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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Alison and Casey had a date for lunch, but he sent her a text message and asked her to go to his house instead of meeting at Al's. She arrived and wanted to know where the food was, but Casey had a different activity in mind. He handed her a paintbrush and suggested that she help him paint the planters outside. Alison turned him down and walked out, but Casey caught her and brought her back.

Casey promised that if Alison helped him, they could do anything she wanted afterwards. Alison agreed, and then she realized that she had picked up Emily's phone by mistake. Alison called Emily, who offered to send a messenger to do a phone swap. Hunter walked into the Intruder office, and when he realized Emily was talking to her sister, he volunteered to be the messenger.

Carly slapped Craig, but managed not to spill a drop of her vodka. She refused to apologize, and she staggered around the kitchen accusing Craig of judging her. She grabbed the Midnight Sun bottle and told him to go to hell. They moved into the living room, where Carly berated Craig for ruining her day. When Craig referred to her drinking as a "problem," Carly said her only problem was Craig. He told her again that he was crazy about her, but he was not about to stand by and watch her ruin her life and take down all those who cared about her. Carly swore she could stop drinking any time she wanted, and she ordered him out.

Jack said goodbye to Janet at the diner, and he said he would pick up Parker after school. Jack walked outside and ran right into Parker, who announced that he had quit school. He maintained that he didn't need a job because he had his trust fund, so Jack explained that it would be a long five years before Parker could have control of the trust. Jack promised that he would not throw Parker out onto the street or even ground him, and the boy was surprised. Jack told his son that he would have to figure things out for himself. Jack was amazingly cool and offered to always be there for Parker.

Hunter showed up at Casey's to trade cell phones with Alison. Casey got a call and went inside to take it. Hunter told Alison that he and Emily were getting along better, thanks to the advice Alison had given him. Casey returned and said that he had to leave for a while to drive a difficult patient in the senior van, according to a deal he had made with Jade. He suggested that Hunter help out with the painting until he returned, and he dashed out, promising to return soon.

Craig and Carly argued loudly as Parker walked in. Parker said he was never going back to school, and besides, Jack had been just fine with it. Craig interjected his disbelief on that subject, and Parker wanted to know why Craig was even there. He told Carly to tell Sage to lock up her bike before Craig stole it and chopped it up. Carly spoke harshly to the boy, so Parker turned around and left.

Carly put on her coat and continued to argue with Craig. She looked for her car keys and was determined to find Jack, but Craig knew that she was in no condition to be driving. He attempted to restrain her, but Carly screamed and fought. Craig overpowered her and confiscated her keys. He refused to leave her alone, but she continued to try to leave. She slipped and huddled in a corner, and Craig would not help her up.

Out of the blue, Hunter asked Alison if she would go out with him, and Alison was shocked. She said it should have been clear to him that she was already dating someone. Hunter had no clue that she and Casey were a couple, and he stated frankly that she interested him. He was embarrassed when he realized his mistake, and in turning around rapidly, he dumped a tray of paint all over himself.

Liberty found Janet at Al's, and her mother told her that Parker had quit school. She also mentioned that Craig had arranged for someone to destroy Parker's car. Liberty wanted to talk to Parker, but Janet urged her not to. Liberty didn't listen, however, and she called the boy and asked him to meet her at Java.

Carly asked Craig to help her up, and he made her admit that she was in no shape to drive. She also said that she hated him. Craig encouraged her to beat her habit, but Carly said she felt too tired to fight. Craig assured her that he thought no less of her, and he sent her upstairs to rest. The doorbell rang, and Craig let Jack in. He wanted to speak to Carly about Parker, but Craig refused to allow that. He also told Jack never to accuse Carly of not putting Parker, or any of her children, first. Jack told Craig that he had a lot of nerve giving him orders.

Liberty and Parker met, and she urged him not to drop out of school. Parker explained that not everything he did had to do with her. Liberty was hurt, and she said that she had thought he was much smarter than how he was acting.

Casey returned home and asked about Hunter. Alison told him that Hunter had asked her for a date because he had no idea that Casey was her boyfriend. Casey did not like that Hunter had done that, but he did like the sound of being called Alison's boyfriend. Alison also described how Hunter had bumped into the paint tray and ended up multicolored. Casey laughed, but Alison felt the need to apologize to Hunter. The two of them began a good-natured paint fight.

At the Intruder office, Emily took a good look at Hunter and asked why he was covered with paint. He explained that he had asked her sister out and had no clue that she was with Casey. Emily offered him some clothes that Dusty kept at the office, and she helped him remove his shirt. She reached for his ear to remove some paint there, and Hunter suddenly locked lips with her.

Emily shoved him away and asked him what had possessed him. She warned him never to do that again and advised him to get a grip. Hunter decided that he would be better off avoiding social situations in the future, but Emily said he was not completely hopeless. She offered to teach him social networking.

Alison called Emily and asked to speak with Hunter. She asked him to join her and Casey for lunch at the diner, and Hunter agreed to meet them there.

