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David accused Joe and Tad of being responsible for Leora's death. Bianca confronted Erica after learning that she had tried to have Lena deported. Greenlee asked her grandfather to find a job for Lena, knowing that it would infuriate Erica. Edmund asked Maria to remarry him.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, June 2, 2003

Adam and Michael discuss if they can work together Adam is surprised when he realizes that Michael has delved into his past. Michael also threatens to Adam with harm of JR. Adam decides that he doesn't need Michael's help that he is too near sided and temperamental. Michael asks Adam to please not walk away from him now. Adam warns him that if he goes after his son or threatens him in any way that he will be dead to him. Michael realizes it doesn't pay to be an enemy of Adam. Just as Adam and Michael toast each other Erica walks up and asks Adam if he is out of his mind! She tells Adam about his rape attempts on both her and Kendall. Adam looks confused and Erica continues to berate Michael. When Adam interrupts, telling her that she is making her childhood trauma interfere with her adult life. Michael looks on in shock. Erica tosses Michael drink in his face and as he leaves Erica and Adam together, Erica can't seem to spit horrible words out at Adam fast enough! Adam interrupts and admits to her that they are on the same side. He tells her that he is going to make Michael pay for what he did to her! She says, "I want him ruined Adam." Adam tells Erica that individually they are strong, but together they are powerful

Bianca repeats her question to Erica, wondering if she doesn't like Lena because she is gay. Bianca defends Lena by telling Erica that Lena is not responsible for what happened to her with Michael. Erica doesn't understand how Bianca can defend her and think that she is not still involved with Michael somehow. She says, "How do you know she didn't bail Michael out of jail?" That gets Bianca wondering also as she puts that question to Lena herself. Lena tells her that of course she didn't. Erica tries to toss Lena out again, but Bianca tells her to stop. Erica says, "I don't want you to fall into a self destructive pattern again, you have made such progress." Erica tells her she keeps falling in love with women who are wrong for her. Lena stress to Erica that Bianca is not a little girl any more, she is a woman who knows her own mind. Lena tells Erica all of Bianca's strong points. They continue to argue and shout when Bianca steps in and asks Erica to give her a minute alone with Lena. Erica's final warning to Bianca is, "Please remember what she did to you." Bianca responds, "As if I ever could forget." Lena tells Bianca that the feelings she has for Bianca are the first real feelings she has had in her whole life. Bianca replies, "And yet you're willing to just leave." As Lena continues to pack her things Bianca is surprised to find the pictures of them together. Lena begs her to tell her that there is some hope for them. She says, "I can't be with someone I can't trust."

Erica steps out of the room and receives a phone call from someone regarding Michael Canbias. Erica tells the person she will handle it personally and walks off.

Henry shocks his mom and brother by telling them he was expelled for cheating. He explains how he froze and panicked during his mid-term. Alma tells Henry she blames Maggie. Alma accuses Maggie of distracting Henry, she shouts at him to "Show some respect!" She accuses his Uncle Lee and Maggie of encouraging Henry with outside interests. Henry shouts at his mother that she puts to much pressure on him all the time. She says, "There is no honor in what you have chosen and I will not support you." His Uncle Lee tells Henry he could have handled that in a much better way. Maggie tells Henry not to give up on his mother so easily, that her mother never gave a damn about her and his mother loves him so much. Henry tells her how much he cares about her and asks if she would give him another chance. She walks away without giving him an answer. Henry loving but sadly remembers of when he was a child, playing doctor with his mother and how happy it made her.

Joe tells Anna that Leora wasn't in any pain, she went quietly. Confused she asks what went wrong. As Joe and Tad leave them alone he states to David that Anna needs him and he needs her. Anna can not understand how this all happened. David try's to help Anna say goodbye to Leora. She tells him she love's him and David admits to Anna that he doesn't want Leora alone in the room on the table all by herself.

