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Daniel wanted one million dollars in exchange for naming Rae's daughter. Rae and John kissed. Roseanne and Cristian signed annulment papers. Skye sought help from Daniel. Lindsay walked into Nora's bedroom. Todd helped Will.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, July 31ST, 2000

At Viki's, Sam tries to figure out why Will took off on his own. Todd says he better off that way, but Sam just asks him to leave the room so he can speak to Viki alone. Sam tells her that he has been doing some investigating into Max's adoption records. Viki quickly responds in an upset manner, revealing that she may know more than she is letting on. When Sam pleads with her to tell him what she knows, she says he better talk to Ben instead. Viki admits she has information, but it really isn't her place to give it to him. Todd overhears their conversation, but is interrupted by Jessica walking in, who announces her and Cristian's engagement. Viki questions her reasons for getting married, and wants her to be sure she's making the right decision. Meanwhile, Cristian confesses to Antonio the real reason Will left town. He feels guilty because he believes Will is a good person; not the spoiled party boy he made him out to be. However, Antonio convinces Cris to keep his mouth shut.

Viki realizes that the number Will called her from is on her cell phone's caller ID. When she shows it to Sam, he can't help but thinking how familiar that number sounds to him. Then he remembers—it's Colin and Lanie's house! Sam and Todd decide to go confront the doctor to see what he knows about Will's whereabouts.

At Colin's, Nora and Will attempt to communicate through the heating ducts. Unfortunately, Colin becomes suspicious and takes away all of Nora's pens and paper. Will begins banging on the door in the basement so Colin heads down there. Will is holding a baseball bat in his hands and tries to convince Colin that he is sick and needs to get some fresh air. Colin wants to see his hands before he will let him out. Will put the bat down, but then tries to hit Colin. Colin returns the punch and knocks him out cold. Just then Sam and Todd are banging at the front door.

Lindsay meets with R.J. to try to strike a deal for a memory-altering drug. R.J. warns her that if the drug is not administered just right, the person could become a vegetable. As Antonio spies on them, she asks him what he wants in exchange for the drug because he has already said he didn't want artwork or money. R.J. replies that he wants information on Mathew's "daddy". Lindsay realizes he knows all about Jeff Barnes and the bribe. Desperate, Lindsay finally agrees to R.J.'s deal...

Tuesday, August 1ST, 2000

At Llanfair, Jessica shares the news of her engagement with her brothers, who happily congratulate her. She notices the tension between them and asks them what happened after they start screaming again. She is shocked when Joey tells her that Kevin had an affair with Kelly. Viki arrives and tries to calm both of them down. Kevin insists that everything is fine, but Viki knows it's not. She and Jessica get the boys to sit down and talk it out. Kevin wants Joey to understand how sorry he is. A bitter Joey insists that that doesn't help him. Jessica interrupts, realizing that they're sitting around the room exactly like they were when Viki told them about her cancer. They made a promise then to stick together as a family no matter what. She knows that her brothers still love each other. Kevin apologizes for getting Viki and Jess involved, but Viki doesn't want him to place the blame on himself. She wants her sons to think about the love in their family and how they can always count on each other. She knows Joey is angry right now within his right, but she also knows that Kevin is deeply upset all of this happened. Viki tries to convince Joey not to forget the pain, but to remember the love. Kevin asks Joey what he can do to fix this. Viki adds that they want to know what all of them can do to help. Joey tries to get his mother and Jessica to leave, saying that he will handle this himself, promising to get past this. Viki takes Kevin out of the room to talk to him about business for The Banner. Alone, Jessica tells Joey she understands what he's going through. Joey angrily tells her that he said what he said about getting past this for their mother's sake. He can't forgive, forget, or get past this. Kevin did the worst thing he could have done to him. Jessica patiently tells him that it will take some time, but he will get past this. "Look at me," she says. Will betrayed her, and she got over it. "You have Cristian," Joey says. Jessica tells him that he has her, Viki, and, believe it or not, Kevin. Joey tells her that she's wrong there--he doesn't have Kevin. He tells her that she's a good kid--but still a kid. He thinks that Jessica may be getting married too soon, and he's concerned for her. He asks her how she feels, and she says she feels like she wants to marry Cristian and forget Will ever existed.

