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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Chloe met Daniel at the hospital to tell him that Kate knew about their affair, and they compared notes. Daniel said they had to trust that Kate would keep her word and not tell Lucas about them. Daniel badmouthed Lucas to Chloe and said if Kate weren't so overprotective of Lucas, he would have grown up a long time ago. Daniel predicted that the reason Chloe ended things with Daniel wasn't because she didn't love Daniel, it was because she was afraid Lucas would do something self-destructive. Chloe said it was her fault, because she made the mistake of sleeping with Daniel.

Chloe was determined to stay faithful to Lucas, and she planned to make their marriage work. Daniel said marriage wasn't supposed to be a sacrifice, and he asked her if her marriage made her happy. She wasn't going to tell him that she was happy, because she assumed he would think she was lying. Daniel told her that he didn't think Kate would tell Lucas, but he predicted that Kate wouldn't let it go, either. Chloe didn't care what Kate did as long as she didn't tell Lucas.

Daniel warned Chloe that Kate had the instinct of a bloodhound for sniffing out people's insecurities. He said Kate would prey on Chloe's guilt, and he said Chloe had atoned for their affair and God didn't appoint Kate to be Chloe's judge and executioner. Daniel urged Chloe to fight Kate like Chloe fought with Daniel. He said Kate wasn't without sin and if Kate gave Chloe any static, Chloe should tell Kate that Chloe would tell Lucas personally about the affair.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate told Lucas that she was going to London to be with Billie, because Billie got a secondary infection from her accident. Lucas demanded to know why Kate had been avoiding him, and she said she had been busy, but he didn't buy it. Lucas also wanted to know why Kate got so angry at Chloe that Kate fired her.

Kate said she realized that Chloe was the same backstabber she had always been, even though she donated her bone marrow to Kate. Kate thought Chloe wormed her way into her family, but Lucas said Chloe would have been part of the family regardless of what Kate thought. Kate brought up how Chloe was once involved with Philip. Lucas demanded to know what happened to make Kate change her tune about Chloe, and Kate admitted that something had happened, but it wasn't between Kate and Chloe - it happened between Chloe and Lucas.

Lucas ordered Kate to stay out of his marriage, and Kate tried to lay a guilt trip on Lucas, but he wasn't having it and tried to leave. Kate asked him not to leave things that way, and Lucas said if she really wanted to make thing better, she needed to treat Chloe with love and respect or she couldn't expect that from Lucas.

Lucas went to the hospital to check on Chloe and see how her checkup went, and he said he had a run-in with his mother and demanded to know why she treated Chloe so badly. Chloe tried to get Lucas to back off, but he asked Chloe what was going on. Chloe said she was tired and wanted him to drop it, and that Kate's tirade didn't affect her.

Lucas said he wanted to talk to Daniel, but Chloe tried to stop him. Lucas said he was just going to tell Daniel that Kate was going to London, but Chloe told him that Daniel was in a bad mood because he had a patient who wasn't doing well. So Lucas agreed not to speak to Daniel, and they went home instead.

Nicole went to Dr. Baker's hospital room, and she told him he had an accident, but he accused her of pushing him down the stairs. He compared Nicole to a cobra and said he should have known not to turn his back on her. He also assumed Nicole still wanted him dead, so he reached for the call button, but she grabbed it first.

Nicole said she wasn't going to kill him and she didn't push him down the stairs, either, but she said he made her want to kill him and it was up to him not to give her the opportunity. Dr. Baker tried to end their conversation, but she said they still needed to talk. He said if he talked to anyone, it would be to the police.

Nicole threatened to tell the police about Dr. Baker's history as a baby broker and he would lose his medical license and go to jail. Dr. Baker said he intended to make a deal with the district attorney to avoid jail time, and Nicole wondered how he thought E.J. and Stefano would react when they found out the role he played in switching Sami's baby with Mia's, and helping Nicole pass Sami's baby off as Nicole's biological child. He pointed out that he didn't play the DiMeras - he just helped, but Nicole said the DiMeras wouldn't see it that way and Dr. Baker would end up dead.

Dr. Baker agreed that Nicole was right about not going to the police, and Nicole said she planned to help him find a facility somewhere sunny where he could recuperate. But Dr. Baker assumed she would send someone to kill him. He thought the only way she would stop trying to kill him would be to tell E.J. everything as his insurance policy. Nicole told him she wouldn't tell E.J., and Nicole wasn't going to kill Dr. Baker because she and Dr. Baker would work things out.

Daniel overheard Nicole yelling at Dr. Baker, so he ordered her to leave. She tried to call E.J. on his cell phone, but there was no answer. Nicole detailed to Dr. Baker what happened when Tony died, and she reminded Dr. Baker that he would go through the same thing that Philip was going through. Dr. Baker promised not to tell E.J. about Sydney as long as Nicole promised to stay away from Dr. Baker. She demanded that he promise not to contact E.J. for any reason, and he agreed to her terms.

When Nicole got home, she saw blood on the carpet and recalled Dr. Baker's accident, and she thought that he should have died, because he was a liability. Meanwhile, in the hospital, Dr. Baker wrote a letter saying that in the event of his death, Nicole was responsible, and he detailed why.

Hope gave Bo an update about the investigation into the second attempt on Philip's life. She said the woman was going to be placed in a cell with an informant. Max asked Bo if he'd heard from Chelsea, but Bo hadn't heard from her since she landed in London. Both Max and Bo were worried about Chelsea. Bo asked Max what it meant to have a secondary infection, so Max explained that it would make Billie more susceptible to infections and slow down the recovery process.

