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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Bob is stunned to learn that Walker suspects Rick Decker. Meanwhile, Alison doesn't believe Chris is not interested in her. She challenges Chris to kiss her to prove that he doesn't care about her. He takes her dare. She wins her bet and when Chris tries to leave, he can't before he has another kiss. At the hospital, Bob feels out Rick regarding Walker's suspicions and a calm Rick points out the killing began before he arrived. Susan confronts Walker. At the station, Walker tells Rick he is off the hook. Hal still considers Gordo a suspect. Walker confides to Bob that he still thinks of Rick as a suspect. In Montana, Katie admits she sabotaged the car to give Carly and Jack some privacy. She convinces Mike that it's what they needed and reassures him about coming to Montana. Meanwhile, Carly is having contractions and she insists that Jack come up with a name for the baby. He suggests Sage and she agrees. Carly's labor is very fast and Jack delivers the baby. Hannah and Doc Banks get there as do Katie and Mike. Mike and Jack congratulate each other. Doc Banks takes samples for a paternity test. Carly thanks Katie for taking care of Mike. Carly, Jack and Sage bond. Back in Oakdale, Dusty threatens to toss the money off the roof unless Spangler tells him where he's hidden Lily and Rose. A smoke bomb goes off before Spangler can tell Dusty. Dusty finds Spangler with a knife in his back. As Holden and Margo arrive, Dusty swears they were ambushed. Spangler dies. An angry Holden doesn't believe Dusty and Margo wants to bring him in. At the police station, Dusty insists he is innocent and the real culprit is after Rose. Margo and Holden both come to the same conclusion: Barbara is responsible. Meanwhile, Barbara is all dressed up as she raises her glass in a toast to Paul.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

In Montana, the tension remains high between Mike and Jack. Mike blows off steam about Jack while Katie prepares a blessing ceremony for Carly, Jack and Sage. Carly gently reassures Jack and clears the way for Mike. A package arrives for Jack with a mysterious letter. As Mike blesses Carly, Jack, and Sage, Jack informs Carly they are officially divorced. Alison confides in Susan that Chris kissed her twice. She asks for Susan's help in maturing her look. Susan persuades Alison to play it cool with Chris. Meanwhile, Chris is shaken to discover that Walker considers Rick a suspect. Bob takes Gordo off patient care for the time being. Rick offers his resignation, but Bob refuses to accept it, insisting he trusts him. Rick presses Bob for information on the investigation. Bob glosses over Walker's interest in Decker but the doctor isn't fooled. Meanwhile, Chris confronts Walker about his suspicions. Alison overhears Chris express his concerns to Bob about Dr. Decker and corners Chris. She is frightened for her mother. Meanwhile, Rick tells Susan that Dr. Walker has it in for him. He tells her he can't go through this again. At the police station, Dusty calls Molly looking for help. Margo asks Hal to feel out Barbara about the kidnapping. Later, Barbara is ungenerous about Rose and that prompts Molly to go to Dusty's aid. Hal overhears Kim pressing Barbara about her attitude toward Rose. Barbara claims her innocence to Hal, who says he is merely checking up on her because of Paul's death. Meanwhile, Dusty wants Molly to lure McCann out of hiding. Molly plants a note at the Lakeview and McCann sees her do it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

At the country club pool, Bonnie surprises Isaac by inviting Sara to spend the day with them. Isaac is concerned that Bonnie is spending too much time with Sara and not enough with him but Bonnie insists that Sara needs a mentor. Bonnie even bought Sara a bathing suit and sunglasses.

Alison is upset and asks Chris to tell her the truth about the hospital investigation. She is alarmed that Rick my harm her mother or her. Chris explains that everyone who works at the hospital is under investigation. He then says he wants to talk about last night, mainly the kiss, but Alison remembers her mother's advice and plays it cool.

Susan asks Rick, "What do you mean you can't go through this again?" Rick explains that he was at a hospital in San Francisco where there was a serial killer. That person was never caught and Rick says it was a trying time for him. He says that everyone was a suspect and co-workers didn't trust each other. Although Susan sympathizes with him, she tells him that he looks suspicious with this information just coming out. Rick feels as if he may need to leave Memorial Hospital for the same reason he left his former hospital. However, there is one reason for him to stay and Susan convinces him to stick around.