Jack quizzed Craig about why Carly was in bed before lunch, and Craig said she was having a rough day and was suffering from a migraine. Jack told Craig that there was no way he was going to discuss Parker's problems with Craig. Craig apologized for crossing the line, and Jack stormed out. Carly came downstairs and asked whose voice she had heard. Craig told her and said he had covered for her.

Carly assured him that she would be more in control in the future, and she gave him permission to dump the rest of the alcohol in the house. Carly said she was still tired and wanted to rest some more. She thanked Craig for being there for her and gave him a sweet kiss. Craig left, and Carly went back into the kitchen and rummaged under her sink. She brought out a new bottle of Midnight Sun vodka, and began drinking.

Janet went to see Jack at the police station to find out how things had gone with Carly. Jack said he had not spoken to Carly because she was down with a migraine. He also said Craig had been guarding the fortress, but he had apologized for interfering.

At Al's, Casey and Alison kissed as they waited for Hunter to join them. Hunter peeked through the window and spotted them and turned around in disgust and walked away.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Henry went home to the Lakeview and told Vienna that he had seen Brad. He said that Brad and Katie had met with the adoption lawyer and were supposed to meet with the proposed birth mother later that day. Vienna was excited and decided they should give Katie and Brad a present, but Henry cautioned Vienna, saying it wasn't a certainty that the birth mother would agree to the adoption. Henry gave Vienna a present of her own: a video camera. He told her they could make movies together.

Henry began filming Vienna, making a movie for their baby to watch after he or she was born. Vienna then asked for the camera so she could film Henry. She asked him to say something, and he began talking about how stupid he had been recently and how scared he had been about becoming a father. Vienna wanted to stop filming, but Henry asked her to continue. Henry then told his unborn child that he hadn't known how to love with his whole heart until the baby and Vienna had taught him how.

Vienna was touched by Henry's remarks. When Vienna turned off the camera, she kissed Henry, and Henry suggested they could make a different kind of movie about "mommy and daddy's private moments." Vienna, however, had a better idea. She wanted to find out how Brad and Katie's meeting with the birth mother had gone, so she decided to go to WOAK to wait for Katie to arrive back at work.

At Brad and Katie's house, Katie changed clothes, trying to find the right outfit to wear to impress the birth mother. Brad began to wonder where the lawyer and birth mother were, so he decided to call the lawyer, Mr. Quick. However, each time Brad called the number on the lawyer's business card, he got a recording saying the number was no longer in service. Brad wondered what was wrong, and Katie said she would call Tom, who might know Mr. Quick, since they were both lawyers.

Henry ran into Mr. Quick in Old Town and asked him how things had gone with Brad and Katie and the birth mother. The man told Henry that everything had been a big success. Mr. Quick said he was on his way out of town, so Henry thanked him and watched as he walked away.

Katie hung up from talking to Tom and told Brad that Tom had said Mr. Quick had been disbarred from legal practice because he was a fraud. Brad couldn't believe it, but Katie told him it was true: they had been lied to again, and there had never been a pregnant girl or a baby. Katie was extremely upset and told Brad she wanted to go to work, so she could focus on something else.

After Katie left, Brad made a call to his banker to try to put a stop payment on his $10,000 check to Mr. Quick. Brad was told the lawyer had cashed the check. Henry walked in, saying he had heard that congratulations were in order. Brad rushed up to Henry and shook him, asking how he could have done such a thing to him.

Brad told Henry what had happened, and he also mentioned having given the lawyer $10,000. Henry was stunned and apologetic, but Brad didn't want to hear Henry's apology. Brad told Henry that if Henry wanted to help, he should leave Brad and Katie alone. Brad told Henry to leave.

At WOAK, Katie found Vienna waiting for her, with a present. When Vienna asked how the meeting with the lawyer had gone, Katie told her the lawyer had been a fake. Vienna tried to give Katie a hug, but Katie angrily told Vienna not to touch her. Vienna, acting desperate, told Katie that she and Henry had only wanted Katie and Brad to be happy. As Katie stalked off, Vienna tried to follow, but she tripped on a power cord and fell to the floor, landing hard on her belly.

Katie and a production assistant rushed to Vienna's side. Vienna was in pain, so Katie asked the assistant to call an ambulance. Katie assured Vienna that she would take care of her and wouldn't let anything happen to the baby.

At the hospital, Katie called Brad to let him know what had happened, and she asked him to find Henry. Brad said he would, and he told Katie to take care of Vienna. Katie composed herself and went into Vienna's room. Vienna asked if Katie thought God was punishing her for having lied about the baby, but Katie told Vienna not to think that way. Vienna then asked if Katie thought the baby was okay, because the nurse hadn't said anything about the baby. Katie told Vienna that she didn't know.

Brad arrived at the hospital, and Katie went into the hallway to talk to him. Brad told Katie that he hadn't been able to find Henry and that Henry wasn't answering his cell phone, but Brad had left messages at Al's and at Metro.

Katie went back into Vienna's room to let her know they were still trying to find Henry. Vienna asked Katie if she was going to leave because Brad was there, but Katie took Vienna's hand and told her she wouldn't leave her. Meanwhile, Henry was at a poker game, trying to win $10,000 to repay Brad.