Bo decided to head back to the office, but Hope ordered him to eat something and then go home with her and Ciara to get rest. Hope told Max and Bo not to worry, because Chelsea probably didn't have time to call. Seconds later, Chelsea called Max. When Bo and Hope were about to take Ciara home, Max asked Ciara if she wanted him to take her to the zoo, and Bo had a premonition that Ciara was missing and he found her teddy bear.

E.J. turned on the light in his cell to find Stefano's body under a sheet, and Victor told him that Stefano was still alive. E.J. lunged at Victor, but Victor's bodyguard grabbed E.J. and pinned him to the wall. E.J. told Victor that Stefano needed insulin, and Victor knew that. Victor was willing to make a trade for Stefano's insulin. Victor called in a nurse, who attempted to inject Stefano with something. E.J. tried to stop her, but she injected him with a small dosage of insulin, and she reminded Victor that it wasn't a sufficient dosage. Victor said that would be enough for the moment.

Victor reminded E.J. that he took the first step, so E.J. asked what Victor wanted, and Victor said he wanted everything. Victor wanted to end the war with the DiMeras, but the only way to do that would be to force E.J. to sign a contract giving Victor control of DiMera Enterprises.

Victor had a check for $5 million attached to the contract he wanted E.J. to sign so people would think their deal was legitimate, but E.J. said it wouldn't be legal. Victor reminded him that assassination wasn't legal, either, but Stefano and E.J. had no problem with that. Victor gave E.J. 72 hours to get the DiMera affairs in order or Stefano would die. E.J. warned that Stefano would retaliate, but Victor said Stefano couldn't retaliate, because all he used was mercenaries and he wouldn't be able to pay them.

E.J. said Stefano would come back, but Victor said Stefano was a sick, old man. Victor predicted it was the end of an era. Victor warned E.J. that if he tried to hide any assets and double-cross Victor, Stefano would die. Victor's guard knocked E.J. out, and he and Victor left E.J. lying on the floor. Later, E.J. woke up on the pier and vowed to get revenge.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rafe surprised Sami at her apartment with coffee and breakfast. Still exhausted from staying up with Grace all night, Sami told Rafe that Grace's fever had finally broken. When Rafe inquired about Grace's doctor's appointment that day, Sami expressed shock that he remembered such a thing. Rafe joked that Sami was being sexist by suggesting that men only cared about one thing. After a moment to reflect, Rafe concluded, "Actually yeah, that's pretty much true."

Smiling, Sami kissed Rafe but then pulled away. Sami explained that she was worried they would be interrupted again. Sami lamented the fact that their relationship was more about babysitting her kids than actual dating, but Rafe admitted that he liked to spend time with her and the children.

At Salem Hospital, Dr. Baker got dressed in anticipation of the doctors discharging him. Dr. Baker gave a sealed envelope to his lawyer that had a note on the front reading, "Open in the event of my death." When the lawyer questioned the point of the letter, Dr. Baker responded that if he were killed that the "bitch is not getting away with it."

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, Nicole wondered aloud how to get rid of Dr. Baker permanently. Meanwhile, in the living room, E.J. took a phone call from Victor. "Did you ever hear the theory that the story of Snow White was about a diabetic coma?" Victor joked. When E.J. fell silent, Victor urged E.J. to hurry up and hand over all of the DiMera Enterprises holdings as soon as possible.

Nicole entered the living room just as E.J. was hanging up the phone. When he turned around, Nicole was horrified to see the bruises on his face. E.J. explained that his cuts and bruises were courtesy of the Kiriakis negotiations and that Stefano had been kidnapped. Nicole attempted to give E.J. a pep talk by telling him that she believed in him and his prowess as an attorney to find a way out of the Kiriakis contract. Nicole added that she did not care about the money as long as she had Sydney and E.J. with her.

E.J. reviewed the Kiriakis contract and found a loophole, but he was still worried about the ramifications of signing the document. E.J. admitted that he no longer wanted to be a target, but that he preferred not to let "Victor take me to my knees." Nicole recommended that E.J. exploit Victor's weakness. "Thank God you're not like either one of them. You can win this war, E.J.," Nicole said before leaving the house.

After examining Grace at the hospital, Lexie told Sami that the baby likely had a small virus, which had caused the fever. Lexie gave Grace a clean bill of health, and an elated Sami cooed over a gurgling Grace. Nicole walked around the corner in the hallway and was stunned to see Sami on one side of the nurse's station and Dr. Baker on the other.

Sami looked up and spotted Dr. Baker across the room, rubbing his forehead. Startled, Sami remembered the night Dr. Baker delivered her baby. Fearful he would see her, Sami ran off. When Lexie asked Rafe why Sami had hurried off, Rafe admitted that he did not know. Then Rafe saw Dr. Baker across the room and said, "Or maybe I do." Lexie took Dr. Baker aside for his final exam, and Rafe ran out the door after Sami.

After Lexie told Dr. Baker he could go home, she headed off to check on a patient. As soon as Dr. Baker was alone, Nicole rushed in with a wheelchair and offered him a ride home.

Back at Sami's apartment, she worried about why Dr. Baker was at Salem Hospital and if he would tell anyone that Grace was her biological child. Rafe calmed Sami down and promised to "take care of it."

