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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 31, 2000 on GL
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Monday, July 31, 2000

At the Bauers':
Rick found the birth control pills and questioned Abby about them. He thinks she never wanted a child with him and wanted to know why. She tells him she just couldn't but she didn't want to lose him. Abby said she wanted to tell the truth to him and was about to. Rick tells her that he doesn't believe her. He asks what she was hoping would happen. He said she was stringing him along until she left for her job in DC. She told him she wanted to have their wonderful life and wanted to want what he wanted because she thought she owed him that. He tells her he loves her and she was supposed to want a child because she loved him not because she thought she owed him. Rick walked out of the room and left Abby crying. Rick goes to the door and opens it. Abby tells him she loves him so much but wants different things now. She tells him that he will never see her as anything but the girl he met years ago but she has changed. She wants to make a difference. He tells her that they need to make a decision together not apart. He tells her that it is all about the job. She tells him that she wants to do so much and feels that she can now. She tells him that her ambition is part of the changes she has gone through since the implant. He asks her if he moves to DC with her could she see them having a family? She said she couldn't promise him that. Now both of them are crying.

At Laurel Falls:
Danny and Michelle are kissing. They are all alone and happy. Danny tells her they don't have to run and no one will be able to get to them. Someone is watching in the bushes. Michelle asks Danny to promise he wouldn't leave her. He tells her that he will never leave her. He heard something and turned around to a light in their eyes. It was Walter, the architect. He wanted to check the site. Danny tells Michelle the house is happening. Walter left and Danny told Michelle everything would be great. Michelle tells Danny that the doctor told her they could try again anytime. They kissed. They go into the shack on the property and a lot of stuff was lying there. Michelle asks if someone has been living there. Danny thinks it could be a kid bunking in there for a while. They go over to the wall and there is a picture of Danny and Michelle there.

At Harley's:
Harley comes in with Zach and asks Susan if she wants to see a movie. Susan is depressed. Harley tries to comfort her. Susan tells her that Jim chose Beth and a baby that isn't even his over her and Max left for NY leaving her behind. Just then Buzz and Selena and Frank came in with food for Harley and Susan. They talk about the Chili recipe and having to keep it all a secret. Frank tells Harley she wont have time for chili recipes with her new job. He tells her she is back on the force but she will have to take a few tests. Susan gets upset and tells them that they are lucky to be a family. They told her that she was part of their family. Susan apologizes to Selena for all the trouble and they hug. Harley sees Selena's ring and Buzz tells them that they are engaged. Jim knocks on the door and Susan gets upset and leaves the room. Jim tells Harley that the situation has just gotten worse with Beth and Phillip. Harley tells Jim that Phillip has the law on his side! . Jim tells Harley that he will do all he can to keep that baby away from the Spauldings.

Susan is on the roof talking to Max on the phone. She tells him she misses him and wishes he wasn't all the way in NY. He tells her that in his mind he can see her and tells her what she is doing. She is surprised and turns around and he is standing there.

At the Spauldings':
Phillip tells Jim that he will not be adopting his child. Beth told him that it wasn't only his child and that he had agreed to let them raise the child. Phillip tells them that he agreed to let them raise the baby before it all came out because he was trying to help Beth through a tough time and that he had never agreed to let Jim adopt the baby. Beth tells him nothing has changed. Phillip tells them that everything has changed. Phillip gets ticked off and hands Jim a declaration of intent to sue for custody. Phillip tells Beth that he didn't want to do it but she left him no choice. Jim tells Beth that it is because he is a Spaulding and has to own everything, stocks, bonds and babies. Phillip tells her that both babies are his and not Jim's. He tells Jim that he has no idea why he brought that there. He tells him that his daughter was upset enough to fake a relapse and he had to do something. Jim leaves. Beth asks him what has happened to him. She said she refuses to let him destroy everything. Beth tells Phillip if he let Jim adopt the baby she would never cut him out of the children's lives. He told her he couldn't, not after how he was brought up. She tells him he is upset about Harley not coming back to him and is taking it out on her and Jim. Phillip tells her he doesn't want to hear about Jim. He reminds her that it wasn't too long ago that she was going to leave Jim if Phillip would leave Harley. Beth smacks Phillip. Beth tells him that he is ruining her life. She wants to know why he can't drop his ego and do what's best for her and the baby. He tells her that it is his son and he is what's best for him. He leaves and Beth cries and throws a vase at the door.

