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Eliot questioned God's plans for him. David refused to tell Alexis that Dimitri was still alive. Ryan told Gillian that he had been forced to take Greenlee on as a business partner and that he had no intention of continuing his relationship with Greenlee after he paid his debts to his investors.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, July 31, 2000

The blueprints sprawled on his desk, Tad proudly showed off the design of the new ColMar Tower to Opal and Marian. Liza and Barry wandered into the office, but Barry quickly headed off to make some phone calls. Opal and Tad wandered out onto the terrace to check out the view of the new building. Liza, meanwhile, let her mother know that she was upset that she hadn't gotten Adam to drop by the office during her late-night work session with Tad. Marian admitted that she hadn't even tried to get Adam to stop by; In short, Marian wanted nothing to do with Liza's plot. Liza wasn't pleased, but she didn't badger her mother. In the reception area on his cellular phone, Barry briefed Adam on all that he'd learned about the plans for the new building. Adam grumbled that Barry hadn't learned enough about the plans and ordered him to try harder. Barry worried that someone would get suspicious if he continued to poke his nose into the project. When the attorney let it slip that Tad was showing off the blueprints to Opal and Marian, Adam instantly concocted a devilish plan. Adam ordered Barry to once again endear himself to Marian. That way, Adam figured, Barry could get as much private information as possible. Barry didn't like the idea, but Adam left him no choice. Barry hung his phone, took a deep breath and marched back into the office. There, he approached Marian and told her how sorry he was that Stuart had died. For one reason or another, probably since Barry had been on the outs with Marian since he duped her and Stuart out of their WRCW stock, Barry hadn't gotten a chance to convey his condolences to Marian. Barry also apologized for his part in swindling Marian and her late husband. Marian accepted the apology, but she had no way of preparing herself for Barry's next move --- a lunch invitation. Marian nervously explained that something about joining Barry for lunch didn't seem appropriate. Barry, though, quickly explained that he didn't want to dine alone and swore that he had no ulterior motives in mind. Marian nodded her head and told Barry that she'd think it over. Barry smiled warmly and continued on his way. Opal, who had been hovering around, immediately walked over to Marian and asked her if she was "out of [her] gourd." Opal asked Marian what Stuart would think about her luncheon date with Barry. Marian sniffled slightly and replied that Stuart would want her to be happy. She reiterated that the lunch meeting was casual and not a date. With tears welling in her eyes, Marian said that it has gotten harder having to eat alone night after night.

At The Valley Inn, Dixie plopped a folder on David's table and ordered him to sign off on several documents. David asked his assistant why she was in such a foul mood. Dixie explained that she'd had several bad dreams about Dimitri --- and blamed David's decision to hide the truth as the reason for her sleepless night. Dixie quickly changed the subject, asking David how his marriage proposal had gone. "It started off as a disaster and went downhill from there," David groaned. David had assumed that Dixie wanted to rub his nose in his failure. That was not the case. Dixie said that she was sorry that the proposal hadn't gone as he'd envisioned it and tenderly asked the doctor if his relationship with Erica was finished. Tad and Liza entered the bar and David quickly stepped out to call his answering service. Tad asked Dixie if she was okay because he'd noticed that she'd been tossing and turning all night. Dixie chalked her sleeplessness up to "the mommy blues," saying that she missed Junior. Tad gave her a kiss and informed her that he was off to New York on business. David returned to the table and Dixie immediately blasted him for the way she'd had to lie to Tad. David told Dixie that there was an easy way to put an end to the lying --- she could quit her job. Dixie cocked her head to the side and told David that she would not tuck her tail between her legs and run off; that wasn't her style. She lectured the cardiologist on his poor interpersonal skills, but praised him as a physician. Dixie said that she would remain on the job and handle dealing with the people David has to associate with --- but only if David saved Dimitri's life. Across the way, Arlene sat at the bar sipping a tequila sunrise. Eliot wandered over to her and scolded her for drinking so early in the day. Arlene looked over her shoulder and angrily told Eliot to buzz off. Eliot again pressed the issue of the phone call he'd accidentally overheard. In that phone conversation, the reverend had heard Arlene say that she'd been involved in a car accident. Arlene turned the tables quickly, accusing Eliot of not being at all interested in what really happed. "Your concern is for Brooke, not me," she snapped. "I'm her discarded pet project." Eliot insisted that he wasn't trying to impress anyone, but his argument failed to convince Arlene. Arlene puckered her lips and gently ran a straw in and out of her mouth. She commented that Eliot had done well by latching onto the eligible and wealthy Brooke English. Again, Eliot fought off the allegation. He said that he was concerned about Arlene because she'd crashed into the community shelter after driving while intoxicated. Arlene lashed out at Eliot's self-righteousness and told him that he should have been a cop rather than a minister. Eliot gritted his teeth and informed Arlene that had he been a police office, he'd have thrown her in jail the night she crashed into the community center. Arlene's eyes opened widely as she noted that Eliot was "very angry for a man of God." Eliot shook his head and walked away. Arlene noticed that Liza had taken a seat at the bar and hurried over to talk to her. There, Arlene took time out to thank Liza. Arlene said that had Liza not messed things up with Adam, she never would have been able to marry Adam. Liza rolled her eyes and stormed across the room. She sat down with Tad and told him that she was ready to leave for New York. Tad cracked a slight smiled and asked Liza if she was jealous of Adam and Arlene's relationship. Liza vehemently denied having any feelings for Adam.

Eliot returned to the church and knelt before a large crucifix hanging from the ceiling. He recalled telling Mateo and Hayley that people come into other people's lives for a reason. He thought deeply for a moment or two and told himself that Arlene must have entered his life for a reason. "She's right," he said softly. "I am a phony."