Kelly tells her problems to an uninterested Blair, whose only response is, "I told you so." Kelly is upset that Blair isn't more sympathetic, but Blair insists that Kelly should've realized she was making a mistake. Kelly tells Blair that she still loves Kelly, and she hates that she hurt him. Blair wants her to go with Kevin, and Kelly explains that Kevin isn't interested. He tried to stay away from her this whole time not to hurt Joey. Now he doesn't ever want to see her again. Blair thinks it's ridiculous that Kelly can't get Kevin. She turns it to her own life, saying that she knows what she wants and how to get it. Max wants their marriage to work, and that's the perfect set-up for her. She won't forgive or forget the humiliation he caused her, and now she's going to make him beg for mercy. Kelly warns Blair from her experience that she may end up with nothing or, worse, push Max back to "her," she says, looking over at Skye, who has just walked in. Skye sits and talks on the phone to someone named Mr. Shire [who AMC fans know as Barry, Adam Chandler's lawyer], who has just told her all he has on Daniel. She heads over to Blair and Kelly's table, bragging to Blair that she just saw Max, and he begged her to sleep with him. Kelly starts talking to Skye, and tells her to "take her cheap self somewhere else." Skye gets back at Kelly, wondering what she's doing there when she should be chasing after Kevin or something. Kelly's wasting her time because Kevin's not interested in her. Skye leaves, and Kelly tells Blair not to take her seriously. Blair thinks Max would sleep with Skye--or any other warm female body--if he could get away with it.

Rae, with John right behind her, visits Daniel, who's sitting in his jail cell. He blames her for putting her here on these trumped-up charges. John tells him that using a woman's child to torture her is assault, just like it would be if he physically hurt her. He can legally hold him there for 24 hours, and he thinks he'll do that for some "personal satisfaction." Daniel wonders why they're doing this, since they won't get the truth out of him. Rae knows they won't, but at least they'll know where he is and he can't play any more games with her. John suggests that Daniel may be afraid, and he admits that he is afraid of being killed in jail. Rae wonders by whom, and he claims that the mob is after him. John asks him for details, and Daniel says he's either naive or stupid if John thinks he'll start telling him about it. Daniel blames Rae again for this, but Rae tells him that this is all his own doing. Daniel insists that he had to take their money so he could disappear. Now she has made it impossible for him to do that. But he'll give her a chance to make up for her mistake now--he wants $1,000,000. Rae leaves after him to go ahead and die. John tells Daniel that he may pull the guard out from the ward to test this mob story out. "Maybe I'll see you in the morning, maybe I won't," he says. After John is gone, Skye arrives to visit Daniel. She tells him that she knows who he is and introduces herself as Skye Chandler of the Pine Valley Chandlers. She knows him as the first class grifter who stole from her father. "I'm willing to forgive and maybe even forget, if you do what I want," she says. She is prepared to help him in return. "What can I do for you?" Daniel asks.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000


Viki's House

Ben's mobster friend "The Hook" brings Viki a special food basket from Ben. Viki and "The Hook" talk and "The Hook" comments on how much a Viki is a beautiful lady. Viki is flattered, but has to turn him down. But the hook tells her if Ben doesn't treat her right to talk to him, which made Viki smile. The note from Ben read, "Blondie, The good news is I'll be coming home soon, the bad news is that I had no luck finding Will, Just Ben."

Country Club:

Max is having a few drinks when R.J. joins him. R.J. comments about the usual, him being a Buchanan and Max comments that "There is something the Buchanan Billions can't fix, actually two...Blair and Skye." Max comments how he wishes he still had brain damage so he could still sleep with Skye and tell Blair he didn't remember a thing. When R. J. questions about Blair being his wife, Max admits that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Rae's hotel room

Rae pulls out of a very passionate kiss with John and gets a little crazy. Rae comments that she doesn't want to ruin their friendship, and John assures her that it will be the same, if not better. Rae gets crazy, commenting about Daniel in jail and tries to leave, but John stops her after she trips over a chair, and makes sure that she isn't leaving because of him. Soon after, Rae, still in shock, leaves.

Llanview Jail

In exchange for a large sum of cash and a safe hiding place from the "Mob" and willing to forgive what Daniel did to her father, Skye asked Daniel to help her prove that Blair was out to get Max. She also comments on how when they first met it got really under Max's skin. John later shows up and ask Skye to leave and goes into his cell. John comments how much he is scum for what he did to Rae. John nearly strangles Daniel when he comments, "How can anyone follow Rae Cummings around like a little pet poodle?"

