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Cane and Lily got married, but he was hiding a big secret. Katherine agreed to turn her memoirs into a movie. An FBI agent asked Daniel to forge a painting to help him catch art thieves. Adam framed Estella for his misdeeds. Nikki hesitantly accepted Paul's proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, May 11, 2009

At Cane's bar, Billy stopped in to eat a burger, drink beer, and watch sports. After Mac served Billy, she warned him not to venture into flirtation of any kind. Even though Mac tried to play it cool, her sly grin belied the charm Billy supplied with his easy sense of humor. Mac mentioned that Chloe had told her how devoted Billy was to his daughter. Billy observed that Chloe's words smacked of "marking her territory." Mac agreed and explained that Mac and Billy's kiss had spurred Chloe's admonition. Billy left after Delia's nanny phoned requesting relief.

During the wedding-themed photo shoot for Restless Style at Lily and Cane's house, Lily protested to Nikki about posing with Cane to represent an unhappy union. Cane protested to Chloe, who had planned and was overseeing the photo session. Nikki, however, convinced Lily to play along by mentioning that Lily's modeling career might fizzle without the exposure. Cane insisted that his and Lily's marriage would embrace hope. Chloe suggested that she could summon models to replace the couple. Lily agreed to carry on with the shoot as planned, and so did Cane, for Lily's sake.

The photographer snapped photos of Lily, dressed in a close-fitting, 1960s-style dress with a strapless bodice. Lily's net hairpiece and dark eyeliner transformed her into a bride from a past era. Cane wore a dark suit with a narrow black tie. The couple seemed indifferent to each other in one pose after another. In one particular pose, Cane held two vintage plane tickets. Lily stood a few yards behind Cane in the kitchen. Lily held a frying pan and mused about hitting her dour spouse over the head.

Nikki and the photographer proclaimed the shoot as a success. During a break, Chloe and Lily exchanged barbs. Chloe said, "Lily, you were convincing as a young bride married to the biggest bore on the planet." Lily shot back, "I'd hate to be joined to a guy in a soulless marriage based on duty and manipulation." Billy arrived with Delia in tow.

Billy pushed Delia in her carriage and met Chloe at the door. Billy told Chloe that he was "the devoted daddy-man." Chloe recognized her words to Mac coming back to haunt her. Billy readily identified the photo shoot's dark theme as Chloe's idea. Mac joined in unwarily when she arrived with bar receipts for Cane. Lily told Chloe that she seemed to vacillate from unhappiness to bliss in her unrealistic marriage to Billy. Chloe glanced at Mac sitting on the sofa and at Billy cradling Delia nearby. Chloe soberly observed, "I am up to my eyeballs in reality."

At the Chancellor estate, the governor arrived to hear Katherine's petition to grant amnesty to Kevin and Amber. Jill, dressed to the hilt in black, explained to the governor that he might ruin his chances for reelection if he granted amnesty to "the Silver Chipmunk and his sidekick gun moll." Katherine explained that Jill felt biased against Kevin and Amber. Murphy maintained that Kevin and Amber had fought for Katherine when she was in danger.

The governor seemed increasingly startled and alarmed as Jill enumerated Amber's and Kevin's past transgressions. Amber and Kevin offered brief testimonies in their defense, but Jill continued to rant. After Katherine, accompanied by Kevin and Amber, ushered Jill into another room, Murphy and the governor became better acquainted.

Alone together, Murphy perked up after the governor mentioned that he had learned to stay cool under fire while stationed in Korea with the 25th Division. Murphy quickly explained that he had also served in Korea with the 1st Marine Division from Pendleton. The two men smiled and firmly shook hands.

In the dining room, Katherine berated Jill for punishing Amber and Kevin just to get back at Katherine. Katherine claimed that Jill attacked Amber and Kevin just as Jill had attacked Nikki. Katherine added that Jill could have been part of Katherine's family had Jill chosen to. After the governor and Murphy returned, Katherine apologized to her powerful friend. The governor stated forthrightly that right and wrong weren't up to debate when associated with bank robbery.

Kevin and Amber cringed as Jill continued in her attempt to sway the governor's opinion. Believing that all was lost, Amber and Kevin, despondent, crept from the room. Outside, Amber cried that Jill had dashed their chances for amnesty. Kevin said emphatically, "Jill is a bitch!" Kevin insisted that he would tell authorities that he had forced Amber to commit the crimes at gunpoint. Amber turned down Kevin's offer. Amber held fast to Kevin's hands and explained that they would stick together just as they had during their precarious incident inside the boxcar.