Brooke loomed over a stack of papers on her desk as Edmund breezed into her office. Brooke could tell that Edmund was in a good mood. The writer revealed that he'd landed an interview with a Congressman, but Brooke sensed that there was more to his good mood than just the interview. A few seconds later, Alex and Maddie strolled into the office. Alex proudly showed off a crayon drawing Maddie had made of her. Edmund wanted to display the artwork in his office, but Alex felt that she should have the picture since she was the subject of the work. Brooke stepped between the pair with a broad smile on her face. She told them of a remarkable invention called a photocopier. Edmund and Alex both bowed their heads slightly in embarrassment. Alex and Maddie headed off to the copy room, promising to return later. Brooke gently teased Edmund about the comment he'd made a few days earlier at The Valley Inn; he'd told Brooke that his relationship with Alex was ruined beyond repair. Edmund admitted that he'd misspoken and said only that after some careful soul-searching, he realized that he still loved Alex very much. Edmund stepped out of the office momentarily. While he was gone, Brooke received what sounded like an urgent call from Eliot. Eliot asked Brooke to meet him at the church as soon as possible. When Edmund and Alex returned, they brought an extra copy of Maddie's drawing for Brooke. Brooke wasn't there, so they left the picture on her desk. Edmund knew that he had to get going, but he took a few moments to try to convince Alex to join him in Washington, DC. Alex sounded as though she wanted to go, but she knew that she had tons of work to catch up on for the Andrassy Foundation. Alex smiled broadly and said that she was looking forward to getting back to a "normal life."

Bianca stood before the large wall painting of her mother and asked for approval on her outfit. Leo wandered into the room munching on some dry cereal and asked Bianca who she was talking to. Bianca jumped back a few steps and asked Leo, who was clad only in a robe and boxer shorts, if he was a reporter. Leo shook his head and explained that he was Erica's houseguest and David's little brother. Bianca crooked her head and observed that Leo and David looked nothing alive. Leo nodded his head and explained that he and David had different fathers, but shared Vanessa as their mother. Bianca questioned why her mother would allow Leo, the son of one of her least favorite people, live with her. She then muttered that things looked pretty bad between her mother and Leo's brother. Leo nodded his head and said that his mother had predicted their demise all along. Bianca accidentally let slip that Erica wasn't pleased that Vanessa had gotten her "claws" into Palmer. She quickly became quiet and apologized for badmouthing Leo's mother. Leo shrugged indifferently and said that he knows his mother is a "gold digger." Bianca was amazed that Leo was so free with his thoughts. In passing, he mentioned how he'd gotten to stay with Erica --- Paolo's murder and Vanessa's trickery. When the doorbell sounded, Leo warned his new friend that while he didn't kill Paolo, he might very well kill the person on the other side of the door --- Greenlee. Greenlee was all smiles when she walked into the house, asking Leo why he'd roused her from her bed so early in the morning. Greenlee spotted Bianca and Leo quickly introduced the two young women. Bianca made herself scarce quickly, musing that she wanted to be able to tell a judge in good faith that she hadn't seen or heard anything! Greenlee waited until Bianca left the room before teasing Leo about the possible charges he could face for romancing young Bianca. She then commented that Bianca might be a welcome distraction from trying to deflower Becca. Leo contained his anger no more. He blasted Greenlee for her continued interest in Becca's virginity and accused her of creating the Virgin Victor web site. Greenlee denied the charges, saying that she would never set out to hurt Becca that way. Leo didn't believe a word she was saying even when Greenlee swore that she was telling the truth. Greenlee reminded Leo that she's always been truthful with him --- even when she was up to her dirty tricks. Leo was about to cede the point o his friend, but he quickly recounted the numerous things Greenlee had done that were less than honorable. "You're my best friend," Greenlee fired back, tears forming in her eyes. "Your friendship is lethal," Leo snapped. Bianca quietly listened for the next room, bowing her head with each angry word. Greenlee reminded Leo that she had stood by him during the murder investigation and that she'd bailed him out of jail. She told Leo that he'd no longer have to worry about being near her. "You're off the hook from my lethal friendship," she growled and stormed out of the room. Leo let out a deep sigh and noticed that Bianca was standing just a few yards away with a saddened look on her face.

When Brooke arrived at the church, she found Eliot still kneeling on the floor of the church. Eliot told Brooke that he'd been accused of being a phony. "Are you?" Brooke asked. Eliot smiled slightly and praised Brooke for her "pull no punches" approach. Brooke felt a bit awkward and blamed her hard approach to her years as a journalist. Eliot told Brooke that he had made a vow that one day he'd come clean about his past --- and that day was today. Brooke sensed that Eliot was torn and asked him if he was okay. "I haven't been honest with you," Eliot said softly.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

