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Monday, May 18, 2009

Taylor informed Ridge about the clerical errors that made his marriage license invalid. Ridge stood in stunned silence. Ridge finally asked why Taylor knew about it and he didn't. She explained that Pam went to Stephanie about it because Pam was afraid of getting fired. Taylor explained she and Stephanie discussed it and decided Ridge had enough on his plate and they didn't want to upset him more, so they sat on it.

Taylor said she knew it was wrong and had tried to tell Ridge earlier. Taylor assured Ridge it was just a simple clerical error, which could easily be rectified, if in fact Ridge actually wanted to stay married to Brooke. Taylor reminded Ridge that Brooke had not taken his side in his dispute with Rick. Taylor assured Ridge that if she had been his wife, she would have handled it differently. She reminded Ridge that back when they were married, Taylor always respected Ridge's opinions. Taylor said the way Brooke took Rick's side on the Phoebe DVD was a slap in the face to Ridge.

Ridge agreed that it brought up some serious issues between him and Brooke. Ridge said he didn't expect Brooke to treat him so disrespectfully. Ridge fully believed that he and Brooke would be able to overcome any obstacle, but admitted to Taylor he had doubts. Ridge said the way Brooke defended Rick was mind-boggling to him.

Taylor agreed with Ridge and said Brooke didn't seem to understand what they went through when they lost Phoebe and had to grieve over their daughter. Taylor said Steffy deserved to be with someone better than the man who was responsible for her sister's death; Ridge said if Brooke continued to support Rick, he honestly didn't know if he and Brooke would make it.

Taylor said she had seen the dance Brooke and Ridge did for years. Taylor believed it had never made Ridge happy. She inferred that Ridge's happiest years were the ones he spent with her. Taylor reminded Ridge the future was in his hands. Ridge said he would not file a new marriage certificate right away, but asked Taylor not to tell Brooke; he wanted it to stay between him and Taylor. Taylor said since Ridge wasn't really married to Brooke, she could do something she had wanted to do; she leaned in and kissed him.

Donna asked Bill why on earth she would consider hooking up with him. Bill explained to Donna that Stephanie's departure from Forrester cost the company more than Eric bargained for. Bill noted that if Donna let Bill have his way with her, it would go a long way to fixing things for Eric's company. Donna was appalled and asked Bill why he was doing that to her. "Because I can," he smugly replied.

Donna suggested Bill pack up and head back to New York. He said the Los Angeles weather suited him and he was working on a tan. Bill mentioned that he was looking at an estate in Beverly Hill, which he believed was right next door to the Forrester mansion, where he assumed she lived.

Bill said it would be terrible if a great old company like Forrester went under. Donna said if he really felt that way, he could help her. Bill said if she got on her knees and begged, he would consider it.

Donna informed Bill that she was wise to his games because she had been acquainted with his father. Bill said the apple didn't fall far from the tree, and Donna said especially the rotten ones. Bill laughed and said his dad appreciated Donna, and he did, too. Bill could tell Donna was the sort of woman who knew what she wanted and went after it. He remarked that she must have great skills in the sack to be able to seduce Eric Forrester and be crowned his new queen.

Donna looked Bill in the eye and proclaimed that nothing would ever happen between the two of them. Bill chuckled and said a woman who played hard to get was one of his favorite games. Bill explained he didn't mind chasing her a little bit if that's what was required. He said he always got what he wanted and he would have Donna eventually. Donna said Bill was very unprofessional, and remarked it was the most unprofessional behavior she had ever witness in a business meeting. Bill said at least it would be a meeting she would remember.

Donna asked Bill to confess his ulterior motive. She knew Bill wanted her, but suspected it was because she was Eric's wife, and not just because he was hot for her. Before Bill got a chance to answer, he got a phone call and said he had to take it. Donna left without her answer.

Steffy and Brooke went to Rick and told him how badly things went with Ridge when they showed him Phoebe's tribute DVD. Rick couldn't believe Ridge thought that was a scam. Steffy said it was clear Ridge would never be able to forgive Rick, so they two of them had to face facts; they could never be together as a couple.

