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Victor offered to drop the lawsuit against Jabot if Ashley dumped Brad, but she refused. Victoria turned to Ryan for comfort after she had a vision about Gary. Brittany had doubts about Billy's commitment to their relationship.
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Monday, July 31, 2000

by Audra McKenna

Jill discovered Billy in Jack's office and wanted to know what he was doing there. Jack said they were talking about the web site, and Jill said she'd thought that Phyllis was the one to talk to. Billy then said that Jack was covering for him -- he was there to get some brotherly advice from Jack. Jill wondered if she could give him the woman's point of view, but Billy said no. Jill then said that Billy could always turn to her if he wanted to talk. She gave her son a peck on the cheek and left the brothers alone.

Billy asked his brother if there were any skeletons in his mother's closet. Jack couldn't believe what he'd just heard. Billy said that Jack and his mother had been at each other's throats for years, and Jack had to know something. Jack didn't like the sound of that. He felt that Billy was overreacting about something. He told Billy that as strange as his mother was, it was pretty normal parental concern that she had.

Billy said that his mother had gone way over the line, and the worst part was that he had to pretend everything was okay. Jack could see that Billy was really upset over that. Billy told him that it would blow Jack's mind if he knew what Jill was doing to Mac. Jack asked him to explain, but Billy said that he couldn't tell Jack any more. He asked if Jack would help them. Jack said that he really wanted to, but he had to have more to go on. Billy shook his head sadly and walked out.

In Malcolm's apartment, Malcolm was upset because Drucilla was moving in with Neil. Dru still wanted to hash out what had happened "that night," in a civil fashion. Malcolm said it was really civil of her to tell him that he was a man with no morals and then to challenge him to prove otherwise. She said that was not what she was doing, but she thought he was right about one thing -- they couldn't talk it out. She turned to leave.

Malcolm called Dru back. He said he was sorry for getting upset, but what she'd said to him had really hurt. She told him that she was sorry for hurting him, but she had "all these emotions" rushing back at her from that night. She wanted to put it in the past. He told her that he had put it behind him a long time before. He wanted to know if she was okay with that. She said that she'd talked with Olivia about it, and she felt better about it. Malcolm couldn't believe she'd talked to Olivia. He felt that Olivia would make it harder for him to see Nate.

Dru insisted that Olivia had been very helpful and had given her some good advice. She said that Olivia had told her to put the past behind her. Malcolm agreed that she should, but he said she shouldn't have told Olivia about them. Dru thought that Malcolm didn't want Olivia to know about them because he still had feelings for her.

Malcolm said that he was concerned about what Olivia thought about him. Dru thought he didn't want to burn any bridges, but he told her that he was only worried about being able to see Nate. He told Dru that he had deep feelings for her, and what might happen between them could get complicated. He asked her what Olivia had said about them being together. Dru told him that Olivia thought that the feelings that had been flooding Dru about that night might be a way of telling her she shouldn't get together with Malcolm.

Malcolm asked Dru if she was looking for a way out. She said that she was just scared and confused. He begged her not to leave. He took her into his arms and told her not to walk away from him. He kissed her.

Victoria was backing away from Ryan at his apartment, telling him to stay away from her. Ryan tried to console her, and she backed further away and told him not to touch her. Ryan said there was nothing to be afraid of -- he was not going to hurt her. She was crying and obviously frightened. He told her that what had happened in the past was gone, and it was not coming back. He slowly put his arms around her, and she cried on his shoulder.

Ryan took Victoria a glass of water. She told him that the stuff about Gary had flooded back to her, and she'd lost it. She said that it was going to take time to get over it. Ryan said it was going to take more than time and patience.

Ryan told Victoria that she needed therapy -- that she couldn't get over that all by herself. He looked at her and said that she probably felt that he was accusing her of losing it and that she thought that seeking therapy was a sign of weakness. Victoria realized that was what Tricia had to have said when he'd tried to get her the help she'd needed. She told Ryan to remember that she was not Tricia. She would do anything if it would help. She didn't want to live the rest of her life with Gary Dawson hanging over her head.

