One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on OLTL

Shane got sick on junk food while with Rex, and Gigi demanded that her son move back home with her. John shot and killed Powell. Natalie and Jared revealed to the family that Bess had switched Hope and Chloe. Jessica recalled the night of the baby's birth, and Bess emerged and ran off with the baby. Kyle insisted that he didn't know about his sister Rebecca helping Powell. Téa was hurt during an explosion, and Rebecca was killed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Roses In December

After the prom, Cole escorted Starr to Todd's house. Before entering, they discussed the visit that they had paid to Hope's grave. Starr stated that she had a weird feeling that everything would change as a result of Hope's body being exhumed.

Upon entering the house, Starr and Cole were startled to discover Kyle relaxing on the couch. Starr wondered if Kyle had information regarding Hope's DNA test, but Kyle lied and claimed that he had been hired to babysit Jack and Sam. Certain that Kyle was up to something, Cole sent Starr upstairs to check on the boys.

Meanwhile, as John drove around in search of Marty, Pete offered advice on how to locate Marty. Reminding himself that Pete was a hallucination, John tried to tune him out, but Pete persisted. Pete gave John clues on where Powell had possibly taken Marty.

Alone with Kyle, Cole demanded to know what information Kyle had concerning Hope. Before Kyle could respond, a telephone call interrupted the conversation. Desperate to evade Cole's questioning, Kyle rushed to answer Todd's phone. Assuming that Rebecca was the caller, Kyle called out her name. John suggested that Kyle guess again and demanded to know Rebecca and Powell's whereabouts. When John remarked that Kyle was in serious trouble, a nervous Kyle hung up the phone.

As Cole continued to question Kyle, Starr rushed downstairs with a despondent Jack. Starr related that she had discovered Sam asleep and Jack hiding in an upstairs closet. Citing that Jack was terrified and refused to talk, Starr was certain that something terrible had happened to her parents. Cornered, Kyle tried to run away, but Officer Fish, his old fraternity brother, apprehended Kyle at the front door.

Kyle attempted to convince Fish to let him go, but Fish refused. Fish revealed that John had phoned and was convinced that Kyle was involved in a crime. John arrived on the scene and demanded answers, but Kyle wouldn't provide any. When Cole inquired about his mother, John didn't give Cole any details. But he did promise to find Marty.

After Fish placed Kyle under arrest and took him to the police station for questioning, John sought answers from a frightened Jack, who sat in complete silence. Providing him with pictures of Powell and Rebecca, John enlisted Jack's help in finding Todd and Blair. Finally, Jack broke his silence. The terrified child told John that Powell had taken his parents and Téa away. He said that Powell had threatened to hurt Sam if he told anyone the truth. Jack begged John to find his parents.

Outside of Llanfair, Natalie and Jared enjoyed a romantic moment. Natalie stated that she was delighted that they had gotten married. The happy times came to an abrupt halt, when Jared reminded Natalie that the truth about Starr's baby would be revealed in a few hours. Worried about how Jessica would handle the news, Natalie expressed her wish that Jessica would never learn that her child was dead. As Jared reassured Natalie that he would stand by her side, Natalie realized that things would never be the same again.

On the other side of the door, Jessica and Brody shared a goodnight kiss. Brody said that he didn't want to leave, but Jessica reminded him that they couldn't risk Natalie finding them together. Brody decided to leave, and Jessica headed upstairs to check on Chloe.

Upstairs, Rebecca smiled as she leaned over Chloe's bed. Rebecca told the child that she was in the wrong house. Rebecca hid when Jessica entered the room. As Rebecca peered around the corner of the room, Jessica wondered why Chloe was awake.

When Brody opened the door, he discovered Natalie in Jared's arms, as if he were carrying her over the threshold. After spotting Brody, Natalie demanded to know why he was at Llanfair. Accusing him of breaking into the house, Natalie lashed out at Brody and insisted that he was stalking Jessica. Upon hearing the commotion, Jessica emerged and tried to calm Natalie. Unable to reason with her sister, Jessica told Natalie that she and Brody were involved and that it was a complicated matter. Natalie grew concerned when Jessica refused to comment any further.

When Natalie expressed a concern about Jessica's state of mind, Jessica became alarmed, and wondered if Natalie thought she was having a relapse. After assuring Natalie that she was fine, Jessica noticed the wedding band on Natalie's finger and asked if Natalie and Jared had gotten married. Both Natalie and Jared stood speechless. When Jared denied Jessica's revelation, Jessica was certain that the couple were married. She informed them that they didn't need to lie because they hadn't done anything wrong.