Jill escorted the governor into another room to talk privately. Katherine, exasperated, cried, "Oh, dear God in heaven!" Katherine told Murphy that Jill was either bribing the governor or seducing him. After the governor and Jill returned, Jill checked her lipstick and cheerily offered to refresh the smiling governor's drink. Katherine assured the governor that Jill didn't truly know Amber and Kevin.

After Murphy escorted the governor into the other room, Katherine questioned Jill about how she had influenced the governor. Jill insinuated that she had indeed seduced the governor, but Katherine refused to hear the details. Jill said, "You are too old and slow to do battle, now, so get used to losing." Katherine responded, "How can you live with yourself, Jill?"

In the sitting room, Murphy drew back a black drape to reveal a Soviet-made Tokarev semi-automatic rifle, which Murphy explained he had taken as a souvenir. The governor was impressed and examined the beefy rifle's barrel. Murphy explained that Katherine frowned on keeping guns, so he was looking for someone to give it a new home. Murphy insisted that his gift to the governor would have no strings attached. The governor promised to care for the prized weapon.

After Murphy and the governor reunited with Katherine and Jill, the governor announced that he must leave. Jill crooned, "It was s-o-o-o nice spending time with you, Governor." The governor agreed that he had enjoyed Jill's company. The governor addressed Katherine and announced, "I'll take care of the amnesty thing for the young people in the morning because loyalty, devotion, and fighting for the right side matters." Jill was miffed.

Before the governor departed, he told Jill that he hoped to see her again. Jill snapped, "I wouldn't count on it." The governor kissed Katherine and saluted Murphy before he left. Jill asked Murphy how he had changed the governor's mind. Murphy merely replied, "We had stuff in common." Katherine added, "It means, Jill, that you should get used to losing." Jill left in a huff.

Katherine pressed Murphy to explain how he had persuaded the governor to help Amber and Kevin. Murphy remained mum, and Katherine offered Murphy her consent for him to lie once a year. Murphy promptly dropped the subject.

Alone in her room, Jill became unhinged after she received a disturbing phone call. Jill listened as the caller notified her that the bank in the Cayman Islands where Jill had deposited all of her money was about to fail.

At the Newman ranch, Estella cried when Victor transferred her position to Newman Enterprises. Estella insisted she wasn't responsible for the unfortunate incidents involving Sabrina's dress and the sonogram Ashley found slipped under the door. Estella told Ashley that the strange occurrences would likely continue.

After Estella left to pack her belongings, Victor kissed Ashley and said, "Now we shall have peace." Victor's promise did not offer Ashley even the slightest sense of reassurance. Ashley told Victor about her conversation with Estella. Ashley told Victor that perhaps she was to blame for the unusual occurrences because she was losing her mind.

Before Estella left the ranch, she reminded Ashley that the strange occurrences would not stop. Estella added, "You'll see that soon." Victor apologized to Estella. Estella sobbed when Rafe arrived to move her belongings. Rafe asked Estella to wait in his car while he visited with Adam.

Upstairs at the Newman ranch, Adam retrieved a small wooden box from underneath his bed. Inside the box, Adam removed a hypodermic syringe and a small vial of medication. Just as Adam drew the clear substance into the syringe, Dr. Lurie, the eye specialist, knocked on the door. Adam quickly pulled down his lower lid and injected the drug into his right eye.

Just before Victor unlocked Adam's bedroom door for Dr. Lurie, Adam replaced the syringe and vial and stashed the box under his bed. Adam plopped onto his sofa and covered himself with a blanket. Adam pretended to be asleep when the men entered. Before Victor left, he mentioned Estella's reassignment. Adam told Victor that Estella was too decent to deceive Ashley. Victor left.

Dr. Lurie dilated Adam's eyes and peered into them with a lighted magnifier. Adam quipped, "When you shine that light into my eyes, you'll be able to see all of my secrets." Adam saw the doctor's face as a very narrow and blurry image. After the doctor left, Adam held the wooden box containing the syringe and the drug in his hand. Adam remarked that he wouldn't need to use the items again for six months.