At Worldwide, Meg finished reviewing the medical files of children who were scheduled to go on Luke's foundation cruise. She gave the files to Damian, and she mentioned that one little girl's smile made her think of Eliza. Damian told Meg he'd been hearing very negative things about Paul, and he was surprised that a judge had awarded Paul custody. Meg said that had happened because Paul had lied about Meg's actions, and the one person who could back up Meg's story had conveniently disappeared.

Damian told Meg that she needed someone as devious as Paul to help her find the missing person, and Meg asked if Damian was volunteering. Damian said that he wasn't devious anymore, but Meg said she had heard otherwise. Damian reminded Meg that Meg's brother Holden was not his biggest fan.

Dusty walked into the Worldwide office and asked Meg what she was doing there. She explained to him about the cruise, and Dusty told Damian he'd been hearing good things about the foundation. Damian told Dusty that Meg was one of the good things about the foundation, then he excused himself and left.

After Damian left, Meg told Dusty that he had been right to put a stop to her plans to deceive Paul, because it had been a dangerous plan. Meg said that she had moved out of Fairwinds and was going to fight Paul for custody. She told Dusty that she felt awful having left Eliza with Paul, but she'd had no choice. Dusty wanted to know what Paul had done to drive Meg out of the house, and Meg reluctantly told him that Paul had expected her to act as his wife, in every way, and she had been unable to do that. Dusty told Meg she had nothing to be ashamed of, and they hugged.

Meg asked Dusty to promise not to go after Paul, and Dusty quickly promised. When Meg said that seemed too easy, Dusty said he was gentler now. Meg asked why, and he told her about Craig's agreement to let him see Johnny. Meg hugged Dusty again, to express her happiness at that news, and then she asked Dusty if Lucy had brokered that arrangement. Dusty told Meg that Lucy had decided to leave town. Dusty then asked if Meg wanted to go somewhere else, as a distraction, and Meg agreed.

Dusty took Meg to Yo's to play pool. He reminded her that when she had first returned to Oakdale, they had gone to Yo's to shoot pool. He said that at that time, as he had watched Meg stretch across the table, he had asked himself how someone with such a "killer body" could be such a lousy pool player. Meg laughed and reminded Dusty that he was supposed to be nice to her, but when Dusty moved closer, she told him they couldn't kiss.

Meg told Dusty that she was worried that Paul might be having her followed, and since Paul hated Dusty, she didn't want to risk doing anything that Paul would try to use against her. Dusty told her that wasn't how Paul would handle the situation. He thought Paul would let Meg stew for a couple of days, then he would try to use Eliza to get to Meg.

Dusty asked Meg if she wanted to go back to his place. Meg said she would love to, because she would love to have one moment when she could forget what was going on with Paul and Eliza. But Meg said if one picture of her with Dusty turned up in court, it could cost her the custody of her daughter, and for that, she would never forgive Dusty or herself. Dusty told her they would move to plan B, which was, "When you're ready, I'm here."

In Old Town, Paul was sitting on a bench with Eliza when he spotted Sally, the babysitter whom he had paid to leave the farm the day he accused Meg of abandoning Eliza. Damian walked by and overheard Paul saying that he had paid Sally to leave town. Sally told Paul that he hadn't told her he expected her to leave town forever. Paul told Sally that his ex-wife was suing him for custody, so he couldn't allow Meg to see Sally. He led Sally away, and Damian followed.

Paul took Sally to Fairwinds, and he asked her why she had returned to Oakdale. Sally said she was running out of money. Before Paul could answer, they heard the front door opening, so Paul told Sally to stay out of sight.

Damian came in and shook Paul's hand, telling him how good it was to see him again. Damian spotted the bassinet and asked Paul if that was his baby. Paul tried to tell Damian that he was busy, but Damian ignored him and made up a story about having left a valuable family heirloom in the attic a few years earlier, when Damian had been living in Fairwinds.

Paul told Damian he was welcome to return the next day to look for the heirloom, but Damian said it was something he was trying to sell, and the buyer was leaving that night to go to Latvia. Paul continued to try to put Damian off, but Damian ignored him and said he would retrieve the item quickly and get out of Paul's way. Damian left the room, and Sally came out from her hiding spot. Damian then overheard Paul telling Sally that he would give her another $20,000.

Sally asked for $50,000, and Paul agreed but said Sally would have to permanently stay out of town. Paul then told Sally to wait for him at Al's. Sally left, but Damian continued to eavesdrop and overheard Paul telling his banker that he needed to immediately withdraw a large sum of money.

Damian called Meg and told her where he was and what he'd overheard. Damian told Meg that Paul had arranged to meet Sally at Al's in 20 minutes. Dusty picked up Meg's phone and asked Damian to stall Paul. Damian agreed.

Damian went back into the living room. Paul said he'd forgotten Damian was there, and he asked if Damian had found what he'd been looking for. When Damian said no, Paul suggested that Damian ask Craig about it, because Craig had lived in Fairwinds for a couple of years after Damian left. Paul then realized that Damian wasn't actually looking for a piece of furniture to sell, and Damian admitted that he was actually just trying to delay Paul. Paul asked why, but Damian told him not to ask why, and not to take it personally. He then proceeded to hit Paul in the face, knocking Paul out.

