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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 2, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, June 2, 2003

by CBS

Sally wants to know what's been bothering Macy. Macy admits that Thorne is talking about adoption, but she isn't ready for that yet. Macy is floored when Sally suggests that she and Thorne adopt Darla's baby. Thomas and the twins ask Bridget why Brooke didn't marry Ridge. Rick wants Ridge to tell him that it's over between Bridget and him. Ridge tries to convince Rick that he and Bridget had no intention of acting on their feelings. Ridge insists that he loves Brooke and meant every word of his vows. Rick is horrified when Bridget comes downstairs with the children. He asks Ridge what Bridget is doing there if he is so committed to Brooke. Rick asks Bridget if she even cares what she is doing to Brooke. He wonders if Bridget has purposely been trying to create an uproar, and focus all the attention on her. Bridget insists that her feelings are real, not an act of rebellion. Rick turns his anger on Ridge and says that he's glad he's not his brother. Thorne expresses to Darla that if he and Macy adopt the baby, they all win. They'll both be part of the baby's life, and Macy will be a mother. Fighting tears, Darla agrees to let Thorne and Macy raise the baby. Thorne hugs her in gratitude. Darla adds that she has a condition; they have to confess to Macy that Thorne is the baby's father.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003

At Darla's apartment, she was able to convince Thorne to reveal to Macy that he is the father of her baby. Darla insisted that she did not want her baby to grow up in a home filled with lies. Thorne realized that Darla is correct, he cited his own parents as an example.

At Spectra Fashions, Sally suggested to Macy that she and Thorne adopt Darla's child. Sally pointed out that Darla is not ready to parent a child-but Macy is!

Amber visited Stephanie to provide her with much needed emotional support over her break-up with Eric. Amber reminded Stephanie that she had supported her through many problems with Rick. Amber also pointed out that Rick had forgiven her for many things in the past-including allegedly trapping him into marrying her. Amber predicted that Eric would come around and forgive Stephanie. Stephanie informed Amber that when she went to visit Eric at the beach house, a woman named Jackie answered the door. Stephanie admitted that she was worried that Eric could fall in love with Jackie who is offering him sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. After Amber left Stephanie's house, she went directly to the beach house to speak with Jackie. Jackie assumed that Amber was warning her to stay away from Eric. Amber corrected Jackie about the reason for her visit. Amber surprised Jackie by guessing that she is interested in having Eric for herself and hence breaking up his marriage!

Macy arranged to speak with Darla at her apartment, unaware that Thorne was there. Macy was surprised when Thorne answered Darla's door. Macy assumed that she and Thorne had the same idea about adopting Darla's baby. Macy promised that if Darla decides to let her adopt her baby, she would be an excellent mother to her child. Darla revealed that because she grew up in foster home, she wants her child to have only one stable, loving home. Darla predicted that her child would have a better life with Macy and Thorne. Macy advised Darla not to rush a decision about adoption. Macy was surprised Darla and Thorne had previously discussed adoption. Darla prepared to tell Macy that Thorne is the father of her child. Darla revealed to Macy that she has something to tell her about her child's father but does not know how to say it. Macy encouraged Darla to tell her. Macy advised Darla that there is nothing that she could say about the man she slept with that could change her feelings about her or her baby.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003

by Anna

Amber accuses Jackie of putting the moves on Eric and orders her to leave. Amber tells her that she's leaving for an important appointment and wants Jackie gone when she gets back. Stephanie asks Eric how seriously she should take Jackie's assertion that their marriage is over. When Stephanie insists that she acted out of love, Eric points out that she sounds like Brooke. Stephanie urges Eric to come home, certain they can work things out. Sally is mystified by Clarke's reaction when she explains Macy's plan to adopt Darla's baby. Sally realizes that Clarke knows who the father is. Clarke assures Sally that she doesn't want to know who it is, and neither does Macy. Macy is relieved that Thorne appears to know about the situation with the baby's father and still wants to adopt. Darla explains that her baby's father is a married man who is very much in love with his wife. Macy is sympathetic until she realizes that the baby is Thorne's. Thorne pleads with Macy for understanding. He tells her that he loves her and the baby could be their child and the answer to their prayers. Amber rushes in for her meeting, hoping to convince the Fenmore representative to carry the Ambrosia line. Jackie and Amber are stunned when they come face to face.

