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Monday, September 1, 1997

by Judy Rippel and Lynx

Danielle let the cat out of the bag. She informed Doc and Lucy , who pried it out of her, through tears that she is Serena's mother. Lucy was aghast with her mouth hanging open, and then said she did not believe it and would not listen to any more of her tales. She listened though while Danielle said she had met Dom before she died and she had asked her to "help give her husband a child". Danielle flashed back to "uncle" Rex coaching her on how to handle Lucy (be apologetic, anguished, and in control) and for Jake's well being. She continued with her lie saying that it was she who donated the eggs that were fertilized and implanted into Lucy. Lucy was raging and wanted Danielle to leave, Danielle was apologizing saying "she just couldn't not say anything and Lucy's been so nice". Kevin then threw Danielle out of the lighthouse.

Julie and Frank met her father at the hospital. Dr. Devlin was conversing with Alan Quartermaine (who looked dazed) about doing some seminars at the hospital. After greeting Julie and Frank, Alan was nice enough to say that she is Dr. Julie Morris unless she chooses not to be. Julie is quite surprised by this whole conversation and speaks to her father privately. Julie once again states that this will make her "new life" more difficult, but her father says he can do it her way. Alan rejoined the group and Julie and Bennett said everything was OK. After Julie realizes they missed their dinner reservation Bennett offers money to do the night up right but Frank says he has it covered. Frank and a dazed Julie retreated to the Recovery Room.

While at the Recovery Room Eve and Chris throw barbs at each other. Eve believing and rightly so that Chris contacted Bennett Devlin and had him come to town. Eve also believes that she knows enough about Bennett to see that there is "gross amounts of vanity where humanity should have been" after telling Chris that they only met briefly at the house. Chris has a puzzled look but said he understood when she compared her analysis of him when they first met. Julie and Frank arrive and Frank goes for drinks. Too bad Julie already used her "Get ripped on Martini's card" and she settled on ginger ale. Julie says hi to Chris and Eve and asks them to keep her secret seeing her father is staying longer than planned. Eve finds out Bennett is at the hospital and she darts out of the room saying she's late for work. Julie and Chris agree, Eve was not on schedule that night, Chris makes his excuses and leaves for home??

Danielle arrives to report in at Rex's house. She is greeted with a glass of champagne and congratulations. Danielle slaps the glass out of Rex's hand and calls him a bastard. She told him she did what he asked and now she wants him to give Jake the antidote, now!

Lucy and Kevin recap the conversation and all the possibilities of why the lie has been told. They both agreed that Dom could have never of done that to Scott. "Scott, what's he going to do, he'll be home soon and we will have to tell him". Lucy told Kevin that this is the last piece of Dominique he has. >p>

A second Look by Lynx

"The Recovery Room"
Chris feigns surprise when Eve told him that Julie's dad, Dr. Bennett Devlin, is in town. Eve doesn't buy his innocent act for one second. She assumes Chris wants to become "Dr. Son-in-law" and get rid of Frank. To which Chris says, "As a matter of fact, my ultimate goal is world domination. But first I must get rid of Batman. Get real!" Eve warns him that Bennett has vanity, not humanity, and that he eats his peers and protégés. Chris wonders how Eve knows so much about a man she just met. She says she knows the type, and that Devlin's rep proceeds him. Chris continues to deny being the one who brought Bennett to town. Eve says Chris had to have known about Bennett because of Cooper's file on Julie. She threatens to tell Bennett and Julie that Chris stole Julie's file. Chris counters that he'll point the finger at Eve.

"General Hospital"
Julie and Frank ask the desk who paged her. Woman doesn't know. Bennett and Alan beckon to her from behind. Bennett wanted to catch the "kids" before they headed for the restaurant. (Julie and Frank are supposed to dine with Bennett.) Alan has asked Bennett to stay at GH for a little while and conduct some seminars for the interns and other doctors. Dr. Q promises Julie that her Morris identity will remain intact, though he has a difficult time not acknowledging her as Devlin's daughter. Alan and Frank give the Doctors Devlin some time alone. Bennett told Julie that if she wants him to go home, he will. She realizes how important to Alan it is that Bennett stay, and told him to do so. All agree that Julie is to remain Dr. Morris. Bennett reneges on dinner because Alan has asked him to consult on a patient with him. Bennett tries to give money for dinner to Frank (who Bennett's already given that hesitant "uh huh" after hearing that Frank isn't Dr. Scanlon, but a paramedic/little league coach/part-time English teacher). Frank declines.