On the back yard terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, Philip and Stephanie discussed how happy they were to be engaged. Stephanie admitted that she wished their engagement had occurred under other circumstances, but that she still wanted to marry Philip. While Stephanie went to call Caroline and ask her to come over to the house, Philip told Victor about his engagement to Stephanie. Victor admitted that he liked Stephanie but added, "a little combative, but I imagine that will wear out in time." When Philip questioned the timing of his proposal, Victor promised that the DiMeras would "soon be neutralized."

Caroline arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, and Stephanie broke the news to her of the engagement. "You didn't!" Caroline blurted out. Upset, Caroline took Stephanie inside the house to talk to her privately. Grinning, Victor warned Philip, "No Brady is going to pretend anything to make you comfortable. Especially not Caroline."

In the Kiriakis living room, Caroline explained that although she was thrilled for Stephanie, that she was also worried that Stephanie would be trapped in the house because of the feud with the DiMeras. When Caroline commented about giving up her life to a Kiriakis, Stephanie questioned whether her objections were solely because she was marrying a Kiriakis man. Caroline admitted that reason was part of her concern, but also that she was afraid that Philip was ruthless and ambitious like his father.

Stephanie defended Philip and swore that he was nothing like his father. Caroline laughed at how the situation reminded her of the argument she had with her mother when she was in love with Victor. Smiling, Caroline explained that she only wanted to see Stephanie happy.

When Stephanie and Caroline headed back out to the terrace, Stephanie overheard Philip tell Victor, "As soon as the DiMeras are eliminated the better." Stephanie was unnerved by Philip's comment but insisted that she did not want to discuss it with Philip while Caroline was there. Victor poured champagne for Philip, Stephanie, Caroline, and himself and began to toast to the happy couple. Midway through his toast, a gardener started a leaf blower and startled Stephanie. The gardener apologized, and Victor invited him to join in the toast.

Victor took Caroline aside and promised to treat Stephanie like one of the family. Grimacing, Caroline admitted that she was already worried Victor would treat Stephanie like one of the family since he kept his family members "on a short leash." Caroline admitted that Stephanie was a true Brady and that she could not be persuaded to do something she did not want to do. Staring into Victor's eyes, Caroline demanded that Victor tell her that the war with Stefano was all Stefano's fault and that Victor was only acting defensively. Victor steadied his gaze at Caroline, and he swore he would not retaliate.

With Victor and Caroline gone, Philip took Stephanie aside and assured her that Victor was working to form a truce with the DiMera family. When Stephanie seemed unsure, Philip promised that his two missions in life were to get Caroline to like him and to prove Caroline wrong about him.

In the DiMera living room, E.J. stared at the Kiriakis contract and remembered talking to his father about chess. "Always stay three moves ahead of your opponent," Stefano said to E.J. "Don't let him know that you are," Stefano added. As E.J. contemplated signing the contract, he had one more memory of his father saying "I will never abandon you in spirit." E.J.'s eyes widened and he looked across the room to the portrait of his father.

E.J. sprinted across the room, removed the framed painting of Stefano from the wall, and cut open the back of it. With the back split open, E.J. found an envelope containing contact names and numbers. E.J. called one of the numbers and said, "I'm calling about Stefano." The person on the other end of the phone was the gardener at the Kiriakis mansion.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At the townhouse, Sami wanted to know how Rafe planned to take care of Dr. Baker. Rafe assured her that he was just going to talk to the doctor, to make sure he didn't blow Sami's cover story that Grace was adopted. Sami was skeptical, and unsure whether she could trust Dr. Baker. Before she could have a complete meltdown, Rafe reassuringly pointed out that Baker had to follow doctor-patient confidentiality laws. He put his arms around Sami, urging her to trust him, and promising that he would take care of Dr. Baker.

Nicole offered Dr. Baker a ride home from the hospital, but he refused. She closed the door so they could talk in private, but Baker pointed out that their deal was that she "stay the hell away from" him. Nicole reminded him that he was also supposed to steer clear of Sami Brady, but Sami had seen him earlier. Baker countered that Sami was just as eager to avoid him, since she had high-tailed it out of the hospital as soon as she'd seen him.

Nicole informed Dr. Baker that Sami's boyfriend was a former FBI agent who would likely uncover the baby switch. Nicole then repeated her order for Baker to leave Salem. When he again refused, she tried to warn him that his life was in danger. With a wry smile, Baker replied that he'd written a letter, in which he detailed everything she had done, to be given to the authorities in the event of his untimely death. He then picked up his bag and left.

Shortly after Dr. Baker had been discharged, Rafe arrived looking for him. When a nurse wouldn't divulge where the doctor had gone, Rafe fabricated a story about how his father and Dr. Baker had gone to medical school together. The nurse agreed to look up Baker's address.

While Rafe was waiting, Arianna called his cell phone, asking if he could meet for coffee. Rafe cut her off, hanging up somewhat brusquely. The nurse then informed Rafe that Dr. Baker was staying at the Salem Inn. Rafe thanked the nurse and left.

As Dr. Baker walked on the pier, a couple of baseball bat-wielding thugs approached him. They declared that they were there to collect the money Baker owed their boss. As Baker was trying to put them off for a couple of days, or at least talk his way out of a beating, Rafe showed up and intervened. The men told Rafe to mind his own business, while Rafe managed to hustle Baker out of their grasp and onto the stairs behind him.

