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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on GH
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Monday, July 31, 2000

Helena eavesdrops as Chloe explains to a dubious Mac how she's developed the ability to see things through the Cassadine matriarch's eyes. Nikolas and Lucky roughly demand answers from the young woman who tried to pick up the blackmail money. Marcus and Hannah make love for the first time. Sonny offers Carly an apology for coming down on her so hard but reminds her that she has to stop attacking people for no reason. Admitting that she does make wrong assumptions at times, Carly promises Sonny she'll try her best to improve. Claiming she knows no one named Emily, the girl tells Lucky and Nikolas she went for the bag because she was hungry and looking for food. AJ boasts to Alexis about the lucky streak he's been on ever since he took up drinking again. Later, AJ reminds Ned why his relationship with Alexis is doomed to failure. Confiding that he's in deep with a loanshark, Mike asks Roy if he can borrow thirty grand ASAP. Sonny suggests to Carly that she move back into the penthouse. The "homeless" girl places another threatening call to Emily. Helena decides to bump off Chloe.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

A stunned Juan came home early from Albany and caught Hanna and Taggert in their post love-making bliss. Carly gave Bobbie a less than perfect surprise party for her birthday, in which Roy was late to and was unaware that it was Bobbie's birthday. Roy left he party early to take care of business with Sorel, but he did not have chance to tell Bobbie. Roy later returned when all of the guests had gone and gifted Bobbie with flowers and a slow dance.

Alan told an astonished AJ that he and Monica are going to try to have another child, but AJ did not give his blessing.

Lucky shared with Liz, Emily and Nikolas that the he followed the blackmailer to a mansion in which she had a key to. The foursome then decided it was time for a new plan.

Edward once again harassed AJ because AJ has made a success of the internet company that Edward had sold him.

Sonny spent some quality time with Michael and later showed Alexis Jason's penthouse, who decided to take it.

Liz explained her platonic relationship with Jason to Lucky, who was grateful that Liz had someone to support her after his "death." Lucky was still not able to explain his feelings towards Liz about why she belongs with Nikolas.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Stefan was determined to use Chloe to his own means. He plotted to replace Chloe's actual medicine with a placebo so that he can use her to see through Helena's eyes.

At the Quartermaines' they partook in more mug slinging. Edward was in rare form. He actually asked Monica and Alan how could they possibly bring another AJ into this world. One is enough, he stated. Lila tried her hardest to change the subject, but it fell on death ears. Finally Lila insisted the Edward take her to the dining room for dinner. Monica continued to sing the praises of Dr. Townsend. Alan stewed in his jealousy for a while longer. Monica left for her appointment and Tony arrived to talk to Alan. Alan grumbled a few words and Tony asked what was wrong. Alan was sorry he ever sought out a fertility specialist, especially an attractive one. Tony told Alan to calm down because both he and Monica love each other which is the reason that they are still together through all of their past history. After Monica returned from her appointment with Dr. Townsend, she was in the best mood. She was positively glowing. Monica told Alan not to worry because nothing is going to happen between her and the attractive doctor. Alan still verbalized he fears and is scared to lose Monica.

Liz attempted to cheer Emily because she was having a terrible day and terribly missing Juan. Emily asked Liz to go shopping with her and she agreed that she could after finishing some purchase orders for Chloe. In the interim, the girls discussed (you guessed it) Lucky and Juan. What happened to the love, Emily asked Liz. She responded that you and Juan lost faith in each other and it is hard to get back. Liz thought that Lucky has lost faith in their love as well. Liz convinced Emily to go listen to Juan laying down the vocal tracks to their song Heart and Soul. Emily listened to Juan and reminisced about their past together. She could not longer take it so she left the studio and came back out to the lobby and found that Nikolas and Lucky had shown up. They had developed a plan to get more information on the black mailer. Lucky wanted to dress up as a census taker. Liz suggested that it would be better if she posed as the census taker because the black mailer probably had not seen her closely. The group agreed and went off to get the necessary accessories to change Liz into a frumpy census taker

Sonny's men helped Alexis move in to Jason's old place. As they moved the final box, Sonny arrived with Champagne to celebrate with Alexis. As they were toasted Ned burst in on them saying that he hoped that Alexis was not actually moving in to the apartment. To Ned's dismay Alexis confirmed that she had indeed moved from the hotel. She was becoming tired of not having a place of her own. Ned pushed and pushed and soon they were entangled into a very heated discussion of Alexis living next to Port Charles' Crime Lord. Ned left the apartment and then Alexis threw her purse at the door with the cell phone inside which was destroyed. Alexis was feeling badly about her argument with Ned so she started to down champagne. Sonny returned to check on her, only to find a drunk Alexis slurring her thoughts and words. Sonny asked Alexis to wait until tomorrow and if she was unhappy in any way he would cancel the lease. She was pleased with his offer. At this same time, Ned was! with Jax and Chloe spilling out complaints to Alexis' move. Jax decided to attempt discussion with his ex-wife. He and Chloe both told Ned to calm down. When Jax arrived, Sonny was still visiting Alexis. Jax started in on Alexis. He told her that he was there to bring her home. Alexis informed him that she was home. Sonny excused himself and Jax continued. They had a reasonable discussion and right when Jax offered his cell phone to Alexis to call Ned, the Champagne took effect and Alexis lay knock out on top of her suitcases on the sofa.

