Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on PC

Elizabeth took Lucy to the hospital after Lucy passed out. Jamal instructed Joshua on how to win Alison's heart. Caleb and Livvie managed to get the antidote from Lucy and Ian, and Livvie bit Caleb. Alison made a deal with Joshua that she would stay with him if he left Rafe unharmed. Karen tried to help wean Kevin off of Joshua's drugs.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on PC
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Monday, June2, 2003

At the Hospital, Caleb and Livvie explain to an uneasy Chris that they want him to analyze the contents of the broken vial and then duplicate the antidote that was in the vial for them. Caleb warns Chris that the doctor WILL need to take sides in Caleb's feud with Joshua, but Chris declares that he plans to be like Switzerland ~ neutral! While Caleb and Livvie wait, Caleb admits that Joshua has a good idea, about creating a vampire Empire. But, Caleb continues, people need to feel they are being 'led' rather than ordered around. Livvie expresses her confidence that Caleb could succeed where Joshua is bound to fail. Caleb assures Livvie that they WILL find a way to return to their previous state of bliss! But, when Chris returns, they are disappointed when Chris announces that the vial held ONLY sugar water! Caleb is stunned, and mutters that it appears that Rafe has double-crossed Caleb ~ again!

Casey and Ricky take the injured Rafe to Ian's Loft for help and are surprised when Ian insists that he can no longer help them. But Casey prevails upon Ian to go ahead and stitch up the wound in Rafe's side, and Ian reluctantly agrees to secretly help Rafe But, when Casey and Ric take a break, Rafe confides to Ian that, when Rafe returned to the Catacombs, Rafe learned that Livvie had already turned Alison over to Joshua and that the vial with the antidote was broken during the scuffle that followed. However, Ian confesses that Ian filled the vial with sugar water because Ian hoped Livvie would believe she was cured, then bite Caleb and kill him! When Rafe angrily accuses Ian of double-crossing him, Ian reminds Rafe that Rafe should know better than to trust ANY of the Undead! Meanwhile, outside Casey confides to Ricky that she believes the two of them have become Rafe's back up. But Ricky announces that Casey is on her own when it comes to protecting Rafe, because Ricky is ONLY a musician ~ not anybody's Guardian Angel! Casey is stunned when Ricky resolutely walks away! Meanwhile, Ian urges Rafe to find Alison and take Alison away ~ to leave Port Charles ~ AND all of its curses ~ far behind. But Rafe insists that Port Charles is now their home and they are NOT leaving! Rafe declares that it is every man for himself from now on ~ and leaves!

At Joshua's Mansion, Alison drops her looney facade and begs her old friend Jamal to help her escape. But Jamal reminds Alison of the time when Alison got Jack to pretend to be her boyfriend named Chandler in order to fool Alison's grandmother. Jamal confesses that he has not yet turned to blood, but warns Alison that Joshua has murderous guards posted all over the place. Jamal also admits that Joshua does NOT yet trust Jamal all that much! Alison suddenly accuses Jamal of selling her out to Joshua and warns Jamal that they can NEVER be friends again! When Joshua returns and announces that he now KNOWS that Alison's delusions were just an act, Alison informs the monster that she will NEVER willingly be with Joshua, and the only way Joshua can have love now is by using force! Although Joshua scoffs that he is NOT interested in love, Alison promises that she plans to become Joshua's worst nightmare. Later, Joshua grills Jamal about Alison. While Joshua brags that Joshua knows HOW to 'charm' a woman, Jamal guesses that what Joshua REALLY wants is for Jamal to tell Joshua how to make Alison fall in love with him! Jamal then advises Joshua to let Alison get a look at Joshua's vulnerable side, to make Alison believe that Joshua is opening up to her. Joshua returns to Alison and tries to convince his captive that even Joshua has a 'softer, gentler side' to him and talks briefly about a lost love ~ that ended badly ~ and asks Alison to teach Joshua about love! Aliison appears to be impressed and asks Joshua what he wants from her. Joshua urges Alison to rest in the confidence that no one will disturb her sleep. However, after Joshua leaves Alison, he collapses in laughter in the hall way!

