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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, June 2, 2003

At Jessica's apartment, Jessica shares her excitement with Ben about having Rosanna as a client. They kiss passionately, but are interrupted by Bonnie's entrance. Ben and Jessica make it clear to Bonnie that they were anticipating some private time together, and Ben leaves for a few minutes so Bonnie and Jessica can visit. Jessica tells Bonnie her good news, and Bonnie responds with her own good news that she is beginning to connect with Sarah at the center where she is doing her community service. Bonnie goes on about how her life is turning around after Jessica's attempted rape. Instantly, at the mention of the attack, Jessica's demeanor changes and she becomes agitated. When Ben returns, Bonnie leaves so that he and Jessica can share some private time, but now Jessica is unable to respond to Ben. When Ben confronts Jessica about the fact that she has been pushing him away ever since Marshall attacked her, Jessica insists that she wants to share her life with Ben. She pleads with him to help her work through her problem, and Ben promises to stay with her and to love her forever.

Molly finds Dusty at Rose's, and tells Rose that she gave Dusty the money to pay off Alex Spangler, and she warns Rose not to give Dusty any more money. When Rose angrily comes at Dusty, he tells both women that he is leaving town to get away from Spangler. Dusty takes Molly outside to try to convince her that he is trying to change, and that he is leaving town to protect Rose. Molly stalks off, declaring that she will find out whether he is telling the truth or not. Meanwhile, inside, Rose picks up Dusty's cell phone, which automatically dials Spangler. When Spangler answers, Rose asks him to wait for her in the Lakeview lounge. As Mitzi walks in, Rose rushes out. Dusty returns from the porch, and deduces that Rose has used his cell phone. Mitzi tells him that Rose has gone to the Lakeview lounge to meet a man, and Dusty follows as quickly as he can. Rose walks up to Spangler and asks him if he and Dusty are working together to use Rose to squeeze money out of Lucinda Walsh. Dusty immediately arrives and confronts Spangler with the information that he will not have any part in the scam. Spangler gets in Dusty's face and threatens to teach him a lesson. When Dusty responds, asking Spangler if he intends to use his pistol with the jade handle, Spangler calls him a fool and whispers, "We're not finished." Rose furiously spits at Dusty that she wants him out of his life, but Dusty warns her that she will not be safe unless she stays with him. Nevertheless, Rose rushes out.

At the morgue, Jack, Mike, Katie, and Margo watch the coroner unwrap the body Katie and Mike had found at the mill. Katie rushes out, unable to watch, but when the face is uncovered, both Margo and Jack recognize it to be Bartleby Spears, Simon's nemesis. Margo and Jack go back to the police station where they interview Henry Coleman. Henry admits that Simon killed Bartleby after he found him outside their house pointing a gun at Katie. Henry insists that Simon killed Bartleby in self-defense, and he admits that he helped Simon get out of town. Simon had told Henry that Bartleby had threatened to have his associates kill Katie if Simon crossed him. Henry begs Margo not to tell Katie the truth about what happened, for fear that it might put Katie in danger. Jack also urges Margo not to tell Katie the truth. Katie arrives at the station to ask who the body was. Margo is torn, wanting to tell Katie that Simon really loved her, but not wanting to endanger her sister's life. In Jack's office, Molly arrives to ask if Jack has any news about Carly.

As the rest of the story unfolds, there is a shot of a dark cabin porch, with wind chimes mysteriously tinkling. Next we hear heartbreaking sobs from the cabin. Finally, we see a hand placing a candle on a table just inside the cabin, then we see Carly watching the candle flicker out.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