As Adam searched for a suitable hiding place for his box of drugs, he heard Rafe at the door. Adam dropped the box. Adam was on the floor fumbling for the box when Rafe walked in. Rafe picked up the box and handled it questioningly as he explained that Adam wasn't a candidate for medical discharge from his sentence because he wasn't terminally ill. Adam gruffly snatched the box from Rafe and said, "Okay, I get it. Give me the box." Rafe seemed shocked by Adam's behavior.

After Dr. Lurie came downstairs, he told Victor and Ashley that Adam's vision loss was drastic. The doctor added that broken blood vessels, muscle atrophy, and the speed of deterioration varied from the course of Hope's disorder. The doctor claimed that Adam would lose all of his sight and that there was no treatment or cure.

At Crimson Lights, Heather told Paul that she had been busy. Paul admitted that Nikki had brought happiness back into his life. After Heather left, Nikki enjoyed coffee with Paul. Nikki told Paul that she was thankful to him for the joy and peace he brought to her life. Paul lifted his cup to toast with Nikki's."

Paul said, "I hope you'll be agreeable to all of my ideas." Nikki chuckled. Paul added that he wished to make every day for the rest of their lives special for Nikki. Paul proposed marriage. Nikki did not immediately respond.

At Daniel's art exhibition, a man named Howard Auker readily accepted the price Jana set for all of Daniel's drawings. Daniel asked Howard why he had purchased the drawings. Howard said, "Your talent matters. Anyone can see that."

After Howard left, Daniel gazed at the check in disbelief. In a sudden outburst of elation, Daniel picked Jana up off the floor and swung her around in the air. Daniel repeatedly cheered, "He bought all the drawings!" Daniel praised Jana for having amazing instincts after Jana insisted that Daniel plan another show in the summer to capitalize on his success. Jana told Daniel that he had amazing talent.

Amber and Kevin arrived at the gallery and were disappointed to learn that they had missed the show. Amber was jubilant after she learned that Daniel had sold all of his sketches. Kevin mentioned Jill's presence at Katherine's dinner. Amber added that the governor would not be helping them. Grief-stricken, Jana told Kevin she couldn't lose him.

Daniel and Jana's joy gave way to sorrow after they learned of Amber and Kevin's failed bid for amnesty. Katherine phoned Amber. While Katherine delivered the good news, Amber jumped for joy. After Amber announced that the governor had granted amnesty for her and Kevin, the jubilant couples toasted with champagne. While Amber, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana shouted and celebrated, Howard Auker covertly watched through the window.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nikki was at a loss for words when Paul asked her to marry him. Paul said that he had never seen her speechless before. He got down on his knees and asked her again. Nikki said she couldn't say yes. Paul apologized for rushing things. Nikki said it wasn't that, she wasn't saying yes, but she wasn't saying no, either.

Paul told Nikki that there was no pressure. He said that he would always be there for her. Heather walked in and told them to get a room. She told Paul that she had been trying to get a medical discharge for Adam. Paul wondered when she had started talking to Adam again. Nikki excused herself from the table.

Nikki ran into Katherine on the way to the bathroom. Katherine wondered if she had just seen Paul down on one knee. Nikki said that she didn't want to rush into anything. Katherine told her that she deserved a second chance.

Paul was thrilled when Nina showed up at the coffeehouse. Nina was thrilled to meet Heather. Nina and Katherine sat down for coffee. Nina asked Katherine if she would like her life story on the big screen. Katherine saw Amber and called her over. She told Amber that Nina wanted to make Katherine's memoir into a movie. Katherine suggested that Amber and Nina write the screenplay together. They both agreed.

Raphael understood that Adam was upset, but said it was a long shot trying to get a medical discharge. Adam wanted nothing more than to leave the ranch. Raphael told Adam that a specialist had just informed him that Adam would probably lose his eyesight completely. Raphael said that Adam was entitled to blow off a bit of steam. When Raphael went to get Adam a glass of water, Adam hid the box of Botox.

Adam told Raphael that not only did Victor suspect Estella, he also suspected Adam. Raphael said whatever Adam needed, he was there for him.

Ashley told Victor she was worried she might be going crazy again. Victor said that was nonsense. He said if someone was messing with their lives, they would pay for it. Victor didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Raphael came downstairs and asked to speak to Victor. He said that it was unfair the way Victor had been treating Adam and Estella. Victor said that Estella would always work for him, but he didn't need any advice regarding Adam.

