virginia introduced herself to Ana as the child's great-aunt. Virginia also met Neil and Roxanne. Virginia mentioned that she and Devon reunited via a Web site. Virginia entertained Devon's relatives by relating a story about Devon climbing out of a window to "elope" with a childhood playmate.

Olivia tearfully told Lily that she looked like an angel walking down the aisle in Dru's dress. Devon introduced his great-aunt to Lily, Cane, and Olivia. Virginia was impressed to learn that Olivia was a medical doctor. Lily warmly welcomed Virginia into their family.

Phyllis and Nick thanked Daniel for photographing Lily and Cane's wedding. After Daniel walked away with Amber, Phyllis mentioned seeing Nick embrace Sharon at the club. Phyllis told Nick she was worried. Nick encouraged Phyllis to have fun at the reception. Nick reminded Phyllis that they had been through a lot and were still standing.

During their initial dance, Cane dipped Lily and kissed her. The guests cheered. Neil and Jill also danced. Jill said she wished for many grandchildren. After the deejay invited all guests to dance, Mac invited Devon to dance. Jana persuaded Kevin to accompany her to the dance floor. Billy and Chloe swayed to the music. Daniel snapped photos of his friends. Amber pouted because Daniel busied himself capturing the event with his camera.

Neil danced with Lily. Lily thanked her father for making her special day perfect. Neil acknowledged that letting go of Lily wasn't easy. Lily said that she trusted Cane with her life. Neil reminded his daughter that he would always be available if Lily needed him.

Jill danced with Cane. Jill insisted that Cane take his father's name. Cane seemed flattered and asked, "You want me to be a Chancellor?" Jill explained that Cane was born a Chancellor, so he should bear his father's name. Katherine overheard.

Jill told Katherine that she probably hated the idea of Cane taking the Chancellor name. Katherine responded, "No. Not at all. I must admit, I couldn't stand the thought of you having my husband's son; God forgive me. But, I accepted young Phillip, and I grew to love him as my own son, the same as I do Cane." Cane asked for time to think it over.

Katherine danced with Cane while Murphy took Jill as his dance partner. Cane told Katherine that having Katherine and Jill get along would be the best wedding present. Katherine said, "I hope your mother's heart is beginning to soften."

Virginia told Devon she was thrilled to learn that Tyra had adopted Ana. Virginia said she was surprised that the court had allowed the adoption, since Tyra and Ana weren't related by blood. Devon seemed surprised by Virginia's words. Virginia quickly excused herself and headed to the ladies' room. Devon looked puzzled.

Billy berated Kevin and told him that he was a psychotic freak. Billy insisted that authorities should have locked up Kevin. Kevin said that Colleen had forgiven him, so Billy should, as well. Jana advised Kevin to ignore Billy.

After Kevin and Jana rushed away, Mac approached Billy, having overheard his harsh words. Mac responded, "What's wrong with you? How could you be so cruel? You're not at all the person that I remember. I'm so disappointed in you." Billy seemed embarrassed and dejected.

Jill, accompanied by Nina, spoke to Katherine about Cane taking the Chancellor name before he had children. Nina agreed that Cane should be a Chancellor because he was Phillip's son, and "it would be the final chapter in making things right." Amber butted in and asked if they were discussing the movie. Jill asked, "What movie?" Amber brightly explained that she and Nina were writing partners and planned to adapt the book Katherine wrote about her life. Jill glared first at Nina and then at Katherine. Katherine shrugged her shoulders.

Just after Daniel carved out a moment to dance with Amber, he suggested switching partners with Kevin and Jana. The couple agreed, so Daniel took Kevin's hand, and they danced. Daniel loudly insisted that he lead. Nearby, Phyllis snickered at her son's antics.

Before Lily and Cane cut their wedding cake, they offered a wish to all of their guests. Lily said, "We just hope that after everything we had to go through to get here, it will inspire all of you to never give up on your dreams. We hope that you will all be as happy as Cane and I are tonight."

As Lily expressed her heartfelt wishes for her guests, Neil stood with his hands cupped on Tyra's shoulders. Roxanne leaned against Devon. Mac glanced briefly and angrily at Billy. Chloe rolled her eyes toward Mac.