At the hospital, Olivia was thinking about what Neil had said to her when she'd thought she'd been dying. He'd said that when she got well, they should give themselves a chance to figure out where they stood with each other. Just then, Neil went in to see her. They talked about her getting released the next day.

Neil told Olivia that he had good news -- Dru wasn't leaving town, since Olivia was on the mend. Olivia asked if Dru was still going to be staying at Malcolm's apartment, and Neil told her that Dru would be moving in with him. He was really happy about it because he would be able to see Lily every day. He told Olivia that no matter what, she could still count on him.

At the Playhouse, Mac used her cell phone to call Katherine to say that she'd be late. Katherine wanted to know if everything was okay. Mac asked her grandmother not to get Jill all riled up again. Katherine insisted that Jill wouldn't be a problem to Mac anymore -- Katherine wouldn't allow it.

Billy arrived, and Mac asked him how it had gone with Jack. He told her that Jack wanted more information. Mac was downtrodden and felt that nobody could help them. She was worried that Jill would find out about them. She said the only way they could get around it was to stop seeing each other.

Billy said he and Mac couldn't stop seeing each other -- they had something very special. Mac agreed, but she said that his mother was a real threat to them. She was afraid of what Jill would do when she found out that Mac and Raul had broken up. Billy said that his mother wouldn't put it together as long as she thought that he was with Brittany. Mac told him that she hated to see him acting like Brittany's boyfriend.

Billy told Mac that being with Brittany wasn't on the same planet as being with her. She said that she hated being dishonest with Raul and Brittany, and she started to cry. Billy said that if she felt the only thing to do was stop seeing each other, he would do it. She gently touched his face and started to leave. She got to the door, turned around in tears, and returned to Billy. She put her arms around his neck and asked what they were going to do.

Jill slammed through the front door of the Chancellor estate and walked into the living room, where Katherine was having a cup of tea. Jill said that she'd thought Katherine would have dragged her old bones up to bed already. Katherine asked why Jill couldn't ever say anything nice. Jill said that she couldn't say anything nice to someone who slung false accusations. Katherine told her to drop it. Jill said she would but warned Katherine not to do it again.

Katherine slammed down her teacup, stood up, and told Jill never to threaten her. She told Jill to stop harassing Mac. Jill called Mac Katherine's "alleged" granddaughter. Katherine turned away from Jill, telling herself aloud not to get drawn into it with Jill, especially when everyone in town knew that Jill's son Billy was the product of an afternoon tryst with the mailman. Jill's jaw dropped, and she yelled that that was the most slanderous thing she'd ever heard. Katherine said perhaps, but she wondered what might happen if she started spreading that rumor around town.

Jill grew very defensive and said that Katherine would do that sort of thing. Katherine said she would unless Jill said out loud that Mackenzie was Katherine's granddaughter right down to her toes. Jill didn't say anything, so Katherine yelled at her, "Say it!"

Jill finally said that Mac was Katherine's granddaughter. However, she insisted that Mac was a phony and was concerned about Katherine and Brock being taken in by her. Katherine told her to shut up, or Katherine would make her life "a living hell." Jill said that Katherine had already made her life a living hell and that she could see what she wanted to see -- Jill didn't care. Katherine turned and walked out of the room.

After Katherine went upstairs, Jill called her detective friend and wanted to know why she hadn't heard from him. He told her that he had sent her a letter by Express Post, saying he thought they should go to Mac's mother. She told him that she hadn't received any letter. She said she'd have to think about it, and she would get back to him. When she hung up, she wondered what had happened to the letter.

Nikki was seated at a table at Gina's, looking over a file. She had her hair all slicked back and was wearing glasses, very professional looking. Victor walked in, saw her, and headed over to her table. He wanted to let her know that he felt that Victoria was slowly coming around where her mother was concerned.

Victor told Nikki that she shouldn't be worried that Victoria had joined forces with Diane. Nikki said that if he had seen the two of them the other day, he would think differently. He told her that it had been an act on Victoria's part. He said that he was constantly playing referee between the two of them. Nikki suggested that perhaps that was not the best environment for Victoria to be in right then.

