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Anna and David took turns blaming each other for Leora's death. Laurie and Jamie teased Joni and Reggie about their apparent interest in each other. Erica confronted Greenlee. Jack found himself in need of a blood transfusion after a fight with Erica, but his rare blood type caused complications.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, June 9, 2003

At Fusion, Lena brings Greenlee flowers to thank her, shocking Kendall with the news that she is working for Greenlee Investments. Jake calls Mia and asks to see her, he say's he wants to explain and apologize. They agree to dinner. Simone thinks she is going to make an idiot of herself and Mia says she wants to hear his explanation.

Erica meets with Palmer and he pressure's her to see a professional psychiatrist, he said, "If you can't do it for yourself, do it for the people who love you." Kendall interrupts to announce that Lena has found a job and can stay in Pine Valley. Palmer tries to sort out exactly what Kendall and Erica are trying to do to Lena and how they are interfering with Bianca's life again. Erica is totally shocked to find out that Woodruff hired Lena and very angry that Greenlee helped her get the job. As Erica storms out, Palmer warns Kendall that she is playing with fire and going to get burned. Kendall tells Palmer that the bond between her and Erica is real. He points out to her that by turning on her friend Greenlee won't make her mother love her more. Palmer and Kendall then disagree on what is upsetting Erica.

Joe tells Tad he doesn't think that they should go to Leora's funeral. Tad disagrees. Ruth told Joe that the less time he spends with David the better. When Ruth answers a knock at the door she is happy to find Jake! Later Mia arrives at the Martins and is stunned to find out that Jake is accompanied by a fiancé! Jake explained to her that this wasn't the way he wanted to tell her about Carolyn. He told her he called her because he thought they needed closure. Jake said, "You ruined us Mia, not me." He tells her she didn't love him, she didn't want to marry him. She said that, that is so not true. He thinks that after the fall she re-evaluated what she wanted and he said that he resented it. Mia didn't want to jump into a marriage to solve her problems. She tells him she can't be happy for him and walks out.

Later at the health club as Mia pounds her aggression out on a punching bag, Michael Cambias shows up.

Anna tries to get David to go to the funeral with her to say goodbye to Leora together. He refuses to even talk to her. She cries and begs him to do it for their daughter's sake. She finally leaves without him.

Henry showed up at Leora's service telling Maggie that he thought she needed a friend. Jack berated Tad for showing up. Tad told Jackson how he was able to get through the death of Dixie and their baby, with friends and that is why he wants to be here for Anna because he cares so much about her. Jackson warns him if he does anything that is upsetting to her he'll have to answer to him.

Shortly after the service for Leora starts, David arrives. He silently sits down next to Anna. After the service David sees an older version of Leora asking him why he won't talk. Then he looks at her and starts to talk to her as if she was real and he hears her talking back to him. He tells her again how he promised to take care of her and he swears to her that he will always love her and always be her Daddy, then he glares at Tad. David then sits in a chair still not speaking but seeing Leora. After the vision of Leora waves good-bye, David asks Anna, why Tad showed up. He starts yelling at her telling her that this has been a revenge scheme against him for Dixie sleeping with him. He then blames Anna when she tries to defend Tad. She finally gets fed up and goes off on him shouting that if anyone is to blame for her death it is he!

Back at Fusion after the service Greenlee finds the flowers from Lena and Aidan tells her he sees the heart she says she doesn't have. Greenlee replies, "I didn't do it to help Lena, I did it to cause trouble." At that same instant Erica walks in and says, "Trouble for me. And you chose the wrong person to fight with."