As Nick and Phyllis danced, Nick told Phyllis to close her eyes. Playfully and gracefully, Nick dipped Phyllis and kissed her. Phyllis and Nick took the elevator up to Phyllis' private office. Phyllis and Nick kissed passionately. After the couple shed some clothing, Nick cleared papers from atop a conference table with one sweep of his arm. After Nick gently pushed Phyllis onto the table, he climbed up on top of her, and the couple kissed as they groped each other.

After Phyllis and Nick made love, they stretched out on the sofa in Phyllis' office. They covered their nude bodies with a black blanket. Nick cooed, "I love being this close to you, again." Phyllis smiled. Nick asked if they used intimate moments in order to feel closer. Phyllis said that they did, and that they were closer than they had been in months.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daniel tried to persuade Cane and Lily to make a mess of themselves eating cake. Lily shoved cake in Cane's mouth and Cane kissed her. Daniel told Lily that he wished her all the best. Lily said she wished him the best, too.

Amber told Chloe that Lily was a lucky person. She also wanted the dream romance. Chloe said that Amber had that with Daniel.

Lily and Cane got ready to leave. Lily threw the bouquet over her shoulder and Amber caught it. Jana told Amber that meant she was the next person to get married. Daniel said that if it wasn't broken, don't fix it.

Amber asked Daniel if she could speak to him about something personal. She said that she had been through a lot, and her biological clock was ticking. Daniel said that he wasn't ready to do that yet. Amber said she would like to know if that wasn't in their future. Daniel said that he didn't know if that was an ultimatum, but he wasn't going to change his mind. He was not ready to get married or have children.

Cane told Lily that their wedding was absolutely perfect. He promised Lily that he would never disappoint her. Lily said that she was committed to their marriage and to spending the rest of their lives together.

Devon told his Aunt Virginia that he was confused. He said that Virginia had made it sound like Tyra was not related to him. Virginia said it was true; his grandmother had taken her in when Tyra's mother died. Devon was shocked to hear that Tyra had known that she was not related to him or Ana.

Neil told Tyra she was a great dancer. He said there was so much about her that he didn't know. Neil was looking forward to finding out more. Neil noticed Devon looking over at them and wondered if he was still angry with Tyra. Tyra said that Devon was still upset with what had happened at Indigo. Neil said he could date whomever he wanted. He offered Tyra a ride home.

Tyra asked Neil to come in for a drink. Neil said that Tyra was the second most beautiful woman at the wedding, after the bride, of course. Tyra and Neil started kissing.

Devon's girlfriend wondered what was wrong with Devon. Devon said that he was upset seeing Neil getting close with Tyra so soon after his divorce. He went back to Virginia to check in on her. Virginia told Devon it had broken her heart when she lost touch with him. She said that Yolanda wasn't always addicted to drugs. Virginia said that Yolanda used to have a beautiful voice. Devon said that was the only thing his mother had given him.

Virginia had a letter Devon's mother had written. She said that she kept it because she thought it might be important someday. The letter was to Devon's father. When Devon read the letter, he realized that his father had never known about him.

Billy told Katherine that whenever Mac was around he said the wrong thing. Katherine said it must be difficult knowing that there was no reason Billy and Mac couldn't be together. Billy said that Mac believed that ship had sailed.

Michael was worried because he hadn't heard from Gloria in a few days. Lauren said that if Gloria was in trouble, Michael would have heard from her. She said as much as she loved his crazy family, it was time to think about their relationship for a change.

Lauren had a special night planned for Michael. She told him that Eden and Fen were in a safe place, and she had reserved a room so they could be alone in bed with her specially made brownies. Michael asked for the check. Michael and Lauren went up to the hotel room and spent a romantic evening in bed together.

Jana was upset with the way Billy had spoken to Kevin. Kevin told Mac that he didn't understand what she ever saw in him. Billy went up to Mac and asked if she could forgive him for what he said about Kevin. Mac said that they had been through too many weddings; there was too much history.

Billy decided to apologize for what he had said to Kevin. Jana was so angry that she told Billy to go away. Kevin said that she didn't need to stick up for him. He told her that she didn't deserve to have to deal with a crazy husband. Kevin thanked Jana for being patient with him.

