Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on PC

Livvie successfully turned Caleb into a vampire. Chris confirmed Casey's guess that Lucy was dying. Joshua drugged Alison so that she would obey him. Rafe and Caleb formulated a plan to save Alison and kill Joshua. Ian believed that Rafe's blood would save Lucy.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 9, 2003 on PC
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Monday, June9, 2003

Rafe makes a pilgrimage to the barn where Rafe and Alison first discovered that they loved each other. As Rafe looks around at the cobwebs now festooning the barn and remembers carving his initials next to Alison's initials in the barn's main beam, memories of Rafe's life with Alison come flooding back to Rafe. As Rafe sadly remembers the highlights of his relationship with Alison, Rafe declares that there are too many memories at the barn. Rafe blows out the lantern and announces that he will NOT be returning to the barn any time soon. But, as Rafe prepares to walk out the door, he suddenly believes that he hears Alison's voice, whispering: "Goodbye, Rafe. I love you!"

At Joshua's Mansion, Jamal finds Alison in the library, looking at designs for a wedding gown and Jamal reports to Alison that Frank saw Rafe at Club Elixir, getting tanked up and that Rafe had announced that he was retiring forever from his life as a crime fighter. When Jamal tries to tell Alison that Jamal is adjusting to his new life as Joshua's latest Disciple, Alison asks Jamal point blank if any of what Jamal just said was really true. At the same time, Joshua watches Jamal and Alison through a hidden panel overlooking the library. However, Jamal insists to Alison that he truly has accepted his new lifestyle. Alison confides to her old pal that Joshua HAS been not as repulsive as Alison believed that Joshua would be and Alison admits that she CAN give Joshua points because Joshua has NOT forced his attention on Alison. Jamal gently assures Alison that he truly DOES want to do whatever he can to make Alison happy. But Alison sadly confides that, although she KNOWS that Rafe is her soul mate and that the one thing that would make Alison TRULY happy would be to be reunited with her true love, Alison is prepared to go along with Joshua's demands, in order to protect Rafe's life. Alison declares that she can learn to be content in her new life and can resign herself to meeting Rafe only in her dreams ~ so long as Alison knows that Joshua is keeping his promise to allow Rafe to remain safe. Jamal warns Alison that it is inevitable that, one day, Joshua would expect Alison to join Joshua's Disciples on the Dark Side. When Alison protests that she would NEVER willingly join Joshua's Creatures of the Night, Jamal reminds Alison that, once upon a time, Livvie was sickened by the very thought of Caleb's bloody lifestyle. But, now, Livvie has enthusiastically embraced Caleb's way of 'life!' Jamal and Alison begin to talk about the old days when they were lovers. And Alison gives Jamal an impromptu hug and peck on the cheek after Jamal promises that, as long as Jamal is there, Jamal will be there to help Alison get through the ordeal that is facing her. But Joshua glares from his hiding place as he watches Jamal and Alison tenderly parting ways. Later, when Jamal steps out into the corridor, Jamal is surprised when he is waylaid by Joshua. Joshua angrily warns Jamal NEVER to lay a finger on Alison again. Joshua warns Jamal that, IF Jamal does NOT stay away from those touching little scenes with Joshua's bride, Joshua WILL find ways to torture BOTH Jamal and Alison that will be excruciating beyond anything either of them could possibly imagine! Meanwhile, Alison crosses through the darkened library to the door leading to the terrace. As Alison gazes out into the night sky, Alison whispers to Rafe to remember her, as Alison will always remember Rafe. Just as Alison finishes speaking, a wind suddenly blows through the open terrace door!

