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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on GL
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Remy dragged Edmund out of the river, and performed CPR on him. A montage of Springfielders played on the screen. A pensive Shayne paused outside his hotel room, and Dinah got out of the shower. Jeffrey threw a blanket over Reva, and Josh sat alone in the church. Remy called the paramedics to say that he'd found a body in the river, and that the victim wouldn't respond to CPR. Remy laid a blanket over Edmund's body and face.

When Mallet arrived, Remy explained what had just happened. Mallet peeked under the blanket, and saw Edmund beneath it. Remy remarked that it was a cold day for a swim. "Yeah, maybe he thought he'd be okay wearing all of his clothes," Mallet sarcastically replied.

The police strung yellow tape around the riverbank, stepping around Edmund's blanketed body. The Beacon was near the crime scene, and Mallet asked an officer to get the names of all the guests with rooms overlooking the river.

Mallet had heard about the EMT cutbacks. He mentioned to Remy that a spot on the police squad had opened up due to Mallet's promotion to detective. Remy agreed to think about returning to the force, and then walked off with Edmund's coat over his arm. A blue velvet pouch fell out of the coat pocket. Remy tipped the pouch, and diamonds poured into his hand.

Remy handed the coat to Mallet, and Mallet questioned Remy. Remy said that about an hour and a half before he'd found the body, Christina and he had been making out in the park. They'd left when they'd heard two people talking. Remy hadn't been able to discern the people's voices or their conversation. Mallet asked Remy to have Christina call the station, and Remy left.

Remy rushed to meet Christina, explaining that he was late because he'd found Edmund floating in the river. Remy said that the police wanted to question Christina, since she'd been in the park earlier that day. Christina wasn't really sure of what she'd heard in the park. Christina removed Remy's shirt, and told him to shower while she made him soup.

After his shower, Remy assured Christina that she was going to medical school. Christina was optimistic that she would, but she said that failing the MCAT and marrying Remy had taught her that sometimes, the best things just fell into one's lap. As Christina cleared the dishes, Remy pulled out the blue pouch of diamonds, and said to himself that Christina was right.

At Cross Creek, Reva awakened, ready to make calls announcing her good news about the cancer. Jeffrey said that Josh already knew about it, because Josh had stopped by earlier. Reva questioned why Jeffrey hadn't told her that Josh had been there. Jeffrey tried to cover with excuses, but after Reva pressed, he revealed that Edmund was on the loose again. Reva put on her shoes, pronouncing that Josh had been right about Edmund.

Reva insisted that she needed to see Josh, even though Jeffrey advised against it. The couple located Josh outside Company. Josh said that her cancer-free news was a blessing. "I'm gonna live," Reva cheered. She explained that she still had to be tested every three months, because she wasn't officially in remission until she was free for a year.

Jeffrey said that Reva knew about Edmund. Josh said that Edmund wouldn't hurt anyone. "Not this time, I promise you that," Josh added. Reva apologized that no one had believed Josh. He wasn't upset about that, and he assured them that everything would be okay from then on.

Sitting on a bench with Josh, Reva wondered how he was holding up. Josh insisted that he was fine, and Reva didn't have to worry about him. Jeffrey approached, suggesting that they make a protection plan for Reva. Reva didn't want to lock herself up in the house. She said they could hire bodyguards, but she wouldn't allow Edmund to disrupt her life anymore. To Jeffrey's amazement, Josh said that Reva was right; it was time they started living their lives.

Meanwhile, Dinah sat on the bed in her towel, when someone knocked on the door. She opened it to find a remorseful Shayne on her doorstep. He whimpered that he was sorry. He closed the door, and pressed her against it as he kissed her.

After they made love, Shayne said that he realized that Dinah was just looking out for him. He felt connected to Henry, and could see Lara in Henry. Dinah asked if Shayne had changed his mind about leaving Henry with Marina and Mallet. He said no, and stammered that he just wanted what was best for Henry. Dinah said that she was behind Shayne, whatever his decision was about the baby. She stated that since she loved him, she had to trust that he'd do the best thing for himself. A surprised Shayne pulled her in for a kiss.

Mallet called Dinah to tell her that Edmund had been found floating in the river. After Dinah ended the call, she told Shayne, "Edmund's dead." Shayne sat up in bed. He asked Dinah several questions, but Dinah said that Mallet hadn't given her any details. Shayne didn't even know what to think about it, but Dinah figured that the whole town would be much better off without the unpredictable and conniving Edmund.

Sometime later, Josh told Reva and Jeffrey that Shayne had just called him about Edmund's death. An astounded Jeffrey bubbled with questions, but Josh didn't have the answers. Reva wanted to see Shayne, but Josh said that Shayne wanted to be alone. Jeffrey decided to go to the police station to check out the investigation, but Josh wondered why Jeffrey would want to do that. Josh reminded Jeffrey that they'd all agreed to rid their lives of Edmund.