Adam talked to Ashley about his diagnosis. He told her that he was going crazy; he couldn't stay at the ranch any longer. Ashley gave him a hug and asked if she could help. Adam said that he just wanted to be left alone.

When Ashley left, Adam pulled off his police tracker. He was only able to do it because he hadn't been eating. He snuck outside and dug up a tape recorder next to the statue of Sabrina. It was of a crying baby.

Ashley asked Victor if Heather could visit Adam. Victor didn't want Heather at his home, but Ashley said she hoped Adam could be with someone he loved. Victor agreed.

Nikki stopped by Victor's to drop off some photos. Nikki thanked Victor for letting her in and being civil. Victor said that they were moving on with their lives. When Nikki left, Victor looked at an old picture of Nikki.

Nikki told Paul that she was happy with him. She said that she felt she could be herself around him. Nikki told Paul that she belonged with him. Her answer was yes.

Adam snuck back into the house just in time to hear Heather at the door. Heather told him that Ashley had convinced Victor to let her see him whenever she wanted. Heather wondered why Adam was all wet. He said that he'd spilled a glass of water. Heather helped him out of his clothes.

Adam went downstairs and thanked Ashley for asking Victor to have Heather visit him. Ashley said she would do whatever he needed.

Sharon looked at the letter she had written to Nick. Jack came in and told Sharon that he had all her bags packed. Sharon wondered if she was doing the right thing. She wondered if Mary Jane knew she was moving in. Jack said that he should probably tell her.

Jack went to Mary Jane's room to tell her about Sharon. She was shocked to hear that he and Sharon were reconciling. She told Jack that he was going to ruin his career getting back with Sharon. Jack said that she would figure out a way to spin it.

Phyllis, Nick, and Summer sat down for lunch at the Athletic Club. Phyllis told Nick that she loved that they were all together again. Daniel called Phyllis to tell her about the gallery show. Phyllis was thrilled to hear that all Daniel's sketches were sold. When Nick heard the news, he asked Summer to give him a high five.

Summer waved at Sharon when she and Jack walked by. Nick wondered where they were going. Sharon said that she was moving back into the Abbott mansion. Nick wondered if Sharon was making the right decision.

Sharon worried that Jack wouldn't be happy if he didn't think he was the baby's father. Jack said that all he needed was Sharon.

Phyllis saw Mary Jane at the bar and asked how she was doing. She asked if Mary Jane knew that Sharon was moving in with Jack. Mary Jane said she knew. Phyllis wondered why she didn't seem upset. Mary Jane said from what she'd heard, it wouldn't last, anyway. Mary Jane went up to her room and talked to herself. She said Jack would be back for her.

Phyllis asked Nick if he was disappointed that Sharon was moving back in with Jack. Nick said whatever she was doing; it was none of their business.

Daniel and Amber toasted to Daniel's success. Howard Aucker knocked on the door. He said that he needed to speak to Daniel in private. When Amber left, Howard said that he was a detective. He needed to talk to Daniel about something strictly classified.

Howard showed Daniel a picture of stolen art. He said that Daniel's art closely resembled the same artwork. The detective wanted Daniel to forge a painting so they could catch the thieves. Daniel was reluctant at first, but finally agreed. Daniel said that Amber would freak out when she heard. The detective told Daniel that no one could find out, not even Amber.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nikki and Paul were as happy as two teenagers as they talked about their engagement. Paul told her that Nick knew about it already and was happy for them. Nikki revealed that Kay was also happy for them. Paul was very cool about Nikki wanting to tell Victor about their engagement personally.

Victoria ran into Heather and questioned how she could reconcile with Adam after what he did to her. Victoria said that Adam could not be trusted. With her father, Heather was happy to hear about his engagement to Nikki and told him that she and Adam might be getting married, too. Paul was stunned and Heather was ticked off that her father wasn't supportive. She defended Adam, even saying that his blindness was a blessing in disguise. Paul warned Heather that Adam was a dangerous man.

Abby visited with Ashley, who was in stuck in bed for the duration of her pregnancy. Ashley contended that with Estella gone from the house, there would be no more Sabrina incidents, but Abby thought that Adam was the culprit, not Estella. Ashley was sure that Adam couldn't manage to pull off such elaborate stunts because of his eyesight and the ankle restraint. Meanwhile, upstairs in his room, Adam laughed to himself about how he was faking Ashley out.