David and Anna go to be with Leora and Anna looks on as David unwraps her, he a apologizes to her for not keeping his promise to protect her. He cries and wonders if she died because she thinks that her Daddy gave up on her. Anna runs and scoops up Leora telling David how that is not true. Anna shushes Leora and hugs her as David promises to make Joe Martin pay for what he did to his daughter. Anna tells him to "Shut up." Anna says, "I can't fight you, I am in so much pain there is a knife in my soul." David tells Leora that she is the one thing he got right and that he will always love her. He gives her a kiss and says goodbye, Anna asks David to help her stay with the baby and hold her, David said, "I am sorry, there is nothing left." He walks out leaving Anna frightfully calling his name.

Anna tells Leora that she was a miracle and that she thought that loving her forever would mean watching her grow up, not holding her in her heart. She tells her to rest peacefully now. Anna sings Leora ‘Brahms lullaby' and tearfully sings "soft and warm is your bed, close your eyes and rest your head"

Outside the room Tad and Joe try to convince him how sorry they are. Tad tells David that he knows what he is going through. David accuses them both of murdering his child. He tells Joe that he warned him that it was a mistake that he shouldn't have tried the surgery. He promises they will have to watch their family crumble down around them. He storms back into the room where Anna is singing the final phrases of her lullaby; "guarding angels are near, so sleep on with no fear."

Tuesday, June 3, 2003


Although Reggie wanted Jack to be sick a while longer so they could stay, Jack and Reggie were packing up to leave Erica's house. Reggie told him that if things were history with "Candy Kane," there were plenty of other women who didn't necessarily need legal advice. Erica walked in and was shocked to learn they were moving back to Jack's house. Reggie tried to comfort her by saying there plenty of other foxes in the forest. Jack finally convinced an obtuse Reggie to go to his room so he could talk to Erica privately. Erica was stunned that Jack was moving out and Jack explained that he had no illusions that Erica expected him to move in permanently and she explained that she was not so heartless to throw him out while he is still recuperating. She thought he still needed someone to take care of him and Jack replied that she needs some time alone, to take care of herself after everything that has happened. Erica finally asked him if he was leaving because of her suggestion that he leave her. Jack said no, he understood those words came out of shock and pain. He made it clear to her that he is not leaving because he's given up on them, he's leaving because he believes in them, more than ever. He told Erica he'll give her the space she needs for now. She promised to keep the ring on her finger.

Just then, Reggie made loud noises and begged to be let out. He apologized for the fox comment. After Reggie made fun of Jack and Erica kissing goodbye, Jack accused him of being a pain in the butt. They left and Bianca came in, looking shocked. Erica knew something was wrong and thought Lena had upset her. Bianca had just seen the news and learned of Chris's death and was upset that her mother hadn't told her. The two women hugged and remembered how Chris saved Bianca during the fire. Bianca was worried about her mother, but Erica was worried about Bianca and how Lena had hurt her. Erica reminded Bianca that her happiness will always come first. Bianca told Erica that she is upset that Lena has decided to stay in town. Erica was worried that Lena had gotten to Bianca and Bianca said no, that would not happen because she is not stupid enough to be taken in again. Bianca assured her mother that she is no longer a forgiving person. Erica was still afraid that Lena is still working with Michael. Bianca did not agree with her mother's conspiracy theory and defended Lena's latest actions in working against Michael with the DA. Erica said she won't have a moment's peace until that woman was out of Bianca's life. "That woman, or any woman?" Bianca asked. Erica did not want to see Bianca in a relationship with a liar and a fraud and begged Bianca not to twist her concern and love into a problem about her sexuality. Erica insisted she was over her issues with Bianca's sexuality and her being gay. Erica just can't accept the fact that Lena hurt her and said she doesn't deserve a second chance. Bianca insisted she is the only one who can decide if Lena should get another chance with her. She did not want to discuss Lena any more, she'd only come over to remember Chris. Bianca left and Erica immediately called the Immigration and Naturalization Service to report that Lena is very likely in the country illegally.