Nikki asked Victor about the lawsuit he'd brought against Brad. She told him that she thought it was revenge. He said that it only had to do with the contract that Brad had signed. She asked him what he was going to do about Jabot. She thought he had been holding off to make them sweat. She said that he loved to stick the knife to his enemies -- of which she was had become one. She thought that he was really going to punish her for betraying him. He sat down and told her that in the world of business, she was of no consequence to him.

Nikki thought that Victor was holding back from suing Jabot because of Ashley. Victor's cell phone rang. It was Diane. She told him that she was home. He said something about her being released and asked her if there was anything he could do for her. She said she was hungry, and he told her he would take some lasagna home from Gina's.

When Victor got off the phone, Nikki asked if it had been Diane, and Victor said yes. She asked where Diane had gotten released from and wondered if it was jail. Victor told her that Diane had had some complications and had been in the hospital. Nikki asked what kind of complications, and Victor said with her pregnancy. Nikki said, "What did you say? Are you telling me that Diane is pregnant?"

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Billy and Mac continued to struggle with what to do about their budding relationship. Still terrified of what would happen if Jill found out, Mac told Billy they had to continue to keep their secret. In an attempt to cheer her up, Billy surprised Mac with a candlelit picnic. The two shared a romantic evening and then parted ways, sure that things would be okay as long as they stayed together.

In the meantime, over at Crimson Lights, Brittany and Rianna tried to cheer up Raul. Wondering why Raul was taking the split with Mac so hard, Brittany was stunned to find out that it was Mac who had broken up with him and not the other way around. The revelation just intensified Brittany's fear that there might be something going on between Mac and Billy.

Over at Jabot, Phyllis told Jack that there was obvious sexual tension between his brother and Mac and that she thought it could add a great twist to the website. Jack warned Phyllis to leave Mac out of it and made her promise to keep Mac off camera at all times. Phyllis reluctantly agreed and quickly changed the subject to the two of them. Not hiding her intentions toward him, Phyllis attempted to seduce an equally attracted Jack. However, her attempts proved to be futile when Jack stood his ground and told her to leave.

Back at Malcolm's, he and Dru basked in their evening of passion and discussed how to handle things. Dru's feelings of guilt and fear of the repercussions of their relationship resurfaced when Lily called her, asking when Dru was going home to Neil's to tuck her into bed. Malcolm calmed Dru down and told her to go be with her daughter because they had all the time in the world.

When Dru arrived at Neil's, she was greeted by her excited daughter. As she led Lily to bed, Neil asked if she'd like to come back out and have a drink with him. He was confused when Dru nervously turned down his offer.

At Gina's, Nikki and Victor continued their conversation about Diane's pregnancy. Victor assured a panicked Nikki that the child was not his. Nikki, on the other hand, wasn't so sure. She wondered to herself if Diane was really devious enough to use Victor's sperm to get pregnant. Her concerns were set aside, however, when she was surprised by a visit from Victoria. The two women set aside their differences and agreed to work together to get to the bottom of Diane's latest scheme.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

Katherine walked in on Mac as she was getting ready to leave the Chancellor estate. Katherine commented that Mac had gotten in late the night before, and Mac told her that working on the Jabot web site was more involved than she'd thought. Katherine mentioned Raul, and Mac finally revealed to Katherine that she and Raul were not seeing each other anymore and were just friends. She begged Katherine not to mention that fact to Jill, and Katherine again wondered why Mac insisted Jill not be told anything. Mac put it off, saying that she didn't want Jill to know anything about her life.

Later, Jill confronted Esther about her Express Mail package that she hadn't received, and Esther said that she didn't know what Jill was talking about. They began to have a shouting match as Katherine walked in. She told Esther to leave and then Jill asked Katherine if she had signed for her package and not given it to her because it was about Mackenzie. Katherine didn't know what Jill was talking about, either, and wanted to know what package Jill could possibly be receiving that had anything to do with Katherine's granddaughter. They also began to argue, and Katherine warned Jill that she'd better leave Mac alone -- or else.

