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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on GL
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Monday, June 2, 2003

Eden and Blake met at Company to discuss their plan of action and Blake wanted more information about who her clients are. Just as she was asking Eden who would want her dead, Marina saw Eden and went after her! Frank had to grab her and drag her outside to get some air. He got her mind off Eden for a minute by finally showing her the car he bought her. She LOVED it and said it was the perfect car.

Blake questioned Eden about her life in Chicago and Eden accused her of trying to dig up dirt on her but Blake said she could only help her if she knows EVERYTHING. Blake told her to get the chip off her shoulder and let her help. Blake told Eden she had 3 hours to get her girls, her black book, and get to Harley's. Marina came in from outside and was fired up again and told Eden she was a VILE, DISGUSTING person that turned Ben into a gigolo. Marina verbally let her have it by saying it was her fault that those 3 people are dead.

Eden made a phone call and told somebody she needed help in keeping somebody busy. When a beautiful woman showed up at Company and made the moves on Frank, Buzz and Marina were cheering him on but it was all part of Eden's plan to keep Frank preoccupied with something or SOMEONE else.

Eden gathered the girls up and they met at Harley's for a lesson in self-defense. Blake, showing off her moves from working out with Cassie, showed Eden how easy it was to throw her butt on the ground. Harley and Blake taught the girls safety tips and self-defense moves.

Olivia tried to get Phillip to talk about why he's been so distant. Phillip told her nothing was wrong and it was only her hormones making her sensitive. Phillip seemed to want to get away fast and left without kissing or hugging her goodbye and left for a meeting with Lizzie's therapist. When he got there, the therapist was running late and Phillip ran into Rick and lost his temper, ranting and raving about the therapist being late. Rick guessed that the results were back on the paternity test and he didn't need Phillip to tell him that it showed Alan was the father. Phillip confided in Rick and said he just doesn't know anymore what he wants. When he looks at Olivia all he sees is that night he walked in and Olivia was with Alan. She thought he was gone and went right to Alan and slept with him.

At the Beacon, Cassie was trying to avoid Edmund and he cornered her and made her talk about what happened in San Cristobel. He asked her if what happened was ruining everything. Cassie said she was confused and didn't know what she wanted from their relationship. He offered to just be her friend and she wanted that. He asked her to have dinner with him in the next couple of days and she agreed. Olivia was standing in the doorway when Edmund left and witnessed a "look" shared between Edmund and Cassie. Olivia let her know what she saw and Cassie matter-of-factly told her they were friends. Olivia said she had known Edmund since she was 18 and he makes a better enemy than friend. When Cassie told her she was not one to give advice, Olivia said she was right and ran off. Cassie felt bad for upsetting her and apologized. Olivia confided in her and said she's fat and ugly and Phillip is not attracted to her. Cassie told her she looked great and her hormones were working overtime. When flowers arrived at the Beacon, Cassie said, "See, those are probably for you." (sent from Phillip) but when the card was read, they were for Cassie, from EDMUND.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Beth reaches out to Lizzie in the hopes of getting her to reveal her pain, but she maintains her cheerfulness. Beth wants her to open up about her true feelings but she won't. Meanwhile, Phillip and Olivia discuss whether Phillip is truthfully done with Alan. Due to Phillip's foul mood, Olivia assumes that he cares more for Alan than her and she leaves crying. Later, Olivia tells Beth that Lizzie would be happy to hear that she is losing Phillip and Beth is shocked. She realizes that Olivia is worried about the baby's paternity and she empathizes, having been through something similar herself. She suggests that Olivia take the DNA test ASAP. Hesitant at first, Olivia chooses to do it. At the loft with Phillip, Lizzie hints at her feelings that a future with Olivia will leave him miserable. As Alan prepares for his "date," he believes that he and Gus are starting a beautiful relationship. Meanwhile, Eden finally hands over her list of escorts to Blake. When Blake's pistol falls out of her purse, she and Harley disagree about who is in charge. Harley thinks they should coordinate with Gus but Blake doesn't. Harley is upset to hear that Gus is working with Alan. She resents that now she's just a mom while Gus is still a cop. After, Harley calls Blake and decides to be her partner after all. Meanwhile, Alan says he wants a relationship with Eden in order to get closer to Gus and in exchange, he'll clean up her mess. He stuns her with all he knows about her life. Vulnerable, Eden reminds Alan that she is not Gus' sister but Alan argues that family ties come from unexpected places. They form an unusual bond.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