With just under an hour 'til show time, things couldn't have been more disorderly at WRCW. Hayley showed up at work wearing sunglasses to mask a pinkeye-infected eye, half of the production crew was out sick with the flu and the show's guest was nowhere to be found. Becca was briefing Hayley on the latest news when Greenlee stomped into the studio. "You prissy little weasel," Greenlee shouted as she rushed Becca's location. Greenlee pushed Becca backwards and then the two women flew at each other tooth and nail. Several crewmembers tried to separate the women, but it did no good. Finally, Leo reported to the station and managed to pull Greenlee off of Becca. Hayley was furious with the pair for destroying her set; feathers from torn beanbag chairs littered the stage. She warned the two women that they'd be permanently banned from the studio if they continued their catfight. Greenlee looked at Becca and blamed her for turning Leo against her. As Greenlee insinuated that Becca had laid the blame for the Virgin Victor web site on her, Becca looked on with her mouth agape. Becca quickly explained that she'd never blamed Greenlee --- she blamed Leo for the web site. Leo interjected that Greenlee was the only person (other than himself) who was capable of putting together a web site citing every detail of his dates with Becca. Greenlee denied having such a vested interest in Becca's sex life. Greenlee quickly reminded Leo that there was no way that she could have put the web site together. After all, she had been stranded on a deserted island and unable to update the site. Leo bowed his head slightly, perhaps realizing that he'd wrongly accused Greenlee. Greenlee whisked herself out of the studio. Becca decided to do the same thing, but Leo grabbed her arm and prevented her from leaving. He asked Becca if she'd taken a really good look at the web site. Becca nodded her head and said that she'd seen all she'd needed to see. If that was the case, said Leo, then Becca should have seen all of the odds and betting statistics posted to the site. Leo reminded Becca that he wasn't able to do such complex mathematical operations. Leo turned and walked away. Becca's eyes opened wide and she stood silent for several moments. Hayley approached her and asked her if she was okay. Becca bowed her head and said that she's afraid she's made a horrible mistake.

Brook muffled a chuckle and mused that Eliot's remark sounded like something out of a bad horror flick. Eliot didn't discount Brooke's observation, but said that there was "no easy way" to say what he needed to say. Brooke sat down on one of the pews and told Eliot that she was flattered that he felt that he could confide in her. However, she could see that Eliot was pained by what he wanted to say and informed the pastor that he owed her no explanations. Eliot took a deep breath and asked Brooke if she remembered how Jackson had been trying to figure out whether or not they had met previously. Brooke nodded as Eliot said that he'd told Jack that they'd met while he was a chaplain at the Statesville prison. That, according to Eliot, was only partly true. Eliot informed Brooke that he'd only been an assistant to the prison's chaplain; he'd been at Statesville serving a sentence from a felony charge. "My experiences [in prison] have changed me," Eliot said reassuringly. Brooke looked to her friend and reminded him that she didn't know him at the time and that he seemed like a pretty good guy now. Before Eliot could tell Brooke why he'd been incarcerated, Brooke received a telephone call on her cellular phone. Since Brooke's phone was for emergency purposes only, Brooke knew that she had to take the call. A counselor from Jamie's camp phoned with bad news: During a baseball game, Jamie had been hit in the head with a baseball bat and lost consciousness. Brooke panicked and asked for an update on her son's condition. The counselor provided only sketchy details on the accident, sending Brooke into even more of a panic. After Brooke hung up the phone, Eliot reached out his hand and asked Brooke to give him her phone. Brooke watched in a daze as Eliot redialed the number to the camp and asked to speak to the camp's director. Eliot informed the director that he was Brooke's pastor. Then, he asked that Brooke be given as much information as possible about her son's condition. Eliot passed the phone to Brooke and Brooke received the information she so desperately needed. Brooke was told that an ambulance had been dispatched to the camp and that Jamie would probably be in need of several stitches. Brooke hung up the phone and announced that she was going to drive to the hospital to be with her son. Eliot knew that Brooke was too shaken to drive herself and offered to travel with her.

Gillian dropped by the loft and found Adrian, not Ryan, tapping away at the computer. Adrian flashed the princess a dirty look, but Gillian told him that he was actually the person she was looking for. Gillian told Adrian that she felt a need to apologize to him for the way he'd found out about her affair with Ryan. From there, Gillian asked Adrian if he could point out on a map the location that Jake's helicopter had been found. Adrian saw no need and accused Gillian of feigning concerned about Jake's condition. Gillian insisted that she was worried about her husband, though Adrian remained doubtful, saying that Gillian wanted to "bring Jake home so [she] can shoot him down personally." Adrian ultimately agreed to Gillian's request that she be shown where Jake's helicopter had landed. Gillian noticed the proximity of the landing location to several small villages. She hoped that Jake and his crew had wandered into one of the towns to find shelter. Adrian agreed that that was a possibility, but he said that the lack of stories and rumors from the townspeople kept his hopes dim. Ryan returned home and found the pair talking. He asked if there was new information about Jake. Adrian threw his hands in the air and blasted the pair for their "concern." He asked that they give Jake a breather when he returns to town before hitting him with the news of their affair. After Adrian left, Ryan told Gillian that things were going well for his Internet venture. He said that he hopes one day his success would make Gillian proud of him. Gillian turned her back to Ryan and started sobbing. She explained that she'd fallen in love with Ryan when he had nothing more than the shirt on his back. Gillian let our a deep breath and softly said that she'd better be going. As she filed out of the loft, Mr. Midori and two businessmen appeared in the doorway. The men were there to talk to Ryan about his business plan and the planned new headquarters for his company at the ColMar Tower. Ryan won over the men with his reports and they left quite happy. As Midori was leaving, he bumped into Greenlee and once again assured her that he'd never tell Ryan where his initial startup money had come from. Greenlee opened the door to the loft and prepared to go inside. She was quickly surrounded by two men who ushered her back towards the front door. Ryan appeared and asked that the men unhand Greenlee. He took her outside the loft and explained that she could no longer drop by the loft on a whim. Greenlee was furious with the lecture. Ryan reminded Greenlee that he had given her a chance to be a partner in the business on several occasions; she'd turned him down every time. Still fuming over her encounter at WRCW, Greenlee angrily called Ryan "an ungrateful creep." She sassed that Ryan "wouldn't have any of this" if it weren't for her.