Meg went into Al's and spotted Sally. Meg greeted Sally warmly at first, but when Sally tried to deny knowing who Meg was, Meg accused her of having taken money from Paul to make Meg look like a bad mother. Sally tried to leave, but Dusty was waiting outside, and he stopped her.

Meg called Damian and told him that she and Dusty had found Sally. Damian told Meg that he was waiting at Fairwinds with Eliza, because Paul was "slightly indisposed." Damian asked if he should bring Eliza to Meg, but Meg said no, because she needed to take care of things legally. Meg asked Damian to meet her at the police station.

Paul regained consciousness, and Damian told Paul why he had hit him. Damian then told Paul that he deserved whatever hell he got after having tried to brand Meg as an unfit mother when she was clearly anything but that. Damian handed Paul a bucket of ice, saying Paul would need it, and then he left.

Damian arrived at the police station, and Meg hugged him and said she couldn't thank him enough. Meg told Damian the police were questioning the babysitter. Meg told Damian that she had already given the police her statement, and Dusty was giving his own statement. Dusty walked out, and Damian said that he had overhead Paul offering Sally $50,000 to leave town for good. Dusty asked the police officer who had taken his statement to take Damian in for a statement. Meg again thanked Damian for what he had done. Dusty then told Meg that they should go to Fairwinds to get Eliza.

At Fairwinds, Paul took Eliza and told her to take one last look around, because they wouldn't be coming back.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dusty, Meg, and Damian rushed to Fairwinds to look for Paul and Eliza. No one was home, but Damian noticed that Paul's desk drawer was open. Meg said that Paul kept his passport in that drawer. Dusty searched upstairs, but found no clues as to where Paul might have gone. Meg was sure he was headed out of the country, and Damian added that when he had left Fairwinds earlier, Paul had been headed to the bank to pick up $50,000 to pay off Sally, the former babysitter. Meg told them that Paul banked at Oakdale National.

Dusty suggested that Meg call Jack and bring him up to speed, while Dusty would visit the banks in town. Meg called the police, but Jack was on a stakeout. The cop on duty declined to put out an all points bulletin on Paul because no one had any evidence that Paul had broken any laws. It was not illegal for him to leave the house with the baby. Meg was frantic, and a short time later, she received a call from Dusty, who was having no luck with the banks.

At Memorial Hospital, Vienna fretted from her hospital bed after her serious fall at WOAK. She was no longer in such extreme pain, but she was worried because Henry was not there. Katie assured her that the doctor would soon be taking a sonogram, and then they would know more. The doctor arrived, wheeling in the sonogram machine, and Katie went outside to wait. Brad found Katie in the hall, and, as usual, she blamed herself for everything that had gone wrong.

The doctor began the sonogram, and Vienna was excited to see the baby on the screen. Suddenly the doctor turned off the ultrasound, and gave Vienna the sad news that her baby no longer had a fetal heartbeat. Vienna dissolved in tears, as Katie watched through the window. She demanded that Brad go find Henry and bring him back, so Brad left immediately. Katie went to comfort Vienna, who was blaming herself and crying for Henry.

Meanwhile, Henry was immersed in a high stakes poker game in the hotel, and he appeared to be on a winning streak. Brad knocked on the door and called out to Henry. Henry hid in the bathroom after asking one of the players to get rid of their unexpected caller. Brad explained that it was urgent that he reach Henry, but the poker guys all covered for him. As soon as Brad left, Henry resumed his place at the gaming table.

Dusty returned to Fairwinds and told Meg and Damian that he had missed Paul by only five minutes at a bank. Dusty figured out that since Paul was a pilot, he would probably charter a private plane rather than fly commercially. They all knew a private airfield on the outskirts of Oakdale, so Damian asked Dusty to stay with Meg, and he volunteered to investigate the airfield. He mentioned that he had "contacts" whom he could utilize if it was necessary to intercept Paul. He promised Meg that he would not let Paul leave the country with the baby.

Bonnie McKechnie arrived, summoned by a call from Meg, and she reinforced the police's position that Paul had done nothing illegal. His custody agreement gave him the right to travel with Eliza. Meg explained that Sally, Eliza's former babysitter, had given her statement to the Oakdale police, and that Paul was missing in action with a great deal of money. Bonnie agreed to file an injunction preventing Paul's leaving town while the custody dispute raged.

Dusty complained that they could not wait that long to take action, and Bonnie attempted to calm him. She finally left to procure the injunction, as Dusty paced and Meg agonized about leaving Fairwinds earlier without her baby.

In Old Town, Paul and Eliza stopped at a bench, and Paul transferred a wad of money from an envelope to his pocket. He asked the baby if she would like to take a ride into the sky on an airplane, and the two hustled off. At the private airfield, Paul approached the owner about chartering a plane to an unspecified destination. The man explained that the planes were not cheap to rent, but Paul waved his cash. Paul again refused to state where he was going, but he suggested the money was a sufficient amount to cover that "technicality." Paul asked to inspect the plane, and he walked to the tarmac, leaving the field owner counting the cash.

