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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, July 24, 2000

Jennifer tells Bryant that the modeling agency offered her a job in Hong Kong. Bryant retorts that it's amazing how fast Craig made that happen. A surprised Jennifer wonders how or why Bryant's father would get her a job. Bryant tells her Craig is using her to get him to go away with him. There's a knock on the door. "It's Satan," Bryant announces, and opens the door to his father. When Bryant accuses Craig of twisting arms to get Jen the gig, Craig proudly concedes that he did.

Simon shares his plan to knock out Cooley with poisoned berry juice to a high-strung Lily. Cooley shows up right then and Lily hides the vial of juice in her bra. She prepares to go with him as Simon threatens Cooley that Lily better not be hurt. Psycho Cooley drags Lily to his shelter. She stalls for time and tries to figure out how to get him to drink the poison. Simon follows and lurks outside.

John stops Denise from visiting Andy and berates her for hurting his son. She tells him that Andy needs him, so he should stop wasting time hating her. Andy tries to move his legs and tells himself that it's not over between him and Denise. John threatens Denise that after Dr. Deitrich performs his tests, Ben's career will be over. Denise argues that Ben hasn't done anything wrong and they don't have to justify their actions. John believes that Ben is using his accusations against Andy to justify Denise's annulment. Ben arrives and John storms off to visit Andy. He advises his son to consult a lawyer and decide what he wants. He suggests Andy see a psychologist as well.

Jennifer is grateful to Craig, while Bryant is ready to spit bullets. Bryant accuses his father of treating them like puppets and accidentally insults Jennifer, who abruptly leaves. Craig tries to convince his son to come with him, but Bryant throws him out. Craig visits Margo at the police station. Margo's thrilled to see her brother, but asks what he wants. Craig informs Margo about his pending divorce from Sierra, while she fills him in on Bryant's New York adventure. Craig asks for his sister's help in convincing Bryant to accompany him to Hong Kong. She's offended by his request and tries to talk him out of his plans. Jennifer tells her mother about the modeling job, including how and why Craig arranged it. She gets angry when Barbara agrees with Bryant. Barbara informs her daughter that Craig has a long history of manipulating people to get what he wants and goes to tell him off. She bursts into Bryant's house looking for Craig. Bryant is only too happy to dial up his dad's hotel room. He finds that his father has checked out.

Simon tries to sneak into Cooley's shelter and falls right into a trap. As Lily plays sick, Cooley hears something outside. When he finds Simon, he taunts him as the trapped Aussie tries to talk his way out of captivity. Back inside the shelter, Lily tries to fend off an increasing psychotic Cooley, while outside Simon begins to cut himself free of the net, until he drops his knife. Lily is finally able to slip Cooley the poison, and Simon escapes as she frantically waits for it to take effect. He bursts in just as Cooley keels over.They realize the mixture of the poison and the alcohol it was mixed with must have killed him. Simon calms Lily down and they search for the missing radio part.

Bob stops into Andy's room with news -- Dr Deitrich's schedule changed and he is on his way to Memorial. Andy screams "No!" He refuses to take any more tests and wants time alone. After everyone is gone, he fakes a spasm and calls a nurse for medication. He pretends to take it, then drags himself to the medicine cart to get the medication he needs to give himself the spinal test. John comes in the room and Andy hides the medication. As soon as his father leaves, Andy convinces himself that this will bring Denise back to him.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

