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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, July 31, 2000

Carly questions Winston about his next meeting with Craig. He tells her to stay out of his business. She counters that she could be an asset to him. He leaves to meet with Craig, who walks in just after Winston leaves. Craig tells Carly her story intrigued him, but he thinks it might be a set-up. Carly offers to help him get what he wants from Winston. Craig snipes that she can't even get out of the apartment, and she tells him about Winston's threats against her son. Carly pleads for Craig's help.

Lucinda questions Mitzi, wanting her to share everything she knows about Lily. Mitzi slips, asking which Lily, but covers. She makes up a story from the pieces she knows of Lily's life. Lucinda doesn't buy it, and pulls out the flyer from Rose's show. Holden tells Rose that he barely recognized her during lovemaking. After he tells her how happy he is, she starts to seduce him again.

Celia berates Simon for giving up the diamond because of a crush on another man's wife as she pulls a gun on him and Lily. She accuses her brother of falling into the same myth as their grandfather had. Lily jumps to his defense. Celia informs them that she's going to leave them on the island. She finds the radio and shoots it to pieces before taking off back to her plane. Cooley climbs out of the water and is excited by what he sees.

Craig tells Carly he can handle Winston and he's not in the hero business. As he searches the room, Carly tells him that he'll eventually realize that they need each other. He relents, telling her he's looking for a red leather case with a prototype in it. He hints that if she finds it, he may help her.

Mitzi's relieved when Lucinda assumes that the picture on the flyer is Lily. Lucinda storms out to get answers from Lily. Mitzi warns Rose, who figures that Katie was responsible for the flyer. Lucinda shows up demanding answers. Rose covers by saying the flyer was a gag gift. Holden interrupts, wondering why Lucinda is there. She's not buying the story, but keeps quiet and leaves. Rose keeps Holden from going after her.

As she hears the plane fly off, Lily comes to the realization that they will never get off the island. Simon tries to keep her hope alive. They wonder whether Celia was lying about Rose taking over Lily's life. She breaks down in his arms. Simon tells Lily that Celia was right about his feelings -- Lily's the most important thing in his life. They are interrupted by Celia -- Cooley took off with the plane!

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Jake shows up at Molly's door with flowers. She wonders how he can want her after hearing about her relationship with David. He stumbles over his words as he tells her she's beautiful. Abigail walks in, upset over Bryant's two-timing of her and Jennifer. Jake impresses Molly when he boosts Abigail's self-confidence and advises her on her situation. After her daughter takes off, Molly believes her advice is at fault for her problems with Bryant. Jake tells her that he knows every decision she's made has been in the best interest of Abigail.

Bryant shows up at the Munson's. Jennifer warns him that Hal is home. She starts talking about them being together in Hong Kong. Hal overhears and wants an explanation. Bryant nervously explains Craig's underhanded plan. Barbara walks in, and Hal's miffed that she kept this from him. He throws Bryant out, and lays into Barbara and Jennifer for keeping secrets from him. Jennifer tells her father that he overreacts to everything, which is why he was kept in the dark. Hal wonders how Craig knew of Jennifer and Bryant's relationship, forcing her to admit she was at Bryant's poolhouse. He forbids her to see Bryant.

Bryant arrives home to find a determined Abigail, who confronts him about two-timing her and Jennifer. Bryant tries to weasel his way out of her accusations, but she's not buying it. She gives him 24 hours to fess up to Jennifer, or she'll tell her. Abigail returns home, thanking Jake for his advice. Jake and Molly share a kiss, then he leaves.

Jennifer storms out, and Hal defends himself to Barbara. She warns Hal that if they push Jennifer too hard, they'll push her away for good. He refuses to relent, and leaves for work. Barbara's fuming, but defends him when Jennifer returns. She reminds her daughter of all of the problems they've had with Bryant. Jennifer storms off again.

John brings Andy his release papers. Andy wonders where Denise is. John berates her and Ben, telling his son that it's time to let her go. Andy defends his wife, explaining that he just wants his family, not revenge on Ben. John tells him to move on, she's already gone.

Denise apologizes to Ben for running off earlier. He promises that everything will be better soon. He has a solution to all their problems -- he's been offered a job in St. Louis. Denise isn't thrilled with the prospect of leaving Oakdale, though Ben does his best to convince her. She says it's too quick, she can't leave Andy right now, since no one else can care for him. Ben snipes that the Hughes can afford a nurse and accuses her of sacrificing their relationship for Andy. He issues an ultimatum -- she leaves with him now or they don't have a future. Denise calls his bluff. He says goodbye and walks out. Denise shows up to take Andy home from the hospital. John tells her his son doesn't need her help. Andy asks John to leave, then asks Denise to stay with him for awhile. She agrees, and wheels him out of the room, right into Ben.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Bryant confirms to Lucinda that he was dating Abigail and Jennifer at the same time. Jennifer begs Barbara to let her see Bryant one last time to say goodbye. Julia tries to convince Jack not to show Holden the photos of Lily and Simon, but Jack refuses to keep secrets.

Adam tells Jennifer that Bryant was with another girl at the 4th of July picnic, which convinces Barbara to deny Jennifer's request. Lucinda chastises a nonchalant Bryant for lying to himself--he does have feelings for Jennifer. When he calls her, Jennifer is forced to tell Bryant that she's breaking up with him.