The thugs told Rafe to beat it so they could get to work on Baker, but Rafe calmly replied that he couldn't let them do that. The goons laughed sarcastically that they were terrified, and then attacked Rafe. Rafe quickly fought them both off, and then disarmed them. Brandishing the baseball bat menacingly, he ordered the thugs to leave.

A relieved Dr. Baker thanked Rafe for saving his butt. Rafe demanded an explanation for how Baker got mixed up with such shady characters. Baker reluctantly admitted he had a gambling problem, but beyond that, it was none of Rafe's business. Hinting that he knew a little more than that about Dr. Baker, Rafe asked for a small favor in exchange for saving his life.

Rafe explained that his friend Sami was in a delicate situation, and didn't want anyone to know that Dr. Baker had delivered her baby. Baker agreed, adding that he wasn't in the habit of discussing his patients, anyway. Rafe asked why the doctor wasn't curious as to the reason. Dr. Baker replied that it wasn't his business, and besides, he wasn't going to stick around long enough to let those two goons try to kill him again: he was leaving Salem for good.

Sami took Grace to the Java Café, and left the child in her stroller while she went to warm a bottle. Nicole arrived with Sydney, and was surprised to find Grace all alone. Sami returned almost immediately, and was miffed to spot Nicole with Grace. "Get away from my baby," she ordered angrily. Nicole apologized, but pointed out that they were supposed to be trying to get along for the kids' sake. Sami countered that she just wanted to give Nicole a dose of her own medicine, since Nicole was always screaming for Sami to stay away from Sydney.

Nicole watched as Sami fed Grace a bottle, cooing over the child with genuine affection. She then made a snide comment about how Grace wasn't really Sami's baby. A furious Sami hissed that Nicole had crossed the line, declaring firmly that Grace was just as much her child as Allie, Johnny, or Will. Nicole apologized with sincerity. Both women agreed they needed try to be more tolerant, and not let their mutual animosity affect how they treated each other's children.

Sami admitted that she had a soft spot for Sydney. Nicole reacted defensively again to Sami's gushing adoration, which bewildered Sami. "Just-boundaries, okay?" Nicole finally blurted, explaining, "You're over the top with her, Sami. It's weird; it makes me uncomfortable." Sami just shook her head. "You are unbelievable. You're even more psycho than I originally thought," she said lightly.

The women continued bickering quietly, their daughters in their arms. Sami contended that she was worried about Sydney, not only because she was a DiMera, but also because Nicole was so insanely possessive of her. Nicole maintained that she wasn't possessive, just fiercely maternal-and that Sami was jealous of the life she and Sydney shared with E.J. Sami laughed in disbelief, and firmly denied it.

Arianna interrupted just then, asking Sami if everything was all right. Sami introduced Arianna to Grace, then to Nicole. When Nicole learned that Arianna was Rafe's sister, she wasted no time in badmouthing Sami. "If you care at all about your brother, Rafe," Nicole declared, "you'll tell him to stay as far away as possible from this witch." Sami gave up trying to be polite when her exasperation got the better of her. "Back off, Nicole!"

An uncomfortable Arianna changed the subject, declaring, "You both have adorable babies!" She was stunned by the coincidence when she asked when the children were born, and Sami and Nicole answered simultaneously, "January twenty-eighth." Nicole helpfully added, "Sydney actually has a half brother, who is Sami's son Johnny-and his daddy is my husband, Sydney's father. Talk about wild, huh?" Nicole then beat a hasty retreat with Sydney.

Arianna began to apologize for stirring things up between the two women, but Sami stopped her, asserting that Nicole was "a nightmare." Arianna warmly declared that Grace was just as beautiful as Rafe had described. Grace beamed back at her. Arianna then asked if Sami knew where Rafe was. Sami didn't know, but thought he was probably helping a friend, since he was such a great guy.

Later, Rafe knocked on the door of the townhouse. Sami noticed his soiled sweater, and asked what had happened. Rafe shrugged it off, informing her that Dr. Baker was leaving town, and had promised not to tell anyone about Grace. Sami threw her arms around Rafe and kissed him gratefully.

Dr. Baker called Nicole to tell her that he was leaving town. She was surprised but relieved, and promised to wire him the $15,000 they'd agreed on. Nicole hung up, and whispered to Sydney that she'd dodged another bullet. "I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you and your daddy," she declared. "And nothing's going to change that."

Stephanie and Philip were on the terrace of the Kiriakis mansion, discussing his plans to get her grandmother to like him. He emphasized that he wanted to set a date for their wedding. Stephanie added that he also needed to stay safe, and get stronger. Philip replied that he had a physical therapy session shortly-but he had time for some kissing first.

Nearby, Owen took a call from E.J., who wanted to arrange a face-to-face meeting between the two of them. Owen was skeptical that E.J. wasn't really who he said he was, until E.J. provided a safety-deposit box number. E.J. then gave Owen directions to a clearing outside of town, ordering Owen to be there-alone-in twenty minutes.

Stephanie was still anxious about the feud between the Kiriakises and the DiMeras. Philip reassured her that he and Victor were negotiating a truce between the families, and promised to focus his energies on making her happy. Stephanie relaxed a little, and sat in his lap on the chaise. After they had kissed some more, she pointed out that they had never even discussed whether they wanted kids. Philip declared that he wanted a big family, and Stephanie teased that maybe he could talk her into it. After Philip assured her that he'd given the staff the night off, they made love there on chaise.

