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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, July 31, 2000

As Brandon struggles with Gary on the cliff, he flashes back to the beatings he took as a child from his father and proceeds to start beating Gary mercilessly. Sami finally pulls Brandon off Gary who runs away. Sami announces that she wants to go back to Salem because it's too dangerous but Brandon takes her to their cabin. There, Angela's father confronts them and orders them to leave. Receiving a report on the Tosconi Foundation, John remembers some of his magical moments with Isabella. He's brought out of his dreams by Brady's guitar-playing upstairs in the Penthouse and finally leaves when he can't take the noise anymore. Nancy blows her top when she learns that Mimi has gone to live with her grandfather, calling her ungrateful as she stews. Craig calms her down as she argues with Maureen. Shawn realizes that Chloe has got it bad for Philip. After the crash, Eric has an out-of-body experience where he finds himself in court with Isabella as his attorney. Thanks to her, the judge gives him another chance at life to make up for the pain he has caused. Coming to, Eric tries to tell Greta the truth but she stops him, claims to know all that she needs to and hugs him goodbye. Mimi returns to Nancy and Craig's and assures her mother that she will live with her no matter where she is. Austin's nervous when Nicole starts flirting with him. Eric calls Nicole and says goodbye.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Belle wants to know what's up with Chloe these days -- she's not being herself. They discuss the rumors that the Lockhart house will be built on haunted grounds, Chloe starts talking about evil witches and witchcraft. Belle is clearly uncomfortable with the subject, and it's obvious she's wondering if 'ghoul girl' was an appropriate nickname for Chloe. (Hello to Belle -- her mother was possessed by Satan a few years ago!) Chloe manages to let slip what almost happened between her and Philip. Belle thinks it's cool that Philip tried to kiss Chloe, who admits that she was a little relieved that Nancy showed up -- she's not so sure she was ready. Belle tries to tell Chloe that she needs to start being herself. Chloe's not sure, but with a little prodding from Belle, decides now is the time to try braids and a peach dress.

Philip wins against Shawn again, but it's a hollow victory. Shawn wants to know what Philip is so upset about, and he admits that the bet bothers him. He doesn't want Chloe to find out. He reminds Shawn that if Chloe does find out, she'll realize that Shawn was in on it, and turn on him too. Not only that, but Belle will probably turn on him, which would put a major crimp in any relationship plans Shawn had for the two of them. Shawn looks at Philip like he's nuts. There's no romance between him and Belle. Heck, there's barely even friendship. Philip has that 'yeah, sure' look on his face, but before the conversation can go much further, Jan and Jason are there. Jan immediately starts slamming Mimi and her family, intimating that in such a strong economy, her father's got to be a loser if he can't get a job. Shawn rips her a new one, telling them they should do something decent and help build Mimi a house. Jason and Shawn end up coming to blows when Shawn starts verbally attacking Jason, and Philip has to separate the two of them. Jan can't believe she was ever friends with Mimi, and she and Jason head off.

In Italy, Brandon does some fast talking to Signore Moroni, and not only manages to get the man to allow them to stay in Italy, but also works in a few hints about his past as a bouncer in Chicago, working for Rocco. Outside Sami is trying to pump Angela for information, but learns only that Angela was born in Italy and loves it there. After the two head back to their cottage, Moroni and Angela talk about her conversation with Sami. She swears she told him nothing. Her father tells her that after that disaster with the last man, he isn't going to trust her judgment. He'll hand-pick her husband himself!

Victor and Rex share a drink in celebration of getting all Nicole's money back in Victor's hands. Rex hints that Victor will throw more business his way, and Victor implies that it won't happen. Rex doesn't pick up on it, and tired of trying to explain things to him, Victor just says that everything is fine, and Nicole is a class-less idiot. Rex is high on life, saying Nicole is a fighter, and manages to let the news of Nicole's porno past slip. He said it was like she was in a trance the whole time, and the same when they made love. Physically she's there, but mentally, she's somewhere else. Victor says he doesn't care, and Nicole is lucky -- if she thought she got it bad, wait until Sami sees what's coming to her!