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Tad came to Chez Martin to see Jake. They chatted briefly and Tad groused about Jake leaving so suddenly and not calling or writing. He also wondered what had just happened with Mia. Tad opined that Jake and Mia belong together. Just then, Carolyn and Joe came into the room and Tad didn't believe his ears when she was introduced as Jake's fiancée. Jake apologized for him. Carolyn took it in stride. Jake and Carolyn had worked together in the past and had recently worked together in Kenya, they explained. Tad calmed down and said he was sure they were perfect for each other. Ruth reminded everyone that all they want is Jake's happiness. Tad asked to speak with Jake on the porch. Now. Tad wanted to know if she was there when Mia came over. Tad was horrified when Jake said yes. Tad told Jake it was a good thing that he got caught "boinking Nurse Ratchett." in the closet or else he would have married Mia and it might have taken a long time for her to find out what an absolute tool Jake can be. Tad was stunned that Jake believed that Mia no longer loved him and never did. Tad told him that he's been here, has seen Mia in the past months and know she still cares for Jake. Jake continued to defend his actions as Tad accused him of only coming home to embarrass and hurt Mia by bringing a new woman with him. Jake denied it and told Tad how happy Carolyn made him. Tad reminded him he once said the same things about Mia. Tad told him he has a "perfect life" fantasy and worried he was making a mistake. Jake wondered why Tad was acting this way and accused him of being jealous. Jake warned Tad that he could either treat Carolyn like a future sister-in-law or leave. Tad left.

Jake ended up defending his relationship with Carolyn to Ruth, who was worried about a rebound relationship. Jake said Carolyn is everything he wants. Ruth reminded him that Tad was right to be worried, they were all concerned by the way he left the way. Ruth was surprised to hear that Jake and Carolyn plan to return to Kenya to continue their work. Joe invited them to stay for the 4th of July picnic. Jake and Carolyn explained they have to leave tonight. Ruth made them promise to send an invitation to the wedding and promised that she and Joe would attend, even in the middle of the Sahara.


At the gym, Michael offered again to buy Mia a drink, or find more creative ways to burn her energy. Mia was too busy hitting the punching bag to take him up on it and told him she believes Kendall's version of events about what a sleaze Michael is. As he walked away, she stopped him to say there was something he could do for her. She wanted to know why Michael thought he could go after her, out of all of Kendall's friends. Michael put her off, saying all he did was offer Mia a drink of water at the gym. Mia berated him for lying to Kendall and cheating on her "with Allison." Michael knew then that Mia was upset about something else. He left and Mia continued hitting the punching bag hard. When someone tapped her shoulder, she thought it was Michael and warned him to leave her alone, just as her fist came up and hit Tad square on the jaw, knocking him down. He recovered and started discussing Jake and offered support to Mia. Mia reminded him that he used to think she didn't treat Jake right and he agreed he was wrong. He predicted Jake will be upset with Carolyn as soon as she behaves in a way Jake doesn't expect in his vision of perfect marriage, a la Joe and Ruth. He even tried to make her feel better about Edmund, saying she couldn't compete with his soul mate. Mia went on a pity party and said she must have negative ions that repel men, since they all dump her, usually for someone else. Tad was full of compliments about her ions, looks and brains. She said Jake would not agree and Tad said it was Jake's loss. Tad also didn't agree with Mia's attitude that their breakup was Mia's fault. As Tad held the punching bag, Mia continued hitting and vowed to go for a bad boy next time, so can blame him when things go wrong. Tad opined she was a therapist's dream. He told her about how he used to be a bad boy, back when the earth was still cooling, and urged her to reconsider.


David was incredulous that Anna blamed him for Leora's death. He told her she is responsible, since she is the one who allowed Tad into the OR to stop him from saving Leora. Anna accused him of putting his need to play God ahead of their daughter's life. David insisted he could have saved Leora, if Anna had only trusted him. Anna then staggered with the realization that if she had kept David away from Leora from the beginning, Leora would be alive and she is really responsible for Leora's death. She blamed her love for David for destroying everything. She cried over the casket, regretting that she hadn't taken Leora away from David and Pine Valley as soon as she was born. The funeral director entered, saying it was time to proceed to the cemetery.