Colin's House

Todd discovered a knocked-out Will and Nora's notes. Todd did what one of the notes said and knocked 2 times, which really relieved Nora upstairs. Todd later went to the living room and saw Lindsay. Colin shows up thinking that Todd might of know about Nora, covers up and tells Todd that Lindsay and him(Colin) are in a relationship. When Todd leaves, Colin tells Lindsay she's got 2 hours to fix their problem or Will goes to jail. Colin goes upstairs to check on Nora, but before he opens the door, he hears Nora calling Will name and runs back down to the basement to check on Will.

Viki's house

Rae shows up at Viki's looking for advice on falling in love again. Rae and Viki talk about how they've seen it all. They make a toast to "Two broads that have seen and done it all." Rae admits to Viki her true feelings for John, and Viki urges her to be with him. Rae wonders how she and Ben have the perfect relationship, and Viki goes into mild details about their first date and a few rocky times, but they are still happier then ever. Rae leaves with a good mind about what to do with John.

The Ending:

Lindsay goes to R.J. demanding the drug, and then it goes to Colin and Will getting into a fist fight. Will knocks Colin out and runs up to see Nora, and she is so glad to see him.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

The Palace Restaurant

While Lindsay and R.J. are arguing if they still have a deal, Sophia enters the dining room and asks for a quiet table in the corner. Sophia is playing detective with Antonio; she's watching R.J. while Antonio breaks into R.J.'s apartment looking for clues to what R.J. is doing with Barnes and how that connects to Bo. Sophia and Antonio are "wired" together and Sophia continually draws attention to herself when she talks to Antonio through the microphone hidden in her cleavage.

Meanwhile, R.J. refuses to give Lindsay the memory-erasing drug until she agrees to get Sam to have a new DNA test for Matthew and inform R.J. of the "when and where" of the test. When Lindsay accuses R.J. of planning to "tamper" with the new test because of his hatred for Bo, again denying Bo "the son he deserves, " R.J. laughs at the irony. "I wouldn't have to go very far to find a teacher, would I?" Lindsay claims she "can't allow" R.J. to "put Bo through hell again..." because she has been trying to make things right again with him. They do agree that they need each other but neither is willing to share the "why" concerning their respective needs. R.J. warns Lindsay that "this destroys're not helping a friend like that" but Lindsay continues to claim that her friend is "very troubled...with lots of worries." R.J. wonders out loud if Lindsay is planning to use the drug on herself but Lindsay denies it. R.J. warns her again of the dramatic effect of this drug, how there is no turning back once it is administered, but Lindsay states she is "doing what I have to do." R.J. suggests that whoever Lindsay plans to use the drug on, "you must really hate their guts," but he passes a drug-filled syringe to Lindsay in a napkin. Lindsay puts the syringe in her purse and hurriedly leaves the restaurant.

Sophia sees "Goldilocks" (Lindsay) leave but tells Antonio that R.J. is "still here" so Antonio continues his search of R.J.'s apartment. However, Sophia is distracted when trying to order a meal and she misses R.J. really leaving the dining room. When she discovers her mistake and tries to contact Antonio, she ends up breaking the wire and severing all communication with her partner. Sophia worries, "Antonio's gonna kill me...if R.J. doesn't kill him first."

