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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on GH
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Sonny asked Michael repeatedly if he had seen anyone take Carly, but Michael's only response was "Mommy's gone." Jason asked Mike to make an announcement that the wedding was postponed. Mike asked Monica and Alan to offer their services as doctors. After examining Michael, Monica explained to Sonny that Michael was suppressing a traumatic memory and suggested a child psychologist at GH. Sonny thanked them and agreed to let Michael see the psychologist. Presuming one of Sonny's enemies had taken Carly, Alan remarked to Monica that Michael was suffering from Sonny's lifestyle. Courtney took Michael to GH. Jason went to Lorenzo's warehouse and held him at gunpoint, but Lorenzo gave a convincing argument proving he hadn't taken Carly. Jason and Sonny went to Ric's.

Ric taunted Carly in the secret room. When she fought him, he expressed concern for the baby. On the surveillance screens Ric saw the police at the door. He quickly changed into a robe and answered the door, pretending to have just awoken. He told Garcia that he and Liz had knocked over the phone while making love, but that they were both fine. Garcia insisted on coming inside to verify that the 911 call wasn't deliberate. Ric woke up Liz, who was still passed out on the couch. Ric made it appear as if they had consumed a bottle of wine to explain the groggy effect the drugs had on Liz. After the police left, Liz was surprised when Ric told her they had made love although she didn't remember it. Ric returned to the secret room. Carly fought her way into the living room, but fell to Ric again when she tripped and fell. Her screams could not be heard by Liz, who was in the shower. Back in the secret room, Ric told Carly about his plans to give her baby to Liz. Carly realized how truly disturbed Ric was and tried to convince him to let her go before Jason and Sonny kill him. Liz was startled to answer a knock at the door and find Jason and Sonny standing there. Ric observed their arrival on the screens.

Lucky changed Lydia's tire. Lucky seemed stricken by her and teased her about being spoiled. Later after running into Nikolas and Emily, Lydia remarked that a commoner named Lucky had come to her assistance. Nikolas informed Lydia that Lucky was his brother. Nikolas and Emily's dislike of Lydia grew as they realized she was a snob. Lydia told Stefan that Nikolas was lovestruck by Emily. Likewise, one of Stefan's hired spies reported that Nikolas had accompanied Emily to Jason's wedding and that they were outwardly affectionate toward one another.

Summer visited Luke in the hospital. He told her he was heartbroken not crazy and convinced her that if she untied his restraints he would leave everyone alone. Once free, he told Summer he would find Laura and asked her to get the information on her whereabouts from Lucky. Summer seduced Lucky and then got him to slip that Laura was at Ferncliff. Lucky immediately realized her scam. Summer met Luke and told him that Laura was at Ferncliff and to be careful, but apparently Lucky and Summer were working together to trick Luke. Luke stopped at Wyndemere to warn Stefan that he would be coming back to finish him.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Jason searched the house while Liz told Sonny that Ric had nothing to do with Carly's disappearance. Ric gagged Carly and slipped back into the living room. Ric pretended to be surprised about Carly's disappearance, but Sonny and Jason didn't believe him. They left but vowed to return.

While Liz went to get take-out, Ric seized the opportunity to visit Carly again. He untied her and asked her to be calm for the baby's sake. Carly tried to hit him but Ric easily overpowered her. Carly vowed to kill Ric herself if Sonny's didn't after this was all over.

Courtney tried to get through to Michael but could not get any information about who took Carly. Michael continued to say nothing but "Mommy's gone." Sonny arrived and asked to see Michael. The doctor warned him that pressing Michael for information could make him retreat further. Sonny gently asked Michael to help by remembering what he saw, but Michael gave him no answers. Frustrated but calm, Sonny hugged Michael and promised to bring Carly back. Sonny prayed for help finding Carly just as Carly prayed for Sonny to find her.

Nikolas told Stefan and Lydia that their plan was transparent and wouldn't work. Stefan ordered Lydia that she must get Nikolas to take her into town tonight if their plan was to work. Nikolas took Lydia to Kelley's, while Stefan forged an emergency message from Nikolas to Emily to being her to Wyndemere. Once there, he told Emily that the Cassadine fortune was at stake and to please let Nikolas go. Emily refused, insisting that Nikolas made his own choices. Stefan became stern and warned Emily that he would not ask her again. Emily told Nikolas about her encounter with Stefan.

