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Passions Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on PS
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Monday, July 31, 2000

At Sheridan's Cottage
Sheridan and Luis continue their dance lessons, which become more and more intense! Luis stops, remembering his mother and father dancing together in the same cottage. He can't help but to have painful memories wondering why and what happened to his father! Sheridan tells Luis, " because of your hatred for the Crane family, you'll always hate me." Luis holds her arms and tells her, "I don't hate you at all, it's time I told you how I feel." I've tried to walk away but we keep falling into these situations that keep bringing us closer together, then the past keeps haunting me, but I don't blame you!" He holds a bullet in his hand thinking. Sheridan asks if it's the bullet he dug out of the cottage wall. "Yes, he tells her and if it could only talk." Sheridan asks Luis,"Your sure you could get to the bottom of it?" Luis only hopes but vows to Sheridan he has to! He tells her "Forget teaching me the dance, I must have been crazy to think it would have made Mama happy." Sheridan asks ,"But why?" Luis explains to her it would probably upset her remembering the past and only make her miss Papa worse! Sheridan disappointedly says," I don't blame you." Luis says he just doesn't want to hurt her or put her through anymore than she's already been! Sheridan suggest that they go ahead and continue with the dance lessons just in case he might want to surprise her someday. Luis suddenly smiles at Sheridan and says, "We were always pretty good together, I remember the first time we tangoed together, it was if we've danced together all our lives!" Sheridan tells Luis that his mother would have been so proud. Luis says, "Your right,let's continue the dance lessons!" Both eagerly smile and Luis and Sheridan begin dancing again holding each other closely!

Outside the Bennett House
Les and Hank are arguing. Les aims his gun at Kay and starts to shoot her. Les asks Hank," Which one do you prefer me to shoot,Kay or Jessica?" Hank begs him to stops and wrestles the gun out of Les's hand. Then two of Les's thugs jump Hank and takes the gun from him and holds him down. Les brags,"You didn't think I would be so stupid to travel alone now would you Hank?" "Now are you going to kill Sheridan Crane?" Hank tells him he's not a killer! Les agrees and asks,"What if I told you, you wouldn't have to knock off Sheridan Crane after all?" Hank replies,"Then I'm free, what's the catch?" Les tells him, "Not quite, you set her up and I'll take her out!" Hand responds,"No, forget it!" Les reminds Hank if he doesn't go along then it's back to plan A, Kay or Jessica! He says,"I thought you wanted to see them grow up and go to college?" Hank begs him, "I do, please their not involved in th! is!" Les points his gun at Hank and asks,"Is that a yes?" Hank says,"Okay I'll do it, I'll set up Sheridan Crane!

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald House
Looking at the picture of Ethan and Theresa when they were children, Gwen tells everyone,"Theresa and Ethan look like soul mates!" Theresa was stunned and wondered why her mother never told her they knew each other when they were little. Theresa tells Whitney and her mother, "When Ethan looks at the picture he will realize they were destined to be together forever and that fate will make it happen!" Pilar tells her, "This isn't fate, this is an accident waiting to happen!" Whitney begs Theresa to stop ogling Ethan because if Gwen sees her she'll know Theresa's crazy about him! Pilar tells Theresa, "This takes the prize for self destruction, you should pray to the patron Saint Jude of lost causes to bring you to your senses and forget about Ethan, that you and Ethan will never be together!" Gwen overhears and asks, "Did I just hear you right Pilar, Ethan and Theresa will never be together, what did you mean?" Theresa tells ! Gwen she has a right to know what her mother meant and she would tell her. They were trying to decide what kind of thank you gift they were going to give Ethan and Gwen for asking her to be a bridesmaid. Gwen says, "That's not what it sounded like, but they didn't have to give them any gift!" Pilar wonders what she is talking about. Whitney explains to Pilar that Gwen asked Theresa to be her bridesmaid. Pilar insists that Theresa drop out of the wedding! Whitney asks Pilar why can't she see that Ethan loves Gwen! Pilar wishes Theresa was level headed like Whitney! Chad asks, "What if their really meant to be together?" In the kitchen Ethan asks Chad what was wrong, that he really looked like he was hurting. Chad just blew him off by telling Ethan that he was the one who looked bad and hoped he realized that he would be making a big mistake by marrying the wrong person! Ethan and Gwen thanks Pilar for such a wonderful and delicious dinner and ready to leave.! Pilar tells Whitney and Chad, "Trust me, the Cranes would never let them marry anyone outside their station!" Chad tells them "I hate to see anyone's dreams shot down!" He tells Ethan, "Just think about what I said!" Ethan says, "I have!" Chad leaves and Whitney says her goodbyes and leaves also. Ethan pauses at the door to see Theresa kiss the picture. Theresa says , "No wonder my love for you is so strong!" Gwen asks him if he's forgotten something. He says , "No, everything's okay."