Susan goes to see Bob and tells him she doesn't mind an investigation but she doesn't approve of a "witch hunt." She tells Bob that if Rick leaves, she'll leave too. Bob doesn't want that to happen and says he'll talk to Walker even though he knows that Walker's number one suspect is Rick.

Meanwhile, Walker accosts Ben at the nurses' station and asks him why he was taken off a case. Ben knows he is talking about Marshall's case but he gets irritated at the way he is approached. Bob and Susan witness this and Bob tells Walker that he wants to see him.

Susan talks to Alison and tells her she should get another job, perhaps at the mall. Alison wants to continue working at the hospital. She gets mad at Susan because she says she took her advice about being cool with Chris but Chris just walked away. Susan says she should act like a lady. Alison says, "I don't want to behave like a lady. I wanna be me." Just then red roses are delivered and Alison thinks they are for her but they soon realize that Rick sent them to Susan. Later, Chris comes over to Alison and asks her out to dinner. Alison tells Susan her advice worked.

Later, at the hospital, a gloved hand is shown taking a bottle of potassium chloride.

Mike tells Katie that he just wants to hold Sage. Katie finds a piece of paper with a sketch of a house on it. Mike explains that he wants extra room for Sage and he really hopes that Sage is his and if not, he'll leave Oakdale. Katie gets upset and walks away but Mike goes after her. She asks him if there is anything else in Oakdale to keep him there.

Jack had his mail forwarded to Montana and he gets notification that he and Carly are legally divorced. Jack says he forgot to stop the paperwork. Carly says she knows Jack loves her but the reality is that Sage could be Mike's and she doesn't want Jack to feel trapped taking care of two kids that aren't even his. She thinks that Sage will be a constant reminder of her mistake. Jack tells Carly that sometimes she is so stupid and he gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She accepts and they even ask Mike and Katie to stand up for them.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

At the hospital, Hal walks into Bob's office to have a talk. Dr. Gordon walks up to the door in time to hear Hal tell Bob that Dr. Gordon is their prime suspect, but all the evidence that they have is circumstantial. Chris Hughes walks up behind Dr. Gordon and asks, "What do you think you are doing?" Bob hears the two men talking and walks out and asks them what is going on. Dr. Gordon gives Bob some papers and says that he was bringing the charts to him. Bob and Hal walk back into Bob's office and Hal closes the door. Chris asks again, "What were you doing listening outside my dad's office door?" Dr. Gordon says that when the chief of staff is referring to him as a serial killer, he gets interested. Dr. Gordon starts to walks away and then he turns back to Chris. He says that he knows that Chris is taking Alison out tonight and he would like to know where going. Chris tells him that is none of his business. Dr. Gordon reminds Chris that he interrupted his date with Alison and he thought he would return the favor. Dr. Gordon walks away. Back inside Bob's office, Hal asks Bob if he can search the Doctor's lockers. Bob asks if he has a search warrant. Hal says that it would be quicker if he would give them permission. Bob tells him to do it. Hal and a policeman search the lockers. Bob comes in to find out how much longer they will be. Bob tells Hal that he is hearing some complaints that the lockers are being searched. As Hal is looking through a locker, he asks the policeman that is helping him to hand him an evidence bag. Hal pulls out a vial from doctor's coat and shows it to Bob. Bob asks, "Who has that locker?" Hal closes the locker door so Bob can see that the label on the door says Dr. Chris Hughes. Later, Hal goes to Bob's office, but Bob is not there. Hal gives Dr. Daniels a call and informs him as to what had been found. Hal tells Dr. Daniels that he does not suspect Chris as the murderer. Hal hangs up and Bob walks in his office. Hal tells Bob that he doesn't think that Chris is the killer, but he has to question him just the same. Hal asks Bob if he knows where Chris is and Bob tells him that he had a date with Alison tonight. Hal starts to walk out the door, but Bob stops him. Bob tells Hal that he wants to be present when Chris is questioned. Hal tells him that he will keep him informed.