In the Catacombs, Livvie bites Caleb, then fears that she has killed her lover. As Livvie tearfully begs Caleb to return to her, Caleb suddenly revives and kisses Livvie. As Livvie and Caleb exalt in the discovery that Caleb's powers appear to be returning, Caleb orders Livvie to close her eyes and concentrate on being ONLY with Caleb. When Livvie opens her eyes, she is surprised to see that they have been transported to a moonlit forest, shrouded in mists! As Caleb and Livvie remember the early days of their relationship, they hit the sheets. Afterward, Caleb confesses to Livvie that, while he was mortal, there were times when Caleb believed that he MIGHT have been content to live out his life as a mortal, but only if he could be with Livvie! Livvie assures Caleb that the ONLY life that Livvie would choose to live would be a life with Caleb, wherever that might be! Caleb warns Livvie that they are still vulnerable to Joshua's attacks, until Livvie learns how to use her powers. Caleb vows that he will NEVER again allow himself to lose the life that he has discovered with Livvie!

Tuesday, June10, 2003

At the Light House, Kevin demands that Karen get some more of Joshua's drugs for him and Kevin brushes off Elizabeth's attempts to help. As Kevin becomes more agitated, Elizabeth demands that Karen go find Frank and get more drugs for Kevin. Although Karen admits that she is now afraid to be alone with Frank, Karen finally agrees to make another effort to locate Frank. Meanwhile, at Club Elixir, Frank is upset when Rafe saunters in to the Club to continue his binge. When Casey follows Rafe into the Club, Frank reminds Ricky that Ricky's job is to get Casey yanked back to headquarters. At the same time, Lucy arrives at the Club and tries to convince Rafe to leave with her. Karen arrives while Frank is giving Ricky orders to eliminate Casey and Karen bitterly observes that Frank appears to really enjoy getting to order people around. When Frank protests that it is none of Karen's business, Karen apologizes and then asks Frank for some of Joshua's drugs to help Kevin taper off from Kevin's dependence. Frank refuses at first. Meanwhile, Lucy tries to convince Rafe to get a grip on himself and help Lucy rid the town of Joshua's Undead Underlings. But Rafe remains too absorbed with his own grief to listen to Lucy and begins to explain to Lucy what it is like to know that Alison is in Joshua's clutches and that Rafe is powerless to help her. As Lucy tries to talk Rafe into preparing to do battle with Joshua's Legions of the Damned, one of the bar patrons decides to pick a fight with Rafe. At the same time, outside, when Karen again begs Frank for enough of Joshua's drug to allow Kevin to taper off, Frank reveals that Joshua ordered Frank to cut Kevin off from the drugs. However, Karen finally prevails and Frank reluctantly turns over to Karen the one last vial of Joshua's drug for Kevin that Frank has in his possession. However, Frank warns Karen that that one vial IS all that Frank has ~ and there is NO more of the drug now available! As Karen turns to leave, Frank demands some thanks from Karen and Karen reluctantly thanks Frank for agreeing to help this one last time with Kevin. After Karen leaves, Ricky realizes that Frank is watching Ricky with Casey and Ricky suddenly kisses Casey's hand to put on a good front. But, when Casey questions Ricky's action, Ricky brushes aside Casey's questions. At the same time, Lucy watches in horror as Rafe lets the burly bar patron knock him around. As Lucy tries to give her battered cousin another pep talk, Rafe pushes past Lucy and staggers out of the Club. After Rafe leaves, Lucy believes that she sees Ian and rushes into Ian's arms ~ only to realize that she is entwining herself around a bar patron named Ted! When Casey notices Lucy's erratic behavior, the angel tries to get Lucy to leave the Club with her. As Lucy tearfully declares that Port Charles is going to hell in a hand-basket and that Lucy can NOT do anything about it, Casey finally succeeds in hustling a stumbling Lucy toward the door. Meanwhile, at the Light House, as Kevin waits nervously for Karen to return, Kevin becomes even more agitated. When Elizabeth tries to distract Kevin with the suggestion that Kevin could calm himself by sketching Elizabeth, Kevin angrily orders Elizabeth to leave him alone. When Karen finally returns, Kevin greets Karen enthusiastically. Elizabeth is dismayed when Karen refuses to leave the drug with Elizabeth to administer. When Karen declares that an audience will NOT help as Karen tries to get Kevin off the drugs, Elizabeth is shocked when Kevin unceremoniously hustles Elizabeth out the door! However, after Elizabeth leaves, Frank peeps in at the Light House window at Karen tending to Kevin!

