One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on OLTL

R.J. and Evangeline planned on opening a new club called Ultra Violet. Rex and Jen made love. Gabrielle was not sure that Marcie was the right girl for Al. Bo and Nora work long hours in trying to locate Mitch; it was obvious the man was still alive.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, June 2, 2003

At Llanfair, Dorian finds a document Mitch had hidden away that highly interests her. Joey physically carries Dorian out when she refuses to vacate Llanfair. Walker tells Blair that he is using himself as bait in an effort to lure Mitch out. Troy is surprised to find Blair with Walker. Blair can't bring herself to confide in Troy and ends up pushing him away. Troy, with unusual intensity, warns Walker to stay away from Blair. Blair goes to see Walker and tells him she wants to help him lure Mitch out of hiding. Viki is unaware that someone is watching her after she moves back into Llanfair. The mysterious person later breaks into the mansion and steals a photo of Jessica. An attractive woman mistakes Troy for Colin. Cristian's opening at the art gallery is a success. Antonio congratulates Jessica on making the opening happen and they grow closer. After the opening, Antonio spends the night at the cottage to keep a protective eye on Jessica. After learning about R.J.'s secret daily phone calls, Natalie grows more suspicious that Keri and the baby are really alive. Jen is upset when she sees Joey and Flash heading out on their date. Joey and Flash enjoy their time together at the art opening and end the night by sharing a kiss. Rex tells Natalie he was expelled from the university and asks to stay at the cottage for a while. Rex is intrigued when he learns Jen inherited five hundred thousand dollars from Sam's estate. Bo babysits for Matthew and begins to bond with his son. Evangeline gives R.J. one of Cristian's paintings as a gift. R.J., however, is unaware that Cristian is the artist of his new painting.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

R.J. was on the phone with Keri telling her that he was sending a present for the baby, when Antonio stopped by Capricorn to give R.J. a bag of Keri's personal items that he had at his apartment. R.J. was not thrilled when Antonio informed him that the painting Evangeline had given him was painted by Cristian. Evangeline, who was standing nearby and overheard the comment, offered to take the picture back, but R.J. insisted that he really did like it, even if Cristian was the one who painted it. R.J. and Evangeline signed their partnership agreement for the new club, Ultra Violet.

At the police station, Marcie was telling everyone (Nora, Hank, Antonio) that Al was innocent and that he was framed. She asked Antonio for advice on how she could prove Al was framed, but Antonio told her that he would look into it for her. Rae found Hank at the police station and he offered her a job counseling police officers. She accepted the offer, but questioned why he was always so serious and always working and never had fun anymore. She had just found out about his past as Hank "the Cannon" Gannon, football star. Hank stormed out, but soon returned with a football in hand. He was taking her to the park to prove that he could still have fun.

Viki and Lois were busy cleaning Llanfair, happy to get rid of any trace of Mitch and Dorian from the house. Jen and Joey arrived home after their stop at the gallery (see below) and were drafted to help clean. But they were interrupted by the arrival of Antonio, who had stopped by to check on Jessica. She invited him in and headed to the kitchen to get some drinks. While she was gone, Viki found Mitch's bible and saw that all the passages about vengeance were highlighted. She tried to put it away quickly, but Jessica found out about it and asked them not to keep things about Mitch from her. After Antonio and Joey left, Viki noticed that the picture of Jessica she had put on the mantle was missing. Viki called Bo, worried that Mitch had stolen the picture and that Jessica was his next target for revenge.

Lindsay came out of her bathroom at St. Ann's to find a doll with a noose around its neck and a sign saying "Jen" on it lying on her bed. Lindsay screamed and the nuns called Bo at the police station to come to St. Ann's. Nora came with Bo, since she had been in Bo's office signing the guardianship papers that would give Bo custody of Matthew if anything happened to her. Lindsay was hysterical, certain that Mitch had killed Jen. Nora attempted to comfort her while they tried to get in touch with Jen. At first, no one could find her, but then Bo called Joey, who had seen her a few hours before at the art gallery with Rex. Worried about Jen's safety, Joey left Llanfair to go and search for her and found out from Rex that she was at the abandoned theater.