Jessica observed Natalie and Jared exchange nervous glances. Natalie insisted on locating Viki at once. Sensing that her sister was withholding information, Jessica demanded to know what Natalie and Jared were hiding. Suddenly, Jessica experienced a flashback of Tess giving birth and pleading with the child to cry. Jessica raced off to check on Chloe.

Natalie asked Brody to leave. Convinced that trouble was brewing and that Jessica might need him, Brody refused to leave. Meanwhile, Jessica entered Chloe's room and discovered that the child was missing.

In the basement of the KAD house, Powell shot and wounded Téa after she tried to escape. A panicked Blair told Powell that he had killed Téa, who lay unconscious on the ground. After checking her pulse, Powell announced, "She's not dead yet! The party is just getting started!"

When Téa regained consciousness, Powell pushed her and Blair inside a small, dark room in the basement. Hysterical, Téa began verbally attacking Powell. Referring to him as a rapist, Téa insisted that he was doing the same thing to them that he had done to Marty, several years earlier - holding an innocent woman against her will. Powell became enraged when Téa remarked that Powell was just as bad as Todd. Fed up with Téa's harsh words, an angered Powell broke the gas valve, causing a gas leak. As he padlocked the door, Powell laughed and informed the women that they didn't have long to live.

As he headed upstairs, Powell discovered Rebecca at the door, with Chloe in her arms. Rebecca told Powell that Chloe was the ultimate prize.

As gas filled the basement, Blair blamed Téa for upsetting Powell and placing them in danger. Declaring that her children wouldn't become orphans, Blair ordered Téa to help her break out of the basement. In an attempt to prevent the gas from escaping, the women removed their clothing and covered the holes in the gas pipe. Upon noticing a window, Blair hoisted Téa up toward the window. Unable to reach the window, Téa fell and was knocked unconscious. After Blair managed to wake her, Téa screamed that they were going to die together in the basement. Blair ordered Téa to pull herself together and help plan an escape.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Kevin's old room, Marty's memories of the night she was raped in the fraternity house came flooding back to her. A shackled Todd watched as Marty began to recall explicit details of that fateful night. Upon realizing that Marty had regained her memory, Todd helped her remember everything about that night. When an angry Marty remarked that she knew what he had done to her and hated remembering, Todd encouraged her to remember everything that had taken place that night. Although he hated the fact that Marty recalled how he had hurt her, Todd insisted that she needed to remember in order to regain control of her life. Todd listened as Marty recounted vivid memories of the night of the rape.

With Todd's assistance, Marty began to remember details about her marriage to Patrick and giving birth to Cole. Marty recalled Patrick's favorite poem, "Roses in December." A smile crossed Marty's face when she realized that she remembered her son. As Marty continued to reminisce about her past, Powell entered the room holding Chloe and interrupted her thoughts. A stunned Marty wondered what Powell was doing with Jessica's baby.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Power Failure

Blair and Téa remained trapped in a boiler room. As noxious fumes filled the room, Téa was certain that she and Blair were going to die. Blair clung to the hope that John would rescue them. Téa observed that she and Blair had a lot in common. Téa went as far as to suggest that she and Blair might have been friends had circumstances been different. Blair scoffed at the idea. Blair insisted that she hated Téa.

Téa wondered why Blair would waste her dying breath insulting Téa. Blair recalled how Téa had married Todd and then had helped him to gain full custody of Starr. Téa didn't apologize for what she had done. Téa wondered if Blair had another reason for hating her.

Blair considered losing custody of Starr more than sufficient reason to dislike Téa. Téa countered that the kids were always Blair's default excuse. Téa suspected that the primary reason that Blair hated Téa was because Blair resented Téa's relationship with Todd. Blair laughed at the suggestion that she was jealous. Blair insisted that she was with John.

Téa pointed out that John had married Blair, so that Blair could retain custody of the children. Blair couldn't dispute the obvious, but she did remind Téa that John and Blair had been in a romantic relationship before their marriage. Téa was certain that Blair's feelings for Todd were far stronger than her feelings for John. Blair turned the tables on Téa; she accused Téa of being in love with Todd.

Téa freely admitted that Todd was the love of her life. Téa's forthrightness inspired Blair to acknowledge that Todd was the love of her life, too. Téa seemed to appreciate Blair's honesty; she dropped her head on Blair's shoulder and smiled. Téa remained worried that they would perish in the boiler room, so she decided to share a secret with Blair. Téa warned Blair that it was something that Téa had not told anyone.