At Joshua's Mansion, Bat-Girl Stacey finds Jamal alone in the library and offers Jamal a little advanced training in improving Jamal's feeding techniques and Jamal enthusiastically agrees to chow down on Stacey. At the same time, Joshua and Alison head through the hall toward the library and walk in on Jamal and Stacey. Alison is shocked and blasts Jamal for sharing a snack with Stacey. Joshua is surprised that Alison would be so upset about Jamal's adjustment to Jamal's "new lifestyle," and Joshua begins to mistrust Alison's professed decision to become Joshua's bride. Jamal reminds Alison that Jamal has ALREADY crossed over to Joshua's dark side and has learned how to be happy as he adjusts to his new lifestyle. But, as Jamal urges Alison to make her own adjustments, Joshua asks Alison point blank if Alison has been lying to Joshua about her decision to become Joshua's bride. Jamal assures Alison that his new life is all good and begs Alison to trust him the way she always used to trust him. Alison watches in dismay as Stacy entices Jamal to leave with her. After Jamal and Stacey leave, Joshua tenderly puts a comforting arm around Alison and urges his bride to lean on Joshua and just let Joshua take care of everything. Joshua gives Alison a clear liquid in a glass and Alison later confesses that she feels so confused about all of the changes in her life. Declaring that Alison just wants the confusion to come to an end, Alison announces that she wants to go ahead and schedule her wedding to Joshua for that very evening!

Wednesday, June11, 2003

Casey rushes Lucy to the Hospital, where CHRIS checks Lucy out and informs his patient that he needs to arrange for another transfusion. When Chris asks about Ian, Lucy begs Chris NOT to let Ian know that Lucy has just suffered through another episode of Lucy's mystery malady. But, while Chris and Lucy talk, Casey slips out into the corridor and calls Ian. Ian promises Casey that he will rush to the Hospital. When Casey returns to Lucy's room, Lucy complains that Chris left with her blood tests and has NOT returned! Lucy insists that she can't stay in bed and needs to leave right away so she can save everyone in Port Charles from Joshua. When Casey tries to stop Lucy, Lucy sadly informs the angel that even Rafe has thrown in the towel. But, when Casey assures Lucy that IF Lucy just has a little hope, Rafe will come around ~ Lucy immediately asks if Casey has some special angel insight that allows for hope. As Lucy quizzes Casey. seeking some special angel insight, Ian suddenly arrives and Casey makes the excuse that she will go find out what is keeping Chris. However, while Ian speaks to Lucy, Ian realizes that Lucy seems to drift in and out of the present. One minute, Lucy believes she just had breakfast with Danny and, the next minute, Lucy knows that Danny is in New York with Ian's friend, Tim. Lucy finally describes how she was positive that she saw Ian at Club Elixir but he turned out to be a stranger Lucy had never met before. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Casey implores Heaven to show her what direction she needs to take to rescue the town, but Casey only has a sudden vision of Lucy lying in a casket. As Ian listens to Lucy drift in and out of the present in her conversation, Ian announces that he needs to go in search of Chris. But, when Ian finds Chris, Chris gives Ian the bad news that Lucy's tests show that the toxins in Lucy's blood stream are building up, and that transfusing new blood in to Lucy will do Lucy less and less good each time it is done. Casey guesses that Chris is reporting that Lucy is dying and there is nothing they can do about it and Chris confirms Casey's guess. When Ian looks back into Lucy's room, it appears that Lucy is talking to an imaginary friend. At the same time, Lucy believes she sees Christina and that they are making plans to go shopping.