Afterwards, Stephanie offered to go with Philip to physical therapy. Philip declined, but suggested that she check out the bedroom closet, where he'd left a surprise for her. Once she'd eagerly scampered upstairs, Philip called for an update from the nurse watching over Stefano. "He's alive," she replied. "Barely."

When Owen found E.J. in the clearing, E.J. grilled him to ensure that he could trust the man. Owen detailed how he'd been Stefano's eyes and ears for the previous two years, working as a gardener at the Kiriakis estate. He explained that the notes he'd taken about his observations were in the safety-deposit box E.J. had mentioned earlier. Owen also informed E.J. that Philip had just gotten engaged to Stephanie Johnson.

E.J. then asked for Owen's help, pointing out the increased tensions between the two families. Owen insisted that he wasn't a hired gun, but E.J. asserted that Stefano would die unless Owen did as E.J. asked. Owen reluctantly asked what E.J. needed him to do. Once E.J. had outlined the plan, Owen admitted that he wasn't comfortable with what E.J. was asking, but at last somewhat unenthusiastically agreed.

Philip arrived at Stefano's cell to see for himself how the old man was. After sending the nurse away, Philip loomed over the unconscious Stefano, remembering how he had maintained that Stefano, not Philip, was actually to blame for Tony's death. "Not to worry, Stefano," Philip declared contemptuously. "This will all be over very soon."

Stephanie stepped out onto the terrace later, clad only in a lacy black nightgown, her surprise from Philip. She shrieked when Owen suddenly emerged from the bushes, and quickly covered up with her robe. Owen apologized for startling her, and handed her a glass of lemonade. He explained that he'd just made a fresh batch for the guards, and thought she might be thirsty. Stephanie thanked him warmly for his thoughtfulness, but put the glass down and dashed inside when her phone rang. Looking down at the glass, Owen sighed. "This is for you, Mr. DiMera."

When Stephanie returned to the terrace, she found Owen arranging a bunch of roses in a vase. Philip arrived right behind her, so Owen quickly made himself scarce. Philip admired Stephanie in her new negligee, and then declared that he was dehydrated after physical therapy. As he reached to take a sip of Stephanie's lemonade, an alarmed Owen watched from the bushes.

E.J. returned home and sat in front of his father's portrait, pensively fingering Stefano's ring. "It's going to work," he said to the picture. "I won't let you down."

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Owen the gardener tried to prevent Philip from drinking the lemonade he drugged that was intended for Stephanie, so he knocked over the flowers but wasn't able to knock the drink out of Philip's hand. E.J. called to check on their plan to kidnap Stephanie, and Owen spoke in code, trying to tell him that their plan hit a snag, but E.J. didn't understand what he was saying. The drug Owen put in the drink started to work its magic on Philip, and he stumbled.

Nicole told E.J. that Dr. Baker had left town for good, and then she noticed that E.J. had taken Stefano's portrait off the wall. E.J. explained that he found valuable resources to use against the Kiriakis family. Nicole assumed E.J. would sign the company over to Victor to get Stefano back and then find a way to get revenge later, but E.J. had something else in mind.

Nicole was impressed by E.J.'s devotion to his family and the way he would fight for them at any cost. E.J. explained that he didn't plan to give Victor any of the DiMeras' holdings. Owen called E.J. back and told him there was a small problem with their plan. E.J. didn't want to know the details. He told Owen to take care of it and call him back.

Nicole wondered how E.J. knew to look behind Stefano's portrait for more DiMera resources, and E.J. said Stefano just told him to think like a DiMera, so he did. E.J. was worried Owen wouldn't be able to pull off the kidnapping, but Nicole told him to have faith, because people could rise to the occasion. Nicole noticed that E.J. was wearing Stefano's ring, and E.J. said he wore it because he was Stefano's heir.

Nicole was turned on by E.J.'s determination. She thought at first E.J. was having doubts about his ability to head the family without Stefano, but she was happy he was confident in his leadership skills. She expressed her unwavering support for E.J. They started making out, but Stefano's portrait started to freak Nicole out, so she covered it then went back to kissing E.J.

Philip lost consciousness for a moment, and Stephanie wanted to call 9-1-1, but he stopped her, saying he just wanted to relax with her. He was able to shake the drug enough to get up and pour another drink then snuggle up with Stephanie.

Victor visited Stefano in the underground cell. Victor wondered why E.J. was taking so long following through on their agreement.

Outside the Brady Pub, Max asked Melanie if she was planning to make another deal with the alternative fuels project, and he warned her to stay away from the Kiriakis and DiMera families. Melanie said she wasn't involved in either family, and she told him to worry more about Stephanie, since she was involved with Philip.

At the hospital, Melanie grabbed some flowers she was supposed to deliver to a patient's room and instead dropped by the Kiriakis mansion to see Philip, pretending the flowers were for Philip as a get-well gift. That's when Philip showed off Stephanie's engagement ring. Melanie congratulated them, but she wondered if they were rushing into an engagement. Philip felt there was no need to wait, since they loved each other.

Philip wanted more coffee, so Stephanie decided to get it, and Melanie volunteered to go with her so she could look for something to eat. Philip got really tired and passed out on the lounge chair. Inside, Melanie insinuated that Stephanie had no idea what she was getting into. Stephanie told Melanie that she and Philip would be happy together, and Melanie interpreted it to mean Stephanie thought she might change Philip. Melanie said there was no way that would happen.