"Recovery Room"
J&F arrive. Chris dares Eve to rat on him. She doesn't. Julie tells Frank that she loves Daddy, but...he's staying, darn it! She asks if Frank liked her dad. He merely says that he is on Julie's side in all of this. While he gets her a ginger ale from the bar, Julie went to Chris and Eve's table and asks them not to give her away as Julie Devlin since her dad's going to stick around for a while. Eve falters, saying she thought he was leaving really soon. Julie says plans changed thanks to Dr. Q. Chris and Eve promise to keep mum. Eve then rushes out of the joint, claiming she has to go to work. "Isn't she off-duty," Julie basically asks. Chris says yes, and says he has to go. He leaves. Frank returned with the drinks.

"The Lighthouse" and "Rex's Place"
At his place, Rex is congratulating himself, knowing that he has convinced Danielle to go through with his plan. Meanwhile, Danielle is at the lighthouse with Lucy and Kevin. She told them that she can't hold back any longer -- she's Serena's mom. Lucy alternately spits (figuratively) at Danielle for lying and bemoans that she trusted Danielle. Through a combo of flashbacks of her conversation with Rex and her present talk with Lucy and Kevin, Danielle spins a sob story of how Dominique met her right before she died. Dom supposedly told Ms. Ashley that she wanted to give Scotty a child, but was afraid of passing on cancerous cells to best gal pal Lucy. So Dom asked her newly-found sis to provide the egg for Lucy to carry. Danielle says she never wanted the "truth" to come out, but when she saw Serena, Danielle couldn't contain herself. Lucy refuses to hear more lies. Kevin tells Danielle to leave, then roars for her to go. Danielle departs. Lucy and Kevin wonder why Danielle is lying. They assume that Rex is pulling Danielle's puppet strings. Then they wonder how on earth they're going to tell Scotty about this.

We know from the intermittent flashbacks that Danielle believes Rex has poisoned and hidden Jake, and that Stanton will only provide the antidote when Danielle plays the part of Serena's mom. Danielle went to Rex's place and demands that Rex give Jake the antidote.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997

by Lynx

"The Recovery Room with Julie and Frank"
Julie's worried about her dad sticking around. Frank can't believe Bennett would do this without telling her, but Julie thinks it's coincidence that Alan Quartermaine asked her dad to conduct seminars at GH. People ask him to do it all the time, she says. Frank wonders if Bennett can be trusted with Julie's secret. She says he can. Matt enters to say hey. Frank offers to buy him a drink, Matt says he has reading to do. Julie wonders how Matt has the energy to study with the tough day the interns had in surgical rounds. He didn't have a tough day at all, Matt says, Dr. Boardman (head surgical resident) made certain of that. Matt sees Ellen come in and leaves to join her at her table. J&F go back to discussing her situation with her dad. She says when Bennett Devlin is working, he wouldn't recognize her if she were in the hall with him. That's what she wants, right? Frank says. Yeah, but his presence makes her lies to the group more real. It's not fair, Julie moans. To lie or not to lie, they discuss. If she continues the charade, Frank says, it should be for her principles and not because she's afraid that people won't like her anymore. After more of the same, Julie finally changes the subject with a kiss.

"The Recovery Room with Matt and Ellen"
"How's ER?" he asks her. Quiet without her interns, Ellen says. Matt actually misses ER. Ellen wonders what's up. First Matt says he and the interns were more involved in the ER. There's only so much an intern can do in surgery, Ellen says. Then he describes what jerks surgeons are. Ellen calls Matt a person obsessed with doing the right thing, whether it's standing up for her and Joe, or calling her on the carpet for being cutoff from the interns. She wonders if surgery is the right career for him. Matt says he's ready to take on the job, but not the personality of a surgeon. Ellen may have been a dictator in ER, he says, but at least she was insightful, unlike Dr. Boardman. Matt tells how Boardman calls Karen "honey" and has her holding objects, while he answers every obsequious question Chris asks him. Ellen presses Matt for how Boardman treats him. Matt says he was ignored, and if there is one thing he hasn't, can't and won't get used to since landing in the chair, it's being ignored.