At Rafe's Loft, Rafe has finished packing his bag and makes one last call before he leaves. However, Rafe suddenly finds that Caleb is blocking his way! Rafe quickly guesses that Livvie found the antidote and that Caleb has regained his powers. As Rafe proclaims that he is leaving town for good, Caleb suggests that, instead, Rafe and Caleb should gang up on Joshua ~ AND get Alison back! Rafe guesses that Caleb's main reason for wanting Rafe to help defeat Joshua is because neither Caleb nor Livvie can get near Joshua so long as Joshua possesses The Morley Family Heirloom Ring. Rafe protests that, if Rafe helps Caleb defeat Joshua, Caleb would just use the ring to accomplish Caleb's own agenda where the people of Port Charles are concerned. Rafe told Caleb that Rafe wouldn't help Caleb and Livvie cross the street. Rafe informs Caleb to take care of Joshua by himself and tries to push past Caleb ~ but Caleb shoves Rafe back and the two enemies begin tossing each other against the walls! Rafe keeps telling Caleb that Rafe needs to be somewhere, but Caleb refuses to let Rafe pass until Rafe agrees to help Caleb defeat Joshua. Rafe finally agrees and then admits that Rafe needs to rush to get to Alison and that he is late already!

At Joshua's Mansion, Joshua gets ready for his wedding to Alison, with Jamal's help. Outside, Alison descends the stairs in her wedding gown, clutching her bouquet of red roses in trembling hands. Alison pauses on the stairs and flashes back to her almost wedding to Rafe. Then Alison declares: "Rafe ~ I KNOW you can do this! I KNOW you can!" Inside the library, Joshua grows impatient and sends Jamal to summon Alison to her wedding. When Jamal finds Alison, Alison confesses that she believes that she can NOT go through with the wedding to Joshua. But Jamal encourages his friend to believe that nothing will be as bad as she fears it will be, and Alison reluctantly enters the library. As Joshua told Alison how lovely she looks, Alison begs Joshua to allow Jamal to stay for the wedding ceremony, even though they do not need witnesses. Joshua reluctantly agrees and pulls a few magic tricks to raise the fire in the fireplace and dim the other lights in the library. As the fire springs up in the fireplace, the life-size portrait of Alison as Joshua's bride is suddenly covered by the glowing symbol of Joshua's power. As Joshua recites his vows, he takes his power ring off and places the ring on Alison's finger. Alison appears to be lost in thought and hesitates when it is her turn to return the ring to Joshua and recite her vows. Alison finally promises to be loyal to Joshua and to do the best that she can to please Joshua. As Alison tosses aside her bouquet and kisses Joshua, she tries to slip the power ring off of Joshua's finger. But Joshua catches Alison in the act and, even though Alison denies that she was trying to steal the ring, Joshua threatens to punish Alison for the attempted theft!

Thursday, June12, 2003

At the Hospital, Ian told Casey that he is positive that the angel is mistaken if Casey believes that her vision means that Lucy will soon be leaving the land of the living. Ian assures Casey that he WILL fix Lucy's problem ~ he just does not know yet exactly HOW he will do it! When Ian went in to visit Lucy, Ian told Lucy that they have decided NOT to give Lucy another transfusion. When Lucy asks if this means that they are at the end of their rope where treatment is concerned, Ian lies and told Lucy that Ian and Chris are working on a plan that COULD pan out with a cure for Lucy. After Ian leaves Lucy, Ian quizzes Casey about her visions. As Ian and Casey talk, Ian remembers that the spring affected Lucy's "slayer" blood. And Ian concludes that, perhaps, what they need is for Lucy to receive a blood transfusion from her cousin Rafe, who would share Lucy's "slayer" blood! Ian rushes off in search of Rafe.