Lucas is drinking club soda when Nicole walks in. He thanks Nicole for his sobriety, saying he owes it all to her. He then starts telling Nicole that he's only had one other serious girlfriend (apparently he forgot that when he came to down, he was a regular Sir Sleep-Around) other than her, a red-headed woman named Andrea while he was in military school. Andrea loved him, and she bought him things, and she treated him like gold. She was always laughing with him. He says that's one of their major problems -- they never laugh. Nicole laughs at him. What does he want from her, an analysis of their relationship? She says he never loved Andrea, and he was unhappy with her, because she treated him too well. There was no challenge. With Nicole, there is. That's why he loves her. He ruins his insightful moment by saying he knows Nicole loves him too. Thanks to Nicole, he knows he can take a drink and stop at one drink -- he's not an alcoholic. Nicole isn't interested in his posturing -- she just wants to know when he's leaving, because she won't be there when he gets back.

Lucas tells Nicole that the Brady's would never accept her, not after the way she used and abused Eric. Nicole knows he's right. If Nicole could do something for the Bradys, like make sure Sami gets her son back, she might be able to win some points with them. How to do that? Easy. Turn Lucas back into a drunkard and prove he's an unfit father. Suddenly she changes tactics with Lucas, and tells him that if he wasn't such a stick in the mud, there might be hope for their marriage, but he never puts her first. His mother, Will, money, this trip to Europe...everything is more important to him than she is.

When Victor comes home, Lucas tells him he wants to stay behind -- he needs to work on his marriage. Victor tells him he's an idiot. Nicole doesn't want to stay married to him! Lucas thinks that if he stays, it will be just the encouragement Nicole needs. Finally Victor gives in and tells Lucas he can join them in a few days. In another part of the house, Nicole answers a call from Rex on cell phone. He wants to get together, she just wants her money. He says it's going to take 30 days. She wants it now, and he says maybe they can work something out over dinner, or maybe have a little fun...Nicole hangs up on him. She can't understand why men treat her like she's easy. (That one should be a no-brainer.) She doesn't want to wait 30 days for her money, and she's not going to wait for Lucas to trip himself up. She'll get him drunk, get Will back with Sami, and get the dirt on Franco's murder.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

When Shawn and Philip catch sight of a newly dressed Chloe, Philip evades Shawn's questions about his attraction to her. The two chat with Chloe and Belle after reading a headline about witchcraft invading Salem. Philip takes Chloe aside and compliments her new looks and asks her out to a movie. Philip suggests Shawn and Belle double date but Shawn's not interested. Lexie questions Dr. Maxwell about Bo and Hope's baby but he won't talk without the parents' permission. Craig makes a snide remark about Lexie's leave from the hospital only to have Alice interrupt. Nancy and Craig later face-off against Alice who gives as good as she gets. When Nancy complains about Philip as the wrong guy for her daughter, Craig urges her not to interfere and allow Chloe to make her own mistakes. With Bo working, John ends up helping Hope with her crying baby and assures her that he will be there for her. When John returns home and orders Brady to turn down his loud music, Brady complains about his lack of compassion. Later, John prays for help with Brady, fearing that he has let down Isabella who then appears to him again. Dr. Maxwell confirms for Hope and Lexie that Hope's baby does suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

Marlena returns home from her trip to Africa and finds Brady giving her the cold shoulder. With Chloe tagging along, Belle greets her tenderly. She tells her mother about her efforts to help Mimi have a home through Habitat through Humanity. Chloe asks Belle for advice on what to wear on her date tonight and then asks Belle about her feelings for Shawn. At church John breaks down and cries at the thought of losing his new son as well as Brady and also having a failing marriage. A vision of Isabelle tries to encourage him but he can't seem to hear the vision. Nicole calls Eric to reveal her efforts to try to get Will back for Sami. Lucas overhears and she lies, asserting that she is talking to her doctor who has revealed she does not have cancer. When he admits that his trip to Italy has been postponed for a few days, she suggests they party. Kate reveals to Philip that Victor doesn't want to marry her so it's up to her to convince him. She pleads with him to urge his father to marry her before he leaves on their trip. Gary informs Victor about his battle with Brandon and adds that his men have failed to find anyone who has seen Nicholas with Kate. Nicole interrupts with her news about being cancer-free. While Angela spies on them, Sami calls Lucas and learns that Will has been missing her. Later, Angela remembers Roberto telling her why Franco was marrying Sami. Philip cancels his date with Chloe.

