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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on GL
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Monday, May 11, 2009

At the spa, Olivia and Emma showed off their manicures to Natalia. Emma rushed off to show her nails to her new friend, Kira, and Natalia told Olivia that she'd called Rafe, who'd said that life at the halfway house was better than in prison. While Natalia had told Rafe that she was on a spa trip with Olivia, Natalia hadn't divulged the significance of the trip. Natalia said that she wasn't ready to explain something that she had yet to understand herself.

Olivia stated that they were going home later that day, but she wondered what they were going home to. Olivia suggested that they travel to all the spas in a thick book of spas that she'd bought, reasoning that by the time they finished, Emma would be adult enough to understand their relationship, and the people who they felt they needed to answer to would be dead. Natalia added that they'd be youthful and gorgeous after years of spa treatments.

Natalia decided that they couldn't avoid Springfield or the things that had made them love each other. Olivia agreed to go home, as long as they didn't regress. Natalia averted her eyes, saying that Olivia's nail polish was nice. "It's called beautiful dreams," Olivia replied.

Later, Olivia filled out the spa evaluation. Natalia noted that the trip went well. Though things were new, Natalia felt unafraid and comfortable around Olivia. Olivia felt the same, but she said the survey was about the spa, not them.

Olivia commented that things would be different back home, and people would have questions. Olivia thought they should answer people by saying that they hadn't figured everything out, but no matter what, they would always be friends. Natalia and Olivia promised that no matter what happened, they wouldn't lose their friendship.

After a call from Ava, who was stressed out about moving into a bigger place in San Francisco, Olivia told Emma and Natalia that she needed to visit Ava for a few days. Natalia agreed to keep Emma. Natalia wondered if Olivia was relieved to be going straight to San Francisco instead of home. Olivia said she'd be thinking of Natalia and Emma while away. They held hands, and said they'd miss each other.

At the farmhouse later, Emma wanted to bake cookies and watch movies. Natalia said that Olivia wouldn't be pleased if Natalia let Emma slack off from her normal routine. Emma reasoned that Olivia couldn't be mad at Natalia, because Natalia was Emma's other mommy. "If you say yes, then that counts," Emma said.

As Dinah and Shayne headed to Shayne's checkup at Cedars, Mallet and Marina learned from Henry's doctor that Henry was anemic, with a rare blood type. Henry needed a transfusion, and finding someone with a matching blood type could take up to twenty-four hours. Mallet and Marina were not matches for Henry. The doctor said that Henry might get weaker during the search, but he urged Mallet and Marina to remain calm.

Shayne and Dinah arrived at Cedars, and overheard a stricken Marina worrying to Mallet about Henry. She wished they could find Henry's biological parents, who would be a match for Henry's blood transfusion. Dinah and Shayne asked what was going on, and Mallet and Marina quickly explained. Dinah reasoned that a blood relative was Henry's best bet, but Mallet replied that a relative was an impossibility for the adopted Henry.

Shayne suggested that the couple stay strong, assuring them that they'd find a match. After Shayne and Dinah walked away, Dinah said she couldn't believe that Shayne hadn't spoken up about the paternity. Shayne said that Henry didn't need to know who his real father was; Henry needed Shayne's blood, which Shayne intended to anonymously donate. Shayne made Dinah promise not to tell Mallet and Marina the truth, and then he left to donate blood.

Dinah returned to Mallet and Marina to tell them that she had a good feeling that things would work out. She suggested that Marina go the blood bank, citing that personal appeals from parents sometimes got faster results. Marina left, and Dinah stayed to comfort Mallet, who felt helpless to aid his son.

Later, Dinah spied Marina praying by a blood drive sign as Shayne concluded his donation. Shayne hid when he saw Mallet rush up to Marina to announce that the hospital had found a donor. Marina and Mallet rushed off, and Shayne exited the blood donor room.

Dinah berated Shayne for his way of handling the situation, wondering what would happen if Henry needed him again, and they weren't around. Shayne bickered with Dinah for telling Marina to go to the blood donor's room. Dinah admitted that she'd hoped that fate would intervene when she'd pointed Marina in Shayne's direction. Shayne said that it was his decision to give Henry two good parents. He needed to trust Dinah to abide by it.

Shayne left the hospital, and Dinah observed the doctor tell Mallet and Marina that the transfusion was working. The couple wanted to thank the donor, but the doctor said that the donors were anonymous. Dinah and the doctor left, and Mallet told Marina that he wished he'd been the one to help Henry, because that was what fathers did. Marina assured him that there would be many future chances to be there for Henry, and Henry would always turn to them when he needed something.

At Cross Creek, Blake confessed to Reva that seeing Josh and Reva together was cause for concern, especially after Reva and Jeffrey had worked so hard at their family. Blake thought that Jeffrey was too na´ve to know how many relationships had broken up due to soul mate interference. When Blake said that she'd advised Jeffrey to fight for his family, Reva rushed out of the house, leaving Blake to watch Colin longer.