A woman removes an untouched tray of food while Carly lies disconsolate on a bed. Meanwhile, to Rose's chagrin, Dusty shows up at the Roller Palace to alert her that she's in danger. She won't listen and Mitzi arrives, apologizing for spilling to Dusty. Dusty keeps trying to convince Rose to close up shop. A walk-in customer arrives and Rose gets Dusty to leave. Outside, Dusty notices a car watching the shop and sneaks up to confront Stanley. He figures out Stanley's working with the customer. As Nancy leaves, Rose asks Mitzi to drive her home because of the approaching storm. Rose turns to take the walk-in customer and he locks the door. As Dusty pounds on the door, he hears scuffling inside. Jack offers Rosanna a last chance to come clean but she maintains she doesn't know where Carly is. She says he should blame himself for Carly's disappearance. Craig has chosen Marshall to represent her, which doesn't please her. Both Jessica and Marshall want Rosanna's business. Rosanna selects Jessica who impresses her by believing her innocence. Jessica gets Rosanna out on bail. Craig wants Jack to look elsewhere, but Jack insists all roads lead to Rosanna. Craig launches his own investigation, starting with Parker. Alison sees Chris studying and interrupts him. She is hurt when he isn't receptive to her. Rick tells Alison that he thinks Chris is interested in her, but she needs to act more grown up. He suggests she try for a little more sophistication in her appearance and her attitude to get Chris' attention. When Susan returns, she tells Rick that they need to be careful about flaunting their relationship in front of Alison. Alison calls Katie looking for mistletoe.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

A storm is raging through Oakdale...

Bob calls a meeting for his board and introduces them to Dr. Walker Daniels, who is a medical detective. Dr. Daniels says he is a specialist in the "cause of death" and will re-examine the recent deaths that have been occurring at the hospital. Everyone seems to respond well to this, except for John Dixon who doubts the partiality of Dr. Daniels since he was hired by Bob.

Katie finds a vial underneath the bed in Mrs. Scott's (the woman who recently died) room. Dr. Gordo walks in and tells Katie to throw out the vial. She tells him she is going to report it to Arlene Crebbs, the head nurse. Dr. Gordo takes the vial and throws it out but Katie goes to retrieve it. As she is doing this, Nurse Crebbs comes in and asks what is going on. Katie tells her about the empty vial she found and Nurse Crebbs reprimands Dr. Gordo for not reporting it. Later, Nurse Crebbs makes a phone call to someone, reporting the found empty vial that was once filled with an injectable medicine.

Dr. Gordo again tries to ask out Alison. He asks her why she hates him but she says she is not interested in dating him. While Alison is left alone at the nurse's station, she pages Chris over the loudspeaker. As she is waiting for him, she sees someone in a wheelchair, their face covered by a hood. She asks if they need help but the person wheels themselves away as the storm continues to make the lights flicker. Alison gets scared and screams and Chris then arrives. She makes him close his eyes, and then she puts mistletoe over their heads and kisses him. He kisses her back but then he pulls away, telling Alison they can't do this. He says he is on duty and also a lot older than her. Alison says, "But you liked it." His reply is, "That's not the point. It only proves I'm a normal man." He tells her to stop acting like a little girl and walks away. Alison gets mad and when she sees Dr. Gordo again she asks him if he would still like to go out. He does and she tells him she'll be "dressed to kill."

Meanwhile, Katie also sees the mysterious person in the wheelchair. She tells the person she will help them but they again wheel themselves away. Katie walks into a room and notices something under the bed. She looks to discover that it is Nurse Crebbs – who is dead.

Rose is still shaky from the incident with one of Spangler's men. She tells Dusty she doesn't know when he is telling the truth. Lily goes to see Rose and talks to her while Margo questions Dusty about the incident. Then, Lily tells Dusty to leave town and to let Rose's family help her through this rough time. Rose tells Lily how Dusty saved her and that she has feelings for him. Lily says she is not thinking straight when it comes to Dusty and that she is "trashing Paul's memory." Rose tells Lily that she only pretends to care and that she always hates all of Rose's decisions. Rose says that Lily thinks she is nothing but "Jersey trash". They continue to argue and Rose says she is done with the "sisterly bond". She says she doesn't need Lily in her life anymore. Lily asks, " Is that what you want? Please don't shut me out." Rose turns away and doesn't answer Lily so she leaves. Then, Rose calls Dusty and tells him she needs him. She says, "I need you here and I need to be with you tonight." Dusty smiles.