Friday, August 4, 2000

by Gist

Mimi wakes up in some make-shift shelter and two angry looking people ask the "girl" what she's doing here alone. The man asks if she spent the night here, and she says she did. He offers her breakfast, and the woman asks if they can sit down? Mimi says yes, so they all have breakfast, old donuts from the alley. The woman says they saw the news broadcast and asks her why she isn't with the Wesley's? Mimi says that she hates their daughter and doesn't want to live with her. She says she's going to call someone her mother told her to avoid, and then her life will be better.

Shawn and Belle show up at the Wesley's to check on the Lockharts and tell them the good news. Belle asks where Mimi is? Chloe says they don't know, she didn't sleep here. Maureen says that Mimi did call and say that she was spending the night with some people they met on the streets. Belle thinks that sounds dangerous, but Maureen says not all homeless people are criminals and drug addicts. Maureen hopes that Mimi will come here tonight, but Chloe says Mimi won't as long as she is here. Chloe says it is obvious that she is the reason Mimi ran away. Nancy says she didn't know Mimi and Chloe would react this way when she invited them to come live here. Belle says that building this house should bring Chloe and Mimi closer, and Shawn says it will only take six months to build. Nancy screams "Six months, you have got to be kidding me!" Maureen says six months is a long time, and she knows they are already putting them out. Nancy says that is not what she meant, she just knows they want to return to a bit of normalcy. Belle tells Maureen that her father is going to buy the lot on Whitley street for them, which touches Maureen. Chloe offers to go upstairs and get some pamphlets on other houses Habitat has built to show her. Maureen thanks her, so Chloe runs up to her room.

Mimi goes to the Wesley's and decides to climb up the tree and break into Chloe's room to use her phone. Mimi breaks into Chloe's room just as Chloe is coming into her room to get the pamphlets for Maureen. Of course by time Chloe enters her room, Mimi is gone. Chloe finds a note from Mimi addressed to Maureen. Maureen reads the note and learns that Mimi has run away. Mimi has already hopped a train and is off to Chicago.

Eric calls Nicole from his car phone. He says that he's still in Salem, and he had a few loose ends to tie up. Nicole asks to see Eric for a few minutes before he leaves. She claims she's going to see the doctor today and wants him to comfort her one last time. Eric asks her to meet him at his apartment in an hour. Eric goes to the station to visit with his dad. His dad tells him that he thought he'd be long gone by now. Eric says he needs to talk to him, but Roman doesn't want to hear anything Eric has to say because he disappoints him. Eric says he is sorry, and Roman says so is he. Eric asks his dad to forgive him. Roman says he can't do that, and he won't forgive him until he realizes that being with Nicole is the worst decision he's ever made. Roman then tells Eric a story about how he was a nerd as a kid and had one friend, who didn't invite him to his birthday party, which hurt him. Roman told him that if someone took advantage of him then they didn't deserve his friendship and loyalty, and Roman says that is still true today. Roman tells Eric that he is very proud of him, and that is why this Nicole business hurts so much. Roman assures Eric that he loves him with all his heart and soul, and he always will. Eric understands that his dad wants to protect him, but he says that he can't let his fears dictate his life. He knows his dad is still hurting over what happened between him and his mom, but he won't let that happen to him. Roman hugs Eric and hopes he's right. Roman tells Eric to keep in touch, and he will ask God to look after him.