In Company's parking lot, Jeffrey and Josh bickered. Jeffrey appreciated everything Josh had done for his family; however, he hinted that Josh's "gut feeling" about Edmund was really Josh's way of remaining close to Reva. Jeffrey said that it had taken a lot for him to commit to Reva and a family. Jeffrey threatened to knock Josh out if Josh didn't stay clear of Reva.

Josh insisted that his gut was right; it always told him when Reva was in trouble. Josh refused to just sit idly by, and let Jeffrey handle everything. Jeffrey said that Reva would always love Josh, but Josh needed to let her go on with her life. Josh wanted Reva to move on, too, but he wanted her to be safe in doing so. Josh was certain that Edmund would pop up again. "I like you, Josh, but sometimes, I just want to strangle you!" Jeffrey said.

Reva approached, and Josh stormed off. Jeffrey instructed her to let Josh go, but Reva forced Josh to return before things got even worse. Jeffrey said that asking Josh to participate in their lives was unfair to Josh, because Josh couldn't have Reva in his life halfway. Reva disagreed, but Josh concurred with Jeffrey that he couldn't be around only part time.

Reva whined that Josh and she would always be linked because they had a history and children together. Jeffrey decided that Reva was the one who couldn't let go. Reva huffed that she was going home to the one man in her life that she still liked: Colin.

Reva stomped off, and Jeffrey left with her. When Matt approached Josh, Josh ranted that he liked Jeffrey, but Reva caused Jeffrey and Josh to act like school kids. To worsen matters, Josh still believed that Edmund lurked about. "You need a woman," Matt concluded. He also thought Josh should stay away from Reva and her friends. "I'd have to move," Josh replied.

Matt reasoned that Josh was a fixer with no one to fix, except himself. Matt suggested that Josh start a casual relationship with a woman, and offered to help Josh meet women. Josh scoffed at the idea of going into bars to pick up chicks. Matt said they were going to the produce aisle at the supermarket. "Project: New Life," Matt termed it. Josh said that sounded more frightening than chasing Edmund. Josh felt that he couldn't concentrate on himself until he was certain about Edmund.

Shayne approached, and Matt said he'd talk to Josh about the "produce" later. After Matt left, Josh explained to Shayne that he needed to see for himself that Edmund was out of commission. Shayne understood Josh's need to be certain, but he wondered what Jeffrey thought. Josh said that Jeffrey thought Josh was an amateur detective who needed to stay away from Reva. Shayne asked if he could go with Josh, stating that Edmund had been in town only because of Shayne. Josh wondered how fast Shayne could pack.

Reva and Jeffrey arrived home, and Blake said she felt like a "big old tattletale." Reva replied that Blake had helped bring important concerns to the surface. Jeffrey said it was all taken care of. Blake sensed the couple's aggravation with each other, and decided to leave.

Jeffrey and Reva sat down to talk. Jeffrey said that it wasn't Reva's fault that she permanently affected every man she encountered. Reva admitted that she'd been making excuses to avoid going to Cedars for her blood test. She said that her test that day would tell her whether or not she was in cancer remission. Reva said that she couldn't handle it if she got bad results.

As Reva rocked Colin, Jeffrey assured her that she'd ace her test that afternoon. Jeffrey promised her that things would get better. He said there was no need to worry about Edmund, either.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At Company, Marina opened a bill for Henry's transfusion. Mallet had been expected to take Marina's vacated detective position on the force, but due to cutbacks, Marina wasn't sure that Mallet would get the promotion. She worried to Frank about how to pay the hospital bill.

At Towers later, Doris approached Frank at the bar. He asked where her bodyguards were, and Doris said that one of them was still in traction. Doris apologized for what had happened at Farley's. She asked how she could make up for it. Frank told her to make Mallet a detective. "Okay, I was just trying to be nice," Doris cynically replied.

Frank continued that Doris could also do something for Rafe to help Natalia. Doris couldn't believe that Frank wanted to help Natalia after what Natalia had done. Frank said that just because Natalia didn't marry him, it didn't mean that she didn't deserve the help.

At the farmhouse, Emma told Natalia that she wanted to have both of her mommies around all the time. Emma asked if Olivia and she could move back in, since Natalia was no longer marrying Frank. Natalia said that Olivia and Emma were always welcome at the farmhouse, but Olivia and Natalia still had things that they needed to work out.

At the mini-mart later, Buzz ran into Natalia. She apologized for the wedding, claiming she'd never meant to hurt Frank or the Coopers. Buzz sighed, replying Frank was a good man, who didn't deserve what had happened. Buzz felt that Natalia should give Frank another chance.