At Todd's house, John questioned Jack. Jack was rattled, so his memories were hazy. John remained patient while Starr offered Jack support. When Jack recalled that he had seen envelopes, containing invitations, John realized the significance of the date. John suspected that Powell had attempted to recreate the night of Marty's rape. Cole didn't understand how Blair and Téa figured into Powell's plans. John decided to check his hunch out by going to the old KAD fraternity house. John left Cole in charge of Jack and Starr until Fish arrived at Todd's house.

Later, Jack and Cole were playing a video game when Starr brought them a snack. Jack apologized to Starr for lying to her on the telephone when their parents had been in trouble. Starr and Cole assured Jack that what he had done had been heroic. Jack decided to get some more cookies to nibble on. Before he left the room, Jack pulled Starr aside to tell her that he loved her. Starr smiled as she told Jack that she loved him, too. After Jack left, Cole approached Starr then embraced her.

John called the police station when he reached the old KAD fraternity house. He asked to speak to Fish, then Bo, but was told that both men were unavailable. John's frustration mounted as he entered the fraternity house. John's focus was on the phone call, so he didn't hear Rebecca's approach. Rebecca managed to hit John in the back of the head with a heavy object. John dropped the phone as he fell to the ground.

Rebecca decided to neutralize John by injecting him with an unknown substance. John regained consciousness in time to stop Rebecca from stabbing him with the syringe. They struggled briefly before John gained the upper hand. He was forced to inject Rebecca with the syringe.

In the bedroom, Powell held Chloe in his arms. Powell took delight in tormenting Todd with the baby. Todd begged Powell not to hurt Jessica's daughter. Powell hinted that the baby wasn't Jessica's. He spent several minutes inviting Todd and Marty to guess who the baby's parents were. Todd and Marty were confused by the question.

Eventually, Powell tired of the game; he revealed that the baby he held wasn't Viki's, but Todd's granddaughter. Marty and Todd stared at Powell with disbelief. Powell insisted it was the truth; he speculated that Jessica, or one of alter egos, had switched babies when something had gone wrong during the birth. Marty reminded Todd that Chloe and Hope had been born on the same day.

Powell wondered if the baby had inherited the same gene that had made many of the Lords "crazy." Todd worried that Powell intended to harm Chloe. He asked what Powell wanted from him. Powell revealed that he wanted Todd to redeem himself by returning the child to her mother. Todd thought that Powell meant to release him, but it was all part of Powell's game. Powell refused to free Todd.

Powell said that the night of the Spring Fling, Todd had been the one with all of the power, not Powell. Powell relished that he was finally in charge. Todd decided to tell Powell what he wanted to hear. He agreed that Powell had all of the power. Todd begged Powell not to use Blair, Téa, Marty, and Chloe to punish Todd. Powell began rambling about redemption and how no one could be saved.

Marty disagreed with Powell. She credited Powell with saving her. Marty claimed that all of her memories had returned because Powell had brought her to the scene of her rape. She thanked Powell for giving her back her life. Powell apologized to Marty for all he had done to her.

Powell asked Marty how he could make amends. Marty pleaded with Powell to give her the baby. Powell slowly handed Chloe to Marty. Marty hugged the child to her then turned to look at Todd. Todd mouthed a thank you to Marty, which Powell saw.

Powell was enraged when he saw the relief on Todd's face. Powell stalked over to the bed with a knife. As Powell lunged the knife at Todd, a shot rang out. Marty watched as Powell collapsed on top of Todd. When Marty turned her head to the doorway, John stood inside the room, his smoking gun still aimed in Powell's direction.

At Llanfair, Jessica entered the nursery. She screamed when she noticed that Chloe's crib was empty.

Downstairs, Natalie and Jared confronted Brody. They demanded that Brody leave their home, but Brody refused to budge. Their argument was cut short when they heard Jessica scream. A frantic search of the house for Chloe turned up nothing. Viki and Charlie decided to call 9-1-1.

A short time later, Bo arrived at the house. Bo quickly issued an Amber Alert and reassured Jessica that he had his entire force searching for Chloe. Jessica was distraught by her daughter's disappearance. Bo asked Jessica if there was any reason to suspect someone of deliberately taking Chloe. No one noticed the long look that Natalie and Jared exchanged. Meanwhile, Jessica insisted that she had no idea who had taken her baby.

Natalie and Jared remained downstairs while everyone returned to the nursery, hoping to spot a clue. Natalie worried that Kyle had taken Chloe. Later, when everyone gathered in the library, Jessica remained visibly shaken. Natalie stepped forward to admit that she might have information about Chloe's disappearance. Jessica was stunned that Natalie hadn't spoken up sooner. Jessica demanded to know what information Natalie had.