Craig gets Molly to help him meet with Parker. They go to Al's Diner and Craig showers him with food. When he asks Parker where mommy is, Parker says "mooshybells". At first they don't know what he is saying but then they figure it out. "Mooshybells" is actually "Musselshell", a place in Montana.

Carly is shown in a cabin with a woman trying to get her to eat. The woman hands Carly her cell phone and tells her a lot of people have called her. Carly says she doesn't want to talk to them and that if Jack wanted to be with her, he would be there. Carly remembers her times with Jack – from the beginning up until present times. She tells the woman that she wants to make a new home for Parker and her new baby girl and she was hoping that she could do it in Musselshell.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

Katie finds the dead body of Nurse Krebbs. She starts to scream and Chris Hughes comes running into the room. Katie is shaken up and Mike shows up to console her. Katie tells Mike that she feels like she is cursed. Mike tells her that she is crazy. She reminds him that she has found three dead bodies since she started working at the hospital. Mike cheers her up by telling her that she has brought him more good luck than bad. Katie looks at Mike with a smile on her face and says that she can see why all the women run to him when something bad happens. The two look into each other's eyes. There is a clap of thunder and Katie jumps and puts her arms around Mike's neck. Mike asks if she wants him to take her home. She says that she does. He says that he will stay with her until the storm passes or she passes out, whichever comes first. She says, "Deal."

Dr. Decker shows up and tells Bob and John that Nurse Krebbs had called him about the vial that was found in the hospital room. John asks why had she called him. Dr. Decker says that he is not sure why. John says that Dr. Decker has only been at Memorial a short time and now he is the go-to-guy. Dr. Decker shrugs his shoulders. An attendant opens the door and says that he is there to take Nurse Krebbs to the morgue. Bob introduces the attendant to the new forensics pathologist, Dr. Daniels. Dr. Daniels tells the attendant that he will see him in the morgue. Dr. Daniels, Dr. Decker, Dr. Dixon and Dr. Hughes walk out into the hall. Bob asks Dr. Daniels if he had found anything during the initial examination. Dr. Daniels informs the other doctors that he found a very small puncture on the nurse's arm. He informs them that the puncture was found in a mole. John asks what does that mean. Dr. Daniels says that someone gave the nurse an injection of medication strong enough to kill her but wanted to keep it a secret. Chris hides around the corner and listens to the four doctors talking. Dr. Decker says that he thinks that Dr. Daniels is suggesting murder. Dr. Daniels says that he wonders why the police have not been called. Dr. Decker says that Bob was at The Lakeview and John can't blame him for this one. Bob stops all of them and says that they have to work as a team and they can't be fighting.

Lily meets Lucinda at The Lakeview Lounge. Lily tells her mother about her argument the she and Rose had. Lucinda tries to console her daughter. Lucinda reminds Lily how she had reacted when Lucinda tried to warn her about some of the men that Lily had been involved with. Lily decides to go and see Rose and straighten things out with her sister.

Lily goes to Rose's house and finds Mitzi. Mitzi tells Lily that Rose is not there. Lily tells Mitzi about the break in earlier at the salon. Mitzi gets upset. Lily tells Mitzi that she wants to leave a note for Rose. Mitzi leaves the room to get paper and pen for Lily. After Mitzi is gone, Lily hears a noise outside the front door. Lily opens the door and finds a cute puppy. She bends down to pick up the puppy and a man comes out of nowhere and grabs Lily. Lily tries to scream but she can't because her attacker has his hand over her mouth. Lily starts to kick and kicks a potted plant off the table by the front door. Her attacker drags her off. Mitzi comes back into the room and finds the front door open and no Lily. She yells for Lily but does not get an answer. Mitzi walks over to the door and sees the plant on the ground. She sees the puppy by the door. She steps outside and yells for Lily.