In Joshua's Mansion, Joshua grabs Alison and accuses his bride of trying to steal his ring, but Alison denies Joshua's charges and accuses Joshua of being paranoid. However, when one of Joshua's Disciples opens the door to check on the noise, Alison calls out for Rafe and Joshua explodes, warning Alison that it was a stupid idea to try to make a fool out of Joshua. Alison finally confesses that she really does NOT want to marry Joshua and told Joshua that she is positive that any number of women would WANT to be Joshua's bride and Alison offers to help Joshua find a companion who would appreciate him. When Alison suddenly breaks free of Joshua and tries to make a run for it, Jamal stops Alison and blasts his former friend for not being more willing to accept her new lifestyle. Alison appears surprised that Jamal would actually stand in her way. Jamal told Joshua that Alison has been blind to everything and everybody EXCEPT Rafe ever since Rafe landed in town. Jamal told Joshua that Joshua should just go ahead and bite Alison, because Alison is NOT 'worthy' of being Joshua's bride. But Joshua brags to Jamal that, since Joshua is NOT ordinary ~ there can be NO 'ordinary' punishment for a woman who has betrayed Joshua the way Alison has betrayed him! Joshua announces that he WILL marry Alison and Alison will end up wishing that Joshua HAD merely bitten Alison! Joshua orders Jamal to return Alison to her room. But, in the hallway, Alison blasts Jamal for suggesting that Joshua bite her. However, Jamal argues that he succeeded in distracting Joshua and buying Alison a little time until Rafe arrives to rescue her. Both Jamal and Alison worry that perhaps the reason Rafe did NOT show up as scheduled was because Joshua's goons got him. Jamal urges Alison NOT to give up on Rafe and promises that they WILL succeed in getting Alison out of her predicament. However, as Jamal hustles Alison up to her room, Joshua takes a vial out of his safe and vows to see the day when Alison obeys him completely!

Livvie arrives at Club Elixir and announces to Frank that she is celebrating Caleb's return to the Land of the Undead. Livvie suggests that, IF Frank plays his cards right, Frank COULD become an important player when Caleb regains his throne. But Frank insists that, so long as Joshua is the one in possession of Caleb's power ring, Caleb will not be regaining anything! When Livvie tries to push past Frank to leave, Frank suddenly grabs her! Meanwhile, at Rafe's Loft, Rafe confesses to Caleb that Rafe's statements that he is throwing in the towel and leaving town have all been a cover so Rafe could slip up on Joshua undetected. Rafe told Caleb that, while Rafe is willing to help Caleb eventually, Rafe has to rescue Alison now. But Caleb insists that the better plan would be for Rafe to take Caleb along with him and, while Caleb distracts Joshua, Rafe could rescue Alison. Once Alison was safe, Rafe could distract Joshua so that Caleb could recover the Morley family ring. As Caleb argues that Rafe should take Caleb with Rafe to rescue Alison AND liberate the ring at the same time, Rafe disagrees. Rafe reminds Caleb that Caleb can't get anywhere near Joshua so long as Joshua has the ring. Caleb insists that Rafe WOULD be better off with Caleb's help and reminds Rafe that Rafe HAS made a deal with the devil before! As Rafe finally agrees and the two head off together, they find Frank and Livvie at the door! Frank has a vial of acid he is holding over Livvie and Livvie explains that Frank forced her to lead him to Caleb and Rafe. Frank informs Rafe and Caleb that Frank has figured out that Rafe and Caleb are working together and that Rafe was just pretending to give up crime-fighting to catch Joshua off-guard. When Rafe tries to push past Frank to leave, Frank orders Rafe to stick around. Frank reminds Caleb that, so long as Joshua has the ring, Joshua also has all the power. Frank announces that he has called out the rank and file of Joshua's Disciples and ordered them to surround Rafe's Loft and destroy both Caleb AND Rafe. Rafe suddenly spots some rods and a baseball bat stacked in a corner and Caleb catches Rafe's glance. When Caleb distracts Frank by engaging Frank in an argument about Joshua's prospects of remaining in power now that Caleb's powers have been restored, Rafe suddenly grabs the bat from the corner and swings at Frank. As Frank steps away from Rafe's swing, Caleb grabs Livvie and knocks the acid back into Frank's eyes. Howling in pain, Frank runs out the door. As Caleb makes sure that Livvie is OK, Rafe also disappears. However, as Rafe hurries through the park toward Joshua's Mansion, Ian grabs Rafe and begs Rafe to go to the Hospital right away to help Lucy. Rafe promises to go to the Hospital as soon as he has taken care of something important. But Ian refuses to listen and demands that Rafe go with Ian ~ immediately! At the same time, in her hospital room, Lucy turns around and, believing that she sees someone, Lucy says: "Why are? ~~~ Are you here to help me?"