Abby said goodbye to Estella, as did Victor. He explained why he was banishing her from the house for the sake of the baby. Adam listened in on their conversation.

Upstairs, Ashley heard a baby crying. Adam came to her door and said he heard it, too. Victor came to check on Ashley, but suddenly Adam acted very wishy-washy. In private, Victor assured Ashley that he would solve the mystery of the crying baby.

Adam set up another incident to rattle Ashley. When she came downstairs and Victor walked out of the room, Ashley confided in Adam that she appreciated having him around. He thanked her for being on his side about Heather. Alone with Adam, Victor questioned his son about what he heard. Adam acted like he truly liked and respected Ashley, even as he was suggesting that she might be imagining things.

Nikki showed up at the ranch and Victor welcomed her. She told him that she was engaged to Paul. He was glad she told him, but offered only a reluctant "good luck" and nothing more. Adam went to see Victor after Nikki left and suddenly changed his story about the crying baby. He claimed that he never heard anything. Victor listened as Adam went on and on about getting a second chance to do right by his family.

In the Cayman Islands, Jill ran into Gloria and Jeffrey. They were all there to get their money out of a local bank that had gone bust. Gloria offered to help Jill, but Jill was haughty and dismissive. Jill then watched as Jeffrey managed to save some of his fortune. Jill's entire nest egg was wiped out. All Jill had left was her half of the Chancellor mansion.

Jeffrey and Gloria offered to help Jill get home in time for Cane's wedding when her private plane was grounded. Jill watched in envy as Jeffrey and Gloria received checks from the bank with their reclaimed assets. However, when the hotel manager informed Jeffrey that his check was worthless because the bank had no funds left, they flipped out.

Jeffrey fumed about the lost money and Gloria asked him why he hadn't investigated the bank before putting their money in it. Jeffrey said that it was Victor Newman's bank and was a sure thing. Jill was stunned. She quickly called Victor to ask him to put more money into the bank, since he was one of the main investors. Victor explained that he took out his funds because the bank was going down. It was a business decision. Jill asked Victor to bail out her and the Bardwells, but Victor said it wasn't his problem and hung up the phone. Jill declared that somehow, someway she would get back to Genoa City for Cane's wedding.

Victor gazed at a photo from Kay's wedding where he danced with Nikki. Ashley entered and pestered him to fire Estella. Victor wouldn't do it without clear-cut evidence. He was worried about Ashley and asked her to calm down. Alone in bed with Ashley, Victor told her that Nikki was rushing into a safe relationship with Paul, in his opinion. Ashley appreciated his honesty.

Colleen met with Jack and wished him well with Sharon moving back into the house. She informed him that Victor was going to buy a fragrance company, Savaneur, because it was Victoria's pet project, and it would be major competition for Jabot. Jack advised Colleen how to vote on the board. Colleen then ran into Victoria and congratulated her on the new merger. Victoria wondered if Colleen were conferring with Jack, and suggested that Jack was using Colleen. Colleen was offended and told Victoria to back off.

Victoria confronted Jack about using Colleen to get revenge on her father. Victoria said she hoped to be around the day that Jack got his comeuppance for using so many people. Later, Nikki showed Victoria her engagement ring. Victoria felt that Nikki wasn't thinking clearly. She wondered if she was marrying Paul because Victor was with Ashley and having a child with her.

Nikki confessed that she had been nervous about Victor's reaction to her engagement because she could never predict how Victor would respond. She liked that feeling when she was young, but not anymore. Nikki said she preferred knowing how Paul felt about things and didn't have to guess. Paul showed up and Victoria congratulated him on the engagement, but she was still skeptical.

Later in the day, Abby and Colleen had coffee and talked about the new horse and Abby's riding lessons. Colleen told Abby that Victor was trying to buy her affection because he treated Brad so badly, but Abby defended Victor.

Heather met with Adam in his bedroom and tried to get him to talk about the future, after he had completed his house arrest. Adam said he wouldn't run away and start over with Heather under any circumstances. Adam said he had nothing to offer her, but she claimed she loved him for who he was. Heather gave up talking about the future and stripped Adam for sex.