Luke snuck around Ferncliff looking for information. He turned into a room and the door closed behind him, locking him in. He pounded at the door but no one answered. Finally, Cameron came in with an orderly and told Luke that Lucky had agreed to have him committed. Summer went to visit Luke, but would not succumb to Luke's pleas to help him escape. Luke became frantic and the orderly came in to escort Summer out. Summer was visibly shaken to witness Luke in such a state.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Gia spots Scott at Kelly's and demands to know what happened to her brother. The District Attorney insists that Taggert took a job in Portland because Scott was cracking down on corruption in the police department and there were too many complaints that Marcus was too rough during interrogations, and hassled too many people. Meanwhile, at the Quartermaine Mansion, Monica tries to convince Zander to give Emily some space. But both Monica and Zander are stunned when Emily arrives and announces that she and Nikolas are planning on getting married. Meanwhile, at Wyndemere, Lydia apologizes profusely to Nikolas for throwing herself at him. The heiress admits that it was all Stefan's idea to throw them together. After Nikolas leaves, Stefan informs Lydia that he does NOT appreciate Lydia's new approach, but Lydia reminds Stefan that the only thing that counts is for NIKOLAS to appreciate Lydia's efforts! Nikolas arrives at the Quartermaine Mansion just as Zander and Monica are trying to absorb the news of Emily's engagement. Although Nikolas is equally surprised by Emily's announcement, Nikolas nevertheless backs up Emily's story. Zander sadly tells Emily goodbye and leaves. However, as Monica watches the dejected Zander head for the door, Monica urges her daughter to go tell Zander the truth, but Emily refuses. Monica warns Emily that, by inflicting so much pain on someone she loves, Emily will end up making herself sicker and make it more difficult for Emily to conquer the cancer! Afterward, Nikolas assures Emily of his continued support as they talk about old times, and, after vowing to remain only friends, the two leave for Emily's chemotherapy treatment. Meanwhile, Zander meets Gia at Kelly's. As Zander reports that his ex is now engaged to her ex, Lydia overhears and rushes to Stefan with the news. Gia and Zander declare themselves "The Losers Club" and head to Gia's place to toast their mutual misery. As they compare notes on lost love, Zander and Gia share a kiss. Meanwhile, Stefan assures Lydia that Nikolas will NEVER marry Emily! Stefan tracks Nikolas down at the Hospital and forbids Nikolas to marry Emily, just as Emily returns from her chemotherapy treatment!

Meeting Mac at Kelly's, Georgie tries to guilt the Police Commissioner into letting up on Dillon's Community Service, but Mac refuses to relent. As Dillon washes windows at Kelly's as part of his Community Service, Georgie offers her sympathy. Later, Mac orders Maxie to get a summer job and warns Georgie to stay away from Dillon. As the girls complain about their mother being gone, Mac reminds them that Mariah needs Felicia right now. After Mac leaves, Kyle arrives and Maxie orders Kyle to get lost. Kyle finally prevails in getting Maxie to listen to him and Kyle finally explains that Mac came to school after Kyle had invited Maxie to the Prom and Mac threatened to send Kyle to prison unless Kyle dumped Maxie. Kyle finally convinces Maxie that he is telling her the truth and Maxie challenges Kyle to defy her Dad by going out with her. But Kyle suggests that, instead, they slip off to a different town for a date. After Dillon finishes his community service, Maxie assumes the motorcycle parked at the curb belongs to Dillon and goes for a ride with him. However, when they return, the bike's owner leaves Kelly's and asks WHY his motor is warm. Dillon denies knowing anything about the bike and Georgie backs up Dillon's denial! When Mac returns, Maxie blasts him for threatening to send Kyle to jail if Kyle did not dump Maxie. But Mac protests that Kyle used Maxie just to win a bet and that, in Mac's opinion, Maxie deserves someone who treats her with more respect than Kyle has ever shown!