At the Docks
Chad is in great pain and still bleeding. Whitney asks Chad to wait up. They argue about Ethan and Theresa. Whitney tells him, "I heard what you said to Theresa and want to know why don't you stop giving her false hopes for her and Ethan!" Chad argues with her that some people just belong together and he believed that Ethan loves Theresa and she shouldn't ever give up that hope!" Trying to hide his pain from her she insist that all he is doing is causing trouble and that hopefully she can talk her out of everything he's been putting in her head!

At the Lobster Shack
The Crane's, Bennett's and Russell's sit down to eat together, thanks to Grace's invitation. Grace tells the Crane's that she thinks that Ethan and Sam look so much alike that they could be father and son. Julian tells everyone, "Ethan is a Crane through and through!" Sam reminds everyone that, "That's for sure!" Julian recalls the up coming review board of Ethan's accusations that Sam was the cause of the prom boat disaster! Sam says, "Let's just hope Ethan doesn't twist the truth like a Crane!" T.C. warns Julian, "Sam better get a fair deal!" Ivy tells everyone she will remind Ethan that Sam was the real hero of the disaster and saved his mother's life! Grace announces to everyone she just figured out why Ethan looks like he could be Sam's son! Julian states, "What's all this nonsense?" Grace says, "Somewhere in their family trees they're must have been a union between the Bennetts and Cranes!" Eve and T.C are looking at the Wedding Charity Benefit pictures. Ivy corners Eve and reminds her that she is suppose to be letting her know of Sam's whereabouts at all times. Eve reminds her of her secret of Ethan being Sam's son! Ivy also reminds Eve of her son and wonders if anyone would be interested in who is Chad's mother and father in exchange for her silence, checkmate! Eve reminds her that her son died! They sit back down and Eve sees Chad Harris in the pictures with Whitney and asks T.C. what was he doing there? T.C. reminds her that she was going to let up on him especially since Chad saved Whitney's life! Ivy hands Grace a picture of Chad and asks Grace, "You're good at family resemblances, who do you think Chad Harris looks like?" Grace tells her she doesn't know but she had a thought. Then Ivy corners Sam and begs for just one night of passion. Sam ignoring her, tells Ivy he checked out her story because he didn't believe anything she told him. He adds, "Just for the record, I would have told the world he was my son even shouted it from the roof tops!" As he walks away Ivy says I know Sam, that's why I had to lie! Julian ask Eve, "Why was my wife in the hospital records office for today, what is in there?" Eve has a flashback of Ivy begging her to change Ethan's birth records so he can inherit the Crane fortune. She tells him just medical records and such. Grace adds, "And birth records!"