Denise visits Andy to let him know she's thinking about him. Bob, John and Ben arrive with Dr. Deitrich to begin the tests on Andy. Ben and John argue as they explain Andy's case to Deitrich. Andy throws subtle barbs at Ben as they discuss the tests. Andy asks for some time alone to write a letter to Hope. After everyone leaves, he eyes the medication he's stolen.
Jack receives word that the bullets from Celia's gun match the ones that were fired at Lily in Atlantic City. He gets angry when he discovers Celia has escaped. Rose and Holden wake up and are interrupted by Lucinda's call. 'Lily' is late for the fundraiser meeting at WOAK.
Jake argues with a frantic Emily while waiting for David's next move. Jake calls and asks Molly to come over. Emily goes ballistic as she realizes his plan. Jake tells her that Stenbeck would be caught off-guard by a visit from Molly. Emily relents on one condition - Molly has to believe that Alison was really kidnapped. She doesn't trust Molly's judgment when it comes to David. Just then, Molly arrives. Jake keeps her from taking off at the sight of Emily.
Jack finds a clue linking Celia to a location in Ontario near where Simon had been spotted. Rose arrives at WOAK to see Lucinda. Katie eavesdrops as 'Lily' gushes about Holden. She makes a beeline to Holden and is disappointed to find out he's not getting divorced. He blows her off as Lucinda notices the attention she's giving him. Lucinda wonders aloud what's going on with Lily.
Just as Andy's about to give himself a shot, Chris walks in. Andy hides the syringe, but Chris notices how jumpy he is. Chris wishes his brother luck and leaves. Andy is finally able to give himself the shot, but misses the trash can with the empty syringe & bottle. Right then, everyone returns to his room to start the test. He gets nervous as Ben steps closer to the trash can.
Jake is embarrassed when he realizes that Molly thought he called her for a date. He sends Emily out of the room and hesitantly tells Molly that Stenbeck kidnapped a little girl. Molly is floored when Jake asks her to visit Stenbeck. Jake spills everything, telling Molly why David is after Emily and about the botched kidnapping of Alison. Molly is afraid that instead of pushing David's buttons, he'd end up pushing hers. She compares him to a drug. Molly refuses to help and goes to leave. On her way out, she runs into Emily, who accuses her of being selfish.
Holden tells Lucinda to stop worrying - he & 'Lily' have worked everything out. Jack stops by to tell Holden that Celia has escaped, and Lily was her only visitor. 'Lily' explains that she was warning Celia to stay away from the Snyders. Katie interrupts and pulls Rose away, starting in on her over their deal. Katie threatens to reveal Rose's identity. Rose counters with Katie's videotaped confession. Jack tells Holden that he thinks Celia's in Ontario. Holden wonders if Simon is there as well. Lucinda asks her daughter what's going on between her and Katie. 'Lily' informs her that Katie's going after Holden. Lucinda corners Katie and warns her to stay away from her son-in-law. Katie decides to use Lucinda to reveal Rose's identity.
Molly and Emily trade insults about their pasts with the Stenbecks. Jake breaks it up and Emily pleads with Molly to help Alison, telling her that it could just as easily be Abigail in danger. Molly agrees to visit David. At the prison, she professes love for a surprised but guarded Stenbeck. She's scared when he mentions Abigail, but covers and asks him if there's a future for them. As Margo, Emily, and Jake listen in, Molly tells David that Alison was never kidnapped and Emily is setting him up.
Chris and Denise are devastated when John reveals that Andy can't walk. John tells Ben that he's in a lot of trouble over his false accusations. Andy breathes a sigh of relief as an orderly picks up the trash off the floor without paying attention to what it is.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Chris tries to stop Ben and John from arguing outside Andy's room, as Andy strains to listen. Julia sees that Jack has packed his suitcase and assumes he's off to find Carly. Carly enlists the help of Mei-Lin, Winston's housekeeper. When Molly warns David that the police are onto his kidnapping scheme, Jake defends her actions to Emily and Margo--she hasn't betrayed them, he insists. Jack forcefully enlightens Julia that he's leaving to go to Canada to track down escapee Celia. Carly tells Mei-Lin she has a plan for Mei-Lin to fake an injury to her ankle. When Winston calls for his housekeeper, Carly steps in to serve tea to his American partner.