Jill couldn't believe that Nina and Amber were serious about making Katherine's memoir into a movie. Amber joked that they could ask Glen Close to play Jill's part because she was "so convincing as Cruella Deville." Katherine giggled and told Amber to stop. Jill said just as she started to believe in Katherine, Katherine did something to hurt her again.

Billy knew that something was wrong with Jill. He asked her what was going on with her. Jill asked Billy to promise not to tell anyone. She admitted that she was totally broke. Billy offered Jill some money he had left from his father. Jill thanked Billy, but said she could take care of herself.

When Jill returned to the mansion, she was disappointed that everyone was there. Mac said that she couldn't help but feel sorry for Jill. Nina said Jill put her pain on herself. Katherine said she tried to help Jill, but felt that she was wasting her breath.

Mac told Nina that it had been nice getting to know her. Mac was about to go to bed, but sensed someone at the door. When she opened it, Billy was standing there. Mac told Billy to leave. Katherine stepped out and told Billy to go.

When Chloe returned home, Billy wasn't there. She heard Cordelia crying and picked her up. She stared longingly out the window.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sitting in his apartment, Daniel recalled his conversation with Howard Aucker, during which Daniel agreed to forge a painting in order to help with a Justice Department investigation. Amber walked into the living room, and, finding Daniel deep in thought, incorrectly assumed that he was angry with her. Daniel remembered that Aucker had told him that he couldn't tell anyone, including Amber, about the forgery. Daniel told Amber that he wasn't angry with her -- he was just focusing on his work. They agreed to have lunch together, after Amber's meeting with Lauren regarding Amber's jacket line. Daniel went to shower. As Amber left the apartment, Jana stopped by.

Jana stared at the forgery on Daniel's easel. When Daniel emerged from the shower, Jana said that she had definitely seen that exact painting before. Daniel lied and said that he had "artists' block," and was practicing by copying another artist's work. Jana told Daniel that several people were interested in buying his paintings. Amber returned with the good news that her Fenmore's jacket line had sold out. Jana left to allow the couple to celebrate their successes.

As Daniel and Amber began to make love, Howard Aucker showed up. Amber left the room so that Daniel and Aucker could talk. Aucker looked at the forgery and told Daniel that it was coming along nicely. He said that he had stopped by because he learned that Jana, whose knowledge of art could jeopardize the investigation, had been to Daniel's apartment. Aucker told Daniel to keep his distance from Jana, but Daniel said that no one could tell him whom he could be friends with.

Amber came back into the living room, and an irritated Daniel told her that Aucker was just leaving. After Aucker left, Amber asked Daniel why he had looked like he wanted to punch out Aucker. Daniel lied and told Amber that Aucker had made a creepy comment about her.

Mac dreamt that she had made love to Billy. Later, she went to Crimson Lights for a cup of coffee and a chat with Kevin. Mac brought up the nasty comments that Billy had made to Kevin at the Ashby wedding. Kevin said that Billy wasn't going to send him back to a padded cell -- Kevin thought that Billy was unhappy with his life. Kevin asked Mac if she had gotten over Billy while she was in Darfur. She said that she had -- and that she had dated other men in Africa. Mac told Kevin how proud she was of him, and that he had, as Mac had predicted, turned out to be an amazing guy.

At the Abbott pool house, Billy was sleeping on the couch when Chloe returned home with several shopping bags. Billy woke up and told Chloe that he was tired because he had changed Delia's diaper at four in the morning. Chloe told him that she had dropped Delia off to spend the day with Esther.

Chloe told Billy that she wanted to change the look of the pool house so that it would feel like a "real" home. She wanted to paint the place, as well as open their wedding presents. Billy began painting, while Chloe opened a gift -- the box contained a tacky ceramic mushroom sculpture. They looked at the card and saw that two of their New York friends, Heidi and Spencer, had sent the gift. Billy and Chloe reminisced about their time in New York.

Esther called to tell Chloe that Delia wanted her security blanket. Chloe found it and left to drive it over to the Chancellor mansion, while Billy continued to paint. When Chloe returned to the pool house, she and Billy engaged in a playful paint fight. The couple ended up on the sofa, kissing.