Reva suddenly claimed that she might have left Colin's blanket in the park. She wanted to look for it alone. Jeffrey didn't want her to go, but she left, insisting she'd be right back.

Jeffrey and Josh questioned each other about what they'd done that afternoon. Jeffrey claimed to have been with Reva the whole time. Josh said he'd searched for Edmund, to no avail. Jeffrey thought that Edmund's demise meant that Josh would no longer park himself outside Cross Creek, drumming up excuses to see Reva. Josh laughed wryly at the statement.

Jeffrey thanked Josh for helping, and said that he should have listened to Josh about Edmund. Josh said that didn't matter. Josh decided that he'd take the next out-of-town job that came up at his company. Josh told Jeffrey to take care of Reva, and left.

Reva strode up to the riverbank, and stared at the crime scene. Mallet spoke to the medical examiner, who said that Edmund could have been in the water for one or two hours. As they took the body away, Mallet spotted Reva lurking on the hill above the riverbank. Their eyes locked, and Reva wordlessly walked away.

Back at the Beacon, Shayne wanted to see his parents. He figured they were freaking out. Shayne couldn't believe that Dinah was so cool about Edmund's death, citing that she'd once loved Edmund. Dinah replied that Edmund had done horrible things.

Dinah speculated that, for all they knew, Edmund could have just tripped and fell in the river. She commented that they never had to talk about it again. "We never have to talk about it again?" Shayne repeated. "You think I killed him." Dinah said that she hadn't meant that. "For the record, I didn't see Edmund today," Shayne stated. Dinah didn't care if Shayne had done something to Edmund-just as long as Edmund was gone.

Outside Company later, Shayne said that it meant a lot that Dinah would stand by him even if he'd killed Edmund. He told her that he felt the same way about her. Just then, Shayne received a call from Mallet, asking him to go to the coroner's office to identify Edmund.

At Cedars, Shayne peered through the viewing window at the morgue. Mallet asked Shayne to give him a verbal identification. Shayne said that it was indeed Edmund Winslow. Mallet strolled into the waiting area, and saw Dinah. Dinah started to ask Mallet a question, but the medical examiner pulled Mallet away before she could. The medical examiner told Mallet that Edmund had no water in his lungs, which meant he'd been dead before he hit the water.

At Cross Creek, Reva returned home, breathlessly telling Jeffrey that she couldn't find the blanket. She said she'd searched near the river, and saw Edmund's body being carried away. She stated that she'd had to see it to make sure it was all real-that Edmund was really dead. Jeffrey said that everything was real: her good health, their baby, and their family. Reva asked if it would really be over, and Jeffrey replied that he'd make sure it was. They hugged.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Remy overheard Clayton arguing with a bill collector. After the call, Remy promised that Clayton could count on Remy to help make things right. Clayton felt that he had to take responsibility for his own mess, which meant telling Felicia the truth about the money.

Sometime later, Remy approached Buzz at Company. Remy looked as if he were about to burst, and Buzz asked what was going on. "Do you know anyone who wants to buy some diamonds?" Remy asked.

Remy claimed to have won big in a poker game. Buzz said that he'd been married to a former jewel thief. Buzz thought he might still have the numbers of a couple of Jenna's old contacts, but he wasn't sure he'd be doing Remy a favor by handing them over. Buzz found a phone number, and gave it to Remy. Buzz warned Remy not to play around, because those people could kill him.

At the police station, Mallet and Frank debated whether Edmund's death was intentional. Mallet said that Edmund had so many enemies that Mallet could just walk down the street and interrogate random people, who probably all had a motive. Mallet left with Henry in tow, stating that Henry was his partner for the day.

When Josh and Shayne encountered each other outside, Shayne said that he'd chosen to handle Edmund's burial arrangements for Lara's sake. Josh asked if Shayne wanted Josh to help, but Shayne felt that he needed to do it himself. The two parted ways.

At Company later, Mallet saw Shayne at the bar, and decided to ask Shayne a few questions about Edmund. Shayne said that Edmund and he had gotten close, but they'd had falling-out after Edmund had turned on Shayne. Shayne stated that it didn't mean that he was glad that Edmund had died.

Mallet wondered if the falling-out had anything to do with Edmund leaving town. Shayne figured that it might have. Mallet wondered where Shayne had been the other day, and Shayne said he'd been flying home after doing business in Italy. Mallet asked what Shayne's business was in Italy, and Shayne suddenly decided that he needed to go to the funeral home.

At Cross Creek, Jeffrey told Reva that he was headed to the police station to learn more about Edmund's case. As soon as Jeffrey left, Reva called Josh over to the house. When Josh arrived, Reva was gardening. He wondered if Reva needed help hacking the weeds. Reva said the infectious weeds would choke the life out of her plants if she didn't destroy the weeds first.