Brooke backed Steffy and said the two of them could never be together. Brooke said her marriage was on thin ice and Rick's antics were causing trouble in her marriage. Rick whined that Brooke had taken Ridge's side over his again. Rick wanted his mother to admit that Ridge was being unreasonable and had been unfair to Rick and Steffy.

Rick assured Brooke that he made the DVD of Phoebe as a peace offering to the family with no ulterior motives. Brooke and Steffy both believed him but said it didn't matter because Ridge couldn't accept them together. Rick asked Steffy if she wanted to be with him as much as he wanted to be with her. She said she did, but it didn't matter because her dad needed them to stay away from one another. Steffy predicted that Ridge would never get past the fact that Rick was behind the wheel when Phoebe died.

Brooke said she would give Rick and Steffy their privacy so they could say goodbye to one another. Brooke warned them that they had better mean it that time because there were no more second chances. They had to end their relationship.

After Brooke left, Rick implored Steffy to run away with him. He said the world was a large place and they could go anywhere and be happy as long as they were together. Steffy said she could never be happy if she knew her choices were putting her parents through more heartache. She said they had to end things once and for all.

Rick handed Steffy back her engagement ring. She tried to refuse it, but he insisted. Rick said she didn't have to tell anyone she had it. Rick suggested she keep it someplace safe, and when she felt alone, she could take it out and hold it and know he was with her, and he promised he always would be.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

by Pam

Ridge remembered Taylor's kiss as Brooke walked in. Brooke said that Steffy and Rick would no longer be a problem because they would not get back together out of respect for Ridge. Brooke said nothing was going to come between Ridge and Brooke, but Brooke realized that Ridge was upset with her.

Brooke apologized for siding with Rick, and she said she didn't believe that Rick was doing anything hurtful with the DVD tribute to Phoebe. Brooke believed he was making a thoughtful gesture. Ridge said that Rick was sick and used Phoebe's death and the DVD to worm his way back into Steffy's heart. "How the hell could you think that was beautiful," Ridge asked Brooke.

Ridge called Rick vile and evil. Ridge continued to tell Brooke that she kept getting sucked into Rick's manipulations. Ridge shouted that Brooke had to stop supporting Rick. Ridge begged Brooke to stand up against Rick's relationship with Steffy.

Brooke gave Ridge her word that she would, but she worried about the way Ridge was looking at her. Brooke asked Ridge if their marriage would be over if Steffy and Rick got back together. Ridge avoided the question and told Brooke to make sure Rick and Steffy stayed apart.

At Jackie M, Stephanie, Jackie, Owen, Nick, Clarke, and Bridget met with Bill Spencer and discussed Stephanie's webcasts. Bill remarked that Nick had pulled off quite a coup getting Stephanie to work at Jackie M.

Bill said The Logan Chronicles had readers anxious for more info, but he added that Donna Logan visited Bill. Donna wanted Bill to stop Stephanie's webcasts. Bill told the group that he told Donna he would stop if Donna did something for him. He did not detail what he wanted.

Bridget reminded Bill that Donna was Bridget's dad's wife. Bill wondered if he should be picking on Bridget instead, but Bridget told him she was off-limits. Bill asked if Bridget was already spoken for, but she didn't answer. Jackie wanted to give Bill a tour, so the group prepared to tour Jackie M, but Stephanie got a call from Taylor, and Stephanie left.

Jackie gave Bill a tour of Jackie M, as the rest of the team followed. Bill said he hoped that Bridget wasn't too offended by his proposition. Later, Nick met with Owen, who wondered if Nick thought Bill offended Bridget.

Nick said Bridget could handle Bill. Nick wanted reassurance that Owen wouldn't hurt Bridget. Owen smugly replied that Nick, a two-time ex-husband to Bridget, had hurt her enough. Bridget listened outside the door. Owen left and walked down the hallway. Jackie pulled Owen into her office and told him that his kitty was very hungry.

Alone in his office, Nick remembered kissing Bridget as Bridget entered his office. Bridget told him to back off. She told him he never should have kissed her. Nick said that not a day passed without him realizing the mistakes he had made. Bridget told him to stop talking.

Stephanie met with Taylor, and Taylor shared that Rick's tribute to Phoebe outraged Ridge. Taylor added that she told Ridge about the invalid marriage license.