Back home, Mac looked through a box filled with memorabilia. She found a karaoke CD that she and Billy had made years earlier. She played the CD, and began laughing when she heard how badly she and Billy sounded. Mac called Billy and left a message, saying, "You won't believe what I found. Call me back." Mac decided to delete the message before Billy could hear it.

Billy ignored his vibrating cell phone and made love to Chloe. After they were done, Chloe left the room and Billy saw that the call was from Mac, but that she hadn't left a message. Chloe returned and asked Billy who had called. Billy said it wasn't anyone important.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was seeing Sharon off to her first therapy session. As Jack and Sharon kissed at the front door, an irritated Mary Jane walked in and lied, telling the Abbotts how good it was to see them back together. After Sharon left, Jack told Mary Jane that before they discussed business, they needed to discuss their personal relationship. Jack went to the kitchen to get them some coffee, and, when he returned to the living room, was surprised to see that Mary Jane had somehow known that the coasters were in a sideboard. When Jack asked Mary Jane how she could have possibly known where the coasters were, Mary Jane brushed his question off.

Jack told Mary Jane that he was concerned that his working relationship with her might change because he had reconciled with Sharon. Mary Jane said that her fling with Jack meant nothing to her -- they had a good time, but hadn't fallen madly in love. Jack said, "Thank God for that." As Jack began discussing Jabot's summer promotional plans, Mary Jane seethed.

At Restless Style, Phyllis, Nick, and the magazine staff celebrated the outstanding sales figures for their anniversary issue. Phyllis suggested that she and Nick go on a short vacation the following weekend, but Nick was clearly not interested. Nick told Phyllis he had a meeting at the club, and he left his disappointed wife.

Later, Phyllis looked at a calendar and realized that the following weekend was the anniversary of Cassie's death. She called Nick at the club and apologized for pushing the vacation, telling him that she knew how difficult it was for him during that time of the year.

Sharon met with her therapist, Dr. Mason, in a suite at the Athletic Club. Sharon said that the baby had changed Jack -- even though he knew that it might not be his. Dr. Mason asked Sharon how she would feel if the baby wasn't Jack's. Sharon said she just wanted the baby to be healthy and happy.

Sharon told Dr. Mason that the fourth anniversary of Cassie's death was approaching, and blamed herself for "sinking" and taking everyone with her. When the doctor suggested that Sharon got pregnant to punish herself, Sharon became agitated, told the doctor that therapy was not for her, and ran out of the room.

Sharon ran downstairs, but before she could exit the club, Nick spotted her and gave her a hug. Nick told Sharon that he understood that she was no longer his concern, but that he still worried about her. When Nick said that Sharon shouldn't run from her problems, Sharon replied that if people left her alone she wouldn't have any problems. She then ran out of the club.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Jack caught Paul staring at a photograph of Phyllis and Mary Jane in the latest issue of Restless Style. Paul asked Jack if he knew who the woman with Phyllis was. Jack said that she was Jabot's public relations consultant, and mentioned that she and Phyllis were good friends. Paul said that he wanted to talk to Phyllis about Mary Jane.

Paul went inside Crimson Lights to get a refill, and ran into Mary Jane, who was looking for Jack. Paul told her that she had just missed Jack. Paul reminded her that he and Mary Jane had met at the Chancellor wedding. He asked her if she had a minute, but she quickly said that she was late for an appointment. Mary Jane exited Crimson Lights, leaving Paul with a suspicious look on his face.

Mary Jane returned to her hotel suite, extremely upset that she hadn't been able to find Jack. She prayed, "Oh God, please bring him back to me. I can't live without him." There was a knock at the door. Mary Jane, expecting it to be Jack, ran to open the door, and found Paul standing there.

Jack visited Phyllis at Restless Style. Phyllis told him how happy she was that Sharon had moved back into the Abbott mansion. She added that things were back on track with her and Nick's marriage. When Jack said that he knew everything about Sharon, Phyllis recalled seeing Billy and Sharon kissing in Sharon's hotel suite. Jack left, and, while on the elevator, remembered Sharon telling him that Nick might be the father of her child.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon went through a box of mementoes, and found the picture of the Newman family that Cassie had drawn. When Jack returned home, Sharon pleaded with him to take her away from Genoa City -- that night. Jack convinced Sharon that would be impractical for a variety of reasons.