At the Hospital, Michael has a nightmare about Ric grabbing Carly, but, when Sonny wakes Michael up, Michael says only that he can NOT remember what he saw in his dream. Meanwhile, Jason waylays Faith on the Docks and, getting her in a choke-hold, Jason demands to know where Faith stashed Carly! Although Faith denies knowing anything about Carly, Jason warns Faith that, if she values her life, Faith will report to Jason or Sonny if Faith hears anything about Carly. Later, Jason reports to Sonny that he believes that Faith, the Five Families and even Alcazar are NOT involved in Carly's disappearance. Jason suggests that Sonny go to the police for help in searching for Carly. Later, Scott arrives at the hospital and Sonny appeals to Scott for help in locating his missing wife. However, Scott reminds Sonny that Scott has offered his help many times in the past, but Sonny has always refused to cooperate with the police! Scott reminds Sonny of all the evil Sonny dished out to Scott's daughter, Karen, when Sonny kept the girl hooked on drugs and stripping for him. Scott theorizes that Carly has just run off again to get more attention. When Scott sarcastically suggests that maybe Carly is looking for a trailer park to give birth in, Sonny attacks Scott and threatens to kill him. Scott tells Sonny that the D.A. will NOT press assault charges against Sonny THIS time ~ but the next time either Jason or Sonny touches Scott, Scott will throw the book at both of them! Courtney suddenly appears and announces that Michael has remembered something and Jason and Courtney race back to Michael's room. Michael tells Jason and Carly that he remembers there was a man there, but can't remember what he looked like.

In Ric's Panic Room, Carly tries to find a way to defeat the prison-style shackles Ric had provided for her. Then, Carly realizes that she can pry loose some of the metal netting holding up her mattress and goes to work, trying to pry open the lock on the leg shackle. Meanwhile, on the monitor, Carly watches as Liz announces to Ric that she just took a pregnancy test but it was negative. Ric assures Liz that he does NOT want her to put any pressure on herself, but Liz confides that she loves seeing the paternal side of Ric come out. Liz guesses that something is bothering her husband ~ and that it probably has something to do with Sonny. But Ric assures his wife that he is fine. When Liz leaves to visit her grandmother, Ric checks on his prisoner and suspects that Carly is up to something. Carly distracts Ric by reminding Ric of the way Ric is fooling his wife and predicts that Liz will leave Ric as soon as Liz discovers what Ric has done this time. Ric reminds Carly that, since it was SONNY who caused Liz's miscarriage, it is Sonny who owes Liz a baby in exchange for the baby who was lost! Carly asks what will happen if Liz IS pregnant again and Ric assures his prisoner that he has thought of everything ~ and Ric leaves. When the doorbell rings, Ric admits a very agitated Faith, who reports that Jason is threatening Faith unless she comes up with a tip on Carly's whereabouts. But Ric again denies knowing anything and insists that Ric is honoring the truce between Sonny and himself. Faith warns Ric that Jason Morgan is like a wild animal! A member of Jason's pack is missing and Jason will NOT rest until he finds her! Faith urges Ric to give Carly back to Sonny and throw himself on his brother's mercy. But Ric just orders Faith to leave. Later, Faith runs into Liz on the Docks and accuses Ric of snatching Carly! Meanwhile, Ric returns to the Panic Room and realizes that Carly has slipped out of her bonds. Carly hits Ric on the back of the head, then runs to the phone in the living room and dials Sonny. But Ric recovers and heads for Carly, just as Sonny picks up his phone and hears Carly's voice!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Emily and Nikolas run into Stefan in the hospital. He tells them that he will not permit Nikolas to marry her. Nikolas plays hardball with Stefan and threatens to have him sent away from the family and back to Greece if he doesn't stop interfering in his life. Stefan changes his tune quickly and congratulates them on their engagement. He offers to give them an engagement party. Nikolas and Emily are weary of having a party so soon. They agree to let him throw the engagement party for them on the condition that he can invite Lucky to his party. Stefan is against that idea at first but Nikolas refuses to go to the party if Lucky isn't invited so Stefan agrees to let him come. Nikolas and Emily run into Lucky and Summer. Summer had told Lucky that she didn't want to lose him because of his father's problems. Lucky believes her. Lucky is surprised when Nikolas and Emily announce their engagement. Nikolas invites him to their engagement party being thrown by Stefan. Lucky tells them he will go as long as Summer can come as his date. Nikolas agrees to let her come and is polite to her. Gia and Zander show up on the docks shortly after sharing a kiss that Zander pulls away from and tells her that he can't be with her as long as he is still in love with Emily and only wants to be friends. Gia and Zander act polite to Emily and Nikolas and Zander congratulates Nikolas and shakes his hand. He makes a remark to Emily that everything seems to be working out the way it is suppose to be for her. Emily is sad when she sees Zander and Gia walk off together. Later, Gia walks onto the docks and overhears Nikolas and Emily talking. Emily feels pale and starts to feel nauseous and mentions the breast cancer to Nikolas. Gia also finds out that the engagement is not for real and that Nikolas is protecting her and helping her keep Zander away to keep him from finding out about the cancer. Gia goes back to Zander's place but instead of telling him the truth about Emily's condition she lies and tells him that she overheard Nikolas and realizes that he always loved Emily and was waiting for her to grow up a little so he could be with her someday. Zander feels bad for Gia and comforts her. Nikolas brings Emily back home. She thanks him for helping her out by pretending to be in love with her and going along with the engagement. He tells her he is happy to help her through this but notices how sad she is still and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she still loves Zander and always will and how hard it is to hurt him like this.