At the Fusion office, Greenlee was in no mood for Erica, who accused Greenlee of only getting Lena the job to spite her. Greenlee said it was a favor for Lena and her grandfather. Carlos tried to intervene, but Greenlee said she could take care of Erica. And herself, unlike Bianca who needs all the help she can get to escape Erica's vice grip. Erica reminded Greenlee that she's never been a friend to "Lesbianca", as she's always called her. Greenlee said she is a sucker for true love and confessed that she did it to save Bianca from a steamroller of a mother. Erica told Greenlee that she suffers from a lack of maternal love, so Greenlee replied that Erica suffers from daddy issues. Greenlee accused Erica of trying to control Bianca's life because she can't control her own. Greenlee also thanked Erica for stepping out Jack's life before ruining it. Erica warned her that her personal life with Jack was off-limits. Greenlee said she doesn't have to play by Erica's rules. Greenlee accused Erica of trying to mess with Bianca's life because she's gay. Erica told her she couldn't ask for a better daughter than Bianca and doubted that Greenlee's mother would say the same. Erica then stormed out of the office.

Carlos overheard and reminded Greenlee that she does, in fact, care what her mother thinks. Greenlee was very angry and told him Erica told the truth about how mean she used to be to Bianca and warned him to stay out of her way. They argued and at Carlos' insistence, Greenlee finally admitted to him that she got Lena the job because of Leo.

Erica rushed over to Jack's apartment and Reggie answered the door. She was astonished to see Mary standing in the apartment. Reggie opined that coming home to two women wasn't bad for an old guy. Reggie also said that since Erica said she doesn't want to marry Jack, he has rights. Erica suggested Reggie mind his own business. Before Reggie left, he reminded the women that there is a first aid kit in the bathroom, in case any blood gets spilled. He asked them to play nice as he walked out. Mary introduced herself and thanked Erica for mentoring Greenlee and teaching her about the cosmetics business. Erica suggested that Mary spend less time with her art and more time with her daughter, teaching her some manners. Erica quickly apologized, but Mary said she understood how stubborn and interfering Greenlee can be. She apologized and promised to talk to Greenlee and said she'd let Jack know that she'd stopped by. Erica huffed at her and said she was very much like Greenlee, especially if she thought Erica intended to leave her there alone. Mary pretended Erica had misunderstood her comment. Mary further explained that she and Jack were very close friends many years ago and how she wanted to catch up with him now. Erica was surprised they'd lost touch, because Jack is so good about staying in touch with people he's close to and how he calls her every day. Mary said of course, since she is his fiancée, and then went for the jugular and asked when the wedding will be. Erica said both she and Jack would know when the time was right, they are so in sync, she explained. Erica then promised to let Jack know that Mary had stopped by and Mary left.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

David sat alone in the dark at the cemetery. He turned and thought he saw a grown up Leora in a flowing white robe. He heard her say "Everywhere you look I'll be there." She walked towards him and it was Laurie in her graduation gown. Laurie told David how sorry she was about his baby. David said she startled him, she looked like an angel standing there. He asked about the robe and she explained about graduation. She said she came to the cemetery to talk to her mother. They sat down and David said her father must be proud of her for graduating. She said she didn't know, she hadn't seen him since breakfast. David started to talk but Laurie said it wasn't important. David said of course it was, every milestone is important. He looked away sadly and said he wanted to be there for his daughter. Laurie said coming to the cemetery was as close as she could get to her mother but that she was actually everywhere. Laurie said her mother was especially alive in her heart, just like she knew David's daughter was in his. David was touched and thanked Laurie. Laurie stood up and looked at the moon and David joined her. She began reciting a passage from a book. When she finished David said "I know that! What is it?" Laurie told him it was from a children's book her mother used to read to her. She said good night and left. David stood alone in the cemetery again.