At Millennium:
Pilar, Bill and Grandma Santos talked about how Carlos came in and tried to ruin their evening. Pilar goes to the inspector and told her the violations are bogus and that Carlos doesn't scare them. the inspector tells her that Carlos gave him the job to make the Santos life a living hell until they join back into the mob. Pilar tells Bill that they won't stop until Danny is back in the business. Pilar tells Bill that Carlos wont back down. He had something to do with her mother's murder. Bill tells her that Carlos isn't the only bad one and tells her to watch out for Claire Ramsey. She asks him about it and he tells her that Danny believes Claire had something to do with Carmen's death. Grandma Santos came up and overheard a bit. Bill tells them about the forged signature on the cremation papers and the injection. Pilar can't believe it. Grandma said that if this were true Claire would have to pay. Pilar wants to go find her. Pilar and Bill leave. Just then Claire walks in. Grandma goes over to her and tells her that they are on to her and they will be after her so that means they will be after her (grandma) as well. She tells Claire she better have covered her tracks.

Tuesday, August 1, 2000

In the Bauer kitchen:
Abby tells Rick that she wouldn't be able to leave and make her dreams come true without his influence on her life. He tells her that it is ironic that his love enables her to leave him. She tells him she loves him and wants him to come to DC with her. He told her it would just put a patch on the problem and that it must be over. Abby is crying while Rick says their marriage is over. Abby said it doesn't have to be the end but Rick has nothing else to say. Abby tells him she may hate the new job but Rick assures her that she will love it. He just wants them to stop hurting each other. They are both afraid. Rick says her job will be important to her and he has held her back long enough. Abby says she has held him back from having the children he wants. She says someday he will meet someone but he wanted that with her, now. They are both upset. He tells her to go upstairs and pack. Rick is standing in the doorway crying.

Michelle comes into the kitchen and says that something is going on. Abby comes in and tells her that she is leaving for DC without Rick and that their marriage was over. Abby cries. Michelle wants to know why Abby is leaving. She tells her if she still loves Rick she needs to put in time and work on things. They should take the vacation. Abby says that the vacation won't fix it. She has loved him since the beginning but they don't want the same things anymore. Danny and Michelle have the same goals and dreams but she and Rick do not. Abby can't ask him to give up his dreams and he can't ask her to give up hers. She said she has been changing since she came to SF. She lived a sheltered life for 25 years and now she is finding out what she wants. Abby is crying and they are hugging. She doesn't want to say goodbye. She says she will miss Michelle. Michelle reminds her of all the things she needs her for and that Abby is leaving her too. Abby hugs her one more time as they both cry. Abby tells Michelle and Danny she has to go. She wants them to promise to take care of Rick. She kisses Michelle and leaves.

In the Construction Shed:
Michelle notices a picture of them on the wall. Danny tries to figure it out but Michelle is disturbed and thinks someone is messing with them. Michelle says there is something wrong. Danny says they can't look over their shoulders. The past year has been a nightmare and their bad luck is over. He reminds her about the second honeymoon. They were a happy normal couple and not afraid. He kisses her and tells her not to worry about it. He is holding her from behind and looking at the building site. They will build their house and have a happy future. She finds something and says it smells like Carmen and starts crying. Danny tells Michelle he doesn't recognize the fragrance and tries to reassure her. He says she is having a lot of nightmares but Carmen is dead and can no longer hurt her. They both saw her die. Michelle says sometimes she feels her presence. Danny says that she will feel safe in time and he wants her to stop worrying about it. He takes the picture off the wall and closes up the shed.

Later, someone takes the picture of Danny and Michelle and tears it in half. The person sets Michelle's part of the picture on fire and throws it on the floor.