Tuesday, June3, 2003

At Lucy's Place, as Lucy flashes back to Ian's decision to move out, Lucy is interrupted by a visit from Elizabeth. Elizabeth tearfully relates that Joshua has kidnapped Alison again and begs Lucy to use her powers to help Elizabeth rescue Alison. Lucy confesses that she can no longer help any one because her powers are gone. But Elizabeth reminds Lucy that, long before Lucy knew about her powers, Lucy STILL was able to help people with Lucy's intuitive understanding. Lucy finally agrees that Elizabeth might be right. But, when Lucy rushes to find her crystal ball, Elizabeth is shocked when Lucy suddenly collapses at Elizabeth's feet!

At the Hospital, as Karen gives Colleen instructions on the care of a patient, Karen is surprised to see Kevin arrive at the Hospital. When he speaks to her, Kevin confesses to Karen that he has decided to seek a drug rehabilitation program. At first, Karen is elated, but she becomes suspicious when Kevin begins asking to speak to Frank! When Karen suggests that Kevin is looking for a different kind of help from Frank, Kevin reluctantly admits that he IS hooked on Joshua's drug cocktail. Kevin changes his story and claims that he is already working with an addiction specialist and told Karen he needs to know what she learned when she had the drugs analyzed so the counselor can know which substances she is dealing with in programming Kevin's treatment. When Karen agrees to turn the results of her research over to Kevin's counselor, Kevin angrily told Karen to never mind. Kevin then argues that he needs the drug because the drug has changed his life for the better, but Karen strongly disagrees. Karen refuses to go along with any of Kevin's plans for himself and Kevin leaves. Karen later finds Kevin and again tries to get Kevin interested in a drug rehabilitation program that she knows about. Elsewhere at the hospital, Ian finds Chris and asks for an increased blood supply. Chris fills Ian in on Caleb and Livvie's search for an antidote and their visit to the Hospital. Chris guesses that Ian knows something about the sugar water residue on the broken vial, but Ian pretends to be clueless. Chris warns Ian that Ian's increased need for blood is NOT a good sign. Chris reminds Ian that Chris could get into a lot of trouble by helping Ian and Ian finally admits that his cravings have doubled in intensity and Ian is worried that the cravings will overcome him and Ian will attack an innocent person. Chris guesses the innocent victim whom Ian is most worried about is Lucy. Chris reluctantly agrees to increase Ian's blood supply. Ian again surprises Chris by thanking him for his help. When Chris returns, Chris informs Ian that Ian's new supply is in Ian's locker. But Chris warns Ian to continue to keep Chris advised about ALL of Ian's symptoms and any changes Ian might notice! As Ian prepares to leave the Hospital, Ian spots Kevin talking to Karen and prepares to slip past them unnoticed. But, just as Ian turns to leave, Elizabeth arrives with a staggering Lucy on her arm and begs for immediate help!

As Jamal walks in the woods, he realizes that Bat Girl Stacey is following him. Stacey admits that Frank ordered her to follow Jamal. Stacey confides to Jamal that she knows that Jamal has NOT fed yet and offers to teach Jamal everything he needs to know. But, as Jamal gives in and is about to take a bite out of Stacey, Rafe suddenly appears and 'rescues' Jamal from Stacey. Frightened, Stacey runs away. Rafe is stunned when Jamal blasts Rafe for interfering in Jamal's rendezvous with Stacey! Jamal lets Rafe in on the bad news that Jamal is Joshua's latest recruit. Rafe informs Jamal that Rafe is looking for Alison. When Rafe asks Jamal if Jamal knows where Joshua has stashed Alison, Jamal brushes Rafe off, which makes Rafe suspicious. When Jamal tries to leave, Rafe keeps reappearing in front of Jamal and continues to demand answers. As Jamal continues to brush off Rafe's inquiries, Rafe suddenly attacks Jamal! Later, Rafe leaves an unconscious Rafe in the woods and disappears. When Jamal regains consciousness, Jamal finds Nurse Lisa bending over him, offering to help. But Jamal orders Lisa to leave him alone and runs off alone into the forest!