Aidan and Maggie brought Anna back to the cabin. Anna headed to the bedroom and Aidan asked Maggie where David was. She didn't know and Anna remembered a conversation she had with David about Leora's condition. Anna came back into the room and said she couldn't stay there, she didn't want to be there when David came back and she ran out the door. Aidan called David a creep and Maggie stood up for him, saying he was hurting too. Aidan said Anna needed David and he wasn't around. They began to pack up Leora's things and Aidan said he'd take them to his place until Anna felt up to going through them. Maggie found a book that David read to Leora before she was born and told Aidan how David was taking care of her. They argued about David again and Aidan said they just had to agree to disagree. Later when they had some bags packed they began to take them towards the door. But David came into the cabin and saw what they were doing. He screamed "What the hell do you thing you're doing?" He grabbed the bags and pushed past Aidan and Maggie. Aidan said they were just trying to help but David ordered them out. Aidan yelled at David that he should be with Anna and play the concerned husband. David demanded that they leave. He slammed the door after them then wandered around the darkened cabin. He went through some of Leora's things and found a book. He sat down and read the passage that Laurie had quoted in the cemetery. David's face showed his heartbreak.

Jack and Reggie were talking and Reggie was giving him a hard time about the two women coming to see him. Then he looked at Jack and said "Man, you're the whitest white dude I've ever seen!" Jack brushed him off saying it was because he just came from a funeral and it was hot outside. Reggie then said that having two women hanging around waiting was "not bad for an old guy." Jack told him that Mary was just an old friend but Reggie didn't believe him and asked "Did you do her?" Jack was appalled at the question and told Reggie that gentlemen don't disclose "who they do." Jack said he was engaged to Erica and that Mary was just a friend. Reggie said he hoped Erica didn't find out. Jack told him to keep his lip buttoned and Reggie said "Your doing the deed with Mary is fine with me, you float your boat your own way!." A knock on the door interrupted them and Reggie opened it to find Anna outside. Jack ushered her in and Reggie gave his condolences to Anna, then said he was leaving for a graduation party. Jack asked what happened after he left the funeral home and Anna said the burial was horrible. She said David blames her for Leora's death because she insisted on the pacemaker. She looked at Jack and said "My daughter is dead because of the choices I made!." Jack comforted her and said the doctors said the pacemaker was the right thing to do. Anna said Leora was a miracle baby and she took her birth as a sign that she and David were meant to be together. She asked Jack if everything happened for a reason. Jack told her she had no control over what happened to Leora. Anna asked if he thought David could be right, that she wouldn't allow him to save Leora. Jack said of course not and he never wanted to hear her say that again. Jack held her as she cried. Jack convinced Anna to stay at his place tonight so she didn't have to be alone and finally she agreed. She smiled at him and said "You really are one of the good guys." Jack replied "I kinda like you too" and sent her to the bedroom to change into some pajamas.

At the Valley Inn Bianca coldly joined her mother at a table. Erica asked if she was still angry, because she just wanted the best for her. Bianca retorted "And Lena doesn't qualify?." Erica changed the subject and started talking about Fusion's Sexiest Man contest. She said Enchantment needed to counter attack with a campaign of their own. They began to discuss business when Erica spotted a model she knew. She called Kirstie Foster over to the table and asked her to join them. Kirstie asked Bianca if she was model too and Erica introduced them. Erica asked Kirstie if she was still living in Rome and Kirstie said that romance failed and she was home in America again. She told them she had a horse and Erica piped in that Bianca loved horses too. Then Kirstie pulled out a business card and explained she had started a new fashion line. Erica said she and Bianca had a lot in common. Bianca asked Kirstie where she was living now and was told "in the Village!." Bianca got a suspicious look and Kirstie went on to say she had a weekend home in "Cherry Grove." Erica said it sounded lovely and Bianca said "And ever so gay! Mother, I can't believe you tried to set me up!." Erica feigned innocence and Bianca said Cherry Grove is where women go to meet other women. Kirstie excused herself and Bianca ripped into her mother. She asked if Erica was threatened by Lena and Erica said of course not. Erica said she was just trying to save Bianca pain and humiliation at the hands of Lena. Bianca said her mother needed to just accept her for who she is. Kirstie returned and an upset Erica apologized for ruining everyone's evening and ran off. Bianca asked Kirstie to stay for dinner. The two women had dinner and talked about their lives. Bianca told her about Lena and said Lena was begging her for a second chance, but that she didn't know if she should. Bianca said she wanted to do the right thing but she wanted a love that would last forever. Kirstie said everyone wants that and they raised their glasses in a toast to it happening someday as Lena walked in.