Rose goes to Dusty's hotel suite. Dusty tells her that she needs to stay away from him. Rose says that she can't stay away and the two start to kiss. Rose takes off her coat and then her dress. Dusty tells her that she is beautiful. He walks over to her and kisses her. He asks if she is sure about this. She says that she is and the two start to kiss again. Dusty takes Rose to the bed and they lie on the bed and start to kiss some more. Rose's cell phone starts to ring. She tries to ignore it. The phone keeps ringing. Rose looks at Dusty and Dusty tells her to answer it. She jumps up and gets the phone. Mitzi is on the other end. Rose tries to tell her that she is in the middle of something. Mitzi tells her that she thinks Lily is in trouble. Rose tells her to forget about Lily. Mitzi tells Rose to listen to her and she tells her about Lily disappearing and leaving her purse behind and things in the house were thrown about. Mitzi says that she thinks that Lily is in trouble. Rose tells Mitzi to hang up and call the police. Rose hangs up her phone and tells Dusty that she has to go. She grabs her coat and heads out the door. Dusty follows shortly behind her.

At Rose's house, Margo is questioning Mitzi. Mitzi tells Margo everything that had happened and then she tells her about the dog. Margo asks Mitzi where is the dog now. Mitzi says that she thinks he ran away when there was a big clap of thunder. Margo tells one of the officers to go and find the dog. Rose and Dusty show up and Margo asks Rose why Lily had been looking for her. Rose says that she was there to give her a piece of her mind like she had been doing all day. Mitzi grabs Rose and turns her around. She tells Rose that Lily was there to apologize and make amends. Rose asks, "She came here to apologize?" Rose and Mitzi hug. Mitzi tells Rose not to be upset. She says that they will find Lily. Margo turns to Dusty and asks him if he has any idea who is behind this disappearance. Dusty reminds Margo that he and Lily have been friends since they were kids. Rose tells Margo that Dusty had been with her the last few hours. Margo looks at Dusty suspiciously. An officer walks in with the dog in his arms. There is a ransom note attached to his collar. Margo takes the note from the dog and reads it out loud. "She is safe for now. Wait for ransom call."

Molly and Craig take Parker back to Hal's house and inform Hal what they have found out from Parker. Molly tells Hal that "Mushy Bells" is Muscle Shells. As in Montana, where Carly is from. Parker tells the adults that Carly wrote it down. Hal asks if Carly left a note and Parker shows them the note that Carly left. Hal asks Parker why he didn't tell them about the note. Parker says that nobody asked him. Hal finds the note and reads it and it, in fact, says that she is going to Muscle Shell. Jack is upset with himself that he didn't find the note sooner. Molly tells him that it doesn't matter. She adds that all that matters is that Carly is alive. When Jack reads the note he sees that Carly had written that she loves him and she wishes that he would join her. Hal tells Jack to call the D.A. and get this mess straightened out. Craig says that he will go to the D.A. himself and get the ball rolling. After Craig leaves, Jack tells Hal that he is going to the station. Jack gives Parker a kiss goodbye and walks out the door. Molly follows Jack outside. She asks Jack if he is going to Montana. Jack says that he is not sure. Molly reminds him that the note said that Carly wishes he were with her. Jack tells Molly that he has called Carly's cell phone a dozen times and she has not called him back. Molly says that only means that her cell phone is not getting a signal. Jack says that he thinks he should wait. Molly asks, "Wait for what? To find out if this little girl is your?" Jack says that he doesn't have to explain himself to her. Molly reminds Jack that Carly is his wife and she needs him now more than ever before. Jack starts to walk away. Molly stops him and asks him what is going to do. Jack says, "I'm going to Montana."