Mary, Greenlee's mother, ran into Carlos at the Valley Inn bar and started batting her eyes. Greenlee came in just in time to see her mother flirting with Carlos and wondered why she was being so nice. Carlos knew Mary did not remember him. Mary suddenly remembered Carlos and complimented his jacket by asking Greenlee where she bought it. Carlos excused himself and Greenlee suggested her mother not wear her best shoes to put her foot in her mouth. Mary assured her daughter that she didn't want to make trouble, but Greenlee could only say she does it so well. Mary then expressed her surprise that Greenlee is still dating the handyman. Greenlee said Carlos is an artist but Mary was less than enthusiastic and suggested the pool boy is probably also studying to be a brain surgeon. Greenlee told Mary about the show at the Chandler Gallery and Mary only said that it was because of Stuart's fascination with beginners. Carlos returned and Greenlee told Carlos that Mary is also an artist. Mary was not amused and said their work really doesn't compare. Greenlee agreed, since Carlos is inspired by the real world, not country clubs and cruise ships. Mary said that wealth is just as real as poverty, only a lot more fun and is the only world Greenlee has ever known or will ever fit into. Greenlee said goodbye and Mary promised she'd see a lot more of her when she moves back to Pine Valley soon.

The maitre d' came over to give them the wine list before being seated and Carlos took it from Greenlee, saying he could do this and then ordered a bottle of Chilean wine. At the table, Greenlee liked the wine and Carlos explained that he has always liked it. She ordered only a shrimp cocktail and said her mother had killed her appetite. Carlos told her he thinks she can't handle a real date with him and insinuated she is more like her mother than she'll admit. He accused her of not ordering an entrée because she thinks he can't afford it. She admitted she thinks he is uncomfortable in a place like the Valley Inn, but he insisted he's fine, because it makes her happy. He pulled out a wad of cash and explained it was from the gallery show. She was thrilled and promised to not underestimate him again and also asked him to order her dinner.

Marian came in to meet Mary at the bar to discuss real estate and a place for Mary to live. As they got caught up on local news, Mary went into a dither about Jackson being shot. Marian wanted to know why. Mary insisted that they were just old friends and Marian told her about his engagement to Erica, for the tenth time. Mary scoffed and predicted they would never walk down the aisle. Even so, Marian said, Erica will never let him go. As they watched Greenlee and Carlos, Marian gave her friend some advice about not selling Carlos short.


Anna could hear David shouting in the hospital hallway and told Leora she had to go. First, she put some blankets on her dead baby to keep her warm and said goodbye while promising no more pain and hospitals. David was yelling hateful things at Tad and Joe and stopped briefly when Anna interrupted. David continued his tirade about how he could have saved Leora if Joe and the others had only let him. Tad again tried empathy, about his loss of baby Kate last year. David said it was not the same, since Tad had not been forced to stand by while his daughter died. He threatened to tear apart the Martin family. David walked away and Anna apologized for him. She asked Joe if David is right and if she was responsible for Leora's death by insisting on the surgery. Joe explained Leora's heart was weak and the surgery was risky, but she would not have survived long without it. Joe also told her that perhaps Leora might have lived if they'd done the surgery a month ago, or a month later, and he took responsibility. As Anna questioned him, he explained that doubts eat away at doctors too during cases like hers. Aidan came in then to comfort Anna. She blamed herself for not insisting on the surgery sooner and felt totally responsible for Leora's death.

Back At the Valley Inn:

Tad and Joe came to the Valley Inn for dinner. Tad invited Joe to come spend the night at his house, since Ruth was away visiting Kelsey. Joe thanked him and left to go to their table while Tad broke the sad news to Greenlee. Carlos offered to take her home but Greenlee wanted to go find David.

Jackson and Reggie came in just then to pick up some take-out and Mary rushed up to hug and kiss Jackson as Reggie watched with wonder. He assured her he is fine. As they left, Reggie said he hopes whatever Jack has is catching.

Then Mary walked up to Carlos and commented on him paying his own way. She also said she still believes he is not right for Greenlee. He took that opportunity to remind her about a time when he was working on the pool at Mary's father's house and she asked him to rub lotion on her back...and how one thing had led to another...and that if he was good enough for her then, he's good enough for Greenlee now.

Meanwhile, David was out walking on the beach, talking to Leo, saying he needed him more than ever before. He said that Leora's birth was also the beginning of his life and she made him want to be a good man. Now, he was just angry at Tad and Joe for not letting him save his daughter and he would make sure they pay.

