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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 18, 2009 on GH
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Monday, May 18, 2009

On the Haunted Star, Holly and Luke shared a reunion. They laughingly reminisced about old times, but when Luke asked point-blank if Ethan was their son, Holly hesitated to answer. Before Luke could insist on an answer, Tracy walked in.

Tracy was immediately suspicious of Holly's motives and wanted her gone. Luke proved subtler as he probed for answers about Ethan. Holly told him that she knew the answer and he could, too, for a price. Tracy was livid and told Holly to get out.

After Holly left the Haunted Star, Luke told Tracy that he almost had the answer before she barged in and interrupted. Tracy scoffed at that remark and told Luke that Holly was after his money and she did not intend to stand by and let her get it. Luke said Holly was leaving a trail of breadcrumbs and he wanted to know where it led.

Lulu was shocked when Michael's eyes popped open and he recognized her. He wanted answers, but Lulu was so glad to see him awake, that she only had time to tell him how glad she was that he was conscious before Patrick rushed in and started examining him. Lulu went out in the hall to call Carly and Sonny to tell them the news.

At home, Jax encouraged Carly to check with her doctor about the fainting spell she had just experienced. Instead Carly sat down and cried about her lost hope for Michael. Jax comforted her, but she remained grief-stricken.

When her phone rang, Carly noted it was from Lulu, but told Jax that she did not want to talk to Lulu about Johnny, so she let the call go to voicemail. Jax decided to turn off his phone, also, so he could devote his time to making Carly feel better.

Sonny entered his den and interrupted a heated discussion between Jason and Claudia. When he wanted to know what was going on, Claudia spun a yarn about Jason protecting her from Ric's harassment. As Claudia talked, Jason rolled his eyes.

Sonny appeared to accept Claudia's story, but as soon as she went upstairs, Sonny wanted to know the true story from Jason. Before Jason could speak up, Sonny answered a call from Lulu, who told him that Michael was out of the coma. Both Sonny and Jason were ecstatic and rushed off to General Hospital.

Nikolas, Rebecca, and Alexis continued their conversation at Wyndemere. Alexis thought that Rebecca's time in Greece was suspicious. Rebecca explained that it had been a childhood dream. When Alexis pointed out a two-week gap when Rebecca's whereabouts were unaccounted for, Alexis suggested that Rebecca was with Helena. Rebecca said it was a romantic idyll with a handsome young fisherman on his boat.

Nikolas was ready to accept Rebecca's explanations, but Alexis wanted more. Rebecca told Alexis that she would refrain from having sex with Nikolas until Alexis was sure that Rebecca had no hidden motives or agenda. Alexis accepted that, but Nikolas was not thrilled. After Alexis left, Nikolas gave Rebecca a heated kiss. As the interlude became more passionate, Rebecca pulled away and told Nikolas that he would have to wait until Alexis was satisfied.

Michael was asking questions of Patrick when Sonny and Jason walked in. Both men were tearful when they saw Michael and he recognized them. Jason said that he was off to get Carly. Michael wanted to know why she was not there. He also wanted to know what had happened to him. Instead of answering his questions, Sonny apologized and told Michael that what had happened to him was all Sonny's fault.

Patrick interrupted and said that Michael needed some tests. He took Sonny aside and told him it would be better not to tell Michael all the details of what had happened and how long he had been in a coma until the test results were in. Sonny said okay.

Ethan and Lulu met in the hospital lobby. She was still in shock and told Ethan about Michael's recovery. He told her the truth about Luke, Tracy, Holly, the DNA test, and the possibility the Ethan was Luke's son. Lulu was stunned, but not angry as she questioned Ethan about what he knew. After he answered all of Lulu's queries, Ethan said that what he really wanted to know was how Lulu felt about having him as a half-brother.

Johnny rushed over to Sonny's place to see Claudia, who was panicking after finding out that Michael was awake. She told Johnny how her guilt had driven her to visit Michael in the aftercare facility to confess to him that she was responsible for his condition and to beg for his forgiveness. Claudia wanted to rush to the hospital to find out what Michael remembered, but Johnny encouraged her to wait it out.

Carly and Jax were discussing plans to return Michael to the aftercare facility when Jason knocked on the door. Carly and Jax were overjoyed with the news that Michael was awake. Carly's tears became tears of joy as they rushed to Michael's side.