As Jill began to walk out, Katherine shoved her on the table onto some strawberries and messed up Jill's favorite suit. Jill was livid and declared war on Katherine. After Jill left, Katherine decided that it was time to stop Jill any way she could. She commented that she knew she had promised Mac that she wouldn't do anything, but she felt she had to act right away in order to keep Mac from Jill's wrath. Upstairs, Jill called the Post Office to inquire if she could find out who had signed for the package that she had never gotten. After she hung up, she commented to herself that if Mac had signed for the package and hadn't give it to her, there would be "hell to pay."

Brittany stopped by the Abbotts' house early and caught Billy getting out of the pool. She suggested to Billy that it might be a good idea if Mac weren't around that summer to help out with the web site because of Raul. Billy countered that Raul had told him that he wanted to be around Mac. Brittany decided to drop it after Billy told her that they should stay out of it. She kissed him. As they kissed, Mac walked up.

When Mac made herself known, Billy pulled away and said that they had just been taking a look at the web site. Mac pulled herself together and walked around to the computer and sat down to take a look. Brittany pulled up Raul, but Mac told her to mind her own business. When Mac walked away, Brittany told Billy that she thought Mac had broken up with Raul because she had a crush on Billy.

Waiting to be released from the hospital, Olivia talked with Ashley about her conversation with Neil. She mentioned that Neil didn't remember anything about their conversation about exploring their feelings for each other once she was well again. She told Ashley that if Neil wanted to explore their feelings for one another and take their relationship to another level, he would have to make the first move. She refused to put any pressure on him after all he'd done for her.

Olivia then revealed to Ashley that Dru had moved back in with Neil, and he couldn't be happier about it. She admitted that she was concerned about it, and Ashley told her that Neil was just happy because it meant he got to spend more time with Lily. Neil walked in and interrupted their conversation, commenting how beautiful Olivia looked. Reece walked in with Olivia's release papers and a nurse to wheel her downstairs. Olivia told Neil to take her home so she could see her son.

Dru walked out of her room in Neil's apartment and was surprised to find Mamie sitting in the living room. Mamie told her that Neil had asked her to watch the kids while he'd gone to pick up Olivia. He hadn't wanted to wake Dru because she'd been restless during the night after her "argument" with Malcolm and needed the rest. Dru commented that she'd wanted to go with Neil to pick up Olivia.

Dru admitted to Mamie that she had to have a talk with Neil as soon as possible but didn't tell Mamie what it was about. She said she didn't have time to get into it right then because Neil and Olivia could walk in at any minute. She admitted that she needed to tell Neil first before she confided in Mamie.

Paul and Christine basked in the afterglow of a wonderful night of lovemaking. Paul commented that they both seemed much more relaxed since the pressure of trying to have a baby was behind them. Christine admitted that she was worried that something was going to be wrong with her and that she wouldn't be able to have a baby. She told him that she was constantly waiting for the phone to ring. Paul told her not to worry because he was sure everything would be okay.

Christine thanked Paul for all his support and the fact that he was willing to consider adoption if they couldn't have a baby. She confessed to Paul that she'd told Michael that they were trying to have a baby and that he was not happy about it. Paul blew up and asked her why she'd told Michael because it was none of his business. She told him that she had told Michael because it would affect how many new clients they took on at their new firm. Paul told her that if Michael gave her any more trouble to let him know, and he'd take care of it.

Meanwhile, Michael spotted Phyllis in Gina's and asked her to join him at his table. He apologized to her for brushing her off and told her that he wanted to be friends again. Phyllis guessed correctly that he was upset with Christine and wanted to use Phyllis to get back at her. They both admitted that their relationship would be rewarding in many ways, including sexually and the fact that it would bother Christine. As they laughed and talked, Christine walked into Gina's and spotted them together.

Nick and Sharon were at the coffeehouse, talking over coffee, when Victoria walked in. Sharon entreated Nick to reach out to his sister, and he did. They all shared an awkward moment, but as Victoria walked away, she decided to confide in Nick and Sharon about her dinner with Ryan. She told them that she had decided to get therapy because she'd had a flashback of Gary when she'd been at Ryan's for dinner. She told them that Ryan had been very supportive and had convinced her that she wasn't over her ordeal like she'd thought she was.