At Restless Style, Phyllis showed Nick a picture of their family that Summer had drawn. It looked very similar to Cassie's drawing. Nick recalled when Cassie had given him the picture she had drawn, years earlier.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon began to sob uncontrollably as she placed Cassie's drawing back into the box.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

At the pool house, Billy was getting ready for work. He was uncomfortable when Chloe made him change his tie and told him that he needed her. Billy's mind wasn't on Chloe. He had looked at his Blackberry and saw that he'd missed a call from Mac.

After he left for the office, Chloe recalled making love with Billy. There was a knock on the door and Jack let himself in. Chloe said that Billy had just left and was excited about working on the new Jabot project. Jack covered for his brother, mumbling that he knew where Billy was really going.

Chloe spoke candidly with Jack about how Billy had been acting very responsibly of late. She thanked Jack for talking to his brother that night at Jimmy's. Jack didn't think he had had much effect on Billy, but he admitted that he told him he'd be nuts to leave Chloe and Delia.

After Jack left, Chloe discovered that Billy had left his Blackberry on the table. She couldn't resist looking at the messages and saw that Mac had called. Chloe realized Mac was Billy's "new project." Chloe told Delia that she would not be waiting for Billy to come to her anymore.

At the Chancellor mansion, Mac watched an old video of her and Billy singing karaoke. Kay walked in and warned Mac that she had invited Billy and his wife to the barbeque the following day.

Mac told Kay that she would always care about Billy and it hurt her to see him so unhappy. But Mac was realistic. For Mac, Billy was a no-win situation, because even if he left Chloe, he'd be miserable about Delia. While Kay went to help Murphy, Chloe showed up with Delia. She asked Mac if Billy was there.

Kay entered and invited Chloe to the barbeque. Kay then took Delia to see Murphy, and let Mac and Chloe talk alone. Chloe asked why Mac had tried to call Billy. Mac said it was an innocent impulse, but Chloe was mad. She told Mac that by calling Billy, Mac was sending the wrong message to him. Mac insisted that she wasn't a threat to Chloe's marriage, but Chloe saw it differently. Chloe said that nothing was easy with Billy anymore because Mac was a constant reminder of what he was missing.

Chloe told Mac that if it weren't for Delia, she'd say the hell with both Billy and Mac. Mac said she never meant to be the "other" woman; she only called Billy because she missed her friend. Chloe asked if she missed his friendship as much as she missed having sex with Billy. Mac revealed that they had never made love. Mac asked Chloe not to tell Billy because it would hurt his ego, but until very recently, Mac had a boyfriend in Africa.

Billy arrived home to an empty pool house. He picked up his Blackberry and noticed that he had no messages. He went to the Chancellor mansion and let himself in. As he moved to the patio, he heard Mac and Chloe talking about the barbeque. Chloe suggested that Mac bring a date, maybe her boyfriend from Africa.

Billy was stunned, but remained hidden. Mac explained that while her ex had returned to the states from Darfur, they were barely in touch. Chloe suggested that Mac email him, but Mac was determined to play it cool instead. Billy left without either woman seeing that he'd been there.

At the club, Mary Jane answered the door of her room to find Paul. He explained that he'd tracked her down because he was sure they'd met before. Paul insisted that she join him for lunch so he could figure it out. Unable to graciously say no, she agreed to meet him at the restaurant downstairs. When Mary Jane showed up, she was wearing big sunglasses claiming that her eyes were sensitive to the light and she was getting a migraine.

Paul casually grilled Mary Jane for details of her life, like where she'd grown up before moving to New York City. She claimed it was a small town in Nebraska, and when he asked about colleges, she said she'd gone to an all-girls school, so he couldn't have met her there. She chuckled at the joke and Paul said he recognized her laugh.

When Paul suggested that he might know Mary Jane through his ex-wife, Mary Jane said that New York was a big city. Paul wondered how she knew that April lived in New York. Mary Jane made a hasty exit, complaining that her headache was severe.

Back in her room, Mary Jane called Victor. She left a message that everything was going well with her and Jack. She didn't mention her lunch with Paul or his investigation. In the lobby, Paul made a call and ordered a complete background check on Mary Jane.