Erica showed up at Jack's and ranted about him ignoring his niece. Jack was a bit bewildered and Erica told him he should've locked Lena up. Jack said he needed Lena's help to put Michael away. Erica went off on him and Jack told her to calm down. She told him to call Bianca and talk to her about Lena but Jack said if Bianca wanted his advice she'd ask him for it. Jack told her he'd had a really rough day and asked if they could talk about this later. Erica demanded to know if he was asking her to leave just as a pj-clad Anna came from the back. Erica asked why he didn't tell her he was "entertaining." Jack told her Leora's funeral was today and Erica gave her condolences to Anna. Anna told her Jack thought she shouldn't be alone and asked her to stay over. She went back to the guest room and Erica turned her fury back on Jack. She told him she'd go so he could go back to comforting Anna. Jack said he didn't like the way she said comforting and Erica clarified it by saying "Go back to your comfort sex!." Jack was furious and told her there was nothing going on with him and Anna. Erica said "How do I know that?" Jack told her not to drive a wedge between them but Erica continued to argue. He said he was sick of her trying to drive them apart and Erica started to leave. He tried to stop her but became short of breath. He fell to the floor and Erica rushed to his side.

In the dark Joni walked around the construction site, listening to music on her headphones. Reggie showed up and startled her. She told him she was waiting for a delivery. Luis watched from his hiding place. Joni thought Reggie was mad because Jack put her in charge of deliveries. Reggie said no, that she deserved it. They talked nicely for a moment then Reggie made a joke about her listening to gospel music on her headphones. She got mad and they began to argue. He grabbed the headphones and realized with a shock that she was listening to hip hop. Reggie said she did have a secret side and Joni asked if he had one. Reggie confessed that he listened to country music. Joni didn't believe him and he admitted that he was joking her. He told her track 12 on her cd was great and they shared the headphones to listen. Luis watched and Reggie looked up and saw him. Reggie tried to talk Joni into going home. She got mad, called him a jerk and stomped off. Luis came out and told Reggie he was waiting there to talk to Joni. Reggie said he was going to take care of Joni and to leave her alone. Luis started to walk away after making a threat against Joni. Reggie grabbed at him and Luis punched him. Luis said "If you ever lay a hand on me again I'll mess Joni up for good", and left the site.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

David went into Pine Valley Hospital demanding Leora's autopsy from Joe. Joe said that it wasn't ready they were waiting on all the results. David accused Joe of stalling because it would prove Joe killed his little girl. Joe tried calming David down several times but David screamed that he didn't care who heard because once he gets the autopsy results it would prove Joe was responsible and that he would sue Joe and the hospital. Another doctor asked if everything was alright and Joe said yes. David stormed off and Joe explained to the doctor that David had just buried his daughter early that day.

David snuck into Joe's office and found a file folder on Leora. Joe walked in and caught David reading the report and told him that it was only a preliminary pathology report. They still need to wait until all the results were in. David said he had proof enough to have Joe arrested for murder. Joe said he had enough and called security but before Joe could finish David took the phone away from him. David continued to accuse Joe that he was covering up what had happened in Leora's surgery. Tad walked in and pulled David away from Joe and pushed him in a chair. Tad told David that it was enough already, he was sorry that David lost Leora but it gave him no right to yell at anyone especially Joe. David said the report said that Leora's heart was too weak for surgery and Joe said that everyone knew that there were risks with Leora's surgery. David said that he was going to see that Joe was prosecuted for murder. Joe said that everyone in that OR had done the best that they could and demanded that David leave. David said he had enough to prove that there was a cover-up. Joe said if you aren't happy with the results you can get a second opinion. David asked Joe if he was supposed to dig up his daughter to have a second autopsy. Joe said there wouldn't be another autopsy. David told Joe that wasn't his decision to make and Joe in turn said that Anna had signed off on not having a second one done. David replied, "she signed off on your word" then told Tad he was the one who convinced Anna to remove him from Leora's surgery, that they both manipulated Anna. Tad asked David where he was when Anna had to make those tough choices. David was about to lose it again when security showed up to escort him out.