In Joshua's Mansion, Alison asks Joshua WHY he is so obsessed with her family ~ pointing out that Joshua has been obsessed with Alison's mother, her grandmother and now with Alison herself. Joshua admits that it has nothing to do with love and told Alison that Joshua's mother was the housekeeper at one of the Barrington Estates and that Joshua and Alison's father, Malcolm, grew up in the same house together and, when the two boys were quite young, they were bosom buddies! But, as Malcolm became older, Malcolm began to realize that Joshua was merely the housekeeper's son. Malcolm rejected Joshua's friendship and began to constantly remind Joshua of Joshua's station in life. Malcom's frosty treatment fueled Joshua's determination to one day take over the Barrington Estates. Alison told Joshua that she does NOT believe Joshua and accuses Joshua of being the one who killed Malcolm! But Joshua protests that, in spite of the way the two men went their separate ways, Joshua STILL loved Malcolm like a brother and would have NEVER harmed Alison's father! Alison again told Joshua she does NOT believe him and guesses that Joshua grew up in a middle-class town, perhaps Bristol, and was determined to escape the mediocrity of his existence by worming his way into the confidence and lives of the rich and powerful people and taking advantage of his prey. But, when Joshua finally became king, Joshua was STILL unhappy because Joshua could still NEVER have the ONE thing Joshua keeps saying he does NOT want ~ love! Joshua admits that Alison is close to the truth on SOME points, and leaves. Later, outside, Joshua beams at the 'progress' that he is making in winning Alison's heart, with Jamal's help! At the same time, Alison is thrilled when Rafe suddenly appears in her room in Joshua's Mansion. Alison joyfully rushes into Rafe's arms!

Wednesday, June4, 2003

As Elizabeth enters the Hospital with Lucy on her arm, Ian rushes to help. While Karen wheels Lucy into a nearby room, Kevin demands that Ian tell Kevin what is wrong with Lucy, after Kevin hears Ian call for ANOTHER transfusion for Lucy! Kevin demands to know if Lucy needs a transfusion because Ian's need to feed finally got the best of him. Although Ian makes no answer, Kevin guesses that Ian's baser instincts ARE beginning to take over. Elizabeth tries to get Kevin to go with her for a cup of coffee, but Kevin just walks away. Meanwhile, Ian went to check on Lucy, but Karen told Ian that he needs to leave so Lucy can get some rest. Ian promises Lucy that he will find a way to save her life! After Ian leaves, Kevin went to Lucy's room as well. When Lucy calls out for water and Kevin hands a glass to her, Lucy is surprised to see Kevin there and calls Kevin "Doc!" Kevin is pleasantly surprised that Lucy welcomes him instead of ordering him to leave. At the same time, Elizabeth pensively watches Lucy and Kevin from the hallway. Later, Kevin thanks Elizabeth for helping Lucy. But, after Elizabeth describes the way Lucy called out for Ian as they drove to the Hospital, Kevin announces that there is no need for Kevin to stay at the Hospital and Kevin leaves with Elizabeth.

In the Catacombs, Livvie announces to Caleb that she plans to leave their hiding place, to make sure that she does NOT bite Caleb accidentally. Caleb assures Livvie that he loves her completely, with or without fangs, and even if she has poisoned fangs! Although Livvie insists that all is hopeless now and that there never was an antidote, Caleb begins to quiz Livvie about Joshua's reaction when Joshua discovered that the antidote was missing. When Livvie reports that Joshua was furious, Caleb reminds Livvie that Joshua would NOT have been so angry if the antidote had been a fake all along. And, likewise, Rafe apparently believed he had the real antidote when Rafe destroyed the vial. Caleb and Livvie theorize that Rafe MUST have left the antidote with someone else ~ someone who double-crossed Rafe and switched the vials on him ~ someone Rafe would have trusted ~ like Lucy! Later, when Ian returns to Lucy's Hospital room with flowers, Ian finds only Caleb waiting there for him! Caleb informs Ian that, IF Ian wants Lucy to stay 'just fine,' Ian will turn the antidote over to Caleb immediately! In the meantime, Livvie stands guard over Lucy at Lucy's Place. As Lucy tries to convince Livvie to let her go, Livvie blasts Lucy for all of Lucy's failings, but especially for the way Lucy failed as Kevin's wife and Livvie's step-mother!