At Forrester, Donna hugged Eric while he was reviewing paperwork on the rooftop. She told Eric she went to see Bill Spencer. Eric could see that Bill had upset her. Donna said Bill was only interested in helping himself. Donna wanted to steer clear of Bill, but Eric said that the company needed to stop both Bill and Stephanie.

Eric called Bill to invite him to dinner. Bill agreed, but only if Donna would be there. As Bill prepared to leave his office, he closed up a satchel with what appeared to be a huge manuscript inside with "Forrester Creations" as the title on the front.

At Forrester, Stephanie told Ridge to go back to Taylor because he would never be happy with Brooke. Stephanie warned him that the invalid marriage license was a sign that Brooke and Ridge weren't meant to be together.

Stephanie insisted that Rick wouldn't stop tormenting Ridge until Ridge was no longer involved with Brooke. Stephanie said she just wanted Ridge to be happy. Stephanie said that Rick would be out of the picture if Ridge and Taylor were together. Stephanie reminded Ridge that he was not married. He could have a life with Taylor.

On the rooftop, Taylor was looking for Ridge, and she found Brooke. Brooke accused Taylor of using the situation between Rick and Steffy to make a play for Ridge. Taylor said that she and Ridge had plenty in common and shared a family.

Taylor told Brooke that Taylor and Ridge saw eye to eye on a lot of issues, and they were united in their efforts to keep Steffy and Rick apart. Brooke told Taylor that Rick was no longer an issue between Ridge and Brooke. Taylor said Rick would always be a problem in Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Taylor smugly warned Brooke that when her marriage fell apart, Taylor would pick up the pieces.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nick stared at an old photo of him and Bridget. When he heard Katie coming down the stairs, he stuffed it in his desk drawer. Nick made up an excuse to go to the office after hours. Katie said she would wait up. After he left, she looked in his desk to see what he had hidden. Upon seeing the photo of Nick and Bridget, Katie sighed.

Donna tried to persuade Eric to cancel their dinner plans with Bill Spencer. Eric said he would love to have the evening alone with Donna, but reminded her they needed Bill on their side. Eric explained that Bill Spencer controlled the fashion press, and it was vital to Forrester to get Bill on board.

Bill arrived and Eric asked if Bill knew his wife, Donna. Bill admitted he did know her and added he'd like to get to know her a lot better. Donna looked mortified.

Eric poured champagne and asked what they should toast to, and Bill said "New friends." Eric noted they hadn't really gotten off to a good start. Bill asked if Eric was referring to "The Logan Chronicles." Eric said yes. Bill assured Eric it was only business. Stephanie's desire for revenge made Bill a lot of money.

Bill pulled a mock-up of his next Eye on Fashion magazine from his briefcase with its tentative cover story "The Downfall of Forrester Creations." Bill informed Eric it was up to him whether or not the article ran.

Eric asked Bill what he wanted. Donna implored Eric not to bargain with Bill, but to toss him out and let their lawyers handle it. Eric wanted to hear what Bill had to say. Bill wrote a number on a sheet of paper and handed it to Eric. Eric asked Bill if he was serious, and if he really expected Eric to hand him one hundred million dollars.

Bill chuckled and said Eric had it all wrong. Bill wanted to pay Eric one hundred million dollars for Forrester Creations.

Eric asked if Bill came to town simply to get his hands on Forrester Creations. Bill said Business 101 taught him to find a company's weakness and exploit it to drive down the value and swoop in for a cheap sale. Bill suggested that Eric accept his first offer, as subsequent offers would be for much less. Bill said he could see how Eric got distracted by Donna and had taken his eyes off the prize. Bill noted that with the "Logan minxes" at Forrester, it was a wonder any work ever got done. Eric demanded that Bill get out of his house.

Bill said it was a little late in the game for Eric to grow a backbone. Eric said he had gone-toe-to toe with Bill's dad in the past. Bill said in the past ten years, he had turned Spencer Publications into a force to be reckoned with. Bill asked Eric if he was sure he wanted to call Bill's bluff.

Eric got a call and told Bill to be gone by the time he returned. After Eric had left the room, Bill reminded Donna that if she spent one night with him, he would leave Eric and Forrester Creations alone. Donna told him to get out. Bill noted that after one night with him, Donna would leave Eric anyway, and then he left.