Roseanne's Penthouse

Cristian comes by to thank Roseanne for trying to get the charges against him dropped. She claims it was the "least I could do" but Cristian corrects her that the least would have been "nothing." Rosie acknowledges she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she hadn't tried to help him and then there is awkward silence between them. Finally, Cristian confesses that he has something to tell Roseanne that he wanted her to hear directly from him: "Jessica and I are getting married." The reality of this statement hits Roseanne hard although she claims to be happy for Cristian because "it's what you've always wanted." When Roseanne suggests that Will "must have really blown it" with Jessica, Cristian gets a guilty look on his face but denies anything is wrong when Rosie questions him about his reaction. Instead, he changes the subject and thanks Roseanne for "giving" the diner back to his mother. Roseanne tells Cris that Antonio at first accused her of using the diner as a bribe to make up for what she did to Cristian, but that now it has blown over and "we've become friends." Claiming she meant what she said about setting things right, Roseanne hands new annulment papers to Cristian even though she admits it is " up your dream." Roseanne compliments Cristian on getting Jessica "the right didn't use schemes, lies or tricks." Of course, this is a major guilt trip for Cristian. He claims, "I understand better why you did what you did..." but Roseanne insists that "the next time, I'm gonna try it your way." Because Roseanne hasn't been able to bring herself to sign the annulment papers, Cristian offers to "sign them together." Roseanne watches Cris sign and then reluctantly affixes her signature, too. Roseanne hands Cristian an envelope that had been forwarded to him from NYC. When he opens it, Cristian is surprised to find a check for $1000. Roseanne explains that "Needles sold one of your an art collector". Rosie reminds Cris that she believed in him "as an artist...even when you were discouraged and depressed." ["Needles" is an inside reference to OLTL stage manager extraordinaire, Alan Needleman, who joined the union to play the role of the building super of the apartment that Roseanne and Cristian lived in while in NYC-Congratulations, Alan! You're not forgotten.]

R.J.'s Apartment

Antonio breaks into R.J.'s apartment trying to find some clue as to what R.J. is planning for Bo but before he can discover anything, Roseanne uses a key to open the door and come in. Antonio asks Roseanne to forget what she saw and leave, but she claims R.J. is her friend so she won't do that. Antonio suggests that Roseanne not "make the same mistake twice" by turning him in like she had initially done with Cristian because "R.J. is up to should stop hanging out with guys like that." Before anything is decided between them, they hear a noise outside the door. R.J. has returned.

Sam's House

Todd walks into Sam's living room while he is reading to Matthew. Sam immediately jumps up and wants to know if Todd found "any sign of Will" back at Colin's. Todd doesn't admit to finding Will, but does disclose that "Will's mother was there" looking for Colin. Sam is confused and somewhat intrigued by this news but is mostly disappointed that Todd didn't have "better news" about Will's whereabouts. Sam apologizes to Todd for the argument they had on the hospital roof, explaining that his accusations were based on suspicions and he thanks Todd for going to Colin's on his own to look for Will. Sam begins explaining about how parents feel their "kids never really grow up...they're always kids no matter how old they get...but it never occurred to me...he'd be a fugitive running for his life." Todd seems ready to confess about finding Will because his "coach" is so worried about his son, but when Sam declares he will "do it differently" with Matthew because he has "learned nothing is more important than family," Sam kisses Matthew and turns around to find Todd gone.

Later, Hank drops by to tell Sam that he has spoken to Judge Fitzwater and she is willing to "consider a new hearing" on Asa's confession. Sam is frustrated at this news because of the missing tape; he feels that if they had the tape Will would be "freed in a heartbeat." Hank advises Sam not to "torture" himself because "the tape is gone...Nora's we honor her memory by...helping others." Hank hopes Nora is "in a better place" and inquires about Matthew's health. Inadvertently, Hank says Bo will be glad to hear that Matthew is "almost back to normal" and Sam becomes defensive, claiming Hank is "here for're here for my son." Hank claims to be "a man of my word" and denies he has come to see Sam about anything other than Judge Fitzwater's news. Sam apologizes but wants to know whose side Hank takes in Matthew's paternity question. Hank explains, "Not yours...or Bo's...I loved her, always...I'm gonna look out for her son as well as I look out for Rachel." Sam asks how Rachel is and, when Hank answers, "She misses her mother," Sam agrees, "So do I." Hank reminds Sam that he has "sort of been in your shoes" when questions were raised about whether he or R.J. had fathered Rachel. A surprised Sam remembers that "Nora told me a little bit about it." Hank explains, "I'm Rachel's father...I had to know the truth...some men don't need to know the truth, like R.J..others need to know, like Bo." Sam asks if Hank "came here to ask me what kind of man I am?" Hank claims he doesn't "have the right" to do that but he knows that "Nora knew what kind of man you are. Otherwise she wouldn't have fallen in love with you...had a child with you...lived with you." Sam congratulates Hank on getting "a hostile witness to make your case for you" and agrees that Hank has "given me a lot to think about." Sam offers Hank a drink of " smooth it could be a controlled substance" and they toast, "To Nora."