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

The Bennett House:
Les threats have finally gotten to Hank. He agrees to get Sheridan to him, if only he will leave his family alone. Les tells him that this will square his debt, and keep his hands clean. Suddenly Hank tells Les that he's just going to go to his brother and tell him everything. Les just laughs at him. Hank insists he'll do it -- he would rather die than have Les hurt his nieces or Sheridan. Les points out that Hank's death would leave his nieces more vulnerable than ever, and wouldn't change the drug cartel's plans to kill Sheridan Crane. Besides -- why would Hank waste all his time and energy on someone who is dating him, but in love with his best friend? Still in denial, Hank tells Les that's not true. Sheridan's not in love with Luis. Les tells him to get over it. After all, HE'S not shooting Sheridan. Hank says that isn't going to alleviate his guilt. Kay suddenly calls out to Hank, and Les and his two henchmen disappear into the night. Kay comes out and tells Hank that it's so incredibly hot -- she and Simone are heading off to get a drink. Hank tries to persuade her not to go (there are sodas inside, he says), but she just blows him off and heads. Les comes back out of hiding, and tells Hank that if he does what he's asked, his nieces will be safe. Hank is obviously resigned to his fate, and asks Les just what is it he wants him to do. Les tell him just to get Sheridan down to the wharf, and that's all he needs. Yeah, right, Hank says. Like Luis is just going to let them wander out of the Crane cottage? Les tells him to use his influence with Luis to get Luis to off, so he can take Sheridan out of there. After all, Luis trusts him. It's obvious that Hank isn't happy, but he knows this is the only way he can save his family.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis are still practicing the paso doble, when she stops to correct him on the way he is holding his arms. After showing him the correct posture, she gets back in his arms. Suddenly and without warning, the two are playing some major tongue tag. (Easily the hottest kiss in months! The screen was just sizzling.) Luis pulls away, but Sheridan is still a little wowed by the passion of the kiss. She starts muttering about the passion of the dance, and getting carried away. It's clear that Luis is more than a little disappointed by the way she's just brushing it off, but he shakes it off, grins, and agrees with her. Sure, that's what happened. It was a tad too passionate. Sheridan urges him to continue the dance lesson, but Luis just can't do it. It's not because of the kiss, or because he doesn't want her to teach him. He just doesn't think that it's right for him, as her bodyguard, to be involved with her in that way. He's supposed to be protecting her, but he doesn't know if he can be objective if he's involved with her. Sheridan's not happy, but she agrees. She offers to feed him, but Luis says he's not hungry right now. The camaraderie broken, Sheridan goes right back to whining and complaining about being stuck there. It's too hot, she says. It's too boring, she says. She begs Luis to just let her out of the house. Luis says no way -- it's too dangerous. She doesn't even care if they leave the grounds. She just wants to get out of her living room! Luis refuses her again. He just doesn't feel right unless she is with him or Hank. The two are interrupted when someone's at the door. Luis goes to answer it and, surprise surprise, it's Hank. He comes in, and offers to relieve Luis. Luis says no, but Hank encourages him to go. Sheridan chimes in her two cents. Finally Luis agrees to take off for a little while, but only because he knows Hank will be with her. Sheridan says something about being fine with Hank, but by the look on his face, it's obvious he's preoccupied with something else, but it looks like it's Luis and Sheridan he's preoccupied with, not Sheridan's future. Luis leaves, and Sheridan begs Hank to take her out. Initially he agrees, and she's thrilled. Suddenly he changes his mind. Sheridan begs him to let her go out, and he asks her where she wants to go. The wharf, she says. She wants to smell the ocean. Hank is obviously mulling it over, but is still preoccupied with Les' commenting on the fact that Sheridan is dating Hank, but in love with Luis. He finally caves, and the two get ready to head out.

The Wharf:
At the wharf with Chad, Whitney is sick and tired of listening to his ramblings. She knows that if he knew the truth about Theresa's actions, and if he would stop to think about how much this will hurt Theresa, he wouldn't be encouraging her so much. She turns her back on him and walks away, and Chad continues to stumble around, until finally he collapses on the wharf. On the other end of the wharf, Kay and Simone are complaining about the heat. Simone thinks she sees something, someone on the wharf, but Kay says it's probably just a drunk. They start heading away from the body, then Simone notices that the person is wearing a familiar shirt. It's Chad! They go over and try to wake him up. Kay is obviously very worried, but Simone doesn't seem to be too concerned, even when she realizes Chad is oozing blood. Kay is worried that Chad could even be dead! (Again, Simone doesn't look too concerned.) Chad starts to come around, and Kay says they need to get him to the hospital, but he says no -- he can't afford it. Simone says Eve will handle everything, but Chowderhead refuses to take charity. He just needs to go home and rest. Kay and Simone wonder where to take him, and Simone figures her house would be the perfect place. Eve will look after him! The two pick Chad up and begin helping him to the Russell home. They narrowly miss running into Les, who is already down at the docks waiting for Hank to show up with Sheridan. Les is watching person after person wander by, and he's getting more and more impatient as he waits for Hank to show up. The sooner he can tell Roger and Pierre the job is over, the happier he'll be.

