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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, June 9, 2003

by CBS

Ridge explains to Nick that if he's baiting him, Ridge isn't biting. Sally orders Thorne to leave and asks Darla if she has any idea what she's doing to Macy. Sally is seething, and Darla tries in vain to explain what happened. Sally fires Darla, and says that she never wants to see her near anyone in her family again. Macy goes to an AA meeting. When she explains that she almost took a drink after finding out that her marriage is over, she breaks down in tears. Deacon stands up and speaks next. He admits to the group that he thought he had a bad week, but Macy's story helped him put things in perspective. After the meeting, Deacon gives Macy his card and tells her to call if she ever feels tempted to take a drink or needs someone to talk to. He gives her a hug. Bridget remembers what happened before her fall. She tells Brooke that she's not trying to steal Ridge from her. Bridget explains that she can't cut her ties with Ridge because his children mean too much to her. She asks Brooke why she can't accept her friendship with Ridge. Ridge tries to explain to Eric that Bridget has filled a void in their lives that no one else has been able to do -- not as a wife and mother, but as a friend. Eric hears that Bridget is good for Ridge, but wonders if Ridge is good for Bridget. When Brooke emerges from Bridget's room and tells Ridge that Bridget wants to see him, the hurt in her eyes is obvious. Ridge admits to Bridget that too many people have been hurt, and that as much as he and the children love having her in their lives, it has to end now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

\At the hospital, Eric told Brooke that he believes that Ridge and Bridget are no longer involved in a romantic relationship. Nick supported Brooke while Ridge was in Bridget's hospital room. Nick convinced Brooke to get away from the hospital for a while. Nick sensed that Brooke is stronger than she thinks. He predicted that she would get through this stuff between Ridge and Bridget just fine.

In her hospital room, Ridge advised Bridget that she must sever all ties with him and the children. Ridge emphasized how difficult a decision it is to not have Bridget in his life. Ridge advised Bridget that he was making the decision with her best interest in mind. Ridge revealed that he wants them to go their separate ways so they can stop hurting their families and he can stop hurting Bridget. Ridge and Bridget said painful goodbyes to each other.

Rick was ballistic when Eric informed him that Bridget injured herself while at Ridge's house. Rick was just as angry when Eric told him that Ridge was at the hospital with Bridget-at Bridget's request. Amber told Rick that Bridget is mature enough to make up her own mind about whom she wants to be with-Ridge. Amber could not see anything wrong or hurtful about Ridge and Bridget's relationship. Rick did not agree with Amber and became annoyed with her.

After Ridge left the hospital he went to Brooke's house. Brooke was surprised to see Ridge at her door. Ridge told Brooke that he thought he had lost her. Brooke informed Ridge that she had lost him.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

by Anna

Ridge acknowledges that he's put Brooke through a lot. Brooke is dubious when Ridge reveals to her that he's ended it with Bridget, and that Bridget understands. She's glad he finally sees that it was wrong from the beginning. Ridge knows she has a right to be angry and asks for her forgiveness. Brooke admits to Ridge that she can't do this anymore. If it hadn't been Bridget, it would have been someone else. Ridge insists that there is nothing standing between them now. Ridge tries to assure Brooke that he loves her, but Brooke isn't sure. She realizes that she was so in love with him that she would overlook anything. Brooke explains that part of Ridge loves her, and part of him is looking for a little something more. Brooke explains to Ridge that part of her has always known that she deserves better. Somewhere there is a man who will love Brooke with all his heart. Brooke orders Ridge to leave, but as he goes Ridge whispers that it's not the end. Jackie notes Nick's preoccupation with Brooke. He admits that Brooke's strength is being tested tonight. Jackie can tell that Nick cares about Brooke and wonders what will happen when she goes back to Ridge. Nick is sure that Brooke won't take Ridge back. Bridget informs Massimo that she and Ridge aren't going to see each other anymore. She's sure that Ridge is with Brooke now apologizing because Brooke is the only one who can make him happy.