At Millennium:
Grandma Santos tells Claire she is warning her that someone is on to her, which means they are on to both of them. She hopes Claire covered her tracks. Claire asks her how Danny would feel if he knew that his own grandmother set up his mother.
Grandma Santos said she wouldn't go to jail over Carmen. Claire doesn't think they should be seen together. Just then Rick walks into Millennium. Grandma is going to leave the club and Claire notices that Rick seems depressed. Her phone rings and her friend Joe tells her Abby took the DC job. She tells Grandma that Rick's wife left him and that is why he is sad. Grandma is curious and tells her not to complicate things by getting involved with Michelle's brother. Claire approaches Rick and he tries to get rid of her but she won't leave. She wants to talk about Abby. Rick is drinking and tells Claire that Abby left him for the job in DC. Claire asks how Abby could do this to him and tells him that she is making a big mistake. Any woman would be lucky to have him as a husband. Rick doesn't want sympathy from her; she is the last person he would want to spill his guts to. She says she helped him years ago when she changed his board scores and she will help him now if he needs her to.

At Harley's:
Max tells Susan that he will stay with Buzz and Selena for the summer. Susan is happy and asks why he came back. He said he came back to help her when she needed him. Susan says he is amazing. She is living with Harley now, because she doesn't ever want to live with Beth. She tells him that Harley is tough and sad about Phillip so she needs her as much as she needs Harley.

Harley is in her living room sitting on the couch. She sees a picture of Phillip and tells herself to forget him. She puts the pictures of him in a paper bag and says he is in the past. The doorbell rings and it is Beth. Harley tells her she just missed Jim. Beth said that she was there looking for Harley and asked to come in. Harley tells her right away she doesn't want to discuss Phillip with her so she better talk fast. Beth tells her that Phillip has had custody papers drawn up. Beth wants Harley's help but Harley tells her it is not her business. Beth says that Phillip is doing this because he doesn't have anything left since he lost Harley. Harley says she slept with her husband and had his child and now she wants Harley's help. She must be out of her mind. She tells Beth that only someone as self absorbed as her (Beth) would come over there to ask her for favors. Beth wants her back with Phillip but Harley says Beth only wants what is best for herself. Beth ruined her marriage and now expects Harley to help her. Beth tells her that she knows she loves Phillip and wouldn't be as upset if she didn't. She tells her that she knows she (Harley) wants Phillip back and is just afraid to admit it. Harley wants Beth out of her house. Beth asks her why she is so afraid. They are shouting at each other. Beth says that she knows Harley was hurt but so was Jim. Harley says that she and Jim weren't married when it happened and Jim shouldn't have taken her back. Beth says Phillip made one mistake. Harley said it was months of lies that she can't forgive. Beth tells her again that she (Harley) and Phillip love each other and will never stop and Harley is making a mistake. Susan hears them arguing and tells Beth to get away from Harley. Beth says she will leave and tells Harley it is not too late for her. Max tells Susan he will call her later and he leaves. Susan asks Harley why Beth was there and if she is ok. Harley doesn't want to talk about it and seems closed off. Harley asks her for some water. Susan goes to get it. Harley goes outside and says, "Damn it Phillip, why can't I stop loving you?"

Wednesday, August 2, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Cassie and Richard are back from their honeymoon and discussing the press. Richard says he will restrict press access to her for a few months until she can ease herself into the royal life. Edmund comes in and announces that he has arranged a press conference for Cassie. Richard questions Edmund's reasons for the press conference. Edmund apologizes. Richard tells him to call it off. Edmund starts to leave when another aide comes in. Cassie tells Richard that things will be fine and she will talk to them. The aide leads a group of children in. Edmund tells them that he thought she might like to discuss the new children's museum that she is planning. Cassie is very pleased and thanks Edmund. Cassie asks the kids what kinds of things they want in the museum. They like things like Animals, Cars, Airplanes, Drawbridges, etc. Dax tells Edmund that he had a great idea. A reporter stays behind and tells Cassie that she was great with the kids and wonder when she and the Prince will be having children of their own. Cassie is upset about it and leaves to check on Tammy. Richard tells Dax not to let that reporter back in the palace. Dax tells him that they can't avoid the problem. He asks what he is going to do if the press asks him directly. Richard tells him that he doesn't want to discuss it. He tells Dax the subject is close and they will not bring it up again. Cassie comes down as Dax leaves. She tells Richard that Dax is right and that they have to deal with the child issue. She is scared of what will happen if they don't face it.