The Crane Mansion:
Gwen teases Ethan about the picture of he and Theresa together as children. She thinks it's obvious that as a toddler Theresa was in love with Ethan. Ethan looks uncomfortable at the whole analogy, and tells Gwen that they're only children in that picture. He doesn't see how two young children could be in love. Gwen says she knows love, and she saw it on the face of the young children in that photograph. But she knows that Theresa's crush is long over with. Suddenly Rebecca is there, saying that not only is it not over, it's not a crush. Gwen tells her mother to back off. Ethan excuses himself to check his voice mail, and Rebecca wants to know what's going on. Gwen doesn't want to talk about Theresa, so Rebecca tells her that she spoke to Bayleigh's mother, and learned that Bayleigh has the measles. She thinks it would be perfect if Gwen asked Allison Granville to be her maid of honor -- having her at the wedding would be a social coup! (Hello? Sheridan? Remember her? The original maid of honor?) Gwen knows she's in for a lashing -- she look like she just set the house on fire when she explains to Rebecca that she already found a replacement -- Theresa. Rebecca says it's clear she's the only intelligent person left in the whole wedding. How can Gwen not see through that gold-digger? Again, Gwen sticks up for Theresa. She trusts her. Theresa would never hurt her and Ethan like that. Ethan returns from the living room, and Gwen asks Ethan to reassure her mother that Theresa is not a threat to them. Ethan assures Gwen that he loves only her, and he's going to marry her. Ethan and Gwen tell Rebecca that Theresa is their friend. It's inconceivable that she could be stabbing them in the back by plotting to break up their wedding. Gwen tells Rebecca she's going to drive her home before she completely loses it, and Ethan realizes he has to talk to Theresa after seeing a photograph of them in Bermuda together. Rather than call her, he decides to head over there.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Pilar tells Theresa again that she must drop out of the wedding. Her heart will be broken when Gwen and Ethan walk down the aisle! Theresa doesn't think that the wedding will go off as planned, but Pilar tells her it will, and the whole town will realize how Theresa feels about Ethan. Theresa tries to tell Pilar that the existence of a fifteen-year-old photograph proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ethan and her have been in love since they were children. Pilar tells her that they were just children, but Theresa says the existence of the photograph proves that Ethan loves her and not Gwen. Suddenly Whitney is at the door, there to check on Theresa. Pilar tells Whitney she hopes she can get through to Theresa. They head into the living room, but Theresa tells Whitney not to even start with her. She knows what she wants to say. Whitney asks Theresa how she will be able to take Ethan standing there and saying his vows to Theresa? Whitney and Pilar are being very logical with Theresa, but she's ignoring them, because she's beginning a new fantasy...

It's Ethan and Gwen's wedding day. There's an Anglican priest, Gwen, Ethan, and Theresa standing behind Gwen. The priest asks Ethan if he takes Gwen to be his lawful wedded wife. With a self-serving smirk on his face, Ethan callously informs the priest that no, he doesn't. His expression is cruel and his words vicious as he smirks at Gwen, telling her that he doesn't love her, he's in love with someone else. Behind Gwen, Theresa bursts into a huge grin, as Gwen's heart breaks on screen. Ethan begins moving past Theresa to get to Gwen when suddenly Rebecca appears, and tells Theresa that she's not letting a gold-digger like her ruin her daughter's wedding day. Gwen tries to pull Rebecca off of Ethan and Theresa. Suddenly Pilar is in the mix, then Whitney. Pilar attacks Rebecca, while Whitney attacks Gwen, allowing Ethan to sweep Theresa up in his arms and carry her off...