Damian approached the owner, who quickly hid the money behind his back. Damian introduced himself and asked about "discreet" rental arrangements. Then he specifically asked about Paul and the baby, and he offered to double whatever Paul had paid if the owner would keep Paul from taking off in a plane. Paul turned a corner and spotted Damian with the owner, who was busy denying to Damian that he had seen Paul. Paul ran to his car and unfastened Eliza's car seat, and he took off on foot.

Vienna dozed for a short while in the hospital, and when she awakened, she talked with Katie about wanting her baby back. Brad arrived with the news that he had not found Henry, but he did say that the doctor had said that Vienna could go home with them to rest. Vienna began crying again.

Brad and Katie took Vienna to their house and got her settled in the guest bedroom. Henry finally showed up carrying a huge stuffed bear he had named, "Mr. Fuzzy." He apologized for being incommunicado for so long, but he said it was a worthwhile hiatus. He handed Brad an envelope containing $10,000, the amount that Brad and Katie had paid the sleazy Mr. Quick. Katie emerged from the bedroom, and Henry showed her the money, too. He apologized for sending the phony lawyer to them and pressed the money on them.

Katie noticed "Mr. Fuzzy," and it made her sad again. She attempted to tell Henry what had happened to Vienna, but Henry continued to go on about how important their baby was to them. Vienna walked slowly out of the guest room and told Henry that their baby was gone. Katie explained about Vienna's fall, and Henry walked Vienna back to bed. Katie felt awful that Henry's heart was breaking.

Henry went back out and asked Katie more questions about Vienna's fall. He shocked her by saying that it did not sound like an accident at all. Katie told him again that Vienna had caught her heel in a floor lamp, and Katie apologized for not being able to get past her feelings to accept Vienna's gift. Henry blamed Katie for everything, and he yelled and said hurtful things. Brad tried to calm Henry, but Henry saw the situation only one way.

Henry went into the bedroom and got Vienna up. He helped her to the front door and refused to take back the envelope full of money. Katie agonized that everything that Henry had said was true, and she broke down in tears. She felt guilty about hating Vienna for being pregnant. Brad hugged his wife, but Katie was convinced that she had caused Henry and Vienna's misery.

Back in their room at the Lakeview, Henry put Vienna to bed and urged her to rest. He turned on his video camera and watched the video he had shot the day before where he talked of their hopes and dreams for their unborn son.

Damian returned to Fairwinds and reported that Paul had been at the private airfield, but he must have seen Damian and taken off in his car. Damian had found the car, however, and Meg asked to see it. Damian offered to take her, and Dusty said he would go to the police and start a fire under them. Meg cautioned her friend not to do anything risky.

Dusty went to the station and saw Bonnie. He asked about the injunction, and Bonnie said that the judge was signing it. She asked Dusty to back down and advised him that he and Meg had made some poor choices lately that had inflamed Paul. Dusty told her that Damian had found Paul's car near the airfield, and Bonnie warned that everyone needed to stay out of it.

Damian drove Meg to Paul's abandoned car, and he rationalized that Paul must be carrying the baby in her car seat. Meg realized that she had a key to Paul's car, so she opened it up and found a bib of Eliza's. She began to cry, and Damian assured her that they would find Paul soon.

Paul walked down a sidewalk, talking to Eliza, and he spotted a woman across the street. He looked again, and the woman strongly resembled his ex-wife, Rosanna. He went closer, but could not believe that it was she; after all, Rosanna was in a coma at a clinic in Switzerland. The baby distracted Paul for a moment, and the woman disappeared around a corner, but she peeked around at him and then took off.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Damian and Meg saw one another in the lobby of the Lakeview, and Meg told him that her family was out looking for Paul and Eliza. Damian reassured Meg that they would find her baby soon. Lisa joined them and asked if she could help, but Meg answered that there was only one way to get Eliza back, and she had to do it alone. She headed for the elevator and went to Barbara Ryan's room.

Barbara told her daughter-in-law that she could have saved herself the trip because she had not heard a word from Paul since his departure. She also reminded Meg that there had been no "kidnapping" involved; Paul had legal custody of Eliza. Meg reasoned that Paul would contact the only person still speaking to him, and that was his mother. Meg implored Barbara that when Paul called her that she should do the right thing and notify the police.

Barbara suggested that perhaps Paul was simply on a trip he had planned, but Meg was not buying that. She told Barbara that the judge had ruled that Paul had gotten custody of the baby under false pretenses, and she asked Barbara to convince Paul to return Eliza. Meg promised if that happened, she would not press charges against him. Barbara agreed to tell him.

Janet and Jack went to Carly's, and Jack told his ex-wife that he had spent most of the night looking for Meg's baby, and he was not in a good mood. They discussed how Parker had quit school and had withdrawn from all social contact. Craig walked in and announced that, fortunately, he had the solution to Parker's problems. He declared that Parker needed family therapy, and he had already discussed it with Carly. Carly backed up Craig and agreed.

