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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on PC
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Monday, July 24, 2000

Alison cajoles Jamal to kiss her but he icily insists he's simply been playing her for a fool. Lucy offers to help "Charlie" out by giving the girl enough cash to tide her over. When Alison refuses to take a hint, Jamal is forced to be cruel to drive her away. After bumping into Lucy once again in the park, Ian presses his new friend to lend him a hand at the clinic. Courtney bitterly reminds Frank that he's been neglecting her for weeks. Later, Courtney is shocked to overhear Jill warning Joe that word will soon get out about him being exposed to HIV. Eve listens sympathetically to Alison's tale of woe after finding the young woman weeping in the doctors' lounge. Ian treats "Charlie" to a hot dog, then encourages her to head to a shelter before an approaching thunderstorm arrives that night. Intrigued to learn of Lucy's connection to General Hospital, Livvie agrees to go back to the hotel with her. Courtney asks a flabbergasted Mary if her son is HIV positive.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

by ABC

Eve witnessed a meeting between Jamal and Cedric. Jamal covered for Eve, who later offered to help him put Cedric away. Frank blasted Courtney over the way she handled the news about Joe. Mary had a hard time dealing with the news about Joe and became angry. Mary's anger then turned to worry and she broke down. Joe started to finally admit his fears surrounding the possibility of being HIV positive. Lucy and Livvie slowly started to connect. Meanwhile, Rachel visited a delusional Estelle, who thought she was having tea with her favorite daughter Grace. Estelle berated and insulted Rachel and accused her of not loving Grace. Livvie secretly phoned Rachel, who was short with her on the phone. Lucy then comforted an emotional Livvie. Rachel assured Estelle that they would get revenge on Kevin. Frank and Courtney grew further apart due to her ignorance about HIV.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Karen returns to General Hospital and finds the ER abuzz with activity. Jamal makes another delivery for Cedric, who refuses to give him his cut of the take. Livvie listens longingly as Lucy carries on a loving phone conversation with Serena. When Lucy offers to call "Charlie's" mom, however, Livvie threatens to run away again. Alan welcomes Karen back and offers the delighted doctor a chance to finish out her residency at GH. Alison watches in dismay as Eve has Jamal arrested for pocketing her paycheck. Afterwards, Eve warns Alison that Jamal is nothing but trouble and will only cause her more heartbreak if she doesn't cut him loose. Ian assures Lucy she's doing the right thing by playing temporary foster mother to a lost soul like "Charlie". Cedric visits Jamal at the jail and cautions him not to plea bargain with his ADA cousin. Later, as Eve congratulates Jamal on how well their plan is working, Alison heads into trouble by trailing Cedric.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

Livvie begins researching the apparent connection between her mother and Julie Ramsey. Joe rails at Courtney for blurting out his secret to Mary. Jamal assures Eve and Garcia that Cedric should be passing the marked money very soon. Meanwhile, Alison eavesdrops as Cedric told his partner in crime he knows how Jamal tried to set him up. Courtney angrily reminds a fuming Joe that she must protect her vulnerable son from infection. Eve warns Jamal that Alison might not have bought his hard-nosed act after all. Cedric alters the financial records on his laptop computer to make it appear that Jamal has been the kingpin of the numbers running business all along. Worried about Alison, Jamal leaves protective custody to look for his friend. Back at the hideout, Alison tries to break into Cedric's computer files but gets caught red-handed. Eve explains to Kevin how much fun she's had playing matchmaker for Alison and Jamal.

Friday, July 28, 2000

by ABC

One of Rachel's patients is brought into the emergency room after he attempts to commit suicide by leaping from a third story window. Feigning bravado, Alison told a leery Cedric that she wants to help him take Jamal down. At GH, Lucy angrily takes exception to Rachel's remark that Christina is gone forever. As Ian struggles to keep his patient from bleeding to death, Kevin tries to convince an anguished Peter that life is worth living. Livvie approaches Chris at the pizza place and introduces herself as a college student conducting research on techniques of hospital management. Though Cedric scoffs at her story, Alison nervously continues to insist she wants to partner with him in order to take revenge on Jamal. After Peter succumbs to his injuries, an irate Kevin takes Rachel to task for failing so miserably with the man during their therapy sessions. Jamal responds to a call from Alison and walks into a troubling scene. Ian is thrilled when Lucy convinces the hospital board to let him start up his clinic and then offers to personally underwrite the entire venture. Scott returns from Canada just as Kevin gives Lucy a congratulatory hug.

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