Patrick was at home on the phone with the hospital making plans for Michael when Holly knocked on his door. She wanted to know if he had a room she could use during her stay in Port Charles.

Claudia dragged a reluctant Johnny to the hospital. She was determined to find out if Michael remembered what she'd said to him while he was in a coma.

Michael wanted answers from Sonny, but all Sonny would tell him was how much he loved him and how glad he was that Michael was recovering from the surgery. Carly and Jax burst happily into the room. Carly had a wide smile and tears in her eyes as she told Michael how much she loved him and how glad she was that he was back with them. She took him in her arms and hugged him close, but Michael's reaction was passive and he did not appear to reciprocate Carly's enthusiasm for their reunion.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At General Hospital, Sonny, Jason, Carly, and Jax gathered in Michael's room to talk to him. Everyone was thrilled he was awake. As everyone buzzed with excitement, Sonny noticed Claudia lurking outside Michael's hospital room. Sonny left the hospital room to speak with his wife and Johnny, who both congratulated him on Michael's recovery. Claudia wanted to see Michael, but Sonny didn't think it was a good idea, so the Zacchara siblings left.

Jason left Michael's room temporarily to call the Quartermaines. Monica answered the phone and said she was busy at that moment. Jason stopped her and said Michael was awake. Monica didn't understand that comment at first and thought Jason simply meant that Michael had made a small movement. Jason corrected her and told her Michael's eyes were open and he was talking. Monica promised she would be on her way to the hospital immediately.

Meanwhile, Michael tried to get some answers from his family regarding what happened to him that had landed him in the hospital. Carly didn't want to go into any details, and she started to panic. Jax thought Carly needed to take a break, so he took her for a walk around the hospital.

While Carly and Jax were out on their walk, they met up with Dr. Lee, who decided it would be best to do a quick exam. Afterwards, Dr. Lee confirmed that the baby was fine but Carly's blood pressure was elevated. Carly couldn't figure out how she was going to lower her level of stress when she felt good stress from Michael's recovery. Dr. Lee told Carly she needed to find a way to control her blood pressure for Carly's sake-and the baby's.

Jason was alone with Michael when Monica and Edward stopped by to visit. They were very happy to see the boy awake, but it was clear to everyone that Michael was hesitant and unsure of what had changed while he was unconscious. After the visitors left, Michael commented about his legs hurting. Jason told him that his legs had atrophied. Michael was shocked, because he knew a person had to be unconscious for quite a while for atrophy to set in. Jason realized he had slipped, so he admitted that Michael had been asleep for a long time. Jason promised that Michael would be told what had happened as soon as Carly and Sonny decided it was time.

At his house, Patrick welcomed Holly to his home and told her to make herself comfortable. He told her that he had a little girl, Emma, with Robin, but that Robin was away on sabbatical. Holly didn't understand that and questioned what it meant. Patrick explained that Robin was suffering from postpartum depression.

Soon, Patrick had to get back to the hospital to check on Michael, so Holly was left alone in the house. Holly took that opportunity to call Luke, who was just in the middle of an argument with Tracy regarding Holly. Tracy told Luke that his one weakness was his desire to leave a legacy that included a son. She felt Holly knew that weakness and was trying to exploit it.

It seemed as if Tracy was right when Holly apologized for interrupting Luke's life and promised to stay away. When the phone line disconnected, Tracy saw in Luke's eyes that he intended to find Holly. Tracy warned Luke that he would not be welcomed back home if he chased after Holly. Luke gave Tracy one last chance to admit she messed with the paternity tests, but Tracy admitted nothing. Luke left to find Holly and told Tracy that any consequences would be on her head.

At the hospital, Ethan and Lulu talked about Holly and how she might be Ethan's mother and Luke might be his father. They overheard as Patrick walked in and asked Matt for Michael's test results. Matt was upset and said he didn't have Michael's test results, and Matt felt he was always the last one to know anything - including that an attractive woman was staying at their house. Patrick quickly filled his brother in and said Holly was Robin's ex-stepmother. Matt asked if he could make a move on Holly, and Patrick told him that was okay, but he didn't think Matt was Holly's type.