At SOS, Tina showed off a large domination bill to Mateo. Mateo eyed the bill curiously and asked Tina to go into the back room and call the police. The bill, slipped to Tina by a bar regular, Arnold, was counterfeit. Tina figured that the man would get suspicious if Mateo suddenly walked over to the table and struck up a conversation, so she offered to keep Arnold busy while Mateo phoned the authorities. Mateo reluctantly agreed, but asked that Tina not do anything to provoke the man's ire. Tina wandered over to Arnold's table and told him that Mateo needed to go into the back room to get some $20 bills. Tina tried to distract Arnold by asking him about his dinner plans. Arnold got suspicious and said that he'd stop back later for his change. Tina stepped in front of him and told him that she wasn't going to let him go anywhere. Arnold grabbed Tina by the throat and warned her that she wouldn't have a pretty smile to flash top the customers if she didn't step out of his way immediately. Suddenly, Mateo appeared and pulled the man off of his waitress. In the blink of an eye, Mateo punched Arnold on the side of the head, causing the thug to fall to the ground. Two police officers arrived on the scene and promptly dragged Arnold off to the police station. Mateo scolded Tina for risking her own safety. Tina smiled broadly and chattered enthusiastically about her role in collaring the counterfeiter. Mateo rewarded Tina's hard work with a night off. The unexpected vacation day came just seconds before Adrian sauntered into the club with a dinner invitation for Tina. Tina turned down Adrian because she wanted him to join her for dinner at her place.

En route to New York, Brooke's car, which Eliot was driving, developed a flat tire. Brooke demanded that Eliot continue driving, but Eliot explained that they wouldn't get more than a few miles on the slowly deflating tire. Eliot pulled over to the side of the road and got out of the car. Brooke, meanwhile, blasted Eliot for preventing her from getting to the hospital to see her son. She gave the reverend three minutes to fix the flat. Otherwise, she groused, she'd hitchhike. Brooke picked up her cellular phone and paced back and forth. In the distance, a loud horn bellowed. Eliot screamed out to Brooke and quickly raced into the highway. Fortunately, Eliot managed to pull Brooke from the path of the truck before it was too late. Brooke wept hysterically, saying that she'd been so worried about Jamie that she'd simply froze in the middle of the highway. Eliot assured Brooke that Jamie would be fine, saying that things have a tendency to be a lot less severe than people fear. "We must live in very different worlds, Eliot," Brooke sobbed. "Because in my experience, things have been worse than I could ever possibly imagined them to be."

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

With Brooke clutched firmly in his arms, Eliot assured Brooke that he would never let any harm come to her. Once he was convinced that Brooke was truly out of danger, Eliot diligently returned to fixing the flat tire.

A short time later, Brooke and Eliot arrived at the hospital. Brooke raced from room to room looking for her son, but there was no sign of Jamie. Suddenly, a doctor appeared in the doorway. Brooke took one look at the man's bloody surgical glove and panicked. The doctor quickly assured Brooke that Jamie was okay. "You'd be surprised how hard a kid's head can be," he smiled. The attempt at humor was lost on Brooke. The doctor continued on, this time opting to skip the jokes. He stated that Jamie had suffered a blow to the head and needed several stitches to close up the wound. There would be a scar, but Jamie's hair would grow over it soon enough. A nurse wheeled Jamie into the room and mother and son were reunited. Brooke tearfully hugged her son and asked if she could spend the night in the hospital to keep an eye on her son. In the morning, she said, she'd take Jamie back to Pine Valley. Jamie spoke out against a trip back home; he was enjoying camp and didn't want to look like a wimp in front of his pals. Brooke agreed to let her son remain in camp, but she still wanted to spend the night by his side. Again Jamie spoke out against his mother's decision. He reminded his mother that he was a big boy now and didn't need to be watched --- though he did admit that he's missed her a couple of times since arriving at camp.

At WRCW, Becca told Hayley all about the Internet web site focused on her virginity. Almost immediately thereafter, Becca said that she was certain that Leo hadn't put the site together. From the tone of Becca's voice, Hayley sensed that Becca liked Leo very much. She didn't question the feelings, but Hayley did remark that Becca must see something in Leo that's hidden from the rest of the world. Hayley also advised Becca to track down Leo and apologize to him. From out of nowhere, Vanessa breezed into the study with an offer for Hayley --- one that she couldn't refuse. Becca decided to make herself scarce while Vanessa pitched her idea. Vanessa praised Hayley's television program, but said that it was lacking something --- "a more classical viewpoint of fashion." Vanessa explained that this added viewpoint would help lure more mature viewers to the show. Hayley nodded her head slightly and remarked that she'd pass along the idea to the show's producers. Vanessa raised her hands into the air and proclaimed herself as the very thing Wave needed to make that extra splash. Hayley was cold to the idea and tried to find a nice way to let Vanessa down easily. Vanessa touted her work in film as the perfect prerequisite to hosting a style segment. When Hayley again turned her down, Vanessa did something that she's rarely done before. Referring to her "very challenging" past few months, Vanessa said that giving her the job would be "an enormous favor." Then, Vanessa softly told Hayley that she really needs the job. Hayley received a call on her cellular phone and had to excuse herself. Vanessa bowed her head and slowly walked away. She caught sight of Becca and quickly scurried over to the young girl. Becca wasn't pleased to see Vanessa again, but she politely agreed to talk to her. Vanessa asked Becca about her feelings for Leo. Becca admitted that she's fond of Leo, but refute Vanessa's claim that she was in love with him. Vanessa asked Becca how Leo was doing. She conceded that she was finally realizing how important her son had been in her life. Becca reminded Vanessa that she had only herself to blame for the chasm that had grown between her and her son. Vanessa bit her tongue so as not to fire back with an insult. "Just do me the favor of looking out for him," Vanessa replied sadly. As Vanessa walked away, a look of sorrow flashed on Becca's face.