Greenlee showed up on the beach and told David that Leora is safe in her uncle's arms now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Kendall sat on the sofa and watched Fusion videos, taking notes. A noise outside startled her and she got up to investigate. She thought it was Michael lurking outside so she grabbed the phone and yelled that she was going to call the police. Boyd called out to her and she opened the door and demanded to know why he was sneaking around her front door. He came inside and told her he had heard that Michael had tried to rape her and he wanted to make sure she was safe. Kendall said he didn't have to worry about Michael, that Aidan put "the fear of God" into him. Boyd questioned Kendall about her and Aidan, wanting to know if they were back together. Kendall told him they were just friends and Boyd was visibly relieved. Kendall couldn't believe that he was still interested in her. She joked about the "screening process" she was implementing and Boyd ran through some of his good points, like being nice and honest. She wondered why he was still single and Boyd admitted to being something of a geek in school. Kendall laughed and asked if he became a chemist so he could create his own perfect woman. Boyd told her he never got the formula right but he thought he had the perfect woman in front of him. Kendall said she wasn't anyone's perfect woman. Boyd told her he still wanted to be with her and that he'd take things as slow as she needed them to go, if she was interested. Kendall said someone needed to keep him out of "geekdom" and it might as well be her.

At the waterfall Greenlee talked to David. She said she knew that Leo was holding Leora in his arms in heaven and was taking good care of her. David did not want to hear that. She told him how much she cared about him and that she knew exactly how he was feeling, like everything had gone dark. But Greenlee reminded David that he still had Anna and that he needed to hang on to that. Then she put her hand out to David and told him to let her help him the way he had helped her when Leo died. David snickered and said "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill myself. I've got too much to live for." Greenlee said he needed to grieve for Leora and tears leaked down David's face. Greenlee told him to go home to be with Anna but David just looked away. He finally decided to go home.

Aidan brought Anna back to the cabin. They walked in silently and Anna went to the cradle and ran her hand over the letter L David had carved in it. Anna told Aidan that Joe had said Leora might have had a better chance if she'd had the surgery earlier. But she had trusted David and he wanted to wait. Aidan told her it was no one's fault, least of all hers. Anna said David didn't want Leora to have the surgery at all. Aidan said David should be there with Anna right now. The phone rang and Aidan answered it. He handed the phone to Anna and told her it was Robin. Anna told Robin that there were complications with Leora's surgery and that she didn't make it. She stepped out onto the porch and Aidan went to the other room and called David. All he got was voicemail so he left a message saying Anna needed him. Anna told Robin they hadn't made any arrangements yet because she and David hadn't discussed it. She turned and found David standing there. Anna said goodbye to Robin and Aidan said he'd leave them alone. As he walked out he told David he was sorry for his loss. Anna told David she had just spoken with Robin. David barely acknowledged that she was speaking to him. He picked up one of Leora's toys and looked at it. Anna asked David to hold her but David said he couldn't bring Leora back. Anna started to cry and said she didn't know what to do next and that she couldn't do this on her own. David told her to do what she thought was best and to leave him out of it. Anna was stunned. The phone rang and Anna picked it up. The hospital was wanting to know what funeral home they had chosen. Anna asked David if he had a preference and David didn't even look at her. She took the phone into another room. David looked at the cradle he had made, grabbed a fireplace poker and began attacking the cradle. The sound brought Anna running in time to see David destroy the cradle.

Aidan returned to Kendall's. When he saw that Boyd was there he told Kendall he'd come back later but he looked so down that Kendall pulled him inside. She begged him to tell her what was wrong and he finally explained about Leora. Kendall felt so bad for him and gave him a hug. Boyd said he'd leave them alone because Aidan needed her right now. Kendall said she'd call him later as he left. Aidan fought back tears as Kendall told him it was his turn to lean on her. They sat down and Aidan told her he'd just left Anna with David. Then he asked about Kendall and Boyd. Kendall told him they were going to see where things went with them. She said "Maybe he's the one!." Aidan just looked at her sadly and said "maybe."