At the pub, Hope summoned Victor, so Bo questioned him about whether he planned to retaliate against the DiMeras. Victor wouldn't tell Bo what his plans were, so Bo tried to take him to the police station, but Hope stopped him. Bo wanted to throw Victor in jail for a day to keep him from putting a hit out on the DiMeras, and she asked how he was going to prevent Victor from doing it once Victor got out of jail. She also asked him what he would do if Ciara came downstairs and saw Bo arresting Ciara's grandfather. Bo decided to leave Victor alone.

Ciara was sad when Max brought her downstairs to Hope, because she had lost her teddy bear. When Hope told Bo that Ciara's bear was missing, he had another vision of himself searching for Ciara and stumbling upon her bear. Bo thought Ciara left her bear outside when she was playing, but Hope didn't think Ciara was outside except during recess.

Max decided to look for it upstairs. Hope caught on that Bo had another vision, and Bo said he couldn't tell whether the vision was true or not. Hope said whether or not the vision was true, she and Ciara were safe. Max found Ciara's bear and brought it out to Ciara. Hope figured Bo's vision wouldn't come true.

Victor went to see Stefano. When Victor tried to pull the sheet over Stefano's face, Stefano grabbed Victor's wrist and told Victor that he wasn't dead yet. Victor informed Stefano that E.J. was running out of time. He thought E.J. needed to be reminded about how much he had to lose. Stefano used Victor's phone to call E.J. E.J. told Stefano not to worry because E.J. was in control and Stefano would be home soon.

Stefano wasn't worried, because E.J. was a DiMera. E.J. tried to tell Stefano that everything was under control and Stefano would survive, but Victor got on the phone and warned E.J. that Stefano's insulin supply was dangerously low. He asked if E.J. had everything in order to transfer control of his company to the Kiriakises, and E.J. said he needed every single minute Victor gave him to make it happen. Victor advised E.J. to use his time wisely.

Owen approached Philip while he was sprawled out on the lounge chair and Owen said he needed to pick up some tools. Philip tried to stand up, so Owen tucked a sharp tool into his tool belt and offered to help Philip get upstairs. As they approached the door, one of Philip's security guards demanded to escort Philip to bed on his own, but Philip wanted to say goodnight to Stephanie first.

Melanie advised Stephanie that she was setting herself up for a fall. She said Stephanie wasn't cut out for the Kiriakis lifestyle. She asked if Stephanie was okay worrying all the time about whether Stephanie was going to die. Stephanie said she wasn't afraid for her life, but Melanie didn't think she would feel that way in the long run. Her words seemed to hit a little too close to home, because Stephanie asked her to leave.

Philip overheard their conversation and told Melanie to leave and not come back. The guard threw Melanie out. Stephanie said Melanie meant well, but she didn't know what was appropriate and inappropriate. Stephanie noticed that Philip's eyes looked strange. They went back outside and sat down. He assumed he was dizzy from his pain medication. Philip wanted to know at first what she and Melanie were talking about, but changed his mind and told her not to listen to him.

Henderson interrupted them and brought the bracelet he assumed Stephanie had dropped in the living room. Stephanie said it was Melanie's bracelet, and Philip grabbed it and placed it in the ashtray. Philip decided to go upstairs to get some sleep after all. Stephanie planned to go upstairs, too, but he said not to bother because he would be knocked out right away. After Philip went upstairs, Owen startled Stephanie. She thought he had gone home, but he said he stuck around to tie up a few loose ends.

Victor said goodnight to Stefano, predicting that it could be Stefano's last night alive unless E.J. pulled off a miracle. Stefano said he believed in his son and in miracles.

Nicole read Sydney a book, and E.J. said their daughter loved being read to. Nicole thought Sydney loved books that had happy endings, and Nicole believed in happy endings, too. E.J. wondered if that were true even if getting a happy ending involved doing some things she wouldn't want her children knowing about. Nicole said she would be okay with that because people did what they had to do.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Melanie found Maggie in the kitchen, preparing snacks for a twelve-step program meeting. Maggie explained that since St. Luke's was remodeling their basement, she was hosting the meeting at her home. She invited Melanie to join the group, since it was an "open meeting," but Melanie declined. Maggie had just dashed into the living room to check on things when Brady walked in the back door. Melanie assumed he was there to see her, and was a little surprised when Brady informed her that he was there for the meeting.

After telling Melanie a bit about his battle with addition, Brady explained that the meetings helped him stay centered, especially when he was stressed about work-or family. Melanie tried to reassure him that Philip would be all right. Brady just looked at her skeptically and tried to change the subject. Melanie presumed that he had as much doubt as she did about Philip and Stephanie's engagement, but quickly realized with chagrin that he hadn't heard about it yet. Melanie also assumed that Brady agreed it was a bad idea.

Brady gently suggested that Melanie was jealous, but she insisted that she wasn't. Brady wasn't buying it, and Melanie reluctantly admitted that perhaps she did still have some lingering feelings for Philip-but that wasn't why she thought the engagement was a bad idea. Although Melanie conceded that Philip and Stephanie were in love, she knew Stephanie could never fully accept who Philip was. Brady teased her a little about her jealousy. As Melanie was playfully arguing with him, she noticed that her bracelet was missing. She guessed that she must have lost it at the Brady Pub earlier, and noted that it had been an expensive gift from a guy.

At the Java Café, Will cautiously approached Mia to ask why she hadn't returned his calls. Mia didn't offer an immediate answer, so Will confessed that she'd been the reason he'd stuck around Salem. Mia apologetically explained that she thought he was upset-and didn't want her to be around Grace-because she'd told him she'd been in rehab. Will reassured her that he didn't hold her past against her, plus Grace seemed to love her. Mia was relieved.