"The Lighthouse"
Lucy wonders how to tell Scott about Danielle's claims of being Serena's mom. Scott comes "home" with a sleeping Serena and went straight to the little girl's room. Lucy wants to wait till morning to tell Scott about Danielle, Kevin disagrees. He has to know, Kevin says, though he knows how Scott will react. Lucy then says Kevin should break it to him, as part of a male bonding moment. Kevin says that she's the one always saying how close she and Scott are. Scott enters, clueless at first to the tension. He told how Serena loves her new school and that she had to go to Lee and Gail's and tell them all about it. Then Scott thanks Lucy for making him stay in Port Charles, that she was right about how good it is for Serena. Scott knows something's up when Lucy doesn't say I told you so. "Who died?" Scott asks. L&K finally tell Scott about Danielle's claims, and as expected he explodes and takes it all out on Lucy. Kevin told him to back off and listen. Now they know Danielle is in league with Rex, Kevin says. And if they are the kidnappers, then Serena's bruise is part of a bigger plan. If they only knew what that plan is. Scott storms out of the lighthouse, ready for confrontation. Kevin told Lucy that he's tired of Scott using her as an emotional punching bag, and he won't have it anymore.

"Rex's Place"
Rex complains that the glass Danielle broke (when she lashed out at him) cost $250, but since they're plan is taking off, they don't have to worry about the price of "one mere wine glass." He then throws his other glass at the fireplace to demonstrate. Danielle doesn't care about crystal or his plan, she wants Jake back. Rex takes out a vial. "That's not the antidote," Danielle yells, "that's the poison!" Rex drinks the stuff, shivers, and says "could use a little more sugar." Danielle realizes she was tricked. Rex is tired of Danielle's temper, and told her to think of the money. She only care's that Lucy and Kevin now hate her. They didn't buy her story, she cries. Duh, they weren't supposed to. "Who would?" Rex asks. But she "planted the seed" while he did nothing. Rex then notes the time and says he's expecting someone, so Danielle has to go. Rex listens to opera-type music while he waits for his guest. The doorbell rings, Rex innocently opens the door. It's Scott.

"Danielle and Jake's apartment"
Jake calls home to check his messages. Danielle wonders where he is and if he's okay. Jake's ticked off at his parents' house in New Jersey, but he's fine, and has no clue why Danielle is asking him this. Jake says "Uncle Rex" can't hurt them anymore.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

by Lynx

"The Lighthouse"
Lucy doesn't want to fight about Scott anymore. Kevin's tired of Scott hurting Lucy; Lucy says Scott's the one who's hurting. Kevin says Scott never considers the fact that Lucy is the one who carried Serena, fought to get the girl back and moved heaven and earth to give the girl a home and family. "Why are you yelling at me?" Lucy asks. Kevin apologizes; yelling at Lucy is Scott's job. It's not like Doc to say such things, Lucy says. Kevin counters that she might not know him. "That's a terrible thing to say," Lucy told him. So Kevin has to choose his words with her, but Scott doesn't? Lucy thinks Kevin sounds jealous; what if he is, Kevin says. After all, Scott gets all of Lucy's attention without having to be nice or considerate to her. L&S get to fight and then go off happy, tucking Serena in, Kevin says, while he and Lucy do nothing together. Kevin feels like he's a spectator at the "Scott and Lucy Show," and it's not okay with him. Kevin says he lost the baby too, but Lucy's focusing her pain and guilt on Serena, and everyone coddles Scott for the Baldwins' protection. Is this her fault or Scott's, Lucy asks. And how come Kevin always criticizes her for mothering the one child (Serena) she successfully carried? The fight is interrupted by a phone call from the hospital about Kevin's father. Kevin leaves.