Jackie meowed and informed Owen the "kitty was very hungry." Owen told Jackie that she had bad timing; he would not be able to entertain her. Owen mentioned that he had a date with Bridget that he planned to keep with or without Nick and Jackie's blessing.

Jackie asked if Nick specifically mentioned Bridget. Owen admitted he did, but added Nick should remember that he was engaged to Katie and not Bridget. Jackie informed Owen that engagements "come and go in L.A." and she doubted that Katie would ever get the chance to turn her diamond engagement ring in for a wedding band.

Brooke dropped by to visit Katie, who was clearly forlorn. Brooke asked Katie what was wrong and she replied she could not continue to live the way she had been living. Katie announced that she planned to leave Nick.

Katie said if Nick really wanted to marry her, they would be married already. Katie was not willing to live with the uncertainty-and knowing she was not Nick's first choice. Katie said if Nick and Bridget found their way back together, she didn't want to be in the way.

Katie said she had been living Bridget's life. She had stolen her home, her husband, and her child, and it wasn't right. Katie said none of them had been happy or at peace and they were all pretending to be fine, but no one really was fine at all. She said it was messed up and the only way to resolve it was for Katie to get out of the way and give Bridget her life back.

Back at the office, Nick arrived to find Bridget dropping a letter on his desk. He opened it to discover a letter of resignation. Bridget said she did what she had intended to do; she proved herself as a designer and it was time to move on. Nick accused her of fibbing and said he didn't think her leaving had anything to do with fashion. Bridget turned and screamed at Nick and asked why he had to go and kiss her. She asked him why he would do such a thing.

Nick said he couldn't get the memories of him and Bridget out of his head; it was all he could think about. Bridget reminded him they had already been married twice and that it hadn't worked either time. Bridget informed Nick she was ready to move on and that she had a new man in her life. Bridget said she wanted to pursue Owen.

Nick said Bridget didn't even know Owen; she had only been on two dates with him. Bridget said that was true, and that both dates ended badly because Nick got in the way. Bridget made it clear she wanted to move on.

Bridget said Owen was a good guy who knew what she had been through and thought she deserved better. Nick said he agreed, Bridget did deserve better, but he wanted to be the one to give it to her. Nick promised he would give Bridget his best this time if she would agree to give him just one more chance. He took Bridget's hands and pulled her close to him.

Just then, Owen arrived and reminded Bridget it was time for their date and that they had dinner reservations. Bridget left with Owen and left Nick alone with his thoughts.

Jackie arrived and found Nick in his office pining away for Bridget. Nick admitted to his mom that he wanted Bridget back. He said he knew he could be the man Bridget wanted this time. He finally knew who he was, and what he wanted and needed-and what he needed was Bridget. He asked Jackie as his mother to help him find a way to win Bridget back and to get her home with him where she belonged.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

by Pam

Katie was drinking martinis with double shots at record pace at the hotel bar. Bill walked in as the bartender delivered one martini, and Katie ordered another. Bill noted that Katie hadn't finished the one she had. Katie said she wanted to keep them coming, and she downed the martini in front of her.

Bill suggested a glass of water, but Katie said water didn't dull the pain. She told Bill that he was really good-looking, and asked if they had met before. Bill said he didn't know her, but introduced himself as Bill and said that his friends called him "Dollar Bill." Katie introduced herself and said that her friends called her "home wrecker."

Katie gave Bill the whole sordid story about how her niece had saved her life and then Katie had moved into her home and had stolen her niece's husband. Bill had a drink and told Katie she sounded like his kind of girl.

Katie wanted another drink, but the bartender cut her off, so Katie asked Bill to pour his drink into her glass. Bill suggested that he take Katie home instead. She said she didn't know where home was because she had just left her fiancÚ, and she needed to find a new place to live. Bill said she should go home, and he said he needed to get his keys from his hotel room. Katie liked that idea because she could have some of the liquor from his mini-bar.

In Bill's hotel room, Katie opened the mini-bar and started drinking out of a bottle as she gabbed about how she used to make a drink called the "Mind Eraser" when she was in college. She wanted to make one of those. Bill told her she needed to stop talking. Bill took off his suit jacket and Katie put her arms around him and told him that a girl could fall in love with him.