Rose orders Katie to meet her and then delights in telling her she slept with Holden last night--I'm in love with him, Rose confesses. When Jack and Julia arrive with the photos, Holden tells them he and Lily have reunited. Katie is furious when Rose commands her to keep Holden "blissfully ignorant" of her secret or else risk being exposed herself. Holden is in denial until Jack shows him the photos of Lily and Simon in Beaver Cove. A reluctant Barbara lets Bryant in to say his goodbyes. Fearful of Abigail calling back, Bryant convinces Jennifer to take Parker and go for a drive. Jennifer is momentarily concerned about Parker not having a car seat but Bryant assauges her fears.

When Rose returns, Holden asks her to explain what she was doing in Beaver Falls. As Jennifer cradles Parker in her arms in the front seat, Bryant says he has something to tell her. Rose insists to Holden that she went to Beaver Falls only to find a relative and swears to him she didn't sleep with Simon. Lucinda corners Katie and asks her how the flyer ended up in her bag after the telethon.

Holden tells "Lily" he believes her--he has to trust in her. Katie pleads ignorance to Lucinda. When Hal comes home after Adam's baseball game to discover Jennifer and Bryant missing, he blasts Barbara for leaving Jennifer alone with Bryant. Distracted by Jennifer's question about "another girl," Bryant swerves and crashes the car.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

Holden decides to take "Lily" away for a romantic get away for her birthday. He goes to the station and tells Katie and Henry to take care of the station while he is away. Katie asks a ton of questions trying to get the location of the get away but Holden won't tell. He told Henry and Katie that there will be no phones or any way to contact them. Mean while back at the house, Jack stops by with 2 detectives from Atlantic city looking for answers on Celia Frasier. They ask "Lily" what she said to Celia when she went to see her at the police station and while she couldn't positively ID her, etc. As the detectives where leaving One of them noticed pictures on the table of "Lily" and realized he has seen her before. After a few minutes he remembered seeing her in a Kickline in Atlantic City. "Lily" of course denied it but the detective said there must be a double which now has Jack and the detective thinking.

Hal was driving along and seen the state police cleaning up an accident and stops to help out. When he looks on one of the beds he sees Bryant and realizes that Jen must have been with them. He asked if there was a baby and the state police said no. He figured jen dropped him off at the sitters. He sees the EMT"s carrying Jen up on a bed and rushes by her side. Jen apologizes about everything and then asks about Parker. Hal said she dropped him off at the sitters and she said she didn't that Parker was sitting on her lap. Hal went nuts and said he must have been thrown from the car. He helped look for him and later found him...barely breathing and unconscious. Hal rides with him to the hospital. Barbara gets there before Hal and sees them bringing Parker in. She knows it isn't good and them sees Hal waiting in the doorway. She rushes to be by his side. However later they argue over Bryant and Jen seeing each other and Hal goes off to be alone. Lucinda walks in and sees Barb there and asks what has happened. Barb tells her that Bryant, Jen and Parker were in an accident. Bryant is unconscious and probably has a concussion and Jen is ok while Parker is in serious condition. Lucinda wants to "Prosecute the careless driver to the full extent" that is until she finds out it was a on car accident then all of a sudden "Bryant is not responsible for Jen or Parker" Hal comes back and asks Barb why it is taking so long for tests and them Bob and a pediatrician come out and tell Hal it isn't good. Julia calls Barb about having dinner with her and Hal and Barb informs her about Parker. Barb asks Julia to call Margo on her cell and ask her and Tom to keep Adam for the night and to call Lisa and call anyone else who should know. Julia takes out the fax from Carly and thinks she should know.

Friday, August 4

by CBS

Hal is informed that Parker needs surgery. Barbara scolds Jennifer for her poor judgment, but comforts her when Jen concedes she's to blame for the accident. Julia is still torn about contacting Carly. Hal admits he wishes he could contact Carly. Julia finally decides to send a fax to Carly telling her about Parker's accident. Hal blows up at Barbara and later apologizes. They prepare to visit Parker, who is out of surgery. Meanwhile, Lucinda is unable to reach Sierra, who is hiding out to avoid press regarding her divorce. When Bryant wakes up, Lucinda breaks the news to him about Parker's condition and he's devastated. Carly is able to get into Winston's safe, discovering her passport and the red leather case Craig mentioned. Carly is thrilled she is finally going home. But Craig informs her that the microchips she's supplied him with are fakes - and she's not going anywhere! Meanwhile, she's unaware of Julia's fax is coming in. The Atlantic City police continue to grill "Lily," but Jack orders them to back off. "Lily" asks Jack to keep mum to Holden about the incident, playing on his sympathies about their marriage finally working again. Jack leaves when he finds out about the accident. Meanwhile, Holden tries to track down Jack and finds out he is with two NJ cops questioning "Lily." Mitzi advises Rose to leave Oakdale before the cops figure out what she's up to, but "Lily" is on cloud nine with Holden's news of a second honeymoon and refuses to go anywhere. At the hospital, Holden wants to know why Jack neglected to tell him about the interrogation of "Lily."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan


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