Ryan cocked his head to the side and blasted Greenlee for thinking that she alone had been responsible for Incredible Dreams' success. Greenlee asked Ryan if he's once thought about why a team of investors would investor in a former con artist with no real business experience. Leo sneaked up on the pair and listened to the conversation carefully. When he heard that Greenlee was about to spill the beans, he quickly popped out from his hiding spot and joined in on the conversation. Greenlee wasn't happy to see Leo and asked him why he'd followed her. Leo explained that he wanted to apologize for wrongly accusing her of putting together the web site. Greenlee was unmoved and continued inching closer to telling Ryan that she'd convinced her grandfather to invest in his Internet enterprise. Leo suddenly grabbed Greenlee and gave her a kiss to keep her quiet. Ryan rolled his eyes and returned inside the loft. Greenlee lashed out at Leo for preventing her from telling Ryan the truth. Leo told Greenlee that he'd stopped her so that she didn't ruin her chances with Ryan for good. He later admitted that he didn't really think Greenlee had any chances left with Ryan. Leo sighed and said that Greenlee had about as much of a chance with Ryan as he had with Becca. He suggested that they quit "cold turkey" from their respective obsessions. Greenlee admitted that it'd be hard to do, but she swallowed her pride and agreed to Leo's pact. Leo asked Greenlee to SOS, but Greenlee said that she needed to go home and fix her makeup first. As she lagged behind in the hallway, she told herself that she was only fooling herself by thinking that she and Ryan stood a chance. Greenlee let out a deep breath and started on her way. Suddenly, the door swung open and Ryan called out to Greenlee. Ryan ushered Greenlee into the loft and told her that she was right; he did owe her a lot for helping get Incredible Dreams off the ground. Greenlee's upper lip quivered. As a tear formed in her eyes, Greenlee asked Ryan why he had to make things so difficult. She told him that it would be so much easier if he hated her. Ryan softly said that he didn't want to hate her. Under her breath, Greenlee muttered that she was going to back out of the deal she'd made with Leo because she felt that there was still a chance for her and Ryan.

Brooke drove back to Pine Valley in record time. Eliot, though, seemed surprisingly relaxed in the passenger seat. Eliot invited Brooke into the church for a cup of tea, but Brooke politely declined. She thanked Eliot for going to the hospital with her and praised a certain calming quality he possessed. Eliot was about to leave when Brooke placed her hand on his shoulder. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek, but the two lingered closely as though they were going to kiss. The awkward silence continued for several minutes before Eliot said goodnight and headed into the church. Once inside the church, Eliot stood before the cross and looked skyward. "What are you doing?" he asked. "This is not the way that it's supposed to be!"

At SOS, Tina proudly informed Mateo that she'd invited Adrian to her house for dinner. After the initial glow, Tina realized that she didn't have many of the tools necessary to cook a decent meal. Mateo wiggled his eyebrows and joked that if all went well, Adrian wouldn't be all that interested in the food. Opal breezed into the club and let out a sign of relief when she spotted Adrian. Opal stormed up to her son and scolded him for running off to a war zone without telling her first. Though she was heartbroken for the Martins, Opal admitted that she was glad that her own son had returned home safe. Adrian reminded Opal that he was a grown man and stated that he didn't think he needed to get permission before leaving the country. Throughout the conversation, Adrian repeatedly called Opal by her first name. Opal sadly dipped her head and told Adrian that he doesn't want him to think of her as "Opal," she wants him to think of her as his mother. Opal's eyes welled with tears and she raced off to the ladies' room. Tina had been listening from a short distance away and waited until Opal was gone before offering some comments. She told Adrian that he had everything that she's ever wanted. However, she warned him to always be sure to "stop and enjoy the blessings." Mateo loaned Tina some of the club's cooking tools and then he and Tina tried to sneak boxes of pans and gadgets out of the club without being noticed. Hayley wandered in just as Tina was leaving. Opal reappeared and apologized for scolding Adrian. "Oh, don't worry, Mama. I promise not to pull any more disappearing acts," Adrian replied with a smile. Opal continued apologizing for her actions for a few moments before realizing that Adrian had called her "mama." Her eyes lit up and she gave her son a big hug. Mateo and Hayley teased Adrian about his clothing. Opal poked her head into the conversation and said that Adrian was a good dresser --- it was in his genes. Adrian puckered his lips and flashed a sour look when Opal asked "what's she makin'?" Adrian threw his hands into the air and asked if there was anyone in the bar who didn't know about his date. Adrian wasn't out of the woods just yet. He had to step in and break up a brawl between Leo and one of the guys who'd bought him oysters while he was on his date with Becca. The man asked Leo about his progress and said that he had $50 at stake. Leo grabbed the man by the shirt and the two nearly came to blows. Adrian tossed the man out of the bar and Leo headed to a nearby table. When Greenlee arrived, she sat down with Leo and learned of the brawl he'd gotten into. Leo racked his mind to figure out who had put the web site together. Greenlee asked Leo if he had any enemies who'd want to sabotage his relationship with Becca. Leo couldn't think of anyone. Greenlee mentioned Scott's name, but Leo said that Scott was too nice a guy to do anything like that. Besides, Scott had promised to step back while Becca explored her feelings for him. Greenlee nodded her head slightly. Leo gritted his teeth and snarled Scott's name. He pledged that he'd get revenge on Scott "and then some." Greenlee smiled wickedly and replied, "I love it when you're on a mission."