Natalia said that she couldn't marry Frank if it wasn't right. Buzz said that she shouldn't have committed herself all the way to the altar only to run away. "You commit to Frank, you commit to the family, you commit to everything, you commit to me," Buzz said, touching her face. "Next time, think of that before you jump in." Natalia apologized again as Buzz exited.

After Natalia returned home, Doris stopped by the farmhouse, looking for Olivia. Natalia said that Olivia didn't live there anymore. Doris sensed that Natalia was rattled. Natalia blurted out that she and Olivia had talked out some things on their trip. "Now you're back, and reality's a little different," Doris said. "It's all a part of coming out." Natalia indignantly said that she didn't know what Doris thought she was. "What do you think you are?" Doris countered.

When Natalia seemed offended, Doris changed the subject, saying that she was petitioning to get Rafe a new hearing. Doris stated that she'd owed Frank a favor, and Frank had used that favor to help the woman who had dumped him. After Doris exited, Natalia left Olivia a voicemail. Natalia asked Olivia to call back, because things at home were rough without her.

At Company, Buzz helped Remy rehearse telling Christina about his layoff. Christina entered, excited that she'd procured her business license. As she worked on her business loan proposal, Marina approached, interested in becoming a partner. Christina and Marina stepped away to discuss using Marina's house as the location for the center.

Buzz groaned that he'd be living at a daycare, and then asked Remy why he hadn't told Christina about his job problems. Remy thought it was the wrong time. Marina and Christina returned to the bar, announcing that they were partners. Remy stated that Marina and Christina still needed start-up cash. He offered to invest, and Buzz stared at him in disbelief.

Christina was happy that Remy always believed in her, but she was uncertain about him dipping into his savings. He claimed that he had to check his accounts, but it was no problem. Christina said that if he couldn't afford to invest, his desire to do so still meant everything to her.

When Remy left, Buzz pursued Remy outside. Buzz asked what Remy was getting himself into. An anxious Remy rushed off, saying that he had to do something to help Christina.

Back inside Company later, Christina was surprised to see her grandmother, Loretta, enter the restaurant. Loretta said that she'd been released from the hospital. Christina introduced Loretta to Marina as Buzz reentered. "Loretta! Who let you out?" Buzz shrieked. Loretta raged that she wanted back her secret recipe for the sauce in the "Loretta Burgers." Buzz claimed that it didn't have the same ring to it as "Buzz Burgers."

In a booth, Christina and Marina explained the daycare center business to Loretta. Loretta thought they were just becoming babysitters. Marina liked Loretta's spunk, and thought Loretta should work with them. Buzz murmured that Marina shouldn't conspire with the enemy.

At Towers, Mel had lunch with her parents. Clayton seemed distracted as Mel discussed her date for that evening, and Felicia discussed her remodeling project at the house. Felicia wondered why Clayton kept checking his phone, and he claimed he had a student issue.

After Mel left, she encountered Remy outside the bank. Remy explained his frustration that he couldn't afford to help Christina with her daycare center. Mel suggested that he ask their father for a loan. Remy hated to do that, but he felt that Christina was more important than his father-son hangups.

When Remy found Clayton at Towers, Remy asked Clayton for a loan for the daycare. An embarrassed Clayton wished he could help Remy, but Clayton claimed he couldn't access his money. Clayton admitted that he'd invested in a new group, Independence Fund International. Since he'd dealt with them, he couldn't reach them on the phone, or access his accounts.

At the mansion, James dismissively brushed by Alan on the way out of the house. Alan told Phillip that James had no respect for his elders. Alan suggested that Phillip send James to military school. Phillip chuckled that Beth wouldn't go for that.

Alan noted that Phillip's plan to make everything better had hit a wall; James walked around, thinking he was superior to everyone, and Lizzie was engaged to "that loser." Phillip corrected, "No, she's engaged to that Lewis." Alan said it was the same thing, and demanded that Phillip take charge of his children before they slipped into the abyss.

Upstairs in the parlor overlook, Lizzie joked to Bill that she wanted a "Gone With the Wind" theme for the wedding. Phillip approached, looking for James. Lizzie told Phillip about her theme idea, and Phillip joked about recreating a civil war battle at the wedding reception. "War is a great theme for a wedding," Phillip said. "Particularly in this family."

Phillip left to look for James, and Bill stated that something was off about James. Lizzie scoffed, but Bill said that James wasn't the easiest person to like. Bill definitely sensed that James had a problem with Bill, citing that James refused to look Bill in the eye.

Outside, James answered a call, saying, "My Independence Fund International." He promised his disgruntled caller that it was a computer glitch, and they'd soon be back to making sweet money together. James took more calls from investors, angry that they couldn't access their accounts. James placated each one, assuring them that he'd have the problem fixed.

Phillip overheard the end of James's call, and noted that it sounded like a business call. James lied that the Lincoln Prep headmaster was checking up on James, who'd been completing his courses online. Phillip asked what James had wanted to discuss in Florida, and James lied that it had concerned his express theme park pass.