She lay down on the bed and passed out. After Bill tried to awaken her a few times, he gave up and removed her shoes. He knelt next to the bed and pushed her hair out of her face and just stared at her.

At Jackie M, Nick told Jackie that he wanted Bridget back. Nick said that Bridget told him she had moved on with Owen, but he knew Bridget wanted him back, too. Nick told Jackie that Bridget had resigned, and Jackie told him he better do something about it. Nick said Bridget was moving on with the "beach boy."

Jackie told Nick it wasn't too late and Nick had to go and get Bridget before she got carried away with Owen. Nick and Jackie were en route to Owen's beach house with Jackie giving directions. Nick asked how Jackie knew where Owen lived, and Jackie told him that Owen was her chief of staff so she certainly knew where he lived.

Nick worried that Bridget and Owen were getting intimate, but he added that Bridget just wasn't like that. Jackie piped up that Owen was an incredibly good-looking man and a wonderful lover. Nick wondered how Jackie knew that Owen was a great lover, and she dismissed his remark saying that she guessed he was a great lover.

At the beach house, Owen and Bridget walked into the steamy house and Owen told Bridget he hadn't turned on the air conditioning. He said it was really hot, but Bridget helped him remove his shirt, and asked him if he was cooler yet. They started making out, and Bridget had flashbacks of Nick kissing her. She started talking to herself and telling herself that she needed to get beyond Nick.

As she and Owen continued to make out, Bridget removed her dress and Owen's shorts. Bridget was wearing a sexy, lacy-black bodysuit and Owen had on nothing but his black boxers. They continued to make out, and Bridget kept seeing Nick in her head. In her mind, she saw Nick asking her for another chance to show her that he was the man she wanted him to be.

Bridget stopped and told Owen she wanted to make love with him, but she had trouble getting past Nick. She blathered on about how Nick had kissed her and she wanted to move on, but she couldn't believe that Nick had kissed her.

She said Owen was exactly what she needed. Owen wondered if Bridget was really there with him. She kept stopping the kissing and said that she just wasn't that kind of girl. She asked Owen for a glass of wine, and Owen got one for her. She guzzled it.

Bridget asked Owen to sweep her off her feet and make love to her. She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him close to her. Owen said he didn't want her to regret their time together. Bridget told him she wanted him, and as Owen tried to question her, Bridget said, "It's not like I'm asking you to do the dirty laundry."

A willing Owen got back into make-out mode, but Bridget stopped again. She told Owen she just couldn't make love. She regretted it, but she was hung up on Nick. Owen said he understood. He was seeing someone himself, and he wasn't sure he could go through with the lovemaking.

Bridget said she couldn't believe how difficult it was to have some meaningless sex, but she guessed neither she nor Owen were the kind of people who could do that. They wrapped up in a blanket and talked about their feelings for other people. Bridget shared that she just couldn't get over Nick. Owen said he understood. He was becoming committed to someone else, and it surprised him. As they talked, the door opened and Nick came in.

Nick remarked that he must have arrived too late, but Bridget told him nothing had happened. She said she couldn't stop thinking about him.

Nick said he wanted Bridget back and he would do anything to keep her. They kissed and Jackie walked in. Owen told her that nothing happened, and he didn't think he could make love to another woman. Jackie was surprised but happy.

Nick wondered what was going on as Jackie kissed Owen. Jackie told Nick that he wasn't the only one who had found his way. Jackie purred and meowed for Owen while Nick and Bridget looked at them in stunned belief.

Friday, May 22, 2009

by CBS

Nick and Bridget were shocked to learn about that Jackie and Owen had been carrying on a secret romance. Donna received a disturbing phone call about Katie and set out to rescue her. Nick and Bridget learned of the gift that Katie had given them. Bridget wasn't sure she would be able to get past her history with Nick and, once again, attempt to have a future with him. Nick and Bridget made love. Jackie and Owen arrived at a new agreement about their relationship. Eric's business began to show signs of suffering. Eric explained to Stephanie the truth about Bill, and then asked for a favor. Bill asked Donna for a proper thank-you for helping her with Katie. Bill kissed Donna.

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