At the police station, as both Holly and Ross tried to reason with Frank, he was being very hard-nosed in his stance towards Ben, even threatening to keep Ben in custody for a full week for questioning. Holly talked with Frank, alone, trying to convince him to release Ben, yet Frank seemed to prefer keeping Ben behind bars than entertaining the thought of him going anywhere near Marina. Holly convinced Frank to let Ben go, saying that Ben would agree to stay away from Marina. Ben later told Ross and Holly that he feels like he's being blackmailed, but he eventually told Frank he'd stay away from Marina upon release.

Outside of "Company", Josh and Shayne were discussing details regarding baseball, but when Marina came around, Shayne instantly lost all interest in what they were talking about. After he asked Marina how she was doing, Reva came by with a letter that arrived from Stanford University. After excitedly telling Shayne to open the envelope, he did, and it was a letter of acceptance with a full baseball scholarship. Reva was ecstatic and ran off to make plans for a celebration, but Shayne looked less than enthused. Shayne told Josh he didn't want to disappoint either of his parents, but Josh told him that he and Reva would be proud of him no matter what he decided. After Josh went into "Company", Marina asked Shayne why he wasn't more excited, and Shayne didn't seem too thrilled at the thought of moving far from Springfield. All the while, Shayne kept gazing intently at Marina as she spoke. Later, after Shayne went inside to have a "Buzz-burger", Ben appeared. He told Marina he'd been released and that he wasn't charged with anything, then proceeded to apologize and proclaim his love for her, but Marina wouldn't hear any of it, telling Ben he didn't know the meaning of love. Ben grabbed Marina's arm as she tried to walk away from him, then Shayne walked out of "Company" and yelled at Ben to let Marina go. Ben then began to push Shayne around. Soon, the two were fighting, and when Shayne had Ben pinned to the ground and was about to throw a punch, Marina yelled for Shayne to stop. Ben left, but not before telling Marina he's not giving up on her. Later, as Marina delicately dabbed at Shayne's bleeding lip with a tissue, Josh looked on from the doorway. Walking back into "Company", Josh used his cell phone and called the athletic department at Stanford University, and told someone that his son is holding off on accepting their offer for the moment.

Gus showed up at the museum to talk with Eden. After telling Eden that Alan has agreed to go undercover as one of Eden's clients, Eden surprised Gus by saying that Alan had come by to see her. Eden told Gus that Alan seemed friendly and supportive, and even referred to her as "one of the family." Over at Harley's, Blake arrived, glad that Harley changed her mind and wanted to help out with Eden's case, but Harley held back, saying she just wanted to be on the sidelines. Harley told Blake that Gus enlisted Alan to help him on the case by posing as one of Eden's clients and told Blake she doesn't want Alan to sink his hooks in Gus, but Blake insisted that the REAL reason Harley wants to help out is because she misses being a cop. Blake suggested they'd have a better chance at cracking the case by getting hold of police reports on the case thus far, and Harley gave her a tip, telling her about a certain cop at the station, Parker, who's got a soft spot for a good-looking woman and that he also leaves case files laying around his desk. Blake then went to the police station, located Parker and acted seductively around him, pretending to be the victim of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend. As they sat at his desk, Blake noticed the files on the "Garden Of Eden" murders and commented on them, saying she'd read about the murders in the paper. Just as Blake was suggesting there was a serial murderer on the loose, Ross walked by and called out to Blake! When Parker thought Ross was Blake's abusive boyfriend, Blake corrected him, saying he was her husband. As Blake and Ross left the station, she coyly told Ross she rented a room for them at the Beacon.