Josh felt strange being there after Jeffrey had told him not to come around. Reva said she would have gone to Josh, but Colin was sleeping. Reva inquired about Shayne, and Josh replied that Shayne was handling Edmund's funeral out of respect for Lara. Reva thought she should talk to Shayne, but Josh asked her to live her life while Josh handled it. Reva replied that her children were her life. She'd do anything for them, and she knew that Josh would, too.

Reva said that beating cancer had made her strong. Josh said that she was a survivor. Reva replied that her family needed her, and that was why she was still around. She said Josh had called her indestructible, and she was beginning to believe it. She said that it was a great thing for them all, and she kissed his cheek. They heard Colin cry on the baby monitor. Josh rose to leave-unless Reva had something else she wanted to discuss. Reva didn't, and Josh left.

Sometime later, Mallet and Henry arrived on Josh's doorstep to question Josh. Josh invited Mallet inside, and Mallet learned that Josh had been in Italy for a father-son getaway. Mallet said that Shayne had called it a business trip. Josh said that he'd had business there, also. Mallet wondered if Josh had known that Edmund had returned to Springfield. Josh stated that he would have called the police if he had known that Edmund had been back in town. Mallet wondered if Edmund had been a threat to Josh. "He was a threat to everyone," Josh replied.

When Shayne concluded his business at Bailey's Funeral Home, he found Reva and Colin outside, waiting. Reva felt that Shayne's love for Lara was causing Shayne to feel misplaced grief for Edmund. Shayne said that Edmund might have been a horrible man, but Edmund had still been a man. Reva stated that she'd gone to the coroner's office, and signed papers, putting her in charge of Edmund's final arrangements.

Shayne asked why Reva had done that, and Reva answered that it was time for Shayne to move on with his life. Shayne countered that Reva needed to take care of Colin and herself. Reva laughed, realizing that she'd forgotten to tell Shayne that she was cancer-free. Shayne hugged his mother, overjoyed by the news.

When Shayne went home, he found Josh inside. Josh said that Mallet was asking questions about Edmund. Shayne stated that he'd talked to Mallet. Josh replied that there were discrepancies in Shayne and Josh's stories. "So we have to decide what happened in Italy, why we were there, what we did-so we won't have any problems going forward," Josh said.

At the police station, Jeffrey told Frank that his Washington superiors needed answers about Edmund. "Your superior wouldn't happen to be Reva, would it?" Frank asked. Jeffrey chuckled, saying it wasn't. Frank wondered if Jeffrey's superior thought Jeffrey might have a conflict of interest. Jeffrey asked when that had ever made a difference in Springfield.

Later, Jeffrey went to the riverbank crime scene, where he knelt beside the water. He retrieved something from the ground, and pocketed it. He trotted off in the drizzling rain.

Upon her arrival at the farmhouse, Olivia gave Natalia a big hug. Natalia said that Emma didn't understand why they couldn't live together. Olivia had been thinking a lot about that, and she'd decided that Emma was right. "Maybe we should move back in," Olivia said.

Though Natalia treasured the time that they'd lived together, she said that things were different. "Moving in now, means 'moving in,' you know?" Natalia stated. She wondered whether they were ready for such a step. Natalia fretted about what they'd do if something went wrong, but Olivia reasoned that it was a risk for any two people who decided to share their lives.

Natalia worried about taking chances, but Olivia said that they took chances every day of their lives. Natalia replied that she'd taken the chance of her life by professing her love for Olivia, but Natalia hadn't regretted it. They leaned in, seemingly to kiss, but hugged instead.

Olivia picked up the newspaper, and was shocked to read that Edmund had died. Olivia said she'd just seen him the previous day, when she'd looked out a Beacon hotel window. "I saw him talking to...Do they think he was murdered?" Olivia asked. Natalia replied that it probably was murder, and she asked whom Olivia had seen with Edmund. Olivia suddenly decided that she shouldn't have said anything.

Natalia replied that Olivia should be honest about what she'd seen. Olivia wondered how honest Natalia and she were being. Natalia said that they weren't lying in their relationship, but "if you know something about a crime..." Olivia decided that she needed to go and divulge what she'd heard.

Olivia went to Cross Creek, where she told Jeffrey that Ava was doing well. Olivia began gushing about how Jeffrey had finally found someone that he truly loved. Jeffrey wondered where her words were coming from. "I saw Reva with Edmund," Olivia spat out. "And it must have been right before he died."

Olivia was positive she'd seen Reva and Edmund from a Beacon office window across the lake, arguing. Jeffrey was sure that there was an explanation. Olivia agreed, saying that Jeffrey could do whatever he wanted to with the information.

Jeffrey thanked Olivia, and announced that Reva was cancer-free. Jeffrey said that Reva and Olivia were both well after a tough year. Olivia added that she had a shot at getting what Jeffrey and Reva had, but she didn't want Jeffrey to ask any questions. Jeffrey thought that Ava would be happy to see her parents getting along.

Some time later, Reva returned to Cross Creek with Colin. Jeffrey was alone and he confronted her. He said that she'd been with Edmund before Edmund had died. Reva's face blanched.