At the Restless Style offices, Summer gave Nick a drawing she'd made of their family. Nick looked at it and was reminded of Cassie. She'd done the same thing years before. Cassie was on his mind because it was the anniversary of her death. Nick appreciated Summer's artistry and asked her to draw a picture of where they should go on vacation.

Phyllis said that she'd brought Summer to the office to make it easier for Nick to cope with memories of Cassie. Phyllis offered to listen if Nick wanted to talk, but he said he had nothing to say. Phyllis reminded him that he'd shut down after Cassie died and had regretted his actions. Phyllis assured him she could take whatever he had to say and wouldn't accept his excuses that he hadn't worked out his feelings.

Nick confessed to Phyllis that he was worried about Sharon. Phyllis sympathized with Sharon's troubles of late, but Nick blamed himself for not seeing the signs that led to Sharon's breakdown. Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick was holding himself responsible for Sharon's grief when he was falling apart himself. Nick said he wished he could go back in time and shake himself.

Phyllis assured Nick that the man he has become would handle the situation differently. Nick reiterated that he wanted to be there for Sharon and he feared it was too late to do that. Phyllis listened as Nick revealed that he'd seen Sharon at the club and she told him to stay out of her life. He said that it was his fault that Sharon was drowning in a sea of troubles.

Phyllis tried to explain to Nick that perhaps Sharon's request was a sign that she was getting her life together by recommitting to her marriage to Jack. Nick disagreed. Phyllis declared that Nick was not Sharon's doctor or priest or husband. It wasn't his place to fix her life. Phyllis wondered if Nick realized he might be standing in the way of Sharon getting better.

Nick remained unconvinced, so Phyllis turned to Summer and said it was time to go home. Nick pulled Phyllis aside and kissed her. He said he knew that he was lucky to have her and Summer. Phyllis said that she needed Nick as much as Sharon did. Nick kissed her gently, then looked at Summer's drawings of the beach. He and Phyllis agreed they could use a family trip. Nick said after he got through the next few days, they'd get away.

At the Abbott house, Sharon was awash in memories of Cassie. She gazed at the drawing Cassie had made of her, Sharon, and Nick. Sharon reached for her phone, thinking about calling Nick. Just then Billy entered and said he was looking for Jack. Seeing Sharon in tears, Billy asked why she was crying. Sharon assured him it wasn't about the baby.

Billy wondered why Sharon had moved back to the house where she would be running into him and Chloe all the time. Sharon asked why Billy hadn't told his wife about the possibility that he was the father of Sharon's baby. Billy feared Chloe finding out, and he also thought that if Jack learned that Billy had had sex with Sharon, it would break his heart. Billy deduced from her look that the "baby daddy" might be a third man.

Sharon admitted that she'd told Jack that when they were separated, she'd been with another man. Billy was surprised that Jack took her back and wished that Sharon had not moved back into the house where they'd be running into each other all the time. He warned her that if the baby turned out to be his, he would love it and be a good father. Billy added that he loved Jack and never wanted him to know the truth about their one-night-stand. Jack walked in and asked Billy what they had been talking about, because it seemed very intense. Sharon spoke up and said it was all her. Billy quickly exited, leaving Sharon in Jack's very capable hands.

Jack questioned Sharon about Billy. She explained that Billy was worried that Jack might get hurt if Sharon's move home wasn't permanent. Jack thought it was rich that Billy was worried about him. Sharon admitted that she had made a mess of things and she was concerned that Jack might get hurt in the wake of her disasters. Jack said that she had a chance for a fresh start with him and the new baby and he was grateful that she came back to him. He told her to only worry about herself and the baby. Sharon felt that she owed Jack a lot and she also owed Nick the truth.

Sharon didn't want to lie anymore, but Jack felt she didn't owe Nick a thing. He warned her that without knowing for a fact that Nick was the father, Sharon would be tearing Nick's family apart. Jack urged her to wait until she knew for certain who was her baby's father. Sharon told Jack that she needed to tell Nick about the possibility, because she needed Nick.

Jack realized that Sharon was really talking about Cassie and the fact that she and Nick shared the loss of their daughter, that that was a bond between them. Sharon tried to explain the pain that they felt over Cassie's loss. Jack comforted Sharon with a hug and said he understood her feelings for Nick. He convinced her not to tell Nick anything about the pregnancy yet.