Alexis posing as "Dobson" goes through the Quartermaine mail. She finds an envelope addressed to Skye from some parent/baby organization that helps with development and baby/parent bonding. Dobson starts to tear up the envelope and hide it behind "his" clothes but Skye catches him and makes "him" give it to her. Ned comes into the room and Skye tells on him. Ned warns Dobson about spying for Edward or he plans to tell Lila on him and she is the boss in the house over Edward. Dobson hands him the rest of the mail and leaves the room but listens at the door to overhear their conversation. She can't believe the nerve of Skye to act like she is Kristina's mother and get Ned to agree to some parent/baby bonding class. Ned thinks the class is a great idea but tells Skye that it would be better if Alexis was notified of this class first and what she thinks first before going ahead. Alexis is pleased by Ned's concern for her feelings and that Skye didn't get her way. While Dobson is tending to the plants, a cell-phone starts ringing. Ned and Skye realize it isn't theirs so they figure it has to be Dobson's phone ringing. Dobson doesn't answer the phone and tells them that he is on duty and will call the person back when he has a break next. Ned tells him he can answer it now if he wants. Alexis waits until Ned and Skye leave with the baby then answers her cell-phone. It is Stefan on the other end. He asks her what is wrong with her voice since she answered with a deep voice, pretending to be Dobson. Alexis tells him she is fine and it was just her connection at first. Stefan demands that she come right over to Wyndemere. She tells him she is working right now and will come by later. Stefan tells her it is very urgent and he needs to speak with her. Dobson heads out of the mansion but is stopped by Skye who heads back in the house for something she forgot. She asks him what he thinks he is doing. Later, Alexis shows up and finds out that Stefan didn't need her for any kind of emergency. He tells her that Nikolas and Emily are engaged and that he is against it but has to not alienate them further and so he is showing his support by throwing them a party and he needs her help in getting Nikolas and Emily to not feel alienated by him anymore. Alexis tells him to stop interfering in Nikolas' life and that would be a start and that Nikolas loves him and won't cut him off if he hasn't already.

Liz has a run-in with Faith on the docks on her way home. Faith tells her that Ric kidnapped Carly and that he wouldn't have done that if she had not lost the baby. Liz tells her that Ric did no such thing and to stay out of their lives. Faith grabs her by the arm to stop her from leaving. Lucky shows up and catches Faith and tells her to go away. Faith makes a remark about needing Ric if she has Lucky around to protect her. After Faith leaves Lucky asks her what she has gotten herself into now by being married to Ric. He feels protective of her and worries about her safety and whether to trust Ric after what he has done. He tells her that revenge isn't easy to just stop and that people do things for revenge that they never thought they would do. Liz thanks him for his concern but defends Ric and tells him that he stopped his vendetta against Sonny when he fell in love with her. Lucky wishes her the best in her new life. Meanwhile, Ric comes into the panic room and is caught off guard by Carly who comes up behind him and hits him over the head with something and runs out of the room to get help. She runs to the phone and calls Sonny on his cell-phone. Sonny answers while he is at G.H. and hears Carly yelling in the phone for him to help her. Ric gets to her before she can tell him who has her and the phone disconnects. Ric holds her down and drags her into the panic room, kicking and screaming. Later, Ric brings in a tray with food for her to eat. Carly refuses to eat it. Ric gets impatient with her and tells her that the baby needs nourishment but Carly refuses to eat the food. He tells her that the baby will be his and Liz's not hers after the baby is born. Carly refuses to eat it. She upsets him when she mentions that the person he will answer to as well as Sonny is Liz, who will leave him when she finds out what he has done and that Liz can't handle any problems like this since she couldn't handle Jason's life either. Carly watches the monitor and sees Liz on her way inside the front door. When Ric opens the panic room to exit, Carly runs over to the doorway quickly and hollers loudly to Liz to get her attention. Liz comes into the house and asks Ric what that noise was. Ric feigns ignorance. Liz tells him that she thought she heard someone yell her name but thinks maybe she just imagined it. Ric notices she is tense and asks her what is wrong. She tells him about her run-in with Faith and how Faith accused him of being Carly's kidnapper and how it was her fault for what happened with the baby. Ric distracts Liz with his touches and she soon forgets about the yelling she thought she heard. Later, Ric goes in to check on Carly in the secret room. He insists she eat her lunch and hands a sandwich to her. Carly hurls the plate at him and tells him that she will starve herself and her baby to keep him from having Sonny's baby. Liz comes into the room and sees no sign of Ric. She calls out to him but there is no answer. Liz turns on the t.v. and hears a report about Carly's kidnapping. She turns the t.v. off and is disturbed by what is going on.