Lizzie approached to ask for James's help with a company project. Lizzie thought Bill and James would make a great team on the project. James claimed that he was too busy with school to work on it. Lizzie hinted that if James took an interest in the family business on his own, then Alan wouldn't nag James to do it.

A cavalier James followed Lizzie back the parlor. Lizzie said that the family was forging ahead in a positive direction, and she didn't want James on the fringe. James told Lizzie that she sounded like a recruiter for the Spaulding army. He left, saying that he wasn't interested in the family business-or the family.

Alan followed James, but Phillip asked Alan to back off. Alan stated that if Phillip wouldn't be the enforcer, then it fell upon Alan. Alan felt that James had problems, and Phillip had better figure out what they were before it was too late.

Alone with Bill in the parlor, Lizzie didn't understand why James wouldn't work on their project. Bill said that James didn't want to be "Spauldingized." Lizzie said the project was a way for James to make money of his own. Bill assumed that James didn't want to work with Bill, but Lizzie didn't think that James's problems had anything to do with Bill.

Outside later, Phillip prodded James to talk about his problems. "What if I told you that you can get in on the ground floor of an amazing investment opportunity?" James asked.

James claimed that he'd been successfully investing other people's money-until the market tanked. Once that happened, he'd had to take funds from one client to pay another, and it was snowballing. "You're running a ponzi scheme?" Phillip asked. "James, you have no idea what you're doing." Phillip demanded to know how James had convinced people to give him their money. James admitted that he'd "borrowed" an alias to use as a front: Bill Lewis.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In the mansion dining room, Bill and Lizzie agreed that their past relationships had ripened them for their future together. Alan entered, warning Bill to enjoy his time with Lizzie while he could. Bill claimed that winning Alan over would be Bill's top goal after the wedding.

Lizzie decided to involve Beth and Vanessa in the wedding planning. Alan rasped that he didn't want his house taken over by a wedding that would never happen. Bill wondered if Alan had ever liked any of Lizzie's boyfriends, and concluded that Alan didn't want Lizzie to be happy with anyone. Alan said he wanted Lizzie to marry someone who was good enough for her.

Lizzie reminded Alan that he'd once been engaged to Bill's mother. "Until Billy Lewis roped her like she was a cow, and dragged her off to his home on the range," Alan bitterly replied. Lizzie suggested that Alan find something better to do than sabotage her happiness.

Later, Ashlee arrived, announcing that she was there for her appointment. "Are you One-Dressing Weddings?" Lizzie apprehensively asked. Ashlee replied that she'd started the new business after Dinah had cut Ashlee's hours at the television station. Ashlee knew that she had little experience, but she'd been studying "all things bridal" for years. Lizzie said that Ashlee had shot Alan at the last Spaulding wedding. Bill proclaimed that Ashlee was definitely hired.

Outside the mansion, Phillip accused James of setting Bill up to take the fall in James's failed Ponzi scheme. James said he hadn't expected the investment group to fail, and he'd only borrowed Bill's name to garner capital. James joked that no one would have given him a dime under Phillip's name. Phillip told James to get serious, because James could face jail time.

James hoped Phillip could fix the mess before it became public. Phillip said that even if they could fix it, Bill would suffer for it, which meant that Lizzie would suffer. "And we don't want that," James quipped. James figured that Lizzie always came first. James attempted to walk off, but Phillip grabbed him by the collar, saying, "Let's take a walk."

They walked to a wooden fence, where Phillip said they'd find a way to fix things. James stated that he'd work it out himself. James claimed that he'd been smart enough to get the group up and running. He touted that he was a chip off the old block. "You think you're like me?" Phillip raged. James shrugged, saying, "No, granddad." Phillip reckoned that Alan probably would be the only family member who'd be proud of what James had done.

Phillip asked how much money James owed. James wondered how much private jets cost, estimating, "It's at least a couple of those." Phillip questioned why James had done it. James said that he didn't want to be like Phillip, Alan, or Lizzie. "I was trying to buy my way out of being a Spaulding. And I came this close!" James snapped.

Phillip felt James's only recourse was to confess to the police, get a good lawyer, and hold a press conference. James said he could think of a hundred better plans than that. James claimed that Phillip just wanted Bill to come out unscathed for Lizzie's sake. Phillip insisted he wasn't sacrificing James for Lizzie, but James strode off, apologizing for wasting Phillip's time.

In the mansion dining room later, Alan belittled Phillip for his "laissez faire" attitude toward controlling the family. Alan claimed that Lizzie was engaged to a loser, and James's greatest aspiration was to be a slacker. Phillip said that Alan didn't know what he was talking about.