At Millennium:
Rick is drunk talking to Claire about his problems with Abby. He mentions that maybe he should move to DC with Abby. He starts to go tell Abby and Claire stops him and tells him not to be hasty and that Abby can do her work anywhere not just DC and that if she is smart she will come back to him. Claire tells him that he has been perfect and this is all Abby's problem. She tells him that he is kind of thoughtful and the only loser in this situation is Abby. Claire apologizes for criticizing Abby. She tells him that she had made the same mistakes with Michelle years ago. Rick thanks Claire for letting him talk. She goes to call the hospital but in reality calls the Bauer house and made sure no one was there. She comes out and takes Rick home. Rick is so very drunk. She finally gets him out the door.

Olivia is meeting with a Mr. Vince Russo, (played by Michael Sabatino), and asks him to sit with her. He wonders if they should go back to his office so that no one sees them together. Olivia promises him and his firm work with Lewis construction if he gets Josh to commit to a divorce. She tells him she just has to give Reva a little push to get the ball rolling. Olivia tells him about all the dirt she knows about Reva. He thinks its great. Reva and Noah come in and sit at the bar. Reva goes over to Olivia and introduces herself to Mr. Russo. Reva asks how long they have known each other and Olivia tells her that they had just met when she ran off with Noah and made a mess of everything. Reva wants to know what she means but taking a sign from Russo to cool it, Olivia told her that she will have to talk to Josh about it. Noah pulls her away and tells her he is tired of it and she needs to break ties with Josh. Reva tells him that Olivia is a manipulator and is probably trying to make Josh think all the crises at the office are because of her. She apologizes and kisses Noah. Olivia comes over and tells Reva about the government projects that they didn't get because of her. Reva realized she didn't leave her power of attorney for Josh. Olivia told her she wouldn't get away with hurting Josh again. Olivia leaves and Reva tells Noah that she blew it. He tells her that she did blow it, with Josh and with him and he leaves. Olivia is at her table when Russo comes back. She said she messed up by telling Reva everything. She said Reva is upset and will go running right to Josh and try to comfort him.

At the Airport:
Abby is waiting to board her plane. She takes out a photo of her and Rick and gets emotional. A little deaf girl is lost and Abby goes to help her. Her mother comes up and thanks Abby for her help. Reva and Noah come in. They are just getting back from their trip. Abby tells her that she is going to Washington and that she isn't coming back. Reva asks her what was going on and she tells her she took the job in DC. Abby tells her that she left Rick and that she didn't want to say goodbye to her as well. Reva doesn't understand why she is leaving Rick. Abby tells her that since her hearing was restored they have been growing apart and she just can't give him what he wants. Reva tells her that there has to be a compromise. Abby tries to say there isn't but Reva tells her she has to fight for her marriage. Abby tells Reva that Rick wants children and she can't lead him on any longer. She tells her about the birth control pills and how she was just trying to keep her marriage. She says she doesn't want her marriage to be over but there is no other choice. Abby tells Reva about the deaf girl that she had helped earlier and how she feels that was a sign that she was doing the right thing by leaving to take the job in DC. Reva thinks that her showing up at the airport at the same time Abby was leaving could also be a sign that she was sent to talk her out of leaving. Abby gets upset and tells Reva that she is the last person to give marital advice after the mess she has made with her own life. Reva tells her that she has had one fight with Rick and she should try again. Reva tells her that she has to resolve her feelings with Rick and not run away. She tells her to talk to him until they are both sure of their feelings. Noah comes back with the bags and asks Abby if she wants a ride home. Abby says she wants to stay there for a while and think. Reva tells her she loves her and leaves. Abby sits down and cries. Abby thinks back to the picnic she and Rick had when he first realized he was in love with her. She decides to go home and calls to leave Rick a message.

At the Bauer's:
Claire helps Rick into the house and Rick goes to the bathroom. Abby calls and she tells him that she realizes she needs to come home so they can work out a few things. Claire is very upset. Rick comes back in and asks who was on the phone. Claire told him she didn't pick up and there was no message. She "accidentally" knocks off the answering machine and gets the tape out. She asks if she could help him up to his room and he declined and asked her to leave.