Father Ray went to the farmhouse to ask Natalia to help with a church fundraiser. He wondered if Natalia and Frank had worked things out. Natalia said it wasn't a simple matter. Father Ray asked if there were someone else. Natalia hesitantly admitted that she had feelings for another. She glanced at a picture of Natalia, Olivia, and Emma. Father Ray looked at it, and then his eyes widened. "Olivia?" he asked. Natalia agreed, and Father Ray sighed heavily.

Father Ray said that he understood Olivia and Natalia's connection through Gus's heart, but the church was clear on the matter. "It's a sin. But God is love, right?" Natalia asked. Father Ray quoted Romans 1:26-27, about the shame of same-sex lust, and offered to counsel Natalia.

Natalia said that she'd prayed out it, and concluded that she was the same person no matter whom she loved. Natalia still wanted to go to mass and volunteer, because loving Olivia hadn't wavered Natalia's faith. Natalia still believed in God and His teachings. "Not all of them," Father Ray interjected.

Natalia said that she loved Olivia, and she loved her faith. Natalia didn't understand why she had to choose between them. Father Ray replied that the Bible was open to interpretation, but the church was clear. Natalia replied that the Bible also said to test all things, and hold fast to that which is good.

Sometime later, Olivia returned to the farmhouse. Natalia said she'd told Father Ray about them. After Father Ray had left, Natalia had thought and prayed. "You don't want me to move back in," Olivia concluded.

Natalia wasn't sure that they should live together again yet. Natalia said that it wasn't because of the church, but because she took her commitments seriously. Living with Olivia "in that way" was just as serious to Natalia as when Natalia had lived with Gus. It was important to Natalia, and she wanted to do things right.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At the office, Lizzie told Bill that choosing a wedding date was atop their wedding to-do list. After considering a number of dates that didn't fit into their schedules, Bill decided that Lizzie could pick any day she wanted. He promised to make it the best day of her life.

At the bank, Phillip left James a message to say that he was applying for a loan to solve James's problems. However, Paul, the loan officer, turned Phillip down for a loan due to the rough economy. "Paul!" Phillip raged. "You know me. How many times did we have cocktails out at the country club together?" Paul replied that it had been a long time before. Phillip's prison time had made him a high-risk candidate. Phillip curtly thanked Paul for his time, and left.

Some time later, Phillip encountered Lizzie in the stables, looking for a wedding etiquette book that Beth had used for her numerous weddings. Lizzie discovered a tattered, stuffed unicorn in a box. Edmund had given it to her when she'd been battling leukemia. She recalled that Edmund had helped her understand the disease, and she realized that Edmund hadn't been all bad. Phillip stated that everyone cursed Edmund, but Lizzie had found some good in him.

Phillip remembered that they hadn't been sure that Lizzie would survive the cancer. Lizzie said that James had been the white knight, riding in on her unicorn to save her. Phillip thoughtfully said that Lizzie would have a wonderful wedding, and James would graduate from school to do great things. Upon leaving, Phillip kissed her forehead. He told her to keep believing in unicorns, because nothing was impossible.

Lizzie met Bill outside the mansion. He said he'd chosen a wedding date. He kissed her, and stated that he couldn't wait to kiss her on their wedding day that fall. Lizzie smiled, agreeing to marry in the fall. They said that they loved each other, and kissed again.

Meanwhile, Beth tailed Phillip to his gravesite. Phillip told her that he'd thought more about Edmund that day than he ever had when Edmund had been alive. Beth, who'd been married to Edmund, echoed Lizzie's sentiment that Edmund hadn't been all bad.

Beth wondered what had Phillip in a pensive mood. Phillip said that James was running a Ponzi scheme. Beth was outraged. Phillip figured that James had too much respect for Beth to tell her about it on his own. Phillip never wanted to pit his children against each other like Alan had, but Phillip planned to do whatever he could to keep James out of jail. Phillip said it wasn't about winning favor with the children, but providing them chances at happiness. "Hey, you know something? It's okay to want them to love you back, too," Beth replied.

Phillip asked Beth how his funeral had been. "Olivia got drunk and fell on your grave," Beth responded. The two laughed, and Phillip said, "You're making that up." Beth swore she wasn't. Beth said the children were lucky to have him back, and so was she. They held hands.

As Daisy and James tossed rocks in the river, James said that he wasn't running anymore. "So what changed your mind, Richie Rich?" Daisy asked. They strolled to the gazebo, where James retorted that Daisy certainly hadn't changed it. James sketched on a pad, and Daisy recalled that Beth liked to sketch, as well. James said that he was drawing Daisy. He added that he only drew nudes, so Daisy needed to take her clothes off.

Ignoring his crassness, Daisy wondered if the police would have printed wanted posters for them if they'd run away. James disregarded her question, and showed her the sketch. Daisy said that he should show it to Beth, but James murmured that it was just doodling.