Thursday, August 3, 2000

Tina's apartment is in chaos as she tries to prepare dinner for Adrian. The doorbell rings, and there's Adrian, bearing a huge bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and a jazz album. Tina is overwhelmed and invites him in. He takes one look around the place and realizing Tina is not too organized, offers to return later. But Tina tells him to stay, and offers him a drink, while admitting she realizes the place looks like "a swap meet hit by a hurricane!" Taking a rather well-cooked mystery item from the oven, she tells him it's chicken-fried mahi-mahi. She looks so down that Adrian takes her in his arms and tells her that maybe they are both trying to hard. As they dance, they kiss and start undressing each other. Clearing room on the couch, Adrian draws her down with him and they make love. Afterwards, he tells her he loves her, and she reciprocates.

At SOS, Leo and Greenlee are on a computer, while Erica enters with Bianca. Erica tells her this is the "in" place to be. "It's very bright!" Bianca comments. Bianca waves to Leo, then as they sit asks her mother why she hadn't mentioned Leo as her house guest. She reassures Erica that Leo doesn't bother her, she likes having him around. Jack joins Erica and Bianca, and chats with her while Erica trots off to try and call David. She is very upset that she cannot reach him and leaves a "Call me, it's a matter of life and death!" message with his message service.

Meanwhile, Greenlee has made a few changes to Scott's Victor-Virgin Web site. "I bow to you, oh mistress of online revenge," Leo chuckles. Becca walks up, and Leo and Greenlee convince her that Scott is behind the web site. Leo says they can catch the little weasel, but need Becca's help. She is shocked that it was Scott, but agrees to help.

Oblivious to Erica's attempts to reach him, David is checking on a computer screen Dimitri's progress. He is excited by what he sees and calls Alex. Together, they see that there is increased brain activity and an improved heart rate for the "clinical study" case from Stanford. Then David's pager beeps.

Meanwhile Dixie is with Dimitri in his hospital room nearby, trying to encourage him to be optimistic. She tells him that another neurologist has been brought in, and Dimitri is furious when he guesses that it is Alex. Dixie runs to get David. When he enters Dimitri's room, Dimitri has removed his connections to the monitor and is out of bed. He grabs David by the throat and curses at him! David admits that Alex is the other neurologist but promises that she has no idea who the patient is. Meanwhile, Alex panics when she sees the monitor flat-line. Dixie is caught in the middle, between trying to reassure Dimitri and allay Alex's suspicions about the mystery patient. On David's return to his office after calming Dimitri he tells Alex that the doctors at Stanford have disconnected the monitoring devices because of the patient's good progress.

At the loft, Scott is gloating about the success of his plan, with Becca believing Leo responsible for the humiliating web site. As he logs onto the web site, he gets a nasty surprise! The opening message now reads, "Victor has not conquered! The Virgin has conquered Victor!" He is trying to grasp what has happened, when a happy looking Becca and Leo enter, arms entwined. "Becca and I want to thank you for backing off," Leo announces, adding that it's given Becca the chance to realize that she loves him as much as he loves her! Leo spins a story to Scott about how Becca had been furious at first about the web site, "But I explained I was so in love ... and she forgave me," he smiled. Scott is astounded! Then he exclaims to Leo, "You louse!" Then turning to Becca, he angrily said, "Leo didn't make that web site!" Then he realizes he's trapped! "This is a scam." he accuses Leo. "You set me up!" Becca asks him if he did it, and he reluctantly confesses, with Greenlee smiling in the background to see her plan work. Scott tries to make excuses for what he's done, saying he lost his mother and then his dad, and was scared of losing Becca too. Becca told him he has to try to let his heart mend after Stuart's death. "But you'll be doing it without me," she tells him sadly, and leaves with Leo. "Well, you blew it!" Greenlee tells Scott. He retaliates by accusing her of being on the prowl for Leo - "You, the walking mattress!" he snarls at her.

Finally, Erica gets a return call from David. "What do you want?" he asks her angrily. "I want to SEE you!" she whines, and she wants him to come NOW to join her and Bianca at SOS. David tries to explain that he is too busy. Erica hears Alex's voice in the background, and starts off on one of her pouty tirades, to the distress of Bianca, who takes off for the restroom. Erica realizes that Bianca doesn't need the stress and goes to apologize. "I just want to spend every hour of every day with you," she smiles at her daughter. Bianca tells her she just came in to redo her lipstick - by Enchantment, of course. After Erica goes back to their table, Bianca angrily wipes off the lipstick and mutters to herself, ""Every hour of every day? We'll see about that!" Becca and Leo return to SOS, and when he kisses her, she happily lets him, as Greenlee glowers in the background.

Meanwhile, Dixie is still trying to reassure Dimitri that his prognosis is improving. "Soon you'll be able to show yourself to those who love you," she says. That upsets Dimitri, who angrily leaves his room. As he rounds a corner, he sees Alex, sad at the thought that she could have saved Dimitri if she'd had more time.