Will then confided that his dad was an alcoholic who'd been sober for a while, but Will had observed that Mia didn't seem to struggle with it every day like Lucas still did. Mia asserted that it was because she went to a meeting every night. Will asked if he could accompany her to that night's meeting. Mia tried to discourage him, but Will convinced her that he really wanted to go. She shyly noted that it was a very nice gesture. They agreed to head to the meeting after Will had dropped something off at home.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. contemplated Stefano's portrait, which was still propped against a chair, the backing fabric ripped open. Harold, the butler, announced that Johnny wished to say goodnight. E.J. brightened instantly as Johnny, clad in fuzzy, footed pajamas, ran excitedly into his daddy's arms. Harold was worried that Stefano would be angry when he saw what had happened to the portrait. E.J. assured him that Stefano would be fine with it.

Sami was at home with Grace when she realized that it was past time for E.J. to have dropped Johnny off. She called E.J., who told her that he'd decided not to take Johnny to the townhouse. Sami was peeved, and reminded him that they had an agreement. E.J. cryptically stated that something had come up, and he wanted Johnny to continue to stay with him for a few days. Sami irritably declared that E.J. couldn't just make up the rules as he went along. When she noted that Grace had a fever, E.J. asserted that was all the more reason for Johnny to stay with him, then hung up abruptly.

Stephanie strolled out onto the terrace at the Kiriakis mansion, still wearing her negligee set from Philip. Owen emerged from the bushes, startling her because she thought he'd already gone home. Owen was twirling a small weeding tool as he explained that he still had some work to finish up, when Philip interrupted. He good-naturedly urged Owen not to spend so much time at work, and to "get a life." As Philip escorted Stephanie inside, Owen respectfully wished the two of them goodnight.

After they'd gone, Owen cursed to himself. "Damn it, that drug should have kicked in hours ago. How can he still be awake?" Owen then got a call from E.J., demanding to know why things were taking so long. "It's happening now," Owen assured him.

Sami had just gotten Grace strapped into her stroller when Will and Mia arrived. Without divulging the reason, Sami asked the teens if they could stay with Grace for a bit while she ran a quick errand. Will was equally vague when he apologetically replied that he and Mia had plans. Mia tried to insist that they could skip it to help his mom, but Will thought it was too important. Sami assured them that she'd be fine, since she could take Grace with her.

While Will went into his bedroom, Mia took a peek at little Grace, who gazed back at her with huge eyes. Mia confided to Sami that Grace was even more special than the other babies she'd been around. Sami beamed, and thanked Mia warmly for echoing her feelings.

After Mia had helped Sami and Grace out the door, she spied an open laptop on the dining table. She quickly sat down and searched for an AA meeting in Salem that night. She scribbled down an address, and when Will returned, she pretended that she'd been checking her e-mail. Mia agreed that she was ready to go, and Will said, "Let's bounce."

Maggie returned to the kitchen just as Melanie was leaving for the pub. While Brady and Maggie were arranging hors d'oeuvres on platters, Maggie proclaimed that she was proud of Brady for getting clean. He confessed that he'd thought of her often during rehab: her struggle had inspired him to keep going. Maggie was visibly touched. The doorbell rang, so Brady grabbed a tray and went to answer it.

Meanwhile, Maggie answered a knock at the back door. She was startled to see Mia, who hastily clarified that she was there for the meeting. Mia also explained that another friend would be attending, and asked Maggie not to divulge that they had never met before. Maggie reassured her that everyone there was anonymous, and since it was an open meeting, Mia's friend would be more than welcome. Mia hugged her gratefully. Brady returned and witnessed their embrace, but he quietly slipped back out before they noticed him.

When Will arrived, Mia was stunned to learn that Maggie was Will's aunt. Maggie reminded her-and emphasized for Will-that everything said at the meeting needed to remain anonymous. Maggie asked if the teens would like a moment alone, but Mia asked for a moment by herself. Unfazed, Maggie asked Will to help her take some plates into the living room as the guests arrived. The two of them bustled out.

Mia sighed heavily as she sat down at the kitchen table. "Could this get any worse?" Just as she'd convinced herself it was going to work, Brady returned, wanting to know what she was doing there. After recognizing Brady as Nicole's friend, Mia asked exasperatedly, "Does everyone in Salem go to AA meetings?"

Brady stated that he would normally never ask why someone was at a meeting, but he was concerned that Mia might have abused alcohol or drugs while she was pregnant. He added that Nicole deserved to know exactly what Mia had taken that might have affected the baby's health. Mia adamantly insisted that she would never harm her baby-and that she didn't owe Brady any explanations.

Brady pressed her to reveal precisely what she had taken, grilling her about drugs and alcohol. "I have never done drugs in my life," Mia firmly asserted. "I don't drink. It all tastes bitter to me. I honestly hate it." Brady frowned sternly, his hands on his hips. Mia at last reluctantly confessed that she was only there because she'd told a friend that she'd been to rehab. Brady was dubious, but Mia maintained that she didn't want her friend to find out the truth. "You didn't want him to know the truth about what?" he asked-just as Will returned through the kitchen door.