Patrick finally found the test results and visited Michael's family in the boy's hospital room to tell them the good news. It appeared the results were good and not temporary. Once Patrick had left, Michael began to insist again on being told the truth about what had happened to him. Sonny and Carly disagreed over when Michael would be ready for the full story. Jason and Sonny left the increasingly tense situation, and outside, Jason tried to convince Sonny to give Michael some time before bombarding him.

Back in the hospital room, Jax tried to get Carly to leave and call Bobbie, but Carly wanted to stay with her son. Michael asked why Sonny and Carly were fighting, but Carly said they weren't fighting. Michael could see that Jason continued to fight Carly's fights for her, and he pointed that fact out to his mother. Michael wanted to know why Carly was lying to him and asked why she wasn't there when he woke up.

In the hall, Olivia found Sonny and ran to hug him and congratulate him on Michael's recovery. As they talked, Monica and Edward approached and threatened Sonny. They still blamed him for bringing danger to Michael's life, and Edward promised they would get their grandson away from Sonny and the Corinthos name. Olivia stood up for Sonny and told the Quartermaines it was too late to take Michael away from anyone who was emotionally involved. When she finished telling them off, Edward and Monica sulked away. Sonny was impressed with Olivia's strong resolve.

Olivia left the hospital and drove to Jake's for a few drinks. She sat next to Johnny, and they toasted Michael and his strength. Johnny and Olivia also talked about Claudia until a drunk Olivia reached across Johnny to get another drink when the bartender could not be found. She saw Johnny checking her out and called him on it, finding the humor in the situation and laughing. Johnny asked if she was opposed, and Olivia said no.

Lulu walked into the Quartermaine mansion to speak with Tracy, but Tracy had some news of her own to share first. Tracy told her stepdaughter that there were some problems with her marriage, and she wasn't sure Luke and Tracy would survive the fight. Lulu already knew about Holly, and said that Ethan had filled her in. Tracy wanted more information until she realized Lulu had said she had been with Ethan. Lulu said she and Ethan were close, but she wanted to know if they were brother and sister before they got any closer. Tracy wasn't sure how to answer Lulu, so Tracy admitted she had bribed a lab technician to make sure the paternity tests were negative. Tracy never found out the true results, though.

Patrick arrived home with a bottle of champagne for himself and Holly. Luke and Ethan watched from outside and became furious together. They knocked on the door together, and Holly, having expected them, answered the door. Ethan and Luke both wanted to know the same thing: who were Ethan's parents?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At the Drake residence, Luke and Ethan met with Holly. Patrick played mediator between Luke and Holly. Luke demanded to know whether or not he was Ethan's father. Holly was evasive, which prompted Luke to seek a more private setting for his discussion with Holly. Patrick intervened before Luke could drag Holly out of the house.

Patrick asked Ethan how he had met Holly. Ethan told Patrick that he had first encountered Holly when she had won all of Ethan's money during a game of poker. Luke asked if Holly had tried to seduce Ethan. When Ethan replied that she hadn't, Luke was convinced that it meant that Holly was Ethan's mother.

Luke asked Holly why she hadn't told him that she was pregnant. Holly asked Luke why he assumed that she had been with child. Patrick suggested that Luke simply have a DNA test to determine if he was Ethan's father. Luke explained that they had taken a DNA test. The results of the test had been negative, but Ethan and Luke suspected that Tracy had tampered with the test.

Patrick proposed that Luke and Ethan take another DNA test. Luke argued that they could save time by hearing the answer directly from Holly. Holly offered to answer Luke's questions in exchange for Tracy's money. Patrick thought that Ethan, Luke, and Holly were crazy; therefore, they had to be family. Patrick decided that he had wasted enough time trying to sort out Holly and Luke's family mess. Patrick went to the nursery to play with Emma and to call Robin.

Luke asked if Holly truly intended to steal all of Tracy's money and run away with Luke. Holly's smile confirmed Luke's suspicions. Luke asked Holly how Ethan factored into her plans. Holly didn't give Luke a direct answer, which Luke realized meant that Ethan had not been included in Holly's scheme. Ethan piped up that, as much as he wanted to know if Luke and Holly were his parents, he didn't want it to be at the cost of Luke's marriage to Tracy.