Craig suggested that Parker see a new therapist, Dr. Patricia Englewood, at Memorial. She specialized in troubled adolescents, and Dr. Michaels had recommended her. The doctor was willing to do an intervention, and Craig thought all four of them should participate. Jack liked the idea of therapy for his son, but he nixed Craig's participation. Once again, Jack warned Craig to stay out of his family's business.

Janet agreed that she and Craig should not be involved in the therapy sessions, and Craig backed down. Carly volunteered to tell Parker about their decision for therapy, even though he had refused to participate when they had suggested it before. Jack was hesitant that Carly could get the boy to agree, but she guaranteed that she would have him there for the appointment. Jack and Janet left, followed by Craig, and Carly called Parker downstairs.

Paul walked down the sidewalk in a rural town and apologized to Eliza for their having to sleep in a barn the night before. He stopped suddenly when he spied the woman who resembled Rosanna walking ahead of him. She was carrying shopping bags, and she hurried away when she recognized him. Paul followed, calling Rosanna's name, but she did not respond. He lost her, so he went back to the garage where the mechanic fixing his car asked for more money to repair the brakes. Paul had an idea about where to get more cash, and he took off while Rosanna peeked around a corner and then walked in the opposite direction.

Parker asked Carly what was up, so she told him that the three of them were going to family therapy that morning. Parker turned sarcastic, and he said it sounded like fun, but he would pass. He flatly refused to go, and he told his mother that she was the one who needed help. Carly argued that she had not dropped out of school, and Parker countered that she had instead run off with Simon Frasier and abandoned her children. Parker asked Carly if she wanted some shrink to know what a lousy mother she was, and Carly urged Parker to get all his negative feelings out.

Parker became angry and told Carly that what made him the most furious was watching her get smashed with her "ex-con boyfriend." Parker said he would not go anywhere with her, but he would go to the therapy session himself. He mumbled about what a waste of time it was as he headed out the door. Carly went straight to a bottle of Midnight Sun vodka in the kitchen, but she stopped before she actually poured any of it. She started out, but could not find her car keys, so she ended up back in the kitchen. This time she could not resist the call of Midnight Sun, and she poured herself one drink after another.

Meg returned to the Lakeview lobby after her chat with Barbara, and she found Lisa with Damian. She explained that Barbara had promised to talk to Paul, but Meg did not think Barbara would stand up to her son. Lisa volunteered to speak with her old friend, Barbara, and she headed to the elevator. Damian asked Meg if she had eaten that day, and when she answered no, he insisted on buying her breakfast.

Lisa called on Barbara, telling her she was worried about how her friend was handling all the stress since she was recuperating from cancer. Barbara got a call from Paul, and Lisa walked out, but she listened by the door. Paul told his mother that the baby was fine, and Barbara heard the baby over the phone. Paul then asked her for help. He refused to say where he was, so Barbara told him the police were searching for him. Paul asserted that Meg was spreading lies about him, and he refused Barbara's pleas to bring the baby home. Lisa called Meg from her cell phone and told her to get up to Barbara's room immediately because Paul was on the line.

Barbara told Paul what Meg had said about not pressing charges, but Paul was not taking any deals. He asked his mother to wire him $100,000 secretly. He threatened that if she turned him in to the police, she would never see him or the baby again. Paul said he would call her back and tell her where to wire the money, and he hung up.

Meg burst into the room, just a second too late, followed by Lisa and Damian. Barbara lied that Paul had said nothing of importance, but Lisa was skeptical. Barbara promised Meg she would inform her if Paul called again. They all left, and Lisa confided to Meg and Damian that she was sure Barbara was hiding something.

Parker and Jack arrived at the hospital for their therapy meeting, but Carly was not there. She did not answer her phone, either, and Parker bet his dad that his mother would not show up. Jack called Janet and asked her to go to Carly's to check on her. Parker said he was not going back to school under any circumstances, so there was really no point in rescheduling the therapy session. Janet arrived at Carly's but found no one home. She called Craig, who had no idea where Carly was. He joined Janet at the house, and the two of them went in. Craig swore when he found the empty bottle of vodka in the kitchen.

An Oakdale patrolman pulled Carly over in her car. Carly knew him by name, and she jokingly tried to persuade him to forget that she had been going a teeny bit over the speed limit. Instead, the cop asked her to exit the car, and when she stumbled, he asked her to walk a straight line. Carly was unsteady, and she tried to explain that her antihistamine sometimes made her a bit woozy. She almost fell, so the cop decided to administer the breathalyzer test.

The policeman apologized, but he said that he had to take her in. Carly pled for one quick phone call, and Barry, the policeman, agreed. She called Craig and explained that she was in a bit of trouble. She asked him to meet her at the station. Craig was at Carly's house with Janet when he took the call, and he asked Janet to give him a 15-minute head start and not to call Jack until they knew what they were dealing with. Craig left in a hurry.

Paul got his car from the garage and pulled into a farm produce store just out of town to get milk and a few supplies. He carried a sleeping Eliza into the building, and came face-to-face with the only other person there, Rosanna.