Thursday, August 4, 2000

"I could've saved you," Alex lamented in the corridor of the hospital. "I let you die." Around the corner listening quietly to Alex's comments, Dimitri fought back tears. Dixie strolled out of a nearby room and asked Dimitri was he was doing. Dimitri quickly grabbed her and told her to remain quiet. The pair listened as David approached Alex and asked her if she was okay. Alex looked up at her colleague and told him that she'd come to the realization that she'd been responsible for Dimitri's death. Had her pride not gotten in the way, Alex said, she could have allowed David to treat and cure Dimitri. David argued that Alex had let him help out by allowing him to conduct the stem cell therapy. Besides, he noted, the methods he'd used on his latest patient would not have been ready while Dimitri was in the hospital. David reached out to Alex and asked her to join him for a breath of fresh air. Alex wasn't really in the mood to go for a late-night stroll, but she agreed that the walk couldn't hurt. Dimitri and Dixie dashed into his private room just seconds before Alex and David passed by. Dimitri sadly whispered that his "demise" was not Alex's fault. Dixie told Dimitri that it was good that he'd heard what Alex had said. Maybe not, she muttered, Dimitri would come forward and reveal that he wasn't dead. Dimitri explained that he couldn't reveal his secret just yet because he was going to die. Dixie brushed off Dimitri's remark, pointing out that everyone is going to die soon or later. Dimitri countered that claim by stating that he did not want to cause Edmund any pain. He knew that if he were to come forward, Edmund would have to give up his relationship with Alex. Dixie didn't attempt to address that issue and instead offered that she was sure that Alex loved him very much. Dixie urged Dimitri to continue fighting and asked that he not give up on life. Dimitri pursed his lips together before reaching for his daily dose of medicine. Immediately afterwards, he jested that he felt in tip-top condition. Dixie was glad that Dimitri was feeling in better spirits. With a smile on her face, she bid him goodnight. Dimitri smiled broadly at Dixie and thanked her for her friendship and support. More importantly, he thanked her for making him realize that he should not give up on life.

Gillian paced nervously in park, anticipating her meeting with Joe. She placed a quick call to Ryan to tell him about the peculiar venue for her meeting with Joe. Ryan urged her to be calm and to not think the worst. When Joe finally arrived, he embraced Gillian and gave her a peck on the cheek. Gillian could easily tell that Joe was tired and troubled. Joe told Gillian that he feels responsible for Jake's decision to fly to Chechnya. Moreover, he feels horribly for returning home to Ruth each not and not being able to give her any news on their son's fate. Gillian touted Jake's "strong will" and said that she was confident that he'd be home in a matter of time. She also told Joe that there was nothing that anyone could've done to keep Jake from going to Chechnya. Joe flashed his familiar, approving smile. He admitted that he'd had reservations when Jake first told him that he was going to marry her. He said that he'd feared that Jake's commitment to Gillian was far more than the commitment Gillian had had for Jake. Now, though, he knew that he's misjudged Gillian. Throughout ordeal after ordeal, her love for his son had remained as strong as ever. Joe reached out and again hugged Gillian. Gillian bowed her head and confessed that she, too, felt responsible for driving Jake away. Joe told Gillian that he was confident that Jake's love for her would bring him home. Joe then told the princess that he no longer thinks of her merely as Jake's wife; he feels like she's his daughter. Alex and David's walk brought them to the same area of the park. At about the same time, Alex and Gillian both asked the other of she was okay. Both claimed to be fine and Joe and Gillian headed on their way.

At Sounds of Salsa, Ryan sat down for a meeting Mr. Midori. Across the way, Greenlee frowned as Becca and Leo smiled happily at one another. Becca repeatedly apologized for wrongly accusing Leo of creating the Virgin Victor web site. Leo dismissed Becca's angst and asked that they be allowed to "start [their relationship] from scratch." Greenlee rushed the table and ordered Leo to join her on the other side of the bar. Leo reluctantly agreed. Once Greenlee had his undivided attention, she angrily asked Leo why he'd backed out of their pact. Leo smiled arrogantly and said that he didn't need a pact; Becca was once again interested in him --- possible more now than ever before. Greenlee was furious and watched as Leo rejoined Becca at the table. Greenlee looked over and spotted Ryan and Midori chatting it up. She smiled slightly and walked back over to Leo and Becca. She told Leo that their pact was off. Becca flashed a look of concern and asked Leo what Greenlee was talking about.
Bianca was a bit irked that her Uncle Jack had headed home and left her to spend the night one-on-one with her mother. Erica explained that she wanted some private time to talk to Bianca. Specifically, Erica wanted to clear up any confusion that her daughter might have about her relationship with David. Though Erica insisted that she and David were merely going through "a scratchy period," Bianca felt otherwise. She blasted her mother for her continued on-and-off, hold-and-cold relationships. Erica bowed her head in embarrassment as her daughter observed that she seems to make a habit out of ending relationships. Bianca feared that she'd hurt her mother's feelings, but Erica said that she was actually thankful for a second opinion on her relationship situation. Erica rose from her seat and announced that she was going to make things better with David. She asked that Bianca gather her things so that she could be taken home. Bianca shook her head and said that she wasn't going anywhere. Erica chuckled slightly and said that she wasn't going to leave her daughter alone in a bar. Bianca quickly and justifiably noted that it was Erica who'd brought her to the nightclub in the first place. Bianca suggested that she be allowed to stay a little while longer and then have Leo take her home.

Greenlee breezed over to Midori and Ryan's location and made small talk with the men. Midori started filling Greenlee in on all of the exciting new developments with Incredible Dreams. Ryan stepped in and informed Midori that Greenlee was "no longer privy" to the information. Midori was stunned to learn that Greenlee had been given the boot from the Internet company. Ryan excused himself to make answer a telephone call from Liza. Meanwhile, Midori asked Greenlee how she'd managed to get kicked out of the company. Greenlee didn't go into details, but issued Midori a challenge. She instructed him to do whatever he had to do in order to get her back on board with Ryan's Internet company. Midori replied that he wasn't in the business of working out personal lives. Greenlee interrupted him and warned him that if he failed to do what she'd asked of him, she'd have her grandfather fire him. Greenlee smiled sinisterly and walked back to her seat at the bar. When Ryan returned, an astounded Midori told Ryan that he questioned his ability as a leader. The Japanese investor stated that Greenlee and Ryan had a certain power when working as a team and without that partnership he felt unsure of Incredible Dreams' course. Ryan was stunned and tried to explain that there were problems with his working relationship with Greenlee. Midori could have cared less and issued Ryan an ultimatum: Get Miss Smythe back on board. Otherwise, Midori growled, he was going to yank the money he'd invested into Incredible Dreams.