Chris shows up at Alison's house with flowers. She is dressed up and has her hair pulled up. Chris tells Alison that she looks beautiful. Alison invites him in. Alison tells Chris that she will put the flowers in water and then they can take off. Chris tells her that he needs to change their plans. Alison is very hurt, but she asks if he has to work at the hospital. Chris tells her that things have been so crazy at the hospital and he needs some time alone. Alison suggests that they just stay in and order a pizza. At first, Chris tries to get out of it. Then he gives in. Later, Chris and Alison are full of pizza and playing video games. Chris thanks Alison for helping him to relax. They have a discussion about who the killer at the hospital could be. Chris asks Alison between Dr. Gordon and Ric, who does she think it could be. She says that she was hoping it was someone else altogether. Later, after Chris has left, Hal shows up looking for Chris. Alison tells him that he just left a few minutes ago. Hal asks, "Where was he going?" Alison tells him that he was going home. Hal starts to walk away and Alison stops him. Hal turns back to Alison and Alison with a big smile on her face says, "Isn't Chris the best?" Hal looks at the girl and says, "Goodnight Alison." Hal turns and walks away. After Alison has closed the door, Hal calls Bob. He tells Bob that Chris was not at Alison's and he is headed home. Bob asks Hal to wait and question Chris tomorrow at the hospital. Hal says that he can do that. Hal asks Bob not to say anything to Chris. Bob says to Hal, "My son is innocent." Hal says, "Goodnight Bob." The two men hang up.

Molly runs into McCann at the Oakdale Yacht Club. He tells her that he has a gun and he wants her to listen to him very carefully. McCann tells Molly that he knows where Lily and Rose are, but he needs some help. He says that whoever killed Spangler could be after him next. He asks Molly to go to the police and make a deal for him. He needs money to get lost and then he will give them the information that they are looking for. Molly tells him that she will need some information to prove that they are still alive. McCann says that he will get whatever information she wants. He tells her that the other day he heard them singing happy birthday. He warns her that if the police don't help him, he will leave town on his own and the two women will starve to death. He tells Molly to go. Molly slowly walks away. And then runs straight to the police station.

Jessica walks into the Oakdale Yacht Club. Dr. Daniels walks in behind her and asks, "Would it sound like a line if I asked if you come here often?" Jessica says, "Only if you are being insincere." Dr. Daniels explains that he is new in town and wondered if the food was worth waiting on. He introduces himself and tells her that he is working at Memorial Hospital. Jessica says that her fiancée also works at Memorial. At that moment, Ben walks in and jumps all over Dr. Daniels. He says that it is not enough that he accuses him of being a serial killer, but he has to follow him all over Oakdale. Ben rushes Jessica over to their table. Jessica tells Ben that he was being rude and she makes Ben go over to Dr. Daniels and apologize and invite him to join them. Ben goes over to Dr. Daniels and gets him to join them for lunch. Isaac joins them and they wait for Bonnie to show up for lunch. While they wait, Jessica explains to Dr. Daniels that Bonnie is her daughter and she is working at a shelter for abandoned and abused kids. Isaac looks over his shoulder to see Bonnie walk in with Sarah. Bonnie sends Sarah to sit at the table with Jessica and Ben and Isaac has a word with Bonnie. Bonnie apologizes for bringing Sarah. She tells Isaac that she looked so sad and she wanted to make her happy. Isaac tells her it is ok for now, but in the future; he wants it to be only them on their dates. Bonnie agrees and the two join everyone at the table. Sarah asks if everything is ok. Bonnie tells he not to worry and everything is ok because she is there. Bonnie bushes the girl's hair back and Sarah smiles at Bonnie. Later, Sarah comes back from freshening up and sees Jessica talking to Bonnie. When Jessica walks away, Sarah walks up to Bonnie and asks again if everything is ok. Bonnie tells her that she needs to stop asking that question. Sarah tells Bonnie that she has never had anyone believe in her like Bonnie does. Sarah tells Bonnie about a family that she lived with that had accused her of taking something. Bonnie tells her that must have hurt her. Sarah says that Bonnie would never treat a person like that. Bonnie says that she likes her and she likes spending time with her. Sarah and Bonnie go back to the table and join the others. After they are finished with dinner, everyone gets up to leave. Sarah sees that Dr. Daniels has left his PDA lying on the table. When the adults have left the table, she picks up the PDA and puts it in her purse.