Jack called an executive at Savaneur to undermine Newman's plans to buy the company. Jack made a counteroffer from Jabot.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nick called Phyllis to let her know he was stopping at Victor's, but would meet her for dinner at the Genoa City Athletic Club in a little while. On the doorstep he found a package for Adam, something Adam had been waiting for all day. When Adam let Nick into the house, Nick announced that he'd be opening the package before giving it to Adam, because he didn't trust his brother. Adam was ticked off, but Nick said he remembered what Adam did to Victor.

Adam declared that the package had Braille software for his computer. He grabbed for it and Nick threw the box aside and left. Adam then opened the package to reveal electronic monitoring devices. While he was alone in the house, Adam set up this latest scheme to rattle Ashley. He tested it out and could control all the sound effects from his laptop.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis was surprised to see Sharon and Jack together. Jack informed Phyllis that they were celebrating the fact that Sharon was moving back into his house. Sharon asked how Summer's wrist was healing, giving Phyllis a chance to take a shot at Sharon by suggesting that maybe next time Nick won't be so distracted in the future when he's caring for their child at the park.

At Jimmy's, Mac saw Billy at the bar and noted that he was spending a lot of time there. Billy was bummed out that Cane didn't invite him to his wedding and that Jill only seemed to care about Cane's wedding. Billy was happy that Cane was getting the girl of his dreams, and toasted to fairy-tale endings. Mac suggested he lay off the booze.

Mary Jane wasn't happy to see Sharon with Jack. She listened in on their conversation and heard that Sharon was pregnant. Jack took a call from Chloe, who was complaining about Billy not helping her with the baby because he was spending all his time at Jimmy's. Hearing Billy's name, Sharon remembered getting drunk with him one night at the bar. Jack asked Sharon to order him some food while he got Billy to go home to Chloe.

When Jack got to Jimmy's, he saw Mac tending bar and realized why Billy was really there. Jack told his brother that he couldn't trust Billy to handle half of Jabot if Billy was screwing up his life by neglecting his wife and daughter. Billy argued that he was only happy at Jimmy's. Jack told Billy not to make the mistakes that Jack had made as an absentee father. Billy admitted that he was still hung up on Mac. Jack left, but Billy remained behind.

When Mary Jane saw Sharon left alone, she approached Phyllis with the offer of an interview with an L.A. reporter who was waiting for her at Restless Style. Phyllis agreed to go, thinking that Nick would be at Victor's for a while and she would meet him back at the Athletic Club later.

At Restless Style, Mary Jane sent Phyllis off to touch up her makeup while Mary Jane called the Athletic Club. She said she was Nick Newman's assistant with an emergency message for Sharon. When Nick arrived at the club, Sharon rushed to his side and asked what the emergency was.

Back at the magazine, Phyllis learned that the photo shoot was off. Mary Jane apologized and sent Phyllis back to meet Nick for dinner. Meanwhile, Nick and Sharon talked about the emergency message. Neither was able to figure out who had left it and why. Nick wondered if Sharon was worried about Noah acting out, and suggested that she had moved back with Jack to give Noah a stable home life. Sharon said that she loved Jack.

Sharon suddenly got very dizzy. Nick took her by the arm and got her to a table. He assumed she had the bug that was going around, but as she stood up to go get some air, she fell into Nick's arms. Phyllis walked in just in time to see them together. From a distance, Mary Jane smiled at her successful maneuvering. Sharon excused herself and Nick and Phyllis decided to go home. When Jack returned, Sharon asked him to take her home, too.

In the Cayman Islands, Jill tried to scrounge up enough money to get back to Genoa City for Cane's wedding. All she could come up with was $58.23. Jeffrey and Gloria told her that their credit cards were useless. Jill called Cane to assure him that she'd be at the wedding.

Jeffrey and Gloria were peeved that Jill hadn't asked Cane for the cash to get home, and wondered why she couldn't call Katherine for help. Jill refused to ask Kay for anything. Jill then phoned Jack and explained her financial plight, blaming the bank failure on Victor. Jack agreed to pay for Jill, as well as Jeffrey and Gloria, to get home.

Gloria didn't believe that Jack would help them out. Jeffrey asked for jewelry from the ladies to hock for plane fare. Gloria hid a diamond ring in her bra. The hotel clerk delivered travel tickets for the trio. Jill wasn't happy with her airline ticket home, but the Bardwells were in worse shape with steamboat tickets, steerage class.