Alan thought that stopping the wedding was a simple matter, but if Phillip didn't have the nerve to straighten out James, Alan would do it himself. "I'll make him appreciate being a Spaulding, just like I did with you when you were his age," Alan assured Phillip. Phillip snapped that Alan had done a real job on Phillip, making Phillip believe that Beth had been dead for years, just because Alan hadn't thought Beth was good enough for him.

Phillip retreated to the parlor, where he made a call to someone, asking them to dig up all recent P.R. stories on his family. Just then, Bill and Lizzie entered, arguing about firing their wedding planner. Lizzie said Bill only wanted to hire Ashlee to "piss granddad off." Lizzie demanded that Phillip convince Bill to let her have her way. Phillip said that when it didn't really matter, Bill should always let the woman have her way. "Although," Phillip reconsidered, "just the thought of your wedding planner having shot Alan really brightened my day."

After Phillip left, Lizzie insisted that Bill call Ashlee, and cancel. Bill reasoned that he'd just brightened Phillip's day, and Lizzie whined that Phillip had told Bill to let her have her way. "Okay, is that what I'm going to have to look forward to?" Bill asked. Lizzie smiled, replying that when his wife was happy, then he was happy.

Later, Blake arrived with a housewarming gift for Bill and Lizzie. Lizzie said that they didn't have a house yet. Blake figured it was a good thing that she'd stopped by, because people got so wrapped up in wedding plans, that they forgot where they'd live after the honeymoon.

Lizzie said they couldn't even decide on a wedding planner. Blake had seen Ashlee leaving the house, and had assumed that they were giving Ashlee a shot. "She gave Alan a shot, and that's why we hired her," Bill replied.

Lizzie punched Bill's arm, and said that she was nervous about Ashlee's flightiness. "Let me tell you something about us flighty girls..." Blake said, reasoning that the same energy that made them flighty enabled them to come through in a pinch. Blake left her card, asking them to remember that when they wanted to buy a house.

After Blake left, Bill reasoned that she'd given good advice. "Fine," Lizzie huffed. "It's going to be your job to make sure Ashlee doesn't bring a gun to the wedding."

Lizzie met Ashlee at Towers later. Ashlee practically drowned Lizzie in wedding books and samples. Lizzie seemed distracted. Lizzie wished things would always be good for her and Bill. She told Ashlee that she didn't want to take anything for granted-ever.

Later, James sat outside on the boardinghouse steps. Daisy wondered what was wrong. He joked that he was upset that "Arrested Development" had been canceled. James took Daisy to Company's bar to show her a card trick. When the trick failed, Daisy called him a con artist.

Daisy pressed James about what was bothering him. He dramatically replied that if he told her, they'd come after her, too. Daisy slapped him, saying that she could never tell when he was joking. He said he joked all the time, adding, "What's worth getting serious about?"

Back at the mansion, Phillip took his laptop outside, where he observed James approaching Alan for a cigar. Alan replied that James needed to wait a few years. "Granddad, what if I told you I could get you in on the ground floor of an amazing investment opportunity?" James asked. James said that it was right up Alan's alley, because it was practically illegal.

Phillip interrupted, pretending that James's investment line was a lead into a joke. He pulled James along the path, saying that someday, James would thank him for doing that. James wished he'd gone to Alan before Phillip, because James was sure that Alan would have been proud of him. Phillip insisted they could solve the problem without anyone getting hurt, but James had to trust Phillip. "Okay, okay," James relented.

At Company, Buzz offered to accompany Christina to meet with a bank loan officer. Marina couldn't attend due to a doctor's appointment for Henry. Buzz said that Daisy would take his shift, since Daisy needed all the money she could get to date James Spaulding.

At the bank, Christina explained to Buzz her hope that the daycare could help her save for medical school. Christina assumed that Buzz had had big dreams when he'd founded Company. Buzz said that opening his first diner had made him realize that he could fulfill his dreams closer to home. The best part of having his own business had been making many friends, who were all in his corner.

When Marie, the loan officer, met with them, she found Christina's business plan impressive. Even so, Marie needed to see guaranteed measurements of success before the bank could loan her the money. Buzz asked how Christina could measure her success before her business even opened. Marie apologetically said that bank lent prudently in hard economic times.

After the meeting, Buzz said that it was a travesty. Christina was tired of being told no. She said that the bank had turned her down, but it couldn't stop her from actualizing her business. Buzz was impressed by her drive. Christina sighed, overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, Remy sat at Towers with Clayton, trying to understand what Clayton had invested in. Clayton had been referred to the investment group, which pooled investors' money for bigger investments. Transactions had been handled by computer, but when Clayton called the office for the first time, it had been like no one there even knew him.

Remy and Clayton reviewed Clayton's online account, and Clayton's money appeared to be in it. However, when they attempted to transfer it, the website wouldn't allow the transaction. Remy thought it might merely be a temporary glitch. He asked if Clayton had any other money available for use. Clayton sighed, admitting that he'd sunk his entire 401(k) into it.