Natalie was hesitant to say anything more; she claimed it was complicated. It didn't matter to Jessica; she just wanted her child found. Natalie told everyone that Kyle Lewis had asked quite a few questions about Chloe. Natalie was spared from explaining further when Bo's cell phone rang.

All conversation halted while Bo took the call. Afterwards, Bo revealed that Kyle had been arrested at Todd's house. Bo added that no mention of a baby had been made. Jessica decided that she wanted to talk to Kyle herself. Brody offered to drive Jessica.

After Jessica, Brody, and Bo left, Natalie asked Viki to wait. Natalie admitted that she had something to say about Chloe. Natalie explained that she hadn't been able to tell the truth while Jessica had been in the room.

Clint demanded to know what Natalie had to say. Natalie confessed that Kyle had been blackmailing her and Jared; Kyle had proof that Chloe was not Jessica's daughter.

In the car, Brody tried to reassure Jessica. Jessica was haunted by memories of her daughter's birth and Bess's determination to solve Jessica's problems.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Rex awakened from a fitful slumber in the loft to find Gigi in bed beside him. Relieved to learn that his nightmares of losing his beloved were just fantasy, Rex snuggled up to Gigi as she promised to never leave him.

Suddenly, Shane's voice interrupted Rex's reverie, and he woke up once more, this time into the real world, where Shane was complaining of sudden stomach pains. Fearing that Shane's illness was relapsing, Rex leapt out of bed and hit the lights, awakening an annoyed Stacy on the couch. Rex told Stacy that they had to get Shane to the hospital, and grabbed the phone to call Gigi, though Stacy attempted to convince him not to. Irritated, Shane said Gigi was probably with Brody, anyway. Rex told Shane and Stacy that Gigi was Shane's mother, and had to be there for him.

At the Kappa Alpha Delta fraternity house, John stormed into Kevin Buchanan's former bedroom after gunning Powell down. Tossing Powell's body aside, he quickly freed Todd and Marty from their bonds.

John reassured Todd that the children were safe, and asked about Blair and Téa. Marty explained that Powell had taken the women away, and informed John that she had regained her memories. As she stared at Chloe, she told John that Powell had told them that the child was Starr's, not Jessica's.

Todd, Marty, John, and Chloe made their way down to the foyer, where Todd was shocked to see the unconscious Rebecca. John explained Rebecca had been Powell's accomplice. Todd wanted to search the house for Blair and Téa, but John convinced him to get Marty and Chloe to the hospital in Rebecca's car. John promised he would find the others. Reluctantly, Todd agreed, leaving with Marty and the baby as John headed for the basement.

In the boiler room, Téa struggled for breath as she prepared to tell Blair her deep, dark secret. Blair suggested she hurry up, as they were both on the verge of blacking out from the gas leak. Lost in her thoughts, Téa told Blair she'd been holding her secret in for a long time, and hadn't told a living soul. She hoped that if Blair lived, she could do something about it. Just as Téa was about to spill the beans, she turned to look at Blair, finding her unconscious.

Overcome, Téa laid her head on Blair's shoulder. She murmured that she wished they didn't have to die in such a way, and admitted that, like Blair, she'd wanted to die in Todd's arms, with him telling her she was the only woman he loved. Her words trailing off, Téa passed out.

Out on the road, Brody and Jessica sped towards the police station. Jessica was beside herself with fear for Chloe, and as her agitation grew, her mind began to summon more and more flashbacks to the night of the baby's birth.

Brody noticed Jessica's altered state, and asked her if she was all right. Jessica told Brody she was having strange memories of Bess and Chloe that didn't make sense, but insisted she was fine and told him to keep going. Soon, however, her fragmented memories of Bess and the Chloe/Hope switch overtook her, and Jessica passed out. Panicked, Brody drove towards Llanview Hospital.

At Llanfair, Viki, Clint, and Charlie were surprised when Natalie stopped them from following Jessica to the station. Jared and Natalie explained that they hadn't been able to tell the whole truth while Jessica was present. Viki wanted to know what was going on, and Natalie confessed the truth: Chloe was not Jessica's baby.

As Jared and Natalie began to unspool the sordid tale of the baby switch, Viki, Clint, and Charlie listened with shock and disbelief. Clint said it couldn't be possible, as he and Viki had found Jessica with Chloe at the cottage. Natalie explained that they'd found her there, but not with her baby. Jared and Natalie recounted their investigation into Jessica's mysterious hospital parking pass, and the security camera footage, which had led them to realize why Bess had shown herself to the world in order to protect Jessica. They told their parents that after Chloe was stillborn, Bess had taken her to the hospital, and swapped her with Starr and Cole's living child.