Erica approached Leo and told him that she needed him to drive Bianca home at 10 o'clock. Leo explained that he couldn't help her out because he was on a date with Becca. With Bianca rolling her eyes in the background, Erica reminded Leo that she was doing him a huge favor by opening her home to him. Leo quickly realized that it was fruitless to argue with his hostess and agreed to do whatever she asked. After Erica headed on her way, Bianca apologized to Leo for ruining his evening. Leo assured Bianca that he wasn't mad at her --- or Erica for that matter. In fact, he agreed that it was about time that he returned a favor or two to Erica.

Becca, meanwhile, had excused herself when Erica joined Leo at the table. She walked over to Greenlee and was immediately struck by one of Greenlee's off-color remarks. Becca refused to let Greenlee get to her. She told Greenlee that she wanted to thank her for helping clear Leo's name. Greenlee was unmoved by Becca's apology. Snidely, Greenlee told Becca that she never would have exposed Scott if she'd known that doing so would put Leo back into her arms. In short, Greenlee said that she did not approve of Becca and Leo's relationship. Before Becca could respond, Ryan arrived on the scene and asked Greenlee if he could speak to her.

Ryan took Greenlee to the front of the club and told her that Midori thought an awful lot of her business plans and strategy. It was because of this, said Ryan, he'd come to an important decision: he wanted to give Greenlee stock options in Incredible Dreams. Greenlee never let on that she knew why Ryan had done the about face, nor did Ryan tell Greenlee that he risked losing Midori's cash infusion if he didn't bring her back on board. Greenlee thanked Ryan with a big hug. Ryan pushed Greenlee away when he spotted Gillian walking through the front door. Greenlee never saw Gillian, so she naturally questioned why Ryan had pulled away so abruptly. Ryan lamely stated that he remembered that he had to place a phone call to someone. He said that he'd take his cell phone and make the call from outside because it was quieter outside the club.
Back across the way, Leo introduced Becca and Bianca. Bianca still felt badly for being a third wheel on Becca and Leo's date and urged them to enjoy the rest of their evening dancing. Bianca rose to her feet and headed back to the bar for a refill on her iced tea. Greenlee spotted Bianca and scooted across the bar to talk to her. Since they'd met before, there was no need for small talk. And Greenlee felt right at home skipping the small talk. She told Bianca that she was more fascinated by her than by Erica. What is it like, she asked candidly, to be the daughter of Erica Kane. Bowing her head and blushing slight, Bianca replied that it was no different than being anyone else's daughter. Greenlee chuckled slightly and said that it had to be different. After all, Erica had been married about eight times, stabbed one of her husband and recently kidnapped a child. Surely, she laughed, it had to be different than the norm. Bianca pointed across the bar and told Greenlee to head back to her seat. Greenlee didn't listen to Bianca and continued chattering in bemused fascination. Finally, Bianca pointed out that there a waitress had picked up a cell phone from the spot where Greenlee and her friend had been sitting. Greenlee immediately recognized the phone as Ryan's and realized that Ryan had lied when he'd said he was going to make a phone call.

Ryan slipped through an open window into the ladies' room. Gillian was surprised to see him, but pleased nonetheless. Ryan quickly locked the door so that they would not be bothered --- or discovered. Ryan told Gillian that he'd been forced to bring Greenlee back on board his company, but said that once he made back the investors' money, he'd be able to dump her for good.

Back in the park, David asked Alex if Edmund knew that she still had feelings for Dimitri. Alex was taken aback by the question. "Dimitri's gone," Alex replied. She informed David that she and Edmund had vowed not to look back. Alex told David that she felt as though Dimitri had been just around the corner when she was back at the hospital. David made no attempt to hide the smirk that had emerged on his face. "You weren't hallucinating, Alex," David responded. David wasn't about to tell Alex that Dimitri was still alive. He did, however, tell her that her feelings were a sign that she was healing; Dimitri would always be with her. Alex said that when a person loses someone they often feel like they'd do anything to get that person back. David suddenly drifted off, causing Alex to wonder if she'd made David uncomfortable. It seemed strange for Alex to be confiding in David. After all, the two were hardly friends. Still, Alex noticed that David was troubled by something and asked him if there was something that he wasn't telling her. Suddenly, Erica's voice chimed out that she was wondering the same thing. She called the moonlit stroll through a secluded portion of the park the perfect setting for a romantic rendezvous. "You're joking, right?" Alex asked. David accused Erica of following him, a charge she vehemently denied. Erica said that Joe had told her where to find David --- and Alex. Apparently, said Erica, everyone knew that David and Alex were lovers but her. Alex rolled her eyes and paced back and forth. Both she and David tried to convince Erica that they were not lovers. Erica instructed David to follow her home so that they could discuss what was going on. David remained in place, adamantly refusing to bow to Erica's demands. Alex asked that David go with Erica, but again David refused. Erica nodded her head and said that she could see that David had made his decision. With that, Erica stormed away. Alex was amazed that David had sent Erica packing and asked him what he was up to. "You have an agenda," Alex noted. What she wondered, though, was how she was involved in that agenda.



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