Colin's House

Looking at Will, Nora fears she is "dreaming." Will tells her if she is dreaming, he is having the same dream. Nora is overwhelmed; she confides that "I didn't think I'd ever see my family again...How's Matthew?" Will explains that he's been on the run and isn't the one to ask, but that he knows Matthew is with Sam, so he's safe. Nora admits that when she first heard Will's voice, she thought she was "losing my mind" but now she is sure his "handsome the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in the world." Will and Nora hug and Will helps Nora back into the bed. Will offers that his "Uncle Colin has lost his mind" but Nora is more tactful, saying that he is "a mass of contradictions." Will is incredulous that Nora is alive, explaining that everyone was so convinced she was dead that they held a memorial service. Nora admits that she "watched it on TV." Reluctantly, Will tells Nora that after the crash he "thought I saw you on the other side" and when he begins to tell her about the tunnel and the light, she offers, "I told you you didn't belong there." Will asks her how she knows this, and Nora admits, "I was there...we were both pretty close to dying...I remember it." Nora is concerned for Will's safety if Colin comes back, but Will assures her that "Colin is out cold in the basement...I'll get you out." Nora panics because she can "only walk a few steps" and she doesn't want Will to call the police to ask for help and risk going to prison. Will figures his "freedom is pretty much shot anyway" unless Nora knows where the tape of Asa's confession is. She figures it was in her clothes which have disappeared or been destroyed so she suggests that Will call the police anonymously and then leave. "You have done everything...go save yourself...I'll go home...I'll work hard to save you...I promise." Will finally agrees and runs downstairs to call the police. However, Todd is waiting downstairs to get Will away from the house and he doesn't believe it when Will claims that Nora is alive upstairs. But when Todd hears Nora's voice calling out to Will, he decides his "old friend, Nora" is "some news I could use." Todd lies to Will, telling him the police are on their way so there is no time to rescue Nora. To appease Will, Todd pretends to call Sam to inform him that Nora is alive and when Will asks to speak to his father, Todd claims, "it's too late" and hangs up the phone, again urging Will to come with him immediately. Will runs upstairs to tell Nora that the police and his father are on their way. "Dad's gonna be so happy." While Will runs downstairs and leaves with Todd, Nora smiles, assuring herself that she soon will be home with her own son. But, of course, Lindsay has other plans. She enters the house, calls for Colin, but not getting a response, takes the syringe out of her purse and walks up the stairs.

Friday, August 4, 2000

R.J.'s Apartment

Roseanne and Antonio are inside of R.J.'s apartment when they hear him outside in the hallway. As he opens the door, Antonio runs to hide. R.J. queries Roseanne as to why she's there and how she got in. She gave Cris his freedom, she tells him and needs a friend to talk to. His key happened to be on Téa's keychain which is how she got in. She asks him to buy her a drink but R.J. doesn't want to go back out. He has a bottle of wine so they can just celebrate there. He attempts to go to look for a corkscrew but Roseanne stops him by deciding she doesn't want a drink after all. She keeps looking towards Antonio's hiding spot and R.J. looks around a couple of times. R.J. wants to celebrate because he got a freebie today as he will have Bo betrayed by someone who loves him. He spots the corkscrew and pours a couple of glasses. Roseanne "accidentally" spills her glass when R.J. wanders off near Antonio but stops R.J. from going to get some paper towels. Her napkins will do just fine. He brings up Jeff Barnes' name but decides against saying anything else. Antonio is listening in and is disappointed, especially since he is looking at a datebook with an appointment with JB marked off. R.J. mentions to Roseanne that he wants her to pry because Antonio is snooping around him. She should have revenge on Antonio since he helped to break up her marriage, R.J. says, but Roseanne informs her friend that they are on friendlier terms now. Just as R.J. mentions what good friends the two of them are, Sophia bursts in, yelling as if she were on a police bust. Roseanne jumps in and says that she called Sophia to come over when R.J. wasn't home. When R.J. questions her bursting in technique, she claims she is only practicing what she learned at the police academy earlier in the day. The women decide to leave. Antonio, still in hiding, sets off the fire detector and is able to sneak out. R.J. picks up the datebook that Antonio had been looking at earlier. Antonio runs into the ladies in the hallway and he's annoyed with them because he almost got a confession. He's informed by Roseanne that she prevented him from being found while his police partner mentions the faulty equipment he gave her. He will go alone from now on, he tells them. After he leaves, the pair indignantly talk about men and especially Antonio's macho behavior.