Reva showed up at the museum and gave Marah a purse she'd just bought her, then plunged in, telling Marah all about the acceptance letter Shayne had just received. Suddenly, Reva told Marah she felt bad, realizing she'd mowed-down Shayne with her exuberance and hadn't asked what HE'd thought of his future plans. She asked Marah what she thought about the whole thing: whether Shayne should choose to go pro right away, or go to college and get an education at the same time as playing baseball. Marah didn't come down on either side of the fence, refusing to take sides. When Eden entered the room and Marah introduced her to Reva, Reva suddenly had a vision of a con-type of card game which is played on the streets, a game where the dealer rarely loses. After Eden left, Reva told Marah about the vision and told Marah to be careful around Eden, but Marah said she's only now just starting to understand Eden and told Reva that Eden's been through tough times, but Reva persisted, telling Marah to be careful. Later, as Eden was out walking in an area of 5th street, Ben suddenly approached her. He was unusually calm, yet angry, telling Eden that he wished he'd never met her, that because of her, he's lost everything that was ever important to him. He warned Eden, saying that he has nothing more to lose, which makes him a very dangerous man. And with that, he walked away, leaving Eden to ponder what he meant...

Thursday, June 5, 2003

Dax met with Edmund and gave him the completed report on Jeffrey O'Neal's past. The report didn't show any link between Jeffrey and Richard, but it did show a 3-year gap between the years Jeffrey spent growing up in Chicago and the time he spent working in New York. Edmund told Dax he fears Cassie may eventually be drawn towards Jeffrey because of his resemblance to Richard, and that he doesn't trust Jeffrey. Before they parted, Edmund told Dax to keep digging and to find out what happened with Jeffrey during the 3 missing years.

After a romantic morning, Danny had to head off to work on the 5th Street project, but Michelle wanted Danny to stay and continue their "exploits." As Danny was leaving, Ed dropped in and seemed pretty amiable towards Danny. Alone with Michelle, she and Ed discussed wedding details and before too long, the subject of Maureen came up. As Ed was beginning to express his guilt towards the loss of Maureen, his beeper went off and he had to run, but he told Michelle they'd broach the subject again soon. Marah dropped in on Michelle and empathized with her about growing up without a mother during the early years. Michelle told Marah she's been thinking about Maureen a lot lately, and that she wishes she could see her again. Meanwhile, at the old museum, Danny arrived and told Tony that Salerno's become a threat to them and to 5th Street, telling Tony to contact some of their "former friends" to get an update on what Salerno's up to. An angry Tony told Danny that he took orders from Danny when they were in "the business" together, but not anymore, since they've supposedly become legit, but Danny told Tony not to bury his head like an ostrich and realize that Salerno's a threat and that they have to stay one step ahead of him in order to protect themselves and their families. Tony told Danny that although they're supposed to be partners, he feels like he's being left out, but Danny assured Tony that they are partners in every sense. After consideration, Tony agreed to help with Danny's plan.

At the Beacon, Tammy lamented to Cassie that although Jeffrey looks just like Richard, he has no redeeming qualities about him and acts like a jerk. Cassie tried to prove Tammy wrong and went to speak to Jeffrey, but he grumbled about there being mice or rats in the building, complaining about noises coming from above his ceiling at night. When Tammy pointed out that they live in the suite above Jeffrey's room and that R.J. plays with toy cars on the floor each night, Jeffrey rudely told Cassie to make R.J. stop. After Cassie walked off, Lizzie came by to see Tammy. When Lizzie found out how much Jeffrey irritated Tammy, she suggested they get revenge on him, but Tammy balked at taking part in any more schemes of Lizzie's. Eventually, Lizzie wore Tammy down, then asked Tammy how hard it would be to gain access to Jeffrey's room. In her suite, Cassie looked through a hairstyle magazine, toying with the idea of getting a haircut when Reva arrived. While they were talking, a Beacon employee came by and informed Cassie that Edmund rescheduled their dinner date on the next night for a half hour later. Reva was up in arms over Cassie dining with Edmund and tried to talk her out of it, but Cassie got angry and told her that the tough times she'd recently endured had taught her to give people the benefit of the doubt and that she's going into this with her eyes wide open. Reva apologized for trying to control Cassie's life, saying she trusts Cassie, but made it plain that she doesn't trust Edmund. Later, Reva told Cassie she's still having visions and is confused about which ones are real and which ones are purely "noise." Cassie showed Reva a pamphlet about the upcoming psychic demonstration taking place at the Country Club, but Reva was dead-set against attending, but after some persuasion from Cassie, Reva agreed to go and check it out. As Reva left the Beacon, she ran into Edmund and told him she knows about his and Cassie's dinner date for tomorrow and that he'd better respect Cassie and not prey on her vulnerabilities, warning that if he hurts Cassie in any way, he'll be sorry. In the lobby, Lizzie and Tammy were smiling and laughing over the little prank they just pulled on Jeffrey. Lizzie noticed a piece of loose carpeting on the staircase and as she bent to study it, she commented on how dangerous it could be, that it could cause somebody to fall...Upstairs, Jeffrey pounded at Cassie's door and showed her what he'd found in his bed: the head of a stuffed horse. He was angry when Cassie seemed amused, telling her that her daughter's delinquency is accelerating. After Cassie smiled and pointed out how harmless it all was, Jeffrey actually smiled back at her, as Edmund stood watching from the doorway.