Theresa reluctantly comes back to the present, where Whitney is telling her that she's all for dreams, but this is one that can never come true. Theresa says she knows it will, because there's a voice that is telling her so. Whitney tells her that it's not fate, it's Chad, and Chad knows nothing about love. Theresa again tells Whitney that she knows it's true love with her and Ethan. Didn't Whitney see the picture? Whitney says that a picture of a toddler with a prepubescent boy can't prove love, but Theresa doesn't even listen. As far as she's concerned, Ethan fell in love with her when she was still practically a baby.

Theresa goes upstairs to get ready for bed. She's lying in bed dreaming that Ethan comes in the door to her bedroom, and tells her that she's the one for him. While she dreams, Ethan is knocking gently on her window (he doesn't want to wake Pilar). When he gets no answer, he crawls in, and heads over to her bed, where he calls her name. In her dream, Ethan and Theresa are in the middle of a kiss. She wakes up to see Ethan at her bed, and grabs him for a kiss. He doesn't push her away, but he doesn't put his arms around her either.

The Russells' House:
Kay and Simone have managed to get Chad into the Russell home, and into the hallway outside Simone's room. The set him down in a chair in the hallway, and seemingly oblivious to his presence, start talking about what Simone plans on doing with him. They head into Simone's room, leaving Chad in the hallway. Once in Simone's room, the begin planning the perfect seduction scene, setting the lights, lighting a scented candle... Outside in the hallway, Chad rouses himself a little, and begins lurching down the hall, seemingly with no real destination in mind. In her room, Whitney is undressing for the night, standing there in only a bra and her pants. Chad continues to lurch down the hall until he finds a door, and heads in. Whitney hears him when he closes the door, and hurries to hold a shirt up in front of herself. What's he doing there? Chad is obviously delirious, as he begins asking Whitney what she's doing there at his place. She tries to tell him this is her room, but doesn't manage to get through to him before he collapses...right on top of her!

The Harmony Park:
Gwen and Rebecca are wandering through the park, drinking iced cappuccinos. Rebecca continues to warn Gwen about Theresa, and to tell her to keep an eye on Ethan. Gwen tells her that she trusts Theresa, and she trusts Ethan. She knows Ethan would never cheat on her -- he's too honorable for that.

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

In Theresa's bedroom, Theresa and Ethan kiss. Ethan stops the kiss and Theresa asks if he is there to tell her he loves her. Ethan says yes, he does love her, but only as a friend. Ethan says the reason she has a crush on him is because of the kiss on the wharf. Theresa grabs the picture of them when they were little and tells him to look at the love in her eyes; she loved him then and loves him now. Theresa tells Ethan to kiss her, and as they are moving toward each other, Gwen knocks on her bedroom door. Theresa walks out in the hall. Gwen apologizes for how late it is, but Gwen tells her that she had to talk to her about her hairstyle for her wedding. Theresa and Gwen go into Theresa's room-Ethan snuck out of the window-to get Theresa's sketches. After talking, Gwen decides to leave. She walks out the front door, just in time to catch Ethan sneaking out of the bushes. Gwen demands to know why he is there. In Whitney's bedroom, Chad falls on top of Whitney. She asks him if he is on drugs; Chad answers that he is on top of her. Out in the hall, Kay warns Simone to keep her eye on Whitney. Just then, Eve and TC come up and as Simone starts to tell them that Chad is there, Whitney screams. All four of them run into her room, and find Chad still on top of her. An angered TC runs over and pulls Chad up and starts yelling at him. Simone yells for him to stop and tells them that Chad is hurt. All of them see the bloody bandage. Eve sends everyone out of the room, so she can examine him. Whitney comes back in the room, when her mother is finished, and asks her mother to let Chad stay there until he gets better. Eve is skittish about letting him stay there. She asks Whitney how she feels about Chad, but Whitney lies and tell her mother that she is only going to focus on her tennis.

At the park, Ivy and Rebecca are talking. Ivy notices Sam, over at their secret rock, where they use to leave love letters for each other. Sam is writing her a letter and puts it under the rock. Rebecca stands up and tells Ivy that she has to find out who he wrote that letter to. Rebecca wants to know who Sam might be having an affair with! Sheridan talks Hank into letting her go to the wharf. At the wharf, Sheridan is standing with Hank, looking at the stars and enjoying being out of the house. Little does she know that Les has a gun pointed at her, ready to shoot when he gets a clear shot. Luis goes back to the cottage, after finishing his work at the police station. He looks around for Sheridan and Hank, but they aren't there. Luis runs out of the cottage to search for them!