Michael boarded his father's jet and thanked him for sparing a few minutes of his time. His father was not in a forgiving mood and said he didn't care what Michael was up to. Michael told him he'd make him care, whether he liked it or not. Michael asked for a second chance to prove himself but his father just scoffed at him. Michael said he'd given up everything for him but his father said he'd done nothing but disgrace himself and the family. Michael said he was trying to protect the family business but his father didn't believe him. Michael said he was trying to protect him from Adam Chandler, which peaked the elder Cambias's interest. He asked his son what Adam had offered him and Michael said "A chance to get even with you" but that he planned to hand Chandler Enterprises to his father on a silver platter. His father said that was a reckless dream but Michael insisted that it was legitimate but that he needed capital. His father brought up him being accused of attempted rape of Erica and Kendall and Michael said they were lying. "Just like the girl in Milan?" smirked his father. Michael told him to forget that, because he was all his father had left.

At the Valley Inn Simone and Mia handed out contest applications for Fusion's Sexiest Man Contest. Simone accidentally bumped into Maria but didn't recognize her. She told Maria about the contest and Maria said her man was definitely a sexy guy. Simone said go get him and have him fill out an application so off Maria went. Simone joined Mia and told her they had "a live one" who would be bringing her man over any minute. As they turned Maria and Edmund headed straight towards them. Mia's face fell to the floor. They all chatted nervously and Maria told Edmund she'd meet him at the car. Simone said she'd go pass out more applications and left Edmund and Mia alone. Mia looked devastated and Edmund apologized again for how things turned out. She told him he didn't have to explain anything to her and Edmund left to meet Maria. Simone returned and Mia was just a bit bitter. She said she hated Edmund and wondered why men thought they were the be all end all to what makes a woman happy. She spied a couple at the bar and said that woman was going to get stomped on just like the rest of them did. Simone said not all men were bad but Mia was sure they were. When the woman at the bar left the man alone for a moment, Mia went over and sat next to him. She flirted and asked if he'd buy her a drink, which of course he did. She returned to Simone and showed her that not only did that man buy her a drink but he gave her his phone number too. "All men are jerks!" she declared. Greenlee came in and looked for Carlos. Mia and Simone said they hadn't seen him and Greenlee ranted about why couldn't people stay where they were supposed to. She looked like she was on the verge of tears so Mia and Simone asked what was wrong. Greenlee explained about Leora and they stood up and hugged her. They all sat at the table and Greenlee talked more about Leora. She cried when she told them they were the best friends she'd ever had and then told them she was really concerned about David. A few minutes later Simone offered to take Greenlee home. Mia said she was going to stay and pass out the rest of her cards. After Greenlee and Simone left Mia went back to the bar and sat down. Seconds later Michael came up behind her and offered to buy her a drink.

Edmund and Maria returned home to find Maddie asleep on Joni's lap. Maddie had a dream that Flanders broke into Wildwind and shot her mommy. She woke up screaming. After Edmund and Maria got her calmed down and back to sleep in her own bed Maria wondered what they could do to make Maddie and Sam feel safe again. Edmund beat around the bush for a moment and finally asked her to marry him. Maria was thrilled and said "How could I not want to marry you?." They kissed and Edmund picked her up and twirled around the room with her.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

Erica met with an INS agent in her office giving him information on Lena. Erica asked the agent when Lena would be deported -- Days? Months? The agent replied that it would only be a matter of hours. Boyd walked in overhearing the conversation and told Erica that she would be making the biggest mistake of her life if she had Lena deported. The agent left and Erica defended her actions by saying it was her obligation to inform INS about Lena's status since she was in the country working for Enchantment. Since Lena lost her job, Erica said that she was required to report it. Boyd accused Erica of calling the INS to get Lena away from Bianca. Erica told Boyd that if he wasn't on the same page with her then he could clear his desk and go fight a battle with Lena she can't win. Boyd replied "I challenge you and you threaten to fire me." She said she wonders why he'd defend Lena. He told her that he believes that Bianca and Lena truly love each other and you should take a chance at love when you get one. Erica calmed down a bit and then Casey walked in, so Boyd excused himself and told Casey that she should be careful. Erica welcomed Casey and wanted to warn her about Lena looking for a job. Casey called Lena a slut and said that Lena wouldn't be eating lunch in this town ever again.