Nick told Victoria how proud he was of her for admitting that she needed help, and he said that if she needed anything to let him and Sharon know because they would always be there for her. They embraced, and Victoria left. When Nick sat back down, he admitted to Sharon that he thought she should possibly seek counseling, also, because he didn't think she was over Matt Clark like she believed she was.

Neil presses Drucilla for the truth

Neil presses Drucilla for the truth

Thursday, August 3, 2000

by Nel

Christine arrived at Gina's and saw Michael with Phyllis. She stayed out of sight while watching them.

At a nearby table, Phyllis told Michael that Christine would freak out if she saw them together. Phyllis said she hoped the reason Michael was spending time with her was because of their memories from the past. Phyllis stood up, gave Michael a deep kiss, and left.

After Phyllis left, Christine walked to Michael's table, furious. Michael greeted her cheerfully and asked her if she would join him for breakfast. Christine sat down and asked "what the hell" Michael thought he was doing. Michael asked if Christine was surprised to see Phyllis had returned to town. Christine asked how long Phyllis planned on staying. Michael informed her that it was indefinite. He assured Christine that she had no reason to be concerned because Phyllis had a career, and she was no longer a troublemaker. He said that his meeting with Phyllis had been personal.

Christine's ire escalated because Michael had berated her after she'd informed him that she and Paul were planning to start a family. Michael asked if she was criticizing him for having a personal life. Christine accused him of running around town with trash and a troublemaker. Michael claimed that Phyllis' days of making trouble were behind her. He thought Christine was above that kind of prejudice. Christine said it wasn't prejudice; it was from bitter experience.

Michael reminded Christine that they had both changed and that they had become partners, and he wondered why she would think it was impossible for Phyllis to change. He claimed that his reputation wouldn't tank because he was spending time with Phyllis. Christine stood up and walked away as Michael asked Christine to trust that he had good judgment and said that it was a fair request.

At the Abbotts', Billy saw Mac and asked why she'd been avoiding him. Mac said she had something to do, and as she walked away, Jack entered the room. Jack asked Billy to provide him with more information about Jill and Mac, then he might be able to help him, but Billy claimed that it was too complicated. Jack said that if Billy needed help and wanted to talk, Jack would be there for him.

Jill arrived and complained that it had taken Jack a long time to answer the door. She saw Billy and greeted him. Jack asked sarcastically if they'd been expecting her. Jill asked if she needed an invitation. At that moment, Raul and Rianna arrived. Billy, Raul, and Rianna left to join Brittany on the patio by the pool.

In the meantime, Jill asked Jack if he and Billy had had a good talk the previous night, and she wondered what Billy had wanted to talk to Jack about. Jack said it was none of Jill's business. Jill asked if she should be grateful for him helping Billy, but Jack retorted that he'd learned never to expect gratitude from Jill.

Phyllis arrived at the Abbotts', and she asked Jack if she was interrupting anything. Jack said she wasn't. He asked Phyllis to upload the photo shoot by the end of the day. Phyllis said she would if she shot anything good. Phyllis joined the teens on the patio.

Jill told Jack that she wanted to talk to him in private about the Brad Carlton situation before they left. Jack stated that his office was very private, and they could talk there. Jill asked if Billy had talked about Mac and his feelings for her. Jack confirmed the discussion had been of a romantic nature. Jill claimed that Billy had an attraction for someone completely unsuitable, especially when Brittany had an interest in Billy. She hoped Billy's feelings for Mac would pass. She asked Jack to give her a heads-up if there was anything brewing between Billy and Mac. Jack stated he would keep Billy's best interest in mind.

On the patio, Brittany asked Mac if she'd brought her bathing suit, but Mac claimed she would be working and not in the picture, so she hadn't brought one. Raul joined Mac at the picnic table and asked what she was up to. Mac told him that she'd been checking out their website.

Elsewhere, Rianna commented to Brittany that Billy and Mac always looked very comfortable together. Brittany complained because Billy always rushed to Mac's defense. She wanted him to tell her something to reassure her that her feelings were reciprocated.

Every time Billy and Mac were in close proximity to each other, Mac would walk away. Phyllis arrived and gave the teens a few instructions regarding the shoot. Mac told Phyllis that she had some Glo by Jabot sunscreen on hand. Phyllis said they would be able to use it later. Phyllis informed the teens that Jack wanted her to upload their shoot by the end of the day. She said she would be filming them with her handheld camera in conjunction with the stationary cameras, and she instructed Mac to push the button to activate the stationary cameras.

