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Social services let Rick take Little Eric home with him. Amber declined Rick's invitation to live at the mansion with the baby. C.J. and Amber grew closer, and C.J. removed his wedding band. Upon learning from Morgan's doctor that Morgan was pregnant, Stephanie called Ridge for a meeting.
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Monday, July 31, 2000

Eric arrives at the police station and wants to see C.J. and Amber. C.J. arrives first and thanks Eric for coming. Amber arrives and also thanks him. Eric agrees to post bail and C.J. promises that he will pay the money back. Eric says that he would definitely expect payment back. He makes it clear that he wasn't doing it for them, but for the baby. They try to explain to him that it wasn't their drugs. Eric tells them that it didn't matter, but to remember that they had a child at home with them and that they needed to act it. Becky said that she knew who planted the drugs there. She thinks that Ash's girlfriend set them up to get back at her. She apologizes to C.J. because he didn't want any of those people there in the first place. They are released to Eric and allowed to go home. Meanwhile Rick arrives at C.J.'s and Amber's and the Social worker gives him the baby. He asks her what would have happened if they had not gotten in touch with him. She informs him that the baby would have been placed in a home for the night. She is then gets a beep and leaves. Rick takes the baby back home with him and asks the Forrester housekeeper to watch him because he had to go speak with Amber.

Thorne and Kimberly are discussing Macy. Kimberly begs Thorne not to go public with his relationship with Brooke yet, because she felt that it would create negative publicity for Macy. She said that Macy deserved better than that. Thorne agrees that they would wait to go public, but that he had every intention of marrying Brooke. He tells Kim that she needs to let go of her anger towards Brooke. He says that she needs professional counseling, but Kim declines. She tells him that she feels comfortable talking with him and it makes her feel closer to Macy. She said that there was so much that she didn't know about Macy and wanted him to feel her in on Macy's life. She said that she wanted to be close to Thorne, but that she didn't want every conversation to be about Brooke because as far as she was concerned, Brooke was responsible for Macy's death. They agree to disagree and Thorne leaves because it was getting late.

C.J. and Amber arrive home and notice that Little Eric isn't there. Amber is afraid that Rick didn't get there in time and that the baby was with a social worker. Rick arrives and says that the baby was at his house. Amber wants him to return the baby to them, but Rick says that the place smelled of liquor and such and he thought the baby was better off with him for the night. C.J. gets upset and said that Rick was just trying to get back at him. Rick tells him that he was doing what was best for the baby and that he would bring the baby back tomorrow. Rick and Eric leave. Amber and C.J. console each other because they feel that they have let Becky down. They decide that the baby definitely had to come first in their lives.

Thorne arrives home and Brooke is waiting for him. He tells her that he was visiting his new neighbor. Brooke is surprised that the house had already been sold, but Thorne explains that Kimberly is living there. He said that it was good for her to be near Macy. He tells Brooke that Kimberly asked that they wait before going public with their relationship. Brooke agrees to wait for a little while since she had not informed Bridget of their relationship. She said that Kimberly had a lot of anger directed at her, and agreed that Kimberly needed professional help to deal with it. She tells Thorne that she had to go to Paris but that she came by to give a little something to remember her by. They begin to make love as Kim watches them from her house.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000


Rick and Eric are talking at the guest house. Rick is discussing how he has come up with an idea for Little Eric to stay with him. He is going to suggest that Amber move back into the guest house. He feels that her working all kinds of hours and doing everything alone is really too much for her. Rick knows that C.J. is not going to like the idea. Eric asks Rick is he going to live in the guest house with her. He told him no and that he planned to stay at the big house and help her. He really believes that this is the best thing for Little Eric. He would never forgive himself if he takes the baby back and something happens to him. A little while later Helen returns from walking the baby. She tells them how much the neighbors enjoyed seeing him again. Eric reluctantly agrees to let Rick talk to Amber about the move.

Amber and C.J. are cleaning the apartment. C.J. feels that Rick took advantage of the situation to have the baby to himself. Amber thinks Rick did them a favor by taking Little Eric. Amber feels that the night of the party was a turning point for her. She realizes even more after last night that raising a baby is a serious responsibility. She keeps picturing Little Eric crying as they take her away. C.J. is angry with Rick because he has been catered to all his life and thinks that he can walk in and say the place is a mess. Rick does not know anything about the real world but Amber does she should not doubt herself. He tells her that she is a wonderful person and they will raise the child together.