Greta is looking at herself in the mirror and telling herself that she needs to do something about her hair. She opens up a drawer and finds a picture of her and Eric together. She ends up smashing the picture on the side of a table and damns Eric for lying to her. Greta calls Austin and leaves a message. She asks him to give her a call because she really could use a friend right now. Later, Eric shows up at Greta's door. He says he would have called, but he didn't think she'd agree to see him. He says he had to see her one last time to say goodbye. Greta lets him in and she asks where he is going, or where are he and Nicole going? Eric claims he is going to Colorado, alone. Greta asks him to tell her how much he loves Nicole and how much he needs her? She says if she hears it again then he can make hating him much easier for her. Eric tries to apologize, claiming he didn't know . . . but Greta tells him that he knew all along he was still in love with that whore! Eric says he only came here to say goodbye and to apologize for hurting her. Greta says she hopes she can forgive him one day, but right now she can't. She says he took away her confidence and trust, and the only thing he left her with is her virginity. She says it might not be much in this day and age, but at least she didn't give it to a user like him. She tells Eric goodbye and good luck, and she hopes he gets everything he deserves! Eric then leaves. He almost knocks on her door again, but decides not to.

Eric takes off in his car, and Greta follows him. She wonders why he is going so fast? There is a train next to Eric, and he thinks he can beat it to the crossing. Greta screams "Eric no!" as the train, which is carrying Mimi, slams into Eric's car.

Victor is having breakfast and yelling at Lucas. He tells him that he is the one who brought Sami the demon into their lives, so he can help exorcise her! Nicole walks in for breakfast, and Lucas asks her how the biopsy went. Nicole says that is none of his business. Lucas says it is because he is her husband, but Nicole says not for long, she's filing for divorce. Lucas invites Nicole to go with them, but Nicole says no way. Victor tells Lucas that he has no right to invite anyone on this trip, especially someone who will distract half of Europe. Nicole says she doesn't want to go because she has other business to attend to, like withdrawing her money. Nicole winks at Victor, and Lucas wants to know what is going on. Lucas asks Victor if he knows something he doesn't? Victor says that Nicole has a little nest-egg of her own money that she stashed away. Lucas can't believe this and says he can't take this anymore. Nicole says she's been saying that for months!

Lucas walks out, and Victor congratulates Nicole on getting everything she seems to have wanted. Lucas runs into Henderson, and damns him for not keeping his big mouth shut! Lucas says that his blab session with Sami has ruined his and Will's life. Henderson says he doesn't understand? Lucas says someday soon he will! Nicole asks Victor why he'd want to marry someone like Kate? She says that Kate only used him for his money, while he was flat on his back in the hospital she was upstairs flat on her back with any man she could bang. Victor tells her that she would know, she did that to Lucas. Nicole does her Gypsy Rose Lee dance for Victor, and then leaves for her date with destiny. Later, Lucas pours himself a drink, because he figures he's going to spend his life in prison. Nicole shows up, and Lucas tells her this is what she wanted. Nicole tells him it is too little too late, he still loses! Nicole walks out, and Lucas chugs-a-lug.

At the restaurant in Italy, Angela is very attracted to Brandon. Sami and Brandon are dancing to a song playing on a jukebox as both Angela and the private detective watch. After they finish their dance, everyone in the restaurant applauds. The manager asks if they will come back, and Brandon says they will. Angela comments that she hopes Brandon comes back without the girl. Brandon and Sami leave, and the private detective watches them. He says if they are going where he thinks they are going then they are walking into the perfect setup. Sami and Brandon approach the cottage where they will be staying. Sami is nervous and asks Brandon if he will respect her privacy? Brandon says of course he will, and he will sleep on the floor. Sami says if Austin knew about this he would think the old scheming Sami is back. Brandon says if that is true, welcome back! He tells her that she needs to realize if she has a clear conscience, then to hell with what others think! Sami says if she can get her son back then her conscience will be clear. Brandon and Sami keep walking, and the private detective realizes they are heading towards the cliffs. When they finally arrive at the cottage, Sami is floored because it is the most romantic place she's ever seen. Meanwhile, the private detective plans on causing an accident and having Sami and Brandon fall off the cliff. As Brandon and Sami are talking, the private detective pushes them both off the cliff! Sami hangs on for dear life as Brandon teeters on the edge.

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