Luke appreciated Ethan's concern; however, he didn't need it. Luke tried to get Holly to leave with him, but Holly refused to budge. She told Luke, in no uncertain terms, that there wouldn't be any "hanky panky" until she had her money. Holly escorted Luke and Ethan to the porch then closed the front door on them. Luke was impressed with Holly. Luke suggested that Ethan prepare himself for the ride of his life; they were up against a master con artist.

Sam stopped by Jason's penthouse to drop off surveillance video for Spinelli. Sam asked Jason why he was sitting in the dark; she worried that something terrible had happened. Jason revealed that Michael had emerged from his coma. Sam got two bottles of beer out the refrigerator then invited Jason to speak his mind. Jason explained that Michael was awake and talking, but he had no memory of being shot.

Sam was happy that the surgery had been a success. She didn't understand why Jason seemed troubled. Jason explained that everyone who had visited Michael had been consumed by guilt for failing to protect Michael. Jason worried that the pressure of all that guilt was too much for Michael to handle. Sam agreed that it was a valid concern, but she was confident that therapy and support from Michael's loved ones would help Michael cope with everything.

Sam asked if there was a possibility that Michael could relapse into a coma. Jason wasn't certain, but he confided that Patrick had warned them to take it easy with Michael. Jason revealed that Michael was asking questions and Sonny wanted to tell Michael about the shooting. Jason was concerned that it was too soon for Michael to hear that his head injury had been the result of a sniper's bullet.

Sam reminded Jason that he wasn't Michael's father; it wasn't up to Jason to decide when Michael should be told about the shooting. Sam assured Jason that Michael would recover. She urged Jason to give Michael time to figure things out for himself. Sam was confident that Michael would grow to trust Jason the way that she did.

Michael's anger toward Carly was palpable. He resented her decision to have a baby; he viewed it as an attempt for Carly to replace Michael. Michael was also hurt because Carly had not been at his bedside when Michael emerged from the coma. Michael was certain that the reason Carly had been absent was because she had given up on her son. Michael's harsh accusations frustrated Jax. Jax defended Carly, insisting that Carly had nearly killed herself while trying to find a way to help Michael.

When Sonny entered the room, he asked Jax what he was doing. Jax asked Sonny to step into the hallway with him. In the hallway, Jax explained what Sonny had walked in on. Jax refused to let Michael's miracle turn into a tragedy for Carly. Jax was determined to protect Carly from the stress that Michael's resentment put on her.

In Michael's room, Carly tried to figure out why Michael was furious with her. Michael wanted to know what Jax had meant by his comment that Carly had almost killed herself. Carly was vague, hinting that she had some complications with her pregnancy. Carly's refusal to talk about it annoyed Michael. Michael accused Carly of never wanting to discuss anything of importance with him.

Instead of satisfying his curiosity, Carly assured Michael that he came second to no one. Michael countered by asking Carly why she had let Jax convince her to leave Michael's bedside. Carly insisted that she had never given up on Michael. Jax's return only served to create more tension. Jax suggested that Michael needed his rest; he asked Carly if she was ready to leave. Carly wanted to stay with Michael, but Michael urged her to go. Carly decided to leave with Jax, but she promised to return the following morning.

After Carly and Jax left, Sonny told Michael that if he wanted to blame someone, Michael should blame Sonny. Michael wanted to know the details of his injury. Sonny was reluctant to reveal anything, but Michael's desperation was evident. Michael confessed that not knowing what had happened was driving him crazy. Michael had imagined all kinds of horrible scenarios.

As Sonny sat down, he asked if Michael recalled going to the coffee warehouse. Michael remembered going there often, but he did not recall a specific incident that would explain his head injury. Michael seemed to sense that what Sonny had to tell him involved Sonny's criminal activity. To encourage his father to speak freely, Michael admitted that he knew what Sonny and Jason really did for a living.

Sonny gently told Michael about the events that had led up to the shooting. Michael was stunned when Sonny revealed that a sniper's bullet, meant for Sonny, had ricocheted and struck Michael in the head. Sonny was wracked with guilt because Michael had almost died from a bullet intended for Sonny. Michael asked how long ago the shooting had occurred. When Sonny told him that it had been over a year, Michael realized why his legs had atrophied.