Meanwhile, Michael tells Jason and Courtney that he remembers some man taking Carly away but can't describe him. Courtney tries to get him to tell her more but Michael freezes up and can't say more. Jason tells him that he will tell him when he can find the words someday. Lorenzo Alcazar finds Michael's psychiatrist and introduces himself as an associate of Sonny's and asks her what she can tell him about what happened with Michael and Carly. The doctor tells him she can't tell him any details about Michael's treatment but only when and where it happened. Alcazar talks to his right-hand man about what he found out about Carly's kidnapping. He tells him that he is positive that Ric kidnapped Carly since they had been in the house around the time the kidnapping happened and Ric's wife was unconscious from an apparent overdose. He realizes that he can use this to his advantage by either coming to Sonny's rescue or Ric's rescue. Sonny sees Michael before heading home. He agrees with Jason that Michael would be better off at home than in the hospital. Jason and Courtney talk to Michael's doctor, who advises against releasing Michael but tells them that Michael is free to go either way. Jason and Courtney bring him home. Sonny talks to the press and puts up a $3million reward for information about Carly's kidnapping. Scott hears about it and isn't pleased with Sonny going to the press and making him look bad. Sonny tells him that Carly didn't run off and was kidnapped. Scott tells him that he deserves this as payback for what kind of life he leads but doesn't feel that Carly deserves being kidnapped and offers to help Sonny. Sonny is reluctant to let him help him. Jason and Courtney show up with Michael. Scott sees Michael and the shock he is obviously in and feels a touch of remorse for him and leaves. Michael wakes up and realizes he is home but looks around for a sign of Carly. Sonny realizes who he is looking for and tells him that Carly isn't there but they will find her soon and that Carly called them to let them know she is alright. Michael tells him that she is still gone though. Jason and Courtney leave the penthouse. Jason's cell-phone rings and he answers it. It is Alcazar's right-hand man, telling him that he will tell him where Carly is if he gives him the $3 million up front and meets with him. Jason asks him if he has Carly but Alcazar stabs him in the back and kills him before he can say more. Alcazar disconnects the phone. He tells his former goon that he will not allow any of his men to get the reward when he needs to use this kidnapping to his advantage.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Dobson asks Edward for the evening off and tells him he has to go to something important tonight. Edward reluctantly agrees to it as long as Dobson can be relied on to keep spying on Skye and giving him updates on her activities. Afterwards, Dobson eavesdrops when she hears Skye and Ned come in the house. She doesn't like it when Skye thanks Ned for changing his mind and allowing her to attend the baby/parent bonding class with him. Alexis calls Cameron over to the mansion. He can't believe she called him over with her get-up on and asks her what she wants from him now. She tells him what she overheard Skye telling Ned and how it needs to stop. Cameron hangs around and waits to see Skye. Skye sees him and isn't pleased he is there. He tells her that Dobson called him with some concerns about her recent behavior with Kristina. Skye tries to dismiss him but he won't allow her to. He tells her that she needs to hear some things from him. He accuses her and Ned of conspiring to keep Alexis out of decisions concerning her daughter. Ned comes downstairs and denies that he is trying to shut Alexis out of Kristina's life. Cameron tells him that it doesn't seem that way to Alexis and the fact that he invited Skye to a parent/child bonding class without telling Alexis is one way he is doing that. Ned doesn't see any harm in allowing Skye to come with him to a class with the baby. Cameron reminds Skye that Alexis is Kristina's only mother and she shouldn't get too attached to Kristina. Ned and Skye play with Kristina on the floor in the living room. While they are picking up the room, Ned gets amorous with Skye and the two make out on the couch. Edward comes in the room and is disgusted with what he sees as being "practically incest."