Later, Rick is in bed, undressed and passed out when Claire comes in. She looks at him and touches his forehead. She takes off her clothes and gets in bed with him. She poses herself just so and pretends to be asleep right when Abby walked in.

Thursday, August 3, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are talking about their possible fertility problems. She doesn't want Richard to protect her from everything and wants him to be honest with her. Cassie tells Richard that they are not in a small town where their problems don't matter to others. Richard says that he loves her and that they can keep trying to have a baby. Which will make them both happy. She tells him that it will just put a strain on them every time they take a pregnancy test and she fails. She thinks it may eat away at them over time but Richard tells her that he isn't concerned about the heir issue and that he is so in love with her he only cares about being with her and Tammy and RJ. He tells her when they make love an heir is not on his mind. Cassie tells him that eventually things will change and he will want a child and she would like to know where they stand on that issue from the start. Richard says if that is what she wants then they will find out together. Later, Richard tells Cassie that he doesn't want the press to get a hold of the fact that they are going to a fertility specialist so they should go out of the country. Cassie thinks they will be suspicious of them leaving the country again. Richard said that they will believe it is a family vacation. She thinks that may work. He goes to make some calls. He comes back and tells Cassie he has found a clinic that will be discreet. He asks her if she is scared. Richard tells her no matter what happens it will not change how he feels about her. When they return they will start their new life together with Tammy and RJ. He kisses her hand and promises to always feel the same way about her.

Edmund is talking to an aide about the children and the petting zoo. He tells the aide to find out what are good animals for the zoo. Dax sees Edmund and he apologizes for telling Dax about the fertility issue. Dax says that he sees that Edmund is pleased with himself. Edmund says the press conference went well. Dax tells Edmund they want different things. Edmund reminds Dax that he didn't create Cassie's problem. Dax does know that Richard will put Cassie first and then San Cristobel second. He also knows that Edmund will always look out for himself over everything else. Edmund says he doesn't think Richard is thinking at all. He reminds Dax that he (Dax) is the one who first suggested Cassie and Richard be together. Edmund knows that Dax is already suspicious of him and he doesn't need Richard to be as well and as of right now he, (Edmund), is the heir to the throne.

At Millenium:
Harley asks Joe, the bartender, to give Susan a message. She sees Phillip and tries to make her way out of the club. At the door she bumps into Lillian, who asks to speak to her. Harley tells her that she has spoken to Beth and doesn't want to talk anymore. Lillian sees Ross and Phillip at a table and approaches them. They are talking about the custody battle. Ross thinks that Phillip has gotten what he wanted with Beth staying in SF and should back down but Phillip wants to go forward to claim what is rightfully his. Ross tells him it will only make matters worse with Harley. Lillian joins them and tells Phillip not to do it. She talks a little while and Ross tells Phil that Lillian isn't telling him anything he doesn't already know. Phillip insists that he is protecting his family. He knows he is a control freak but he will do everything to protect them. Lillian tells Phil she spoke to Alan who wants him to get back with Beth. Lillian tells him Alan wanted her to help him and she almost did until she realized that Beth really does love Jim. She tells Phillip not to ruin Beth's future. Phillip refuses to listen and tells her that Beth makes all the decisions and wouldn't have let him know about leaving town if he Lizzie hadn't acted like she was sick. He gets very angry and leaves. Lillian and Ross are worried. They both hope things end okay.

At Company:
Blake finds Buzz reading a wedding magazine. She mentions the royal wedding and Buzz is sorry he missed it. He makes fun of how Blake gave sedatives to Cassie and she promises not to drug Selena before her wedding. Blake gets a bit emotional and wishes she were planning a wedding. Buzz reminds her of the beautiful wedding she had with Ross. She said her wedding was nice and she thought her life with Ross would also be perfect. Buzz mentions Frank and Eleni. Blake says she hopes Buzz and Selena will be happy. He wants a nice wedding for Selena and feels badly about never having given any of his wives a nice wedding. He would like to do something right for a change. He hopes that he will be able to make up for what he didn't give to Nadine and Jenna.