Morgan is having a nightmare. She is running away from Taylor who is telling her that she is pregnant with her husbands' child. Morgan is telling her that she only wanted the baby to replace the one that she lost. Taylor is telling her that it won't change anything because there isn't going to be a baby. Morgan looks up and sees a doctor with a scalpel and table ready for her. Taylor is telling her that she has no choice as she is screaming. The doctor is telling her that it will be over soon. Morgan is pleading for him not to hurt her baby and runs away. She runs through a door and slams it shut. Someone is on the other side trying to get in. Morgan is awakened with an actual knock on her door. She gets up all unsettled and answers it to find Clark.

Morgan is greeted by Clark with a beautiful baby basket for the baby. She is surprised and gives him a hug. Clarke has a note on the basket that is addressed to the "mother to be." Clarke thinks the pregnancy is making her hormones rage. She is crying and thanks him for being so sweet to her and for bringing the basket. He says it is for the kid. She thanks him from the both of them. He asks her if she isn't sure about leaving town. She is trying to get through the first trimester when she knows the baby will be safe. She says they can't do anything to her, as long as they don't hurt her baby. She takes him into the bedroom to show him the baby cradle. He tells her to be careful so that no one will see it and her secret will be out. Someone is knocking at the door. Clarke slips out the side door. She opens the door to find Taylor standing there with her favorite flowers. Morgan invites her in and Taylor sees the basket with the note attached. She ask, "Morgan, a! re you pregnant?" Morgan doesn't look.

Rick arrives over to Amber's place with Little Eric. Amber and C.J. are happy to see the baby. Rick is telling them how much everyone missed Little Eric. C.J. quips, "So the maid fed him." Rick explains that is how Helen is and that she can't get enough of him. C.J. says that Helen is free to drop by at anytime and opens the door for Rick to leave. Amber assures him that nothing like this will ever happen again. Rick is saying that it is OK. He just thinks that she needed to blow off steam. He believes that it is tougher on her now seeing how different it was before when she stayed at the house and had help. C.J. butts in and ask Rick what is his point. Rick asks Amber does she miss those days.

C.J. tells Rick that Amber has him to help her. Rick says that C.J. will be going back to work and school in the fall. Amber says that will be during the day and she will work at night. Rick tells her that it won't leave time for her. C.J. doesn't want to hear it. Amber wants to hear what Rick has to say. Rick proposes that Amber and Little Eric move back to the guest house. Amber is stunned. Rick goes on to explain how good for the baby it will be. And she won't have to worry about bills and working full-time. C.J. tells him that the baby has a family. Rick says that he wants to help. C.J. goes off saying that he is only trying to buy Amber off. The best place for Little Eric is right here. Rick is calmly trying to tell C.J. that Amber is a mother that has to do what is best for the child. C.J. tells him, "The answer to your little question is NO!" Rick says that he wants to hear it from Amber. C.J. says fine and looks at Amber who is not responding because she is in deep th! ought.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2000

by Mennowoman

Taylor is at Morgan's home and has asked Morgan if she was pregnant. Morgan replies, "Good Lord, no........why would you ask that?" Taylor points out that Morgan has a gift basket filled with baby toys. Morgan stalls and stammers, and Taylor asks her to just tell her the truth, stating that Morgan seems so nervous. Morgan says that the toys are not hers.......and leaves it at that. Taylor continues to press Morgan thinking that she is hiding something from her.

At Amber and C.J.'s apartment, C.J. says to Amber, "Tell me you are not seriously considering moving back in at the Forresters." Amber confesses she does not know what to think at the moment. She urges C.J. to consider all the advantages Little Eric would have living there--he would have everything he ever wanted. Rick agrees with Amber, which does not go over well with C.J.. C.J. wants to know where that would leave him, or is that the general idea of Amber and Little Eric moving back into the guest get rid of C.J.. Rick argues that all three of them want what is best for Little Eric, and that in the guest house he would have every advantage: a family nearby who adores him and who has taken care of him since he was a tiny baby, his education, his medical care, everything taken care of for him. Amber would have meals housework....if she ever needed to take a break, there would be help with the baby. There would be the swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts, etc. C.J. stops Rick, saying that what Rick proposes is not what Little Eric needs--that he needs to be raised right there in the apartment where he lived with his mother. That, sure, it is not cushy, but it is where Little Eric would learn about life. Rick thinks otherwise--that Little Eric is a part of his family....that he has his name.

C.J. says that is not how HIS son will be raised, whereby Rick claims that Little Eric is no more his son that Rick's. Both C.J. and Rick put the decision into Amber's hands, and she freezes, not knowing what to say. C.J. needs to speak with Amber privately, so Rick watches Little Eric while Amber and C.J. go to another room to talk. Rick, holding Little Eric, walks over to the window and tells Little Eric that he is going to get him out of this place and back to his home, "where you belong."