Friday, June 6, 2003

Phillip and Beth were arguing about Lizzie seeing a therapist. Phillip thinks Lizzie is fine. Beth argued that Lizzie may have set fire to that school and for all the problems in her life, she smiles an awful lot and acts as if life is grand. Phillip thinks Beth is only worried because of her own problems with having a split personality, but agreed to give Lizzie space to understand her feelings because Beth feels Lizzie is really in trouble. Beth told Phillip she thought it best that Olivia get a paternity test so everybody, especially Lizzie, can have some answers and deal with the feelings.

In the meantime, Lizzie went to see Olivia and said "Hi Grandma." Lizzie claimed the therapist told her she needed to be honest about her feelings but what she did was turn into a maniac screaming at Olivia! "YOU HATE ME!" Olivia tried to calm her down but Lizzie just kept at her saying, "Grandma? STEP MOM? OR IS IT MISTRESS? You should be MISTRESS they get more! Did Daddy buy you any big presents yet?" and then she went up to a passerby and spouted, "What would you do if your mistress was pregnant with your father's baby?" Olivia grabbed her and told her to "SHUT UP!" Lizzie pushed her hands off and Olivia stumbled back and fell to the floor! Lizzie LAUGHED about it and when Olivia said it wasn't a laughing matter, Lizzie hatefully spilled, "YOU DO HATE ME! Help yourself up, you'll probably just fall on your face again anyway."

Lizzie went back to the mansion where her mom and dad were talking and told them a totally different story. She told them she went to make up with Olivia because she didn't want her hating her forever and Olivia told her to shut up and cursed at her. Phillip stormed off to take care of Olivia...Beth questioned Lizzie about whether that story was really true and Lizzie showed her mom the other side she's been hiding from her. She started yelling at her mom and screaming, "OLIVIA HATES ME!"

When Phillip got to the Beacon, he walked up to Olivia and accusingly roared, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE TODAY?'

Eden was left alone at the Beacon while Michelle and Marah went to see the psychic that was in town. Bill showed up and was furious with her. They argued over her way of making a living and how she set up his friend to "hook" for her and then left him hanging when he got into trouble. Eden defended her business to him but Bill wasn't backing down. He was irate at the way she turned her head the other way knowing Mrs. Hinden was blackmailing Ben and paying him for sex. Eden stuck up for herself saying she was "no Marah Lewis or Michelle Bauer" and told him to leave. She was pushing him and screaming at him to leave when they started ripping each other's clothes off right there in the living room of the museum! After they made love, Bill confessed how he felt about her. He really cares for her and asked if she would quit her business. Eden thought being with a wild woman was sexy and Bill said it was... before he started caring so much for her. She said she couldn't quit now or they wouldn't capture the killer but insinuated that she would when that happened.

Cassie walked out of the Beacon and ran smack into Jeffrey smashing the bag he was holding right into his face. Jeffrey was holding a present for R.J. He bought him a track to run his cars on so he wouldn't have to listen to him run them on the bare wood floor above his room. When she asked HIM to give it to R.J., he said "No" and made the mistake of calling kids "not human" and said that SOMETIMES they end up turning human but that most of them were ANIMALS! That got Cassie fired up and she replied, "My boy is 100% human" and that she would give him the track in two weeks when he got out of school and until then, "get used to it!"

Cassie, Reva, Marah, and Michelle were at Dr. Langham's conference and there was a psychic channeling souls from beyond. He came across a "love energy" of somebody who very much loves somebody in the room. The energy showed him an island and was sending out positive energy in the room. He asked for somebody to claim that energy and asked if anybody understood. He went on to say that this energy was showing him a fork in the road...a new man...and Cassie finally spoke up and claimed the energy and leaned over to Reva and said the new man was Edmund and at that time, Jeffrey walked in.

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