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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 16, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, June 16, 2003

Mimi and Rex return from dropping Rolf off at the morgue. Rex tells Mimi how much he appreciated her help today. Rex and Mimi start to make love for the first time but Tony interrupts them. As Mimi hides between the sheets, Rex is confronted in the hallway by Tony, who admits he's found Rex's laser. Rex tells Tony he created a laser that makes diamonds. Intrigued, Tony tells Rex to keep this information to himself. After Tony leaves, Mimi and Rex start to make love.

Earlier, Tony visits Sami but leaves, uncomfortable, after she wakes. He later interrupts Cassie making a play for Lucas. Lucas rejects Cassie saying she's a little girl who's not ready for a guy like him.

After okaying it with Shawn, Belle agrees to attend Victor's party with Philip. Tek gives Philip the details of the night's mission. The ISA wants Philip to keep an eye out for Maya, the successful art/antiques dealer. Belle becomes suspicious when she finds Tek and Philip together, but they cover, saying Tek has come to give Philip his dress blues. Tek equips Philip with a communicator, and Philip and Belle, dressed to the nines, head out for the party.

Shawn arrives at Mickey's office to take Maya to a meeting. Maya comes on to Shawn and invites him to a party that evening, but he politely puts her off.

Also, Bo and Hope reminisce about past experiences on the Fancy Face as they prepare the boat for sale. They later decide to give the boat one last hurrah and visit the cabin on the island. They set sail.

Nicole finds a John Doe that will suit her plan. It's none other than Rolf, who Rex and Mimi dropped off at the morgue earlier. She manages to get Rolf to the Kiriakis Stables where Victor almost catches her.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

by Joan

Still trying not to sell the Fancyface - Hope offered her trust fund to finance their bounty hunting business. But Bo's reasoning made her realize she had everything as long as she had Bo, and agreed to sell the boat.

Nicole was having a one-way conversation with Rolf's body as she put him on ice in the stables. But she was surprised to find Brady listening just outside. Suspicious about a sound coming from the stall, Brady ended up with a torn shirt as Nicole stopped him. When he accidentally tore her dress in turn - Victor walked in. Relatively satisfied with their excuses, Victor left them. The two accused one another of knowing nothing about love. Nicole offered to help Brady forget Chloe with a little booze - and Brady called Nicole a whore for marrying Victor for his money.

At University Hospital, Roman expressed surprise that Kate was standing by him despite her ill feelings towards Sami. Finding Lucas in Sami's room, Roman tried to calm Sami down as she realized she couldn't speak. Outside her room, Kate tried unsuccessfully to make Lucas understand that Tony might eventually turn on him. Arriving to see his sister, Rex was challenged by Roman - who couldn't understand Rex's interest in Sami. Mimi overheard Roman telling Kate that he didn't like Rex. At Sami's bedside, Mimi told Rex what she'd heard while Sami appeared to be sleeping.

Afterwards - as they spent time outdoors, Mimi was about to make a wish on a star - when Rex offered her one - a large unpolished diamond, saying he wanted her to become part of his life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Belle waits for Philip outside of the Kiriakis mansion, while Philip coordinates with John and Tek in a surveillance van. Philip will keep in touch with John via an earpiece. At the party, Philip asks Belle to pull Tony aside in a conversation. Philip then follows Maya to the study where Victor warns her about Tony. Victor catches his son spying, but Philip covers. As Victor moves into the study for a tête-à-tête with Maya, Philip crawls up into a crawlspace to eavesdrop through an air duct. He is soon dismayed to discover Belle followed him. He tries to get her out of there, but her dress gets snagged. Philip can't rip the dress to free her without drawing Tony and Maya's attention. Belle is shocked when Philip tells her to take off her dress!

Earlier, Cassie argues with Belle, furious that Belle is dating Philip. Belle insists they're just friends, but Cassie thinks Belle is leading Shawn on. Cassie decides to teach Belle a lesson. She learns Belle is supposed to meet Shawn at Lookout Point. Cassie surprises Shawn and propositions him!

Brady changes his mind, decides to attend Victor's party. At the door, he overhears Victor calling Nicole a murderess. Victor covers smoothly. When Nicole slips out of the party, Brady follows her to the stables and almost catches her tending to Rolf's corpse. Nicole panics. The only way she can cover is by stunning Brady with a deep kiss! Brady pulls back, disgusted, and tells Nicole to get her life together. Angry, Nicole briefly contemplates using Brady's body instead of Rolf's. Later, Victor asks Brady to move into the mansion so he won't be alone. Spying Nicole, Brady agrees. Nicole reacts, unhappy. We learn later that Victor engineered getting Chloe out of Salem and away from Brady.