Phyllis began taping, and at the edge of the pool, Brittany complained to Rianna that it was unfair that she couldn't get a tan, while Billy and Raul practiced putting. Raul asked if anyone wanted a drink. Mac said she wouldn't mind a lemonade. Once again, Billy tried to speak to Mac, but she avoided him. Phyllis noticed the tension between Mac and Billy. She asked Mac to get the sunscreen. When Mac returned with the product, she asked Billy and Raul to apply the sunscreen to Brittany and Rianna.

Brittany lay down on the towel and undid her top. Billy applied the sunscreen to her back. Mac became extremely uncomfortable, and she walked away. Billy told Brittany that he was done applying the sunscreen to her back. He left Brittany and followed Mac into the house.

Billy found Mac by the fireplace and tried to put his arms around her, but Mac walked away. Billy asked her again what was wrong. Mac confessed that the situation was difficult for her. She said that Brittany had been all over him when he'd arrived, and Mac hadn't known how to handle the situation when Billy had applied the sunscreen to Brittany's back. Billy said he was very sorry.

At Olivia's, Dru and Mamie were there with Nate and Lily. Mamie was putting a plate of treats together when Neil arrived, and Lily ran into his arms. Olivia arrived seconds later and surprised Nate. Neil had taken Olivia home from the hospital. While everyone was enjoying Mamie's treats, Mamie announced that she would be at Olivia's daily to help until Olivia was well enough to return to work. Nate said he also wanted to help Olivia get better. He asked what he could do to make that happen. Olivia told him he was already helping her.

Standing to one side, Dru told Neil she wanted to talk to him downstairs, but Neil didn't want to leave. Dru said she had something important to tell him, and it wouldn't take long. They left.

Olivia noticed that Neil and Dru were missing. Mamie said Dru had something important to talk to Neil about. Olivia suggested that Nate pick out a good book. After Nate and Lily had run off to pick out a book, Mamie asked if Olivia was up to it. Olivia assured her that she was fine.

In Neil and Dru's suite, Neil commented that he was really happy that Olivia was doing so well, and he noted how happy Nate and Lily were. Neil said he was worried that Lily might have too many expectations. He and Dru agreed that they needed to explain to Lily that their living together didn't mean that there was any romance involved. He didn't want Lily reading anything into it. Neil noticed that Dru had seemed on edge in the past few days, and he asked if something was going on. Dru said that there was, and she needed to tell him something important.

Matt Clark, also known as Carter, was at Larry Warton's apartment, and Larry asked Matt to explain to him what some guy had done to Matt. He asked if it had been a spat over the homecoming queen. Matt claimed it had been far more than that, and he showed Larry the gunshot wound on his right shoulder. Matt said that was the reason he'd returned. He wanted to return the favor.

Matt complained to Larry that Victor had bailed Nick out of jail. Larry said that Nick hadn't done well in jail, and if Matt's plan meant that they would be going back to jail, Matt needed to count him out. Matt said that no one was talking about spending time behind bars. Larry wanted to make sure that Matt knew exactly where he stood. Larry stated that people were always quick to judge and label him. They immediately saw him as a criminal and thought that he should be behind bars. Larry stated that he refused to go back to prison. Matt claimed they were both on the same page and that he planned to get a lot more out of it than working at the coffee shop.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon told Nick she didn't want to talk about Matt Clark. Nick said he understood that Sharon wanted to keep the rape buried, but after he'd seen what Victoria had been going through with Billy, he claimed that Sharon had gone through something just as traumatic. He said that he saw the pain Sharon was in. Sharon told Nick that the pain would never go away, and what she'd gone through couldn't be compared to what Victoria had been going through. Sharon assured Nick that she wasn't having nightmares or flashbacks. She said she felt at peace. Sharon and Nick kissed. Nick thanked Sharon for helping him understand how she felt.