At the Bauer's:
Rick wakes up to find Claire in bed with him and Abby standing over them. He asks Claire what she is doing here and Claire tries to apologize to Abby. Abby starts screaming and runs out of the room. Rick is shirtless in boxers and pulls on some pants before running after Abby. Abby runs down to the kitchen. Rick catches up with her and tells her nothing happened. Abby says it was a mistake for her to come back. Rick tells her he was drunk but nothing happened. She says "Really?" She tells him that she wanted to talk to him after seeing Reva at the airport. She called and left a message. Rick is sorry and hopes she hasn't changed her mind. He thinks they can work it out but she says she is not staying. Abby tells Rick that she knows Claire is just trying to hurt her and drive her away for good. Rick asks her to stay. Abby says that she has to go. She knows that she has to leave; she just doesn't know what to do with her feelings. Claire enters the room and tells Abby they didn't mean for this to happen. Abby tells Claire she doesn't believe anything happened and that it is probably good that it did since now Rick will see Claire for what she is and will never turn to her. Harley comes in and sees what is going on. She pulls Claire out of the kitchen and escorts her home. Inside, both Rick and Abby are crying. Rick says that Claire is the problem. Abby says she is upset and knows that Claire set the whole thing up. Rick says Claire has ruined their lives and begs Abby not to go. Abby says it is not that simple. They want different things. She came back to see him one more time and hugs him. He tells her he will miss everything. Her heart and soul, seeing her face when she hears a song for the first time, slow dancing and feeling her heart beat and stealing the covers from her on a cold night. Abby tells him that she loves him and that he has given her so much. She tells him that he gave her hearing and a life she never thought possible for her to live. Rick says maybe that was a mistake and why things changed. Abby says no that it will be her fondest memories and she doesn't regret anything. He has made her a better person. He has an open heart and is a good man. She will always love him. He tells her she better go. He signs that he will always love her and she signs back and crying, she walks over and kisses him one last time and then goes out the door. Rick sits on the floor looking at his wedding ring. He cries out loudly. He looks absolutely devastated.

Claire tries to tell Harley that Rick was drunk and went after her but Harley doesn't buy it. Harley says Rick wouldn't hop into bed with another woman and Claire says I bet you didn't think Phillip would either. Harley tells Claire that she is out of line and that she should cut her losses and leave town. Claire says that she and Rick were lovers and have a history. Harley says one night 20 years ago does not qualify as a love affair. Claire tells Harley that she is alone and is a bitter woman. Harley tells her Rick would not get involved with a woman like her and she had better stay away from him. Claire tries to go back into the house but Harley stops her and tells her that it isn't any of her business and that it wasn't her house to go barging into. Claire tells her it isn't her house....yet.

Harley comes back into finds Rick sitting on the kitchen floor. He says Abby is gone. He asks about Claire but Harley said she took care of her. She said that she had come to cry on Rick's shoulder and now he needs one as well. They both cry and hug each other.

Thursday, August 4

Ross orders Phillip to be at Millennium today with Jim and Beth to settle the child custody problem. Assuring Reva that she ruined Olivia's deal and now can't do anything about it, Josh announces to Reva that he's hired Flynn and Russo to finalize their divorce for the sake of his business. Furious when Josh won't keep the divorce private and guessing that Olivia was behind the idea, Reva hires her own "shark," Ernest Dewy. Later, Olivia, Josh and Billy bid on a deal with the Macedonia Corporation. When Holly learns that Macedonia plans to destroy a historical landmark during this project, she decides to find out who is behind this new company. Claire tries to evade the accusation when Rick guesses that she arranged for Abigail to find them in bed last night. When Michelle hears them argue, she forces Claire to confess to what she did. Rick assures his sister that she doesn't have to order Claire out of her life. Harley is there to help comfort Rick. Carlos reveals to Danny that he has found the person who killed Carmen. Suspicious, Danny asks him to bring Martin to him so he can question the guy himself. Stuck with a nagging headache due to the noisy household, Ross argues with Blake who remains bothered by her writer's block.

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