Friday, June13, 2003

Caleb and Livvie return to Caleb's apartment and Livvie apologizes for letting Frank overpower her and for Rafe getting away from Caleb. Caleb explains to Livvie that they are lucky that Joshua has not yet discovered HOW powerful the Morley family ring really is. Caleb explains that the ring has gained power as it has been passed down through the centuries. Caleb told Livvie: "If you know the way, the ring can grant the wishes of whoever wears the ring, and make all their dreams come true!" When Livvie asks WHY so many terrible things have happened to Caleb if the ring is so powerful that the ring could make Caleb's wishes come true, Caleb confesses that he misused the power of the ring and did NOT foresee the consequences of getting what he wanted! Caleb explains that, IF the ring's power is misused, the ring can do more harm than good! Livvie is amazed that Caleb gave up all his powers to keep Livvie safe when Caleb handed the ring over to Livvie. Livvie vows that she WILL help Caleb recover the ring ~ and restore all the power that rightfully belongs to Caleb!

At the Hospital, Kevin angrily orders Elizabeth to quit fussing over him. When Karen arrives with Kevin's dosage of Joshua's drugs, Kevin tries to con Karen into giving him more and Elizabeth adds her two cents to the argument. Karen leaves the dosage beside Kevin's bed and orders Elizabeth into the hall for a 'conference!' Outside, when Karen demands that Elizabeth quit trying to undermine Karen's treatment plan for Kevin, Elizabeth counters by accusing Karen of being after Kevin for herself! Meanwhile, Kevin realizes that Karen left the drug within reach and grabs the syringe for himself. Meanwhile, Karen points out to Elizabeth that, since Elizabeth is NOT a relative, Karen CAN order Elizabeth thrown out of the Hospital! Elizabeth storms away. But, when Karen returns to Kevin's room, Karen catches Kevin about to inject himself with Joshua's drug! Karen warns Kevin that, IF Kevin went ahead with his desperate move, Karen will NOT help Kevin the next time Kevin crashes and burns and begs for her help. Kevin finally agrees with Karen and hands the syringe over to her. Karen explains that Joshua made each dose of the drug more powerful than the one before, to insure Kevin's total dependance on Joshua. Kevin begs Karen for her help and told her that he will put all his trust in her.

In the Park, Ian excitedly explains to Rafe that Ian believes that, IF Rafe donated some of his blood to Lucy, it would save Lucy's life! Rafe promises to help Lucy, but insists that he needs to do something important first. However, Ian declares that Lucy can NOT wait, knocks Rafe out, and carries Rafe back to the Hospital. At the Hospital, Ian finds CHRIS and prevails on Chris to help Ian transfuse some of Rafe's blood to Lucy. Chris objects to dealing with an unconscious donor, but Ian finally convinces Chris to go along with Ian's plan. Later, as Chris is trying to slip around to quietly get everything arranged for the clandestine transfusion, he hurries past Kevin's room, just as Elizabeth looks in and sees a close moment between Kevin and Karen. As a distressed Elizabeth turns to run away, she runs in to Chris. As Elizabeth storms past him, Chris notices that Elizabeth has great legs! Later, Chris and Ian wheel Rafe into Lucy's room.

Meanwhile, at Joshua's Mansion, as Alison wonders WHERE Rafe is, Joshua enters Alison's room and invites her to have tea with him. When Joshua asks Alison what time it is, Alison angrily retorts that Joshua can look at his own watch. However, as Joshua and Alison argue, Joshua grabs Alison's arm and Alison feels a pinprick and suspects that Joshua drugged her with something. Although Alison tries to resist the drug, she eventually finds herself obeying Joshua's commands and agrees that it is time for her to have tea with Joshua. At Joshua's command, Alison obediently pours the tea for him!

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