C.J. cannot believe that Amber is actually considering this move. Amber argues to C.J. that Little Eric would have anything he ever needed, and C.J. retorts that perhaps it is anything that Amber needs that she is finding important. He tells Amber that there is "no way in hell" that he will allow this move to be made. Amber sighs.

Taylor continues to press Morgan about the basket of baby toys. Morgan tells her they are for a friend, and when Taylor asks who, Morgan claims she is a friend that she met on the beach. Morgan guesses that she went a bit overboard when buying them, but then again she was perhaps hoping that she was buying them for herself. Taylor apologizes for being intrusive. She tells Morgan that if she still wants a baby so badly that she needs to go back to the fertility clinic--she's certain that the procedure would not be as bad for Morgan again the second time. Taylor tells Morgan that she knows in her heart that Morgan will some day have a baby and that nothing would make her happier. Anyway, Taylor has simply stopped by to pick up a box of bathing suits in the bedroom....she will just get that and then be gone. Morgan tells her no, that the room is too messy for Taylor to see, but Taylor disappears into the bedroom. Morgan says to herself, "oh no, she cannot see that bassinet!"

Amber is angry for C.J.'s accusation that she is the one who needs all the luxuries at the Forrester home--after all, everything she has done lately has been for Little Eric. C.J. says Little Eric does not need swimming pools and tennis courts, and Amber explains that it is so much more so than that--it is the Forresters and their support, it is Helen to help care for him, it is the additional love that they would give him and the good influence he would grow up around. Amber says that with the power and influence of the Forrester family, Little Eric would have everything--to which C.J. counters that how could Amber think for a minute that he would ever let Little Eric down. He would work night and day, sell Insomnia, do anything he would have to. He does not believe that a certain lifestyle is what the baby needs, but love from someone who will never leave him. C.J. reminds Amber that they do not know what Rick's life will hold--perhaps he will marry Kimberly and then there will not be any room for Little Eric in their lives. Little Eric is one of the most important things in C.J.'s life and he knows in Amber's too, and C.J. begs Amber please not to take that away from baby Eric--don't take that away from all of them. Rick knocks at the door. He enters and asks Amber what it is going to be--will Amber and Little Eric be coming home with Rick, or will they be staying there?

Morgan chases Taylor down the hallway, calling after her. Taylor stops at the bedroom door--"What in the world?" Morgan tells her, "I can explain", to which Taylor says, "Please do."

What Taylor witnessed as she entered the bedroom was Clarke, wrapped in a towel, presumably fresh from the shower. Morgan, who thought Taylor had seen the bassinet, recovered enough to say, "I didn't know whether Clarke would be dressed." Taylor, embarrassed by "catching" Clarke and Morgan, makes her excuses and leaves, telling Morgan to call her, or that she would call Morgan...."whatever."

Morgan goes back into the bedroom and Clarke tells her it is OK....she really doesn't have to thank him unless she wants to. She merely says, "Get dressed" and leaves the bedroom.

Rick asks Amber what her decision is and says it is up to Amber, but C.J. says no, that it is up to both of them. He says that what Becky wanted was for Amber and C.J. to raise Little Eric together. Rick points out that Becky had also wanted his family to be a part of Little Eric's life too, but C.J. says that Becky was very clear about C.J. and Amber making all the baby's decisions....together. C.J. brings out the video tape and Rick asks to see it. C.J. refuses to allow Rick to view it, saying it was addressed to C.J. and Amber only. Amber states that it was Becky's wish that the baby be raised by her and C.J., and those wishes have to be respected. Rick expresses disbelief that Amber could pass up an offer so good for Little Eric. He says that Becky is gone, whereupon C.J. interrupts him, saying that Becky continues to live through Little Eric. C.J. tells Rick it is time for him to go. Rick starts to leave and turns back to tell C.J. and Amber, "No more screw-ups, you hear? Nothing more like last night!"

Morgan tries to catch Taylor before she leaves, but by the time she gets outside, Taylor is long gone. Morgan asks Clarke what he was doing, and Clarke said that he knew if Taylor saw the bassinet that all hell would break loose. So he took the bassinet around to the side of the house, and the towel and the idea that he had been surfing just came to him at the last minute. Morgan wonders why Clarke did not simply hide the bassinet and then leave, and he explained that now Taylor does not know what to think about them and has probably already forgotten about seeing the baby toys in Morgan's living room. Morgan admits that Clarke is probably right. Besides, Clarke says, if anyone does find out that Morgan is pregnant, Taylor will put two and two together and think Clarke is the father. Morgan is surprised that Clarke would do all that for her. Clarke says he'd do whatever it takes, but that he also has reasons of his own for wanting to get back at Taylor--the fact that she would not help Macy when Macy asked for her help. Clarke thinks that the whole Forrester family needs to be taught a thing or two.