Nick asked Sharon to promise him that if the memories got to her, she would talk to him. Sharon said that Nick was her rock. She said that time as well as Nick's love and strength had helped her heal. At that moment, Matt arrived for his first day working at the coffee shop. Cody invited Matt behind the counter to explain the equipment to him.

Nick told Sharon he had to get to the office. They kissed, and Sharon said she would remain to keep an eye on the coffee shop. After Nick left, Sharon took her empty cup to the counter, and Cody introduced her to Carter/Matt. She told Carter that they had a great clientele. Cody asked Carter to clear a table. After Carter walked away, Cody told Sharon he thought that Carter would work out really well. After Cody had handed Sharon a clipboard with invoices, he noticed that Sharon appeared a little unnerved. She told Cody that she suddenly felt very cold. Carter stood at a table and watched Sharon.

Paul arrived at his office, and Lynn asked what was bothering him. Paul informed her that Christine had told Michael about them wanting to start a family, and Michael had given Christine a lot of grief about it. Michael felt that Christine's personal life was getting in the way of business. Paul said that if Michael continued to harass Christine, Michael would have to answer to him.

Katherine stormed into Paul's office, ranting that Jill had it in for Mac, even after Brock had confirmed everything that Mac had said. Katherine said that Jill refused to accept that Mac was her grandchild. Paul asked if there was any reason to question Mac's paternity. Katherine said there wasn't, but Jill was determined to prove otherwise. She said that Mac had been living with her for quite some time and that Jill would be a dead woman if she drove Mac away again. She swore she would strangle Jill.

Paul asked Katherine what the worst Jill could do was if she continued to believe that everything about Mac was untrue. He assured Katherine that Jill couldn't cause any harm unless Mac was lying about her identity. He told Katherine to keep Mac away from Jill and to let Jill go on ranting. Katherine claimed she felt better since she'd talked things out with Paul, but she added that Mac didn't deserve to be around a miserable person such as Jill. Paul told Katherine that if anything changed, he would be around to help any way he could. Katherine thanked him, and she left.

Alone with Paul, Lynn said she'd seen the look that had crossed Paul's face, and she asked if he was holding something back. Paul said he wasn't holding anything back as long as Mac was really Katherine's granddaughter.

Friday, August 4, 2000


Jack and Jill wondered where Brad was when he appeared to let them know of Michael's plan of attack with Victor. Both Jill and Jack felt it was not the best thing to send Michael to see Victor. Meanwhile, Michael went to Victor's office, and John Silva was there. Michael let them know that Brad's duties at Jabot did not breach his non-compete clause. He further intimated that going to court would be a bad idea and that the lawsuit was purely a personal one. John asked Michael if they could substantiate their claims on paper. Michael told them he hoped it didn't have to come to that.

Back in Jack's office, Brad told Jack and Jill he felt he did not have their support in the case. Jack let Brad know that he really did not want to be involved in the lawsuit because it was between Victor and Brad right then, not Jabot. Nikki and Ashley were in the boardroom, talking about Ashley's feelings for Victor and whether those feelings would have an impact on her supporting Brad. As they were going at it, Ashley received a letter delivered by messenger from Newman Enterprises. She called Jack and summoned everyone to the boardroom at once.

Mac was continuing to show how uncomfortable she was watching Billy and Brittany together. Mac and Raul talked, and he told her how much he missed her then vowed to himself not give up on her. Phyllis unloaded the clip of Billy talking to a mystery girl, who was Mac, to the Glo by Jabot web site, unbeknownst to anyone. J.T. saw the clip and asked Brittany a question during her live chat about Billy and the mystery girl.

Nina was at the coffeehouse, reading Tomas' pages, when he entered. She left before he saw her. She went to Christine's office and told her those pages were not what she had thought they would be. Nina told Christine she didn't know how to tell Tomas how she felt. She went back to the coffeehouse and told Tomas that she had just found the envelope with the pages, as if she had not read them yet.

Dru told Neil she wanted to move out and probably back to Malcolm's. Neil asked why she was changing her mind all of a sudden. Neil told her that they could live together and be adults without getting physical like before. He asked her again why she had changed her mind all of a sudden and asked if it had anything to do with his brother. Dru began to tell him that something had happened between her and Malcolm.

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