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Monday, September 8, 1997

by Lynx

"The Lighthouse"
Scott asks Lucy who died. It's the fertility doctor, Dr. Sheila Bissell, who dealt with Dominique's egg after Tony extracted it from Dom. Bissell was the only one who could prove that Serena is Dominique's child. Scott asks when and how she died. A year ago, Lucy says. Kevin, who came in unnoticed, says Dr. Bissell died in a canoeing accident. Kevin was acquaintances with Bissell. She moved to Washington because she didn't care for Port Charles. Apparently, the doctor died alone. Scott thinks Rex killed Bissell. Kevin says they don't know that. He says Mac is still running checks. What Mac has come up with is that Rex's name is really Gustav Bausch, his mother's name was Stanton. Avery Stanton gave his brother the nickname Rex, because he saw him as the family dog. "Well the family dog is rabid and should be shot dead," Scott says. Kevin continues, saying Rex eventually earned a chemistry degree, despite dropping out a couple of times. Rex worked for a few pharmaceuticals, made several good investments, and became interested in Jax Cosmetics. Kevin says it's possible that Rex knows how to use a hypodermic needle. A package from Rex arrives. It's the notes and documentation on Rex's European business ventures that Lucy and Scott asked him for. It accounts for his whereabouts when Dr. Bissell died. Scott doesn't care, he knows Rex is guilty of taking Serena. Lucy told him to calm down and not to go over to Rex's yet, but Scott blows up anyway and leaves. Kevin says Rex is leaving town for a few days, then he joins Scott on the terrace. Kevin told Scott not to runaway with Serena. In PC, Scott has home-court advantage. Serena joins Lucy in the living room. She heard Scott yelling. Lucy blames it on disagreeable mail. Lucy takes the girl upstairs and told her a story.

"The Scanlon Kitchen"
Frank went through his refrigerator and finds rotten fruit. Mary asks him if he's going to eat it. Frank throws the fruit away, and takes the groceries his mom has bought for her boys. Mary wants to know what's up between him and Julie. Frank told her that Julie's dad is in town. Frank says something about Bennett Devlin rubs him the wrong way. Frank tells Mary about Julie's lie (the Morris/Devlin thing). Plus, he says, Julie isn't Catholic like she said. "Nobody's perfect," Mary contends. Frank wants to know where the real Mary is. She says Julie's okay since she's such a good poker player. Mary wants to know what's wrong with Julie's dad. Frank doesn't think Bennett sees Julie the way they do.

"Interns' Room at GH"
Eve told Bennett he can't tell her what to do anymore. Bennett says he can do what he likes. Just then, Eve notices Julie entering. Julie asks why her dad is there, and why she heard arguing before she came in. Eve says she was suggesting to Bennett that he was making things hard for Julie. Julie says she can take care of herself. Bennett says he's glad Eve is looking out for his daughter. Julie thinks she should tell everyone the truth. Bennett doesn't agree; Alan has asked him to join Dr. Boardman in surgical rounds with the interns. Therefore, Devlin doesn't think now is the time for Julie to come clean about their relationship. Eve wonders what proper procedure for this is.

"GH with Karen and Joe"
Joe gets angry at Dr. Boardman for snapping his fingers at Karen and for pushing her around. Karen tries to stop Joe, but he continues his lip service. Karen takes Joe to the lounge while Boardman watches from the desk. Boardman told Grace, who walks up to the station, that someone should watch that "pit bull", whom Dr. B. could make disappear like that (snap.) Grace makes a face that Dr. B. doesn't see, then asks if he said anything. Meanwhile, Karen told Joe going off at Boardman isn't worth it. Joe says next time, he'll wait for Karen to be out of earshot before he loses it. "You haven't heard a word I've said," Karen accuses. He apologizes, saying he lost his concentration for a second. But he will cool it Dr. Boardman, Joe says. Then he went over to Boardman and apologizes. Boardman accepts, and told him to be on his best tomorrow, when Bennett Devlin joins him for surgical rounds. Boardman told Grace (when Joe is out of earshot) that one day with Devlin will make Joe think Boardman is "a day in the Hamptons." Meanwhile, Karen told Joe that Boardman is just trying to push Joe around. Karen suggests sick ways to get back at Boardman, like giving him something from a specimen cup instead of orange juice. Grace (and her shorter hairdo) comes over and asks to see Joe. Karen leaves. Grace told Joe that Boardman is setting him up. "Expect the unexpected," Grace says about Devlin. She told him to know about all of the patients, not just the ones he's responsible for. Joe hugs her. "What would I do without you?" he asks. "Suffer," Grace says. Joe spots Karen, and says they need to talk.