Thursday, August 3, 2000

In A Motel Room
Julian confesses his problems to his mistress, Susan. He tells her how his father is disinheriting him and giving the Crane empire to his son, Ethan. He blames everything on Ivy and tells Susan that he knows Ivy has a secret and he's going to find out what it is. Susan tells Julian that she remembers that Ivy had some very important papers kept in an attaché case. Julian thanks her for the advice and hurries off to find that case.

Pilar's House
Gwen confronts Ethan about why he's at Theresa's house while an excited Theresa tells her mother that Gwen caught Ethan there. Pilar interrupts Gwen and lies to her. Pilar tells Gwen that she had heard Gwen talking in Theresa's room and told Ethan that Gwen was there. Ethan was only there to pick Gwen up and give her a ride home. After the couple leaves, Theresa asks her mother why she is trying to ruin her life. Pilar once again warns her daughter about being involved with the Cranes. Later Theresa finds Pilar with Ivy's attaché case. Theresa questions her mother about the case. Pilar tells her to forget that she ever saw the case. Theresa goes outside and prays that a miracle will happen to free Ethan so he could marry her.

The Russell House
Eve decides to let Chad stay in Whitney's room until he recovers. Kay accuses Whitney of trying to get Chad into bed. Whitney assures Simone and Kay that she has no interest in Chad. Eve has to leave and puts Whitney in charge of caring for Chad. Eve tells Kay and Simone to stay out of Whitney's room and to go to Simone's room. While Whitney is caring for Chad, Kay is still trying to convince Simone that her sister is after her man. Kay confronts Whitney once again about Chad and Whitney makes Kay and Simone leave her room. Theresa arrives to talk to her friend and finds Chad there. When Whitney steps out to get something for Chad, Theresa tells Chad that if he loves someone he needs to tell them. Theresa goes to find Whitney while Simone sneaks in to see Chad. A weak Chad tells Simone that he loves her, thinking that he's talking to Whitney while Theresa tells Whitney that Chad is going to tell her how he feels about her.

At The Cottage
Luis returns to the cottage but can't find Sheridan and Hank. He call the station and hears about the shooting on the wharf. Luis thinks of Sheridan and hurries to the wharf.

On the Wharf
Sheridan asks a worried Hank what's bothering him. Les shoots at Sheridan but Hank knocks Sheridan out of the way and takes the bullet for her. As Les aims to shoot again, Luis arrives at the scene. Les runs off. Sam arrives and finds his wounded brother. Sam tells Hank what a good job he did at protecting Sheridan and how proud he was of him, while Luis blames Sheridan for Hank being shot. He tells her that she's just like all the other Cranes who don't care about the lives of other people. Eve exams Hank and is relieved to find out it's only a flesh wound. A guilt stricken Sheridan apologizes to Hank. An officer brings word to Sam that they have a lead on the hit man. Luis follows up on the lead. Luis spots the hit man in a warehouse and calls Sam for backup. Les hidden behind a crate aims his gun on Luis.

At The Park
Rebecca is curious about Sam's hidden note. Sam is phoned and told of a shooting on the wharf and runs off to the scene. Rebecca takes the note from under the rock and reads it to Ivy. The note reads, "Stay away, there can never be anything between us, I'm not going to hurt the people I love." Rebecca tells Ivy that if she played her cards right she could have Sam. Ivy laughs at the idea. Rebecca agrees that Ivy would have too much to lose if she were caught.

At The Mansion
Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her and wants to marry her. Gwen realizes that Ethan keeps telling her that, and it's almost as if he's trying to convince himself. Gwen then says that she's just being silly and shrugs it off. Gwen and Ethan make love. When Ethan falls asleep he dreams of marrying Theresa. In this dream he want to marry Theresa but everyone say he has to marry Gwen. Theresa then disappears. Ethan cries out in his sleep that he can't. Gwen awakens him and asks him what he can't do.

