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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, June 2, 2003

While Brandon and Sami's wedding ceremony is underway, Lucas, Kate and Nicole enlist Roman's help to track down Sami. An APB on Sami and Brandon's car leads them to the Justice of the Peace - but they're too late. They finally track the newlywed couple down at the Salem Inn and reveal that Sami switched Lexie's paternity tests. Believing he's the father of Lexie's baby, Brandon bolts to the hospital, everyone following, including a frantic Sami.

Meanwhile, Abe forgives Lexie for her one-night stand with Brandon, since Brandon himself is a product of Abe's affair with Fay. Brandon arrives, demanding to know if he is the father of Lexie's child. With everyone assembled, Lexie surprises everyone - she set Sami up. Brandon is not her baby's father. Sami, livid, tries to throttle Lexie.

Bo and Hope overpower the gunman who found them at their campsite. With him as bait, they lure Vin out and capture him. After saying goodbye to Carlos and Carmen, Bo heads back with Vin in the car while Hope prepares to ride back to Salem on Bo's bike.

Brady encourages Chloe to follow her dream and go with Cecilia, even if it means leaving him and Salem behind. Chloe insists on staying in Salem with Brady, even though she clearly wants to pursue opera professionally. As they dance quietly together, both are troubled by the decision Chloe must make.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

by Joan

At Dot.Com, Belle was hesitant about Shawn's suggestion of double-dating with Philip recalling their kiss in the warehouse. But once Philip stopped by, their conversation was interrupted by an email from another patron - Thomas Edward Kramer (a.k.a TEK). TEK (an undercover contact) later suggested to Philip the possibility of using anyone necessary - including Belle - for their work.

At University Hospital Sami was pulled away from attacking Lexie. Taking credit for changing her own paternity tests to expose Sami, Lexie claimed she did it for Brandon. Both Sami and Eugenia tried unsuccessfully to catch Brandon with explanations. Sami was reminded of her past schemes by Lexie. Nicole also recalled Sami's misdeeds - including breaking up her relationship with Eric - and saying Sami had back-stabbed herself. Taking a firm hand, Roman left his daughter saying he was ashamed of her, and Kate solemnly told Sami she deserved that - seeming to infer more to Roman's words.

At Sami's apartment, Brandon was packing to leave Salem for Chicago. Following him there, a tearful Nicole admitted that she needed her brother. Abe arrived shortly after. Realizing he had only a short time with his newfound son, Abe expressed the desire for healing and forgiveness between the two. Offering fatherly advice he told Brandon: "See to your own happiness...Do away with your anger." When Brandon learned his new brother would be named "Theodore Brandon", he embraced Abe and sobbed openly.

Her sleep disturbed by dreams of Tony's kiss, Marlena called Tony to arrange a meeting with him. Overhearing the call, John discussed helping Marlena with her plans to stop Tony. As she prepared an alluring red dress, she recalled John's words - the need to find Tony's weakness.

Sami returned home finding only a note from Brandon to Will. Hearing her crying bitterly from the hall, Lucas looked in and continued where he'd left off at University Hospital - mocking her. To his surprise, Sami decked him.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

Marlena arrives at the DiMera mansion to spy on Tony under the cover of "flirting" with him. Tony plays along but isn't fooled by her plan. Tony suggests that they spend the day together in his bedroom. Marlena is taken aback, visibly uncomfortable, and runs out. She goes to see Lexie and Abe at the hospital to congratulate them on their newborn son and learns what has happened between Sami and Brandon. She is on her way to find Sami when Brady stops her. Brady asks Marlena for advice on what to do regarding Chloe. She tells him that Chloe needs to stand on her own, become more independent and Brady needs to help her do that.

Sami comes storming into her apartment after an unsuccessful night of searching for Brandon. Lucas shows Sami a note that Brandon slipped under Lucas' door. Brandon writes that he is filing for an annulment and wants nothing to do with her ever again. Sami is livid and comes to the conclusion that Lexie didn't plan the set up on her own. Sami races out of her apartment eager to confront Lexie. When Sami confronts Abe and Lexie at the hospital, Sami learns that Tony is the one who helped Lexie change the paternity test results. Meanwhile, Lucas figures out who helped Lexie and goes to congratulate him and celebrate. Sami shows up absolutely hysterical. The celebration of Lucas and Tony turns to concern when Sami falls apart before their eyes. Sami unleashes her anger on Tony and in the ensuing scuffle, Sami accidentally crashes through Tony's French doors.