E.J. heard persistent knocking at the front door, and ambled into the foyer to open it. He found an impatient Sami, with Grace in tow. A bodyguard offered a sheepish apology as E.J. let Sami in. Sami announced that she was there to pick up Johnny, adding calmly that she would call the sheriff if E.J. refused. E.J. tried to explain, but wouldn't divulge any details about why he wanted Johnny to stay there. Sami argued that they had joint custody, and spending time with her kids was important to her.

E.J. reminded her that Grace was running a fever. Sami maintained that the child was merely teething, and rebuffed E.J.'s attempts to even look at Grace. When E.J. asked what her problem was, Sami firmly stated, "I don't want you anywhere in my daughter's life. You're already ruining Johnny's." E.J. countered that she had told him that he was a good father, and he simply wanted to keep Johnny safe. Sami took offense, assuming that E.J. was criticizing her parenting skills. Interrupting, E.J. asserted, "I just don't want his life to be in danger." Sami was horrified. "Wait, you mean real danger?" she exclaimed, recalling all the guards she'd seen on the property.

Sami refused to leave until they had discussed it, and determinedly pushed Grace's stroller into the living room. She was completely taken aback when she saw Stefano's portrait on the floor. "E.J., what the hell is going on here?" she demanded. E.J. urged her not to make a big deal out of it, contending just that an argument between him and Stefano had gotten a little heated.

Sami wanted to know where Stefano was, but E.J. clammed up, busying himself with pouring a drink. Sami persisted, "He's gone, and now you're worried about Johnny's safety?" E.J. calmly implored her not to jump to conclusions. "E.J., something is going on, and I'm entitled to know what it is," an increasingly anxious Sami insisted. "So tell me what's happening!"

In the Kiriakis living room, Stephanie asked why Philip wasn't in bed. She was perplexed when Philip replied-while pouring himself a cup of coffee-that he'd been unable to sleep. Slurring his words, Philip accused Stephanie of not being happy that she was marrying him. Stephanie was even more bewildered, insisting that did want to marry him, because she loved him. Philip continued being belligerent and combative, demanding to know why she hadn't defended him to Melanie earlier.

Owen surreptitiously opened the front door and eavesdropped for a moment, while Stephanie was trying to make sense of Philip's behavior. Clearly terrified, but trying to remain calm, she encouraged him to return upstairs to get some rest. When Owen heard Stephanie promise to join Philip after she'd sat on the terrace for a bit, Owen quietly backed out, closing the door behind him.

Philip kept pushing. They argued about his lifestyle-especially the war with the DiMeras-and whether Stephanie could endure it. Finally, with tears in her eyes, Stephanie shouted that she loved him and wanted to marry him, but she couldn't pretend to be happy about the things that were happening. "Well, then, maybe you shouldn't marry me," Philip mumbled, steadying himself on the bar. "You're right." Stephanie retorted. "Maybe I shouldn't. Goodnight." She stalked, barefoot, out the back door. Philip called after her and tried to follow, but collapsed onto the sofa, unconscious almost instantly.

On the terrace, Stephanie tried to calm herself. She sat on the chaise, closed her eyes, and took some slow, deep breaths. Suddenly, Owen appeared from the bushes behind her. He quickly covered her mouth with a cloth, holding her still while she shrieked and struggled, until at last she stopped wriggling.

Philip awoke to a very worried Henderson shaking him, attempting to rouse him. "Sir, you don't seem well. Shall I call a doctor?" Henderson implored. Philip insisted he was fine, and sent Henderson away.

Melanie went to the Brady Pub to look for her bracelet, but had no luck. She called Max to make sure he hadn't seen it, and then realized she must have lost it at Philip's house.

Melanie called Philip to ask if he'd seen her bracelet. Philip muttered somewhat incoherently that it was on the terrace in an ashtray-where she belonged. Ignoring his ill humor, Melanie asked if she could go to the mansion to get it. Mumbling about Melanie's conversation with Stephanie, Philip abruptly declared that Melanie was "a lying bitch."

Melanie asserted that Philip sounded weird, and asked if he were all right. "She loves me!" Philip shouted. Confused and a little miffed, Melanie congratulated him-again-on his engagement, and repeated her request to retrieve her bracelet. "Go to hell," Philip slurred, and hung up. He tried to stand, but immediately fell on his face.

Some time later, Philip awakened on the carpet with a groan. Mumbling Stephanie's name and apologizing, he tried to stand, but collapsed onto the floor again.

Outside, Owen carefully covered Stephanie with leaves and tree trimmings in a large garden cart. He had just finished lightly covering Stephanie's face, when Melanie and a Kiriakis guard suddenly appeared. Startled and out of breath, Owen offered a hasty explanation about how "a gardener's work is never done." Melanie shrugged and turned to the guard.

"Look, my bracelet's on the terrace," she reminded him condescendingly. The guard assured her with equal sarcasm that he knew, and led her away. Once they were out of sight, Owen resolutely wheeled the cart off.

On the terrace, the guard irritably helped Melanie put her bracelet back on. She needled him, contending that his earlier manhandling was what had caused her to lose it in the first place. After finally getting it successfully clasped onto her wrist, the guard was trying to escort Melanie out, when she noticed Stephanie's earring on the terrace next to the chaise. "What's this doing here?" she wondered aloud, a little concerned since Stephanie was nowhere to be seen.

Later, Owen and Stephanie had reached their destination. She lay on her back, her eyes still closed, as Owen gently smoothed her hair. He tenderly folded her hands on her abdomen, gazing down at her still, beautiful form, and frowned sadly. With resignation, Owen then slid the morgue drawer closed, and shut Stephanie inside.

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