At the mansion later, Daisy asked James about some numbers that he'd scribbled on the drawing. James claimed that they meant nothing. "What did you do, James?" Daisy pointedly asked. He didn't answer, and she gave him a litany of her own crimes, from being high at Tammy's accident to running fake IDs, hoping to persuade him to open up.

James briefly explained that he'd been running a failing Ponzi scheme. He said he'd reached out to his father for help, but Phillip was always in someone else's corner. Daisy said that James needed a new scam to plug the hole in the first one. James suddenly got an idea. James showed her an immaculate antique car parked on the Spaulding grounds. James said that Alan had probably forgotten that he owned it, and James intended to sell it for cash.

Sometime later, James and Daisy strolled out of the bank with a fat check for selling the car. James planned to use the money to prop up his investment business. Daisy decided that she wanted to help. James couldn't understand why she'd want to jump into his mess. She shrugged, saying that she just really wanted to help him. James leaned in, and kissed her.

Olivia and Natalia returned to work at the Beacon after lunch, chattering about how they needed to "act normal," so that no one suspected their relationship. Olivia whipped crumbs from Natalia's face. Natalia joked that the gesture was very "normal."

Natalia and Olivia lightly flirted with each other. The hotel's banquet manager, Greg, entered to tell Olivia that the banquet room had been double-booked. An angry Olivia demanded to know how it had happened. Natalia timidly piped up that she'd made the mistake. Olivia quickly simmered down, saying that mistakes happened. She instructed Greg to see if Towers could take one of the bookings.

After Greg left, Natalia said that Olivia had to treat her like any other employee, which meant yelling at Natalia for a mistake, just as Olivia had yelled at Greg. "Okay, no special treatment for you," Olivia said, deciding keep their business and personal lives separate.

After work, the women discreetly left the Beacon at different times, and met up on a park bench. They chuckled that it was as if they were in a spy movie. Olivia suggested they develop a timetable for gradually announcing their relationship to people, so that they didn't have to sneak around. Both ladies were scared, but felt that their relationship was worth it.

Natalia and Olivia rummaged through their purses for items they could use for a picnic. They came up with tissues, mints, gum, water, and candy bars. Frank strode up, saying that Natalia was hard to find. Olivia offered to leave, but Frank said it wasn't necessary.

Frank told Natalia that Corrections had scheduled Rafe's hearing. Natalia thanked Frank, who said that if the hearing went well, Rafe could be released from the halfway house. Natalia didn't know how to thank Frank. Frank said that he didn't want to see a good kid like Rafe go down the wrong path. Frank left, and the ladies hugged each other.

At the farmhouse, Natalia was excited about the prospect of Rafe returning home. She realized, though, that it would change things for Olivia and Natalia, because Rafe didn't know about them. Olivia said that they'd take it one day at a time, and that day, they'd celebrate.

At the police station, Frank found Mallet tacking pictures to a suspect board. Frank said Edmund had died of blunt trauma to the head, but it hadn't been ruled a homicide-yet. Gesturing to the suspects, Frank asked whom Mallet would interrogate. "All of them," Mallet replied.

At Cross Creek, Reva told Jeffrey to just ask her outright if she'd killed Edmund Winslow. She admitted meeting with Edmund, but not killing him. Reva claimed that Edmund hadn't wanted to hurt her, Colin, or Shayne. Edmund had told her that he had evidence that he'd been drugged and kidnapped. Reva had cut a deal with Edmund that she wouldn't turn him in to the police, if he didn't turn her, Josh, and Jeffrey in for their crimes against him.

"So you wouldn't tell the cops what he did, if he didn't tell the cops what we did?" Jeffrey asked. It didn't add up to Jeffrey that Edmund would have gone through the trouble of returning to town undetected only to agree to leave town at Reva's request.

Just then, Mallet arrived, wondering if he could ask them a few questions. During the questioning, Reva and Jeffrey said they'd played miniature golf and then gone home the day of Edmund's death. Reva went to check on Colin, and Mallet asked if Jeffrey had seen Edmund on the day in question. Jeffrey quickly replied that he hadn't.

Mallet continued to question Jeffrey, but Jeffrey didn't have any answers. Mallet wondered if he should pursue Reva upstairs to continue questioning her. Jeffrey couldn't believe that Mallet wanted to interrogate Reva while she was changing the baby's diaper.

Mallet said that he was doing his job, just as Jeffrey had been doing his job when he'd stopped by the station to inquire about Edmund's case. Mallet understood that Jeffrey needed to protect his wife and son, but Mallet needed to make Springfield a safer place. Jeffrey countered that it was a safer place with Edmund gone.

Upstairs with Colin, Reva said, "I'd do anything for you. I just hate lying to your daddy." Later, Jeffrey entered, and saw Reva singing to Colin. Reva asked if Mallet had wanted to know if she'd seen Edmund. "Not this time," Jeffrey answered. Jeffrey felt that they needed to get their stories straight, because the one that Reva had given Jeffrey earlier was full of holes.