When Phyllis left Summer with Nick to do an errand for Nikki, Nick pulled out his cell phone and called Sharon. Sharon looked at the caller-ID, but didn't answer the phone.

Shaken by the news that Mac had a boyfriend in Africa, Billy returned to the pool house. Jack was waiting for him there. Jack said that Sharon had told him what she and Billy had been talking about earlier. Billy thought he meant the baby, but Jack said he appreciated that Billy was worried about Jack being hurt. He thanked Billy for having his back.

Jack explained to Billy that Sharon had been honest with him about Nick possibly being the father of the baby. Jack said he wanted Sharon back nonetheless. Jack believed their reconciliation and the baby were a second chance for him. Billy wished him well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lily and Cane honeymooned in a beautiful tropical locale. They spent a lazy afternoon in bed, feeding each other exotic fruit. Lily told Cane that, until she reconciled with him, she didn't think she would ever be able to trust a man again. Cane said that he couldn't wait to start their new life and new family together.

Lily told Cane how safe she felt with him -- she felt as if nothing bad could ever happen to them. Cane said that he would never betray her trust. Admiring Cane's physique, Lily asked him if he had been an athlete in Australia, and added that she wanted to visit Australia before they had children, in order to learn more about Cane's background. Lily wondered how Cane had become such an amazing man. Cane said that he became an amazing man because of Lily.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon was preparing to visit Cassie's grave. Jack offered to accompany her, but Sharon said that she wanted to go to the cemetery alone, and didn't even want Nick to go with her. She said that she and Nick needed to stay away from each other, as she couldn't trust herself not to reveal that she might be pregnant with Nick's child.

At Restless Style, Nick told Phyllis that he had been unable to sleep the previous night -- his memories of Cassie kept him awake. Phyllis assumed that he was going to Cassie's grave with Sharon, but Nick said that he hadn't been able to get in touch with his ex. As Nick began to leave, Phyllis asked him if he wanted her to join him at the cemetery. Nick said that he wanted to go by himself.

Nick went to the Abbott mansion, hoping to find Sharon. Jack said that Sharon didn't think she should go to the cemetery with Nick. When Nick protested, Jack said that was Sharon's decision, and that Nick should respect it. Nick opened up to Jack, telling him how badly he had treated Sharon after Cassie's death -- he said he was unable to grieve the right way. Jack said that there was no "right" way to grieve over the death of a child. Jack told Nick to deal with his feelings without involving Sharon.

Nick accused Jack of trying too hard to protect Sharon. Jack said that Sharon didn't need protection -- that she was protecting herself. He reminded Nick what was at stake if Nick continued his involvement with Sharon -- Nick could lose Phyllis and Summer.

At the Chancellor estate, preparations were underway for a Memorial Day barbecue. Mac told Katherine that she had spoken with Chloe, telling Chloe that she still had feelings for the special man she had been with in Africa. Katherine was sure that Chloe would tell Billy, and that might help stop Billy's pursuit of Mac. Katherine asked if Mac's relationship with the mystery man was serious. Mac said that it was really just a fling -- it seemed that it wasn't meant to work out.

At the Abbott pool house, Chloe told Billy that she had spoken with Mac and had learned that Mac was really "hung up" on someone -- and the "someone" wasn't Billy. Billy told Chloe that Mac probably made up an imaginary boyfriend so that Chloe would stop obsessing about a possible reconciliation between him and Mac.

Poolside, Nina and Amber discussed their screenplay based on Katherine's memoirs. Nina wanted the film to focus on Katherine's battles with Jill and the Phillip Chancellor III baby switch. Amber objected, saying that material would present Katherine in a negative light. Amber suggested they focus on what a brave person Katherine was.

Nina said that Phillip Chancellor III had to be a main character in the film. Amber asked Nina to describe Phillip. Nina's response was that Phillip was "complex." Nina changed the subject -- she wanted to know how Cane, who had been raised in Australia, learned that a woman in Genoa City, Wisconsin was his real mother. Avoiding the question, Amber once again objected to having the film focus on the Phillip III baby switch. Amber said that it must have been difficult for Nina to learn that her husband and her son weren't true Chancellors.

