The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on B&B

Stephanie's wedding date arrived, and Sally set out to use the Eric and Lauren's sex tape to hurt Stephanie. Amber was ecstatic when Maggie asked her to babysit during the Forrester wedding. Convinced that Taylor had chosen Thorne, a drunken Ridge wound up in Brooke's bed.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on B&B
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Monday, September 1, 1997

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997

Stephanie reflects on how Sally told her she will wind up bitter and alone. Stephanie tells herself she is not going to allow Sally to spoil her mood. Eric and Stephanie's wedding is within 24 hours and Stephanie couldn't be happier. She is finally going to marry the man she has loved for so many years.

Sally, meanwhile, is reeling that once again, Queen Stephanie has gotten to her. Sally is upset over Stephanie's latest visit in which Stephanie acted so smug. It was everything she had not to play the tape of Eric and Lauren, Sally tells Darla. Lauren comes into Sally's office and Sally gives her an envelope from Stephanie. It is an invitation to Eric and Stephanie's wedding. Lauren can't believe Stephanie would invite her. Maybe she is extending the olive branch, Lauren suggests. Sally says this is just another one of Stephanie's ploys. Stephanie wants to rub Lauren's nose in it that she is marrying Eric, Sally says. Lauren is going to have to make a decision about going to the wedding.

Taylor is anxious to tell Ridge she is carrying his child, but with the heavy rain, leaving the cabin to go back to LA would be a risk. Taylor tries using the phone but the lines are down. Taylor is determined to tell Ridge about her pregnancy. Thorne suggests they use his Jeep to get back to LA.

Brooke asks Ridge to make love to her. What she and Ridge have is nothing to what he shares with Taylor, Brooke says. Ridge turns away, claiming his love for Taylor is too strong to betray her. People are getting hurt because we are not together, Brooke says. Grant, Taylor have both been hurt due to Ridge and Brooke not admitting their real feelings for each other. Ridge says while Brooke was married to Grant, he and Taylor got close again, and he is not going to lose that. Don't paint Taylor as a saint, Brooke says. She ran off with Thorne again, now what does that tell you, Brooke asks. He has to keep the faith, they way Taylor kept the faith in him while he was in jail, Ridge says. Ridge admits he does not know why Taylor left with Thorne, but it is only a matter of time before Taylor is back home.

Stephanie's friend Ruthanne surprises her by coming in town for the wedding. Steph and Ruthanne catch up and talk about the upcoming wedding. Eric comes home and is delighted to see Ruthanne. Eric says it will be such a joy to be surrounded by friends at the wedding. Eric also says is was gracious of Stephanie to invite Lauren to the wedding. Before leaving, Eric asks Stephanie not to forget she is his whole life.

Sally believes the reason Stephanie invited Lauren to the wedding is just to see Lauren suffer. Sally is determined not to stand by and let Stephanie get away with it. The tape she has of Eric and Lauren making love is enough ammunition to blow Stephanie's wedding to pieces, Sally plots.

Ridge resists Brooke's advances one more time. Brooke says he can not walk out and not think about the life they can still have together. Brooke says she is not giving up on Ridge. Soon, they will be together.

Thorne and Taylor are on their way home in the pouring rain at Big Bear. Taylor is so happy she will finally be able to tell Ridge she is carrying his child.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

At La Casa de Forrester, Stephanie notes how lucky she is to have such a glorious day for her wedding. Felicia brings her breakfast in bed and tells her mother how happy she is for both her mother and father. Felicia hopes Sally Spectra isn't on the guest list. That is one person you do not have to worry about appearing at the wedding, Steph reassures her daughter.

Lauren drops by Maggies for a visit. Maggie wonders how Lauren is doing now that Eric is going to marry Stephanie. Lauren says she is moving on with her life. The reason Stephanie gave Lauren an invitation is to end to hostility between the two of them, Maggie suggests. Lauren thinks Steph just wants to gloat. There is no way she can ever be friends with Stephanie again, Lauren says.

Amber is reading about the Forrester wedding in the paper while Sheila is remembering the time she recently had with Margaret. Amber encourages Sheila to start dating again. It's not healthy for you to sit around moping, Amber says. Amber dreams that someday she might become a Forrester.

Ridge stops by Eric's office to congratulate him on his upcoming marriage. Eric asks if he has heard from Taylor. Ridge admits he has not heard from her. He's been calling her for the past two days and doesn't know what to think anymore. Taylor's running off with Thorne has left him disillusioned, Ridge admits.

Sally plots what she is going to do with the tape of Eric and Lauren making love. This tape deserves to be seen, she says, but by whom? Sally admits it is so tempting to show Steph the tape on her wedding day. What would Stephanie do if she saw this tape, wonders Sally. Probably lose her mind. Since Lauren is involved, Sally decides to show the tape to someone besides the Queen.