Back at the police station, Mallet tacked Reva's picture to his suspect board.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lara visited Shayne in a dream, expressing her sorrow for Edmund and for Henry. Shayne jolted from his sleep, and announced to Dinah that he was going to the gym for rehab on his leg. Dinah groggily wondered if he had reinjured himself. He said not to worry, and took off.

Dinah located Shayne furiously working out at the gym later. She found it strange that the police hadn't questioned her about Edmund, and asked if they'd contacted Shayne. Shayne said that he'd talked to Mallet, but it hadn't been a big deal. Dinah asked if Mallet had questioned Shayne's limp. Shayne claimed he'd reinjured himself during his flight from Italy, and that it wasn't a big deal, either.

Later, Shayne encountered Marina and Henry in the park as he prepared to jog. Marina wondered why Shayne had been so evasive lately. He said he'd been out of town. Shayne confided that it was hard for him to deal with Edmund's death. Everyone had hated Edmund, but Shayne felt the need to honor Edmund and Lara's love for each other.

Marina suggested that he do something in private. That way, it wouldn't turn into a circus like Coop's funeral had become. "A funeral of one?" he contemplated. Marina agreed to be there if he needed her.

Dinah stopped Mallet outside the police station. She accused him of not questioning her just to make her sweat. Dinah said that Mallet knew how much she hated Edmund, and that she'd wanted Edmund dead more than once. "You have something you want to tell me?" Mallet asked.

Mallet said that Dinah wasn't high on his suspect list, but he'd be happy to question her. Dinah relayed that on the day in question, she'd left Shayne and Marina at Company to go home and shower alone. Mallet said that either no one had a good alibi, or everyone was covering for each other. "Edmund hurt a lot of people. If she did it, she was probably justified," Mallet said. "She?" Dinah replied. Mallet shrugged, and corrected, "He or she."

Just then, Marina and Shayne strode up. Mallet and Marina departed, and Shayne apologized to Dinah for his behavior earlier. Dinah interrupted, saying that she couldn't imagine how complicated the situation was for Shayne. She apologized for pushing him into anything, and said she was behind him in whatever decision he made.

Back at the Beacon, Dinah told Shayne that she'd gone to see Mallet to get her inquisition over with. Shayne wondered why Dinah would go looking for trouble. Dinah said that she wasn't Mallet's main suspect, but she suspected that Reva was.

In the mansion parlor, Lizzie announced to Bill that with their wedding quickly approaching, their family members were dropping her tons of "helpful hints" about the ceremony. The thought of Alex, Lillian, Vanessa, and Beth collaborating on something frightened Bill. Bill felt that Lizzie and he could handle the wedding themselves. He joked that they'd get a red velvet armadillo cake, and then lured her back to bed with kisses.

Phillip called James to say that he was sending Bill and Lizzie out of town, so that Phillip and James could fix the investment mess. Later, Alan entered the parlor, stating that Bruno had reported a car was missing from the garage. Phillip asked which car, and Alan quipped, "The one that would bring the most cash." Alan claimed that he'd seen James ogling the car the other day. Alan gave Phillip until noon to find James and the car, or else Alan would call the police.

Later, Bill and Lizzie entered the parlor, and agreed to take Phillip up on his offer to send them on a wedding planning trip to Chicago to escape their well-meaning family members. Phillip made their travel arrangements. He suggested that they get out of there before someone in the family got wind of the trip, and decided to tag along.

After they left, Phillip called James. James stated he was in a meeting, and hung up on Phillip. "What?" Phillip said, staring at the phone. An angry Phillip stormed out of the house.

In a Beacon hotel room, Daisy and James dressed in business clothes. Daisy wondered why they were "playing grown-up." James set out champagne glasses, saying that they needed to woo an investor to put up more cash.

When Tim Newton arrived, the two teens served him champagne. James pretended to get a text message, saying that the boss would be late. Tim stood, deciding that James's boss could reconvene when he was serious. James offered to explain the details of the deal, but Tim brushed James off as a mere assistant. When James said that he was a Spaulding, Tim sat down to listen.

James claimed that he'd heard Alan emphasizing that his broker needed to buy him 100,000 shares of the investment that day. James said that his tip was better than his boss would have given, but Tim still insisted upon talking to Bill Lewis first. Tim said that Bill was in charge, and Tim hadn't even met him. James attempted to placate Tim, but Tim refused to make a move without talking to Bill Lewis or Alan Spaulding.

James claimed that Alan was in meetings all day. Daisy interrupted to say she'd received a text message that Bill's airplane was grounded. Tim demanded a meeting with James's boss within forty-eight hours, or Tim would pull out of their arrangement.

After Tim Newton left, Daisy raged that Bill Lewis could go to jail for James's scam. Daisy decided that she didn't want any part of it. She left, threatening to tell Bill what James had done. When Daisy reached the elevator, Phillip stepped off, and asked her where James was. An irate Daisy stepped onto the elevator, and pointed Phillip in James's direction.