Clayton asked Remy not to worry his mother about it. He said that Remy was the only one that he could talk to about the problem. Remy said that he might know someone who could help them. "You can count on me, Dad," Remy said.

Remy found Christina at Company later. She told him that she'd been turned down for her business loan. She knew that the news probably made Remy want to increase his investment in her business, but she assured him that she'd be just fine. Remy cringed as she looked down at her paperwork.

Outside Company, Remy ran into an old poker buddy. The man invited Remy to a high-stakes poker game. Remy declined, but the man gave Remy a card, in case Remy decided to go.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once Josh and Shayne arrived at their hotel in Italy, Josh left Roc Hoover a message that they'd landed. Josh said that he wouldn't accept any more fax communications, and Shayne and he weren't leaving until they saw firsthand that Edmund had been properly decommissioned.

Shayne was surprised that Josh hadn't asked why Shayne had been willing to accompany him to Italy. Shayne said he shared Josh's need to protect the family from Edmund. Shayne felt that it was nice knowing that he was needed. Shayne told Josh that they needed to discuss an incredible thing that had happened.

Just then, Josh received a call from a hospital. The hospital had received a note to contact Josh regarding their burn victim patient. "Edmund...Patient?" Shayne asked after Josh had ended the call. Josh nodded, saying that the patient wasn't expected to make it through the night.

At the Italian hospital later, Josh and Shayne visited the patient, whose head was fully bandaged. A nurse entered to clip the bandages away from the sleeping patient. "Dad, that's not Edmund," Shayne said as they stared at Roc Hoover's battered face.

At Cross Creek, Jeffrey and Reva expected Shayne and Dinah to arrive for brunch. Jeffrey was glad that Reva was getting along with Dinah. Reva said that she empathized with Dinah, because Reva had been the town pariah once. Reva looked through baby catalogs, and was surprised when Jeffrey presented her with one containing ethical toys for kids.

When Dinah entered Cross Creek, she explained to Jeffrey and Reva that Shayne had apparently left town after an argument with Dinah. She said that Remy had seen Shayne with a suitcase. Dinah turned to make a hasty exit, but Reva asked her to stay. Reva joked that they could talk about Shayne behind his back, and then look at his baby pictures.

Reva asked Dinah about the argument. Dinah avoided the question, asking how Reva was doing. "Oral chemo, radiation, buckets of vitamins, lots of good stuff-your turn," Reva said. When Dinah was still leery of sharing, Reva swore that she wasn't being the overbearing mother. Dinah confided that she and Shayne had argued over him talking out certain issues that had arisen. Dinah said it was Shayne's business, and Shayne needed to tell Reva himself.

Just then, Marina and Henry entered for a visit. Marina said that Henry's blood transfusion had been a success. Marina admitted that, at first, she and Mallet had worried about whether they loved the adopted Henry enough; however, going through the blood transfusion had proven to them that they loved Henry as much as they would their own flesh and blood.

A pensive Jeffrey said that all the information about Olivia and Jeffrey had been sealed upon Ava's adoption. He wondered what would have happened to Ava in a similar crisis. Jeffrey felt that medical records should be made available to adoptive parents in case of an emergency.

Dinah abruptly decided that she needed to leave. Dinah said that she was happy for Mallet, Marina, and Henry. Marina felt that Coop was looking out for Henry, and Coop had whispered into the donor's ear to give blood at the right time. Dinah believed that there was a purpose for Henry winding up in Springfield.

Before Dinah entered her car, Reva stopped her. Reva admitted that Dinah and she were a lot alike, and that made Reva nervous for Shayne; however, Reva concluded that Dinah was good for Shayne. Reva hoped that things worked out for them. Dinah thanked her, and left.

Sometime later, Jeffrey, Reva, and Colin sat in the living room, when Jeffrey received a call from Josh. Jeffrey pretended that nothing was amiss as Josh explained that Edmund was on the loose, and Roc was in the hospital. Jeffrey hung up the phone, and lied to Reva that the call had pertained to some baby stuff he'd ordered. Jeffrey stared off, troubled.

Shortly after Dinah returned to her Beacon hotel room, Marina showed up. Marina deduced that something was bothering Dinah, and figured that Dinah and Shayne must have fought. Dinah's phone rang, but she said she'd get it later. Marina offered to talk to Shayne on Dinah's behalf. Dinah thanked Marina, but was confident that everything would work out. After Marina left, Dinah groaned to see that she'd missed a call from Shayne.

During breakfast on the mansion terrace, Phillip expressed relief that the media hadn't caught on to James's scam. James insisted that it wasn't a scam. Phillip said that so far, time was on their side. Lizzie approached, stating that James's stuff was all over the mansion. She wondered when he'd actually move in. James grumbled that he'd rather live under a bridge.