Sonny profusely apologized for what had happened to Michael. Sonny hated himself for failing to protect his son. Michael responded, "Stuff happens," and pointed out that Sonny had not known about the sniper. Michael was certain that his father would have done everything in his power to protect his son had he known about the gunman. Sonny continued to apologize; he didn't feel he had the right to ask for forgiveness. Michael said that if Sonny needed forgiveness, he had it. Sonny and Michael were misty-eyed as they told each other, "I love you."

At home, Carly remained upset about Michael's reaction to her. Jax suggested that Michael's anger could be a result of his brain injury. Carly understood that it was a possibility, but it didn't change her desire for Michael to know that she loved him. Carly was filled with regret for not being at Michael's side when Michael had first opened his eyes. Jax took full responsibility; he had urged Carly to go home to get some rest. Jax was certain that, with time, Michael would come around. Carly decided to return to the hospital. She couldn't rest until she made certain that Michael knew how much she loved him.

When Carly arrived at the hospital, Michael's room was dark. Even though Michael was asleep, Carly sat down and began talking to him as if he were listening. She explained that she had to return in order to clear things up between them. Carly told Michael that she loved him; a piece of her had been ripped away when he had been hurt. Carly insisted that Michael could never be replaced.

Carly confided that when she had learned of her pregnancy, all she could think of was Michael holding his sister. She was happy that the dream would become a reality after the baby was born. Carly told Michael to sleep tight, knowing that she loved him. Carly gently kissed Michael then quietly left the room. Michael slowly opened his eyes after he heard the door close.

Johnny and Olivia barely made it inside Olivia's apartment before they were tearing each other's clothes off. During postcoital bliss, Johnny asked Olivia if she was involved with anyone. Olivia laughed as she told him that she wouldn't have brought him home if she had a boyfriend. Johnny and Olivia joked around a bit before Olivia offered to fix them something to eat. When Johnny refused to relinquish the blanket, a playful struggle led to more intimacy.

Later, while Olivia and Johnny sipped on wine and ate spaghetti, they admitted that they had enjoyed each other's company. They decided to keep things casual and private. Olivia offered Johnny the use of her shower while she cleaned up the dishes.

A short time later, someone knocked at the door. Olivia thought someone had complained that her music had been too loud. She was surprised when she opened the door and Sonny pushed his way into the apartment. Sonny was eager to talk to Olivia about Michael. Before Olivia could get rid of Sonny, Johnny walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

At the Quartermaine mansion, Luke and the Quartermaines were gathered in the living room. While Alice served breakfast, Edward told Monica that they had to be united if they hoped to persuade Michael to move in with them. Monica argued that their focus should be on what Michael needed, not what they wanted.

Nearby, Luke and Tracy argued about Holly. Luke was determined to get some answers from Holly. Tracy was resolved to keep Holly's hands off of the Quartermaine fortune. All arguing halted when Holly strolled into the room. Edward warmly welcomed Holly. Tracy reminded her father that Holly was a con artist. Edward scoffed at Tracy's warning, attributing it to jealousy.

Luke explained that Holly was in town for a family reunion, of sorts. Edward was not surprised to hear that Ethan could be Luke's son. Edward suggested that Luke take a paternity test if Holly was unwilling to cooperate. Luke insisted that he wanted to hear the truth from Holly. Holly agreed to tell Luke everything for a price. Tracy demanded to know how much money Holly wanted. Holly made it clear that the amount was negotiable; however, it was strictly between Luke and Holly. After Holly departed, Luke announced that he was willing to pay whatever price Holly demanded.

Lucky and Lulu met on the piers. Lulu told Lucky about Michael's amazing recovery. Lucky was happy for Carly; she finally had her son back. Lulu seized the opportunity to talk about Ethan. Lucky's temper flared at the reminder that Ethan might be their brother. Lucky was convinced that Ethan's paternity was all part of an elaborate scam to steal Tracy's money. Ethan walked up as Lucky was ranting. Lucky didn't apologize for the accusations he had made; Lucky maintained that Ethan was up to no good.