As Rafe appears in Alison's room in Joshua's Mansion, Alison joyfully rushes into Rafe's arms. However, Frank appears just as quickly, followed by a squad of Joshua's Undead Underlings. Frank grabs Alison and threatens to bite her, while the other guards grab Rafe. Joshua hears the commotion and walks in, gleefully enjoying having caught Rafe like a rat in a trap! Joshua points out to Alison that Rafe IS badly outnumbered by Joshua's guards and will almost surely end up being killed if Rafe persists in trying to battle his way out of the Mansion. Alison begs Rafe to go if Joshua will give his word that Rafe won't be harmed. Joshua agrees to Alison's conditions. However, Rafe points out that, IF Alison stays with Joshua, ALISON could be the one who dies! But Alison insists that, if Rafe dies, Alison will die inside anyway and, either way, Joshua will still have Alison! Alison begs Rafe to realize that the best thing Rafe can do is to accept Joshua's offer. Alison argues that, if she stays with Joshua, she will at least be able to protect Jamal and her grandmother from coming to further harm ~ and perhaps even be able to protect others as well! Alison told Rafe that he has a DUTY to return to town and to use his powers to protect the rest of the people in Port Charles from Joshua and that Rafe is the ONLY one who CAN protect those who have not yet become Joshua's disciples! When Rafe still refuses to leave Alison, Frank and some of the other guards begin to drag Rafe away, but Alison extracts a promise from Joshua. Alison agrees that IF Joshua will let Rafe go unharmed, Alison will stay willingly with Joshua. Joshua gladly accepts Alison's terms and orders his guards to let Rafe go, although Frank argues that Joshua is making a mistake to let Rafe live. Rafe warns Joshua that, as long as Joshua holds Alison prisoner, Rafe will keep coming back. But Alison shocks Rafe when Alison declares that it will NOT do Rafe any good to return to the Mansion, because Alison would NEVER leave with Rafe after Alison has given her word to Joshua that she would stay! Joshua's guards hustle a protesting Rafe out of the Mansion. After Rafe leaves, Joshua returns and announces to Alison that saving Rafe's life was the right choice for Alison to make! But Alison just breaks down in tears.

Thursday, June5, 2003

At Lucy's Place, Livvie suggests that it may be time Lucy collected some payback for the lousy way Lucy has treated Livvie and Livvie's father ~ Kevin. Livvie reminds Lucy of the long list of ex-husbands whom Lucy has cheated on and speculates how long Lucy will be able to stay interested in Lucy's current bed-mate ~ Ian! Lucy is surprised to learn that the vial which Ian turned over to Rafe did NOT have the real antidote in it. Lucy told Livvie that she would like nothing more than to see Caleb and Livvie fly off into the wild blue yonder together and leave Port Charles in peace at last! When Lucy admits that she no longer cares WHAT happens to Livvie, Livvie announces that THAT might be Step-Mommy Dearest's FINAL mistake!

At Joshua's Mansion, Joshua announces to Alison that he kept his promise and Rafe has been safely escorted off the property. Alison announces to Joshua that she has some terms that Joshua will have to agree to before any wedding will be taking place! Alison declares that she expects Joshua to keep Rafe, Jamal and Amanda safe. Alison requests that Joshua call off his plans for his Imperial Headquarters to be centered in Port Charles and also put an end to preying on innocent victims. Alison declares that it would be OK for Joshua's Disciples to snack on each other, but there are to be no more INvolununtary recruits inducted into Joshua's Dark Kingdom! Alison requests that she be allowed to call her mother and assure Elizabeth that Alison is OK. Alison also demands that Joshua learn how to show some respect for Elizabeth and Amanda. Joshua told Alison that her terms are all unacceptable and lays down some demands of his own. Joshua gives permission for Alison to call Elizabeth and promises that Rafe will be safe ~ SO LONG AS Rafe behaves himself! Joshua admits to being fascinated by the POWER of love ~ including the power of love that prompted Alison to agree to stay with Joshua in exchange for the promise that Rafe would be allowed to live. Joshua asks Alison to teach Joshua about the mysteries of love. Alison warns Joshua that she would NEVER be able to love anyone other than Rafe, but tries to explain to Joshua about the way that Alison's feelings for Rafe fill her entire being. Joshua suggests that Alison might find herself surprised and begin falling in love with Joshua ~ but Alison assures Joshua that nothing of that nature could EVER happen!