Taylor enters Morgan's home saying to herself, "I cannot believe I left my purse in here." She hears Morgan and Clarke talking in the bedroom. She hears Morgan tell Clarke that his plan is a good backup plan and that she must keep this secret. She cannot let anyone find out about this--especially Taylor.

Amber walks into the living room and verbalizes to C.J., "you're angry, aren't you?" C.J. very vehemently tells her, "No, I'm not!" then launches into a tirade about how he cannot believe that Amber was remotely thinking about moving to the Forresters'. She tells him that she was only thinking of the benefits they could give to Little Eric, whereupon C.J. lambastes her that she was only thinking about herself. "Damn it, we're supposed to be a family!" He reminds her of the commitment she made to him, to Little Eric, and to Becky, and says that she was very close to walking out the door. Amber tells him that things are not that simple, but C.J. insists that they are. He still would not be surprised if Amber bailed on him. Then he tells her to go ahead and leave, go live with the Forresters with their swimming pools and tennis courts. Don't even pack because she will be able to buy all new clothes--just leave the baby with him and go move in with the Forresters. Amber says perhaps she will, and goes to the telephone and dials. She tells Stephanie that she's coming over....that she will be moving into the guest house.....and C.J. comes over, saying "The hell you will!", grabbing the telephone from Amber, telling Stephanie, "I don't want a thing to do with your family or your money; we're doing just fine the way things are." He then pauses and says, "What? Pizza? What? Who is this?? I'm sorry." and hangs up the phone. Meanwhile, Amber is laughing uncontrollably.

C.J. looks at her and says jokingly, "You are so dead!" and chases her around the room, eventually collapsing onto the sofa. C.J. tells Amber not to ever do anything like that again. Amber smiles and tells C.J. that she's not going anywhere. They share a quiet moment together and C.J. pushes Amber's hair off her forehead.

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Thursday, August 3, 2000



Bill Spencer, Ridge' ex-father-in-law, paid a surprise visit to Stephanie at her house. He told her he was there because he was in the area for a business meeting and he had heard she had suffered a stroke. He offered her tranquilizers made by his pharmaceutical company in France. Stephanie graciously refused to accept them when Bill told her the pills were not FDA approved. Bill told Stephanie if he could help her in anyway, to just call him.
Morgan thanked Clarke for taking the cradle out of her bedroom when Taylor had unexpectedly arrived at her house. Morgan emphasized to Clarke " No one can find out about my pregnancy until I am through my first trimester." Clarke transported Morgan to her medical appointment where they both heard the baby's heartbeat during an ultra-sound exam.
A troubled Taylor told Stephanie of her suspicions about Morgan. Taylor summarized all the events that occurred at Morgan's. She had seen a basket of toys and stuffed animals that Morgan said were a gift for a friend who is pregnant. Taylor also mentioned "how nervous Morgan became when Taylor headed to the bedroom, as if she was going to see something horrible." Also," how strange that Morgan didn't tell her that Clarke was in her bedroom." Taylor told Stephanie "for the first time she had the distinct impression that Morgan was lying to her" and that " Morgan was acting strangely the whole time."
Stephanie decided she needed to go over to Morgan's to find out what is going on because Stephanie concluded that Morgan is hiding something. Upon seeing that Morgan was not home, Stephanie entered her house with her own key.
Taylor invited Ridge to the Forresters' pool. He left work early to be with Taylor for a romantic tryst at the pool. Taylor told Ridge that both she and Stephanie are "convinced " that Morgan is hiding something.
Amber cooked a meal for C.J. and told Darla who was visiting that she" wanted to do something so special for C.J., he's earned it." Amber explained how loyal C.J. has been, and that" he stood up for her in front of the cops and in front of Eric Forrester." Amber said, "C.J. is an incredible guy. Honestly, I don't know what I would have done if C.J. wasn't around."
A surprised C.J. returned home to a candlelight dinner. Amber assured him that Darla had taken Little Eric for a "long walk", then she embraced him and said "thank you for everything"

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Friday, August 4, 2000

by Mennowoman

Clarke and Morgan are at the doctor's office listening to the baby's heartbeat. The doctor says it is a bit early, but it is possible they could see the baby on ultrasound and get a photo of the baby.