Louis threatened Reggie and told him to handle Joni. Louis disappeared when Joni returned saying that she had to wait for her mother who was in a meeting. Reggie asked Joni if she would go the Grad party with him and she couldn't believe he asked. She said no that her mom was coming. Reggie said suit yourself and pretended to leave. Joni played the hip-hop CD and started dancing when her father walked in demanding to know what she was listening to and telling her that nothing good would come out of listening to that music. Reggie came back in and said that it was his CD and didn't know how it had gotten in her player. Joni's dad asked that he not play that music when his daughter was there and Reggie complied. When Joni's dad asked her if she was ready to leave she told him that she had to wait on a shipment that was running late. He said he would stay and Joni said that he didn't have to stay that Jack would be back at anytime. So he reluctantly left. Reggie couldn't believe Joni lied to her father and then she said that she would like to go to the party if he still wanted to take her.

Anna came out to see what was wrong and found Jack collapsed on the floor. She tried getting him to open his eyes and told Erica to call 911 but Erica just froze. Anna asked her what happened. Erica said they were arguing and he collapsed. Anna again told Erica to call 911 so that they don't lose Jack. Erica finally went to the phone but still in shock had a hard time communicating with the operator. Anna took the phone and told them to send an EMT that the patient was non responsive with a rapid pulse. Later at the hospital Erica thanked Anna for helping. The doctor came out and both women asked how Jack was doing. The doctor told them that Jack had a slow bleeder vein from the gunshot wound. Erica asked about the time frame and he told her that sometimes it takes awhile for something to appear. Erica blamed herself then asked if Jack would be okay. The doctor said they needed blood but Jack had a specific rare type and that they didn't have any at the hospital saying they were low on blood altogether. He asked if there were any relatives and Erica said he had a sister out of the country but she would call her daughter who is Jack's niece. As she ran off to call Bianca the doctor asked Anna if there could be anyone else because they would need all the help they could get. When Bianca went to be tested a news crew arrived to ask Erica about Jack. Anna steered them away and told them what she knew. Bianca came out and said they didn't match. So Erica went over to the news crew and told them if they wanted an interview to turn on the camera.

At the party Laurie and Jamie were talking. She told Jamie that her father had argued with her brother and sister then told them not to come to Laurie's graduation. Jamie said it shouldn't have been his decision. Laurie then said she wished her mom could've been there and Jamie assured her that she was there in spirit. Jamie said that he bet she wished JR was there. When Laurie said "no I actually didn't" this surprised Jamie. He asked if she had been lying to him all this time saying she loved JR. She said for a little while because she didn't want a serious relationship with anyone. She wanted to go to college and get a career then think about a relationship. Jamie said "when did I propose?" Laurie told him that she wasn't ready for anything serious. Jamie said "who said anything about serious I just want to go out and have fun and if anything happens we can blame it on the moon." Laurie looked past him and said "yeah blame it on the moon alright" he followed her gaze and they saw Reggie and Joni dancing. They walked over, Jamie asked Reggie if he wanted something to drink and when they walked away Laurie asked why Joni was with Reggie. Joni said she wasn't interested in Reggie and Laurie said "yeah" not believing her. Jamie asked Reggie about Joni and he said they were just having fun.

