The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on Y&R

Charlotte surprised Jill by insisting that Mac and Billy could not get married. Brittany informed Frederick that Anita had also had an affair. Colleen broke up with J.T. Isabella arranged for Diane to overhear Paul threaten Isabella.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, June 2, 2003

Stopping her at the Fenmore Boutique, J.T. forces Colleen to listen to what he has to say. He vows never to cheat on her again and asks for one more chance but she refuses and walks out. Meanwhile, at the Crimson Lights, Brittany gives Anita a hard time when her mother tries to have a talk with her. When Anita tries to win her sympathy, Brittany reveals that she knows about her fling with J.T. and blasts her for sleeping with a 19-year-old just because Fred might have slept with another woman. Anita apologizes but Brittany realizes she doesn't feel bad about her affair.

John and Liz find Esther and Jill in the hospital corridor. Larry accompanies Olivia out to the group and he boasts that Kay is going to live. Olivia urges them all to give Kay the positive support she'll need to recover from this. John wonders aloud if Charlotte could have been the cause of Kay's mini-stroke. Jill resents his naming Charlotte but Larry encourages Jill to be supportive of her birth mother. Just then, Charlotte arrives, which pleases Jill. Inside Kay's room, Billy and Mac decide not to postpone their wedding.

Diane urges Isabella to go to L.A. to be with her son but Isabella hints that she has another plan that is comparable to the pool house fire Diane claims she didn't set. While Paul and Chris slow dance at their old place, Michael slips in with coffee for Chris and is shocked to see them in each other's arms.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

Michael's surprised to find Paul dancing with Chris at her place. Chris quickly demands her key back and announces that Paul has moved back in. Michael insists that it's only temporary but Paul disagrees. Insisting she can't trust Paul, Michael starts to leave but Paul grabs him and threatens to "come after him" if he ever butts into his life again. Michael counters his words with a threat of his own but then leaves, flinging his key on the table as he does so.

At the coffeehouse, a flirting Veronica invites J.T. to a "mellow" party with her friends. He agrees but then backs off after realizing he can't stop thinking about Colleen. Meanwhile, Colleen admits to Lily and Sierra that she broke up with J.T. earlier. Her friends convince her to talk about her pain and she admits that he "found what he needed" with Anita Hodges.

Isabella presses Diane to help her come up with a scheme to win Paul back but Diane urges her to stop the crazy talk. Diane reminds her she never admitted setting the pool house fire but Isabella asks her point blank to help her. Not giving up, Isabella calls Paul to come over tomorrow to talk about Ricky and then asks Diane to witness how violent Paul is with her.

Jill thanks Charlotte for stopping by the hospital. When John makes a comment doubting Charlotte is Jill's birth mother, Jill asks him to leave.

Billy advises John that he and Mac are getting married as planned in spite of Kay. He then meets and greets Charlotte and invites her in to see Kay. When Charlotte offers to talk with Jill about accepting Billy's marriage, she's shocked to learn Billy's marrying Kay's granddaughter

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

At the hospital Mac wakes and worries to Billy that Kay might not survive her stroke. After encouraging her to think positive, Billy suggests that they get married once Kay is transferred back home. Olivia then stops by and suggests it's time to send Kay home in the next couple of days where her recovery might be quicker.

Back at the Chancellor estate, Jill's caught off guard to realize that Charlotte's against Billy and Mac's marriage too. When Jill sadly states that she can't stop them from tying the knot, Charlotte tells herself that she must do so then. Phyllis blasts Jack for stealing Damon from Newman but Jack asserts that it's Victor's version of the events that happened and urges her not to take it personally.

Olivia confirms for Wes that Dru and Neil are engaged. He worries that their bickering over work may be harmful for Lily. Meanwhile, Neil and Dru announce to a stunned Lily that they are getting married. Lily can't believe it and reminds them that they can't get along regarding work. She insists she wants no part of their marriage and walks out.

Rocked at finding Paul back together with Chris, Michael calls Isabella and orders her to stop by for a meeting. Chris arrives at the law office and argues that they should continue to work together. Michael's against it at first but she convinces him to give it a try. With Diane hiding nearby, Paul confronts Isabella and announces that he wants nothing to do with her. When she vows to fight a divorce to keep Chris away from Ricky, Paul becomes furious and throws a box across the room, startling a hidden Diane.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

by Ruth

At the boutique Raul tries to encourage Brittany to give her parents another chance but she refuses. He promises that he'll make this a special summer for her.

In spite of what she has just heard, Diane isn't quick to agree with Isabella that Paul is a dangerous man. She tries to convince her friend that a divorce would be best for everyone concerned. Isabella refuses to lose everything and likes the idea when Diane suggests getting a restraining order.

Lily complains to Sierra and Colleen that her parents are getting married again and insists that it won't work. The teens decide to do something rash and head to a tattoo parlor, ready to shock their parents with some tattoos and a pierced nose for Lily. When Wes hears from Dru how Lily reacted to her engagement with Neil, he offers to talk with Lily. Later, Wes fails to be shocked by Lily's tattoo and piercing and urges her to give her parents a chance.

Michael describes his emotional mess to Phyllis at the coffeehouse. Phyllis advises him that he's better off without Chris but after revealing that Chris is still his legal partner, he orders Phyllis to stop badmouthing her. Isabella later confronts Michael in his office and as she rants about Paul's demands, she smashes a glass and cuts her hand. Michael urges her to give Paul a divorce but she has other, more devious plans.

Friday, June 6, 2003

During lunch with their daughter, Anita and Fred try to get her to talk about all that is bothering her. When they start overdoing however, Brittany announces that she hates her life and hate them, walking out as she calls them liars and cheaters.

At the Fenmore Boutique, Raul and J.T. have it out and J.T. complains about his childhood friend always ratting him out to others. They finally start fighting and when Brittany arrives, she eggs Raul on until J.T. storms out, complaining about what he's lost.

Later, Brittany's approached by the mystery man again.

At home Ashley complains to Brad about Dru hiring Damon and Jack okaying the deal. Brad points out that it gets Ashley out of the lab and keeps Damon from working for Newman.

Sierra and Colleen bring Lily back to her place, nervous about facing her parents with her nose piercing and tattoo. Dru spots the girls' tattoos and belly ring and with Lily in the bathroom, she claims that her daughter would never do such a thing to her body without her permission. Seeing her daughter's nose ring, Dru sends Lily and Sierra home and then blasts Lily for what she's done, especially considering the risk of hepatitis or AIDS. Lily complains about her mother's rash actions and when she crosses the line with an insult or two, Dru slaps her and sends her to her room. Ashley calls and demands that Dru meet her at Jabot immediately. Brad is calm when he spots Colleen's tattoo and belly ring and lets her know that he still loves her.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Paris or bust
The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85


Y&R EDITORIAL: Paris or bust
The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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