He spoke to her, and she verified that she was, indeed, Rosanna, and that she had fully recovered. Paul asked why she had not returned to Oakdale, but Rosanna said that she had chosen not to. Paul lectured her about the people back home who loved and missed her, but Rosanna said that it was a long story. She looked at Eliza and asked if she was Paul's baby. When he answered yes, Rosanna mentioned that the baby looked like Meg.

Paul and Rosanna walked a bit in the fields, and Rosanna explained that when she had recovered, she found out that Paul and Meg were married. She had not wanted to be in the middle of that, and she also declined to call her sister, Carly, who was by then working with Craig. Paul could not believe that spoiled and snooty Rosanna was working on a co-op organic farm, so she told him that when she had awakened from her coma, it was to find that Cabot Motors had failed miserably. Paul assumed that she still had her other assets, but Rosanna said that Craig had helped himself to all of those.

Rosanna was self-supporting on the farm, and she was proud of her work. She had no intention of going back to Oakdale, and Paul said he felt the same way. Rosanna asked if he was not eager to get back to Meg, but Paul answered by saying that he loved being a dad, and he did not mention that he and Meg were divorced. Rosanna got him milk and some organic baby food and snacks, and Paul put the baby back into the car. Rosanna asked Paul not to tell anyone that he had seen her. She was taking advantage of a second chance in life, and she assumed that Paul had done the same with Meg. She urged him to make the most of it, and Paul drove away.

Parker got home from the cancelled therapy session and found Janet there, cooking. Parker wanted to know what had happened, and Janet stalled him. Finally, Parker came right out and asked what his mother had done, and he began talking trash about Carly. Janet scolded him for that, but Parker was insistent that his mother deserved whatever she got.

Patrolman Barry escorted Carly into the Oakdale police station. Craig was waiting for her, and they spoke privately in the interview room. Carly denied that she was drunk, but the patrolman had charged her with a DUI. Craig told her that he had found an empty vodka bottle in her kitchen, even though she had promised to quit drinking. Carly said she had quit, but she was feeling nervous about the therapy session, so she "had a few sips."

Craig said that Carly needed help, but all she could think of was getting out of the station before Jack arrived. Craig brought up the fact that Carly could lose her license, but he promised to make some calls on her behalf. Craig walked out as Jack stormed in.

Jack demanded to know what the hell Carly had been thinking. He checked her paperwork and told her that her blood alcohol had measured way over the legal limit. Carly denied that, as Jack continued to hassle her. Carly apologized and promised that it would never happen again. Jack really got to her when he asked her what kind of a role model she was for their children-especially Parker.

Back at the Lakeview, Meg and Damian talked in the lobby, and Lisa joined them. She said she hated to say it, but she felt that Barbara was protecting her son and hiding something. Meg agreed, and Damian asked Lisa if she would help them. He suggested that Lisa spend as much time as possible with Barbara over the next few days, with the goal of finding out where Paul had gone. Lisa was to listen for clues that might point them in the right direction, and Lisa agreed. Damian took Meg back to Lily and Holden's house, and he was optimistic that they would be bringing Eliza home soon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Vienna rested in her room in the Lakeview while she and Henry mourned the loss of their baby. Henry wanted to go out for a big dinner with champagne, but Vienna was not up to it. Henry gathered all the baby's things they had purchased and told Vienna that he was donating them to the hospital nursery. He got teary-eyed and declared that he was finally and officially as depressed as Vienna. He was upset that before he couldn't bear to live with a baby, but suddenly he could not live without one. He took the baby items and left for Memorial.

Brad told Katie that starving herself would not help Henry and Vienna. Katie suddenly remembered the written material that her doctor had given her when she had miscarried, and she wanted to take it to Vienna. Brad said that was a bad idea. Katie was not willing to let it go, however, so Brad suggested that she comfort their friends from a distance, perhaps with an email. Katie became upset when she realized that she had left her laptop at work, so Brad volunteered to fetch it from WOAK. He walked out, and soon afterwards, Katie grabbed her purse and left, too.

At the police station, Carly told Jack that she had not been getting loaded in a bar. She explained that Parker had smart-mouthed her, and she was so upset that she had taken a drink. She denied that she had done that in front of the boy, and she also denied that she was driving drunk in spite of what the breathalyzer read. Craig entered, and he chewed out Jack for bullying Carly. He demanded that Jack "dial it down," but Jack ended the argument by telling Craig that Carly could sober up in lockup. Jack arranged for an officer to escort Carly there, as she begged him not to do it.

Craig waited a while and then requested a visit with Carly in the interview room. Carly assumed that Craig was pulling strings to get her out, but Craig said that he could see Jack's point. Carly admitted that she should not have driven, and again she repeated that she could stop drinking any time she chose. She whined that she just wasn't ready yet. Craig said that she would never stop drinking until she had professional help. He asked her a few questions from the Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlet, and Carly had to answer yes to all of them. Craig's point was that Carly definitely had a problem.

Craig told Carly that he never should have asked her to partner with him in the vodka business because he knew that her father had been an alcoholic. Carly would only admit that she had a "bad habit" that could become a problem, but Craig said that she was already an alcoholic and that he would not help release her. Carly finally agreed to have therapy, but she said she definitely did not need a whole treatment program.