In Muscle Shell, Montana, Carly gets a check up from the local doctor. He tells her that her blood pressure is good and her health looks good. The woman that Carly is staying with, asks the doctor about Carly traveling. The doctor tells her that traveling at this time is not advised. The doctor leaves and the woman tells Carly that she needs to stay in Muscle Shell until the baby is born. Later, the woman walks into Carly room and finds her packing her clothes. The woman asks what she is doing. Carly says that she has to leave. The woman reminds her what the doctor had said. Carly says that she and the baby will ok. She says that she has to learn to take care of herself. Carly picks up a picture of Parker. She says, "I have a family to raise."

Friday, June 6, 2003

by Andy

Hal calls Katie into a room at the hospital so he can question her about the death of Nurse Krebs. Mike is nearby and offers to give Katie a ride home when she's finished. After Katie and Hal leave, Molly calls Mike on his cell phone and asks him to meet her right away at the Lakeview. Mike runs interference first, but then agrees to meet her when she says she has info about Carly's whereabouts.

Jack knocks on the door of the country home where Carly has been living for the past few days. After no one answers, he walks into the unlocked house. He looks around and calls out for his wife, but silence responds. He finds his way to a table, discovers Carly's wedding rings, and whispers, "I'm too late." Just then, Carly walks through the door, sees Jack, and gladly asks, "Is Parker OK?" Jack says he's fine. She assures him that everything is fine with her. Jack wants to know why she left and explains that everyone was worried about her since they didn't find her note until yesterday. She says she left because she needed to clear her head. The tone of the conversation deteriorates from there and they end up arguing. She tells him to just go back home. Jack holds up her wedding rings and asks if he should take them with him. She explains that she took them off because her fingers are swollen. "It happens when you're pregnant Jack!" She tells him if all he wants to do is be mad, then he can go home. "I'll drop ya a line when she's born!" She slams a bedroom door, leaving him alone. Later, Carly comes out and asks Jack why he's still there. He tells her he's been through hell recently. He thought the dead person they found was she, and while they waited to confirm who was wrapped in the trash bags, he realized how much he loved her. He also says, that no matter what DNA the baby has, the baby will be his to care for and love as his own. He sums it all up, "I'm an empty man without you." Carly's heart skips a beat, and she jumps into his arms. He pulls out her wedding rings, tied to a string, and hangs it as a necklace around her neck. Carly says, "And so we start over...again." Jack says, "No...we pick up where we left off."

Rosanna waltzes into Fairwinds looking for Craig after spending her final night in prison. He comes in from the gazebo and welcomes his wife with the good news that Carly is alive and has been found. Rosanna is disturbed to hear that Craig neglected to fill her in about this sooner and get her out of jail the night before. Craig defends himself by saying he didn't have time to get her up to speed because he was too busy trying to get her out of prison by talking with the DA all night long. He says, "I'd appreciate a kiss hello. And a thank-you-nibble would be nice." Rosanna doesn't bite and turns to leave. He gingerly proposes the idea of getting remarried. She wonders when this might happen. He says that Aaron and Lucy are helping make arrangements to hold a ceremony today. Rosanna says, "And you're assuming I would want to marry you again...?" He somehow softens her heart, and she agrees to an afternoon wedding. After she meanders out of the living room, Craig immediately calls Lucy and tells her he needs her help ASAP.

Dusty, Rose, Margo, and a detective wait by the phone for a ransom call. Rose paces nervously back and forth until the phone finally rings. A masked voice quickly says the price to get Lily back alive will be $10 million. Lucinda stops by a little later and Margo plays the recorded ransom message. Lucinda blinks, then immediately makes her way to her banker. Rose wants to tell Margo about Spangler, but Dusty gets her to keep quiet. He puts on his jacket and leaves to have a one on one meeting with his old boss.