Clint was in denial, and demanded proof. Jared and Natalie said they'd run DNA tests with Kyle Lewis, who had turned on them and blackmailed them with the truth. Viki and Clint couldn't believe they had chosen to keep the information from the family. Natalie begged for understanding, and said she felt she'd had no choice but to protect Jessica from another horrible loss. Clint thundered that the switch proved Jessica was not integrated, and they were playing with fire. Natalie said she'd only tried to do what was best for her sister. Jared added that they knew Starr and Cole were investigating Hope's death, and thus had planned to come clean to everyone in the morning.

At Llanview Hospital, Brody rushed into the emergency room carrying the unconscious Jessica. She was quickly admitted to an exam room, but when Jessica awoke, all she could think of was getting to Chloe. Brody implored her to rest while he called her parents. Leaving Jessica's room, Brody called Viki at Llanfair. He asked her to come to the hospital, and said Jessica was having a strange episode. Fearing the worst, Viki and Clint headed for the hospital.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Rex, Stacy, and Shane waited on a doctor. Gigi arrived and rushed to her son's side, but Shane gave her the cold shoulder, asking if she'd been with Brody. Gigi said she had been home alone, missing him. As Stacy sneered, Gigi hustled Rex away for a parental pow-wow.

While a doctor examined Shane, Rex and Gigi went over Shane's symptoms and vented their fears together. Stacy repeatedly tried to butt into the conversation and draw Rex's attention, to no avail.

Shane returned with the doctor, who explained that Shane was fine and had just had too much junk food at a friend's house. Rex and Gigi were relieved, and Rex apologized for calling Gigi out in the middle of the night. Gigi reassured him that Shane was her son, too, and they shared the same love for him. Stacy looked on in disgust.

As the Morascos took Shane back to Rex's loft, Shane told Gigi she hadn't needed to come all the way back to the apartment, and asked her to leave. Gigi said he was the one that would be leaving. She ordered her son to pack his bags; he was going home with her.

Back at the KAD house, John entered the basement and quickly surmised that Blair and Téa were in the boiler room. Breaking the door down, he found them inside the gas-choked chamber. John whipped out his phone and called the Llanview police department. He explained that he had killed Powell Lord, and asked for an ambulance.

Upstairs in the foyer, Rebecca came to, calling for Powell. She heard John in the basement, telling the police he had killed Powell. Staggering to her feet, she headed downstairs.

Back on the road, Todd and Marty made their own way to the hospital with Chloe. As Marty took stock of her returned memories, she expressed surprise that Todd had pushed her to take them back, as it meant she'd hate him even more than before. Marty thought it was sick that Todd had been the one to give her back her life, but Todd said it had been the only thing he could do.

Todd and Marty marveled at Chloe, and as Todd looked at her, he felt certain she resembled Starr. He asked Marty if she could see the resemblance, and wondered if Chloe really could be Hope. Todd and Marty agreed to have tests run before approaching the kids, and Marty feared for Jessica if their suspicions were proven correct. Todd said he didn't think his niece could handle the shock.

Back at Llanfair, Jared and Natalie sat alone with Charlie, worrying about Jess. Jared asked if his father could understand the impossible choice they'd had to make for Jessica. Charlie said that he of all people understood making the wrong choice for the right reasons. Natalie was consumed with fear, worrying what would become of her sister when the truth came out.

At the hospital, Todd and Marty arrived with Chloe, just as Viki and Clint entered and met with Brody outside Jessica's room. Upon seeing the baby, Viki screamed, "Chloe!" Hearing her mother's cry from the nearby exam room, Jessica rushed out into the hallway and tore Chloe from Marty's arms, overjoyed to be reunited with her "daughter."

At the KAD house, John raced into the boiler room and carried Blair out, laying her against the wall in the corridor. As he ran back in to get Téa, Rebecca made her way into the basement.

Just as John had scooped Téa up, Rebecca entered the boiler room. John told Rebecca they had to get out, but Rebecca just grinned at him and held up a box of matches. John screamed for Rebecca to stop, but Rebecca lit a match, and the boiler room exploded with light.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus...