Chloe and Ned were at the penthouse reminiscing about their marriage and how happy they were together. They took to a game of Gin and remembered Jax and Alexis respectively.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

Jax and Ned were at Kelly's talking about what had happened between Alexis and Ned at Jason's Penthouse. Jax told Ned that he had never seen Alexis so upset. Except for when they ran out of water in the Sahara and when they almost lost Chloe. Ned told Jax that he couldn't ruin their relationship over real estate. Ned said that Alexis is the only woman who really loved the real him. Ned asked Jax what his next move should be. Jax said try to be nice to her and apologize to her. Ned took Alexis flowers at the Penthouse. Ned and Alexis told each other they were sorry. Ned told Alexis he worries about her. Alexis asked Ned if he wanted her to move out. Ned told Alexis he doesn't have a choice where she lives. He wished he did. Alexis told Ned Thank you and Ned said he just needed time to get use to it.

Chloe stopped by the Penthouse to check on a hung over Alexis. Alexis asked Chloe if she was going to tell her that moving into the Penthouse was the worst mistake she has ever made. Chloe told Alexis she wasn't going to tell her anything. Chloe brought Alexis croissants and offered to help her pack or unpack whatever she wanted. Alexis told Chloe she really missed Ned. Chloe told Alexis maybe they both just needed a little time.

At the Brownstone, Bobbie had been trying to find her keys. Carly found them and said that Michael had probably been playing with them again. Bobbie asked Carly when Michael and her were moving. Bobbie and Carly got into an argument about them living together. Carly told Bobbie that Michael and her would be moving into Jason's today.

Carly told Michael that they were moving again. They were moving close to Uncle Sonny, they were going to live at Jason's. Carly asked Michael if he remembered when they lived with Jason. Carly told Michael that Jason wasn't coming back. Carly told Michael that Jason loves him, but not to look for him, because he wasn't coming back. Carly told Leticia to go ahead and start packing Michael's bags. Leticia asked Carly if they were moving back into Sonny's and Carly said No to Jason's. Leticia talked to Carly about Michael and her moving back to Sonny's. Laticia told Carly Michael likes his room at Sonny's. Carly told Laticia that Sonny didn't want them there and Laticia told Carly that she knew that wasn't true. Carly told Laticia Sonny needs to say so than. Carly, Michael and Laticia went to the Penthouse and Carly walked in on Alexis and Ned getting ready to christen the place. Carly wanted to know why they were in her house. Alexis told Carly she needed to check her lease again. Because Alexis had just rented the Penthouse from Sonny.

Taggert seen Hannah sitting in the park and walked up to see her. Hannah explained to Taggert that running helps her to think. Hannah told Taggert that with them everything seems so easy and she isn't used to that. Taggert told Hannah he wasn't trying to change her. He told her he just wanted her to share his life. Taggert told Hannah that is if you want to. Hannah told Taggert that she did. Hannah and Taggert were kissing and Dara walked up and seen them. Taggert asked Dara if there was any news about the undercover cop. Dara said no, but she needed to go over the hacker case with him. Taggert asked Dara if they could do it at the meeting at 3:00p.m. Dara said Yes. Dara told Taggert that she really did just happen by. Taggert said he knew. Dara left. Taggert asked Hannah if she was going to be able to handle him working with Dara. Hannah said Yes. Later, Hannah and Dara had a heated discussion about Hannah picking up her messages and about Hannah's job interfering with her personal life, while Mac looked on.

Nikolas, Lucky, and Liz went to the blackmailer's house. While Lucky and Nikolas looked on from the bushes, Emily convinced the woman that she worked for the census. Gia, Emily's blackmailer came out and Liz questions Gia about where she lived. Gia left. Lucky followed Gia and caught her looking for the money. Lucky asked Gia what her excuse was this time. Lucky asked Gia why she was blackmailing Emily.

AJ went into Kelly's looking for Hannah. AJ asked Bobbie how his son was. Bobbie told AJ that Carly and Michael were moving into Jason's today. AJ was trying to talk Hannah into helping him squander his money away. AJ told Hannah when she got Taggert out of her system she knew where he would be. AJ touched Hannah's face with his hand as Taggert looked on.

Emily and Juan were talking in the park. Juan told Emily he likes to know what is going on with her. Emily told Juan about Edward wanting to give her a drug test. Emily explained to Juan she wanted to forget about the past and live in the here and now.

Friday, August 4, 2000

Stefan prepared to give Chloe the placebo pills, in spite of the serious health risks the pills might cause. AJ annoyed Taggert by openly flirting with Hannah in front of him. Helena decided to get rid of Chloe the same way she got rid of Alexis's mother. Carly yelled at Sonny for letting Alexis move into the apartment while Ned and Alexis sat down and watched the show. Carly told Sonny that under no circumstances was she moving back into his apartment. Gia panicked when she saw Taggert, but Lucky covered for her and didn't let Taggert find her. Lucky demanded that Gia give him some real answers to his questions or he would turn her in.

Roy agreed to help Mike pay off his debt by sitting in on the poker game to try to win the money. Jax and Chloe enjoyed a romantic picnic of champagne and hot dogs, until Chloe had a vision of Helena killing her. Emily told Juan the truth about what happened after the rave. Dressed for seduction, Carly set out to make Sonny jealous by flirting with a receptive Roy.

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