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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, June 9, 2003

Tony shows regret over Sami's accident. At the same time, Mimi arrives and asks Rex if he's told Tony the truth about the paternity test. Mimi puts her foot in her mouth about Sami during a conversation with Tony and Rex. Tony senses Rex's concern over this, but doesn't find out that he's really concerned about Tony finding out he's no longer a DiMera. Rex overhears Bart talking to Rolf and learns he is in town at an abandoned warehouse on the waterfront. Tony questions Bart about Rex's strange behavior. Rex tells Mimi he has something to do and leaves her at the mansion, intending to go find Rolf. Not willing to wait around all day, Mimi takes off and passes by a secret meeting between Tony and Bart and a sack full of diamonds. Tony spots her out of the corner of his eye and sends Bart after her, thinking she may have overheard something. Tony then visits Rex's room and stumbles upon something that disturbs him.

Bo and Hope invite Lexie and Abe to celebrate Zack's birthday. While they're there, Lexie and Abe give Bo and Hope a special gift: an imprint of Zack's hands when he was a baby. Later, Bo and Hope ask for Abe's help in becoming bounty hunters. By the end of the day Bo and Hope have their first job tracking down Ray Meeks.

Jack and Jennifer are back from their honeymoon. In order to create a big event, Schmenkmen invites a special celebrity guest on their show and it turns out to be none other than singer Phil Vassar.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

by Joan

At the Brady Pub, Kate was consoling Roman when Mimi stopped by to ask for Sami. Roman's reference to his son, caused confusion when Mimi mentioned Rex - not realizing Roman meant his son, Eric. Unaware that he was following her, Mimi was joined by Bart as she lunched alone. In an exchange of conversation - trying to learn what Mimi had said to Roman - the two seemed to have much in common. Misunderstanding what she knew about the diamonds, Bart followed instructions from an angry Count DiMera - and reluctantly ordered a hit man to kill Mimi. A brief second encounter caused Bart to learn he was wrong and stop the hit man.

Brady stopped by to see Chloe - choking on the words that he'd come to break up with her. He tried to convince her of his love and desire for her success. But Chloe misunderstood - believing Brady found someone else. Saying she had no life without Brady, she sent him away.

Surprised at a visit from a wife he didn't have, Larry Welch found Nicole was posing as his wife to visit him in prison. Nicole did offer him a proposal - her help getting him out of jail in exchange for killing Victor.

At University Hospital, Roman was given news that Sami would pull through but with severe complications. Cassie stopped in to Sami's room and found Lucas there. Lucas recounted his history with Sami - feeling guilty for his behavior particularly at the DiMera Mansion. Cassie's claim that Sami deserved what she got brought disagreement from Lucas who said no one deserved what happened to Sami. The two went back to Lucas' apartment for a drink and before long - Lucas decided to forget he was with the boss's daughter and began seducing Cassie.

And at a deserted warehouse, Rolf had Rex at gunpoint momentarily until Rex overcame him. Threatening to reveal that Tony was not his father, Rex made Rolf admit that Marlena had carried the Twins for a "donor" but was not their biological mother. However, as Rolf was about to reveal the name of the Salem woman who is Rex's mother - Rolf was knocked unconscious by falling crates.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Rex assumes that the crates killed Rolf; he tries to figure out how to get him out of the warehouse. He decides to carry him to his car, as Rex puts Rolf in the backseat, Mimi sees him and wonders what is going on. She thinks Rolf is drunk, but Rex tells her that he is dead and it was an accident. Mimi freaks out and wants to call the cops, Rex is afraid that he will go to jail. While they are trying to decide what to do, they hear a noise coming from Rolf and discover he isn't dead at all, just knocked unconscious.

Shawn and Belle arrive at the pier after his baseball game. Belle is still a little upset about Sami and Shawn assures her that French doors aren't going to keep her sister down. She begins to talk about Philip and the unusual reaction he gets from the other Marines on base. Shawn isn't thrilled to talk about Phil, but indulges Belle. She thinks it is very suspicious behavior, Shawn thinks that Philip is just being recognized as a very good Marine and the others look up to him. Mimi walks by looking for Rex, but Shawn or Belle hasn't seen him. She tells the two that all she ever thinks about is Rex. Shawn asks her if she is in love with him. Mimi thinks so, but hasn't really said the words yet. Belle tells her to be careful, though glad she is happy. Mimi leaves to search for Rex. Shawn begins to throw baseballs out over the pier when Mickey pages him for another assignment. Belle decides to wait for him at the pier; she has a book and will be fine. Shawn isn't gone long when Belle hears Philip and Tek coming from another direction. She hides behind a huge pole to listen on the conversation. Tek hears a noise and grabs his tranquilizer gun, as he moves towards Belle's hiding place she stands up and he shoots her. She falls into the water and Philip jumps in after her. He admonishes Tek for shooting his friend. Tek isn't concerned and tells Phil that she'll wake up in a little bit. Philip doesn't want to leave her and agrees to meet Tek later. Phil carries Belle to the bench and leaves her to wake up, hiding nearby. Belle wakes up just seconds before Shawn returns. He asks if she took a swim and she says no she thinks she fell in. Shawn doesn't believe it, because she seems disoriented and would never have pulled herself onto the pier. He decides to take her home, and helps her walk as her balance is off. Philip comes from his hiding place dressed in scuba gear and jumps into the water.