Blaming Rex for Shane's overdose on junk food even though it was at the hands of Moe and Noelle, Gigi firmly demanded that Shane had to return home with her. She suggested that Rex come with them if he felt that he couldn't be separated from his son. Stacy voiced her opinion on the subject, feeling that things could be uncomfortable in the middle of Gigi's love life, especially if Brody were around. Snapping at her sister, Gigi informed her that Brody was not at her home and that she would not leave without her son.

Rex wanted to allow Shane to decide which parent to stay with, but Stacy again offered her advice. Feeling that Rex should take the lead, Stacy felt certain that Shane should be returned to his mother and that the boy was too young to decide for himself. Taking Stacy's advice, Rex agreed that Shane should return to his mother, who would be able to watch over his medicines, diet, and appointments. He promised to see him every day and firmly told his son that he did not have a choice. Rex put Shane in his place when the boy wasted no time in being rude to his mother. Rex expressed his unhappiness at the way the boy was treating Gigi.

After Gigi and Shane left, Stacy assured Rex that he had made the right decision and that Shane would be fine. Rex wondered why it felt wrong.

As Starr and Cole slowly awakened from their night on the sofa, still clothed in their prom outfits, they looked around for their parents. The guards maintained their watch outside of Todd's house. Answering a sudden knock on the door, they were surprised to find Marcie and Michael. The couple was there to bring the teenagers up to date on the tests run to determine the cause of Hope's death. As Michael stammered on his words, Marcie cut to the chase. She informed Starr and Cole that the buried baby was not Hope. The four contemplated the possible scenarios leading to the incorrect baby being buried in Hope's plot.

As a skeptical Cole listened, the McBains shared their belief that the baby mix-up had probably occurred at the funeral home, because the hospital had a strict "chain of custody" regarding the handling of the baby. Cole didn't believe that there just happened to be another dead baby at the funeral home and felt certain that the confusion was at the hospital.

Starr wondered if their baby could actually be alive, because the odds were slim that there were two dead babies on the same night. Insisting that they saw Hope after she died, Cole remained pessimistic as Starr suggested that perhaps it was someone else. Starr explained that she always felt that nothing felt real about her baby's death, especially when she held Chloe.

Cole admitted that while his feelings were the same as Starr's, he could not allow them to linger. He was sure that Hope was gone. Michael and Marcie left for the funeral home and promised to find out what happened to Hope. They assured the young couple that they were great parents for pursuing the mysterious turn of events involving their baby.

As Starr began to clean up her brothers' toys, she was short with Cole. He apologized for not backing her up in the belief that Hope was still alive. She declared that their beliefs were neither wrong nor right. He admitted that he couldn't allow himself to think about something that he couldn't have. He couldn't run away from the "what is," he explained, since that was what led him to drugs in the first place. He had to concentrate and stay focused.

After the explosion at the Kappa Alpha Delta house, an unconscious John and Blair slowly came to. John, managing to set himself free from the rubble, made his way to Blair and uncovered her, as well. Before she became hysterical, John reassured her that Powell was dead, that her kids were all safe, and that Marty and Todd had gotten out of the house. Blair wanted to help John locate Téa, but as they headed towards the boiler room, Bo arrived with a pair of EMTs. Bo and John gently uncovered Téa and the medical personnel got to work. She was placed on a stretcher and the EMTs headed for the hospital with her.

John informed Bo that Rebecca was somewhere in the house. He told Bo about the doctor lighting a match with the escaping gas in the room. After Bo heard of the actions of Powell and Rebecca, he informed John that the APB and the arrest warrant for John had been called off. He wanted statements from both John and Blair, but agreed to wait until the following day. Blair refused medical help and insisted on seeing her children and Todd.

At Llanview Hospital, a relieved Jessica was reunited with Chloe as her family and friends looked on in various stages of discomfort. Insisting that she merely had an anxiety attack, Jessica felt it unnecessary to be examined further. Todd explained that their crazy cousin Powell had taken Chloe and he and Marty filled everyone in on the events at the KAD house. A confused Jessica admitted that she couldn't understand why Chloe had been involved, but Todd reiterated that it was because Powell was crazy. As Jessica went into the examination room, she looked on uneasily when Todd asked to speak to Viki privately.

Clint listened as Brody told him about Jessica's behavior in the car. He felt certain that she had suffered more than an anxiety attack and had "freaked out" and then blacked out. He was certain she had suffered a breakdown.

As Todd told his sister what Powell had disclosed about the baby, Viki cut him off. She indicated that she had just learned Chloe's true identity prior to arriving at the hospital. She refused to disclose the fact that Natalie and Jared had been the ones to reveal the information and she admitted that she had no real evidence. They agreed that a DNA test was needed and that Jessica would have to be told.