Phillip found James in the hotel room, and James offered him a drink. Phillip stated that Daisy was upset, and Tim Newton was stewing in the lobby. Phillip assumed that James had tried to scam Tim for more money. Phillip demanded that James stop scheming, so that Phillip could fix things.

Phillip accused James of selling Alan's car to pay for the hotel room. "You sold your grandfather's car!" Phillip yelled, and laughed as if to keep from crying. Phillip said that James was becoming exactly what James didn't want to be: a Spaulding.

James said that Phillip really only cared about Lizzie. James claimed that the only person who'd given a damn about him after he'd saved Lizzie from cancer had been Beth. Phillip said that he was capable of caring about both his children at once. James wondered what Phillip's plan was to fix things. Phillip said he'd been turned down at the bank, but he'd think of something. James asked what they'd do about Alan's car, and Phillip grinned wryly.

At the mansion later, Alan asked Phillip when the police were arriving for James. Phillip said that they weren't, because the car was back in the garage. "You'd better straighten him out, Phillip, because he's becoming more and more like you every day," Alan replied. Phillip said not to worry about it, because James would do as Phillip told James to do. "And you're sounding more and more like me," Alan concluded.

Meanwhile, Lizzie and Bill met Ashlee at Towers before they left for Chicago. Ashlee suggested that the couple marry on Independence Day, and said that Bill could dress up like Uncle Sam. Lizzie would be the Statue of Liberty, carrying a bouquet of sparklers. Lizzie looked horrified, and Ashlee whimpered, "I'm not very good at this, am I?" Bill replied that Ashlee was "too good" at it. Ashlee assumed that she was fired. "Why don't we just think of it like we never hired you?" Lizzie suggested.

After the meeting, Lizzie felt terrible about firing Ashlee. Bill suggested they find another way for Ashlee to participate in the wedding, but Lizzie would have rather Bill get Dinah to give Ashlee more hours at work. Bill said he'd do that, if he were talking to Dinah.

Daisy approached, and Lizzie and Bill noticed that she was in an awkward mood. Daisy hesitantly said that she was fine, and left. Lizzie wondered if Phillip had an agenda for getting them out of town, but Bill said that they shouldn't read too much into it. The couple left for Chicago. They arrived in their hotel room some time later, where they made out.

Daisy found Ashlee at Company, sulking about "never being hired" by Lizzie and Bill. Daisy ranted about how arrogant James was. "It's hard to be mad at him when he does stuff like this," Daisy said, presenting the sketch that James had made of her.

Later, James found Daisy on the boardinghouse steps. He thanked her for not telling Bill what he'd done. James apologized for not letting her know his entire plan. Daisy said that Bill was her family, and Bill could be hurt by James's machinations. Daisy stated that she didn't want to be roped into any more schemes. James replied that he'd try to keep his scheming to a minimum, but scheming with Daisy was fun.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shayne woke up from a dream about Lara. He told Dinah that, in the dream, he tried to hand their baby to Lara but then saw Edmund dripping with water. Dinah assured Shayne that Edmund was gone for good. Shayne stated that there were still some loose ends to tie up. Shayne acknowledged that his dreams were starting to freak him out and suggested that, perhaps, they were a wake-up call for him to do something.

Dinah gently wondered if they were telling him to tell Marina about the baby. She wondered if the dreams were a way of saying that he could not stay away from his child. Shayne doubted that was it. Shayne thought Lara wanted him to do something. Dinah thought it was for Shayne to acknowledge his son, but Shayne thought it had something to do with Edmund.

While getting ready for work, Mallet greeted Marina and Henry, who were still in bed. Mallet told Marina that he might be working late because he had to question all of their friends about Edmund's death. Later, downstairs in the kitchen, Marina brought up Mallet's gung-ho attitude towards the investigation and Mallet admitted that he loved working on a big case. When Marina expressed hope that the Edmund case would be done soon, Mallet admitted that he thought it was murder.

Marina told Mallet to drop the case, since whoever killed Edmund had done the town a favor. Marina thought they should just let Edmund be dead and buried. At that point, Shayne called and told Marina that he was having a "We survived Edmund Winslow" gathering in the park. Shayne called it a way of putting Edmund to rest once and for all. When the call ended, Marina told Mallet that she wanted to go to the gathering to support Shayne. She asked Mallet to come but told him not to go to canvas suspects.

While out jogging, Remy thought about Edmund's diamonds and said "Sorry, Prince. It's finder's keepers." Later, Christina talked to Remy about needing money to open up the day care center. Remy stated that he had the answers to all of their money problems.

Christina asked if Remy had been gambling again. He denied it and Christina noted that money did not just fall out of the sky. Remy implied that he could have come into an unexpected windfall, such as winning the lottery. Suddenly, Mallet called and asked them to come to the station to talk about Edmund, since they were Mallet's best lead.