At the church where Lily and Cane's wedding would take place, Neil went over the ceremony with Lily, Cane, and Devon. Lily went with her father and brother to Indigo while Cane said he was going to make arrangements with the minister. Once he was alone, Cane knelt down and said a prayer of thanks to God for Lily and the life they shared.

At the Indigo rehearsal party, Lily and Colleen went over wedding plans. Kay and Murphy spoke to Cane and learned that Jill wasn't at the party, but would be at the wedding. Cane told Kay that her wedding gift was too extravagant, but she refused to rescind the money, saying it was part of his inheritance. He agreed to take it only if he could give it all away to a children's charity. Kay asked him to think it over, but Cane was sure that homeless kids needed the money more than he and Lily did. Kay told him that his father would be very proud of him. Kay later told Murphy that she suspected that Jill was up to something.

Neil was impressed with Cane's plans for his inheritance. Neil welcomed him into the Winters family. Ana interrupted to get Neil to ask Tyra to dance, but as they were just getting started, Karen appeared at the door. She was unaware that there was a party going on. Still, Karen approached Neil and handed him divorce papers. Neil signed them immediately, and she left without a word.

Out in the alley, Cane seemed pensive. When Lily asked him if he was all right, he kissed her passionately and said he would be lost without her. Lily reflected on how scarred she was by her failed marriage to Daniel. She thanked Cane for making her feel safe again. Lily said that she trusted that Cane would never let her down.

Back inside, Colleen and Devon gave toasts to Lily and Cane, thanking them for restoring faith in love. Devon said he was very happy for them both. Later, Colleen pulled Lily away from Cane, saying he couldn't see her until the next day at the wedding. Back home, Neil gave Lily a special gift, her mother's wedding gown to wear the next day.

Kay and Murphy went to the Athletic Club because Kay suspected Jill might be there. Murphy guessed that Kay was sincerely worried about Jill because she hadn't been home the night before. Kay said that Murphy was right; she was concerned. Unfortunately, nobody at the club could tell her where Jill was.

Cane went Jimmy's, offering Billy a ride home. He also handed him an invitation to the wedding. Cane said he always wanted a brother and, despite their differences, he wanted Billy to be part of the most important day of his life. Looking over at Mac and knowing she'd be attending the affair, Billy smiled.

Friday, May 15, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Ashley wondered whether Victor had fired Estella. Victor said that he wanted to make absolutely sure that Estella was being disloyal before he fired her. Ashley was pleased that Estella was no longer at the ranch. Victor said that he would do anything to lessen the stress on Ashley.

Up in his bedroom, Adam was working on his computer. He called a museum in France and pretended to be an art history teacher, wondering if any of the lectures that Sabrina had delivered at the museum were available. Adam was pleased to learn that the lectures were available on-line.

At the front door, Victor was surprised to see the laundry deliveryman, who normally delivered the laundry to the back. The deliveryman said that he had found a tape recorder in the pocket of Estella's blazer, and that he wanted to make sure that it was returned to her. He handed Victor the tape recorder, and left. Victor was stunned when he pushed the play button and heard the sounds of a baby crying.

Ashley ran to the front door when she heard the tape. Victor told her that the laundry service had dropped off the tape recorder, which had been found in Estella's jacket. Ashley felt that was absolute proof that Estella was behind all the strange goings-on at the ranch. Ashley wondered how Estella could do anything so despicable.

In his bedroom, Adam, via the Internet, listened to one of Sabrina's lectures. Sabrina had been describing a work of art, and had commented that the work represented "death... hopelessness... it symbolizes that death is coming... there is no escape." Adam smiled as he heard Sabrina speak. He began using his computer to edit Sabrina's words. He then hooked his computer up to a telephone line.

Downstairs, Ashley was shocked that Victor wasn't absolutely convinced that Estella was the culprit. Victor admitted that the evidence was damning -- but he still had a hard time believing that Estella was capable of such maliciousness. Adam came downstairs. Victor asked him to stay with Ashley while Victor ran an errand.

After Victor left, Ashley told Adam that she was surprised that Victor still had doubts about Estella's complicity. Adam told Ashley that Estella had liked Nikki and Sabrina, but it was obvious that Estella didn't like Ashley. Adam told Ashley not to worry about Estella anymore -- he was sure that Victor would take care of the situation.