Alison flaunts her date later tonight with Gordo in front of Chris, but he doesn't seem to care. She turns and heads for the elevator. Her mother walks off and confronts her daughter about going on a date with a much older boy. Alison dismisses her mothers concern and walks away.

After interviewing Katie, Hal meets with Dr.'s Dixon & Hughes, as well as the new forensic pathologist. He scolds Dr. Hughes for not informing the police sooner about the recent slew of questionable deaths at the hospital. Bob says he only wanted to complete his own internal investigation before getting the police involved. The forensic pathologist confirms that Nurse Krebs was most likely murdered.

Katie runs into Chris and he tells her Mike had to leave, but he left her a message. He wants her to meet him at the Lakeview, and she should be prepared, because he may need rescuing.

In the gazebo, Craig barks at the arrangers scuffling about trying to throw together a last-second wedding. Lucy helps to fluff the flowers, and advises her father that Aaron (the Best Man) is in the house keeping tabs on Rosanna. Meanwhile, in the house, Rosanna gingerly walks unnoticed through the living room, places a note to Craig on a table, and then is caught trying to escape by Aaron. Against his better judgment, he pleads with her to give Craig another chance. Aaron says that if Craig is willing to let him be his best man, he definitely will do anything to keep Rosanna around. She relents, and goes back to her room to get changed. Craig is just within earshot of most of the exchange, and later thanks Aaron for his support.

A short time later, Rosanna trudges up to the altar wearing all black. The minister begins the ceremony, but Rosanna interrupts him with her own vows, "I Rosanna, am putting you, my darling Craig, on notice. I am no blushing bride. I am no easy mark. I am on to you. And if you ever try to pull this on me again, ever, this will be your last wedding...before your funeral." Craig joyously smirks. Rosanna tells the minister it's now the groom's turn. Craig gleefully plays right along, "Absolutely. I will keep my promise, to take you on the ride of your life. To keep you guessing. To try your patience. And I will test your limits. I promise you a bumpy ride full of chaos. Rosanna, I give you all of me." He turns to the minister and tells him to do his worst. He starts to waffle, when Rosanna steps in, "Oh for God's sake, I hear by pronounce us Rosanna and Craig!" Craig adds, "I dare ya to stay with me ‘till death do us part." Rosanna says, "You're on Montgomery!" He takes her in his arms and kisses his wife, as the minister sighs.

At the Lakeview, Molly tells Mike that Carly was found in Montana, and that Jack went after her. Mike gets the same idea in his head. Molly tries to discourage him. She then tries to explain away one of her many recent indiscretions, but Mike isn't ready to hear it. Katie arrives just in time, and Molly excuses herself. Mike confides to Katie that he's worried about Carly and the baby, and that he wants to go out there to check on them. He hem's and haw's until he finally asks Katie to join him on the trip. Before Katie decides, she wants to know what it means if she goes with him. He says it only means that they're friends. She breathes a sigh of relief and they head for the airport.

Susan stops by Hal's and runs into Alison holding a bunch of Emily's clothes. Susan wants to know what her daughter is up to. Ali says they're clothes for her date with Gordo. Susan forbids her to date a guy as old as he is, but Alison says that a guy her own age might try to be sexually active with her also. Besides, she assures her mother she doesn't want to have sex with someone she barely knows. "I can handle one simple little date. I just want to go out with someone who thinks I look nice." Susan gives up and decides to take her daughter shopping.

Alison arrives in the hospital beautifully dressed, and conveniently runs into Chris while looking for Gordo. Chris' tongue drops to the ground as he sizes up the cleaned up Alison walk away down the hall.

Craig carries Rosanna into the living room, and they begin to consummate their marriage.

Molly runs into Margo and she tells Margo how Dusty coned her out of a lot of money. Margo gets suspicious that he might be up to the same thing with Lily, and she asks Rose where Dusty went. Rose clams up, but secretly hopes he comes back soon.

The forensic pathologist confides to Hal that he thinks a serial killer is on the loose at Memorial.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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