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Passions Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on PS
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Monday, June 2, 2003

Chad will not let Whitney go to tell her parents she is going to L.A. He insists that he go along too. He says that they are a team and must show a united front. She reluctantly agrees and says that her parents can see that nothing can tear them apart.

Fox tells Julian not to man handle him. Julian threatens his son. He warns Fox to leave the country. He does not want Fox to spread any rumors about Eve. Fox has never seen his father so concerned over another human being. He realizes that his father is in love with Eve. He can see that Julian is in real love. He does not know what to do with the information.

He walks along the wharf and runs into Chad and Whitney. He is less than thrilled at the news that the couple are going to L.A. together.

He does his best to try to undermine their decision.

As Chad and Whitney arrive at the Russell home they realize that no one is home. Chad then gets down on one knee and proposes to Whitney. Fox watches from the shadows and realizes he must do something to break the couple up.

Eve and TC finish their conversation at the Lobster Shack. Eve tells TC she felt sorry for Whitney when she was so upset over Chad possibly being her brother. TC says he is not glad Whitney is relieved. He explains that this would have been one way to get Chad out of their lives and Whitney to focus on tennis. TC says he did not come all this way with Whitney to have her throw it all away. He then tells Eve if she does not drop Chad they are through. He says he will cut their daughter out of his life forever. Eve is speechless.

Ivy tells Sam that she thinks Grace wants to rekindle her romance with David she is sure Grace went away with David for romance not for the sole purpose of saving her marriage to Sam.

Grace tells David that she is disappointed that she does not remember anything about their life together. David tells Grace that he feels that she is falling for him all over again. Grace gets a little upset when she returns to the hotel room to find a bottle of champagne chilling. David pleads innocent. He then finds a note of congratulations on your second honeymoon from the management. Grace apologizes and they celebrate.

Grace thanks David for doing such a fine job raising their son John.

She is proud that he is such a fine young man. She is glad he has nice friends and is not involved with drugs. Grace then notices that David id perspiring. He says that it must be the wine. He then excuses himself and runs for the bathroom. He staggers in and grabs his shaving kit off the bathroom sink. He falls to the floor as he desperately digs through the contents. He pulls out a large rubber band that he ties around his arm and a syringe.

Beth and Charlie drug Sheridan all over again so she will not wake up until they are ready for her.

Beth realizes that she must go along with Charlie. They try to make it look like Sheridan decided to leave the country. As they go to push her out the window, Gwen knocks on the door.

Grace walks into the bathroom and sees David on the floor just as he finishes shooting up.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Beth and Charlie do their best to get Sheridan out of the cottage before Gwen comes to the bedroom with Sheridan's tea. The duo tries to push the unconscious Sheridan out the window but Gwen's knock interrupts them. Charlie hides and Beth manages to put Sheridan in the bed, looking like she is asleep.

Gwen sees her and says she must have been exhausted. Beth agrees and tells Gwen they really should leave Sheridan alone. As they turn to leave, Gwen sees Sheridan's suitcase. Beth flashes back to when she and Charlie hastily packed the suitcase to make it look like Sheridan left town. Gwen then says she is sure she knows why the suitcase is there. Beth braces herself feeling sure she is about to be discovered. Gwen says the packed suitcase is for the hospital incase she goes into labor. The coach at Lamaze class told them to pack a suitcase to be ready.

Beth agrees and gets Gwen to join the men in the living room. Luis wants to check in on Sheridan. Beth tries to stop him. Luis won't listen to her. Gwen unknowingly steps in and saves Beth's day. Gwen tells Luis that Sheridan needs to sleep and if she would accidentally wake up and find out that her stalker is still on the loose, it would really add to her stress. Gwen also reminds Luis Sheridan has not been sleeping well since she has been having night mares about killer clowns. Everyone can't believe that the intruder eluded capture. They agree they could all use some fresh air. Beth volunteers to get refreshments and serve them outside. She is secretly praying that Charlie has time to escape with Sheridan. Charlie makes a loud crash in the bedroom that has everyone running to check on Sheridan.

Whitney and Chad are interrupted by Fox. He does his best to get Whitney not to accepts Chad's proposal. Liz comes in to the three together. Whitney tells Liz that she is going to L.A. with Chad. She then confesses that Chad asked her to be his wife. Liz is stunned. Fox tries to make Whitney get scared and insecure about her decision. Whitney tells Chad that she will accept his proposal of marriage. Chad and Whitney say they are going to face TC and Eve together. Liz feels that they have a better chance of finding a snowball in hell than having TC agree with their idea. Fox is secretly hoping that TC will kill Chad to save him the trouble of getting rid of him later on.