Viki expressed her concern for her daughter's health and asked Todd and Marty to leave. She felt that she and Clint should be the ones to break the news to Jessica.

As the emergency room doctor perused Jessica's records, he asked about her time at St. Anne's. She filled him in quickly and briefly, and again insisted that she was feeling fine. Holding her baby, Jessica refused to be parted from Chloe and turned down everyone's offers to hold the baby while she herself was examined. While she was alone in the room, she looked into the mirror and saw Bess looking back, motioning for Jessica to remain quiet. Jessica continued to have flashbacks to the night of her baby's birth.

As Viki and Clint entered the room, Jessica demanded to know why everyone was trying to take her baby away. Viki quietly assured Jessica that they were trying to make things easy for her. Demanding to see the doctor, Jessica stated that she would check herself out if need be. Leaving to look for the doctor and feeling that Jessica was aware of the truth deep down inside, Clint and Viki felt that she would never be ready to hear the truth.

Brody agreed that he would always be on Jessica's side. He was worried about Jessica and offered to hold Chloe. Hearing loud voices all at once inside her head, Jessica asked Brody to get her a glass of water. Spying the doctor's glasses left behind on the bed, she picked them up. Clint finally arranged to have Dr. Levin see Jessica and notified Viki that they would have to stall Jessica.

Just then Téa was wheeled into the hospital. Brody told Viki and Clint that something was wrong with Jessica and that she wasn't behaving like herself. Heading into her room, they found Chloe and Jessica gone.

Todd and Marty arrived at Todd's house, where Starr and Cole greeted them with colossal hugs. Todd expressed his regret; he felt responsible for the chain of events that lead to Powell's actions. Starr assured him that Powell's actions were Powell's fault, not Todd's. Starr was worried about her mother, so Todd comforted his daughter, explaining that John was searching for her and was probably with her even as they spoke. Cole was concerned for his mother but Marty swore that she was okay. Getting serious, Marty informed the teens that they all had something to discuss. Todd added that it was complicated.

Driving down a country road, Bess drove quickly and began to sing to Chloe, seated in the backseat. "The wheels on the bus go round and round..."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Clinging To Hope

As John drove her away from the crime scene at the KAD fraternity house, Blair insisted that John take her to Todd's home so that she could unite with her children. Remembering the frightful hours that she had shared with Téa in the basement of the KAD house, Blair inquired about Téa's condition. John told Blair that he hadn't received an update on Téa, but he was certain that her condition was critical. Acknowledging that she and Téa had discovered that they shared a great deal in common, Blair expressed concern for Téa.

At Todd's house, Marty and Todd reunited with their children. Afterward, Todd and Marty told Starr and Cole that they had important information to share with them. Before they could reveal that Hope was alive, Todd received a call from Blair, who related that an injured Téa had been taken to Llanview Hospital. Todd appeared concerned when Blair alerted him that Téa's condition was serious. Blair advised Todd that Téa needed him.

After reassuring Starr that her mother was fine, Todd announced that he was going to visit Téa at the hospital. Before he left for the hospital, Todd and Marty decided to tell their children the news about Hope once Todd had returned home.

Back inside John's car, Blair thanked John for coming to her rescue. Blair asked John if he wanted to discuss the state of their marriage, but John declined. He stated that they had more pressing matters to contend with. When John told Blair about Powell's claim concerning Hope, Blair didn't believe that her granddaughter was alive, and baulked at the thought of it.

With Chloe in the backseat, Bess drove to an unknown destination. Bess told the child that they were headed to a location where no one would ever find them.

At Llanview Hospital, Viki, Clint, and Brody were alarmed when they discovered that Jessica and Chloe were missing. When Brody mentioned that Jessica had appeared confused and had experienced terrible headaches and blackouts, Viki realized that Jessica had learned the truth about Chloe and that Bess had resurfaced in an attempt to protect Jessica. As Brody rushed off to see if Jessica was still on the hospital grounds, Viki and Clint worried that Jessica and Chloe were in serious trouble. Clint placed a call to Jessica. Observing that Clint was the caller, Bess ignored the call.

Brody returned and informed Viki and Clint that Jessica's car was no longer in the hospital parking lot. Clint immediately phoned Bo. Realizing that Viki and Clint were withholding information regarding Jessica, Brody demanded to know what had happened. Thanking Brody for supporting his daughter, Clint suggested that Brody leave and allow the family to deal with the crisis. Both Viki and Clint were surprised when Brody declared that he loved Jessica and wanted to help her. Viki explained to Brody that Jessica's alter ego, Bess, had taken control. Viki related that Jessica's baby had died at birth and that Bess had surfaced and switched the dead child with Hope.