"Rex's Place"
Rex feigns surprise when he opens the door and sees Scott. Scott says he just wanted to see his "Uncle Rex." Rex notes that Scott is upset. Scott says that's because Danielle has some idea of being Serena's biological mother. Rex says Danielle never mentioned that to him. Scott assures Rex that Dominique is his daughter's mom. "Of course," Rex says. If Rex had have known what Danielle was up to, he says he'd have come to Scott. Why would she do it? Rex wonders. Scott thinks money. Rex offers to approach Danielle about this mess so she won't think the world is turning against her. Rex will be sure to let Scott know if he learns anything. Scott notes the champagne bottle in Rex's place and wonders what the special occasion is. No occasion, Rex says, just a taste he acquired in Europe for the bubbly. Rex says he understands how odd it must seem to a man in Scott's position. He doesn't know what position he's in, but Scott says he will get to the bottom of it all. Rex offers any help he can give; Scott says he'll be in touch. Once Scott leaves, Rex turns the music back on, sits down with the champagne bottle and laughs, "No one man should have this much fun!"

"On the Phone with Danielle and Jake"
Jake says he can't wait to tell Uncle Rex that Jake got his parents out of their immigration problems. Jake won't tell Danielle how he fixed things. He says he should thank Rex; the Marshaks were living with this secret (illegal immigrants) for years, but now it's over. He said if his parents had have asked some questions, they'd have known. No one has to have secrets in Jake's book. Danielle wants to know when Jake's coming home. Just because his parents aren't getting deported doesn't mean things are better between J&D. Jake says he wants his life back -- without her. She understands, they hang up, she lays down to cry.

"GH with Kevin and Victor"
Kevin checks his father's chart. It says Victor threw his food around, and that sedation is recommended. Is this what he rushed over for? Kevin asks. He told Victor that he has to eat, even if the food isn't great. Kevin checks his dad's eyes, and notes a good response. Victor's making progress in spite of himself. Victor just stares. Kevin says he's scared too. Kevin says when he found Ryan, he thought he could change the past, right old wrongs. That's impossible, Kevin says, he learned that with Lucy. What they must try to do, Kevin says, is leave the past in the past. Kevin moves closer to Victor and tells him it's never too late to start from where you are. "What freedom," Victor says, "for Monk (Kev) and our family." Kevin has to go home, so he kisses his father goodbye.

"GH with Karen and Joe"
Joe is comforting Karen about something (VCR glitch for a minute, sorry). He puts her hand on Karen's. Karen jumps up and apologizes for constantly leaning on Joe, though she appreciates him. Joe doesn't want her to apologize, but she continues anyway. She says she messed up their friendship once before because of her neediness and dependency on him. Joe stops her speech, then is called away to ER. Karen waits for him at the front desk. Joe told her they're friends, with any favor for the asking. Unlimited, unconditional favors. She signed up for it when they were ten, Joe says. They've changed since then, Karen says. But they're still friends, Joe says. After all, Karen helped him when she got Scott to defend Joe at his hearing. Karen smiles. Friends "through thick and thin."

"The Lighthouse"
Scott comes home and told Lucy how slick Rex was. He couldn't trip Rex up. Lucy says they'll know what Rex's next move is soon. Scott then tells Lucy something he admits he doesn't say often enough: Lucy's terrific, he'd be lost without her help. He apologizes for yelling at her. It's okay, Lucy says. She knows he has to protect his rep as a "big, fat, pig-headed, blowhard, hot-blooded guy." She also thinks it's "swell" of him to tell her that she means something to him, because Lucy knows Scott won't let her forget it. Scott went upstairs. Kevin comes home later. Lucy's waiting in the dark and in her robe for him. They apologize to each other. Kevin says his words came out wrong. No, Lucy says, it was the truth, which doesn't come out wrong. It just comes out. Kevin says he's been needing to hurt someone, so he took everything out on Scott and hurt Lucy in the process. Lucy says she needs Kevin more than ever, but she hasn't been able to find the words. Usually when that happens, Lucy says she shows him how she feels, but lately she hasn't able to do that either. This is their first fight since they lost the baby, Kevin says. Lucy says Kevin just needed them to feel something together, and this proves they can get through anything. Kevin doesn't want to hurt her, Lucy says she won't let him, and they kiss.