Meanwhile, an inebriated Rafe arrives at Club Elixir and announces that he has officially retired from crime-fighting. Frank tries to throw Rafe out, but Jack tries to get Rafe to trade his bottle of booze for a cup of coffee and just tone it down. Rafe waves them both away, announcing that the forces of evil made a clean sweep of Port Charles ~ they took over the town AND they got Rafe's girl into the bargain! Jack listens intently as Rafe complains that Alison has thrown Rafe over for the dark side and compares what Rafe believes are Alison's choices to be the same kind of choices which were made by Livvie when Livvie threw Jack over for Caleb. As Jack tries to remind Rafe of Rafe's genuine love for Alison, Rafe reminds Jack that Jack once claimed to have the SAME kind of love for Livvie, but finally walked away! Rafe finally announces that he believes he should take a trip around the world and forget about the Bat Haven in Port Charles!

In Lucy's Hospital Room, Caleb announces to Ian that Livvie has Lucy and that Caleb does NOT intend to turn Lucy loose until Ian gives up the antidote! Although Ian threatens to dispatch Caleb immediately, Caleb smugly reminds Ian that dispatching Caleb would STILL leave Lucy in Livvie's poisoned clutches! Caleb tries to goad Ian into taking a bite out of Caleb, but Ian points out that Ian would have ways of getting rid of Caleb without biting him! Caleb reminds Ian that, as long as Ian hangs on to the antidote, Lucy will be spending time with Livvie ~ AND Livvie's poisoned fangs! Ian demands to see Lucy first and make sure that Lucy is OK before Ian turns over the antidote! However, when Caleb and Ian later arrive at Lucy's Place, they are surprised to find that both Livvie and Lucy are missing and that the only clue left behind is Lucy's broken Hospital bracelet!

Friday, June6, 2003

At Club Elixir, Jack skims $1,000 out of the night's receipts, just as Reese walks in and catches Jack in the act! However, Reese lets Jack know that she approves of his enterprising approach to his job with Joshua! Then, Reese announces that she fixed dinner for Jack, which is not really her thing! Jack finally coaxes Reese in to showing off her handiwork. After Jack declares that Reese has created a tasty dish indeed, they begin to kiss passionately.

At the Light House, Elizabeth excitedly announces to Kervin that she just spoke to Alison on the phone, and Alison assured her mother that Alison was OK. Kevin panics when he believes that Elizabeth might have tied up the phone and prevented Kevin from receiving his anticipated call from Frank. In desperation, Kevin puts a call through to Karen and begs Karen to help Kevin get in touch with Frank! Karen immediately realizes that Kevin is on the verge of some serious withdrawal. When Karen tries to discourage Kevin's search for Frank, Kevin angrily hangs up on Karen. Elizabeth tries to calm Kevin and promises to help Kevin buy the drugs he needs, but Kevin just becomes even more desperate! Elizabeth tries to get Kevin interested in hitting the sheets with her but, when they hear a knock at the door, Kevin rushes to answer the door because Kevin believes that Frank has at last arrived. But Kevin is disappointed when he finds only Karen at the door! Kevin blasts Karen for arriving to give Kevin another lecture on kicking his habit, but Karen hands Kevin a tranquilizer to calm him down. However, Kevin angrily informs Karen that the tranquilizer will NOT be strong enough to help Kevin through the next few hours, and again begs Karen to help Kevin make contact with Frank. Karen confesses that, since Karen and Frank exchanged some sharp words the last time they met, Karen is not sure Frank would listen to anything that Karen had to say about Kevin. But Karen finally promises a VERY grateful Kevin that she WILL try to get enough of Joshua's drug from Frank to help Kevin taper off his dependence on the drug! Elizabeth watches with jealous eyes as Kevin gives Karen a grateful hug!

At Lucy's Place, Caleb and Ian are relieved when Lucy and Livvie suddenly show up and Livvie announces that Lucy just gave the antidote to Livvie. Although Ian is shocked that Lucy gave the antidote to Livvie, Lucy explains that Lucy believes that Rafe was right and, if they want to get rid of Joshua, they MUST have Caleb functioning with all of his powers! After Caleb and Livvie leave, Lucy begs Ian to make things better again by hitting the sheets with her. But, when Ian begins to kiss Lucy, Ian's craving to bite Lucy overwhelms Ian and Ian pulls away from Lucy and runs out of the house. Meanwhile, Caleb and Livvie return to the Catacombs. While Caleb confesses that he is worried that the vial might contain a poison this time, rather than sugar water, Livvie throws caution to the winds and gulps the antidote anyway. When Livvie appears to suffer no adverse reactions to the antidote, Caleb and Livvie hit the sheets and Livvie bites Caleb.

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