Thursday, June 5, 2003

At Darla's, Macy faulted Thorne for sleeping with Darla. Macy realized that she had made a mistake when she believed that Thorne had changed. Macy was unwilling to accept Thorne or Darla's reasons about why they had slept together. Macy advised Thorne to raise his baby himself. Darla begged Macy for forgiveness for having slept with Thorne. Macy did not want to forgive Darla at this time. Macy announced that she was leaving Thorne-for good this time.

Amber worried when Jackie walked into her office. Amber hadn't realized that Jackie is the new regional buyer for Fenmore's Department stores. Jackie had been unhappy that Amber had accused her of being a home wrecker and interested in Eric for herself. Jackie gave Amber a friendly warning that if Amber harassed her any further about Eric, she would stop purchasing clothes from the Ambrosia line. Amber was very relieved that Jackie purchased the Amber line for Fenmore's.

At Ridge's house, Bridget read to Phoebe. Bridget had cooked dinner and spent time with the children. Ridge complimented Bridget for bringing peace to his home once again. Meanwhile, Rick urged Eric to do something to stop the relationship between Ridge and Bridget. Eric rushed over to Ridge's with the intention of taking Bridget with him. Bridget came downstairs because she heard Eric and Ridge arguing. While Eric and Ridge exchanged angry words, Eric pushed Ridge. Ridge accidentally pushed Bridget into a wall. Bridget fell after hitting her head.

Darla felt sorry for Thorne after Macy left. Darla advised that she had expected Macy to be hurt over the discovery that Thorne is the father of her baby. Darla, however, did not expect Macy to leave Thorne. Darla predicted that Macy would have a change of heart and forgive her and Thorne. While Macy was distraught and alone, she contemplated taking a drink. Macy poured herself a drink.

Friday, June 6, 2003

Sally opens the door to the sight of Macy standing in front of a bottle of liquor. Sally thinks she has arrived just in time to stop Macy from taking a drink. The truth is, that Macy had been wrestling with herself for some time and had gone so far as to pour herself a drink, only to toss it into nearby flowers. Pressed by Sally, Macy reluctantly tells her mother that she Thorn is the father of Darla's baby. Furious, Sally storms out of the apartment on her way to find Thorn and give him a piece of her mind. When she finally does confront Thorn, he tries to explain what happened but Sally doesn't give him the chance. She tells him she doesn't want to hear anything he has to say because she is going to tell him what she should have told him after the first, second, and third time that he broke her daughter's heart. Sally wants to Thorn to hear her when she tells him that Macy deserved to have been treated better, respected more by Thorn. She reminds Thorn that Macy gave up a relationship with Lorenzo, who loved her unconditionally for Thorn who doesn't seem to be able to stop himself from cheating on her. She tells Thorn that he is a cheating, heartless, soulless person who is a poor excuse for a human being and that she will hate and despise him as long as she lives. She goes on to say how she is not all that surprised at Thorn's behavior, but she can't believe that Darla could betray Macy. She loved and treated Darla as if she were her own daughter. But she says the kind of betrayal on Darla's part is not forgivable. In the midst of all of this, there is a knock on the door. Thorn opens the door to find Darla standing there. Sally can't believe her own eyes.

Brooke is in the middle of daydreaming about her situation with Ridge when Nick interrupts her. He teases her about having kissed her earlier in the week. He had hoped the kiss would prove to Brooke that it is still possible for her be attracted to and admired by another man besides Ridge. Brooke insists that Nick just doesn't understand. Nick says, the only thing to understand is that Brooke is an intelligent, powerful, strong woman who is making a mistake by not taking more control of her life in letting Ridge make decisions about who he wants to be involved with between Brooke and her daughter. Before the conversation can go further, Brooke receives a call from Ridge telling her that Bridget has had an accident and is on her way to the hospital emergency room. Nick offers to drive Brooke.

While Ridge was calling Brooke, Eric rode in the ambulance with Bridget. By the time Brooke arrives doctors have determined that Bridget has a concussion and they are still waiting for the results of one other test. Brooke asks what happened but Eric tells her the only thing that is important to know is that Bridget fell and hit her head. Brooke is upset to learn that the accident happened at Ridge's house. Bridget begins to regain consciousness. Everything is still a bit foggy for her, but she does remember being at Ridge's house, the argument between her father and Ridge and she comments on how crazy things have become. Ridge has stepped outside of the room to give Eric and Brooke time alone with Bridget. As he is looking in, Nick comes up behind him and asks how it feels to see what he has done to that family.

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