Maggie says the reason she invited Lauren over is to persuade her to come to the wedding with her since James is out of town for a few days. Besides, you need to see the reality of Eric marrying Stephanie, Maggie tells Lauren. Lauren agrees she needs to see if the wedding will actually happen. She wants to see if Eric's love for Stephanie is as strong as he says it is, Lauren says.

Ridge asks Eric when Taylor said she made a decision regarding choosing between he and Thorne, what direction was Taylor leaning? Eric said he felt Taylor was choosing to have a life with Ridge but he can't be certain. Ridge starts to feel that Thorne is the one Taylor has chosen to spend the rest of her life with. Look at the evidence, she ran off again with Thorne. Ridge tells Eric he is going to stop fooling himself that he and Taylor have a future and wishes Thorne luck with Taylor. He already feels like a fool for holding out for her, Ridge says.

Amber is excited when she gets a call from Maggie asking her to babysit Margaret while she is at the Forrester wedding. Amber can't believe she will actually be in the Forrester mansion at Beverly Hills.

Taylor phones Eric to locate Ridge. Taylor admits she should have contacted Ridge sooner, but when she got home last night, the medication she was taking made her so drowsy, she went right to bed. Eric tells Taylor that Ridge went to Brooke's to take care of a few things before the wedding. Taylor says Eric will understand everything before the day is over, but right now she has to get to Ridge and tell him some wonderful news.

Stephanie admits to Felicia she is excited but also calm. You're calm because it is obvious that dad is in love with you and wants to spend to rest of his life with you, Felicia says.

Sally has a plan regarding who she will play the tape to. It is not a fool proof plan, but with a little luck and Darla's help, the plan should work. That cold-hearted Stephanie does not deserve a man like Eric, Sally muses. Let's see to it that she doesn't get him!

Thursday, September 4, 1997

Stephanie is getting ready for the wedding. Felicia brings the bride-to-be breakfast in bed. It is going to be a glorious day for a wedding. Felicia couldn't be happier to have her parents remarrying.

Stephanie finally hears from Taylor. I was too tired to call last night, she tells Steph. But I am on my way. First, she says, I have to stop by and see Ridge. She hints that she has something to tell Ridge and it will make Stephanie happy.

Maggie and RuthAnne arrive. Everyone is giggling and being excited. Stephanie tells her bridesmaids that Taylor is on her way.

Eric is getting ready for the big day. Thorne arrives and Eric wants to know what is going on and where he has been. Thorne is evasive but says he will know all about it later. He wonders where Ridge is.

Bill Spencer and Jonathan join the men. They also wonder where Ridge is.

Ridge arrives at Brooke's house; he has some papers that he must deliver. Brooke notices that Ridge is a little tipsy. She remarks that he should be at the wedding, but Ridge says he is not in the mood for a wedding. He starts to leave but Brooke tells him he is in no condition to drive. I'm fine, Ridge insists. Brooke tells him he isn't fine and she is going to make him a BIG pot of coffee. Make it a Vodka, Ridge says as he heads for the bar. He pours himself a "tall one" and toasts Thorne for winning Taylor. I just hope you can give her what I can't, he says with bitterness. Brooke makes him another drink but she spills it on him. Oh-oh, she says as she takes his shirt from him. She goes upstairs to get him another.

Taylor jumps into the limo. To the Forrester's, he asks as he drives off. No, Taylor tells him, first we make a stop at Brooke's house. She gives him the address and begins to give instructions on getting there. She is excited about telling Ridge that she is pregnant---and she can't help but relish the idea of telling Brooke also.

Brooke arrives with a shirt for Ridge. It is one that he left there once upon a time----you did once live here, she reminds him coyly. She continues to flirt and act suggestive with him, but he says he has to leave. As he turns to go, he almost passes out. Brooke catches him and takes him upstairs.

Lauren is standing around looking uncomfortable. I shouldn't be here, she is thinking. Amber walks up to her and is all excited to be at such a festive occasion. It is all Lauren can do to be sociable. As they talk, Darla sneaks in disguised as a member of the caterers staff. She finds a phone and calls Sally. It isn't going to be as easy as we thought, she tells Sally. Of course it will be simple, Sally tells Darla. Just stick to the plan and don't get cold feet now. Remember what's at stake.

Taylor arrives at Brooke's home and walks inside calling out for Brooke or Ridge. There is no one around and no one answers her call. Wonder where he can be, she muses. Then she remembers that Ridge was bring over some papers. So they must be in the office, she tells herself as she heads upstairs. As she is walking down the hallway, she hears laughter and giggling from the bedroom. Looking inside, she is shocked by what she sees. Ridge is in bed with Brooke!

Friday, September 5, 1997

by Gladys

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, The Bold and the Beautiful did not air today.

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