Chloe goes to visit Philip on the Marine Base, wanting his advice about Brady and the opportunity to tour with an opera. Philip tells Chloe she has to follow her dreams and that she can't stay in Salem just to be with Brady. Philip gingerly tells her that she needs to stop being so dependent on him or she will smother him and their relationship.

Rex and Mimi are shocked to find the results of the entire DNA test. Rex finally has the proof that he isn't biologically related to Marlena, Belle, or Tony. Mimi is taken back by Rex's anger at being lied to. Rex reveals he is related to someone at the luncheon: Sami. Which, means that somehow, Roman Brady is Rex's father!

Thursday, June 5, 2003


Sami is covered with cuts and bleeding profusely. Tony and Lucas call the paramedics, who rush Sami to the hospital. Marlena and Brady are there when Sami arrives, and they contact Belle, Chloe, Roman and Kate, who rush to the hospital. Lucas and Tony arrive and Marlena reacts to seeing them covered in blood. She learns Tony and Sami were fighting and attacks Tony, verbally vilifying him. Elsewhere, Nicole argues with Victor over being locked in her room. In the end, Victor allows Nicole to go to the hospital. When she appears on the scene, she reels when she learns what happened. As Sami is rushed to the OR, the tense group is told they're working to stop the bleeding and to assess and repair the damage, but Sami may not survive. Roman and Kate commiserate over their children's situations. Sami switched the paternity tests and lost Brandon, while Lucas was instrumental in Sami's downfall and continues to work for Tony.

Chloe is still spending time with Philip at the marine canteen when Belle arrives, concerned that Philip isn't a typical marine. Philip downplays her suspicions, but when another private treats him with surprising deference and respect, both Belle and Chloe notice. He pretends that the name Kiriakis might have something to do with it, then tells them he has an appointment. Belle and Chloe head back to Salem, where they find out about Sami's condition. Later, Philip visits his father at the mansion and confronts him regarding Nicole being locked in her bedroom. Victor covers, saying it was a silly tiff, but that he and Nicole are actually quite happy. Philip doesn't buy it.

Bo and Hope are transporting Vin back to Salem in handcuffs. Bo warns Vin not to try anything at the agricultural checkpoint or he'll shoot him. At the checkpoint, Vin decides to take the risk. He call's Bo's bluff and starts to tell the inspector he's been kidnapped. Hope arrives on Bo's bike in the nick of time and distracts the guard. She sensuously eats a cherry, tying the stem in her mouth, allowing Bo to drive on with Vin. When Hope and Bo meet back up, Bo compliments Hope on her distraction and they continue home.

Friday, June 6, 2003

by Joan

The Salem Police Department had a special delivery of Vin Ramsell made by Bo & Hope. Publicly scolding them, but privately congratulating their efforts, Abe told them about his two new sons. Elated over their success in catching Ramsell, Bo and Hope returned home discussing the possibility of working together as bounty hunters.

At University Hospital - Sami lay unconscious following surgery, requiring 8 units of blood. Nearby, Tony and Lucas left once they'd heard the doctor's news, but Roman followed them. Telling Lucas he was poison, Roman promised to hold them accountable, warning both to stay away from Sami. At their daughter's bedside, Roman & Marlena spoke to her in hopes she'd hear their encouragement. The physician offered a prognosis of severe trauma to Sami's vocal chords, which might result in her not speaking. Overhearing this, Nicole exclaimed, "Thank, God." As Roman sent her away, Victor escorted her out apologizing for his wife's "insensitivity."

Outside Sami's room, Kate watched Roman & Marlena - united in their love for their daughter. Leaving the hospital alone, a pensive Kate strolled on the dock when confronted by TEK. Denying knowing her when she asked, TEK helped Philip come up from a dive after Kate left. Glad to have missed his Mom, Philip commented to TEK he wouldn't want anyone to know what he was really up to in Salem.

At the DiMera Mansion, Rex and Mimi were on another fact-finding mission - this time to determine Cassie's DNA ties. Cassie returned home unaware of Sami's accident. Hearing her scream, Rex and Mimi rushed to her. Learning about Sami, Mimi inadvertently blurted out that Sami was Rex's sister. When he arrived home, Tony was comforted and grateful for Cassie's genuine concern about him. As Tony wondered why he'd come back to Salem, Cassie reminded him of herself - his daughter - and not wanting to lose him again.

At the Blue Note, Lucas was drowning his sorrows and memories of Sami in a bottle of liquor. Meanwhile, Chloe defiantly performed without the usual encouragement from Brady - who was struggling within himself to push her towards her career without him. And at University Hospital, Rex had learned that Cassie is his full sister. And Nicole concluded a phone call - with plans that Victor's days were numbered.

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