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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on PC
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Monday, July 31, 2000

Scott and Lucy have an awkward reunion in the halls of the hospital. Admitting how much he's missed her, Scott asks Lucy to come back to the firehouse for a visit with Serena. Haunted by harsh criticism from her mother, Rachel mopes alone in her apartment. Jamal finds a dazed and bloody Alison in the hide-out, standing near Cedric's lifeless body. After calling Frank for help, Jamal gathers up evidence from the scene and carries a trembling Alison back to his place. Lucy told Scott she's not quite ready to see Serena. Livvie phones her mother and is worried by the strange tone in Rachel's voice. Eve happily welcomes back an old friend as Karen returns to duty. After examining Alison, Frank realizes the girl is in shock and may have been raped. Rachel has a nightmare about her sister coming back from the dead to reprimand her for not taking revenge on Kevin. Meanwhile, Livvie awakens gasping from a strange dream about dolls drowning. At the ER, Eve reports to a relieved Jamal that there is no evidence of sexual assault on Alison. Later, when Garcia arrives to question the girl about Cedric's murder, Jamal claims he killed the man himself.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

by ABC

Lucy was thrilled to be reunited with Serena. A hopeful Serena tried to bring Scott and Lucy closer together, but their relationship remained awkward. Serena later became upset when Lucy tried to explain why she and Scott weren't together at the moment. The police appeared to believe Jamal's claim that he had killed Cedric in self-defense. Kevin reached out to Alison, who was unable to remember what had happened to her.

Kevin later told Eve that Alison was blocking out a painful traumatic experience. Eve called Scott and asked for his help with Jamal's case. Jamal agreed to let Scott defend him with the condition that Alison would not have to testify in court.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Eve and Karen volunteer to help Ian out with the clinic paperwork after Chris comes down hard on his newest colleague. Later, Eve is intrigued to note a certain chemistry forming between Ian and Karen. Explaining why she took in a runaway girl, Lucy told Kevin things seem to be getting a little bit better each day. Confiding how anxious she is to reassure Serena, Lucy asks her favorite shrink for his professional advice. Chris bumps into "Charlie" again in the park and grows angry when she inquires about the final disposition of his wife's highly publicized court case. After the girl convinces him she isn't working for Scott, Chris calms down but presses her to reveal the real reason behind her "research". Serena asks her mother if she's ever going to move back home so they can be a real family again. Though Kevin cautions his wife not to meddle, Eve can't resist matchmaking for Karen and Ian. Chris realizes that "Charlie" is actually Livvie.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

"Charlie" confides to Chris how her emotionally disturbed mother has been shutting her completely out of her life. During a visit to the jail, Frank apologetically informs Jamal that he can't afford to pay the young man's bail. Rachel warns a worried Amanda that her granddaughter's life could still be in danger and suggests that a round-the-clock armed guard is in order. Dismayed by his colleague's advice, Kevin convinces Amanda that police protection for Alison isn't necessary and could actually do more harm than good. Meanwhile, Alison becomes distraught upon learning from a TV newscast that Jamal has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. Later, Eve arranges for Jamal to be brought to the hospital for a visit with his injured friend. Concerned that his wife's rash actions may have jeopardized Alison's recovery, Kevin angrily instructs Eve to stop meddling. Afterwards, during a run-in with Rachel, Kevin threatens to have the shrink's license revoked if she tampers with another one of his patients. Alison asks Jamal to remember what transpired at the warehouse. To pacify her, Jamal weaves a yarn about shoving Cedric down the stairs. Chris arranges a nasty surprise for Rachel and Livvie. Garcia finds proof that Cedric was the victim of premeditated murder.

Friday, August 4, 2000

by ABC

Livvie had another nightmare in which she was drowning. Lucy asked Kevin to help Livvie figure out what her nightmares could mean. Later, a reluctant Livvie started to open up to Kevin. Mr. Green, whom Eve and Ian had previously treated, returned to the hospital with a mysterious mark on his neck. The police became convinced that Jamal murdered Cedric to cover his dirty dealing and thought Jamal was behind Cedric's numbers operation.

Jamal, however, insisted he had been framed. Jamal learned that his bail had been revoked and that he had to turn himself in. Scott was put off after learning that Lucy was going to Kevin, and not him, with her problems. Kevin tried to assure Scott that Lucy would return to him when she was ready.

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