At the station, Mallet received some of Edmund's effects, which were found in a safety deposit box. One of them was a DVD intended to be placed in a time capsule for the Lara Foundation. As Mallet watched it, Remy and Christina entered and recognized Edmund's voice as one of the voices they heard in the park.

Jeffrey read a story in the newspaper speculating that Edmund's death was not an accident. He mentioned the article to Reva who said she was surprised that Edmund survived as long as he had. Jeffrey brought up the fact that Reva didn't sleep very well the previous night and asked what was wrong, because she always slept well. Reva told Jeffrey that he worried too much.

While Jeffrey was outside, Olivia came by and asked him to testify on Rafe's behalf at Rafe's hearing. Jeffrey agreed to do it, since he liked Rafe. Olivia started talking about how Rafe being free would make Natalia happy. However, she also acknowledged that it could create complications for them, as well. Jeffrey asked if Olivia and Natalia were indeed a couple. Olivia denied it and said that they were "friends, and a bit more." Jeffrey noted that they meant they were a couple, but Olivia was reluctant to put a label on it.

Olivia went on to say that she was helping Natalia since, as a mother, she knew that one would do anything to protect their child. Jeffrey said that sometimes people went too far. Olivia deduced that he was talking about Reva and said that she should have never told him about seeing Reva with Edmund. Reva overheard the exchange and stormed out of the house saying that Olivia was the rat who told on her.

Reva accused Olivia of wanting to go to the cops, also. Olivia said that she did not tell Jeffrey as a way to stab Reva in the back. As the pair bickered, Shayne called and invited Reva to his "We survived Edmund" gathering. Jeffrey thought going was a bad idea, but Olivia suggested that it might look suspicious if Reva did not go.

Aside from Shayne and Dinah, Josh was the first person to arrive at the park. They discussed Edmund, and Josh stated that Edmund would not hurt anyone ever again. At that point, Marina arrived with Henry. Marina gave Henry to Shayne to hold. When Shayne asked about Henry's health, Marina stated that he was fine and that he was going to have a checkup later that day. Marina stated that they were lucky to get a donor.

Shayne decided to get things started and made a toast to life. Shayne said that one of Edmund's problems was that he never connected to anyone. At that point, Reva, Jeffrey, and Olivia arrived. Olivia and Jeffrey both said that they thought fatherhood would have changed Edmund, but apparently it was too late.

Shayne noted that Edmund died alone because he let hatred and mistrust guide his life. Shayne called Edmund a tortured soul and hoped that he was at peace. Everyone discussed the most horrible things that Edmund had done to them. Dinah toasted to Edmund's killer and declared it "a job well done."

Mallet arrived with Remy and Christina and asked them listen to see if they recognized the voice that was with Edmund. When they approached the group, Marina told everyone that Mallet was there as a friend, not a cop. Mallet gave Shayne the DVD that he'd received and offered to play it for the group on his laptop. Josh thought the DVD would upset Shayne, but Shayne told Mallet to play it.

On the DVD intended for future generations, Edmund gave a moving speech about having lived most of his life in an empty and selfish manner. Edmund stated that while he had coveted the title of Prince, he would gladly give it up if it meant he could have spent more time making Lara happy. Edmund told the listeners not to waste time on material things. and if one was lucky enough to be loved, hold on to it.

Josh, Jeffrey, and Shayne were moved by the speech and regretted that Edmund was not able to have spent more time with Lara. Reva blurted out that she still hated Edmund and called him a monster. As Reva ranted and raved about how horrible Edmund was, Christina told Mallet that Reva's voice was the one she heard with Edmund.

Later, Marina told Shayne that she hoped the gathering helped him. Shayne thanked Marina for being a friend and said that he was happy that he got to give Lara's father a proper send-off. Afterwards, Shayne told Dinah that she was right-he had to tell Marina the truth. When Shayne expressed how hard it was going to be, Dinah offered to go with him but Shayne said that he needed to do it alone.

When Shayne asked how he was going to be able to look his oldest friend in the eye and destroy her world, Dinah told him to look on the bright side: if it weren't for Shayne, Marina would not have a child.

An upset Josh asked Mallet if it was really necessary to have played the tape. Mallet responded that a man was dead and people needed to be reminded that everyone's death had consequences.

Olivia called Natalia and said that, no matter what, nothing would get in their way. Olivia said that Natalia was too important to her and that what they had was what Olivia wanted.

Mallet asked Christina if she was certain that it was Reva's voice she heard with Edmund. Christina confirmed that it was. When Mallet walked off, Christina asked a pensive Remy what he was thinking about. Remy stated that Edmund had all of the riches in the world, yet all he did was hurt people. Remy said, because of that, Edmund did not deserve his riches. Christina said that it showed that money did not buy happiness, but Remy was not so sure about that.

As Jeffrey tried to rush Reva out of the park, Mallet approached and told Reva that he needed to ask her some questions about Edmund.

Shayne went to Marina's and told her that they needed to talk.

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