Lizzie stated that her wedding had taken on a life of its own. Phillip suggested that Lizzie and Bill go to Chicago for a few days to check out wedding entertainment. As Phillip and Lizzie strolled off, discussing the wedding, James murmured, "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

In the mansion parlor, Lizzie told Phillip that James behaved awkwardly around Bill. Phillip thought that James was just protective of his big sister. He stated that James and Lizzie got along better than Alan-Michael and Phillip had in the past. Lizzie doubted that she and James would have the same types of problems that her uncle and father had dealt with, because James didn't seem interested in business or money. Phillip stifled a laugh.

Sometime later, Lizzie headed down the parlor's spiral staircase, and overheard Phillip on the phone, telling someone that Bill Lewis had been out of contact because Bill was dealing with a crisis. Phillip assured the person that Bill would call once the crisis had passed. After the call, Phillip saw Lizzie behind him.

Lizzie said that she'd suspected that Phillip was helping Bill as a ploy to oust Bill from the company. Phillip replied that he wasn't Alan. Lizzie agreed, saying that since the Florida trip, she'd discerned that Phillip and Alan wanted two very different things for her. "I just want you to be happy," Phillip uttered, and added that he was looking out for Bill and Lizzie-whatever it took. James, who'd been eavesdropping from the overlook, rolled his eyes.

Phillip returned to the terrace, where a chair had been overturned. Newspaper pages where balled up and scattered about. Phillip returned to the parlor in search of James. He caught his breath when he saw Lizzie watching a financial scandal news story on her laptop. He sighed in relief to hear that the fraud had nothing to do with the Spauldings.

Lizzie offered to help Phillip find James. A distraught Phillip explained that he'd returned to town for all his children; however, Lizzie had seemed to need him the most at that time. Lizzie said that it was okay for Phillip to take care of James, or visit with Emma. Phillip said that being a parent was a juggling act. Sometimes helping one child might end up hurting another one. Phillip then dismissed his ponderings, saying that he was still acclimating to fulltime parenthood.

At Company, Daisy and Buzz worked on the menu. Buzz noticed that something seemed to be on Daisy's mind. Daisy insisted that she was not thinking about James Spaulding. "Did I mention James Spaulding?" Buzz asked with a titillating smile.

Daisy didn't want to discuss James, but with Buzz's incessant prodding, she said James just liked her because his family didn't. Daisy thought James was boring, citing that he didn't even have a fake I.D. "But he does now?" Buzz asked. Daisy hesitated, saying that wasn't what she meant. Buzz concluded that he had to protect James from Daisy, not the other way around.

Buzz teased her when James called her. On the phone, Daisy huffed, annoyed by James's attempts at humor. James contemplated changing his name, just like Daisy had changed hers from Susan. Daisy replied that Daisy was her given name, and asked him what he was hiding from. James pretended that he couldn't hear her because he was at a party, and he hung up the phone.

Daisy told Buzz that James was "so weird!" Buzz replied that James couldn't help that, but he was probably intelligent and funny, too. Daisy said that Buzz was supposed to deter her from the Spauldings. Buzz stated that deterrence hadn't worked with any Coopers in the past. He advised Daisy to go with her gut feelings about James. Daisy said she liked James, but she did not like his family.

When Daisy stepped outside to wipe tables, she overheard James on a call, trying to book a flight out of town. He was surprised to learn that his credit cards had been canceled. "Canceled credit cards are something the Coopers can relate to," Daisy said. James replied that they'd been cancelled because he'd been stabbed in the back after trusting a Spaulding.

Daisy figured James wasn't joking that time. James said he'd had a plan to escape Alan, something that Phillip, Lizzie, and Beth had been unable to do. James surmised that the credit card thing had been his family's way of reminding him that he was at the bottom of the pecking order. Daisy offered to give him money, adding, "Cooper money, not Spaulding money." James wondered if she had enough for two, because he wanted her to leave town with him.

Daisy realized that James wasn't proposing a fun jaunt to Universal Studios, and she asked if he were in trouble. "I don't know. Maybe," he answered. James said he needed independence from his family, and he wanted Daisy to come with him. "No," Daisy said.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinah and Marina made small talk at Company. Dinah mentioned that she was forced to make some cutbacks at WSPR, which was tough for her. Dinah said that she was trying to make people happy, but life kept getting in the way. Dinah noticed Henry and asked why the baby was at the restaurant. Marina made an excuse about the babysitter not working out, but Dinah realized that Marina was too afraid to let go.

Marina asked about Dinah and Shayne. Dinah replied that she was giving Shayne some space but they would be fine. At that point, Remy arrived and told Dinah that she left her car door open. Dinah went to her car and nervously looked around to make sure that she was alone. Afterwards, Dinah went back into the restaurant and, seeing how Marina stressed was, offered to watch Henry.