"From GH Lobby Elevators to the Scanlon Kitchen"
Julie emerges from the elevators and runs into Frank. He offers to walk her home. Frank told Julie that she's still on Mary's A-list. When she's still quiet, he asks what's wrong. Julie told Frank about her encounter with Eve and Bennett. J&F can't believe Eve is sticking up Julie. Frank also can't believe that he and Eve agree on something -- Bennett needs to leave. Frank and Julie get in one of the elevators to leave. At home, Frank told Julie that he thinks things would be easier if Bennett wasn't around. Julie says she can't tell her dad to leave. Mary comes to the kitchen, plays with them for a second, then gives her son his messages. Mary told Julie she understands Julie's name change to her mother's maiden name. Mary says she worked under her own maiden name after she married Frank's dad. She changed it to Scanlon after he died. Julie thanks her. Mary told Julie to bring her dad by for poker. Just then, Joe bangs on the door. Frank lets him and Karen in. They are carrying an unholy number of books. Joe told Julie they have 12 hours to cram because of Dr. Devlin's tough standards.

"Interns' Room, Part 2"
Bennett enters an empty interns' room. He sits on the couch and smiles at his own photo on a flyer. Eve comes out of the bathroom clad only in a towel. She asks what he's doing there. Bennett calls a truce. Eve says he should be thankful that she covered for him with Julie. "Is this the second or the third face of Eve?" Bennett asks, because the woman he knows is way too self-centered to do something just for Julie. Eve says Bennett doesn't know her. Bennett offers to do any number of things to get her out of Julie's apartment. Eve snubs him. Bennett grabs her arm and told her not to think that she's empowered just because he doesn't want Julie to find out about his affair with Eve.

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Julie and Eve argued about Julie's father on the day that Bennett was going to start to conduct rounds at the hospital. Julie knew that Eve supported her, but Julie snapped at her nonetheless. Later, Julie bemoaned this to an understanding Frank and tried to impress on him how difficult this day would be for her. Julie told Frank that if she told the other interns her secret, she would be seen as an opportunist and if she continued to hide her secret, she would be seen as deceitful. Frank sympathized with Julie and realized the uncomfortable position Bennett had put her in. Meanwhile, Joe and Karen stayed up all night studying and Joe was happy that he and Karen could be together as friends. Karen was about to tell Joe the truth about what had happened in San Francisco, but was interrupted. Later, the interns gathered and were anxious about how to handle the famous Bennett Devlin as Julie started to make her confession. Scott tried to hide his anxiety from Serena on her first day of school. Kevin and Lucy took Serena to the bus stop as Scott confessed to Lee that he would do anything to protect Serena. Lee realized that Scott was thinking of leaving town with Serena and Lee begged him to consider other options and to think about everyone's feelings, especially Karen's. Danielle urged Jake to leave town with her. Danielle also said that if Jake refused to leave, she would stay in town and face Rex with him. Jake urged Danielle not to stay and told her that he was no longer in love with the woman she had become. A sad Danielle then returned Jake's engagement ring.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

by Lynx

"GH Lobby"
Ellen comes upon Matt studying the charts of every patient of Dr. Boardman's. He told her that he doesn't plan to slip up in front of Dr. Devlin. Ellen told Matt to get a move on; there is no "fashionably late." Matt leaves as Audrey comes up to Ellen. She shows Ellen an article by Cooper's parents. Audrey hugs her, saying she thought Ellen could use a friend. Ellen reads some of the article out loud. Apparently, the Coopers donated a LOT of money to a hospital that treats neurological disorders leading to violence. The article doesn't name Ellen specifically, but it told how the Coopers nearly lost their son to the negligence of a resident. Audrey says Lee told her neither the hospital nor Dr. Burgess can respond to the article until the case is settled. Ellen wants to keep the article to show to Scott. She thanks Audrey for getting the transcripts of meetings between the Coopers and the hospital. Audrey hopes they were helpful. After Audrey leaves, Ellen mumbles they weren't helpful enough.

"Interns' Room at GH"
Nearly all of the interns are gathered around Julie. She says there's something about Dr. Devlin they need to know. Just then, Chris and Matt enter, discussing the day they're about to have. They notice the tension in the room. "Is this the on-call room or the morgue?" Chris asks. Jake says Julie was about to give some info on Devlin. Chris says they know all they need to know, but Julie proceeds anyway. But before she can spill about being Devlin's daughter, Bennett comes in and tells the interns that he is looking forward to working with them. Bennett notes how haggard the interns look, but since this isn't a beauty contest, they all "look just perfect." He went on to tell them of the rewards and the pressures of surgery. Bennett says he had it tough when he went through surgical rounds as an intern, and he plans to be even tougher on them. After conferring with Drs. Boardman and Burgess, Bennett begins his Q&A session with the interns. He questions them on various patients, their surgeries and complications, what should be done, etc. Jake is reflective; Chris is confident and smooth; Eve is defensive; Matt isn't thorough at first, but he manages to go more into detail. Those four are correct. Karen can't remember something from class. Joe also bombs when he answers with last night's data on a patient, not this morning's. Bennett gives Julie a soft question, and won't let Boardman press her further. This draws looks from everyone.