At Liz's request, Nikolas went to the hospital to speak to her. Nikolas was distracted when Rebecca walked by. Liz was a little startled when she realized that Rebecca wore something in Emily's favorite color: blue. Rebecca smiled, but said nothing. Liz stepped away to give Nikolas and Rebecca some privacy to talk. Nikolas jokingly assured Rebecca that he was not stalking her. After a brief flirtation, Rebecca decided to return to work.

When Nikolas rejoined Liz, she commented on what she had seen between Rebecca and Nikolas. Nikolas admitted that he and Rebecca had agreed to slow things down for two weeks. Nikolas explained that Alexis remained suspicious about Rebecca, so they had given Alexis time to investigate Rebecca. Nikolas assured Liz that he did not believe that Rebecca was in cahoots with Helena.

Later, Liz told Nikolas that Ethan might be Lucky's brother. Liz was concerned because Lucky had not taken the news well. Nikolas recalled a similar reaction when Lucky had learned that Nikolas was his brother.

In the lobby, Nikolas flipped through some hospital paperwork as Rebecca approached. Nikolas asked if their agreement with Alexis included dates. Nikolas wanted to take Rebecca out for a romantic dinner. Rebecca was delighted by the invitation and agreed to meet Nikolas when her shift was over. Before Rebecca walked away, Nikolas complimented Rebecca on how nice she looked. After work, Rebecca went to Wyndemere. Nikolas noticed that she had changed clothes, but she still wore the same shade of blue that she had on earlier. Rebecca revealed that it had been intentional; she had the impression that Nikolas liked the color.

Luke was pleasantly surprised when Liz stopped by the Haunted Star. Luke offered Liz a drink from the bar, but she opted for coffee instead. Luke suspected that Liz wanted to talk about Lucky, so he invited her to speak her mind. Liz asked if Luke could confirm that he was Ethan's father. Luke admitted that Holly had all of the answers.

Liz pointed out that Luke spoke about Ethan as if Ethan was the son that Luke had always wanted, while Lucky meant nothing to him. Luke was adamant that he loved Lucky. Liz revealed that Lucky felt as if Luke had shut him out. Luke replied that Lucky had shut Luke out a long time before.

Luke said that he resented how Lucky spoke as if Luke had been a deadbeat father. Luke realized he had made mistakes, but he insisted that he hadn't been as bad as Lucky made him out to be. Liz asked Luke what he had envisioned for the future. She wondered if Luke had expected Lucky to grow up to be exactly like Luke. Luke acknowledged that he had accepted the choices that Lucky had made. However, Luke hated how Lucky treated him as if he were a drunk. By contrast, Ethan appreciated who Luke was.

Liz asked Luke if he worried that Lucky was settling by being with her and the boys. Luke was truthful; he feared that Lucky would wake up one day to feel trapped. Luke didn't want Lucky to hurt Liz the way that Luke had hurt Laura. Liz was confident that Lucky was content with his life. She wished that Luke and Lucky would stop judging the other long enough to realize how much they loved each other.

Tracy went to the Drake residence to hand Holly a two million dollar check in exchange for Holly's agreement to leave town. Holly declined the offer; she wanted more than Tracy's money. Holly wanted Tracy's husband. Tracy laughed and wished Holly luck in her endeavor. Tracy asked if Holly ever considered how her scheme would affect Luke's children. Tracy insisted that they would be devastated to have Holly disrupt their lives. Holly was unmoved. She was supremely confident that she could easily seduce Luke away from Tracy. After Tracy left, Lucky showed up to talk to Holly.

Ethan joined Luke on the Haunted Star. They talked briefly about Lucky's reaction to the possibility that Ethan was a Spencer. Ethan wasn't concerned about Lucky's anger. Ethan wanted to know if Luke would say anything if Holly revealed that Luke was not Ethan's father. Luke assured Ethan that, regardless what Holly said, Ethan would be the first to know. Ethan seemed to believe Luke.

Ethan admitted that he realized that he was just the bait for Holly. Luke appeared surprised by Ethan's comment. Ethan explained that he suspected that Holly's true intention was to get Luke to run away with her. Tracy overheard Ethan as she walked in. She admitted that she was eager to hear Luke's response to Ethan's suspicions.