Josh asked Shayne if he was okay. Shayne admitted that he was worried about Dinah. Josh said that he would tell the police about Edmund and let them deal with it. Shayne knew that Josh had no intention of staying out of it and told Josh his belief that Josh would check on Reva.

Josh admitted that while Jeffrey was the security expert, Josh had good instincts as well. Josh said that he had always known when his family was in trouble. Shayne commended Josh on his instincts, since he was correct about Edmund. Josh stated that those instincts came from being a father and said Shayne would learn that when he became one.

Shayne greeted Dinah outside Company with a hug. As he informed Dinah that he had been worried about her, he spotted Henry and got upset. Shayne ranted about Dinah being unable to stay out of it. Dinah wondered if that was Shayne's guilt talking. Shayne berated Dinah for being unable to let things go. He stated that, while he might want Henry -a comment that got Dinah's attention-he did not need a child in his life. Dinah accused Shayne of protesting too much.

Shayne suggested that Dinah was using Henry to stay connected to Mallet. An upset Dinah slapped Shayne and he apologized. Dinah said that Shayne was the issue. She called him self-destructive and a screw-up-everything that Dinah was trying not to be. After telling him that she was crazy about him, Dinah stomped off. Shayne quietly told Dinah the loved her. He tried to say it again louder but it was still much too quiet for her to hear.

Remy left a message with his father to find out if Clayton received any news regarding his investment. After he ended the call, an old gambling buddy approached Remy and tried to talk him into playing a game that he called "an easy score." Remy stated that he didn't gamble anymore. The man said that Remy that he would make some easy money, and told Remy to call him.

As the man was leaving, Christina approached and told Remy that she wanted to show him something. She showed him her old high school yearbook and said that her reunion was coming up. Remy learned that Christina was a very successful student. Christina said that she had always made plans for her life-five-year plan, ten-year plan, and so on. Christina said that she thought about skipping her reunion because her life was not going according to her plan. Christina noted that, professionally, she was on the road to nowhere.

Christina went on to say that everything changed when she saw her fifteen-year plan. That plan included her meeting the man that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She stated that while, professionally, her life was not going as planned, in her personal life, she was ahead of schedule. Christina then showed Remy the plans for the daycare center and said that she was trying to get investors.

Christina asked Remy whom he was talking to when she arrived. Remy said that it was someone from another time in his life who was trying to rope him into a poker game that could make Remy a lot of money. Remy said that he was thinking about accepting the offer until he saw Christina's face. Remy said that she made him want to be a better person. Remy told Christina that he would do whatever he could to make her dreams come true.

Jeffrey was outside with Colin, staking out the neighborhood to make sure that no one suspicious was hanging around. Jeffrey told the baby that he was going to keep that information from Reva so she wouldn't worry. Soon, Reva came home and commented on how wired Jeffrey seemed. She attributed it to nervousness about finding out the results of her blood work. Reva suggested that they play a round of miniature golf as a distraction.

While golfing, Jeffrey got rattled when he heard a sudden noise. As Reva questioned why he was so jumpy, her phone rang. It was the hospital. Reluctant to hear the news, she let it go to voicemail and listened to the message. The pair was overjoyed to learn that Reva was cancer-free.

Josh went to the Cross Creek cabin and, hearing no response to his knocking, let himself in. Suspecting trouble, Josh grabbed a fireplace poker. Suddenly, he saw a picture of Jeffrey and Reva on their wedding day. Josh realized that protecting Reva was not his job, and he left.

Back at home, an ecstatic Jeffrey said that they could finally plan out their lives. Reva thanked Jeffrey and credited him with her recovery, since he dared her to get better. Jeffrey responded that he couldn't lose the best thing that had ever happened to him. Suddenly, Jeffrey heard a noise outside and checked on it. It was Josh. Josh warned Jeffrey that there had been no news about Edmund. Jeffrey told Josh the news about Reva being cancer-free.

Josh told Jeffrey to tell Reva that he was happy for her and said that he was going to find Edmund. Jeffrey assured Josh that he would protect Reva against Edmund, and thanked Josh for everything that he'd done. Jeffrey went back inside to find a note from Reva saying that she and Colin had taken a walk.

Reva took Colin to Company and talked to Marina. Reva saw Henry and mentioned that he looked like Shayne when he was a baby. As the two discussed play dates and mothers not wanting to let go, someone watched.

Later, that day, Shayne watched Marina with Henry. An upset Dinah went home and showered. Josh went to a church.

Reva returned home with Colin and assured the baby that she would never leave him. Jeffrey returned from trying to locate the pair. Reva talked about staring death in the face and her worries about not being a part of Colin's life. Jeffrey told Reva that all of their worries were over.

Remy saw a body floating facedown in the water. He rushed in and fished the body out. The man in the water was Edmund.

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