Kendall was marking areas on the US map that had hits for Fusion's Sexy Man contest. Greenlee stormed in asking Kendall what she was doing, and Kendall said that she was working. Greenlee told her that she couldn't trust Kendall because she ran to Erica and told her that Greenlee got Lena a job. Kendall said that Erica had a right to know. Greenlee asked what Kendall thought Erica would have the right to know next? Kendall said she wasn't sharing company secrets. Greenlee said that she didn't understand why Kendall would try so hard because Erica will just throw her to the curb the first chance she gets. Greenlee said she knew because she tried so many times with her mom that it never worked. Then the two started being nice to each other again. Simone walked in with a pompous man who claimed that he was their Sexy Man and they need not look any further. Simone told the Kendall and Greenlee that she was passing out forms when he walked up and she couldn't get rid of him. When Kenny walked in the man claimed he was Fusion's Sexy Man and Kendall said "Wait a minute, we are running a contest and no one said you won it so you will have to wait just like everyone else." Then Greenlee and Kendall escorted him promptly to the elevator. Simone said she wondered where the hardworking, caring man who doesn't know that he's sexy was and all three of the women looked at Kenny. They agreed he fit those qualities. Simone said that she was going to the Grad party to pass out some of their glitter and Greenlee suggested that Kenny go with her. They thought it would be a good idea hoping it would keep Simone out of trouble. Greenlee was discussing her mom again with Kendall when Mary walked in. Greenlee was surprised to see her and Mary told her that she did tell Greenlee she was looking for a place in Pine Valley. Kendall had left the room to leave the two women to talk. Greenlee said that she didn't think her mom would stay in Pine Valley and Mary said she wanted to be near her daughter. A few minutes later Kendall walked back in and said that Mia had called and said they needed to turn on the TV so she turned it on. Erica was on asking for someone to donate blood for Jack saying that he needed a rare type. Mary said "Oh my God!" then turned to look at Greenlee.

Simone and Kenny arrived at the party. Simone was passing out the Fusion glitter and telling the girls to register their boyfriends in the sexy man contest. Kenny wasn't comfortable with the underage drinking and thought they should stop that happening. Simone said it was a tradition and that he needed to relax. They walked down by the water and Simone unbuttoned Kenny's shirt and started rubbing glitter on his body he told her that he couldn't go to work with glitter on him. Simone said then we'll have to remove every glitter speck and started unbuttoning her top. Kenny asked what she was doing saying there were minors around. She told him they were just going for a swim.

Anna was in the hospital lobby when the security guards were escorting David out. He told her that he read the report and that Joe was responsible for Leora's death and told Anna not to listen to them. Anna asked Joe if he let David read the report with out her and he said no. Tad explained that David broke into Joe's office. Joe told Anna that it was just a preliminary report but he'd be glad to discuss it with her in his office.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Joni's newfound indifference to things that are "immoral" surprised her long-time friend Laurie. Laurie also questioned whether or not Joni might be interested in Reggie. Across the beach, Jamie was asking the same of Reggie. Reggie denied that he had any such interest in Joni and made excuses for why he and Joni were spending time together. . Mr. Lewis showed up drunk and collapsed onto the sand. Simone and Kenny took a dip in the ocean, but when they got out of the water some of the kids had taken their clothing. When they talked them into giving their clothes back, the garments were all soaked and they had to wait for them to dry. While they were waiting, the police showed up. Though they tried to sneak away, an officer caught the semi-naked pair running off

After donating blood at Mary's urging, Greenlee warned Kendall that she was setting herself up for a fall by trying to score points with Erica. Kendall feverishly tried to help Erica in her time of need, but her persistence annoyed Erica and Kendall was sent packing. Later, Greenlee blasted Erica for her treatment of her daughter. Erica quickly replied that Kendall was not her daughter. She later clarified that while she had given birth to Kendall, she was not - and did not want to be - Kendall's mother. Elsewhere in the hospital, Lena stopped by to donate blood and took a few moments to ask Bianca about the girl she'd seen her dining with the day before. Bianca told Lena about the blind date her mother had foisted upon her. Joe told Erica that he'd just learned that a match had been found in the recently donated blood - -a miracle considering how unlikely an unrelated person was to be a match to Jack. Erica headed into Jack's room to break the news to him, but found Mary informing Jack that he'd be on the road to recovery because a donor had been found. Erica asked Mary how she'd known about the donor since she and Joe had only just found out.



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