Before they go home Eve asks TC if he really meant what he said about disowning Whitney if she won't drop Chad. TC says he was dead serious. He is not going to let a street punk like Chad ruin Whitney's tennis career and life. He will disown her if she chooses Chad. Eve reminds TC that Chad is not exactly a street punk. He did take a bullet for her. TC then turns to his wife and says that the bullet should have killed him. Eve is stunned and speechless at how cold her husband can be.

Grace sees David shooting drugs into his arm. She gets angry and goes off asking him how long he has been living a lie. He weakly tries to explain but Grace won't listen to any of it. She then turns to David and asks him if he can lie about the drugs is he lying to her about their life together. She guesses that he lied from the beginning. She grabs the phone saying under her breath she hopes Sam, will forgive her and take her back. She then says he will get a doctor for David. David hangs up the phone and in a threatening voice tells Grace she won't be calling anyone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Grace fears for her life when David hangs up the phone on her. He then weakly begs her to take a closer look at the medication that he shot into himself. He tells her it is a prescription for a condition he has. He claims to have been bitten by some exotic animal when he was on location for a photo shoot. He says the symptoms come on suddenly every few months or so. He says that the medication helps him ride out the worst of the attack.

He then falls to the floor. Grace rushes to his side. She sees that he is sweating profusely and Grace then takes David's clothes off. She begs him to let her call a doctor.

In L.A. a few of Chad's old buddies see his picture in the local paper. They find out that he has a great career ahead of him. The article claims he has a recording contract and that he will be back in L.A. soon. They can't believe that Chad will actually have money now because in the old days he never even had ninety nine cents for a taco. The group realizes that some hard core gang member named Puff Dog will be out of prison soon and has a vendetta against Chad. They say if Chad is smart he will stay the hell out of L.A.

Chad and Whitney stand and face the outraged TC. Simone walks in on the scene adding to the anger. Everyone is stunned when Chad announces that he asked Whitney to marry him. TC says they will get married over his dead body and starts to shove Chad. Simone tells Whitney she is selfish and ruining their family. She also says she will never talk to her sister again if she marries Chad. Fox hears this and smiles. He asks himself what he was worried about. With Simone and TC, Whitney will never marry Chad. As Eve's family is in crisis, Liz twists the knife in Eve's side by saying she deserves this and more.

Ivy gets Sam insecure about David and Grace. She flashes back to the call she made to the hotel giving David and Grace no option but to share a room. Sam finds out that there is only one reservation and wants to go to the hotel. Ivy slips and states it is too soon. She is sure that David has not had enough time to seduce Grace yet.

Grace has David under the covers of the hotel bed. He is shaking with cold even though the room is stifling hot.

Beth covers for the crash Charlie made in Sheridan's bedroom by dropping the tray of refreshments. Beth claims that she is just so nervous with someone out to kill Sheridan. This buys Charlie more time to get Sheridan out of the cottage.

Grace can't get David warm enough to stop shivering. She feels that she has only one option left. Grace sheds her clothes and gets into bed with David to share her body heat. Sam is heading for the hotel.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

The tension between Chad, Whitney and TC comes to a head. Simone tells Whitney that she ruined their family with her selfish, slutty self.

TC tells Whitney she will never marry Chad. He says he is going to throw the punk out of the house. She will forget about him and concentrate on her tennis. He says she will win matches and make her dream come true. Whitney turns to her father and says "You just don't get it." Whitney tells TC that is his dream not hers. Her dream is to sing in L.A. and marry Chad.

Beth gets another reprieve when security claims to have apprehended a woman on the Crane grounds. The woman they drag into the cottage is Theresa. Beth is relieved to see that it is not Charlie. Charlie steals a van and dumps Sheridan's unconscious body in the back. She talks to the unconscious woman, telling her of the plan to put her in the pit and steal her baby.

As Charlie is rolling along, she gets a flat tire.

Miguel and Charity are driving along the same road. Charity has another one of her premonitions. She is sure someone on the road will need help. She feels that someone close to them is in danger.

The couple come upon Charlie and her broken down van. Miguel graciously offers to help Charlie. Charlie sharply refuses any help. Miguel notices that Charlie is doing the job all wrong. He comments on it. Charlie gets smart mouthed with him and tells him to do it himself then.

As Miguel is changing the tire Charity gets another premonition. Charlie looks at her strangely. Miguel explains that Charity has this "gift." Charlie is skeptical until she hears Charity tell Miguel that it is Sheridan who is in trouble. Charity orders Miguel to call Luis to check on Sheridan. Charlie's ears perk up when she hears Luis' name too. She grabs a tire iron and says Miguel won't be telling Luis anything. Miguel is saved because he can't get in touch with Luis. Charlie tells the couple to be on their way, she will take it from here. Charity screams that Sheridan is in serious danger. She then screams wait...Sheridan is here.

Fox guesses Liz has a connection to Julian and Eve's story. They begin to bait each other. Liz is a little curious about Fox. She is sure he has a secret too. Liz stands up to Fox. She shows him she is not intimidated by his fishing comments. Liz says that they may be able to help each other if they sit down and tell each other what they know.