A little later, it's just Karen and Joe at the little table, Eve and Chris on the couch. Joe told Karen that Boardman must have pulled some strings to get the lab results to come in this morning since they were just ordered last night. Karen can't believe she blew it either. Joe is sympathetic. She does an imitation of Devlin. Meanwhile, Chris tells Eve she shouldn't have baited Devlin during Q&A. She says Devlin was hard on her first. They agree that Julie got an easy break from her dad. Chris says Julie's going to get a free ride whether she likes it or not. Eve says nothing Bennett Devlin does is for free. Chris gives her a questioning look; Eve doesn't notice.

"GH Lobby -- Part Two"
Ellen is back on the lobby sofa, reading the Cooper article. Matt comes around, patting himself on the back for being on target with Dr. Devlin. "You guys weren't a total embarrassment," Ellen says. Matt wants to know what Ellen was looking at. She shows him the article. Ellen told Matt that she's going to practice what she preaches -- "No defeat, no surrender." She plans to call Scott. Ellen wants access to Greg Cooper's room. Today.

"Julie's Apartment"
Bennett picks up the remote control and turns the TV on. He smiles as the tune for "General Hospital" sounds. Julie comes down the stairs. "Oprah, Jeopardy, Green Acres, Medical Channel?" Bennett asks, pointing to the TV. "How about 'Make Room for Daddy'?" Julie counters.

"Danielle's Apartment"
Scott told Danielle's landlady, Mrs. Greenlee, that he's Danielle's agent so he can get into the apartment. Mrs. G thinks it's weird that an agent would come all the way from New York to tell Danielle that she landed a part, but doesn't remain too suspicious. Mrs. Greenlee thinks Danielle could use the good news; the girl always looks so scared to the landlady. Mrs. G leaves Scott alone in the apartment. He takes a look around, noticing Jake's medical article, listening to Jake's mom on the answering machine (thanking her son for solving the immigration problem), a picture of the couple and a bouquet in the trash can. As Scott takes the flowers out of the can, Danielle comes home. "Congratulations," he says, holding the flowers. "I hear it's a girl." Danielle threatens to call the cops on Scott, but he told her to shut up. She tries to run her scam on him, but he "cross-examines" her. He wants details about how Dominique approached Danielle for the egg. Danielle can't think on her feet, so Scott takes over the conversation. He says he'll be worse with her on the stand. "Nobody is going to save you from me," Scott warns. Danielle asks Scott to leave. Before he does, Scott told Danielle that today was Serena's first day at school. He lists how the people who love her prepared her for the day. He wonders how it will be for Serena to sit in court and hear Danielle claim to be her mother. Danielle says she loves Serena, too. That's when Scott grabs Danielle and starts shaking her. He threatens to "choke the life" out of Danielle if she ever says she loves Serena again. Jake comes home and asks what's going on.

Thursday, September 11, 1997

by ABC Daytime

Jake returned to the apartment and found Scott grilling Danielle. Jake warned Scott not to bully Danielle, and Scott saw this as a sign that Jake and Danielle were in the scheme together. Danielle denied and said that she was sorry that she had gotten Jake involved and that she had never meant to hurt Scott or Serena with what Rex made her do. Danielle then told Jake and Scott that she was leaving town. Scott asked Danielle to sign a release on the claims she had made about Serena. Danielle signed the document and Scott then left. Jake fought his sympathetic feelings for Danielle as she prepared to leave. A tearful Danielle then said her goodbye to Jake and left, but Scott followed her. Julie confronted Bennett about the obvious preferential treatment he had shown her during surgical rounds. Bennett apologized for putting Julie in an awkward spot and then made Julie feel guilty when he said that he had just wanted his child to carry on his name as a doctor. Julie forgave Bennett and later defended his actions to Frank. Frank and Eve found common ground in their suspicions of Bennett and sympathy for Julie. Chris did some snooping and learned that Eve had a very expensive apartment while in college. Chris also learned that Bennett had been a lecturer at the college Eve attended.

Friday, September 12, 1997

by ABC Daytimel

Scott made sure that Danielle left Port Charles and Scott then went to the hospital to tell Lucy that he had been trying to figure out Danielle's involvement in Rex's scheme. Scott agreed with Lucy that Danielle was just an unhappy pawn being used by Rex and was sincere in her desire not to hurt Serena. Lucy thought that this was good news, but Scott remained unconvinced. Joe took Karen home and then fell asleep in her apartment as Karen considered telling him the truth about her and Jagger. Karen, however, kept her secret to herself and didn't wake Joe. Joe had a nightmare in which Karen was being taken away by a faceless man. Karen tried to wake Joe and a disoriented Joe then pulled her into a kiss. Ellen and Matt received a list of the contents of Cooper's room and were disappointed to find nothing suspicious. Ellen was discouraged but Matt came up with an idea. Later, Matt returned with a syringe he had found hidden in Cooper's bed. Ellen called Lee, who told her this could be the break she needed and Matt was pleased to see Ellen happy. Meanwhile, Kevin considered transferring his father to the same facility where Cooper was being held. Alone in his room, Cooper opened his eyes.

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