At the police station, Dusty and Holden are going at it. Dusty reminds Holden that he is Holden's only hope. Holden tells Dusty that he is jealous of the life that he and Lily have. Dusty tells him that he is wrong. He says that he only came back to Oakdale for Barbara's money. Dusty suggests that Holden is jealous of him because he loved Lily first. Dusty looks at Holden and tells him to stop resenting him so they can find Rose and Lily. Holden turns and walks out of the interrogation room. Lucinda walks over to Holden and asks what happened with Dusty. Holden tells her that he may be going crazy, but Dusty is starting to make sense. Molly comes running into the police station. Margo walks over and Molly tells them that McCann made contact with her. She tells them that he has Lily and Rose and he wants to make a deal. The interrogation room door opens and Dusty walks out with a policeman. Molly sees him walk out. Molly tells Margo that she has to let Dusty go. Margo says that he is a suspect. Molly says that McCann told her that Dusty did not kill Spangler and whoever ordered the kidnapping, killed Spangler. Molly tells Margo that McCann doesn't want any money; he only wants a plea bargain. Margo gets the officers busy on the case. Molly says that she remembered one more thing. She tells Margo that McCann said he heard Lily and Rose singing happy birthday a few days ago. Lucinda looks at Holden. Holden, fighting back the tears, says, "It was my birthday a few days ago." Lucinda hugs Holden and says, "They're still alive." Molly and Margo get on the phone and Molly sets up a time to meet with McCann. When they hang up, Lucinda asks about proof that Lily and Rose are still alive. Margo says that McCann told them that he would bring proof when he and Molly meet. Everyone scatters to get ready for the meeting. Dusty and Molly are left alone. Dusty tells Molly that the one person he is worried about is the person that killed Spangler.

Rose tries to keep Lily's spirits up as they sit at the bottom of the well. Lily is fading in and out and Rose checks her temperature. Rose finds that Lily is burning up with a fever. McCann shows up and sends down a bucket. Rose, on the radio, tells McCann that Lily is burning up with a fever and they need to get her out of the well. McCann tells Rose that there is a newspaper in the bucket with a pen and he needs them to write something that will make their loved ones know that they are still alive. Rose, on the radio again, says that they will do that, but Lily needs help and now. There is no response from Spangler. Rose gives up and wakes Lily up again and tells her that she needs to write the best love letter of her life. After Lily and Rose write their notes, Lily asks Rose if she thinks they will be let go tonight. Rose says that she thinks they will. McCann calls the women on the radio and asks if they are finished. Rose puts the paper in the bucket and tells McCann that he can pull up the bucket. Rose asks if they are going to get out of the well soon. McCann says, "You will get out...." Rose tells him to say it again because he broke up. Then she hears him struggle. She hears him say, "Hey, don't do that. No, stop. Stop!!" Then there is a gunshot. Rose sees the bucket come flying back down in the well.

Friday, June 20, 2003

by Andy

Aaron feels Craig's hovering eyes as he and Lucy enjoy the pool at the country club. Aaron suggests to Lucy, that when Lily and Rose are home safe, they should get out of town to Dor County for a camping trip together. They get out of the pool and join Craig and Rosanna. Rosanna has an idea to buy a boat so the four of them could spend more time together bonding during the summer months. Aaron proposes his alternate idea of camping in northern Wisconsin. Craig has reservations, but then Aaron suggests they all take the trip together. Aaron and Lucy give Craig and Rosanna time to talk about this new idea. Later, Craig finds Aaron, Lucy, and Rosanna together and announces that he's rented a small camper for just the two of them. He and Rosanna won't be joining the kids on their vacation this time around. Aaron and Lucy are so excited that they rush off to make plans. With Craig, there's always a catch. He explains to Rosanna the camper walls are made entirely of mesh so they'll be protected from the bugs, and will be able to see out into the woods. Rosanna sees his plan, "And you'll be able to see IN just perfectly too." He revels, "Absolutely no privacy whatsoever." She seems OK with the plan, and suggests that they get home for an afternoon of romance.

Chris is called into his father's office for questioning. Hal and Dr. Daniels are also in the room. Hal shows Chris what they found in his locker yesterday. Chris admits he put the bottle in his locker all on his own. Everyone is shocked and they all demand an explanation. He says he was planning on planting the bottle on Gordo and wait for the police to find it, but he thought better of his idea. He planned to return the bottle to the pharmacy, but his locker was searched and the bottle was found first. They aren't impressed with his story, and Bob suspends his son from work for three days. On his way out the door, Dr. Daniels tells Chris to not go too far. After Chris leaves, Bob defends his son, but Hal and Dr. Daniels think Chris' story is pretty flimsy. Dr. Daniels discovers that his PDA is missing. Hal and Dr. Daniels leave to continue the investigation.