Zander asks Lucky to meet him at the park. When Lucky gets there he asks him what he can help him with. Zander tells him his concerns about Emily and Nikolas' engagement and how soon it came about. Lucky tells him that Nikolas has always cared about Emily and that he may have just realized he was in love with her when she returned home. Zander doesn't doubt that Nikolas could have fallen in love with her since he is but wonders how Emily could fall in love with Nikolas so quickly when she was just with him not too long ago. Lucky doesn't know what is going on but accepts that Emily and Nikolas are engaged. Meanwhile, Emily runs into Gia on the docks. Gia confronts her about her cancer secret and why she is engaged to Nikolas. Emily doesn't deny that she is using Nikolas to push Zander out of her life to keep him from being hurt by her cancer. Gia tells her she didn't tell Zander about her cancer and that the reason why is because she is falling for Zander and as soon as he found out about her cancer he would run to Emily and she wouldn't have a chance with him. Emily tells her she is all for a romance between Zander and her. Gia asks her why she didn't tell Zander and give him the choice of how to respond to the news. Zander comes over and asks about what "choice" they are referring to. Emily quickly comes up with something about the choice being whether he wants to come to her engagement party or not at Wyndemere. He tells her it would be hypocritical of him to go to her party and declines the invitation and walks off with Gia. At Wyndemere, Stefan meets with his hitman and tells him that Emily's death must look like an accident and that no mistakes can be made and that the fog outside will help with the "accident." Lydia comes in the room later and complains about Nikolas' engagement ruining her chances at inheriting a fortune if she doesn't marry him. Stefan assures her that the marriage won't happen. Nikolas arrives home and Lydia makes a remark about him "breaking her heart." Nikolas just looks at them and wonders what they are up to. They meet the launch at the estate and greet Lucky, Summer, and Emily. Luke shows up after escaping from Ferncliff. He hides in the bushes near the main gate. Stefan meets Summer and holds out a hand to shake Lucky's to show his acceptance of him as Nikolas' brother and guest. Lucky shakes his hand. Luke watches with disgust. Summer drops her scarf on the ground and when she bends over and grabs it, she spots Luke in the bushes but doesn't say anything. Later, Summer returns to the gate and calls out to Luke. He gets upset with her when she tells him she doesn't know where Laura is being treated. Luke doesn't believe that Lucky hasn't told her the whereabouts of Laura since he loves her and trusts her. Summer tells him she doesn't know anything. Luke starts to shake her and threatens to throw her over the cliff onto the deadly rocks below if she doesn't tell him. Emily gets a call from Zander pretending to Jason. He tells her he needs to speak with her in private and she agrees to meet him at Wyndemere. She goes to the main entrance to wait for him and witnesses Luke grabbing Summer and threatening her. She interrupts them and asks Luke what he is doing here. Luke realizes Summer won't tell him anything and vows to find his wife. He storms off. Stefan's hitman waits behind the bushes for a chance to kill Emily but she talks to Summer about what happened. She advises Summer not to get in the middle of Luke and the Cassadine war. Summer thanks her for her advice. Emily wonders what is taking Zander so long to meet her and walks off to go look for him since the fog is very thick and it is hard to see in front of her. A few seconds later, the hitman strikes and pushes one of the woman over the bluff onto the rocks below. Alexis shows up late for the party. Scott and two cops show up to question them about whether they have seen Luke or not since he escaped from Ferncliff and he expects him to show up here since he is after the Cassadines. Nikolas goes outside near the main entrance. Luke overhears him talking to Laura's new doctor and telling him that he is going to have her transferred to a hospital in Switzerland as soon as possible and makes arrangements. A security guard comes over and tells Nikolas that a woman fell down into the bluff. Nikolas goes to find out what happened. Stefan and everyone are informed about what happened and rush to the top of the bluff. Nikolas worries that it is Emily. Stefan is pleased that a woman fell into the bluff and that it is most likely Emily who had disappeared from the party. Zander shows up and finds out that Emily is missing and a woman was heard screaming and fell over the cliff. He tells everyone that he was suppose to meet with her to talk but he didn't see her. Nikolas tells Lucky he knows how to get to the bottom of the bluff and shows him the way. Emily shows up at the top of the cliff and a relieved Zander holds her close. Stefan is dismayed to see she is alive and wonders who really fell off the bluff. Lucky and Nikolas show up down at the bottom of the cliff and find Summer's unconscious body down near the rocks. Lucky goes over to try to wake her up. Nikolas checks her pulse and tells Lucky that she is dead. Lucky is devastated. Luke tries to leave Wyndemere but is stopped by Scott and the cops.