"Serena's Bedroom"
Scott is with his sleeping child. Serena wakes up and asks Scott if he's okay. Scott says "yeah" and told her to go to sleep. Serena knows what's bothering him. She can't find Mommy's star either. It's just a cloudy night, Scott says, the star is there. Just like Mommy will always be there. After exchanging "I love you's," Serena closes her eyes, and Scott worriedly watches her.

Thursday, September 4, 1997

by Pamala

Joe asks Karen if she is their today, because she appears to be faraway. Karen told him how hard Boardman has been on her, she also thinks it is personal. Joe told her that he thinks Boardman is that way to him as well. Joe touches her hand and says that it's meant for them to be in this together.

Kevin told lucy that he does not want to hear her being yelled at by Scott, while he is watching them. He thinks that Scott is treating her bad, Lucy disagrees. Lucy told him that he is not the same. She told Kevin that she understands Scott.

Scott went to see Rex, Rex asks Scott what is wrong. Scott explains how Danielle said that she was Serena's mother. Rex says this is the first he has heard of this. Rex offers to be the go between for him with Danielle.

Joe apologizes, for getting close, to Karen. She told him that it is her fault for always seeming needy to him.

Kevin admits to Lucy, of being jealous and mad, because Scott gets to take things out on her and then they both go and tuck Serena in at night. He told her that he lost the baby too. The hospital calls him in to see about his father.

Jake told Danielle that he has fixed the immigration problem with his parents. He told Danielle that he has Rex to thank actually, because his parents do not have that secret anymore. Jake told Danielle that secrets always catch people in the end.

Scott told Rex that Dominique is Serena's mother. Rex told him that he wonders what would make Danielle do something like this. Scott told him that he thinks it is the money. Rex expresses that he does not share his same feelings.

Kevin urges Victor he needs to eat his food not throw it on the floor. He told Victor that despite all his efforts he is making progress. Kevin admits to Victor that he is fears for him. Kevin told him he needs to think of the future not the past. Kevin asks him to consider to start life from where he is now, not from the beginning.

Danielle asks Jake when he is coming back. Jake told Danielle he wants his life back and he does not want her in it. A very sad Danielle told him she understands.

Scott apologizes to Lucy and told her that she is terrific. Lucy is glad that he appreciates her.

Kevin and Lucy both apologize to each other when he comes home. They express how they both needed to feel the loss of their baby together.

Friday, September 5, 1997

by Pamala Carroll

Frank misses having breakfast with Julie. Julie told him that with their schedules they will never have time together.

Jake comes home Danielle is still there. Danielle tries to apologize and tell him she cares. Jake still wants her to leave. Danielle told him she cannot, because Rex will be mad. Jake says Rex does not have anything on them anymore. Danielle lets Jake know what happened while he was away.

Lucy told Scott that Danielle is lying and she can prove it.

Jake figures out that Rex wants him to back up her claim with medical research. Jake told Danielle that she will go to jail, because Rex wants this to go to court over Serena.

Jake went to the hospital to see if he still has a job. Jake apologizes to Ellen and told her he will do double duty to make up for his absence. Ellen says that there is a problem with that.

Scott told Karen about Danielle's claim. Karen told him that it's impossible and she is after the money. Scott explains how he worries about Serena being taken away from him.

Julie told Frank that when her father is around everything seems complicated. Frank asks how he checked out with her father. Julie changes the direction of the conversation.

Karen told Scott that she is not an expert with DNA, but she knows that Jake is an expert. Danielle receives a flower delivery. Danielle accepts them thinking they are from Jake. The card read "Happy Mother's Day, Love, Rex." Danielle becomes upset and throws them across the room. The card also said that he could not be there he is away. Danielle gets her suitcase and says to herself that Rex cannot do anything without her.

Ellen told Jake that Boardman dropped him from surgical rotation, because of his absence. Jake asks if he can do that, Ellen says he can. Ellen told Jake that he needs to fight this out with Boardman.

Danielle calls Jake and asks him to run away with her, since Rex is away.

Lucy went to talk with Tony at the hospital. Lucy asks him if he can swear to her that the egg he put inside her was from Dominique.

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