After Joey and Jessica had seen Jen and Rex at the gallery, they went to Capricorn to continue their party. But Rex got caught by R.J. serving alcohol to Jen and R.J. threw them out of the club. Trying to find a quiet place to drink, Jen took Rex to the abandoned theater, only revealing to him after they were there that it was the theater where Mitch had taken Blair and that Mitch was still alive. Rex soon forgot his nervousness about the fact that Mitch might be lurking around and the two made love. Afterwards, Rex stole some money from Jen's purse and left her sleeping there on the floor of the theater. Jen woke up alone and confused, and after hastily putting on some of her clothes, she scooped up the rest of them and headed for the door. But as she turned, she ran straight into the arms of Mitch, who informed her his sight had been restored and threatened that "The sins of the mother shall be visited upon the daughter".

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Cris is feeling disappointed with his art showing, while Nat tries to convince him that it's only the beginning. He wants to sell his paintings to strangers to know if he's really any good, not just to family and friends. Nat asks if it's ok to have Rex stay with them; he's been kicked out of his dorm. Later, Adriana is brought to the gallery by Carlotta and gets a VIP tour courtesy of Cris. They speak of his relationship with Natalie and he assures the girl that she will find her soulmate one day. By the way she looks at Cris, it's apparent she thinks she already has.

At Capricorn, Rex hangs out playing cards while R.J. gets a delivery. Hank and Rae show up for drinks and R.J. is not too thrilled to see his brother. Rae is annoyed as the brothers begin their usual bickering and Evangeline arrives in time to become involved. The women are both tired of this ongoing feud between the men and Evangeline asks to speak with Hank (who is none too happy). She comes down on him and sides with R.J. R.J. receives a call from Keri which Natalie overhears once again. Natalie meets up with her brother and advises him that he can stay with her and Cris. She also mentions the package that was delivered to R.J. and Rex is able to steal the receipt for it when he makes up an excuse to chat with his boss.

Bo and Nora work late trying to figure out where Mitch could be and worry about locating Jen. Bo tries to think like the fugitive but it doesn't work. According to Walker, his brother has left town but it's highly doubtful since he's left his "calling cards" in different locations. He's upset that the others think he's helping Mitch out with his revenge. He's shown the "Jen doll" left for Lindsay.

Blair visits Lindsay at St. Ann's and winds up comforting her when she learns about the doll that was found.

A left alone Jen encounters Mitch at the abandoned theater. He threatens her with a knife and begins to chase after her. As the crazed Mitch seems certain to kill her, he's jumped from behind by Joey. Brutally fighting, Joey manages to get his hands around Mitch's throat, choking him. He finally comes to his senses and lets go, running to Jen to make sure she is alright. She is ok and thanks Joey for saving her life. Bo, Nora and several of Llanview's finest are called and are advised that Mitch definitely wanted to kill Jen. She only wants to see her mother and pays her a visit shortly after.

Asa goes to Llanfair and offers Viki a job, that of President of Llanview University. The current president is resigning. He suggests that Kevin return to Llanview and take over the running of the Banner. He also mentions that he visited Ben and doesn't think he's coming back to them. A crying Viki is convinced that Ben can hear her speaking to him which leads Asa to apologize for his previous statement.

Walker returns to his hotel room only to be greeted by Mitch who accuses him of betrayal. Walker wonders how he got in but Mitch replies that he goes about as he pleases. Walker pleads with his brother to go to the police because he's not well, that he'll look out for him. Mitch relates that he had everything but now Jess and everyone else has lied to him. Now he has nothing. Walker reminds him of their past and how Mitch protected him. This causes Mitch to break down temporarily but he announces that betrayal is repaid with death. He holds a knife to Walker's throat. Walker likens him to their father. Subsequently, Blair finds Walker lying on the floor and manages to wake him up. Walker recounts his meeting with Mitch and recalls being knocked out by him. He needs to stop him before he kills again.

Lindsay has a nightmare about Mitch.