TC tells Whitney if she walks out the door with Chad, he is finished with her. She will no longer be his daughter.

Theresa tells everyone that Julian has offered to let her stay off the Crane grounds. Ethan hugs Theresa and tells her he is happy for her. When alone with Gwen, Theresa rubs it in. She tells Gwen that after everything, she is glad that she and Ethan can be friends. She warns Gwen not to worry. Ethan won't be leaving her or the baby because he does not walk out on his obligations. The barb hits Gwen. Theresa insinuates that Ethan is with Gwen out of obligation, not love.

Luis intends to tell Antonio the truth about loving Sheridan. Luis says to Antonio he has something to tell him that will make Antonio hate him forever.

Sam walks in on Grace naked in David's arms. He does not know the circumstances and does not want to hear them. He accuses Grace of coming to the hotel to make love to David.

Friday, June 6, 2003

Charity really spooks Charlie when she says her latest premonition has her feeling that Sheridan is close by. Charlie does her best to get Miguel and Charity to head for the woods to start searching so she can make a clean get away.

Miguel tells Charlie and Charity that he should call Luis and the police to start searching.

Charlie balks at this latest bit if news. She thinks fast by saying that if Miguel does not start searching now, his friend Sheridan could be long gone. Sheridan begins to mve slightly and to moan.

As Miguel and Charity begin to search, they hear a noise coming from the backseat of Charlie's broken down car. Charity questions what the noise was. Charlie jumps on the back of the car and bounces on it. She makes a joke about the bad wheel suspension. She complains that the old car does nothing but make noises. The couple buy this excuse and decide to go to Sheridan's cottage to make sure she is alright and maybe Charity's premonition is off base this time.

Charlie is relieved to see them go. She gets into the car but it won't start. As she tries to get it going, she hears police sirens off in the distance. Charlie gets desperate. She fears she will never get Sheridan back to Beth's house and in the "pit."

She decides that if she can't get Sheridan in the "pit" she will have the satisfaction of killing her. She grabs her sand filled weapon and goes to the back car door. She opens it and repeatedly swings at Sheridan.

At the cottage Luis begins to tell Antonio the whole truth about how he loves Sheridan. Luis is sure that his brother will hate him forever when he finds out that he and Sheridan are in love. Beth steps in and tries to stop the truth from coming out. She knows that if Luis spills all to Antonio she won't have a chance with him. All her plans will be ruined.

Luis tells Beth that the truth has to come out no matter what. As Luis begins to start his confession for the second time, it is Gwen who stops him. She pulls Luis aside and steps in. She announces to everyone that Luis was angry at Antonio for a very long time because he abandoned the family. Gwen does her best to cover the truth. She is worried that Sheridan will feel more stress when she wakes up to discover Antonio hurt and unhappy over the truth being told. Luis won't hear of it. He tells Gwen to stop covering. As he begins his story for the third time, Charity and Miguel burst into the cottage. They ask where Sheridan is. Beth and Gwen both tell the couple that she is sleeping in her bedroom. Charity says that she isn't in there and in danger. Luis goes in to find Sheridan gone.

No one can believe that TC would actually disown his daughter if she chooses to go to L.A. with Chad. Even Liz questions him, feeling that the rift in the Russell family has gone too far.

Fox manages to get Chad out of the house. He tries to get Chad to cool off. All the time he appears to be helping Chad out of friendship he is fantasizing about being with Whitney. He imagines them as tennis partners and that he has TC's approval to be with her.

Whitney heads for her room in the need to be alone and to think.

Eve goes to her and tries to get her to reconsider her abrupt decision and to talk her out of it.

Liz then goes to Whitney and even cautions her to think every thing out carefully. She warns her not to throw away her relationship with her father and sister.

Eve hears Liz and thanks her for trying to help. Liz tells Eve that she did it for Whitney, not her.

TC is in the living room feeling a little guilty over what he said to his daughter. Simone then fuels the fire by telling him he was absolutely right and to stand by what he told Whitney. Simone reminds her father that Whitney has no right to tear their family a part and to throw away all that TC has done for her.

Sam can't believe his eyes when he walks into Grace's hotel room to find her naked in bed with David.

Sam won't listen to any of Grace's explanations. He tells her that everything that comes out of her mouth is nothing but lies. He looks Grace in the eye and tells her their marriage is over.

Sam walks out leaving Ivy alone with Grace and the seemingly unconscious David.

Grace turns on Ivy, accusing her of enjoying the scene between her and Sam. She also accuses Ivy of pulling the bed covers off on purpose, exposing her naked condition to Sam.

Ivy tells Grace that she takes no pleasure from her pain. She does thank Grace from the bottom of her heart for single handedly ending her own marriage and handing Sam back to her.

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