In Metro Court's lobby, Johnny bumped into Olivia. The two smiled as they talked about their night together. Johnny asked about Sonny's reaction to finding them together. Olivia reminded Johnny that she had no idea what Sonny's feelings were because Sonny had left without a word after he saw Johnny walk out of her bathroom. Olivia made it clear that Sonny's reaction was irrelevant; Olivia did not sleep with married men. Johnny appreciated Olivia's candor. They agreed that they would like to spend more time together, but not publicly.

Maxie was curious when she found Spinelli in Kate's office. Spinelli explained that he had planted a listening device to gather more incriminating evidence against Kate. Maxie wasn't sure that she wanted Kate to lose her job. Despite everything, Kate was an effective fashion editor. Spinelli was unrepentant; with Kate out of the picture, Maxie wouldn't have to continue, "dating" Johnny to promote the magazine.

Maxie confessed that she hadn't realized that Spinelli was so ruthless. Maxie's smile confirmed that she liked the new trait in Spinelli. Moments later Johnny walked into Crimson. Kate immediately gave Johnny and Maxie new assignments for promotional appearances. When Olivia stopped by to see her cousin, Kate whisked Olivia into her office. Meanwhile, Spinelli listened in on Olivia and Kate's conversation.

Kate suspected that Olivia and Johnny had been intimate. Kate demanded to know the details. Olivia denied any involvement with Johnny, but she wasn't very convincing. Kate managed to wring the truth out of Olivia. In the reception area, Spinelli was agog when he heard Olivia confess that she had slept with Johnny.

Patrick checked on Michael. Michael resented Carly's interference when Carly asked Patrick for a medical update. Michael's hostility prompted Jax to usher Carly out of the room before she became too upset. After Carly and Jax left the room, Patrick told Michael that Michael's anger was a side effect of his brain injury. Michael was skeptical; he believed that his anger was well justified.

In the hallway, Carly asked Patrick when Michael could be released from the hospital. Carly was eager to take Michael home. Patrick warned Carly that it could be weeks before Michael was ready to leave the hospital. Carly didn't want to hear that; she was certain that her relationship with Michael would improve vastly once they were out of a hospital setting. Patrick suggested that Michael's anger was an indicator that Michael needed time to recover under medical supervision. Jax supported Patrick's decision to keep Michael in the hospital.

After Patrick walked away, Carly revealed that Jason had hated being in the hospital after his coma. Jax pointed out that Jason's situation had been different from Michael's. Carly regretted not trusting her instincts. She confided that she had known Michael would emerge from the coma. Jax reminded Carly that she had a serious medical condition, which required her to rest frequently. Jax didn't think Carly should beat herself up over something that she had no control over.

Michael received a visit from Monica and Edward. Edward asked if Michael knew when he would be discharged. Monica realized that Edward was gearing up to suggest that Michael move in with them, so she warned Edward to not say anything. Edward argued that Michael was old enough to decide where he wanted to live, but he let the matter drop. Michael asked Edward and Monica why Carly had only allowed occasional visits between Michael and the Quartermaines. Edward was eager to answer Michael's questions; however, Monica spoke up in Carly's defense.

Monica told Michael that Carly loved him dearly and had never given up on her son. Edward couldn't believe that Monica would speak so highly of Carly. Monica explained that she had been in Carly's position when Jason had suffered a severe head trauma. An emergency page interrupted Monica. Before she left, Monica assured Michael that everyone would work together to figure out a way for Michael to spend more time with the Quartermaines.

Once Edward was alone with Michael, he didn't waste time trying to turn Michael against Sonny, Jason, and Carly. Edward accused Sonny and Jason of stealing Michael from AJ. Edward told Michael that AJ had loved Michael dearly and that everything AJ had done had been in the name of love. Edward confessed that part of the reason that AJ had done some awful things was because his family had not supported AJ. Edward shouldered part of the blame and wanted to make amends for past mistakes. Edward urged Michael to consider moving in with the Quartermaines. As Mike entered Michael's room, he heard Edward's request. Mike reminded Edward that Michael had a home with Sonny.

Later, Lulu brought treats and CDs to Michael. Michael revealed that he had been relieved to see Lulu. He had feared that the knock on the door had been Carly. Carly stood in the hallway; she appeared crushed when she heard Michael's comment.