Thursday, June 12, 2003


At Forrester Creations, Brooke approved a new ad campaign. Nick supported Brooke's decision to turn down Ridge's offer to go away together. Brooke then turned down Nick's offer to go to dinner. Later, when Nick shaved his beard off, Brooke was pleased with his new look. Brooke accepted Nick's dinner offer.

Ridge revealed to Eric that his relationship with Bridget was wrong and they have ended it. Ridge also realized that he handled learning that Massimo is his father very badly. Ridge told Eric that he hoped to rectify things with Brooke. Ridge told Eric that he planned to romance Brooke. Ridge waved a makeshift white flag when he went to Brooke's office. Brooke nixed Ridge's offer to get together. She told him she had previous plans with a friend-Nick Payne. Ridge assumed that Brooke was only using Nick to make him jealous. Ridge admitted to Brooke that he loves her and wants to make things right between them. Brooke admitted she is not playing the game she used to play years ago. Brooke reminded Ridge that she used to try to get him admit his feelings for her-while he was dating other woman. Brooke indicated that she would never let that happen again. Brooke made it clear she wants a man who is interested in only her!

Macy met Deacon at the Insomnia. Deacon mentioned that his ex-wife hangs around there. Deacon admitted that he is responsible for his divorce. He cheated on his wife. Deacon assumed because he had feelings for the other woman that her husband also did. Deacon told Macy that she is not responsible for the failure of her marriage. Deacon told Macy that Hope's mother would not allow him to visit or have a relationship with Hope. While Deacon was describing the behavior of Hope's mother, Macy saw similarities to Brooke's behavior. Macy did not know that Brooke is Hope's mother. Macy encouraged Deacon to call Hope's mother and ask for visitation. Deacon telephoned Brooke. Brooke flatly turned Deacon down for visitation or a relationship with Hope. Macy encouraged Deacon to never give up on a relationship with Hope.

Friday, June 13, 2003

Brooke takes the first step toward moving forward and away from Ridge. She agrees to go out on a date with Nick. In an effort to be honest with him, she confesses that she has had some problems with men in the past, when just as the man in her life has started to fall in love with her, she has always gone back to Ridge and broken their hearts. Nick takes it all in stride, including that as they are dancing the song "Unforgettable" starts playing and Brooke tells him that used to be hers and Ridge's song. Nick tells her that one day he may sing to her making her old song with Ridge a thing of the past.

Deacon, spurred on my Macy decides to ignore Brooke's refusal of his request to see their daughter. He goes to Brooke's house claiming he's there only to see Little Dee (Eric), until he learns that Brooke has gone out. Amber calls him on his dishonesty, telling him he doesn't need to pretend because Brooke told Rick the whole story about his affair with her and that Hope is Deacon's child. He convinces Amber to let him see Hope. Not without some initial resistance from Amber who scolds Deacon for staying away so long that his son has become distant from him. Amber reminds Deacon that children need consistency and they need to know that the people who love them will always be there. She does relent and brings Hope down for him to hold her and spend time with her. Just as he's getting comfortable with the kids, Rick returns home from a business meeting and he doesn't look too happy to find Deacon there.

After Deacon leaves Macy to go see his kids, her mother, Sally, joins her at the restaurant. Ironically, it is the same restaurant that Nick takes Brooke to. Macy and Sally are unaware of their arrival at first. Sally asks Macy what she's been up to and Macy tells her that she was having coffee with someone she met at one of her AA meetings. Sally is pleased to hear that Macy is attending meetings again. Macy doesn't disclose the name of her new friend, so Sally has no idea the mystery person is Deacon. As they talk, Macy reveals that she has never forgiven Brooke for stealing Thorn from her. She regrets that there was so many things left unsaid and unfinished the night of the accident. Macy has never gotten over the humiliation and hurt she felt. Suddenly she looks up and is shocked to see Brooke across the room. Sally doesn't waste any time telling Macy they should leave so Macy won't get upset at being in the same room with Brooke. Macy lags behind as Sally exits and when Nick leaves to get fresh drinks, it's Brooke's turn to be shocked when she turns to go back to her table and her way is blocked by Macy standing right behind her.

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