Ridge and Taylor are at the pool, discussing whatever it is that Morgan is hiding. Taylor tells Ridge that Morgan is acting differently....that she went to the bedroom to pick up a box of bathing suits and there stood Clarke, wrapped only in a towel. Clarke made some excuse about surfing that Taylor thought was a lame excuse...she doesn't understand why Morgan is acting so evasive--she thought they were good friends who would talk with each other. Ridge tells her that he thinks it is time that she get some new friends. Taylor then tells Ridge that she had been speaking with Stephanie about Morgan's evasive behavior and that Stephanie went right over to see Morgan. Taylor gives Ridge an old bathing suit that Ridge thinks might be just a bit tight--Taylor says that she hopes so, and hands the suit to him.

Stephanie is inside Morgan's home snooping around. She calls Morgan's name several times to check whether Morgan is, indeed, not at home. Stephanie is determined to find out what Morgan's secret is. She finds the baby toys and picks them up to look at them.

C.J. is enjoying the meal that Amber has made for him. He says everything is so good but wonders why Amber has gone to all this trouble. Amber explains that she is trying to make up for how she treated C.J.--for allowing Ash and his friends and their drugs into the apartment, for actually considering moving back into the pool house at the Forresters. C.J. understands that Amber had very deep feelings at one time for Rick, but Amber explains to C.J. that Rick is not what she wants. C.J. tells her that she *almost* made a mistake, but that she stopped herself in time. C.J. removes his wedding band and places it on the table.

The doctor gives Morgan a photo of her baby......Morgan is thrilled and says she will not forget this appointment. She talks of wanting to protect this baby and not let anything harm it....or anyone.

Stephanie is perplexed and looks at the card to see who Morgan's friend is who is pregnant and for whom she bought the gifts, but the card is unsigned. Stephanie goes back to the bedroom and is shocked by the sight of the cradle at Morgan's bedside.

Taylor looks up to see Ridge modeling his bathing suit. They kiss, followed by a hug, and Ridge says "Life is good." Taylor speaks about Morgan's life and keeping her secret. She cannot understand how people can complicate their lives by including secrets in it. She's happy that Ridge cannot keep secrets from her--she knows everything she needs to know about Ridge, and that makes her feel makes her trust Ridge even more. Ridge tells her that she can always trust in his love. They retire to the settee.

Morgan returns to her office thrilled by what she has seen on the ultrasound. She says it makes her pregnancy seem more real. She also admits to feeling joy that the baby is Ridge's. After all, he was the father of her first baby too, and if Stephanie had not interfered, they would still be together. Clarke reminds her that her and Ridge will not be together again, but Morgan lives her life with the idea that this baby is a part of her and a part of him and they will share this baby for the rest of their lives. Clarke reminds her that Stephanie will fight her on that, and Morgan is convinced that if she can keep this pregnancy a secret for another month, then it will be too late for Stephanie to do anything about it.

Stephanie is confused--Taylor did not mention anything about a cradle. If this is a gift for a friend of Morgan's, why would it be by her bed. Perhaps she's taking care of someone's baby. If she was pregnant, she would have told Taylor, wouldn't she? Stephanie snoops around the desk and bedside table and finds an appointment card for an OB/Gyn doctor for today. Stephanie leaves quickly after she learns the location of the doctor's office.

Amber wants to know why C.J. removed Becky's wedding ring. C.J. says that he believes it is time--he does not think Becky would want him to hold onto her like he has been doing. C.J. tells Amber that things are different now, especially because Amber did not throw everything away and move out--she chose to stay there with C.J. and Baby Eric. Amber hears a song that she loves and asks C.J. to dance with her. C.J. hesitates, but then gives in. They hold each other while dancing and talk to each other and almost kiss. There is a knock at the door. C.J. opens the door to see Officer York, one of the arresting officers. He asks for Amber, and hands her indictment and hearing date. Amber's charges are a felony because of the amount of the drugs and the assumption that she had them to sell.

Stephanie shows up at the doctor's office and asks for Morgan, pretending to be her aunt. The receptionist tells her that Morgan has gone about an hour ago. She shows Stephanie a photo of the baby and tells her that Morgan is 9 weeks pregnant. Stephanie says that she guesses the artificial insemination "took", and the receptionist says no, that the pregnancy was a natural pregnancy. The telephone rings and the receptionist answers it. Stephanie again quizzes her about the pregnancy being a natural pregnancy and the receptionist affirms that it is. Stephanie cannot believe what she has heard. She quickly telephones Ridge and gets his answering machine. She leaves a message telling him to come to the office as soon as he gets this message....that she needs to speak with him as soon as possible. After she hangs up, she says, "So Morgan, this is your little secret. Well, who could the father be?"

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