The Park

Jess and Cris get together for a picnic dinner. He gives her several gifts including some writing accessories, the check from the art collector who bought one of his paintings and the signed annulment papers. They can't wait to get married though they will have to wait for the annulment to go through, Viki's cancer treatments to be done and her wedding to Ben. Cris shows Jess a shooting star and tells her to make a wish because he already has his. She does hope that Will is ok and that he won't get caught.

Todd's Car

As Todd is driving Will away from Colin's house, he lies and says that Sam knows where they're going and in fact, he was the one who set this whole thing up. Will is just thrilled that Nora is alive but didn't expect Todd to be the one helping him. He asks Todd if he's the one who told Cris that Viki was dying but Todd denies it. He claims the phone call he received at the cabin was about Téa but Will knows that Cris wouldn't lie. Todd wants to know if Will believes him or Cris. There's no answer to that but Will does want to call Sam to check on Nora getting out of the house. Todd talks him out of that.

Sam's House

Renee pays Sam a visit. She wants to speak with him about Matthew and the paternity issue. Of course, Sam doesn't want to talk about this and tells her that it's only between Bo and himself. Renee informs him that Asa will be returning from his ranch shortly and wants to take everything away from Sam, including his son. Sam assures Renee that Asa won't hurt him and it will be proven that Will was framed. He wonders if Renee has used the file on her son that he and Nora put together for her because there may be something in there that he can use against Asa. There's something that Ben knows and he could use some dirt. Renee may be married to Asa, in name only right now, but she cannot betray him, she wants Sam to know. Sam tells her he does not care who gets hurt. Sam doesn't deserve what Asa has done to him and she hopes everything works out with his sons. He offers his services in case Renee wants to make the separation legal, though they both realize that Asa would not react well to that. Matthew calls for his mama.

Colin's House

Nora hears someone coming up the stairs and cries out for help. It's Lindsay, ready to inject Nora with the drug to delete her memory. She pauses to talk to Nora her conscience, who tells her once she does this there will be no turning back and she will no longer have a conscience. Lindsay admits she does not want to hurt Nora but she can't have Nora hurt her any longer. Conscience Nora convinces her that the real Nora doesn't know about Lindsay's part in this whole thing and she can be a real hero and rescue Nora instead. What if she injects Nora and the drug doesn't work? Colin is the one who kidnapped Nora. Lindsay puts the needle away and walks into Nora's bedroom. She spots Nora in bed and pretends to be shocked to see her. Nora wonders why she's there because she knows that Lindsay has been in on her kidnapping, she's figured out that Lindsay is the connection. Lindsay feigns ignorance on the whole matter until Nora mentions that Colin told her that Lindsay was involved from the beginning. The patient becomes agitated when she mentions that she saw everyone at her memorial service looking so upset because they believe she's dead. Lindsay is the one to become agitated when Nora then informs her that Will has been a prisoner of Colin also but has called the police for her, anonymously and has escaped. She will kill Colin, she swears, because he was supposed to tell her if he saw Will. Nora believes that Lindsay has made some kind of deal with Colin, because if she didn't know about Will or herself then why is she there? Lindsay claims she's looking for Colin because she has a message from Lanie, their separation papers. Nora knows her visitor is lying because the papers were already delivered. She knows that Lindsay is her jailer not her rescuer and she'll be able to tell it to a jury. Lindsay states that Colin is just a pathological liar though Nora finds that rather humorous. She remembers Lindsay being in the house previously, she remembers grabbing her leg and she saw her at the hospital checking up. Did she also derail the train, Nora wonders? She was also downstairs while she yelled for help. Lindsay calls her crazy but Nora lets her have it full force. She mentions Lindsay losing both Sam and Bo, losing her children(she knows why Jen never comes home, she can't even be in the same country as her mother) and of keeping Nora from everyone. She can't wait until Lindsay is locked up. Lindsay retorts that Nora deserved what she's gotten because she's ruined everything for her and she'll pay. The police can't be coming either because they would have been there by now. Furthermore, Nora can't do anything to help herself because she can't even get out of bed. Nora proves her wrong as she rises to stand on the floor opposite her foe.

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