Lena saw Greenlee at the Valley Inn and asked Greenlee if she knew who she was. Greenlee said yes that she crashed Fusions party and spied for Michael. Greenlee asked Lena what she wanted and Lena told her that she was being deported and wondered if she could get a job with her. This surprised Greenlee. Lena proceeded to tell her of her experiences. Greenlee told her "leave your card and when I need a backstabber, I'll call you!" Greenlee got up to leave but Lena was persistent. Greenlee reminded Lena that her partner was Kendall and she had been hurt by Michael's scheme. Lena asked Greenlee if she had ever been desperate and Greenlee retorted "how desperate do you have to be to use your body?" Lena replied "I hope you never have to find out." Lena brought up Leo to Greenlee, saying Bianca talked about Leo a lot. This offended Greenlee. Lena apologized she said she needed a job to stay in the country and to be close to Bianca. Greenlee said it wasn't her problem. Bianca caught the end of the conversation and when Lena walked away Bianca asked Greenlee about their conversation. Greenlee said that Lena asked for a job so that she could stay close to her. She informed Bianca that Lena was being deported. Greenlee threw in a few insults toward Lena and Bianca defended her. Greenlee asked why she would defend her. Bianca compared Lena to Leo and Greenlee said they were nothing a like. Bianca said Leo came to town under his mom's power to marry Greenlee for her money. Lena came to town to get Boyd's formula under Michael's power. Bianca asked how she was able to forgive Leo and Greenlee said that it wasn't easy at first. That he tried to apologize in the beginning and she didn't want to listen. Greenlee told Bianca that if she was lucky enough to find love then she should go for it.

Erica saw Bianca and Greenlee talking so she walked up and asked what was going on. Greenlee said that they had been talking about love and that she had told Bianca to give Lena a second chance. Erica said that Bianca would never take advice from her and tried getting Bianca to look at the exhibits with her. Bianca told her that she had already seen them and that she was going back to work. When Bianca left Erica started giving Greenlee a hard time about their contest saying it was a desperate reach. Greenlee to Erica she was just jealous that she didn't think of it first. Erica told Greenlee that Lena was a cancer in this town and had to leave, suggesting she not get involved. Greenlee said maybe she wanted to see true love survive. Erica proceeded to tell Greenlee that she was jealous of her because she wanted to be Erica. Then she told Greenlee to stay away from Bianca.

When Erica walked away Greenlee pulled out her cell phone and called her granddad. She asked him to hire Lena with no questions asked.

Jack and Reggie were helping to build a house and Reggie was being over zealous in his duties. So Jack had Joni take over inventory responsibilities. Reggie got angry and said that he wasn't taking any kind of orders from Joni. A little later after Jack received a call from Anna he excused himself and as soon as Jack left Luis jumped out saying "okay recess is over!" Joni walked away and Luis told Reggie that he had a truck waiting. Reggie told Luis that he couldn't do anything because Joni was in charge of the inventory now. Luis told Reggie to keep Joni busy. Then he stated that he understood why Reggie liked the Pollyanna and said he wouldn't mind going after some of that himself. Reggie grabbed Luis and told him he had better stay away from Joni!

Tad stopped by Joe's office to pick him up. Joe looked depressed so Tad told him that it wasn't his fault that Leora died. Tad asked him if he was sure that he wanted to go to David's and Joe said he had to. Joe told Tad that he would join him in a minute so Tad left but Joe looked very worried.

At the cabin David was lying on the floor by the fireplace and Anna asked him if he was okay. She offered to fix him some coffee but he refused. Anna told David that she had talked to the funeral director and that they needed to go make the arrangements. She said they needed to choose an outfit for Leora and showed David that she had picked the Easter dress that David had bought for her. She said she couldn't find the shoes then spoke of when Leora had the dress on at Easter and getting her picture taken with the Easter bunny. Anna asked if he would go take a shower and then go with her to make the arrangements. David said he wasn't going. She tried to talk to him but he repeated that he wasn't going and walked out of the room. Anna tried calling Aidan but only got his machine so she called Jack and asked if he would help her make the arrangements. He agreed to meet her at the funeral home.