Victor met Estella at the Athletic Club. He played the tape of the crying baby and asked Estella what she had to say for herself. Estella continued to proclaim her innocence, saying that someone was setting her up. Victor told Estella that he had to let her go. Estella said, "You can fire me, but the incidents won't stop, because I had nothing to do with them." Estella told Victor to keep an eye on Ashley. Victor warned Estella not to go near Ashley.

Back in his bedroom, Adam told himself that he needed to put a "delay" on his computer system. After a few keystrokes, Adam headed downstairs to the living room, just in time to hear Ashley's cell phone ring. Ashley answered the phone and heard Sabrina's voice saying, "Death is coming. This is Sabrina. It is a cruel death. Terrifying. It is hopeless. There is no escape."

Ashley became hysterical and cried that she had to get out of the house. She ran towards the front door, into the arms of the just-returned Victor. As Adam looked on, Victor hugged Ashley and tried to calm her down.

At Neil's, Lily prepared for her wedding day. Colleen, Olivia, and Neil gave Lily "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." The "something old" was a hairpin that had belonged to Drucilla. Lily and Neil agreed that Drucilla would have been proud of Lily.

At Restless Style, Phyllis told Billy and Nick how well the wedding issue was selling. Chloe and Billy prepared to leave for the chapel where Cane and Lily's wedding was being held. Phyllis and Nick were staying behind, as they had been invited to the reception, but not the ceremony. Chloe said that was too bad, because there were bound to be fireworks at the ceremony.

After Billy and Chloe left, Nick congratulated Phyllis on the success of the wedding issue. Phyllis said that she had made peace with Nick's decision to work full-time at Newman Enterprises. She said, "I'm okay if we're okay." Nick assured her that they were "very okay." The couple decided to do some "serious celebrating" before they had to leave for the wedding reception.

Devon, Cane's best man, was helping Cane out with some last-minute preparations at Cane's house. Jill finally showed up, which thrilled Cane. Devon told Jill how great she looked, then left for the chapel. Jill began sobbing and told Cane that God and Cane's father, Phillip, were smiling down on them that day. Jill presented Cane with a pair of Phillip's cufflinks to wear. She told Cane how proud Phillip would have been of him.

At the wedding chapel, Murphy, Mac, Nina, and Katherine chatted. The group still didn't know where Jill was, but Mac told them that Billy had agreed to come to his brother's wedding ceremony. Chloe and Billy showed up at the chapel. Katherine was disappointed that Delia had to stay home with a cold. Billy told Mac that he had come to the wedding out of respect for his brother.

The ceremony began. Devon escorted Jill down the aisle, and sat her next to Katherine. The two women shot daggers at each other. Cane joined Devon at the altar. Colleen proceded down the aisle, followed by Lily and Neil. Ana sang a beautiful ballad, then Katherine read a passage from the Bible.

Lily spoke about her love for Cane. She said that she knew that Cane would always do the right thing, and that he would be honest with her. Cane said that he was a better man for having loved Lily. After Cane and Lily recited their vows, the minister proclaimed them husband and wife. The guests all applauded.

After the ceremony, Billy asked Jill where she had been. Jill said that it wasn't the right time to discuss that. When Katherine said that she was surprised that Jill hadn't attended the rehearsal dinner, Jill accused Katherine of taking over her son's wedding. Mac told Chloe how beautiful the ceremony had been. Before she walked off, Chloe replied, "Like Billy's and mine."

Phyllis and Nick arrived for the reception, and were impressed with the French décor. The Newmans then toasted to the one-year anniversary of Restless Style. Nina asked Jill why Jill hadn't thrown her and the then-presumed Phillip Chancellor III a large wedding. Jill said that Nina had gotten what she deserved. Nina admitted that she hadn't been an angel back then, but that she had loved Phillip. Nina said that it was strange to think that Cane was the "real" Phillip. Jill said that she would always love Phillip -- but thanked God for bringing Cane into her life.

Alone at the altar, Cane reminisced about the part of Lily's vows when she said that she would always trust him. Cane spoke to a statue of Jesus Christ, saying, "Forgive me." He then remembered a phone conversation he had when he had first arrived in Genoa City. During the conversation, Cane had said, "I'm in. I took the job. They practically had to beg me before I said 'yes.' I didn't want to seem too eager." Cane then remembered who he had been speaking to -- the man who had been raised as Phillip Chancellor III, who had presumably been killed in a car accident many years earlier!

Lily joined Cane at the altar, and the happy couple left the chapel.

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