Shawn is stunned when he finds out Bo and Hope are selling the Fancy Face, but realizes it's best for Bo and Hope. After Shawn leaves for Lookout Point, Bo and Hope relive some of those memories in an emotional montage. They make love.

Mimi and Rex have made love for the first time. Mimi is in heaven, especially when Rex says he loves her. Mimi loves him too! Rex sings her praises. Mimi feels like the luckiest girl in the world! (if she just didn't feel so guilty about that dead body they ditched in the morgue...)

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Nicole is determined to keep Brady out of the stables and out of her house. She finds him swimming in the pool and lets him know, in no uncertain terms, that he is being in appropriate and she doesn't want him living in the mansion. Brady pretty much tells her to deal with it, Victor invited him and he is staying. Nicole gets a phone call from Larry letting her know that he is moving to the maximum prison the next day and gives her the number of a guy that can help her move Rolf's body. Brady overhears her mention the stables and prepares to find out what she is hiding. Nicole panics and jumps in the pool, yelling for Brady to save her. He knows she can swim and is just goofing, but his nice guy conscience comes into play and he jumps in to "save" her. Once Nicole gets on hard ground, Brady returns to his original mission and the stables. Nic tries to get him to stop claiming she hurt her ankle, but he doesn't buy it. He gets to the stables and looks around, but not finding anything. Just as he begins to open the door where Rolf is laying, Nicole stops him. Brady again asks her what she is hiding, she admits he caught her and prepares to tell her secret.

Belle's dress gets caught as she follows Philip, he tells her that the only way is to unzip the dress and she can crawl out of it. Belle isn't happy about the situation but is claustrophobic and agrees. She is embarrassed to be seen in her skimpy slip, Philip notices her attire and she turns her head. Belle tries to get comfortable in the small area and hits the air vent; Tony and Maya hear the noise and wonder what it is. Philip suggests they go back inside and leave the party. They sneak down the stairs and are almost caught by Victor. Belle hides in the closet; Philip explains his dirty shirt to his father by lying about his car breaking down. Victor continues searching for Nicole and Philip finds Belle in the closet. Once again they are almost spotted by leaving party guests. They both hide in the closet. Belle wants to know what is going on, Philip admits that he is on a classified mission and can't tell her anything else. He does emphasize that she cannot tell Shawn anything. She isn't happy about lying to Shawn, but agrees since she trusts Philip. When the coast is clear, Philip opens the door to find a jacket for Belle. Shawn appears on the other side in time to see them both walking out of the closet. Belle is in her slip and Philip in a dirty t-shirt.

Cassie tries to get Shawn to have sex with her; she doesn't understand why he won't. He explains that he loves Belle, not her, and will never have sex with her. He has no feelings for her and can't figure out what to say to her so she will leave him alone. Cassie tells him that she can have any guy she wants. "But not me" Shawn replies. She gets mad and flounces off. At the pier she spots a good-looking young man standing alone watching the water. She approaches him, he asks if she is looking to score, "I don't take drugs, but you can score with me." She suggests the go somewhere else, Toby offers her money and then hand cuffs her wrists, arresting her for prostitution.

Victor and Tony are separately in business with Maya. Each know about the other, but pretend not to know. Victor and Maya have an antiquities shipment business; Tony and Maya are using Victor's ship for their stolen jewels business. Victor warns Tony to be careful around Maya; Victor warns Maya to be careful around Tony. Neither heed is advice. Maya makes it clear to Tony that she has her eye on a young, eligible man, that isn't interested in her yet; but she is working on it...Could it be Shawn?

Friday, June 20, 2003

by Joan

At Kiriakis Mansion, Shawn walked out when Belle explained about being with Philip without her dress - but not mentioning the ISA work. Moments later he returned with his jacket to cover her - accepting the explanation. While the two decided to take a swim in the Kiriakis pool, May a watched from inside.

At the stables, Brady still tried to find out what Nicole was up to - While she maintained a cover, she claimed that Victor was making her a victim. The two called a truce before Victor came in, belittling Nicole with remarks and accusations.

At the Salem PD, Cassie was brought in on a charge of solicitation for prostitution. Not wanting Tony to find her there, she called Rex while Roman called Marlena. Roman stressed that jail would be tough love for Cassie. But Marlena wasn't convinced recalling Cassie's fear of being confined. Feeling helpless, Marlena called Mickey for Cassie's legal defense. Meanwhile, Rex was privately telling Cassie that Roman was their biological father.

As the Kiriakis party was winding down, May a offered Philip a plan to work with her so he could have Belle and she could get Shawn, but Philip refused. Maya also failed coming between Belle & Shawn when she attempted to join them in the pool. And in a jail cell, Cassie tried to sleep while having flashbacks of her childhood confinement.

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