Emily is sickened and Jake closes his eyes when a tearful Molly tells David she's never stopped loving him and would do anything for him. Chris volunteers to break the bad news of Andy's tests to Kim and Bob agrees. John agrees to Andy's request to discharge him from the hospital--he's tired of all the tests. Denise finds a despondent Ben in the hospital chapel befuddled by Andy's turnaround--the results don't lie. Winston is forced to introduce "Charlotte" to Mr. Montgomery. Carly slips Craig a note on a napkin asking to meet him alone. Later, she snoops through his wallet and, seeing his driver's license, assumes he's from Florida.

John delights in telling Ben he's calling an emergency meeting of the hospital board to get Ben suspended. Jake asks Margo to give Molly five more minutes with David before stepping in. Molly apologizes to David for getting Melinda taken away from him and tells him she wants them to have a daughter of their own. Jake exults and Margo is astonished when David boasts to Molly he won't be convicted of trying to kidnap Alison because he has everybody too scared--she was playing David all along, they realize.

When Margo walks in and arrests David, he blasts Molly for betraying him and warns Emily there'll be reprisals for both of them. Craig demands his "merchandise" from Winston and when Winston leaves, Carly begs Craig to help her. Denise tells an anguished Ben that she can't abandon Andy just now, especially after she accused him of lying about his paralysis. I own you, David seethes to Molly as he is led away in handcuffs. Molly slips away while Jake is embraced by a thankful Emily. Julia accepts Jack's invitation to go to Beaver Cove, Canada with him.

Carly tells Craig that Winston is holding her prisoner, but Craig refuses to help Carly unless he gets something in return--he is a businessman, after all. Craig then leaves, telling Winston (and Carly) that he'll be back the next day expecting his merchandise.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

As Lily begins the WOAK telethon for the hospital, Bob takes the microphone and talks about how the donations will help. Margo, Lisa Barbara and Susan are all involved in a kick line for people who pledge $500 or more and ironically Tom, Hal, Emily and anonymous others pledge for this and for "Lily" to get involved and they perform. After a dance number featuring some of Oakdale's ladies, Katie calls in anonymously and challenges "Lily" to sing Holden and Lily's "song." Instead, "Lily" sings a new song to signal a new start to her relationship with Holden.

Abigail is rocked when she uncovers Bryant and Jennifer's relationship at the station and runs out.

Determined to ruin Rose's plans for Holden, Katie slips the Atlantic City flyer featuring Rose's photo into Lucinda's bag. Lucinda gets suspicious of Katie since she is following her around like a hawk.

Lisa congratulates Emily on putting David in solitary and protecting her grandchild. Worried about Molly, Jake finally confronts her at her place and congratulates her on everything she did earlier. Though she claims they have no future, he convinces her to join him for dinner at Mabel's, during which they share their first kiss.

Simon comes up with a way to create power for the radio and makes it work. He makes a battery out of items that belong to Coolly. Celebrating their success, Lily hugs Simon. When they hear a plane flying overhead, the two run outside and are shocked to find Celia there.

Friday, July 28, 2000

by CBS

Lucinda is shocked to find the Atlantic City flyer in her bag featuring a Lily-lookalike. Holden brings "Lily" home after the telethon and confesses that he loves her like he has never before. Concerned about the flyer, Lucinda tries to reach Holden but he hangs up on her and shuts off his phone so that he and "Lily" can make love. Lucinda decides to have a chat with Mitzi. A gun-toting Celia sarcastically greets the island castaways with the news that Rose has taken over Lily's life in Oakdale and that includes living with Holden. She demands the diamond. Simon hands the expensive bauble over and comforts a shaken Lily. Hoping to track down Celia, Jack and Julia arrive in Beaver Cove and look at security pictures from the railroad station. Mr. Collins. They spot Lily with Simon. Jack tries to reach Holden but his phone remains unplugged. Chris accuses Katie of planting the photos in the tabloid paper but she again denies snapping the revealing photos. Emily is amused when Lucinda congratulates her on her efforts to keep David behind bars for years. Emily offers Chris his job back at the newspaper and he happily accepts. She also hands him the photos of him and Molly which ran in the paper.

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