Nina continued to push Amber to tell her about the baby switch, and about how Katherine had remembered it. Amber said that Katherine was so hell-bent on revenge against Jill that she had switched Jill's biological son with someone else's child. Amber added that Katherine had completely blacked out about switching the babies -- probably due to her heavy drinking. Amber told Nina that Katherine began having memory flashes about the switch, and, after a lot of Internet research and a consultation with a psychic, the story of the baby switch finally came out. Amber said that, in the end, Cane's showing up offered everyone a second chance. Nina said, "Not everyone."

Billy, Chloe, and Delia arrived for the barbecue. When Mac went to get some pool toys for Delia, Billy followed her. Billy asked her why she had made up a "phony" boyfriend. Annoyed that Billy thought she was lying, Mac walked away.

Later, Mac confronted Billy and told him that she hadn't lied about anything -- that she really had been seeing someone. Billy brought up the phone call about the karaoke CD, as well as their kiss, saying those incidents were proof that she still cared about Billy. Mac said that she regretted the phone call, and that she couldn't believe that Billy was discussing that with Chloe and Delia sitting just a few feet away. When Billy suggested they go inside, an irritated Mac once again walked away from him.

Watching Mac and Billy talking, Amber asked Chloe if it bothered her that her husband was hitting on his ex-girlfriend. Chloe admitted that she could handle it if Billy were having an anonymous fling, but that it was hard for her to compete with Mac, who was Billy's first love. Amber urged Chloe to fight for Billy.

While Mac was inside the house, Chloe told Billy that it seemed clear that Mac didn't want to have anything to do with him. Billy said that he was just trying to pump Mac for information on her mystery boyfriend, who Billy still insisted was a figment of Mac's imagination. Everyone was shocked when Raul Guttierez walked in on the party. Billy was thrilled to see his best friend from high school, and introduced Raul to Amber, Murphy, and Chloe. Raul congratulated Chloe on getting Billy to settle down and start a family. Mac rejoined the group and was stunned to see that Raul was there.

Mac passionately kissed Raul, and told him how glad she was to see him. Murphy quipped, "That's some kiss hello." Chloe told Billy, "I guess he's real after all." Jack, who had arrived earlier, asked Katherine if she knew that Mac had been seeing Raul. Katherine said that she hadn't known -- and that the romance must have started in Darfur. Jack said that if love could survive a place like Darfur, then it could survive anywhere.

Sharon showed up at Restless Style. Phyllis told her that Nick wasn't there. Sharon said that she knew that, as she had made sure that Nick's car wasn't in the parking garage before she came up to the office. She asked Phyllis if Phyllis would keep Nick busy that day so that Sharon wouldn't run into him when she visited Cassie's gravesite. Phyllis told her that Nick was already at the cemetery, but that Sharon could wait a while at the office.

Phyllis asked Sharon why she didn't want to see Nick. Sharon said that it would be "better and safer" for everyone. Phyllis agreed that memories of Cassie provoked interesting interactions between Nick and Sharon. Sharon said that she was no longer living in the past -- she realized that her future was with Jack, and not with Nick. Sharon left for the cemetery.

Sharon placed flowers on Cassie's gravesite. She told Cassie how much she missed and needed her. She realized that Cassie might be ashamed of all the terrible things Sharon had done, but she said that everything was going to turn out okay. Sharon didn't realize that Nick was standing behind her. When Sharon saw Nick, she began to leave, but Nick asked her not to.

Nick told Sharon that all he wanted was to grieve for Cassie with her. They discussed how dealing with Cassie's death never got easier. Sharon thought it might be best if they tried to move on. Nick wondered if they would be abandoning Cassie if they moved on. Sharon said that Cassie would have wanted them to move on, but she also felt that Cassie was still a little girl who needed her mommy and daddy.

Nick remembered the day that Cassie died -- and how she had spoken about a little girl who Nick and Sharon would have some day. Out of Nick and Sharon's view, Phyllis showed up with a small bouquet of flowers. She overheard Nick saying that Cassie's prophecy about the little girl would never come true. Sharon, sobbing, said, "It could. I'm pregnant -- and it could be your baby." Nick and Phyllis were flabbergasted.

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