A little later, Jack sat with Anna while she talked over the arrangements for Leora's funeral while David was mourning alone at home watching videos that they had made of the three of them. Anna was picking out the coffin while David continued to watch a video holding the shoes Anna couldn't find earlier. At the Cabin a knock came to the door and when David answered it he found Joe and Tad standing there. Joe paid his condolences for himself and Ruth. David asked if the autopsy report came in yet and Joe said no so David said well you must've come up with some conclusions, when do you think Leora's breathing problems started, Joe told him the best time they could tell at this point is when David came into the room. David asked if they had bothered to check the wires and Joe pointed out that Dr. Tuttle was good at what he does. David questioned Joe's ability. Joe then said maybe it was a mistake to come. David said that it was and told Tad his phony speech about understanding his loss wasn't comparable to his loss because his ex-wife died in a car wreck a long way away and the baby was nothing but a sonogram in a picture frame. He also went on to say that Tad lost Dixie when she slept with him and Tad got his revenge by making him lose his daughter. Tad told David that he was trying really hard to feel sorry for him but he was making it impossible by turning it into a vendetta. David told Tad to "Go to hell!" and Tad walked away. Joe told David that he brought Leora's things from the hospital and to take care of himself then he left with David slamming the door behind him. Back at the funeral home, after making the arrangements David asked Anna if there was anything he could do for her. She told him that he was doing it and he wondered why David wasn't there. She told Jack that David couldn't deal with Leora's death. She told him that the night before when she called to make the appointment with the funeral director David smashed Leora's crib to pieces and this morning he locked himself in the bedroom when she asked him to come with her. Anna told Jack that all she wanted to do was love Leora but love wasn't enough to save her. She asked if he thought it was strange that she would miss Leora everyday of her life even though Leora's life was short. Jack said no. Jack asked Anna if she thought David could have saved Leora after they discussed David a little further, and after a few moments Anna answered "No, I don't think he could have and he would never forgive me for saying that."

Friday, June 6, 2003

During a meeting with Boyd at The Valley Inn, Bianca put two and two together and figured out that Erica had been the one who had tipped off the INS about Lena's employment status.

Greenlee met with her grandfather and asked him to give Lena a job. Woodruff was initially opposed to hiring Lena because of her past. He was also concerned about Greenlee's desire to stick it to Erica by having Bianca's lover stay in Pine Valley. In the end, Woody agreed to hire Lena but asked that his granddaughter do him a favor - to not allow Mary to come between her and Carlos.

At Myrtle's boarding house, Myrtle lectured Erica about the dangers of interfering in Bianca's life. Again Myrtle asserted that Erica has a problem with Bianca's sexuality. When Lena showed up at the boarding house to talk to Bianca, Erica again railed against Lena. Bianca showed up during the fight and demanded to know why her mother was trying to meddle in her private affairs. Bianca was furious, accusing her mother of trying to alienate her from everyone she cares about. As Erica and Bianca feuded, Lena received a call from Greenlee informing her that she'd been hired by Greenlee Investments.

Michael phoned Mia at Fusion and informed her that he'd like to see her at The Valley Inn. Simone and Kendall tried to warn Mia about Michael, but Mia paid them no mind. Mia headed to the bar at The Valley Inn, but when the bartender asked for her drink order, Mia rose and announced that she'd made a mistake. As she readied to leave the bar, Michael walked in and told her how glad he was to see her.

Anna returned home and told David how she had made all the arrangements for Leora's memorial service. David said nothing and turned a cold shoulder to Anna. Anna burst into tears when a shipment of diapers arrived at the cabin. After Anna went off to comfort herself, David had a hallucination of Leora as a toddler. The vision appeared to want to comfort David, saying that she had everything she needed now, but David failed to find solace in her words. Then, Leora told her father that she had to go and faded into nothingness.



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