Friday, August 4, 2000

Luis looks for the gunman, Les, but Les finds Luis first and points the gun to Luis's back. Sheridan runs up and screams at Luis. Les takes his eye off Luis for a moment, and Luis makes a run for it. He grabs Sheridan and demands to know why she is putting herself in danger. Luis tells Sheridan to leave, but she is too stubborn to listen. Les asks Luis why is worried about a Crane; Les knows how much Luis hates the Cranes. Les offers a large amount of money for Luis to quit his job as Sheridan's bodyguard. Luis tells Les it isn't about the money; it's personal, because Les shot Hank. Les starts talking about Hank. As he is about to tell of Hank's involvement with the drug cartel, Luis jumps over the boxes and attacks him from behind. Both guns go sliding across the floor and the men wrestle. Les gets a gun first and points it at Luis. Sheridan gets the other gun and points it at Les, demanding that he let Luis go. Luis tells Sheridan to leave, but Les says if she moves he will shoot Luis. Suddenly, Les grabs Luis and points the gun at Luis's head. Einey, Meeny, Miney, Moe... the gun is pointed to Sheridan. Luis screams at her. Suddenly, a gunshot is fired.

Charity and Miguel are taking a stroll through the park. Charity tells Miguel that she feels better with him and tells him how much she loves him. Charity has a feeling that someone is trying to keep them apart. Miguel asks what's wrong and she tells him it is just this bad feeling she has that someone is going to keep them apart. Miguel hugs her and tells her to relax. Everything will be fine, he says assuringly. He then gives her a cross necklace that belong to his grandmother. Miguel spots some mushrooms; he wants to pick some to take home for Pilar to make his favorite dish. Charity pushes him down and tells him that they will kill him---the mushrooms are poisonous.

Tabitha is looking through her spell book, trying to find a spell that will make Charity kill Miguel. Timmy comes in the room-dressed like a soldier. He reports that Charity was not wearing the pendant. Tabitha asks if Grace was wearing the pendant, then she thinks back to when Grace choked her. Timmy reports that Grace was not wearing the pendant, and he hopes she never does. Tabitha tells Timmy they must find the pendant and make Charity wear it. Timmy is looking at the window. He tells Tabitha to look up at Charity's room; there was a glow --- the glow from the pendant. The pendant starts floating. Tabitha and Timmy hurry to the Bennett house. They join Grace in the kitchen, where she is busily cooking for charity events that are coming up. She leaves the room to finish up with the laundry. Tabitha sends Timmy to get the pendant, but the pendant comes to him! It floats into the kitchen and puts itself around Timmy's neck. Timmy starts chanting in a deep voice, "Kill Fluffy." Tabitha rips the necklace off his neck just as Grace, Charity and Miguel walk in the room. Tabitha asks Charity why she isn't wearing the pendant, and Charity shows her the cross necklace Miguel gave her. Tabitha comes up with an excuse about the clasp and Charity takes off the necklace, fearing she will lose it. She then puts on the pendant and walks out of the house. She goes back to the park to pick the mushrooms --- in order to kill Miguel!

Chad, picturing Whitney, tells Simone that he loves her. Simone excitedly tells Kay, but Kay wants to hear it, so Simone asks him again who he loves and he tells her that he loves her again.

Down in the kitchen, Theresa tells Whitney that she told Chad to tell the woman he loves about his feelings. Theresa is sure that it is Whitney and they go upstairs. They walk into the room just in time to hear Simone gushing about Chad saying I Love You! Kay rubs it in Whitney's face-saying her efforts didn't work. Whitney is obviously hurt and asks everyone to leave the room so she can check his bandage.

After everyone is gone, Whitney whips his head with a cool cloth and thinks back to the time at the Crane Cabin. A few moments later, Theresa, Kay, and Simone walk back in. Theresa says that Chad must be out of it and didn't know whom he was talking to. Simone proves her point by once again asking Chad who he loves. Chad is dreaming about the kiss at the tennis court with Whitney. He looks up, once again picturing Whitney and says, "I love you." Without warning, Chad then pulls Simone in for a very passionate kiss!

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