Ric waits until Liz is not in the room and goes to check on Carly and give her a lunch of pizza. Carly refuses to eat it and instead taunts him about his plan backfiring and how he will lose Liz forever when she finds out what he has done. Ric tries to hide his unease by telling her that Liz will never find out. Liz walks into the living room and calls to Ric, who doesn't answer. The phone rings and it is Lorenzo Alcazar. He asks her if Ric is home but she tells him he isn't. He asks her if she is doing ok. She tells him she is fine. He tells her that the last time he saw her she was a little indisposed. Liz wonders what he means by that but dismisses it for now. He tells her that he has a matter of mutual interest to discuss with Ric and would like him to call him back when he gets home. Carly eyes the pizza and decides she is too hungry not to eat it. Ric checks on her later and sees she ate the pizza and is pleased that he won that battle. Carly tells him not to get too smug and reminds him that what he is doing is crazy and tries to appeal to him by using Liz to get through to him and try to get him to let her go. Ric refuses to change his plans and tells her that Sonny deserves to lose his child just like he made Liz lose theirs. Carly tells him he is twisted and won't get away with this. Ric asks her to stop mentioning Liz's name to him anymore. Carly taunts him and whispers Liz's name in a chant to bother him. Liz returns home and calls out to Ric. Ric comes in the living room and tells her he just came from the woods where he had some business to take care of and the place allows him to work better. Liz mentions Alcazar's phone call and how it disturbed her. Ric tells her that Alcazar probably didn't mean anything by what he said. Liz accepts it. Ric gives her a gun when she tells him she has to go to some gallery to meet with someone. She refuses to take the gun for protection but he tells her that with Carly's kidnapping it would ease his mind if she took the gun with her. Liz agrees to take it. Ric calls Alcazar on the phone. Alcazar asks him to meet with him on the docks. Ric meets him there. Meanwhile, Scott shows up at the penthouse to question Sonny. Courtney brings Michael in the kitchen to have dinner. Scott mentions the murder of one of Alcazar's men on the docks and accuses them of killing him because of Carly's kidnapping. Sonny and Jason tell him he has no proof of them killing anyone. Scott gets a call on his cell-phone and has to leave. Sonny and Jason try to decide how to get Scott out of their lives. Sonny wants to kill him but Jason tells him he isn't worth the price of the bullets. Jason suggests they get one of their judges on the payroll to get him fired as D.A. Sonny suggests that Scott may lead them to where Carly is being held. Sonny theorizes that Alcazar kidnapped Carly and that one of his men betrayed him to get the reward money so Alcazar killed him. Jason thinks that if Alcazar had kidnapped Carly he would let them know to get what he wants from them. Jason tells him that only one person would do this to hurt him by kidnapping Carly and that would be Ric. Michael eavesdrops and hears Jason mention Ric as a suspect. Jason decides to go to Ric's place and look around. Later, Jason shows up at Ric's house. Carly sees him on the monitor and begs him to find her. Jason gets into the house and no one is there except her. Jason looks around and is about to leave the house when Carly gets upset and tries to get his attention. She takes the metal food tray and smashes it into the monitor. The sparks from the monitor hit the tray she is holding and she gets an electric shock and falls to the floor unconscious. The electricity in the house goes out and this gets Jason's attention. He calls out to Carly but gets no answer. Liz enters the house and points a gun at Jason and threatens to use it if he moves. At the penthouse, Courtney reads a story to Michael. Michael starts to remember more about Carly's kidnapping and remembers it was Ric who took her. He tells Courtney what he remembers. At the docks, Ric meets with Alcazar. Lorenzo tells him that he knows that he kidnapped Carly. He blackmails him into working with him or he will tell Sonny what he knows. Ric agrees to work with him and tells him that he isn't concerned about Carly but that it is the baby he cares about. Sonny and Max show up and confront them. Max holds a gun on them and Sonny tells them that he knew it was one of them who kidnapped his wife but he never realized they would be working together.

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