Upon learning that Bo had issued a police alert for Jessica, Brody was concerned about her state of mind and decided to phone her. As Viki and Clint listened, Brody phoned Jessica. Assuming that Clint was calling again, Bess answered the phone and instructed Clint to leave her alone. Brody announced that he was the caller. The sound of Brody's voice caused Jessica to surface.

A confused Jessica, who was still steering the car, begged Brody to tell her what was going on. As Jessica took a look in the rear view mirror, she discovered that she was wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Realizing that Bess had returned, Jessica panicked and asked Brody what terrible thing Bess had done. Brody asked Jessica for her location, but Jessica had no idea where she was. After confirming that Chloe was fine, Brody asked Jessica to pull over to the side of the road.

As Brody continued to ask about Chloe's condition, Jessica had a flashback of the night Tess gave birth to the dead child. Realizing that Brody was unable to get Jessica's exact location, Viki grabbed the phone. When Viki called out to Jessica, Bess warned, "It's over, let it go Victoria! Don't try and find us!" Viki advised everyone that Bess was back.

At the Llanview police station, Bo and Fish questioned Kyle about his involvement with Rebecca and Powell. Bo advised Kyle that the police were aware that he had been blackmailing Natalie and Jared about Todd's granddaughter. Bo was certain that Kyle had gone to the Manning residence to blackmail Todd about Hope. When Kyle continued to deny having any knowledge about Todd's grandchild, Bo presented Kyle with evidence that he had retrieved from Kyle's possessions - news articles about Hope's death, and two DNA test results. Kyle was shocked when Bo informed him that Rebecca was dead. Bo accused him of helping her kidnap Hope. Admitting that Rebecca had promised to fix things, Kyle insisted that he hadn't kidnapped Hope.

In the emergency room of Llanview Hospital, as Michael examined a seriously injured Téa, Todd barged into the room. Todd asked Michael if Téa might die. Michael informed him that death was a possibility.

Alone with an unconscious Téa, Todd recalled how she had survived after Blair had pushed her out of a window. Todd promised to introduce Téa to his granddaughter once she awoke. With tears in his eyes, Todd insisted that since God didn't take Hope away from him, that he wouldn't take Téa away, either. As Michael and his staff returned to take Téa away, Todd kissed her hand and pleaded, "Wake up sweetheart!"

Back at Todd's apartment, Starr was delighted to see her mother alive and well. Marty asked for a moment alone with Blair and John. Blair was shocked when Marty confirmed that Chloe was actually their grandchild. Upon learning that Hope was alive, Blair was overcome with joy. At that moment, John received a call from Bo. Alone with Blair and Marty, John told the women that Jessica had run off with Hope. Blair wanted to tell the children, but John advised her that they should keep quiet about everything for the moment.

When Starr and Cole returned, Blair did her best to hide her concern for Hope. Everyone was stunned when Cole and Starr announced that Hope's body had been exhumed. As they revealed that the child buried in Hope's grave wasn't theirs, Jack rushed into the room and welcomed Blair home. To everyone's surprise, Jack greeted John with a hug and thanked him for bringing his parents back. Later, John watched quietly as Marty and Blair enjoyed time with their children.

At Rex's loft, Stacy listened as Rex expressed his concern over losing Shane. Rex felt terrible that his son would no longer be living with him. Stacy did her best to convince Rex that Shane would be fine. Stacy smiled as Rex thanked her for supporting him. When Stacy mentioned that she needed to find an apartment, Rex had no reaction. As Rex was engrossed in his bowl of cereal, Stacy surfed the web and made reference to the high rents that were being charged in the Llanview area.

However, Stacy wasn't looking for an apartment - the computer screen displayed a jewelry website. Unable to get a reaction from Rex, Stacy stated that she might return to Las Vegas, but she insisted that she was worried that Shane might need another transfusion and that she wouldn't be able to help if she were in another state. Rex offered to allow Stacy to stay at the loft until she found a job and a place of her own. With a devilish smile, Stacy happily accepted Rex's offer.

As Rex left to take a shower, Stacy received a call from Kyle. Kyle informed Stacy that he was in jail and needed her to bail him out. When Stacy hesitated, Kyle threatened to tell Rex the truth about her pretending to donate stem cells to Shane. Later, Stacy removed a large bundle of bills from her bag. She quickly hid the money when Rex entered the room. Stacy smiled as Rex presented her with a key to the loft.

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