R.J. doesn't think that Evangeline should put herself out for him. Natalie has news for Cris when he reaches the club. Showing him the receipt that Rex nabbed, she indicates that it's for baby clothes. She relates the fact that R.J. receives a call every day at the same time from a woman and is sure that Antonio's baby didn't die.

Rex is at the art gallery when Jen and Joey return and is promptly tossed out. Joey orders him to stay away from Jen or he'll kill him, just as he almost had her killed. Jen thanks the rev again for saving her life and wants him to admit that he cares about her. He refuses and admits that he's seeing someone. Besides, he can't trust her anymore after reporting him to Andrew falsely. Jen swears she can be a good person and can't believe that he doesn't have feelings for her. She wants to be in the spot that Flash is in, waiting for him to pick her up for a date. She badmouths Flash, which angers Joey and he storms out. Rex is there waiting to pick up the pieces for Jen. He wants to go clubbing, his treat, but he has no money. Jen offers him $200, noticing that she has less money than she thought. He'll pay her back, he reassures her.

Nora and Bo give up waiting at the theater for Mitch to show. Returning to the police station, they are called on by Blair and Walker who inform them of Mitch's hotel room visit. They don't know how he got past police or into the room. When they leave, Blair suggests they visit the childhood home at Clear Lake where there's sure to be hiding places.

Mitch is at the theater, chanting and reciting bible phrases related to vengeance. Suddenly, he's on his knees crying and apologizing to his father like a boy. Once again, he becomes the messenger of God. "I will bring destruction to all one will be spared..." His eyes flash as his message is delivered.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

Al and Marcie team up to get proof that Brad is the drug dealer, against Max and Gabrielle's wishes. When Max tries to reassure her, Gabrielle worries that Bo is too caught up in other cases to worry about Al. Later, Gabrielle admits that she isn't sure that Marcie is right for her son.

At the Country Club, Marcie and Al ask Joey for help in getting proof against Brad. Joey blackmails Rex into helping him get evidence against Brad.

Asa continues to try to get Roxy to give him the song to break Nigel and Renee's hypnotic state. When Asa tries to talk sense into Nigel and Renee, Renee bans Asa from The Palace. Fed up, Asa gives into Roxy's demands.

When Dorian insists that Viki have Todd declared dead, Viki worries that Mitch killed Todd, until she realizes that Dorian is plotting to get Todd's money. As Dorian and Viki argue, Viki gets a call from Mitch threatening to kill them both. Dorian panics when Viki admits that Mitch has broken into Llanfair since she moved back in.

Mitch's threats against his daughter continue when Antonio and Jessica find the walls of the gallery covered with pictures of Jessica with her eyes scratched out.

Friday, June 6, 2003

Flash brings Riley in on the plan to get evidence against Brad. At the garage, Rex takes Brad to Riley, who purchases drugs in time for the police to bust in and arrest Brad. Hank and Nora offer Brad a plea bargain in exchange for admitting he framed Al. Instead of admitting his crime, Brad states that Rex put the drugs in Al's room, then recants when he is threatened with more jail time.

Dorian and Viki tell the police about Mitch's threats, but Dorian isn't reassured by Bo. After Jessica shows up and tells them about the pictures at the gallery, Viki begins to realize how out of control Mitch is. Determined to keep things normal, Viki takes Jessica and Natalie to dinner at the Palace. After overhearing Viki telling her children about Asa's job offer, Dorian insists that Viki can't do both jobs.

Walker takes Blair to his family home, not realizing that Mitch is there. While searching for clues to Mitch's whereabouts, Walker tells Blair about growing up with his brother. Walker and Blair are startled when Mitch walks into the cabin with a gun. After shooting Walker, Mitch leaves. After Bo and Antonio arrive at the lake house, they fear for Blair's safety after there is an explosion.

At the Country Club, Roxy sings the song to break the hypnotic state over Renee and Nigel. When the couple continues to kiss, Asa tears up his contract with Roxy. Across the room, Nigel and Renee laugh at their success in fooling the pair.

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