Friday, May 22, 2009

When Rebecca walked into the living room wearing a pale purple blouse, Nikolas couldn't stop staring at her. Rebecca acted surprised when she said she just realized that the color had been Emily's favorite. Nikolas said he wasn't thinking about Emily, and he was only thinking about taking Rebecca's shirt off. They started kissing despite the agreement Rebecca had made with Alexis about refraining from sex for two weeks.

Alexis walked in and saw Nikolas and Rebecca kissing and realized right away that Rebecca had manipulated Nikolas with the blouse. Nikolas couldn't see Rebecca's cruel intentions, and Alexis told him what she thought, so he immediately called Alfred to prepare the launch for Alexis' departure. Alexis was not about to be dismissed so quickly, but she didn't have any proof that Rebecca was Helena's pawn.

After Alexis had left, Nikolas and Rebecca left to go sailing. It turned out that Nikolas was not quite the sailor Rebecca thought he was, and they both were drenched when they arrived back at Wyndemere. As Rebecca's eye makeup smeared, she looked more like Emily and less like Rebecca. That change was not lost on Nikolas, who found her even more attractive.

At Robin and Patrick's house, Lucky demanded the truth from Holly regarding Ethan's paternity. Holly tried to be evasive, but Lucky would have no part of it. He was furious that his father had cheated on his mother, and he wanted to know if he needed to tell his mother about his father's illegitimate child should she ever wake up.

Holly decided that it was time to reveal the true identity of Ethan's father; she no longer enjoyed the game of blackmail for information. She arrived at the Haunted Star, where she found Ethan and Luke. Tracy had left moments before after an argument with Luke. Holly reminded Ethan and Luke that there were two men in the picture that Ethan carried: Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio. According to Holly, Ethan's father was Robert.

At the hospital, Carly eavesdropped as Michael confided in Lulu. He felt like the dead animal carcass in an animal documentary he had seen, and his parents were the hyenas who were attacking the carcass. Carly was the worst, though. Michael told his cousin that he wanted Carly to go back to her life with Jax and their new unborn baby.

After hearing Michael's words, Carly ran to the waiting area, where Jason saw her tears. He tried to comfort Carly and told her that Michael needed some time and space to sort out his feelings. Carly had a hard time understanding that and didn't think she could leave her son alone.

Meanwhile, Michael asked Lulu what it was like to live at the Quartermaines'. Lulu hadn't thought it was a bad place to live, and after hearing the stories, Michael couldn't understand why she would ever leave. When Edward visited, Michael worked his great-grandfather and soon had him convinced that he needed the entire wing that was closest to the garage-and the Bentley. Michael mentioned how nice it would be if Lulu lived there, too, and Edward was sure Lulu would move back in at the Quartermaine mansion.

Back at his house, Sonny desperately looked for his keys. Claudia tried to help him, but she noticed his agitation and asked why he was so upset after Michael had just woken up. Sonny admitted his real agitation was with her brother. Sonny was worried that Johnny had taken advantage of his friend, Olivia.

It wasn't long before Claudia had the whole story and was marching into the Metro Court to give Olivia a piece of her mind. Claudia demanded Olivia leave Johnny alone, but Olivia was not easily intimidated. Claudia threatened to beat Olivia up if Claudia weren't pregnant, and Olivia promised she would allow Claudia to try if it weren't for the pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Maxie and Spinelli witnessed the entire exchange between Claudia and Olivia. Maxie was hurt, but she tried her best not to show it to Spinelli. She made up an excuse and Spinelli soon left, not knowing anything was going on.

Maxie arrived at Johnny's garage in time to hear Claudia yelling at her brother for sleeping with her enemy. Johnny was furious that Claudia would try to control his life, but his fury faded when he saw Maxie in the doorway. Claudia looked toward Maxie and realized the look on Johnny's face. She told him to bang away, because at least that girl was his age. When Maxie finally had her opportunity to confront Johnny, she told him she couldn't understand why he had slept with Olivia when Maxie thought he had wanted her.

Back at General Hospital, Carly walked in just in time to hear Michael and Edward talking about living arrangements. Carly told Edward to stop manipulating her son. Michael was still a minor and he would be going home to live with her. Sonny walked in, and suddenly Michael made up his mind about where he wanted to live - with his father.

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