Rose tries to connect with anyone on the other end of the walkie-talkie, but no one responds. Meanwhile, Lily continues to fade in and out of consciousness. Another clump drops to the ground and Lily thinks the well will collapse when the blasting resumes tomorrow. Rose spies a pile of rocks, and she wants to try to climb out of the well.

Margo and Holden return to the station without meeting McCann. Lucinda demands to know what went wrong. Dusty is brought in from the holding area and suggests that "they" must have killed McCann. Holden grabs Dusty in a fit of rage and demands to know who "they" are, but Dusty has no idea. The cops break the two apart. Dusty says, "You blew it! Now you have NO chance at finding Lily or Rose." Molly and Lucinda want to get the story in the media, but Margo discourages the idea thinking it will only flood her office with thousands of false leads. Lucinda says, "False leads are better than no leads at all! We could offer a reward." Margo relents and lets them run the story in the media, but holds firm on her advice to not offer a reward.

Dusty is brought into the interrogation room so he can call his lawyer. He begs John to get Barbara down to the station. "I don't care what you gotta do to get her down her, but get her down here before it's too late!"

Alison walks into the employee locker room at the hospital and finds her mother cleaning up her area after the informal police raid. Alison tells her mother that Chris is being questioned right now. Susan tells her daughter that they found something in his locker, but she doesn't want to start any new rumors and won't tell Alison what they found. Dr. Decker walks in from around the corner and agrees with Susan. The two of them leave to begin their shifts. Alison mutters to herself, "If nobody will tell me what's going on, I'll just have to find out for myself." She finds Chris' open locker and starts to snoop around. Chris comes into the locker room, as Alison is about to leave. He's clearly shaken by his suspension and doesn't want to talk, but Alison presses him to confide in her. He blows up, and Alison retreats to give him space. But Chris apologizes and says he just did something stupid, got caught, and now he's suspended. Alison smiles, and says, "That's great!" Chris looks confused. She continues, "I do stupid stuff all the time. Now we have something in common." Suddenly the tension in the room is broken, and Chris smiles. He gently asks her for some space so he can figure things out. She agrees and says, "When you're ready to talk, I'm ready to listen." He's surprised at her newfound maturity. She leaves him alone, and he returns to his locker. He grabs the door, and slams it shut in disgust. Later, Hal meets up with Chris on his way out. Chris is angry because he wants to help reveal the identity of the killer, but Hal tells him to stay out of it, "or you'll spend the next three days in jail for tampering with an ongoing investigation. What's it gonna be?" Chris glares at Hal then storms out.

Babs arrives at the station and demands to know what Dusty wants because she doesn't have time for games. He coyly promises to let Barbara stay out of jail if Rose and Lily are returned. She feigns to consider his offer, then leans forward and says, "Here's the truth. I hope that Rose D'Angelo rots in hell." She's had enough, and turns to leave. But Dusty stops her in her tracks by accusing her of hiring James to arrange the kidnappings. She says she'll swear on her son's grave that she was not involved. Dusty says, "Then prove it. Call James." She says she won't ever get in touch with James again..."Not for her. Not for anyone!" She storms out of the room.

Kim directs traffic at the Snyder mansion as she prepares for Holden's on air plea for Lily and Rose. She looks at Holden and tells him to go change his clothes and shave. Lucinda breaks down in front of Kim because she feels that something is seriously wrong with Rose and Lily. Later, Holden begs on live TV for the safe return of his wife and Rose. A detective tells Margo, "We've got something, but the guy will only talk to you." They head for the staging area outside while Holden finishes up his speech. Around the corner, Margo listens to the caller: "McCann is with Barbara Ryan." Margo asks him a question, but the caller has already hung up. She rushes away after telling Lucinda there has been a break in the case.

Later, in Bob's office, he looks through the box of articles Hal collected from the locker room. He pulls out a date book or a journal and sits down to look at the contents. He is shocked after he reads a page marked with a tether. He picks up the phone and says, "It's me. I'd like to see you in my office right away."

Barbara meets Margo as she is knocking on Babs' front door. Barbara says, "To what do I owe this honor?" Margo says she needs to ask her a few questions because she has a new lead. Babs becomes petulant, "Somebody jaywalks in this town, and suddenly it's my fault?! Come on in. OK? Take a look around. I have nothing to hide! You will see there is nothing in here that will lead you to what happened to Rose and Lily...." Her voice trails off as they both discover McCann's lifeless body lying on Babs' couch. Margo takes his pulse, but finds none, and looks at Barbara.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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