Brady returns to Chloe's house to apologize for their earlier fight. Chloe is still determined to stay in Salem, because her family is there. Brady doesn't want her to regret her decisions. She tells him that she loves him and has always dreamed of love, now she has it and doesn't want to leave it. Brady tells her that he is doing this because he loves her too. They kiss and make love on the couch. Joy cries upstairs and Chloe goes to check on her and changes clothes. Brady has a dream of the future. He is a top music executive at Titan and Chloe is at home. She didn't pursue her opera dream. Brady comes home to announce that the girl who replaced Chloe on the Cecile Marin tour is huge and is now a client of Titan. Chloe's emotions show and Brady realizes that she really did regret her decision not to go to Europe even though she said for years she wasn't upset. Chloe comes back downstairs as Brady's dream ends. They continue to argue over her decision when the phone rings. It is Nancy with big news; Craig has accepted a position at Manhattan Medical Center in New York. The family was moving. Brady tells Chloe that now her family isn't in Salem, is she still determined to stay there with him?

Marlena stops by the DiMera house to talk to Tony about Sami's accident. She completely blames him for her daughter's misery and wants him out of her life forever. Tony is not fully shocked by this announcement. In an effort to change the subject, he tells Marlena he has discovered something in Rex's room and wants to show her. She isn't keen on invading her children's privacy, but Tony enlightens her on Rex's odd behavior of late and was concerned. He shows her the blueprints of Rex's laser gun, but neither know what it is, Marlena isn't amused by the detainment and leaves, again telling Tony to stay out of their lives, regardless of the children they share.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Rex and Mimi are trying to figure out what to do with Rolf's body. They stop in the park to think, but they get questioned by a cop and Mimi is recognized from LIB. The fans encourage the duo to rollerblade with them. Mimi doesn't want to because of the body, but Rex thinks it is a good idea, just to get the students off their back. They put Rolf in rollerblades and sit him on a bench with a paper while they blade. Bart spots Rolf and sits down to talk to him, never realizing Rolf is dead. He tells Rolf that Tony isn't like Stefano, everything is different, mainly Tony doesn't want Rolf around. Bart gives a heartfelt goodbye to his friend and leaves. Rex and Mimi come back after ditching the fans and put Rolf back in the car, still undecided about what to do.

Shawn and Belle are at the Brady Pub. He is still worried about her, but she assures him she is fine. They eat clam chowder and chocolate cake, courtesy of Caroline. Shawn fills Belle in on his new assignment from Mickey, to interview a new client, May a, a young art dealer, that evening in Mickey's office. Cassie interrupts them, she wants to sit down with them to rest her ankle, but Belle tells her to sit elsewhere because they want to be alone. She pouts and walks off, soon recovering when she spots a cute guy alone at a table. Shawn doesn't want to leave Belle, she tells him to go and to call her after the interview and fill her in. He shows her a brochure from Maya's gallery; it includes a picture of the young woman. Belle appears to be uneasy after seeing how pretty the woman is. Shawn gives Belle a kiss and leaves. She finishes her cake and begins to leave when Cassie comes up to her. Belle doesn't want to talk, but Cassie is persistent. Cassie tells Belle that she doesn't know what kind of hunk she has, Belle knows what kind of guy she has, one that won't give Cassie the time of day.

Philip watches Belle and Shawn through the Pub window, Cassie tries to proposition him in joining her for a drink, but he turns her down. Tek shows up with a new assignment for Philip, attending his father's party, with a date to observe the guests. Philip doesn't want to do it at first, feeling he was given the job to watch his father. Tek assures him that it isn't his father, but the guests that may be there. Because his father could be in danger, Philip agrees to the mission. He decides to ask Belle to join him as his date.

Larry agrees to Nicole's proposal. He will kill Victor in turn for his freedom, but he would also like to have Nicole in the deal. She reluctantly agrees, Larry samples the "merchandise" and likes what he sees and feels. Nicole is disgusted, but knows what is at stake. Larry tells her he'll do it on his terms and kisses Nicole full on the lips.

Friday, June 13, 2003

by Joan

Bo and Hope were budgeting to purchase a vehicle for their bounty hunting. Bo finally convinced a disappointed Hope to sell the Fancyface II, and they spent a last romantic night on the boat.

Nicole and Larry discussed arrangements on getting him out of jail and killing Victor. Deciding on a plan to make it appear as though Welch had died, it was left to Nicole to find a body that could pass for Larry's.

Rex and Mimi were getting more frightened having Rolf's body in the car, with no solution as to who to tell or how to dispose of Rolf. At Mimi's suggestion, they finally planted the body in the University Hospital Morgue labeled as "John Doe." No sooner had the two left, but Nicole appeared - disguised as a nurse - on her quest for a corpse.

Chloe was still confused about her decision when she overheard him in conversation. Brady said there was no opportunity at The Blue Note for her kind of talent but if she chose to stay in Salem, he couldn't stop her. Getting advice and encouragement from another singer at the Club, she began to realize Brady's intentions were out of love - but she was finally convinced when Philip spoke to her - at Brady's request.

Philip and Brady watched as Chloe announced a last-minute change to her farewell performance. But it was a tearful Brady who echoed her words as he listened to the dedicated song - "I'm everything I am, because you love me."

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