Janet continued cooking at Carly's, and she tried evading Parker's questions. He said it looked as if his mother was not coming home for a while, and then he spotted the empty bottle of Midnight Sun vodka in the trash. Parker immediately assumed that Carly was drunk and sleeping it off somewhere. Janet said that she honestly did not know where Carly was. Sage arrived home, so Janet told Parker to keep mum about their mother. Sage asked where Carly was and why Janet was cooking dinner, so Parker said that their mom had "stuff to do," and he stressed the upside of eating Janet's lasagna.

Sage admitted that the dinner smelled good, and she went to wash up, as Janet thanked Parker for not saying anything to upset his sister. Parker said that Carly had only one major problem: she was a drunk with lousy taste in men. Janet scolded him for speaking of his mother like that, and the two of them got into a shouting match about Parker's "crappy attitude."

Jack arrived and told Janet that Carly was sobering up in the "drunk tank." Janet said that as a favor to Craig, she had not called him right away after she and Craig had found the empty vodka bottle. That irritated Jack, who felt that Janet had taken Craig's side over his. Janet blew up and equated Parker's rotten mouth to his father's, and she stomped into the kitchen. They both calmed down, and Janet suggested that they take the kids to the farm for the night. Jack said he appreciated her compassion for the children.

Jack told Parker and Sage to pack a bag so they could all head to the farm. Janet took Sage upstairs to help her pack, and Parker asked his father if Carly was in jail. When Jack did not answer, Parker said he was used to lying to Sage and would do it again.

Katie visited Vienna, and the two women compared their sad experiences of losing a baby. Vienna knew that her accident had not been Katie's fault, and there was nothing for which to forgive her. Katie gave her friend the miscarriage materials, and Vienna noticed in them that Katie and Brad had conducted a simple memorial service for their baby. Vienna said she would like to have a little ceremony for her baby that day, and Katie hugged her. Katie asked to attend, and Vienna told her she was welcome. Vienna wanted the ceremony in the park, and the women made plans.

Henry ran into Brad at WOAK as Brad was retrieving Katie's laptop. Henry was looking for Kim, but Brad said that Kim was shooting on location somewhere. Henry said that he wanted to give her a heads-up because he planned to sue the station for what had happened to Vienna. Brad told Henry that was crazy, but Henry went on to say that he was going to sue Katie, as well. Henry claimed that Katie had been jealous of them when she found out that Vienna was carrying Henry's baby, and someone had to pay for their loss. Brad called Henry an idiot and said shame on him for ever calling himself Katie's friend.

Henry met Vienna in the park by the pond, and he found her carrying roses. They threw them in the lake one by one, reciting the hopes and dreams they had wished for their child. Katie walked up with a bouquet of white balloons, but Henry was immediately antagonistic. He would not allow Vienna to take the balloons and was very rude. Katie handed the bouquet to Vienna anyway, and she turned to go.

Vienna did not understand how Henry could blame Katie for what was obviously an accident. Vienna asked him to let go of his pain and sorrow for the baby's sake. Henry took the balloons, and they let them fly.

Craig brought Carly home after his lawyer had arranged for her release. He reminded her that she had promised to attend AA. Parker and Sage were not there, but Carly smelled Janet's lasagna, and she made the right deduction. They found a note from Jack in the kitchen that told them that the kids were at the Snyder farm. Carly felt that Jack was staking out his claim to their children, and she insisted on bringing them home.

Craig wanted to let the kids stay at the farm for one night, but Carly was determined. Craig tried to talk some sense into her, but Carly had no idea how to explain what had happened to the children. She got hysterical thinking about it and demanded that Craig drive her to the farm, and Craig reluctantly agreed.

Carly and Craig walked into Emma's kitchen, and Carly admitted that she had made a mistake, but she wanted the kids back. She told Jack that she had decided to go to AA, and Craig backed her up. Sage entered the kitchen and asked her mother where she had been. Parker was his usual sarcastic self, so Carly explained that she had too much to drink and had then driven her car. She said a patrolman had taken her to the police station, so she had done no harm. Sage asked to go home with Carly, and Jack agreed after he gave Carly a meaningful look and said he trusted her.

Carly and Craig took the children home, and Carly promised Parker that her drinking would never happen again. Parker said he had heard that one before. Craig asked Carly to prove it by going to an AA meeting, and Carly said she would give it a try in the morning. Craig also announced that he would be sleeping on Carly's lumpy couch all night to protect her from things that went bump in the night. Carly promised to attend the meeting and thanked him for all he had done. Craig kissed her on the forehead and headed for the couch.

Katie returned home and told Brad that Henry had not wanted her at the baby's service. Brad was sure that Henry would come around, but Katie said that Henry did not want to see or talk to her. Brad agonized over whether he should tell his wife that their former friend was suing her, and he decided to keep quiet.

Henry and Vienna went back to their room, and Vienna said that she felt a bit better. Henry did not, however, and he could not stop blaming Katie and Brad. Vienna suggested that they begin thinking of getting pregnant again, but Henry said no. He said that to have a child was to live in fear, and to lose a child was to live in pain. He was too much of a coward to go through that again.



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